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									  Thanks to our Supporters

               From the President:
               Hello to all Long Time and New Paddlers.
                                                               Calendar of Events
               It is great to see so many Amazons joining
               in during the part of the season that is        DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
               called for the want of a better name ―Off
               season racing‖.                                 20th June 2009: DBWA Strategic Planning day at
                                                               MSRC members are invited to attend. Respond to
               This is the time of the year where we build     President Vic at
our friendships and our fitness to take us into regatta
season. During this time we concentrate on paddling for        27th June 2009: Club End of Season Lunch at Jane‘s
technique and pleasure. The evening paddles on                 house – bring a plate
Tuesday night are wonderful, even when it is a little cold
and dark. Sharing a drink afterwards serves two                September Long Weekend: DAA Meeting in
purposes. It gives us time to catch up socially with each      Mandurah all members are encouraged to attend.
other and does in a small way, support the Maylands
                                                               25th October 2009: Pink Community Fun Day & Pink
Club. Thanks to all the members who bring ―nibbles‖. It
                                                               Field of Women at Maylands
definitely makes the wine go down a little easier!
                                                               7th November 2009: Boddington Regatta &
On a more serious note, I would like to thank all              Fairbridge Party Night Sleepover.
members for contributing to the viability of Amazons. Our
finances are the best they have ever been. This would
not be possible if individual members of the Club failed
to participate. Your participation in selling Entertainment
Books, seeking out sponsorship, following up on actions
and, generally being Great Sports adds to the success of
the Club. I also appreciate the work going into the ―Pink
Come and Try Day‖. This will be a great event and will
require all of us to assist in one way or another.
                                                               ANZAC weekend 2010: National Dragon Boat
As a reminder to you all, we have our end of race
                                                               Championships (Adelaide)
season celebrations coming up shortly. Please respond
to Margaret‘s email re food and complete your Club             June 2010: International Breast Cancer Survivors
Champion nomination forms. Please note the important           Festival (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada).
‗Amazon dates‘ in this newsletter and write them in your
diary so you don‘t miss out. We are all busy people and
it is easy for us to get pulled in many different directions
if we don‘t plan ahead.                                        Comings & Goings
In closing, thank you all for being great people, keen         While we send congratulations to
paddlers and willing to come on this great journey with        Barb on joining the ‗Grandmother
us. Paddles Up! Tanya                                          Club‘ we also share Marg‘s sadness
                                                               with the passing of her dearly loved

Amazons Perth: Newsletter Winter 2009                                                                 Page 1
  Thanks to our Supporters

Treasurer’s Report                                              From the Coaching Team:
As at the end of May 2009 the following is our cash             Our training program incorporates various phases:
position:                                                       Off season / Recovery (our
                                                                current phase)
2008/09                                                         Pre-season training (starts
Balance B/F - 1/7/08                               20,574.38
 Total receipts                       20,220.59                 General training (read: Milk
 Total expenses                      (29,265.11)                Crate here)
 Increase / (Decrease) for the year:               (9,044.52)   Specific training
                                                                Pre- competition
Balance Cash Book - 31/05/09                       11,529.86    Competition (usually the
Less allocated funds:
           Boat Maintenance Fund                   (1,440.00)
           Board approved expenditure              (1,601.00)                             Stretching is an important part
           Banners x 2                               (800.00)                             of any dragon boat workout
           Business Cards estimate                   (160.00)                             routine. It helps increase your
                                                                                          flexibility and reduce your
Members funds remaining                             7,528.86                              chances of injury. You should
                                                                                          stretch both before and after
                                                                                          your workout and make sure
Fund raising in 2008/09                                                                   your muscles are warm (i.e.,
                                                                                          stretch after you warm up).
The club has raised a net $4,313.44 from fund raising to                                  Now that we are venturing out
date.                                                           in cooler weather it‘s important to wear a track top during
                                                                warm ups and to put it on as soon as we come off the
This is made up as follows                                      water. We want to avoid chilled, stiff and/or sore
Balance of Ent Books 2008 / 09                 $312.00
Sale of Pink Chairs                             $30.00          It‘s also a good time to think about some strength work.
Bunnings Oct SS                              $1,003.26          This is when you build muscle mass to be strong
Bunnings Dec SS                              $1,093.05          Amazons when we get back
Amazon Raffle Champion Lakes                   $537.00          into ‗full on‘ training.
Catering Champion Lakes Regatta                $488.13          (Remember that milk crate!).
DBWA Raffle                                    $600.00          Try making your body into the
Corporate Regatta                              $250.00          bridge you learnt with Jan… the
                                                                Narrows Bridge, not the
                                                                Sydney Harbour Bridge. You‘ll be amazed at how strong
                                             $4,313.44          your abs become after a bit of this work.

Grant Monies

The grant monies have all been expended and the
paperwork is currently with our accountant for audit. The
audit certificate is required to be submitted to the
Bayswater and Noranda Bendigo Bank Community
Enterprise Programme on or before 16 June 2009.

The club has now paid for another boat trolley and this
should be ready in the next financial year.

Andrea (31/5/09)

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 Thanks to our Supporters

Hello fellow Amazons,

Have you thought about joining us in Canada in June 2010
for the

Highlights of the event, which is meant to raise awareness and encourage participation across the world, will
include: opening and closing ceremonies, optional tours for visitors, a welcoming barbeque hosted by the
Mayor of Peterborough, a gala dinner with entertainment, a special memorial race—the Sandy Smith Global
Race, a variety of workshops for paddlers, a beer tent, vendors and information/awareness booths and the
traditional flower ceremony.

About 65 teams from across the world are expected to attend the event. Teams from

Nova Scotia, Alberta B.C, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England and United States have all
                                  indicated their intention to participate.

                                        So far we have 12 survivors and 2 supporters who have indicated that
                                        they may be interested in attending. If you are thinking about coming and
                                        haven‘t let me know yet, please do so as soon as possible so that we
                                        can make some decisions about registering as a team (minimum of 18
                                        survivors) or as individual paddlers. Obviously cost will be a factor for
                                                                                 many people and I will try to get
                                                                                 some prices out to you as soon
                                                                                 as possible (keeping in mind that
                                                                                 airlines seem rather reluctant to
                                                                                 give details of prices until about
                                                                                 30 minutes before departure!). As
                                                                                 there will be a lot of organization
                                                                                 required for this mammoth event,
                                                                                 I propose that we set up a
                                                                                 committee to work on the details.
                                                 If you are interested in being on this committee, please let me
                                                 know via email ( or in person as soon
                                                 as possible. Cheers, Jan

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Meet Our Members…                                                Paddlers Lesley & Ruth …

                                                                 It‟s Saturday evening, I have had a very nice
                                                                 cocktail called Between the Sheets… and now I will
                                                                 tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably

                                                                 How I found out about dragonboat paddling with
                                                                 the Amazons… Over coffee (or 2) at the Globe Mt
                                                                 Lawley (a favourite haunt of Ruth and mine before
                                                                 we had to earn a living) Ruth said she wanted to try
                                                                 Dragon Boating because she had seen the Dragons
Captain Jan…                                                     Abreast program on ABC. She also told Rebecca
                                                                 (her daughter) that “Les and I are thinking of
                                                                 dragon boating”, Rebecca told her friend, who told
I'm Jan. I live in Roleystone with my supportive and ever        her mum (who just happens to be Glenys), who
patient husband Ron, my 2 beautiful daughters Jordan(18)         spoke to Ruth….
and Maddison(15), 2 dogs and 3 cats. I joined the Amazons
in July 2006 following my diagnosis of breast cancer in          and decided to try it…. so there we were on a
August 2005 ( the most unwanted gift I received for my 40th      drizzly winter‟s Saturday morning in all our glory in
birthday in September that year!).
                                                                 what we thought was appropriate daggy paddling
                                                                 gear, surrounded by all these pink ladies with
I found out about dragonboat paddling with the Amazons           pouffed up hair and full make up! (It was a photo
whilst searching the net for information on breast cancer
                                                                 shoot for the West Australian). The rest is history
following my diagnosis. I have always loved competitive
                                                                 including paddling at National Championships in
team sports and I am also keen to spread the message of
                                                                 both Nagambie and Penrith and the final glory of
"breast awareness" amongst the wider community. I love
the fact that paddling with the Amazons allows me to do          paddling internationally at Penang
both of these things.
                                                                 Paddling makes me feel....As Ruth puts it, an „Elite
I decided to try it because I had given up competitive           Athlete‟ who is still waiting for the Bling but you
basketball when I commenced chemotherapy and was                 can‟t have it all can you?
feeling a bit battered and bruised by the time I had finished.
I wanted to do something physical following treatment but        The one thing I like about paddling with the
didn't feel well enough physically or emotionally to take on     Amazons is....The inclusivity and the fun of a team
the 18 year olds at basketball! Dragon Boating looked like it    sport with a fabulous group of women who, no matter
might be the answer. I braved my first training session on a     what always find something to laugh about.
chilly July morning a month or so after I had
completed active treatment and I was hooked from the first

Paddling makes me feel alive! I love the fun and friendship
that I share with this special group of inspiring women, and
I also love the competitiveness that the sport of dragon
boating offers.

One of the things I love about paddling with the Amazons is
the camaraderie. The combined strength of character and
diverseness of the group sets Amazons apart from many
other dragon boat clubs. Although I have looked at paddling
with other clubs closer to home, I have yet to find a club
with the same "heart" as the Amazons. I feel very
privileged to be part of this special group.

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 Thanks to our Supporters

Now…thanks to Andrea here‘s a test to see just how much you know about your sport and your club. Use the
clues on the next page to complete this A-mazing A-mazon Crossword…
The first correct entry submitted to Andrea … WINS an A-mazing prize!

Amazons Perth: Newsletter Winter 2009                                                      Page 5
  Thanks to our Supporters

                                               A Big Thank You
1 What the Sweeps cannot do without.

2 June 2010
6 Tanya (two words)
10 Entertainment Books anyone
12 Hot or cold water                           The folk who joined in the
16 Pink plastic ladies (3 words)               Saturday morning Busy Bee
19 What‘s on in Mandurah (2 words)             gardening session at the front of
24 Our Web Mistress                            the club rooms. It‘s good to see
28 Lunch anyone? Location? (2 words)           that Pat had her paddling
31 Club name (5 words)                         priorities in hand…
34 Small or medium? (2 words)
35 Our only Life Member
36 If you cannot swim borrow one of these (2
37 What Fiona & Margaret are becoming
known for
38 Who will never make us another paddling
                                                           25th October 2009: Keep it Free
shirt                                                      for our ‘Pink Come & Try Day’!
DOWN                                                       10am - 2pm.
2 Our email address (ignore the ― ‖)                       Committee members are: Jan, Nola, Jane, Lesley,
                                               Barbara, Janette and Cheryl. If you have any ideas on how to make
3 Our regattas are held here
                                               this day an even greater success or can source prizes for our raffles(s)
4 Jan
                                               please chat to one of us.
5 Where a few Amazons have spoken.
7 Who are our accredited Sweeps (3)
8 Supporter- boat number two                   We want the raffles to be truly exciting so if you
9 Our motto (4 word)                           have contacts for really, great prizes please let
11 Where we have our annual sleep-over         us know. We are thinking of things like a pink
13 Supporter- road trolley                     iPod, a pink bicycle, a pink laptop, a pink digital
14 Supporter – boat                            camera, a pink diamond… you get the idea.
15 The Outback Air Race – Angels & Demons
Charity movie Sunday 31 May – where did        Plans include: a cake stall, a sausage sizzle and
the donations go? (4 words)                    some BCNA merchandise such as pins for sale, a 'field of women' for
17 First 3 words in our song                   raising awareness and funds for breast cancer. Other ideas are in the mix,
18 Nola                                        but are still coming together. We‘ll have our boats on the water so folk can
20 Amazon AGM Month                            have a supervised paddle to experience paddling first hand to recruit new
21 Next year‘s Nationals anyone?               members for our club and for dragon boating in general.
22 Our entertainment books target number (4
words)                                         The Department of Sport and Recreation is supporting us with a
25 Where the club is based                     Community Participation Funding Program grant. This is to be used
26 Speaker system (2 words)                    for printing 10,000 flyers, postage and distribution through community
27 What‘s on in October? (2 words)             newspapers and some administration costs. We want to attract lots of
29 What Jennie edits                           people so if you know of suitable contacts and locations where we can
30 What we cannot do without
                                               leave our brochures contact a committee member. Put the date in your
32 Tour Guide
                                               diary and let's make it a wonderful pink day.
33 What keeps
our derrieres on
the seat

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