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   A group of words that does not contain a subject and a
   A phrase by itself is a fragment and must be turned into a
    complete sentence.

Example of a phrase: To find information.

A phrase in a sentence:

We went to the library to find information.
Types of Phrases
    These types of phrases are often mistaken for sentences

1.    Prepositional phrases
2.    Appositive phrases
3.    Verbal phrases
Prepositional Phrases
   A group of words that contains a preposition, a noun, or a
    pronoun called the object of preposition and any
    modifiers of the object.

   A prepositional phrase will always begin with a
    preposition (see page 426 in your Language book if you don’t
    remember your prepositions!)

Examples of prepositional phrases in sentences:

Devils tower is a tower of volcanic rock.
During a newscast I heard Lee speak.
Appositive Phrase
   Consists of an appositive and any modifiers it has (an
    appositive further identifies or describes another noun or pronoun [page

Examples of appositive phrases and the word they
  further describe.

The Vescuzos live on Milner Lane, a wide street lined
 with beech trees.

Sam’s younger sister, Sue, speaks fluent Spanish.
Verbal Phrases
   Phrases that contain verbals (a verbal is a word that is formed from verb but is
    used as another part of speech, common verbal endings are –ing, -d, and –ed or they
    have the word to in front of it) see page 342 for more information on verbals

Verbal phrases:
Our class interested in deserts
Learning about the Gobi Desert

Verbal phrases in sentences:
Engineers were responsible for designing the Brooklyn Bridge.
The sudden shattering of glass broke the silence.
She wants to study marine biology.

Note: There are three types of verbal phrases: participal, gerund, and infinitive
  (see pages 472 – 482)

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