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36 MBA Logistics Flipbook page.indd


									 Revision date: ........5/16/2010
 Official title: ........ Master of Business Administration degree
                                                                          About the degree:
                           with an emphasis in Logistics Management        • MBA is a universally recognized business degree.
 Common name: ....MBA in Logistics                                         • It is a resume builder for upwardly mobile business executives.
 Format: .................Online                                           • CMU’s MBA program is accredited by AACSB International
 Credit hours: ........34
                  ........ 34                                                (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business),
                                                                             the most prestigious accreditation for business schools in the world.
                                                                           • The 9 core courses give the student the solid foundation they
                                                                             need in business administration and finance.
                                                                           • Logistics is part of supply chain management and more
Admission requirements:                                                      specifically deals with the movement and storage of materials.
  •   GMAT – minimum score 450.                                            • Logistics is important in all levels of manufacturing/supply and
  •   Undergraduate degree with cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher from         in the military.
      an accredited institution.
                                                                           • There are 4 courses in logistics management:
  •   200 times their undergraduate GPA (at least 2.7) + GMAT score
      (minimum of 450) must = 1050 or higher.                                Market & Sales Forecasting
  •   Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools                Lean Logistics Operations
      you have attended.                                                     Integrated Logistics Strategy
Special information:                                                         Risk-based Logistics Networks
  •   Has a special tuition rate. Go to        • Final capstone project is an applied, hands-on logistics project
      graduate-tuition.html for accurate information. Rate includes all      usually chosen in conjunction with the employer or an
      books.                                                                 identified organization.
  •   Student should also have taken the equivalent of the following       • This is a two year program starting in January and August of
      undergraduate courses:                                                 each year.
           Principles of Accounting or Accounting 1 (ACC 201 or 203)
           Principles of Economics or Economics 1 (EC0 201)
           Business Law (BLR 202)
                                                                          Also available as an online
           Intro to Marketing (MKT 300)                                  Graduate Certificate in Logistics
           Intro to Management (MGT 312)                                    Four, 3 credit hour online courses plus online capstone project.
           Production or Operations Management, Manufacturing               No GMAT or GRE required for the graduate certificate.
              Process, or Supply Chain Management (MGT 340)                  Students must demonstrate statistics knowledge equivalent to STA 282
           Business Finance (FIN 303 or 332)                                   with a grade of “C” or better.
           Intro to Statistics (STA 282)                                    Can earn the certificate and then apply this credit (16 credits)
           Business Communications (BUS 360)                                 toward MBA in Logistics but must meet all admission
           Computer literacy - with general knowledge of Excel,              requirements for the MBA in Logistics including taking the GMAT.
              Access, PowerPoint or similar software                         Financial aid is available for the logistics certificate.

  MBA in Logistics

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