August 22, 2012 Minutes by McNeeseSGA


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                                        August 22, 2012

Speaker Delaine led the moment of silence
Speaker Delaine led the pledge of allegiance.
Speaker Delaine called the meeting to order at 4:04 P.M.

Swearing in of New Senators:
Speaker Delaine swore in all new senators.

Committee/Branch Reports:

University Services Report
Mr. Kedrick Nicholas introduced the University Services staff and explained their positions
within the Student Life Coalition and the other University Services. He welcomed the new
student leaders to their positions on campus. The Student Organization Information packet is due
to the Union Office by September 28th, 2012. Senators may get this packet today, or from the
Union Office upstairs in the New Ranch. If an organization does not supply this information by
the due date, the organization will no longer be listed as active on campus. He also mentioned
that two new policies were placed at the end of last semester.

Dean Toby Osburn gave the Senate an update on the Student Health Insurance program. Effective
this semester McNeese will no longer collect a fee for student insurance. Student insurance is
optional and the student insurance charge will be credited to student accounts. He informed the
Senate that McNeese officials are working on a program to provide students with information
about insurance plans designed for students. This will be optional and students will work directly
with the provider, rather than McNeese collecting the fee.

President’s Report
President Lewis welcomed the Senators into the new school year and gave them an update on
what the SGA office has been doing over the summer. He announced upcoming events that are
being held and mentioned some of the new actions that are being taken within student

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Whalley gave the Senate an overview of the administration’s Total Expenditure for the
summer of 2012. He then presented the Student Government Association 2012 Fall Budget

Old Business:

New Business:
Nomination of Speaker Pro Tempore
Speaker Delaine described the duties and requirements of the Speaker Pro Tempore. Senator
Elliott motioned that the nominations be conducted by hand raises and oral. Senator Hetzel
nominated Senator LeJeune, and Senator LeJeune accepted. Senator nominated Senator Reinauer,
and Senator Reinauer approved.

Nomination of Parliamentarian
Speaker Delaine opened the floor for nominations. Senator Reinauer nominated Senator Elliott,
and Senator Elliot accepted.
Approval of Budget
Senator LeJeune motioned to approve the Summer Budget and Senator Reinauer seconded. There
was discussion, and a vote was held. The motion carried by unanimous choice. Senator Anderson
motioned to approve the Fall Budget, and Senator Morrissey seconded. It was held to a vote, and
the motion was carried.

Approval of Fall Meeting Dates
Speaker Delaine presented the Fall Meeting Dates, and announced when Senator Orientations
would be held. He answered all questions. Senator Richard motioned to approve the Fall Meeting
Dates, and Senator Thomas seconded. A vote was held, and the motion carried.

IFC announced Fall Rush Information, and invited people to join in the activities

SUB announced Animals on Campus in the Old Ranch on August 29th from 10am-2pm

Pi Kappa Alpha announced their Bid Day Party is August 24th at Huddle Up Sports Bar

President Lewis announced the Town Hall Meeting is directly following adjournment

Blue Blaze‘s first meeting is August 23rd at 5:30pm at Cowboy Stadium

Panhellenic Recruitment’s MPC Social is September 5th from 6-8pm in Parra Ballroom

Open Forum:

Guest Speakers:
Summer Meche spoke as a representative of the Leadership Office. They are accepting
nominations for Student of the Month, and all nominations may be turned into their office, which
is located upstairs in the New Ranch. She went over the qualifications needed to be Student of the

Nathan Fontaine spoke on behalf of the Athletic Department and Blue Blaze. He announced
upcoming games and meetings that can earn Blue Blaze points. He also informed the Senate that
there are three new additional prizes that can be earned.

Senator LeJeune motioned to adjourn until the next scheduled meeting, and Senator Miller
seconded. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 4:42pm.

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