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					                                            List of Saudi Businessmen Participants
                                                       28 November, 2006

No.            Name & Position                       Enterprise / Activities
1     Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Yahya       Manufacturer of melamine tableware, plastic                 Al Yahya Group
      President                             injection molding, hard chrome plating.
2     Mr. Mohammed Saleh Ali Al-Dhahry     Catering, contracting, commercial agencies,                Al Dhahry Group
      Chairman and Owner                 supermarkets, supply of military equipments, et
3     Mr.Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Dor          Exhibitions – conferences and Trade Services.             UNI EXPO EVENT
4     Mr. Jaber .A.Al-Fahad                   Specialized in providing technology.                 United Int’l trading Co.
5     Mr. Ali .Borman Al-Yami                      Trading and constructions.                   Ali H. Al Yami & Partner Co.
      Vice President
6     Mr. Mohannad K. Al-Azzawi           Water management – industrial constructions       SICEP – Saudi Industrial Construction
      Owner                                            and Real State.                            and Engineering Project
7     Mr. Saud Abdul Aziz Shahini               Imports Of frozen Food Stuffs.             Abdul Aziz Shahini and Trading Co. Ltd
8     Mr. Hassan Bader Al-Hussaini          General constructions – Mechanical and             Badar Hassan Al Husseini Co.
      President                                     Electronically Services.
9     Mr. Hamad .S.Al-Sulaiman                           Conglomerate                                 Bin Suleiman Co
10    Mr. Saad Ibrahim Al-Mojel                          Conglomerate                      Al Mojel Trading Construction Company
11    Mr. Jamil Saeed Ammar                          General constructions.                   Jamil Ammar Est for Operation &
      Owner                                                                                            Maintenance
12    Mr. Nasser .A. Al-Mobarak                     Engineering Consultant.                          Consultancy Group
13   Mr. Ahmad M. S. Badeeb                     General Constructions and Trading.                         Gehan Group
14   Mr. Abdul Hakim .H. Al-Khaldi                         General Trade                                 Al Yamama Co.
     Vice president
15   Mr. Faiz .S. Al-Elweet                          Water Leaking Detection.                   International Aramoon Corporation
16   Mr.Ibrahim Ali Al-Hazani                Seed production and veterinary services.          National Seed and Agriculture Service
     General manager                                                                                         Company
17   Dr. Suliman Ibrahim Al-Eyari                     All Kind Of Decoration                               Areej Group
18   Mr. Khalid A. Al-AbdulKarim          Industrial products, services and solutions to the          Al Abdulkarim Trading
                                             Power, Communications, Oil & Gas and
                                                      Petrochemical Industries.
19   Dr. Emad A. ElDukair                           Construction and health care                     El Dukair Medical Center
20   Mr. Shaikh Hameed Abdullah AlZamil   Administration/Business/Social/Governance of            Zamil Group Holding Company
                                                     the group & related matters
21   Mr. Waleed Khalid AlGosaibi            Trading, Manufacturing, Insurance, Hotels,            Hamad Gosaibi & Brothers Co.
                                          Travels, Chemicals Maintenance, Shipping, real
22   Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah Al             Industries, Commercial, Real Estates,                 Al Amoudi Brothers Co.
     Amoudi                                                 Constructions
23   Mr. Omar Saleh Al Hamdy                Hotel Industry & Hospitality for Luxurious          NESCO Telephone Sales & Service
                                           resorts, hotels, malls, resident apartments and                 Center
                                           villas, Telecom systems, fiber glass networks
24   Mr. Mohammed Abdulaziz AlSarhan                  Trade / Industry / Services                       Al Faisaliah Group
     Vice President
25   Mr. Suliman M. Al Owaidi              General Trading, Al Owaid Hotels Suites, Al              Al Owaidi Int’l trading Co.
     President                                          Owaid Limousine
26   Mr. Mohammad A. Azzam                                                        Jeddah Chamber of Commerce
27   Dr. Saad Abo Moati          Stationer items, Office supply, Art materials      Abo Moati Stationary Est
     President                                     Gift Toys
28   Mr. Tareq Jameel Khedher          Advertising and public relations           Al Hadaf Advertising Company
29   Mr. Kamel S. Al-Munajjed        Security Systems, Airport Systems,           Support Services Network Co.
     Managing Director                    Environmental Systems                             (SSNET)
30   Mr. Mohammed A. Bin Laden                  Law Office                       Mohammed Bin Laden Law Office
31   Mr. Rifaat Sheikh Al-Ard                    Contracting                        Saudi Constructioneers Co.
32   Mr. Soufian Kabbani                   Information Technology                SAUDICO Electronic SYSTEMS
     General Manager
33   Mr. Mazen Khayyat                    IT and Security Solutions              FAMA THALES Technology and
     CEO                                                                                   Services
34   Mrs. Souad M. Al-Zaydi                    Interior Design                      Shanasheel Trading Est.
35   Mr. Salah A. Al-Qahtani              Industrial manufacturing                AbdulHadi Al-Qahtani Sons Co.
     Vice President
36   Mr. Mohammad A. Al-Awadhi               Business Consulting                  Arab Experts Consulting Centre
37   Mr. Ibrahim Fouda                        Industrial projects                       AL RAWABI Co.
38   Mr. Oussama Zainy           Food Trading and Processing, Contracting             Abbar & Zainy Group
     Executive Director
39   Mr.Mazen Sawwaf                            General Trade                    Al Mazen Co for Int’l Trading and
     President                                                                            Construction
40   Mrs. Lama Al Suleiman                General trade, Contracting                       ROLACO
     Executive Director
41   Lafi S. Al Blouwi          Telecom/Power/Water          Int’l Corner Tech Est.
42   Ousama Al Kurdi                                            Shoura Council
43   Yasser Al Qahtani                                   Saudi French Business Council
44   Omar Bahlewa                                     Foreign Trade Development Committee
     Secretary General
45   Faisal Al Rashid                                  Jubail & Yanbu Royal Commission
     Head of Investments
46   Sara Faour                                                     SAGIA
     Representative in France
47   Lucile Van der Slikke                                          SAGIA
     Representative in France

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