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OBAMA WANTS TO SELL GM TO CHINA - Midnight Think Tank.rtf


									Obama To Sell US Auto Giant GM To China As
Pentagon Looks To Coup

Posted by Beyond Organics on October 5, 2010 at
3:05pm in Dinar

* This is a very long article but well worth the read. I
have fact checked EVERYTHING EXCEPT the military
coup info. Can't seem to find validation.

Obama To Sell US Auto Giant GM To China As
Pentagon Looks To Coup.

An interesting report prepared by Russia's Ministry of
Industry and Trade for President Medvedev for his visit
to China this week states that United StatesPresident
Barack Obama [photo top left showing him bowing to
Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao] has "agreed in
principal" to sell the American governments 61%
ownership of US auto giant General Motors (GM) to
China'sSAIC Motor Corporation, who has been GM's
partner and instrumental in their success in that
Communist Nation and who already owns half of GM's
Indian division.

The American based Gather Business News Channel
reporting on this sale of one the United States most
revered industrial icons states that Obama is "holding
off" on the sale of GM to China until after the November
mid-term elections due to the "political backlash" he
and his Democratic Party would encounter from their
citizens, and as they state:

"The sticky issue is the potential political backlash
caused by selling an American icon, which was
rescued from failure by the American taxpayers, to a
non-American company. When the general public is
allowed to purchase stock, buying is not limited to
domestic investors. Anyone from foreign companies to
sovereign wealth funds can purchase shares."

More interesting, however, than this trade ministry
report is the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)
addendum attached to it warning that the United States
Military may very well be mounting a coup against
Obama to prevent not only the sale of GM to China, but
also to protect the United States from what they believe
is their current President's effort to destroy their country
from within.

Fueling the Pentagon's fears over Obama's selling GM
to China is that they are one of the US Military's largest
defense contractors holding over 150 contracts worth
nearly $70 million, one of the most important being the
US Navy contract for GM's Honeoye Falls plant to
design and build a hydrogen fuel cell to work on Navy
vehicles underwater and just awarded to them
The Pentagon's fears of China are being echoed today
by New Zealand [the World's largest dairy exporter who
signed the West's first free trade agreement with the
Communists] whose government has begun warning of
the Asian giants plans for buying up their dairy
companies and gaining control over all of their Nations
natural resources.

Britain, also, is being faced with China's growing
appetite for foreign company acquisitions with one of
their country's biggest food businesses, United
Biscuits, about to be taken over by Shanghai-based
Bright Food.

Though the Pentagon has called for the restarting of
stalled military relations with China they have been met
with signs of a growing trade war erupting between the
US and the Communists, made even worse today by
China's slapping a 105% import tax on all chicken
being imported from America.

Fueling China's anger against the American's was the
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this
past Thursday denying the application by China's
largest credit rating firm, Dagone Global Credit Rating
Company, to become a Nationally Recognized
Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO) in the United
A move, China says, that was in retaliation for Dagone
becoming the first International credit agency to strip
from the American's their AAA rating due to their
staggering debt now estimated to be $200 Trillion.

The coup actions being made against Obama by US
Military Forces, this FSB addendum says, is being
spearheaded by the most feared Federal Prosecutor in
America, Patrick Fitzgerald, who became an Assistant
United States Attorney in New York City in 1988 and in
1996 was appointed as the US National Security
Coordinator for investigating Osama bin Laden.

Fearing an attack upon the United States was
"imminent", the FSB continues, Fitzgerald was "placed"
by his US Military backed allies in Obama's home city
of Chicago on September 1, 2001, just 10 days prior to
the attacks of 9/11, a city that he had visited only one
day in his life.

Now according to this FSB report, the US Military's
"placing" of Fitzpatrick in Chicago, just days before the
attacks of 9/11, was due to their "growing worries" of
what they called a "radical and powerful" Islamic terror
cell being funded by Saudi Arabia and linked to Nation
of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, elements of a 1960's
US terror group called the SDS, one of Israel's Mossad
most highly placed US agents, a labor organization
named the Service Employees Union International
(SEIU), and, most importantly, a seemingly obscure
Illinois State Senator named Barack Hussein Obama.

Though we had covered some of these Obama
"associations", so to speak, with many of these FSB
named elements in our August 26, 2010 report
"President Barack Obama: Friend or Foe? You're
Going To Be Surprised!" it is important to note that the
Israeli Mossad agent named is Rahm Emanuel, and
who aside from being Obama's White House Chief of
Staff is also the son of one of Israel's most feared Irgun
terrorists operating in that Nation prior to their 1948

Unlike his father, however, Emanuel "turned away"
from Israel, and her interests, and through his and
Obama's use of a newly created Israeli American lobby
organization named J Street are said to have caused
more damage to the Jewish state than all of her
enemies have been able to do in the past over 60

And in newly released documents J Street has been
found to have been almost entirely funded by the
Hungarian-American currency speculator George
Soros, otherwise known as "the Man Who Broke the
Bank of England" after he made a reported $1 billion
during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crises"
and who stands to make billions more upon the
predicted collapse of the US Dollar.

To fully understand the importance of this FSB report
we are quoting from (which is 1,432 pages) it is,
perhaps, best to paraphrase its conclusions of what the
US Military so fears about Obama:

• After the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989
the Islamic Nation of Saudi Arabia began planning for
an equal collapse of the United States.

• Saudi Arabia's plan for destroying the United States is
based upon the model used against the Soviet Union,
namely involving it an unwinnable war in Afghanistan
so as to break it economically.

• Through the funding of the Louis Farrakhan's Chicago
based Nation of Islam, Saudi Arabia could create within
the United States a "fifth column" of Islamic, Jewish
and American communist radicals to seize control of
the government thus accelerating its downfall.

• The "fifth column" to be created would comprise
elements of America's left-wing propaganda media
outlets, powerful left-wing unions, and powerful banking
and financial interests.

• A catastrophic attack would have to be made against
the United States. This attack happened on September
11, 2001 and was carried out exclusively by Saudi
Arabia Nationals.

• Once America was embroiled in war its Central Bank
(Federal Reserve) would unleash upon the United
States an unlimited about of money.

• Within 5 years (it actually took 6) the United States,
because of war and staggering debt, would be near the
point of bankruptcy.

• By the 2008 US Presidential election cycle the United
States would be" primed" for economic collapse thus
ensuring the election of the chosen "fifth column"
President, Barack Hussein Obama.

• Upon taking office the "fifth column" President Obama
would accelerate the destruction of the current United
States between the years of 2009-2010.

• By late 2010 or early 2011 the United States would be
"primed" for a rebellion which would be smashed by
those forces loyal to the "fifth column" President.

• Upon its successful suppression of rebellion, the
United States would then move to take over Canada
and incorporate its southern provinces into a new North
America Union and giving their Arctic regions to Russia
in exchange for a non-aggression treaty to stay out of
the conflict.

Most interesting to note about these FSB "conclusions",
though not contained in this report, is that Obama,
during his 2008 campaign, claimed to have visited "57
US States with one left to go," which seemed odd
giving that the United States only has 50.

However, in a US government handbook being given
out this year to all American students the picture of the
United States Flag does, indeed, have on it 59 stars;
the significance being that the stars of this flag
represent their 50 States and when added to the 9
southern Canadian Provinces the US is said will take
over (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia, Prince Edward Island) brings this FSB report
into a much clearer light.

Even more interesting is this FSB report detailing the
importance to this "fifth column" cabal of the Service
Employees Union International and its leader Andy
Stern, who has been called "the most powerful labor
leader in America" who without his help Obama would
never have been elected President, and who along with
Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan and the 1960's radical
SDS member William Ayers, have been the most
frequent visitors to Obama's White House.
But, not to what Stern has done in the past does this
FSB report warn about, it is what he is doing now and
could very well lead to the "end game" of this conflict
being played out much sooner than anyone expects.

For according to this FSB report, since Stern's
resignation from his SEUI leadership position on April
13th of this year he has been "instrumental" in planning
the next attack upon the United States.

Fortunately though, at least for the American's, US
Military Intelligence Forces loyal to Fitzpatrick
intercepted the conversations held between Iran
president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this past week
wherein Louis Farrakhan, and another US radical group
called the New Black Panther Party, "solicited" the
Iranian leaders "help" in Obama's "fifth column" plan to
stage another attack upon the United States, which, of
course, Ahmadinejad declined to be any part of.

Upon Fitzpatrick's gaining this intelligence from the US
Military he ordered immediate raids upon the terror
cells orchestrating his attack, including Stern's "right
hand man" Service Employees International Union
steward Joe Iosbaker and his partner, veteran activist
Stephanie Weiner operating out of, you guessed it,
To what intelligence Fitzpatrick has gained from these
past weekend raids into the very heart of this "fifth
column" this FSB report doesn't say. What it does say,
however, about the reasons behind all of these parties'
actions though, especially Saudi Arabia's, is being
secretly echoed the World over by those "forces"
seeking to warn humanity of what is soon to come, and
is, perhaps, best summarized by Germany's Der
Spiegel News Service's September 1st report which, in
part, says:

A study by a German military think tank has analyzed
how "peak oil" might change the global economy. The
internal draft document — leaked on the Internet —
shows for the first time how carefully the German
government has considered a potential energy crisis.

"The term "peak oil" is used by energy experts to refer
to a point in time when global oil reserves pass their
zenith and production gradually begins to decline. This
would result in a permanent supply crisis — and fear of
it can trigger turbulence in commodity markets and on
stock exchanges.

The issue is so politically explosive that it's remarkable
when an institution like the Bundeswehr, the German
military, uses the term "peak oil" at all. But a military
study currently circulating on the German blogosphere
goes even further.
The leak has parallels with recent reports from the UK.
Only last week the Guardian newspaper reported that
the British Department of Energy and Climate Change
(DECC) is keeping documents secret which show the
UK government is far more concerned about an
impending supply crisis than it cares to admit.

According to the Guardian, the DECC, the Bank of
England and the British Ministry of Defence are working
alongside industry representatives to develop a crisis
plan to deal with possible shortfalls in energy supply."

To the final outcome of all of these events it is not in
our knowing, other than to note, as we had in done in
our September 26th report "Obama Prepares For
"Fortress America" As Global Food And Solar Crisis
Near", that we are not only living in the most perilous
times of our lives, the clock is clicking ever downward
towards the abyss.

Sir Richard James, McDonald

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