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SKDS - What Is In Hyperion - EPM Overview - 2.0


We at Syntelli Solutions are passionate about analytics and eliminating the frustrations of acessing, and extracting value out of data. We invest in learning new technologies (such as Spotfire and Tableau) so that you see the value of technolgy, not the 'geek' of technology. Our work with sales analytics, operational analytics, supply chain analytics and finance areas has given us deep and unique insight into the application of analytics using Spotfire and Tableau. Our expertise is in bringing business context to data and enhancing decision making, not just the technical aspect of implementing data-warehouse or the analytical product. We are very passionate about answer 'what-if' and 'what-else' questions. So, we bring to bear decades of statistical expertise to do Predictive Analytics/Intelligence work. Syntelli’s legacy is in providing Hyperion based solutions to CFO’s Offices and Business Intelligence solutions since early 2000s. This exposed us to analytical and predictive tools which we formalized as an analytics focused practice in 2011, named RAPID – Risk Analytics & Predictive Intelligence Division. We consider ourselves, first as a business solutions company, then a technology provider. Even tho we are a small business, we employ PhDs and MBA grads from top 10 schools globally. Our tools of choice are Spotfire*, Tableau Software, Oracle Crystal Ball and Hyperion Essbase for analytics. We are strategically located in Washington, DC, Texas and in the Carolinas. *: TIBCO-Spotfire This presentation answers the questions that every finance person and IT person have in their minds. If you have Essbase, you are perhaps wondering why not use Essbase for Budgeting and this paper compares and contrasts the benefits and costs of Oracle Hyperion Planning VS Hyperion Essbase. Rishi dreamt up this marketing campaign while on a long flight thinking about how to communicate the value of these strategic investments into Oracle Hyperion. Although this appl

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