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					          Excellence Award
                                                                                          TO OUR
               PLATINUM LEVEL SPONSORSHIP                                      2009
                        FORD FOUNDATION                               Excellence Awards Gala

                  GOLD LEVEL SPONSORSHIP
                         COMERICA BANK                               2009 Excellence Honorees
                      HEALTH ALLIANCE PLAN
                                                                                ROBERT C. BOBB    ◊   EDUCATION
                   HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEM
                    PEPSI BOTTLING COMPANY                                   WILLIAM F. JONES, JR.    ◊   MENTORING
                    ST. JOHN HEALTH SYSTEM
                           U.S. ARMY                                   GAIL PERRY-MASON     ◊   ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

                   EXCELLENCE IN ACTION, INC.
                    WIRELESS RESOURCES, INC.                                 SHIRLEY R. STANCATO      ◊   LEADERSHIP

                        TABLE SPONSOR
                        LEWIS & MUNDAY                                            Thursday, October 15, 2009
                          STUDICA, INC.

                                                                                     6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

                                                                          Dinner and Awards Ceremony
                                                                        Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago – Detroit Branch
                                                                                    1600 E. Warren Avenue
                                                                                       Detroit, MI 48201
          Excellence Awards Gala                                             2009 Membership
                                                                             Michael Abney            Earle B. Higgins, Sr.
                          PROGRAM AGENDA
                                                                             Mark J. Adams                 William F. Hill
                                                                            Floyd Allen, Esq.            Norman Howard
6:00 PM      Reception
                                                                              Aaron Alston                Forest Hudson
                                                                          Dennis Archer, Esq.          Robert B. Johnson
7:00 PM      Invocation by Rev. Richard D. Chaney
                                                                             Lloyd Banks, II            William Langford
             Dinner                                                       Robert L. Barksdale               Jason Lee
                                                                            Rodney Bellamy                 William Luse
                                                                          John R. Bernard, III      Maurice McMurray, Esq.
7:30 PM      Master of Ceremony
                                                                            William E. Burrell      William K. Middlebrooks
             William Luse
                                                                               Michael Carr               Brian Olatunji
             Gala Co-Chairman
                                                                              Kyle Chandler              Terry R. Owens
                                                                           Richard D. Chaney            Julian E. Pate, III
7:35 PM      Opening Remarks
                                                                            Anton Chastang             Dr. William Pickard
             William K. Middlebrooks
                                                                         Alfred Cheesebrough               Mark Sanford
             President of 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc.
                                                                           Tyrone Davenport       Dr. Herbert Smitherman, Jr.
                                                                            Anthony L. Davis       Ronald R. Stallworth, Esq.
7:40 PM      Recognizing our Platinum Sponsors
                                                                            Donald M. Davis       Terence A. Thomas, Sr., Esq.
             Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
                                                                            Kenny L. Dodson               Charles Timms
             Ford Foundation
                                                                          Samuel Ellerbee, Jr.          William L. Toples
                                                                             James Farmer                 Lowell C. Tyler
                                                                          Donald M. Ferguson              Randy Walker
7:50 PM      Project Success Students
                                                                           Roderick D. Gillum          Walter C. Watkins
             Justin Alexander ◊ Detroit Southeastern High School
                                                                               Larry Givens          Richard T. White, Esq.
             Moses Hubbert ◊ Detroit Southeastern High School
                                                                         Dr. Ronald Goldsberry           Donald Whitley
                                                                             Ronald Griggs            Thomas Worford, Jr.
8:00 PM      Presentation of Awards to our 2009 Honorees
                                                                           Kevin A. Harrison              Carlton Young
             Robert C. Bobb ◊ Education
             William F. Jones, Jr. ◊ Mentoring                                  Special Acknowledgement
             Gail Perry-Mason ◊ Economic Development
                                                                             Ford Foundation ◊ 3 year Platinum Sponsor
             Dr. Herbert Smitherman, Jr. ◊ Community Health
             Shirley R. Stancato ◊ Leadership                                           Past Honorees
                                                                                2007                         2008
9:00 PM      Closing Remarks
             William Luse & Michael Carr                               Rev. Dr. Wendall Anthony            Dave Bing
             Gala Co-Chairmen                                             Donald. M. Ferguson              Ken Harris
                                                                             Dr. Curtis Ivery         Dr. Patricia Maryland
           Music             Invitations              Programs         Dr. KimberlyDawn Wisdom            Dara Munson
      Marvin Jones Trio      Blue 24 Media        Total Package, LLC         Rhonda Walker                Dr. Irvin Reid
                          Our Programs                                                                              Robert C. Bobb
                                                                               ROBERT C. BOBB is currently the Emergency Financial
                                                                               Manager for DPS appointed by Governor Jennifer
100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. has teamed with GMAC to host free
                                                                               Granholm. Mr. Bobb brings more than 30 years
SmartEdge seminars in local churches, community centers and businesses
                                                                               executive management experience in both the private
in the Detroit Metro area.
                                                                               and public sectors. Robert Bobb was elected city-wide
                                                                               as the President of the Washington, DC Board of
SmartEdge by GMAC is a financial literacy program designed to help people
                                                                               Education in November 2006.
make more informed financial decisions. SmartEdge focuses on helping
consumers better understand how to establish good credit, manage a             Mr. Bobb is the former City Administrator and Deputy Mayor for
personal budget, evaluate vehicle and mortgage options as well as better       Washington, D.C. and served as the District of Columbia’s Homeland
understand banking and insurance matters.                                      Security Advisor. He served as the City Manager of Oakland, California and
                                                                               Executive Director of the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, City Manager
ADOPT-A-BUSINESS                                                               of Richmond, Virginia, City Manager of Santa Ana, California, and City
100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc., along with several of our partners     Manager of Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is an expert on the issues facing
are providing opportunities to promote and support positive economic           urban government in the realms of education, economic development,
activity for African American businesses in our community.                     community and neighborhood development, municipal budgeting and
                                                                               finances, contract negotiations, public/private partnerships of sports
ADOPT-A-FAMILY                                                                 franchises, libraries and recreation facilities, and social problems such as
Annually, the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. donate thousands of       crime and grime.
dollars to area families during the Christmas holiday season to ensure that
many families have the opportunity to experience a blessed and joyful          Mr. Bobb frequently lectures on urban issues and was the District of
holiday.                                                                       Columbia government delegate to the second High Level Forum of World
                                                                               Mega Cities Development in Nantong, China in 2005 and the First High
FALL GALA                                                                      Level Forum of World Mega Cities Development in Beijing, Nantong, and
The Excellence Awards Gala is our annual signature fund raising event.         Shanghai, China in 2004.
This event allows us to recognize individuals and organizations who have
distinguished themselves in our key focus areas: Mentoring, Economic           Mr. Bobb is a mentor to many urban youth and young professionals.
Development, Education, Community Health and Leadership. The Gala,             Under his direction, several successful outreach programs were designed
through the help of our sponsors and our membership raises funds for the       and administered to foster urban youth in civic responsibility, educational
continuation of the program initiatives of 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit,   achievement, and competitiveness in the employment market.
Inc. that helps to improve our community.                                      Robert C. Bobb earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from
                                                                               Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana and a Master of
                                                                               Science in Business from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo,
                                                                               Michigan. He also completed the certificate program for Senior Executives
                                                                               in State and Local Governments from Harvard University’s John F.
                                                                               Kennedy School of Government.
William F. Jones Jr.                                                                               Our Programs            continued

                                                                              COLLEGE SYMPOSIUM
                  WILLIAM F. JONES, JR. became Chief Executive                For High School students and their parents who are interested in
                  Officer of Focus: HOPE in January 2009. Jones is the        successfully navigating the college admissions and financial
                  fourth CEO in Focus: HOPE's 40-year history. He             aid/scholarship maze, the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. offers
                  recently retired from Chrysler Financial where he was       its annual College Symposium aimed at answering the following
                  Chief Operating Officer.                                    questions:

                                                                              1.   What are colleges and universities looking for in students?
Jones has been involved with Focus: HOPE since 1999 when he was               2.   What is the application process?
elected to the Board of Directors. He has been chairman of the Board for      3.   When should I begin the application process?
one year and will continue to serve as a member of the Board.                 4.   How can I afford college?
                                                                              5.   What type of scholarship and/or financial aid opportunities
Jones brings to Focus: HOPE a range of experience from a 26-year career            resources are available?
at Chrysler and Chrysler Financial. Starting as a corporate analyst, he
progressed through a variety of finance and operations assignments of         In conjunction with our University Partners Eastern Michigan University,
increasing responsibility. After a brief assignment with Nissan in 1991,      Michigan State University, Olivet College, University of Detroit-Mercy and
Jones returned to Chrysler Corporation as the Director of Vehicle Pricing.    Western Michigan University we answered these questions for over 600
                                                                              students and parents at our last symposium held at the Federal Reserve
In 2000, Jones was named Vice President Corporate Financial Controlling,      Bank of Chicago-Detroit Branch in March 2009.
and remained with the manufacturer until 2004 at which time he was
transferred to Chrysler Financial to serve in a dual role as its Vice         HEALTH AND WELLNESS CAMPAIGN
President for DaimlerChrysler Financial Services and the President and        One of the missions of 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. is to
Chief Executive Officer for the DaimlerChrysler Insurance Company.            develop health initiatives designed to increase awareness and reduce
                                                                              health disparities in the African American community. The 2009 Man
In 2007, he was appointed COO of Chrysler Financial. A native of              Up! Let’s Talk Health campaign will increase prostate awareness
Hampton, Virginia, Jones earned a B.A. in Psychology in 1973 and an MBA       amongst African American men and will guide them into developing a
in 1981 from Columbia University. He was chairman of the Chrysler             relationship with a primary care physician.
Financial Diversity Council. Currently, he is a member of the Walsh College
Board of Trustees and the Charles H. Wright Museum Board of Trustees.         SPORTS BUDDY MENTORING
                                                                              The 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. has teamed with Big Brothers
                                                                              Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit to develop a mentoring program
                                                                              called “Sports Buddies” which is designed to increase the number of
                                                                              committed African American males serving as mentors to African
                                                                              American youth in the Detroit area via their participation and attendance
                                                                              at various local sporting events.
   The 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. is a group of concerned
 African American men whose goal is to improve the quality of life in the                                    Gail Perry-Mason
 African American Community through their collective resources, abilities
                          and experiences.
                                                                                                   ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                           OUR PROGRAMS                                       DETROITER GAIL PERRY-MASON is well known in
                                                                              the securities industry where she has climbed the
                                                                              corporate ladder from receptionist to Senior
As our flagship initiative, the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit Inc. works
                                                                              Director of Investments of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
with students at Detroit Southeastern High School. Members from the
                                                                              In fact, Gail was elected as one of Michigan’s Top
100 work with the students to increase their success rate for graduating
                                                                              10 Business Women by the National Association of
from high school through various workshop sessions that reinforce
                                                                              Business Women Owner’s in 2007 and the
academics, attendance and behavior both in school and within the
                                                                              Community Service Award from the Michigan
program. As an added component, our dedicated and caring mentors
                                                                              Women’s Foundation, and recently Community Role
plant and nurture seeds of success by exposing students to events and
                                                                              Model award from Alternatives for Girls in 2009.
activities that help them develop and exercise social skills, etiquette and
mutual respect for others. One of the many incentives is the opportunity      For more than 19 years, Gail has focused on socially responsible
for each student to earn an all expense paid trip courtesy of the 100         investing which has presented numerous opportunities in writing,
Black Men of Greater Detroit, Inc. to our annual national conference.         teaching and speaking engagements to national audiences.            She
These experiences afford the young men exposure to a national audience        founded and directed the original Money Camp for Teens and the first
as well as a forum to exercise the skills and lesson learned via this         Youth Investment that is incorporated in the United States which is just
program.                                                                      another of the ways in which she invests in the young adults who will be
                                                                              our tomorrow.
The "Speaking with Confidence & Excellence" Oratorical Contest is             As a result, Money Matters for Youth has instructed over 5,000 youth in
designed to motivate and inspire Detroit Public High School seniors to        the Detroit-Metro area and has mentored over 25 young women who
gain experience in public speaking and provide them with the opportunity      are now professionals in the financial industry. Currently she is
to compete for $140,000 in college scholarships, cash awards and              conducting a program in the Detroit Public Schools that includes
textbook monies from Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State              teaching financial literacy and how to start a business that further
University, Olivet College, University of Detroit-Mercy and Western           exposes our youth to the world of finance.
Michigan University and our business partners GMAC, Excellence In             Gail has been featured in many publications including:    Ebony, Black
Action, Inc. and Wireless Resources, Inc.                                     Enterprise, On Wall Street, Research Magazine, Quick and Simple-Good
                                                                              Housekeeping Magazine, Essence, Jet, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit
Recently, the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit and Detroit Public High
                                                                              News, Signature Magazine, Corp!, Washington Post and Associated Press
Schools hosted our 13th Annual "Speaking with Confidence & Excellence"
                                                                              newspapers to name a few. Gail, also has a regular column in Heart and
Oratorical Contest at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Detroit
                                                                              Soul magazine, and has written numerous articles for local and national
Branch. Over (70) seventy students representing (12) twelve Detroit
                                                                              publications. Gail has even found the time to write and publish her first
Public High Schools participated in the program where young orators
                                                                              book entitled Money Matters for Families. This book is directed at
were required to write and present a (5) five minute persuasive speech
                                                                              families and it focuses on the critical elements for building a financial
on the theme: "The present day tax system is (or is not) unfair to middle-
                                                                              foundation. Gail’s second book, a national best seller, is titled Girl, Make
class and low income Americans".
                                                                              Your Money Grow, and written with co-author Glinda Bridgforth.
Dr. Herbert Smitherman                                                                                    Shirley R. Stancato
                     COMMUNITY HEALTH                                                                                LEADERSHIP

                      HERBERT C. SMITHERMAN JR., MD, MPH,                     SHIRLEY R. STANCATO is President and Chief
                      FACP, is Assistant Dean of Community and Urban          Executive Officer of New Detroit, the nation’s first
                      Health, and Associate Professor of Internal             urban coalition, whose mission is bridging racial
                      Medicine and Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne           barriers, bringing people together and building
                      State University School of Medicine. He is also         understanding in the nation’s most segregated
                      President and CEO of Health Centers Detroit             region.
                      Medical Group, a Federally Qualified Health Center
                      in the city of Detroit, serving the underserved and     Under her leadership, New Detroit has developed and launched a series of
                      uninsured in the city of Detroit and Wayne County.      initiatives to further its mission of improving race relations and fostering
                                                                              economic and social equity in Detroit.
His research focuses primarily on health issues related to
underrepresented and underserved populations and their access to              Mrs. Stancato became president of New Detroit in 2000 after a long career
appropriate healthcare in the context of U.S. health care reform. Dr.         at what is now Chase Bank that saw her rise to the position of Senior Vice
Smitherman has spent the past twenty-three years as a practicing              President.
physician working with diverse communities in Detroit to develop urban-
based primary-care delivery systems that integrate the health and social      Mrs. Stancato is a life-long Detroiter who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree
goals and concerns of the community establishing and working with best        in sociology from Wayne State University and a Master of Arts degree in
practice models that have community. He has been successful with              industrial relations from the College of Urban Labor and Metropolitan
establishing active participation and collaboration as the key element in     Affairs at Wayne State University. She also studied at the American
creating sustainable primary care programs and service networks.              Banker’s Association National Personnel School and the University of
                                                                              Michigan Banking School.
Dr. Smitherman received his bachelor’s of science in chemical engineering
with a minor in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University, in       Mrs. Stancato served on Lt. Gov. Cherry’s Commission on Higher
Evanston, Ill. He completed his medical degree at the University of           Education and Economic Growth. She also serves on the boards of
Cincinnati and his Master’s degree in Health Services Administration at the   Coleman A. Young Foundation, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, United Way
University of Michigan.                                                       for Southeastern Michigan, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. In addition,
                                                                              she is a member of the Tourism Economic Development Council,
Dr. Smitherman has recently co-authored a healthcare policy book entitled     University of Michigan Dearborn Advisory Board, St. John Health Board,
Taking Care of The Uninsured: A Path to Reform, released in 2008,             and Fifth Third Bank Eastern Michigan Board. Stancato is a Michigan
which showed that by collaborating, coordinating, implementing a system       State University Outreach and Engagement Fellow, and the chair emeritus
of coverage, and organizing care for the uninsured, it is possible to         of Alternatives for Girls and past chair of the board of the Detroit Urban
improve primary care utilization and decrease inappropriate ER use and        League.
                                                                              Mrs. Stancato has received numerous awards and recognition for both her
Dr. Smitherman was also recently recommended to President Obama for           significant commitment to and her many contributions toward making a
the position of U.S. Surgeon General.                                         better Detroit.

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