Calvert County Neck Pain Doctor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp D. C., Helps Hundreds In The Local Community by AndrwKar69


Dr. Sherri Beauchamp, DC provides the safe and natural care that is needed for patients to recover from neck pain. The Calvert County chiropractor helps members of the community through comprehensive programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of the patient.

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									Calvert County Neck Pain Doctor, Dr. Sherri Beauchamp D. C., Helps
Hundreds In The Local Community

Dunkirk, MD, 24-AUG-2012 - Dr. Sherri Beauchamp, DC, Calvert County
chiropractor, provides members of the community with the care, support
and education they need to recover from neck pain more quickly. The
doctor uses a holistic approach to care that includes both chiropractic
manipulation and alternative therapies that address the root cause of the
pain and improve the body's ability to heal and regenerate more

During a recent interview, the doctor shared her commitment to ensuring
that her patients are provided the safe and natural care needed to
achieve greater health and wellness. "Neck pain can be very debilitating.
Many people suffering from this type of pain experience other issues that
are a direct result of the injury or damage. This is one reason that I
feel it is very important to address the "whole body" when providing
care. The programs that I create include the education and training that
will enable a patient to become more actively involved in achieving and
maintaining their health and wellness."

When Dr. Beauchamp meets with an individual for an initial consultation,
she discusses the history of the pain and any injuries or accidents that
may have contributed to the pain. The doctor reviews the past medical
history of the individual and asks about the patient's diet, exercise,
normal activities and triggers for the pain. Following a complete
physical examination and x-rays, the doctor determines the areas of the
neck and spine that may have compressed or herniated discs that may be
pinching nerves and disrupting proper circulation through the spine.

After evaluating the information collected, Dr. Beauchamp creates an
individualized care plan that includes gentle manipulation to realign the
spine and neck, relieve pressure on pinched nerves, and restore
circulation. The doctor may also use other therapies such as hot/cold
therapy and massage to stimulate healing and increase circulation to the
tissues and cells surrounding the damaged area.

Dietary changes may be suggested to increase the intake of vitamins and
nutrients needed by the body to heal more effectively. The doctor may
also recommend exercises that will increase stamina, energy and
circulation throughout the body. Training is provided that teaches
patients how to alleviate or eliminate the triggers for the pain and the
steps they can take to reduce the onset of pain.

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