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									  Innovation Business Directory
 Power & Energy          Information Technology

     Agricultural &          Imaging & Sensor
   Biological Sciences         Technology

   Nanotechnology &          Communications
     New Materials             Technology

                                   C.L. “Butch” Otter, Governor

Jan 2011                               Donald A. Dietrich, Director
                                       Equal Opportunity Employer
Idaho Department of Commerce
      Commercial Innovation Division
         Brian Dickens, Administrator
           (208) 334-2650 ext.2103

             Innovation Specialists:

                    Mark Strait
                   Susan Scovel
       Karen Lewis, Administrative Assistant
               Michelle Yu, Intern

                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            COMBINED DIRECTORY

Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Power & Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Information Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

Agricultural & Biological Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76

Imaging & Sensor Technology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121

Nanotechnology & New Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136

Communications Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147

Other Innovative Businesses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .158


Idaho’s innovation industries currently employ 8.5% of the state’s
workforce and earn 16% of the total wages. These innovation
industries contribute over 18.4% of Idaho’s $45 billion Gross
Domestic Product ($8.4 billion).

Idaho’s technology base continues to grow. The state currently
ranks #1 in manufacturing investment and #2 in the nation in
patents per capita, as well as #3 in energy costs and #5 in long-term
employment growth.

The following are the specific industries represented in this

      Power & Energy
      Information Technology
      Agricultural & Biological Sciences
      Imaging & Sensor Technology
      Nanotechnology & New Materials
      Communications Technology
      Other Innovative Businesses

Increased emphasis on the application and use of science and
technology in Idaho continues to spawn new companies and
industries. This listing is the compilation of the current companies,
agencies, and research institutions in Idaho that have resource
strengths and technical knowledge in these core areas.

If you own a company that you feel should be listed in our
Innovation Business Directory, please let us know at

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Power & Energy
   Innovation Business Directory

  Innovation Business Directory—January 2011
Power & Energy
With gas prices soaring, interest in alternative fuels has heightened, spurring
the race forward for the next generation of energy sources. Idaho is front and
center in this race.

Idaho is shaping up to be a testing ground for numerous renewable energy
technologies. This is not surprising, considering the state boasts a variety of
elements that make it a viable laboratory for the next step in power
generation. Two of those elements include the Idaho National Laboratory being
designated as the lead nuclear energy research facility and Idaho having a state
ranking of 13th in the nation for its wind power development potential, with
specific areas considered highly suitable for wind development projects.

Additionally, there is a proliferation of companies and university research
institutions focused on additional areas such as fuel cells, low-power batteries,
electric car technologies, kinetic energy capture, biomass, and new alternative

Inside the Directory
Inside the Power & Energy directory are companies, agencies, and research
institutions which are engaged in the research, refinement, conservation, or
production of energy resources. This research includes electric power
production (including renewable resource research in hydro, geothermal, solar,
wind, and nuclear technologies), fuel research, biomass technologies, energy
monitoring, and conservation technologies.

                         Examples of Power & Energy:
      Traditional power producers
      Bio-energy production
      Hydrogen production
      Advanced battery systems
      Advanced fossil energy systems and carbon sequestration
      Kinetic energy capture

                        Companies & Agencies
    A.C. Data Systems
A.C. Data focuses on surge suppression and power quality needs. In addition,
A.C. Data develops remote sensor systems as well as a state-of-the-art test
facility that simulates the lightning and surge environment for any industry.
Owned by Greek company.
        806 W. Clearwater Loop, Suite C
        Post Falls, ID 83854
        Phone: (208) 777-1166
        Fax: (208) 777-4466

        ACSYC, Inc.
The Acsys Panelized Building System is a highly energy efficient, patented
structural insulated panel system that combines the strength of steel with the
insulating performance of expanded polystyrene. The system offers superior
energy performance and rapid construction substantially cutting capital,
energy, and labor costs.The ability to "dial-in" structural and thermal
performance and the elimination of cavity walls answers many of today's
concerns about energy, recycled materials, wood products and mold. Over 500
       2249 W. Dakota Ave.
       Hayden, ID 83835
       Phone: 800-315-9806

     AEI Engineering Inc
AEI Engineering provides professional and comprehensive electrical and control
systems engineering and consulting services to municipal, commercial, and
industrial clients throughout the Western United States.
       1910 Northwest Blvd
       Ste 201
       Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: (208)666-4001
       Fax: (208) 666-4021

     AMET Inc.
AMET provides automated welding systems and serves as a systems integrator
for the aerospace, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, military, nuclear, oil,
and petrochemical industries.
       35 N. 1 East
       Rexburg, ID 83440

      Phone: (208) 356-7274
      Fax: (208) 356-8932

     Alternate Energy Holdings Inc (AEHI)
Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc (AEHI) is a unique corporation founded by
former senior executives in the utility and finance industries specifically to
address the mounting energy crisis affecting the US economy and standard of
living today. A key objective for AEHI is decreasing US dependence on foreign
sources of power, which are progressively proving less reliable and more
political in their influence.
        911 E Winding Creek Dr
        Eagle, ID 83616-7054
        Phone: (208) 939-9311
        Fax: (208) 939-9260

    Alternate Energy Systems
Offers new innovative technology designed to utilize the earth’s most abundant
natural resource, water.
       1540 11th Ave N Ste 105
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 968-1460

     Areva (Idaho Falls)
As the leading U.S. nuclear vendor and a key player in the electricity
transmission and distribution sector, AREVA Inc.’s 5,300 U.S. energy employees
are committed to serving the nation and paving the way for the future of the
electricity market. With 45 locations across the nation and nearly $2 billion in
energy revenues in 2007, AREVA Inc., through its subsidiaries, combines U.S.
leadership, access to worldwide expertise and a proven track record of
performance. In the U.S. and in more than 100 countries around the world,
AREVA is engaged in the 21st century’s greatest challenges: making energy
available to all, protecting the planet, and acting responsibly toward future
generations. AREVA Inc. is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Over 500
       620 S Woodruff Ave
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401

    Aurora Power and Design
Aurora designs energy systems and generators that use solar, wind, or water
power. The company’s services include design, sales, installation, and
      3412 N. 36th St.
      Boise, ID 83703
      Phone: (208) 368-0947
      Fax: (208) 345-9423

     Backwoods Solar Electric Systems
Specializing in alternatively generated electricity for remote homes where
utility lines are not available or practical. No R&D.
        1589 Rolling Thunder Ridge
        Sandpoint, ID 83864
        Phone: (208) 263-4290

    Blackhawk Project, LLC
Electric engineering, manfacturing design, mechanical engineering.
       8455 Westpark St
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: 925-565-5469
       Fax: 208-908-0629

    Blue Ribbon Energy, LLC
Blue Ribbon is a company that specializes in wind power.
       2630 Central Ave.
       Idaho Falls, ID 83406
       Phone: (208) 524-2414

    Bradley Engineering Chtd.
Bradley Engineering is an electrical engineering firm that specializes in
electrical design and energy conservation with hydro technology.
       382 Walnut St.
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 523-2862

    Bully Dog Technologies
Bully Dog is a leader in diesel engine after-market devices and systems to
enhance performance and fuel economy of diesel engines.
       2839 Hwy 39

      American Falls, ID 83211
      Phone: (877) 285-5936
      Fax: (208) 226-2511

    Cascade Environmental Protection
Cascade Environmental Protection’s invention relates generally to rotary
engines and more specifically it relates to an improved parallel rotary internal
combustion engine of new lobe and chamber design, and performance
enhancements that can power transportation, recreational, agricultural and
power equipment in a more efficient manner.
      514 Skyline Dr
      Cascade, ID 83611

    CH2M Hill
This company markets chemicals, electronics, energy, environment, facilities,
manufacturing, mining, nuclear, transportation, water resources. Over 500
       322 E Front St Ste 200
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 345-5310

    Comprehensive Precision Machining
This company’s core business is turning and milling pieces and parts for heavy
industry, mass transit, semiconductor, local manufacturers, alternative energy
devices and energy producers. The company also manufactures the Blackhawk
wind turbine and is branching into solar energy.
       8455 Westpark Ste A
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-0757

     Computer Simulation & Analysis Inc.
Computer Simulation & Analysis is an Idaho engineering consulting company
that specializes in nuclear safety, operational transient analysis, power plant
simulation, computer software, and development for engineering applications.
It also provides general support to electric utilities in nuclear safety licensing
        855 N. Capital, Suite 1
        P. O. Box 51596
        Idaho Falls, ID 83405
        Phone: (208) 529-1700
        Fax: (208) 529-1723


    Creative Energies
Creative Energies works on commerical and residential buildings to provide
quality solar, wind, and water renewable energy products to customers.
Services: Consultation, Design, Sales, Prefabrication, Installation, Maintenance
Systems: PV, Thermal, Solar Accessories, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal heat
pumps, Generators
       55 S 3 E
       Driggs, ID 83422
       Phone: (208) 354-3001
       Fax: (208) 354-3001

    CSHQA Architects, Engineers, Planners
CSHQA Architects, Engineers, Planners provides a wide variety of engineering
and architectural services. Its electrical engineering division deals with power
and power generation systems.
      C.W. Moore Plaza
      250 S. 5th St.
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 343-4635
      Fax: (208) 343-1858

    CTA Architects Engineers
CTA Architects Engineers provides a wide variety of services. Its electrical
engineering department provides power engineering among many other
services. Headquartered in Billings, Montana.
       1185 Grove St.
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 336-4900
       Fax: (208) 343-3531

    David Evans and Associates Inc.
David Evans and Associates provide energy consultation services for wind,
hydro, and other renewable energy sources. Over 500 employees.
      776 Riverside Drive, Suite 200-208
      Eagle, ID 83616
      Phone: (208) 672-7249
      Fax: (208) 672-7250

    DC Engineering
DC Engineering is an electrical engineering firm that has offices in Meridian,
Portland, and Missoula. Don’t do R&D.
       440 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 103
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 288-2181
       Fax: (208) 288-2182

     Design Electric LLC
Design Electric LLC repairs, designs, and installs electrical equipment to
customers including heavy industrial plants, commercial businesses, and
residential clients.
Services: Design, Sales, Installation, Maintenance
Systems: PV, Solar Accessories, Generators, Wind
       7500 Hidden Valley Dr
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 962-4810

     DFX Solutions Inc.
DFX Solutions assists companies to develop advanced packaging and electronic
systems, product manufacturing strategies, and engineered solutions
to integrated electronic, optical, and thermal products. DFX also specializes in
passive and active solar energy engineering.
       1794 S. Lakemoor Way
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 938-5339

     Diversified Control Systems, LLC
Diversified Control Systems operates as a fabrication, engineering, and systems
integration company. Its electrical engineering services include control,
automation systems, design and implementation, low and medium voltage
systems, facility designs, process visualization, emergency power systems, and
electrical engineering design.
       641 W. McGregor Drive, Suite 106
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 342-6424
       Fax: (208) 342-6405

      101 Technology Drive, Lab #5
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401
      Phone: (208) 522-9365
      Fax: (208) 529-6557

    Diversified Fuel LLC
Vegetable Oil Mill, Canola crushing facility & biofuels
      4114 N 1600 E
      Buhl, ID 83316
      Phone: (208) 543-5552

    Dynamic Fabricators LLC
Dynamic Fabricators manufactures fiberglass and wood cooling tower
components for the power and process industries. Based in Texas.
     22515 W. Highway 53
     Rathdrum, ID 83858
     Phone: (208) 773-1787 or (877) 604-6525
     Fax: (208) 773-4205

    E3, Inc.
The manufacturing and development of formulations which reduce harmful
emissions in fossil fuels.
      2999 N Lakeharbor Ln Ste 202
      Boise, ID 83703
      Phone: 208-371-8500
      Fax: 208-377-3112

    Eagle Rock Timber Inc
The company has expanded from roads and campgrounds to bridges,
demolition, water and sewer systems, heavy transportation, commercial
buildings and remodels, design builds and construction management as well as
wind farm site preparation and construction.
       3000 Wright Rd
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 529-4925

    Electric Authority Inc.
Electric Authority specializes in electrical contracting and alternative energy.
No R&D.
       1106 W. Odessa Court
       Nampa, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 378-4451

     Electrical Engineering Co.
Electrical Engineering designs electrical systems for commercial buildings and
provides energy conscious expertise for its clients to ensure that energy is most
efficiently utilized.
       545 N. Benjamin, Suite 175
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 378-4450
       Fax: (208) 378-4451

    Electrical Reliability Services
Electrical Reliability Services is a division of Emerson Process Management that
provides electrical power systems and maintenance testing. The company has
an Idaho representative located in Rathdrum, Idaho at (208) 687-4347.
       Corporate Headquarters:
       2222 W. Valley Highway North, Suite 160
       Auburn, WA 98001
       Phone: (253) 736-6010

     Enel North America
Enel is an owner and operator of renewable energy plants. With offices in the
United States and Canada, Enel is active in a number of clean power sources
including hydro, wind, and biomass energies as it pursues potential geothermal
opportunities. They operate many hydro-electric projects in Idaho.
       Representative Dale Higbee
       Phone: (208) 734-0551

     Energy Products of Idaho
Energy Products has produced over 80 systems which utilize more than 200
different varieties of solid and liquid fuels in a multitude of industrial markets.
In addition to pioneering biomass fluidized bed technology, Energy Products
continues in its efforts to convert waste products into usable energy with
combustion and gasification systems.
       4006 Industrial Ave
       Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
       Phone: (208) 765-1611
       Fax: (208) 765-0503

    Energy Unlimited Inc.
Energy Unlimited runs different wind firms. It sets up wind turbines in
permitted areas. They are associated with the company Frontier Wind and can
be reached at the website for that company. Based in WI.

      6600 Roe St.
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 853-6291

    Engineering Consultants Inc.
Engineering Consultants specializes in air conditioning, electrical, heating,
plumbing, and telecommunications data. No R&D.
      303 Federal Way
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: (208) 376-9820

     Environmental Energy Services (EESV)
Founded in 2001, Environmental Energy Services is an environmental resources
company focused on energy and solid waste management. The company is
pursuing oil and natural gas wells in Oklahoma with expansion efforts taking
place in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska. Revenue from these projects will
allow the company to expand its efforts to clean up coal areas without relying
on tax credits to make the operations profitable.
       3350 Americana Terrace, Suite 215
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 287-4471

     EvenGreen Technology
EvenGreen Technology LLLP, a national renewable energies company, aspires
to be the United States largest provider of energy efficiency products and
systems to residential and commercial consumers. Recognized for our “total”
solution approach and dedicated customer service we are committed to
creating awareness and saving energy in hopes of preserving our environment
for future generations.
       250 South 5th Street Ste. 120
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (888) 200-3177

    Exergy Development Group of Idaho, LLC
The Exergy Development Group is a wind power development consulting firm.
      802 W. Bannock, 12th Floor
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 336-9793
      Fax: (208) 336-9431

     Farren Engineering Inc.
Farren Engineering is an electrical engineering firm that provides electrical
drawings and specifications along with other construction contract documents
for commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects. No R&D.
      600 W. Curling Drive
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 429-1309
      Fax: (208) 429-1308

    Four Moore Inc.
Four Moore specializes in medium-scale wind power development.
      P.O. Box 9868
      Moscow, ID 83843
      Phone: (208) 892-3524

    Frontier Pro Services
This company deals with wind anemometer Installation. Based in California.
       6600 Roe St
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 853-6291

    GeoEngineers Inc.
GeoEngineers provides earth science, environmental, and technology consulting
services with a focus in transportation, energy, development, government
services, and water and natural resources.
       1525 South David Lane
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 433-8098
       Fax: (208) 433-8092

     GoNano Technologies, Inc.
GoNano Technologies partners with customers seeking transformational material
solutions in pollution control, catalysis, composites and sensory technologies. GoNano
Technologies’ versatile Nanospring platform drives advancement in applications that
require nonporous high surface area materials.

       121 W Sweet Ave, Suite 115
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 892-2000

    Grand River Boiler and Hydronic
Grand River Boiler & Hydronic Supply provides quality boiler, hydronics, and
thermal solar systems using either solar flat panels or evacuated tubes. The
boilers and heaters can be powered by wood pellets and bio-mass.
       2674 S 2000 W Ste B
       Rexburg, ID 83440
       Phone: (208) 359-8170

    Green Motors Practices Group
Green Motors Practices Group is an Idaho non-profit organization who has
pioneered green rewinds via a process that insures industrial best practices are
used when motors are rebuilt.
      5201 Overland Road
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: (208) 322-6999

    Green Remodeling
Green Remodeling specializes in remodels, especially historic and net-zero
retrofits, using green building materials and techniques. This includes solar,
thermal, and passive solar systems.
       121 E 38th Ste 101
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 608-9788

    HAGSS Industries
HAGSS Industries services designs, installations, and maintenance PV, thermal,
water pumping, geothermal, and wind systems.
      24887 Walker Road
      Parma, ID 83660
      Phone: (208) 433-8667

   HDR Engineering Inc.
HDR is an architectural, engineering, and consulting firm that excels at
managing complex projects and has over 100 locations worldwide. Over 7,500
       412 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Suite 100
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 387-7000

      610 West Hubbard Ave., Suite 227
      Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

         Phone: (208) 676-1130

       Hiddleston Drilling and Pump
   Hiddleston is a water well service provider that has capabilities that include
   mineral exploration, well repair, rehabilitation, abandonment, down hole
   videos, cathodic protection installations along natural gas pipelines, and
   geothermal wells in excess of 2,000 feet.
         5932 W. Victory Road
         Boise, ID 83709
         Phone: (208) 362-2900
         Fax: (208) 362-9723

    Idaho Energy Complex
Idaho Energy Complex is a holding of Alternate Energy Holding, Inc. Their agenda
is to provide emissions-free power and statewide energy independence through
nuclear power and green technology. They recently just announced a new
southwest Idaho location in Elmore County for their 1600-megawatt nuclear
           For more info, contact:
           Martin Johncox, IEC spokesman - (208) 65-9100
           Don Gillispie, CEO – (208) 939-9311
           Web site:

        Idaho Energy Division
   The Idaho Energy Division is part of the Idaho Department of Water Resources.
   It promotes and supports communities’ participation in cost-effective energy
   conservation programs and use of renewable energy resources by providing
   training, technical assistance, information, and financial support to consumers,
   producers, and policy makers. Moved to University.
          322 E. Front St.
          P.O. Box 83720
          Boise, ID 83720-0098
          Phone: (208) 287-4800
          Fax: (208) 287-6700

        Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
   The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation is a cooperative that assists with ethanol
   legislation. Moved to university.
          P.O. Box 4848
          Pocatello, ID 83205
          Phone: (208) 232-7915

    Idaho Solar Design and Consulting
Idaho Solar is a veteran owned renewable energy firm dedicated to providing
Idaho with practical and economically sound sustainable solutions for PV, solar,
wind, and hydro systems for commercial, agricultural, and residential
       P.O. Box 7009
       Ketchum, ID 83340
       Phone: (208) 928-6460

      6444 N Portsmouth
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 639-0656

     Idaho Solar Power
Idaho Solar Power installs and sells solar, electric, heating, hot water, and
lighting systems for residential and commercial users. The company designs
special systems for rental units, cabins, recreational vehicles, sail and motor
boats, backwoods buildings, commercial businesses, and resorts.
Services: Design, Sales, Maintenance
Systems: Solar PV, Thermal, Wind
        311 E Lake St
        McCall, ID 83638
        Phone: (208) 630-4215

    Idaho Tower Co
Idaho Tower installs wireless communication towers, wind turbines, and wind
      460 Sun Valley Rd Ste 201
      Ketchum, ID 83340
      Phone: (208) 578-3636

    Idaho Wind Farms LLC
This company deals in wind farm development.
       460 Sun Valley Rd Ste 201
       Ketchum, ID 83340
       Phone: (208) 578-3636

    Inovus Solar, Inc (formerly Ming Solar)
Street & area lighting produces light & pollution and consumes money. Ming
Solar offers better light with no pollution and far lowers ongoing costs.

      500 S 10th St
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 908-0627

    Integrative Energy LLC
Integrative Energy promotes ethanol production by assisting new ethanol
facilities in starting up, finding a competitive advantage, and exploring new
product possibilities.
        4003 Preston Ave.
        Caldwell, ID 83605
        Phone: (208) 219-9164

    Intermountain Gas Co.
Intermountain Gas is a natural gas provider in Idaho. Moved to Utility.
      555 S. Cole Road
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 377-6840

    International Isotopes, Inc.
International Isotopes develops and deploys innovative technological solutions
that make people’s lives better. We provide world-class products used in a
variety of important applications, including: cancer treatment, nuclear
pharmacy, medical diagnostics, medical therapy products, specialty gases for
computer chip manufacturing, uranium conversion services, and radiation
       4137 Commerce Cir
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 524-5300

     Intrepid Technology & Resources Inc.
Intrepid Technology & Resources focuses on developing, constructing, and
operating a portfolio of projects in the renewable energy sector with a special
emphasis on production of biofuels.
       501 W. Broadway, Suite 200
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 529-5337
       Fax: (208) 529-1014

     Invenergy, LLC
Invenergy is a developer, owner, and operator of large-scale electricity
generation assets in the North American and European energy markets. The
company has significant expertise in the development, financing, construction,
operations, and long-term management of power generation projects serving a
wide range of clients including utilities, load serving entities, and industrials.
Ivenergy is currently operating the Wolverine Creek Energy Center in Idaho
Falls. Over 500 employees.
       1 South Wacker Drive Suite 2020
       Chicago, IL 60606
       Phone: (312) 224-1400
       Fax: (312) 224-1444

     IVUS Energy Innovations
At the core of IVUS Energy Innovations is a passion to engineer mission critical
products that fully charge in seconds, provide professional-grade performance,
and minimally impact the environment. IVUS Energy Innovations’ patent
pending FlashPoint Power Technology™ leads the industry in energy
management technology.
       610 N Almon St., Ste 130
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 882-1984

    JP Consulting
This is a consulting company that specializes in wind farm consultations.
        6220 El Gato Ln
        Meridian, ID 83642
        Phone: (206) 888-0954

    J. R. Simplot Co.
J.R. Simplot Co. has a federally-licensed qualifying facility for hydropower
generation at Magic Reservoir in Shoshone. It also makes electricity as a by-
product of its sulfuric acid plant operation at the Don Plant near Pocatello.
Over 500 employees.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 27
       Boise, ID 83707

      Street Address:
      999 Main St., Suite 1300
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 336-2110

     J-U-B Engineers Inc.
J-U-B Engineers is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides a wide range
of services such as civil engineering, structural engineering, transportation
engineering, city planning, regional planning, surveying, and environmental
       250 Beechwood Drive, Suite 201
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 376-7330
       Fax: (208) 323-9336

    KA Laven & Associates
KA Laven specializes in wind anemometer installation
      1341 Wallen Rd
      Moscow, ID 83843
      Phone: (208) 882-2697

     Larson and Associates
Larson & Associates, Inc. provides high quality services, ranging from
environmental to industrial waste management. Service capabilities include:
pilot units, bench testing, rental, mobile systems for recycling, recovery and
volume reduction; carbon absorption services, high pressure steam cleaning,
tank cleaning and decommissioning. Our system consists of a combination of
mechanical and physical steps, to phase separate and recover clarified liquids
and high compressions solids. No R&D.
       1954 E Center St
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 232-2034
       Fax: (208) 234-1741

    LCF Enterprises
LCF Enterprises designs and manufactures high performance RF power
amplifiers for commercial and military applications. The company’s products
are broadband, small sized high-efficiency and low priced.
       764 S Clearwater
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 640-9412

    Leisure Electric
Leisure Electric specializes in solar, wind, and hydro energy systems. Its
services include design, sales, installation and maintenance of the systems.
       999 Main St.

      Boise, ID 83803
      Phone: (208) 222-2212

    Magic Reservoir Hydroelectric Inc.
Magic Reservoir Hydroelectric is a non-utility hydroelectric power producer.
Moved to utility.
      999 Main St.
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 389-7306

    McDevitt and Miller
Wind Legal Consultation; the firm handles legal matters in the following
practice areas: Business Law, Public Utility Law, Administrative Law, Litigation,
Water Law, Family Law, Franchising.
       P.O. Box 2564
       Boise, ID 83701
       Phone: (208) 343-7500

     Millennium Science and Engineering
Millennium is a premier international consulting science and engineering firm
offering professional services in the environmental field worldwide. Over 500
       1605 N. 13th St.
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 345-8292
       Fax: (208) 344-8007

    Motionetics
Motionetics, Inc. designs and builds next generation energy devices. They
purchased M2E.
      875 W McGregor Ct
      Ste 150
      Boise, ID 83705

   Mountain View Windpower
Small Wind Consultation/Installation
      1810 Teton
      Rexburg, ID 83440
      Phone: (208) 569-8777

    Natural Resources Co.
Natural Resources designs and installs renewable energy systems including solar
electric power, wind, and hydro energy systems. Natural Resources provide
services primarily for residential buildings. No R&D.
       P.O. Box 91
       Victor, ID 83455
       Phone: (208) 787-2495

     NxEdge
NxEdge delivers engineered materials and coating solutions for industrial thin-
film, semiconductor, and solar energy applications worldwide. Its highly-
customized solutions are tightly integrated into its customers’ value creation
strategies. Through the company’s unique portfolio of products and services,
NxEdge has become the engineered material and coating solution provider of
choice for many leading global companies. Through timely expansion of
company’s offerings and strategic R&D investment, the company is
continuously improving performance, price ratio, breadth and speed of each
Engineered Materials and Coating (EMC) solution. Based in Washington, some
R&D done in Idaho.
       7500 W Mossy Cup St
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 362-7200
       Fax: (208) 362-7248

    North American Hydro
North American Hydro owns and operates hydroelectric power plants through-
out the United States.
       2601 E. Hubbard Road
       Kuna, ID 83634
       Phone: (208) 288-1057
       Fax: (208) 847-8736

    Northwest Energy Storage
Northwest Energy Storage provides renewable energy products and system
design assistance based upon eighteen years of design and application
experience. Moved to Florida.
       6778 El Paso St.
       Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
       Phone: (208) 267-6409

     Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a four-state interest alliance
funded by the rate-payers of those states. The Alliance has a staff of around
thirty people who are constantly on the lookout for products/services that can
transform the market such that a new, more efficient product replaces an
older one. Examples of this kind of market transformation are items such as
new CFL lights replacing incandescent bulbs and energy star products and
homes being used rather than their lesser efficient alternatives. Moved to
       Idaho Board Member: Warren Kline
       Phone: (208) 388-2880

      Regional Office
      Phone: (800) 411-0834

    North Wind Inc.
North Wind offers capabilities in the areas of environmental restoration,
engineering, program management, geosciences, waste management, natural
and cultural resources, remediation technologies, and civil construction
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 51174
       Idaho Falls, ID 83405

      Street Address:
      1425 Higham Street
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 528-8718
      Fax: (208) 528-8714

    Palouse Wind and Water
Palouse Wind and Water sells small wind systems and is a dealer of Jacobs
      1011 Rothwell Road
      Viola, ID 83872
      Phone: (208) 883-3676

     Pearlhill Technologies, LLC
Pearlhill Technologies is a research and development and consulting company
for new and cheaper processes to create commercial chemical compounds from
reprocessed uranium waste. The company is also researching and developing
new and cheaper methods creating chemical compounds used in the
manufacture of prescription drugs.

      101 Technology Dr
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401-1504
      Phone: (208) 524-3100

     Porneuf Electric Inc.
Locally owned and operated in Pocatello, Idaho, Portneuf Electric prides itself
on being an ethical, assertive, customer oriented company. Value engineering
is a strength that Portneuf Electric has developed, saving thousands of dollars
to owners, while still fulfilling code requirements.The final touch is the
Systems Division. Portneuf Electric has a full service Low Voltage Division. Fire
Alarm, Access Controls, CCTV, Data; Engineers, Designers and Certified
Installers. All low voltage needs can be performed by Portneuf Electric as well.
        1960 Mooney Dr
        Pocatello, ID 83204
        Phone: (208) 238-7697
        Fax: (208) 238-1682

     Power Engineers
Power Engineers is a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Hailey with
over 1000 employees and offices in other states and international. The
company has transmission and distribution, industrial, and telecommunications
divisions. Power Engineers is a leader in the emerging field of visualization
technology, working on visualizations for such projects as the Eagle Island State
Park renovation. They have other Idaho locations in Boise and Lewiston.
       1295 S. Eagle Flight Way
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 378-0022
       Fax: (208) 378-0025

      3940 Glenbrook Drive
      P.O. Box 1066
      Hailey, ID 83333
      Phone: (208) 788-3456
      Fax: (208) 788-2082

    PowerWorks Inc
PowerWorks Inc, an affiliate of Pacific Winds Inc, is focused upon the
development, ownership, and operation of clean, renewable, wind and solar
power projects. The company provides clean, renewable power, on a
wholesale basis, to electric utilities. Based in California.
      5356 N Cattail Way
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 853-4602


    Premier Technology Inc.
Premier is a leading manufacturer and industrial contractor in the Pacific
Northwest. Premier has experienced steady expansion over most of the United
States, Canada, and many international markets. Pocatello, Idaho is home to
the corporate headquarters, which includes a 50,000 square foot manufacturing
facility. Premier has provided products and services for a wide range of clients
and industries including the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense,
the nuclear sector, isolation barrier producers, and shielding equipment makers.
        Corporate Office
        1858 W. Bridge Street
        Blackfoot, ID 83221
        Phone: (208) 785-2274

      Sales Office
      1773 Eldridge Ave.
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Phone: (208) 735-9184

    Recovered Energy, Inc.
Designer & manufacturer of USCG certified marine application oil water
separators. Designed & manufacturer of plasma gasification plants for power
     3411 Hawthorne Rd
     Pocatello, ID 83201
     Phone: 208-637-0645 x7016
     Fax: 708-668-7939

     Renaissance Engineering and Design
Renaissance Engineering and Design provides attention to specific categories
including electrical generation, cogeneration, interconnection involving
reciprocating diesel and gas engine sets, gas turbines, micro turbines, fuel
cells, switchgear, HVAC boilers and chillers, renewable energy through solar,
wind, anaerobic biomass digestion and biomass gasification, and various other
energy products and services.
        2792 Desert Wind Rd.
        Oasis, ID 83647-5020
        Phone: (208) 859-1882 or (208) 908-2500

    Renewable Energy Resources
Renewable Energy Resources specializes in cost effective, reliable, and
environmentally sound geothermal, solar, and wind energy generating systems.
      5920 W. Victory Road
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 422-0200

      1240 N.W. Beaman St.
      Mountain Home, ID 83647
      Phone: (208) 587-1400

    Richardson and O’Leary
Wind Legal Consultant; Richardson & O’Leary’s principals, Peter Richardson and
Molly O’Leary, provide specialized legal services in the electric utility,
renewable energy, small business and telecommunications sector.
       515 N 27th
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 938-7901

    Ridgeline Energy
Ridgeline Energy, LLC, with personnel located in Idaho, Oregon and
Washington, focuses on developing utility-scale wind energy projects in the
Pacific Northwest and western United States that meet our customers' needs
and provide significant benefits to our host communities and landowners. Based
in Washington.
       Boise, ID 83712
       Phone: (208) 841-5037

    Rupert Electric Department
Rupert Electric Department is an electric utility serving Rupert, Idaho and the
surrounding areas.
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 426
      Rupert, ID 83350

      Street Address:
      623 East St.
      Rupert, ID 83350
      Phone: (208) 436-9600

    SAIC
SAIC is an international company based in San Diego, with smaller offices all
over the world, including three in Idaho. SAIC assesses physical and cyber risks

to power plants, energy pipelines, water utilities, and the U.S. Department of
Energy’s nuclear facilities. The U.S. Department of Energy also uses SAIC’s
research to assess hydrogen programs that could establish a hydrogen
infrastructure and help industry commercialize fuel-cell vehicles. Over 500
       P.O. Box 735
       Bayview, ID 83803

      405 S. 8th St., Suite 301
      Boise, ID 83702

      3671 N. Romrell Ave.
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401
      Phone: (858) 826-6000

     ScienTech
ScienTech is a global provider of commercial nuclear power instrumentation,
electrical components, specialty hardware, process control systems, and
proprietary database solutions aimed at improving safety, plant performance
and reliability as well as reducing costs. ScienTech’s Technical & Hardware
Solutions Group provides instrumentation, electrical and mechanical hardware
for nuclear and fossil plants to address obsolescence and improve efficiency
and safety of operations. The Utility Services Group provides utilities with
specialized analysis, technical consulting and engineering solutions to assist in
modernizing plants, improving operating efficiency and responding to
regulatory requirements. Over 500 employees.
       200 S Woodruff Ave
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 524-9200

     Self-Reliant Living, LLC
Self-Reliant Living is a contracting company that sells and installs green
systems in homes. Its products include Thermashield, solar panels, green
housing products, and heating systems. No R&D.
       336 N. 1810 East
       St. Anthony, ID 83445
       Phone: (208) 624-3135 or (888) 624-0040

    Sensus
Sensus has over a century of experience providing cutting-edge, reliable
products to our customers. Products that streamline operations, enhance
customer service, enable conservation and meet your utility system needs —

meters, regulators, fire service assemblies, transmitters, leak detection
equipment, monitors or complete end-to-end conservation solutions like
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI),
distribution automation or smart grid. Based in North Carolina, telemetrics
office in Boise.
       10147 W. Emerald Street
       Suite 100
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone:(208) 658-1292

    Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Siemens specializes in Idaho community energy efficiency projects. Over 500
      600 E. Watertower Ln., Suite F
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 898-5950
      Fax: (208) 898-5951

      9632 W. Emerald St., Suite E
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 658-9107
      Fax: (208) 658-9109

    Smarter Process Inc.
Smarter Process is an engineering, consulting, and design firm specializing in
industrial electrical and process control, motor controllers, instrumentation,
automation, computerization, and custom control panels.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 7170
       Boise, ID 83707-1170

      6067 Corporal Lane
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 323-8999 or (877) 423-8999
      Fax: (208) 323-9006

    Smart Plugs
Smart Plugs produces an improved spark plug that increases engine power,
gives off fewer emissions, and provides more fuel efficiency.
       1926 Industrial Drive
       Sandpoint, ID 83864
       Phone: (208) 265-2723


   Smithland Construction
Small Wind Consultation/Installation
      PO Box 2
      Swan Lake, ID 83281
      Phone: (208) 897-5148

    Solar Cascade
Services: Design, Sales, Prefabrication, Installation, Maintenance, Solar
Accessories, Wind, Hydro
Systems: Solar PV, Thermal
       702 W Idaho St Ste 1000
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 375-3644

     Solar Roadways Inc
The Solar Roadway™ is a series of structurally-engineered solar panels that are
driven upon. The idea is to replace all current petroleum-based asphalt roads,
parking lots, and driveways with Solar Road Panels™ that collect and store solar
energy to be used by our homes and businesses. This renewable energy
replaces the need for the current fossil fuels used for the generation of
electricity. This, in turn, cuts greenhouse gases literally in half.
       PO Box 293
       Sagle, ID 83860
       Phone: (208) 263-2537

    Sorenson Engineering
Sorenson Engineering is an alternative energy developer (both wind and
geothermal) consultant. Formerly known as Birch Creek Ranches, but this is his
farm. No wind projects planned. He also had a company called ArrowRock
Wind, but it no longer is active.
      5203 S 11 E
      Idaho Falls, ID 83404
      Phone: (208) 522-8069

    Strata Inc.
Strata provides geotechnical engineering and materials testing for industrial,
commercial, governmental, residential, and transportation projects throughout
the northwestern United States. They have Idaho locations in Boise, Coeur
d’Alene, Pocatello, and Moscow as well as locations in Ontario, Oregon;
Missoula, Montana; and Spokane, Washington.
       8653 W. Hackamore Drive
       Boise, ID 83709

      Phone: (208) 376-8200
      Fax: (208) 376-8201

      280 W. Prairie Ave.
      Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
      Phone: (208) 772-2428
      Fax: (208) 772-9968

    Summit Power Equipment
Summit Power Equipment, providing equipment, engineering and construction
management services for the development of energy and natural resources
based projects
      1015 W Hays St
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 331-1898
      Fax: (208) 387-3533

    Switchback Energy Systems
Switchback Energy Systems specializes in providing alternative energy such as
wind, solar, and many other types of low-cost energy sources. No R&D.
      3606 N Main St.
      Iona, ID 83427
      Phone: (208) 520-0614

    Transector Systems Inc
The company produces power transformers and regulators. Over 500
      10701 Airport Dr
      Hayden Lake, ID 83835
      Phone: (208) 772-8515
      Fax: (208) 762-6133

    Terracon Consultants Inc.
Terracon is an employee-owned consulting firm of engineers and scientists
providing geotechnical, environmental, construction materials, and related
services from more than seventy offices nationwide. Over 500 employees.
       11849 W. Executive Drive, Suite G
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 323-9520
       Fax: (208) 323-9592


    Tetra Tech
Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical
services worldwide. Over 500 employees.
       3380 Americana Terrace, Suite 201
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 389-1030
       Fax: (208) 389-1183

    The Green Source Store/Two Brothers Concrete Supply
The Green Source Store supplies and installs energy efficient building materials
      and wind and solar energy systems.
      3640 Hwy 30 W
      Pocatello, ID 83201
      Phone: (208) 232-0284

     Thomas, Dean and Hoskins Inc.
Thomas, Dean and Hoskins is a consulting engineering firm offering a full range
of engineering services throughout Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.
       2517 17th St., Suite B
       Lewiston, ID 83501
       Phone: (208) 746-0938
       Fax: (208) 746-3511

    Transtector
Transtector designs a full range of AC, DC, and data/voice devices mostly
focused on data and surge protection products. Over 500 employees.
      10701 Airport Drive
      Hayden, ID 83835
      Phone: (208) 772-8515 or (800) 882-9110

     Treasure Valley Solar
Idaho based Treasure Valley Solar has teamed up with earthsponse™ to sell and
install EnerWorks Solar Water Heater Appliances and Kyocera’s MyGen™ Solar
Electric Packages for residences, businesses, and the government.
        1307 W Jefferson St
        Boise, ID 83814
        Phone: (208) 869-8861

    Trindera Engineering Inc.
Trindera Engineering is an electrical engineering consulting firm providing
electrical and control system engineering and consulting services to municipal,
industrial, and commercial clients throughout the Inland Northwest.
       1875 N. Lakewood Drive, Suite 201
       Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: (208) 676-8001
       Fax: (208) 676-0100

     Universal Solar Systems LLC
Universal Solar Systems LLC designs and installs PV, thermal, wind, and hydro
      4422 Gage St
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 861-1249

    URS Corp.
URS is one of the largest engineering design firms worldwide and a leading U.S.
government contractor. The business focuses primarily on providing
professional and technical services in the engineering, construction, and
defense markets. Over 500 employees.
       1750 W. Front St., Suite 100
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 344-6140

     U.S. Geothermal
U.S. Geothermal is a renewable energy development company that currently
owns and leases approximately 8.2 square miles of land located at Raft River,
Idaho. This property contains a proven geothermal reservoir that is verified by
GeothermEx to be capable of up to 110 megawatts. The Department of Energy
estimated the total energy output of the Raft River as high as 200 megawatts
       1505 Tyrell Lane
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 424-1027
       Fax: (208) 424-1030

    Washington Division of URS Corporation
The Washington Division of URS delivers integrated engineering, construction,
and management solutions for businesses and governments worldwide. Over
500 employees.
      720 Park Blvd.
      P.O. Box 73

      Boise, ID 83729
      Phone: (208) 386-5000

    Wheeler Electric, Inc.
Substations, hydroelectric, wind, and solar projects throughout the inter-
mountain west. We've serviced facilities as diverse as nuclear reactor
complexes and single room offices. Let us put that specialized knowledge to
work for you.
     469 W 16th St
     Idaho Falls, ID 83402
     Phone: 208-522-1906

    Whole Energy Solar, LLC
Sun Valley Solar designs renewable energy systems for homes and businesses.
      411 N. Leadville
      Ketchum, ID 83340
      Phone: (208) 928-6460 or (800) 901-2781

    William Bradbury PC
The firm specializes in the practice areas of the law that include real estate,
small business, commercial transactions, energy, telecommunications, and
wind farm legal consulting.
       1015 W Hays St
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 344-6633

    Wind Advantage
Wind Consultant
      605 S 600 W
      Burley, ID 83318
      Phone: (208) 678-8469

    Windland Inc.
Windland is a developer, owner, and operator of wind power projects. It has
operated one of the first wind farms in the United States located in one of the
toughest wind regimes in North America for over twenty years.
      7669 W. Riverside Drive, Suite 102
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 377-7777
      Fax: (208) 375-2894


    Windpower Unlimited, LLC
Windpower Unlimited provides many types of renewable energy sources such as
wind and solar power, storage batteries, inverters and chargers, and water
      2304 East 3250 North
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Phone: (208) 735-9463
      Fax: (208) 375-2894

    WindVestments LLC
Wind Consultant/Developer and other various Renewable Energy projects in
Idaho, and Utah. WindVestments completed the initial development for the
Cassia Wind Farm, LLC and Cassia Gulch Wind Park, LLC (apx 40MW).
       4200 N Cloverdale Rd
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 371-4066

    Yanke Energy Inc.
Yanke Energy is a full service engineer, constructor, owner, and operator of
cogeneration, electric generation, and energy application systems. It turns
waste into power through the resources of renewable energy. No R&D.
      P.O. Box 5405
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: (208) 338-2200

    Yanke Machine Shop Inc.
Yanke fabrication and field crews have fabricated and delivered many
components to hydro projects and energy related projects. No R&D.
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 5405
      Boise, ID 83705

      Street Address:
      4414 S. Gekeler Lane
      Boise, ID 83716
      Phone: (208) 342-8901

               University and Research Institutions
    Boise State University - College of Engineering
• Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering William Knowlton
has conducted much research on semiconductors and power generators.
• Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Said Ahmed-Zaid’s research
interests are in the areas of power system operation and control, electric
machines and drives, power electronic circuits, and wind energy applications.
He is currently interested in the analysis and development of new generators
for wind energy applications. In particular, he is investigating the operation of
self-excited series-connected induction generators for stand-alone
applications. Another area of his research is the development of a DSP-based
platform for the rapid prototyping of advanced algorithms for high-
performance control of electric machines.
       BSU College of Engineering
       1910 University Drive
       Boise, ID 83725
       Phone: (208) 426-1153 or (208) 426-5705

     Center for Advanced Energy Studies
The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) provides a means through which
government, private industry, and academia can produce a new generation
of experts to address the world's energy challenges. CAES research initiatives
bring together the technical expertise of Idaho's four major research
institutions in programs that focus on materials analysis and testing, the
nuclear fuel cycle, the environmentally sound use and distribution of fossil
fuels, the economical production and delivery of renewable energy, and critical
energy infrastructure protection. CAES also supports policy-makers in their
decisions and analyses and in understanding how policy shapes science and
engineering through the CAES Energy Policy Institute (EPI), a home for energy-
related policy research, analysis, and education. In addition, CAES leverages
INL Laboratory Directed Research and Development resources to sustain CAES-
partner research collaborations.
       P. O. Box 1625
       Idaho Falls, ID 83415
       Phone: (208) 526-0111

    Idaho State University College of Engineering
ISU offers five undergraduate programs and a variety of interdisciplinary
graduate programs offering Master of Science degrees and Idaho’s only PhD in
Nuclear Science and Engineering.
       921 S. 8th Ave.
       Campus Box 8060
       Idaho State University

      Pocatello, ID 83209
      Phone: (208) 282-2902

     Idaho National Laboratory
As the Department of Energy's designated center for nuclear energy research,
development and demonstration, INL plays a key role in enabling the worldwide
reconsideration and expansion of nuclear energy. Along with its pre-eminence
in nuclear energy research, INL is focused on forming partnerships across the
energy spectrum by working regionally and internationally with governments,
industry, major academic centers and other laboratories. This collaboration
includes important energy development research in fossil fuels, alternative and
renewable fuels and systems.
       2525 N. Fremont Avenue
       P.O. Box 1625
       Idaho Falls, ID 83415
       Phone: (208) 526-0111

    University of Idaho Microelectronics Research and Communications
Through its three centers – the Center for Intelligent Systems Research, the
Center for Secure and Dependable Systems, and the Laboratory for
Microelectronics and Signal Processing – the institute develops technologies in
microelectronics, power electronics, microwave ferrite research, battery
development, intelligent control, computer security, communications systems,
and neural networks.
      BEL Room W3-1
      University of Idaho
      P.O. Box 441024
      Moscow, Idaho 83844-1024
      Phone: (208) 885-6500
      Fax: (208) 885-6840

     Airtrack Electronics
Airtrack Electronics provides electrical service and sales.
       11035 W. Ramrod Drive
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 375-4004

     Applied Industrial Technologies
Applied Industrial Technologies is one of North America's leading independent
distributors of bearings, power transmission components, fluid power
components and systems, rubber products, linear components, and general
maintenance and specialty items.
       1314 Shilo Drive
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 461-2423
       Fax: (208) 461-2425

    Bolen’s Control House
Bolen’s Control House is a distributor of SymCom products that monitor the
power supply and protect electric motors before damage occurs to the
windings of a compressor, pump, or other motor that can be damaged by a
       7908 W. Woodlark St.
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 362-5280
       Fax: (208) 362-5595

    Columbia Electric Supply
Columbia Electric Supply is an electrical distributor for industrial, commercial,
and residential customers. It is a part of Consolidated Electrical Distributors
with over 500 locations nationwide.
      8645 Westpark Street
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 322-1231
      Fax: (208) 327-0658

     Control Solutions and Design Inc.
Control Solutions and Design is a local controls wholesaler that also provides
automation design. CSD has specialized in Innovative Control Systems Solutions
for over fifty years.
       330 N. Ancestor Place #125
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-4422

      Fax: (208) 375-4428

    Eaton Corp. Cutler-Hammer Sales
Eaton Corp. Cutler-Hammer Sales sells wholesale electrical equipment and
supplies to the electrical, commercial, and industrial markets.
       6138 W. Emerald St.
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 323-2802

    Electrical Controls and Supply LLC
Electrical Controls and Supply sells electrical equipment and supplies to the
electrical construction, commercial, and industrial markets.
       112 W. 32nd St.
       Garden City, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 344-0803

    Electrical Wholesale and Supply Co. Inc.
Electrical Wholesale and Supply supplies electrical products to the electrical
construction, commercial, and industrial markets.
       537 E. Schiller Lane
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 888-9800

    Higher Power Energy
Higher Power Energy sells and installs alternative energy systems to individuals,
businesses, and schools.
      4438 Clark Cir
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 571-5609

    Interstate Electric Supply
Interstate Electric Supply specializes in electrical apparatus sales and
equipment wiring supplies.
       415 N. Phillippi St.
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 375-6891

    Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls provides controls systems and regulator sales.
      850 E. Franklin Road
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 846-9011

    McGuire Bearing Co.
McGuire Bearing sells bearings, pulleys and sheaves, belts, sprockets, chain,
seals, o rings and quad rings, bronze, electric motors, gears, speed reducers,
couplings, conveyor components, and accessories.
       1053 W. Amity Road
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 342-2281
       Fax: (208) 342-4476

    Pan Electric Automation
Pan Electric Automation is an electric motor provider.
      2800 W. Idaho Blvd.
      Emmett, ID 83617
      Phone: (208) 398-8800

     Platt Electric
Platt Electric is a value-added service company that supplies a broad range of
products and services to the electrical construction, commercial, industrials,
utility, and data/signal/voice markets.
        5603 Bethel
        Boise, ID, 83706
        Phone: (208) 376-5643
        Fax: (208) 327-0831

    Priest Electric
Priest Electric offers service and sales of electrical motors and pumps, rotating
apparatus and controls.
       P.O. Box 935
       412 Simplot Blvd.
       Caldwell, ID 83605
       Phone: 208-459-6351
       Fax: (208) 459-6586

                          Energy Cooperatives
    Bonneville Power Administration
Bonneville Power is a federal agency headquartered in Portland, Ore., that
markets wholesale electricity and transmission to the Pacific Northwest’s
public and private utilities as well as to some large industries.
       Mailing Address:
       Bonneville Power Administration
       P.O Box 3621
       Portland, OR 97208

      Street Address:
      905 N.E. 11th Ave.
      Portland, OR 97232
      Phone: (503) 230-3000 or (800) 282-3713

    Clearwater Power Company
Clearwater Power is a nonprofit electric cooperative that provides energy and
services to its consumers. All revenues made over expenditures are returned to
the consumer through capital credits.
       P.O. Box 997
       4230 Hatwai Road
       Lewiston, ID 83501
       Phone: (208) 743-1501 or (888) 743-1501

    East End Mutual Electric
East End Mutual Electric is a rural electric cooperative that provides electricity
to Rupert, Idaho and the surrounding area.
528 E. St
Rupert, ID 83350
Phone: (208) 436-9357

     Energy Committee of the Association of Idaho Cities
As outgrowth of a commission organized in the early 1960s to protect Idaho
cities from anti-municipal electric utility legislation, the Energy Committee
advises the executive director on energy issues.
        3100 S. Vista Ave., Suite 310
        Boise, ID 83705
        Phone: (208) 344-8594
        Fax: (208) 344-8677

     Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative
Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative serving
customers in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
       1150 N. 3400 East
       Ashton, ID 83420
       Phone: (208) 652-7431 or (800) 632-5726
       Fax: (208) 652-7825

    Farmers Electric Company
Farmers Electric is a rural electric cooperative that provides electricity to
Heyburn, Idaho and the surrounding area.
      P.O. Box 85
      Heyburn, ID 83336
      Phone: (208) 436-6384

     IDACORP Inc.
IDACORP is composed of four non-regulated companies along with the regulated
utility Idaho Power Co. This family of businesses is involved in emerging new
energy technologies, independent power production, internet services and
telecommunications, and affordable housing.
        Mailing Address:
        P.O. Box 70
        Boise, ID 83707

      Street Address:
      1221 W. Idaho St.
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 388-2200

    Idaho County Light & Power Cooperative Association Inc.
Idaho County Light & Power is a consumer-owned cooperative providing
electrical distribution service to north central Idaho.
       P.O. Box 300
       1065 Highway 13
       Grangeville, ID 83530
       Phone: (208) 983-1610 or (877) 212-0424
       Fax: (208) 983-1432

     Idaho Falls Power
Idaho Falls Power is a municipal electric utility serving the corporate city limits
of Idaho Falls.
      140 S. Capital

     P.O. Box 50220
     Idaho Falls, ID 83405
     Phone: (208) 612-8430
     Fax: (208) 612-8435

    Idaho Power Co.
Idaho Power is involved in the generation, purchase, transmission, distribution
and sale of electric energy in a 20,000-square-mile area in southern Idaho and
eastern Oregon with an estimated population of 883,000.
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 70
      Boise, ID 83707

      Street Address:
      1221 W. Idaho St.
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 388-2323

    Ida-West Energy Co.
Ida-West Energy is a subsidiary of IDACORP and an affiliate of the Idaho
Power Co. Ida-West operates and has an ownership interest in nine qualifying
facilities in Idaho and California.
        P.O. Box 7867
        Boise, ID 83707
        Phone: (208) 395-8930
        Fax: (208) 395-8931

    Idaho Energy Resource Authority
Formed in 2005 by the state of Idaho, the Idaho Energy Resource Authority's
mission is to diversify and expand the state's economy through improvements in
electric generation and transmission infrastructure to allow the development or
expansion of electric facilities in Idaho or the import of low-cost energy from
other parts of the region. The authority can participate in planning, financing,
constructing, developing and acquiring electric generation and transmission
facilities and their supporting infrastructure. House Bill 106 provided the
authority with bonding authority and other powers to promote transmission,
generation and renewable energy development in the state and the region.
        1015 W. Hays St.
        Boise, ID 83702
        Phone: (208) 344-3873
        Fax: (208) 344-0077

    Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association
The association represents 21 of the 26 rural electric utilities in Idaho. Its
primary focus is to cost-efficiently act on issues which are before the state of
Idaho or other agencies which will impact the viability of the utilities or their
      Ron Williams - Executive Director
      1015 West Hays Street
      Boise, Idaho 83702
      Phone: (208) 344-3873
      Fax: (208) 344-0077

     Kootenai Electric Cooperative Inc.
Kootenai Electric serves approximately 17,000 members over 1,216 miles of
electric line in northern Idaho and eastern Washington. Kootenai Electric is a
private, nonprofit electric utility owned by the members it serves.
       2451 W. Dakota Ave.
       P.O. Box 278
       Hayden, ID 83835
       Phone: (208) 765-1200 or (800) 240-0459
       Fax: (208) 772-5858

    Lost River Electric Cooperative Inc.
Lost River Electric is an electric utility serving Mackay, Idaho and the
surrounding areas.
       305 Pine St.
       P.O. Box 420
       Mackay, ID 83251
       Phone: (208) 588-3311

     Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a non-profit corporation supported
by the Bonneville Power Administration, electric utilities, public benefits
administrators, state governments, public interest groups, and energy
efficiency industry representatives. These entities work together to make
affordable, energy-efficient products and services available in the
       529 SW Third Ave., Suite 600
       Portland, OR 97204
       Phone: (503) 827-8416 or (800) 411-0834
       Fax: (503) 827-8437

    Northwest Power and Conservation Council
The council develops and maintains a regional power plan and a fish and
wildlife program to balance the Northwest's environment and energy needs.
       Public Affairs Division
       Northwest Power and Conservation Council
       851 SW Sixth Ave., Suite 1100
       Portland, OR 97204
       Phone: (503) 222-5161 or (800) 452-5161
       Fax: (503) 820-2370

     Northwest Power Pool
Northwest Power serves as a forum in the electrical industry for reliability and
operational adequacy issues in the Northwest. It promotes cooperation among
its members in order to achieve reliable operation of the electrical power
system, coordinate power system planning and assist in transmission planning in
the Northwest Interconnected Area.
      7505 NE Ambassador Place, Suite R
      Portland, OR 97220
      Phone: (503) 445-1078
      Fax: (503) 445-1070

     Northwest Public Power Association
Northwest Public Power is an organization of over 150 public and people's
utility districts, electric cooperatives, municipalities, and crown corporations
in the western United States and Canada. It provides training and education,
public information, communication, federal legislative coordination, surveys,
data and networking opportunities, and products and services for the utility
        9817 NE 54th St.
        Vancouver, WA 98662
        Phone: (360) 254-0109
        Fax: (360) 254-5731

    Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative
Pacific Northwest is a power manager and aggregator for its 15 rural electric
cooperative members and other electric utility clients in Oregon, Washington,
Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. It is licensed by the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission and manages power supply, transmission, and
       711 NE Halsey
       Portland, OR 97232-1268

      Phone: (503) 288-1234
      Fax: (503) 288-2334

    Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative Inc.
Raft River Rural is an electric utility serving Malta, Idaho and the surrounding
       155 N. Main St.
       Malta, ID 83342
       Phone: (208) 645-2211

    Salmon River Electric Cooperative Inc.
Salmon River Electric is a nonprofit, rural electric cooperative delivering retail
electric service to approximately 2,500 electric and 2,500 propane accounts in
south central Idaho.
       1130 Main St.
       P.O. Box 384
       Challis, ID 83226
       Phone: (208) 879-2283

    Snake River Power Association Inc.
Snake River Power is an Idaho cooperative that deals with problems of
increasing wholesale costs and diminishing supply in southern Idaho. Currently,
Snake River Power focuses on local power supply issues and interacting with
other regional organizations.
       1710 Overland Ave.
       P.O. Box 608
       Burley, ID 83318
       Phone: (208) 431-3027

    South Side Electric Lines
South Side is an electric cooperative that provides electrical services to south
central Idaho.
      P.O. Box 69
      Declo, ID 83323
      Phone: (208) 654-2313

    United Electric Co-op, Inc.
United Electric is an electrical cooperative providing electricity to both
Minidoka and Cassia County.
      1330 21st St.
      Heyburn, ID 83336
      Phone: (208) 679-2222

    Western Electric Power Institute
The Western Energy Institute is a regional association serving the electric and
gas industries – both public and private – throughout the western United States
and Canada. Its mission is to educate, develop skills and leadership, and
facilitate information exchange and networking among employees of member
        827 N.E. Oregon St.
        Portland, OR 97232-2172
        Phone: (503) 231-1994
        Fax: (503) 231-2592

Information Technology
   Innovation Business Directory

  Innovation Business Directory— January 2011
Information Technology
Information Technology offers high wages and flexibility. In 2005, the average
Computer Science salary was $83,593. A Computer Science degree enables one
to work in almost any organization. One hundred percent of BSU’s Computer
Science graduates received job offers following graduation.

Software has become the fastest growing technology sector in Idaho. The
growth of the software industry in Idaho has been dynamic in the past decade.
The state now boasts over 800 software companies, including nearly 400 in the
Boise area. The capital city is quickly diving into the realm of being a software

But the growth of this industry has just begun. Software employment in the
country is projected to grow by 44% over the next seven years. This estimated
growth ranks the software industry higher than any other – even the medical
field – for projected employment growth. The area of software development
also boasts high job satisfaction. A recent survey showed that software
developers were more satisfied with their jobs than employees in any other

Inside the Directory
Inside the Information Technology directory are companies, agencies, and
research institutions which are engaged in the development, production, or
sale of innovative software or hardware. The software includes programs
created for website design, medical use, animation, and engineering.

                     Examples of Information Technology:
      Software development
      Computer consulting
      Programming services
      Data management
      Hardware development
      Hardware manufacture

                 (Software) Companies & Agencies
    AMX International
AMX International is a leading software and IT services provider of Complete
Enterprise ERP and CIS Solutions that Fit for Oracle and JD Edwards customers
worldwide through over 100 consultants located in North America and Guam.
Over 800 customers have turned to AMX for the company’s complete solutions
that integrate the industry’s best vendor applications with highly cost effective
project management, implementation consulting services, systems integration
expertise, on-shore development, and complementary software products.
        346 Grand Loop
        Ste 100
        Rexburg, ID 8344
        Phone: (208) 523-3671
        Fax: (208) 523-3683

     Asa Tire Systems, Inc.
ASA Tire Systems develops comprehensive systems of software tools geared to
helping tire dealers and retreaders manage all facets of their businesses.
Comprised of a series of specialized interfaced modules, their systems can be
tailored to suit the ecommerce, order processing, accounting, and business
management needs of any size retail, wholesale, or retread tire operation. R&D
in New Hampshire.
       651 S. Stratford Dr.
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 855-0781
       Fax: (208) 361-0159

    Balihoo Inc
Balihoo is the premier provider of local marketing automation technology &
services to franchises and national brands with local marketing need.
       404 S 8th St, Ste 300
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone :( 866) 446-9914

    Behavior Imaging Technology (formerly Caring Solutions Inc.)
Behavior Imaging Technology provides healthcare technology to revolutionize
behavioral and mental health assessment, treatment and research. We provide
Behavior Imaging™ solutions and a complementary online consultation and
health record platform, to enable collaboration and consultation between
patients and professionals. We help health providers connect with patients or
their caregivers anywhere in the world, making virtual office visits a reality.

      1423 W Franklin St
      Boise, ID 83702-5024
      Phone: (208) 629-8778

     Bitsmart Systems Solutions
Bitsmart Systems Solutions works with commercial and residential structured
wiring, computer servicing, home theater systems, and networking. They are
also an internet service provider. No R&D.
       404 S. Eagle Road, Suite D
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 939-4353

      Fax: (208) 895-0613

    Blackfin
Blackfin is a technology and interactive marketing firm. They build web
applications, interactive marketing campaigns, collaboration portals, websites,
brands, and integrated ERP systems. They have a proven track record with
companies from startups to Fortune 500's. Bought by Washington company.
       1702 W. Fairview Ave.
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 338-1581
       Fax: (208) 336-1795

   ’s mission is to help on-line visitors to their site reach their
health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and
supplementation. The company is a leader in on-line marketing and sales.
      2026 Silverstone Way
      Meridian, Idaho 83642
      Phone: (866) 236-8969

     Boise Consulting Group
The Boise Consulting Group is a national consulting company that helps its
clients build value, improve performance, and institute new capabilities by:
solving operational challenges, improving business processes, achieving
regulatory compliance, and prioritizing and executing IT projects.
       910 Main Street, Ste 338

      Boise ID, 83702
      Phone: (208) 340-4961

    CH2MHill Managed services
CH2MHILL has a long tradition of service in Idaho through many of our
traditional engineering and construction business groups. They now deliver
industry recognized IT solutions. Based in Colorado.
       322 East Front Street
       Suite 200
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 345-5310

    Clearwater Analytics
Clearwater Analytics is headquartered in Boise with offices in New York City.
Clearwater’s team is comprised of experienced financial analysts, accountants,
investment bankers, financial system software developers, and client support
       950 W Bannock St, Ste 1050
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 433-1200

    Cognitics Inc
Cognitics creates cutting edge computer simulation software. The company is
currently developing aircraft simulation software for the US Navy.
      6200 N Meeker Pl, Ste 100
      Boise, ID 83713
      Phone: (208) 919-4598

    Computer Arts Inc.
Computer Arts, Inc. (CAI) is a corporation specializing in custom computer
software development, technology consulting services and extensive hardware
and software support services. Today, with its headquarters in Meridian Idaho
and support offices in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Sandpoint Idaho, the company
provides computer software and support to over 30 counties and 50 law
agencies in the state. CAI also offers consulting and support services to
businesses in the private sector.
      320 SW 5th Ave
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 385-9335
      Fax: (208) 385-1418

    Computer Measurement Laboratory LLC
Computer Measurement Laboratory (CML) is pioneering real-time software
measurement technologies for security and reliability of software applications.
We were recently awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop self-monitoring
and self-protection solutions for the Linux Operating System (OS) and
       128 E Pine Ave
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 884-2138

     Comsys
Comsys delivers the people, processes, infrastructure and technologies that
organizations need to effectively align IT with business objectives. The
company helps clients meet business and cost containment objectives through
contingent IT staffing solutions and by providing the expertise and tools
necessary to maximize productivity and create competitive advantage. Based
in Texas, over 500 employees.
      1161 W River St
      Ste 200
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 342-6878
      Fax: (208) 342-8687

    Coolersoft, LLC
Coolersoft is a specialized web-based recruiting software company. No R&D.
      151 Warm Creek Drive
      Victor, ID 83455
      Phone: (208) 354-8418

    Cougar Mountain Software
For more than 20 years, Cougar Mountain has been dedicated to providing
accounting and business management software that offers superior
functionality. Cougar Mountain software is continually rated a top accounting
solution by both industry experts and the accounting professionals who use it to
manage their firms.
       7180 Potomac Dr.
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-4455 or (800) 388-3038

    Crowley Davis Research, Inc.
Crowley Davis Research is an independent research group founded upon the
conviction that transferring knowledge and principles from biology into
computer science will produce more versatile, powerful, and robust
computational systems. Our primary objective is narrowing the distance
between simulation of biological principles and incorporation of those
principles into the computing engine itself, to develop computational
approaches for solving complex problems that may be intractable using more
standard methods.
       280 S Academy Ave, Ste 140
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 939-2976

    CRI Advantage Inc
CRI Advantage, Inc. is one of the leading technology consulting and managed
services firms in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1988, CRI has provided expert IT
consultants to Fortune 500 firms, small and medium business, and government.
       12754 W LaSalle
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 287-4136

     Crucial
Crucial is a key brand in the Lexar Media family of products. As the Memory
Experts™, we're the only DRAM supplier that's part of a major memory
manufacturer. A wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc., Lexar
Media, Inc. boasts one of the most comprehensive offerings of memory product
lines in the industry. Crucial delivers high-quality, award-winning products in
every memory category: USB flash drives, all popular form factors of memory
cards and card readers, DRAM computer memory for PCs and Mac systems, and
solid state drives (SSD). Over 500 employees.
        3475 E Commercial Ct
        Meridian, ID 83642
        Phone: (208) 363-5790
        Fax: (208) 363-5501

     Dental RAT
The Dental R.A.T. was inspired by a dental hygienist who was tired of waiting
for assistants and using frustrating devices relying on voice or pressure to enter
probe readings. After years of inquiring and asking for something that could be
operated with the foot that is hands-free, reliable, simple and quiet that would
work with any software or system and not compromise the operator’s existing
environment. The reply was always “No, nothing yet.” Driven by frustration

and the voice of fellow hygienists and the help of AirTrack Electronics, the Dental R.A.T. (Remote Access
Terminal) was born, a hands-free way to take probe readings tracking
periodontal disease.
      5465 E Terra Linda Way
      Nampa, ID 83687
      Phone: (208) 489-1590
      Fax: (208) 562-3650

    Docutech
DocuTech’s software interfaces with leading loan origination systems (LOS) and
enables mortgage professionals to generate mortgage documents locally -
increasing efficiency, reducing time, eliminating errors and omissions, and
providing added convenience. DocuTech manages your document and
compliance needs - guaranteeing accuracy, compliance, and ultimately your
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 1835
       Idaho Falls, ID 83403

      Street Address:
      550 W. Sunnyside Rd.
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 523-5531 or (800) 497-3584
      Fax: (208) 523-1523

    Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI)
EMSI specializes in regional socioeconomic data and analysis for strategic
planning and research: integrated data, web-based research tools, regional
reports, and outcome consulting.
       1187 Alturas Dr
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 883-3500

    Ednetics
Network convergence is revolutionizing the way information is transported,
shared and consumed. Utilizing a single infrastructure for data, voice and video
opens the possibility for all of these forms of data to integrate with each other.
Transitioning to convergence is the first step towards participating in the
opportunities presented in this multi-service infrastructure. For academic

institutions this translates to streamlined communications and operations as
well as media rich and collaborative academic opportunities.
       721 S Lochsa Street Suite 15
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208 777 4709
       Fax: 208 777 4708

    Employer Resource
As a recognized leader and pioneer in co-employment, Employers Resource has
been servicing a broad range of industries and businesses for over two decades.
Since its founding in 1985, the Company has assembled a talented team of
      1301 S Vista Ave
      Ste 200
      Boise, ID 83705-2576
      Phone: (208) 376-3000

     En Pointe Technologies, Inc.
En Pointe is headquartered in Gardena, California. The company provides
computer hardware and software licensing products as well as a full range of
I.T. services. En Pointe is the trusted advisor to thousands of I.T. organizations
nationwide, including commercial enterprises, government agencies, and
educational institutions. Over 500 employees.
       1513 Tyrell Ln., Suite 110
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 383-9800 or (866) 474-6087

    Enterprise Technology, Inc.
Enterprise Technology offers complete technical solutions for small businesses
and home.
      967 E. Parkcenter, Suite 190
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 367-0552
      Fax: (775) 243-8564

    eTripTrader Inc
eTripTrader Inc is a leading provider of trip trading and schedule management
software for the airline industries.
      7265 Potomac Dr
      Boise, ID 83704

      Phone: (208) 424-9424

     Executive Information Services, Inc.
Executive Information Services, Inc. offers more than twenty years of direct
experience in the design, production, and implementation of quality software
solutions for Public Safety. They focus specifically on the Public Safety
Marketplace and are committed to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use, state-
of-the-art solutions based on an open architecture. No R&D.
       640 S. Haskett St.
       Mountain Home, ID 83647
       Phone: (208) 580-0400

    Extended Systems (SYBASE)
Sybase iAnywhere offers leading software products to meet the customers’
data management and mobility needs. These products can work alone or in
conjunction with other Sybase products to provide end-to-end solutions for
managing, analyzing and mobilizing data, making the unwired enterprise a
reality. Based in California.
       5777 N Meeker Ave
       Boise, ID 83711
       Phone: 1-925-236-5000

    ExtraTech Corporation
ExtraTech is primarily a software company. They manufacture state of the art
motion controllers that provide a wide variety of industrial machine tools,
robotics and automation. They have a unique hand held pendant (keypad and
display), which along with motor drivers can create a complete automation
solution for an OEM or volume machine builder.
       760 N Thornton Street, Unit 2
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 433-9244

    Fast Enterprises LLC
FAST specializes in providing services and products to revenue agencies. Their
premier product is GenTax, a commercial off the Shelf integrated tax
processing product. Based in Colorado.
      800 Park Blvd, Suite 720
      Boise, ID 83712
      Phone: (208) 433-9244

     First Step Internet
First Step Research Inc. (First Step) has a deep pool of Internet experts
designing distributed computing environments, groupware, graphical user
interfaces, application level productivity tools, and multimedia tools. Formed
in 1989, First Step's Internet and World Wide Web technologies and Internet
services have become a dominant feature in the past few years, assuring First
Step's position in mainstream technologies.
        1420 S Blaine St
        Moscow, ID 83843
        Phone: (208) 882-8869
        Fax: (208) 883-3733

    Frontline Software Solutions
Frontline Software Solutions provides productivity software for hospitals that
optimizes managing of labor resources.
       280 N. 8th St, Suite 138
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 336-2774
       Fax: (440) 919-9996

     GeoData Technologies
SiteSeer is search and analysis tool that employs 3D photo realistic imagery to
give users a geographic sense of a location. The application is primarily used as
a real estate selling tool but has military and tourism applicability. Software
development offices are based in Boise.
       1555 W Ontario St
       Sandpoint, ID 83864
       Phone: (208) 255-7215
       Fax: (208) 263-3764

     H&W Computer Systems Inc.
H&W Computer Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of business software
solutions to enterprise data centers. The company specializes in bridging the
gap between the needs of organizations and the capabilities of business
software solutions. With decades of experience, H&W creates secure,
technically sound and affordable software solutions that reflect the needs of
large and small organizations around the world.
      154 N Meeker Pl
      Ste 100
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone (208) 377-0336

      Fax (208) 377-0069

     Insei Software Engineering Services
Insei is a division of Information Systems Laboratories (ISL) located in Idaho
Falls. The Insei division has an exceptional record for designing and
implementing software solutions for clients in the public and private sectors.
One of our products we built and are currently demonstrating, the Waste
Management System, is a highly competent hazardous waste management and
environmental safety and health software engineering system that tracks every
phase of hazardous waste management; from retrieval to emplacement for long
term storage.
        2235 E 25th S, Ste 100
        Idaho Falls, ID 83484
        Phone: (208) 552-5727

     Jigsaw
Jigsaw, headquartered in California, has located their Northwest Regional
Office in Post Falls. The company is an online directory of free, downloadable
Company information and more than 14 million business Contacts. Every Jigsaw
business Contact is complete with hard-to-find direct dials and email
addresses, while each Company record gives the low down on Company size,
location, and industry
       510 S Clearwater Loop, Suite 201
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 262-0568

    Kayako Inc
Kayako offers market leading, affordable, business-class help desk software
solutions to companies, organizations, and businesses of all sizes.
       917 Lusk, Ste 110
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 631-5654

    Keynetics Inc
Keynetics, Inc is the largest privately held technology company in Idaho by
revenues and in November '08 was recognized as Innovative Company of the
Year at the Stoel Rives Idaho Innovation Awards banquet. Keynetics is strong in
Tech Transfer. That is, Keynetics has a track record of introducing new
products to the marketplace and launching successful new businesses that are
based on its in-house developed, proprietary technologies. Subsidiaries of
Keynetics include-- ClickBank and Kount Inc. ClickBank is an internet retailer of

eBooks and software. Kount Inc. provides fraud control solutions to e-
commerce retailers to block hackers from stealing private information.
      917 Lusk St, Ste 300
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 489-3000

     Khamu Solutions LLC
Khamu Solutions, LLC provides point-of-sale software to the retail food service
industry. The company identifies customer needs through its relationships in
the stadium, arena and restaurant food service markets. Khamu has developed
software features that help food service owners realize a greater ROI in a
shorter amount of time than our competitors.
The POS software known as Sapphire gives the wait and kitchen staff as well as
owners more control over the environment they provide for their customers
with more efficient service, increased revenue and overall increase in customer
       720 Idaho St
       Ste 26
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 345-2250
       Fax: (208) 385-7301

A global network of professional services firms with over 135,000 people
working together to deliver value in more than 140 countries. They provide
Audit, Tax & Advisory services.
       205 N 10th St Ste 600
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 389-6500

    Med Management Technology, LLC
Med Management Technology is the maker of QuickMAR software. Through the
QuickMAR communication module, pharmacies and Long Term Care (LTC)
facilities are connected in real time. New medications or treatments are fed
directly into QuickMAR. In addition, the facility can instantly notify the
pharmacy of changes, re-order medications and supplies, or communicate other
important information.
        1017 S. Arbor Island Way
        Eagle, ID 83616-7132
        Phone: (888) 340-9866

     Memjet
Fabricating and testing early silicon designs required the creation of custom
manufacturing processes to formulate unique MEMS designs. Through a business
partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC),
Silverbrook Research fabricated and tested over 1,000 different nozzle designs
to select a handful that met requirements for performance, power, stability,
drop ejection, longevity, yield and other characteristics. Based in California,
over 500 employees.
       923 S Bridge Way Place # 220
       Eagle, ID 83616-6862
       Phone: (208) 938-4930

    MetaGeek LLC
MetaGeek is an innovator and leading provider of Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer
solutions. Its award-winning Wi-Spy hardware - widely recognized as the most
compact in its class - comes bundled with MetaGeek's powerful visualization
application, Chanalyzer. Together, this solution allows users to visualize,
troubleshoot, and optimize their wireless networks at home or work. By
building advanced features into an affordable, mobile, and easy-to-use
product, Wi-Spy with Chanalyzer is the ideal solution for any type of customer.
       10147 W Emerald St
       Ste 150
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 639-3140
       Fax: (208) 441-6483
    Microsoft Northwest District
Business Intelligence/Performance Management Division of Microsoft, Formerly
ProClarity. Over 500 employees.
      401 W Front St Ste 400
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 344-1630

     MicroWorks Software Service
MicroWorks, Inc. is a progressive computer company that provides a full range
of software development, programming, networking, creative design, and
consulting services that turn technical challenges into profitable solutions.
MicroWorks develops and markets unique and innovative products designed to
make things more reliable, secure or efficient in a variety of industrial
environments -- from correctional institutions and proprietary software
implementations to bar code printing operations.
      2808 N Cole Rd

    Boise, ID 83704
    Phone: (208) 375-1234
    Fax: (208) 321-1822

     ML Technologies
ML Technologies can create advanced, interactive web sites; develop high-end
database systems; identify inefficiencies and costly waste; design and develop
all types of software; produce integrated bar coding systems; and provide
solutions to all your technology needs! No R&D.
       137 N. Bridge St.
       Saint Anthony, ID 83445
       Phone: (208) 624-1054
       Fax: (208) 624-7575

    MobileDataforce
MobileDataforce is a software and services company that develops and deploys
enterprise mobile software solutions easier, faster and less expensive. The
company develops software for mobile computing applications that focuses on
database management, Web design and Wed development projects. They have
grown rapidly over the years and now support thousands of customers around
the globe. The company is a valued partner of many of the world’s largest
companies, as well as small to medium sized companies looking for simple and
cost effective ways to mobilize their business processes.
       3380 Americana Terrace, Ste 360
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 384-1200
       Fax: (208) 384-1201

    Neoreef Corp
The Neoreef vision is to empower your online business to be full of life and
have its own "ecosystem" which helps it replenish, grow and make every visit a
unique and personal experience.
       1880 S Colbalt Point Way, Ste 210
       Boise, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 629-2921

    North American Technology
North American Technology’s new Internet-based, Electronic Payment System
enables companies, schools, medical and dental providers, and other
organizations to create and schedule electronic transactions from a customer’s
checking, savings, or credit card account.

      2645 N. Cole Road, Ste B
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 323-8194

    Positive Action, Inc.
Positive Action is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that
improves academics, behavior, and character. For over 25 years, more than
13,000 families, schools, and community organizations have benefited and
continue to grow through Positive Action
       264 4th Ave S
       Twin Falls, ID 83301
       Phone: (800) 345-2974

    Quest, Integrated
3D Solid Modeling, simulation, data management, product documentation,
subscription service, and training. No R&D.
       721 S. Lochsa St
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208-777-4720

    Resource Data, Inc.
RDI provides customizable database designs, Geographical Information Systems
(GIS) programming services, and internet system design and implementation.
Based in Alaska.
       1476 Eagle Flight Way
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 424-2203
       Fax: (208) 424-7843

     RIA Fox Inc
Rich Internet Applications provide a smooth and elegant interface that can be
utilized with Internet Marketing strategies and technologies to present visitors
with a lasting and useful experience while providing the information, sales
channels and social correspondence sought after by the company to connect
with its clients.
       1542 S Timesquare, Ste 101
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 794-2561

    Right! Systems, Inc.
Right! Systems, is an IT technology management services company that
provides business-driven, multi-vendor IT solutions to clients worldwide. Their
corporate headquarters are in Lacey, WA.
       3336 E. Goldstone Way
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 322-7039
       Fax: (208) 322-7082

    R-Squared Digital Media
R-Squared Digital Media creates anything from timelines to 3-D animations in
clean, precise graphics. They convert complex, technical content into easily
understood presentation graphics for print, projection, or DVD. Their graphics
have been used for animation, litigation, education, and interactive means.
       P.O. Box 727
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 939-2532

     S1 IT Solutions
S1 IT Solutions is a strategic technology partner to progressive companies and
organizations, providing enterprise solutions that help companies navigate the
world of convergence. They offer one source for seamless, high-value voice
and data products that enhance information management. No R&D.
       420 W. Main Street, Ste 300
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 381-0679

    Scintillate Softwar
The company does creative development, programming and submission to the
iPhone app store for much less money than all of its competitors. Scintillate
Softwar employs experts who can get customers’ ideas from an early stage to a
real iPhone, iTouch application. Most applications can be completed in two to
three months.
       3727 E Sweet Pea Ct
       Boise, ID 83716
       Phone: (208) 340-3037

     Sentry Dynamics, Inc.
Sentry Dynamics specializes in web-based services that incorporate geographic
information systems (GIS). As a leading integrator of geographic information
systems, web enabled mapping programs, and remote sensing technology we
design, build and customize products and services to satisfy a range of
customer requirements.
      721 S Lochsa St., Ste 16
      Post Falls, ID 83854
      Phone: (208) 777-1252

     Silver Creek Software
Silver Creek Software is the developer and distributor of Visual Produce, a
software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce
Wholesalers, Distributors, Packers, Shippers, Processors, Brokers and Growers.
       1141 S. Allante Ave.
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 388-4555

    Software Outfitters
Software Outfitters provides software implementation services and custom
application development for clients in the small and midsize market. For the
past six years, Software Outfitters has provided SAP Business One and Cougar
Mountain Software implementation services for over 100 clients in North
America and support services and custom solutions for nearly 300 clients.
       1117 E. Plaza Dr., Ste A
       Eagle, Idaho 83616
       Phone: (888) 900-5667
       Fax: (208) 938-7786

     Sun Microsystems (Oracle)
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business
software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers—including
100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes and industries in more
than 145 countries around the globe. Oracle's product strategy provides
flexibility and choice to its customers across their IT infrastructure. Now, with
Sun server, storage, operating-system, and virtualization technology, Oracle is
the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer
is integrated to work together as a single system. Over 500 employees.
        225 N 9th St
        Ste 520
        Boise, ID 83702
        Phone: (208) 424-7699


     TelStar Associates Inc
TelStar is an information technology, programming, and managed services firm.
For three decades, we have provided on-demand information technology
services to a diverse base of clients in both the private and public sectors. Our
depth and breadth of experience, responsive customer service, flexibility, and
strong project and account management techniques help set us apart from
others in the field.
       2108 Amy Ave.
       Boise, ID 83706-4402
       Phone: (208) 343-3894

    Tetridyn Solutions, Inc.
Tetridyn Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology consulting
services and developer of specialized software products. Their products focus
on optimizing business processes, increasing worker productivity, and
improving information security in various industries including healthcare and
       1651 Alvin Ricken Dr.
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (888) 895-7115

    The Thinkery
The Thinkery a full-service marketing, design, and web development shop
located in north Idaho. They work with online marketing, traditional print
work, multimedia projects, and full-on standalone web applications.
      1223 E. Garden Ave.
      Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
      Phone: (206) 295-8729

     Think Computers, Inc.
Think Computers is a small, family-owned company offering a wide variety of
services including web design, web hosting, E-commerce, VoIP, and computer
       PO Box 2037
       Sandpoint, ID 83864
       Phone: (888) 409-4678

    TireMaster
TireMaster is a part of the ASA Tire Systems’ product line. TireMaster is the
point-of-sale and accounting program designed by Quality Design Systems for a
local tire dealer. The program was so well-received, it was named TireMaster
and put on the national market. Based in New Hampshire.
        651 S. Stratford Drive, Suite 250
        Meridian, ID 83642
        Phone: (208) 855-0781 or (800) 657-6409

    Trancite Logic Systems
Trancite Logic Systems is an industry leader in investigative scene mapping
software for the U.S. military, transportation, and public safety organizations.
      8645 W. Franklin Rd.
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 908-4777 or (877) 908-4777
      Fax: (208) 322-6031

    TriGeo Network Security Inc.
Formed in 2001 as the pioneer and leader of Automated Remediation through
Intelligent Correlation™ for securing small and medium-sized enterprise
networks, TriGeo protects your entire network environment--from perimeter to
endpoint—with a comprehensive, integrated solution. TriGeo is the leading
real-time security information management appliance that automatically
identifies, notifies and responds to suspicious behavior, policy violations, and
network attacks.
        510 Clearwater Loop
        Ste 1
        Post Falls, ID 83854
        Phone: (208) 664-7000
        Fax: (208) 666-9710

    Truck Master Logistics Systems
TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc. provides high quality software solutions for
the Trucking, Brokerage, and Logistics Industries. By offering the most
complete and easy to use system on the market, and the best training and
support in the industry, the Company provides an invaluable and much needed
service that its customers swear by! The company’s success requires that it
attracts and retains the best customers in the industry.
       506 S Adams
       Jerome, ID 83338
       Phone: (208) 324-5191
       Fax: (208) 324-5159


    TSheets
TSheets provides an online time and labor management system to business
owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals.
      PO Box 514
      Meridian, ID 83680
      Phone: (888) 836-2720

    Unisun Software LLC
Unisun Software launched the newest produce packer-shipper and distribution
management software system, Envio, in 2006. Envio is software specifically
designed for the produce industry. It uses the latest technology available to
configure all transactional screens the way you want data presented. Envio
Produce Software automates all activities from the grower produce receipt to
providing detailed settlements and inventory control. Envio Produce Software
can be used as a complete produce management software solution as well as
produce accounting software.
        7790 Mossy Cup
        Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 362-3772
       Fax: (208) 362-4486

             (Hardware) Companies & Agencies
    Alert Micro Systems, Inc.
Alert Micro Systems manufactures, sells and services Intel based PC's,
workstations, and servers. They also provide network components, printers,
software, computer supplies, and computer accessories. No R&D.
       701 N. 4th St.
       Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: (208) 667-3185
       Fax: (208) 667-3185

     Cisco Systems, Inc.
Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the
development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. This
tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products and solutions
in the company's core development areas of routing and switching, as well as in
advanced technologies such as application networking, digital media,
TelePresence, and virtualization. Over 500 employees.
       225 N. 9th Street, Ste 500
       Boise, ID 83702-5769
       Phone: (208) 424-5900

    Coretronics, Inc.
Coretronics is the manufacturer of the TripTek™ computer. No R&D.
      1251 E. Iron Eagle D.
      Eagle, ID 83616
      Phone: (208) 938-6331
      Fax: (208) 938-6334

    Comprehensive Precision Machine, Inc. (CPM)
Previously 100 percent dedicated to manufacturing parts for the semiconductor
industry, this new machine shop can produce anything from semiconductor
parts to bolts used on yachts.
       8455 Westpark, Ste A
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-0757
       Website: www.

    CradlePoint Technology Inc
CradlePoint engineers and manufactures docking cradles, cellular routers, and
software platforms that facilitate secure mobile computing in the Web 2.0

world. From docking cradles for use with handheld terminals to sophisticated
mobile enterprise routers, the company leverages telephony, Ethernet, and
mobile broadband to make Internet access portable, simple, and robust.
      1199 Shoreline Ln., Ste 301
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 424-5054

    Diebold, Inc.
Diebold is a global leader in providing integrated self-service delivery and
security systems and services. No R&D.
       9947 W. Emerald St.
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-8393

    Esterline Advanced Input Systems
Advanced Input Systems provides end-to-end solutions with complex product
range and low cost of ownership. Intricate devices incorporate multimedia,
touch screens, audio feedback, cursor controls, displays, keypads and more.
Operating within the Interface Technologies Group of Esterline, Advanced Input
Systems has developed over 2000 different input systems for more than 1000
companies. Over 500 employees.
      600 W. Wilbur Ave.
      Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
      Phone: (208) 765-8000

    Fiberguide Industries
With Corporate headquarters and fiber manufacturing located in Stirling, New
Jersey and engineering and component manufacturing in Caldwell, Idaho,
Fiberguide Industries established itself as the world’s leading manufacturer and
supplier of specialty optical fibers, optical fiber assemblies and discrete
components. Based in the UK.
       3409 E Linden St.
       Caldwell, ID 83605
       Phone: (208) 454-1988

    Fins-Up, LLC
Fins Up creates a portable computer handle/stand for Apple notebooks. The
FIN was conceived and is proudly assembled in Boise, Idaho. It can be
purchased online.
       P.O. Box 170300
       Boise, ID 83717


     Hewlett-Packard Company
HP is the world's largest IT company, operating in more than 170 countries
around the world. No other company offers as complete a technology product
portfolio as HP. The Boise operation specializes in research and development
of the HP laser printers and houses one of their call centers for online sales.
Over 500 employees.
       11311 W. Chinden Blvd., MS310
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 396-5977

     LKTech, Inc.
LKTech is a full service Managed Support Provider, specializing in needs
assessments, product and communication recommendations, and network
installations. Our focus is to provide a "one stop shop" for our customers
technology needs, from customer built PC's and servers to ongoing Help Desk
and onsite support services.
       2316 N. Cole Road, Ste A
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 672-1922

       M2M Communications
M2M Communications specializes in the design, manufacture, and operation of
web-to-wireless remote monitoring and control products and services.
      12554 W Bridger St, Ste 100
      Boise, ID 83713
      Phone: (208) 947-9500

Memjet Home and Office Inc.
Memjet makes print engine components for laser and ink technologies. They
    claim that their parts will revolutionize performance and costs for
    printing. No R&D.
     923 S. Bridgeway Place, Ste 220
     Eagle, ID 83616
     Phone: (208) 938-4930
     Web site:

      Micron Technology, Inc.
Micron is a leading provider of advanced semiconductors. They offer a broad
portfolio of cutting-edge memory and imaging products, such as DRAM, PSRAM,
MCPs, and NAND Flash. Over 500 employees.
       P.O. Box 6
       8000 S. Federal Way
       Boise, ID 83707
       Phone: (208) 368-4000
       Fax: (208) 368-4435

    MiNET-inc
MiNET-inc's scope of products include IPDS conversion for mainframe and
midrange users (postscript and pcl output), barcode dimms for laser printers,
RBP (Rule Based Printing) software for resource management and other
effective hardware, software, and firmware solutions. No R&D.
       6003 W. Overland Road, Ste 201
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 375-3222

    NW Robotics & Technology, Inc
NW Robotics develops, designs, engineers, and manufactures custom
automation equipment and special process automation systems for the
Technical Weaving and General Industry.
      2390 Bottle Bay Rd.
      Sagle, ID 83860
      Phone: (208) 265-2800

    Optimal Solutions Software, LLC
Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, provider of the award-winning design
deformation products, Sculptor and SculptorPLUS, and aided by its worldwide
network of experienced distributors, continues to apply high-quality, cost-
saving solutions to its clients' design issues. Sculptor's unique real-time mesh
deformation technology allows fast and efficient designs-every time. Over
1,500 employees.
       2825 W 1700 N
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 529-9696

    PKG, Inc.
PKG is a custom design-manufacturing organization specializing in user
interface devices. PKG offers complete turnkey and subassembly manufacturing

along with electronics and firmware integration. Depending on your
requirements, they can design and manufacture membrane switches, silicone
elastomeric keypads, full-travel keyboards, or a wide variety of supporting and
complimentary technologies for your application.
       580 E. Corporate Dr.
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 884-4900
       Fax: (208) 884-4949

    Qualitylogic, Inc.
QualityLogic's line of test tools for printers, MFPs, facsimiles, and
telecommunications networks can boost process efficiency, cut product's time-
to-market, and save money. Based in California.
       6148 N. Discovery Way, Ste 175
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 424-1905
       Fax: (208) 424-3079

     Sloan Security Group, Inc.
Sloan Security Fencing designs and constructs high security systems for public
agencies like the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies to
complete some of the most challenging security construction projects in the
United States and beyond. Our scope of our work frequently includes designing
and installing high security access controls, perimeter hardening systems such
as vehicle barriers, and "smart" fence systems such as taut wire, acoustical
sensors, sub-lethal electrified systems, and fiber optic intrusion detection
       6851 W Targee St.
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 344-8379

Agricultural & Biological Sciences
    Innovation Business Directory

   Innovation Business Directory— January 2011
Agricultural & Biological Sciences
One of Idaho’s oldest industries is merging with one of its newest to create a
burgeoning new sector – the biosciences. This growing area in the state – a
blend of agriculture and technology with a dose of healthcare – includes many
sectors such as cancer research, new seed crop development, and electronics
used in implantable medical devices.

Idaho’s strengths – which bridge across research institutions and industry – were
identified as the following: infectious diseases in plants, animals, and humans;
bio-products and bio-fuels; and environmental remediation/sustainability.

In 2004, the Idaho Biosciences Association was formed. Later that year, the
IDeA Network for Biomedical Excellence was established. The state
subsequently named the biosciences as one of its core competencies and called
for a stronger focus in education, research, and economic development in this

In 2005, Idaho State University announced the establishment of a Biomedical
Research Institute, and the state held its first-ever Idaho Pavilion at the
worldwide Biotechnology Industry Organization convention.

In 2007, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Marketing Development
Division won the Award of Agricultural Marketing Excellence. Only one U.S.
state or Canadian province is chosen each year. IDSA director Celia Gould
stated, “Idaho is setting the standard for other states.”

Inside the Directory
Inside the following Agriculture & Biological Sciences directory are companies,
agencies, and research institutions dealing with the research,
commercialization, and development of science and technologies. These
groups are involved in agriculture, genetics, micro-biology, ecology,
healthcare, food production, etc.

           Examples of Idaho’s Agricultural & Biological Sciences:
    Genetics of plants, seeds, and animals
    Infectious disease in plants, animals, and humans
    Management of ecological systems (water and natural environments)
    Food safety technology
    Biomaterials: new materials and organisms derived from Idaho’s natural
    Bioinformatics: ways to process technical and scientific data efficiently

                        Companies & Agencies
    Acclima Inc.
Acclima is an Idaho corporation with headquarters in Meridian. Acclima
researches, develops, and markets patented soil moisture sensing technologies
and associated irrigation controllers through distribution and licensing in the
United States and throughout the world.
      2260 E. Commercial St.
      Meridian, ID 83642

     Ag Concepts Corp.
Ag Concepts is a fertilizer manufacturing company that specializes in bio-
stimulant, humic acid, kelp, seaweed, adjuvant, surfactant, foliar fertilizer,
soil penetrant, and starter fertilizer products for agriculture. No R&D.
       17285 US Highway 30
       Bliss, ID 83314
       Phone: (208) 388-1131
       Fax: (208) 388-1130

    AIM co
The AIM Companies produces superior whofood powder concentrates and
nutrient-based health supplements to support a healthy lifestyle.
       3923 E Flamingo Ave
       Nampa, ID 83687-3100
       Phone: (208) 465-5116

    AgraServ Inc.
AgraServ performs agricultural research and provides crop injury consulting.
      2565 Freedom Lane
      American Falls, ID 83211
      Phone: (208) 226-2602

     Alchem Laboratories, Inc.
Alchem Laboratories, Inc. is a locally owned and operated private, independent
laboratory. Alchem is EPA certified by the State of Idaho for the performance
of drinking water analytical. Routine analyses performed at Alchem include soil
or water testing for non-regulatory purposes and testing for regulatory
programs such as NPDES, LUST-RBCA, RCRA, and SDWA. Alchem has been
serving its clientele since August 1986 by providing a variety of analytical
services with special emphasis in customer service and quality assurance. No

      104 West 31st. Street
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 336-1172
      Fax: (208) 336-7142

     Allied Seed, LLC
Allied Seed offers private label and branded products of over 200 proprietary
and public seed varieties. The company’s seeds are produced, processed, and
packaged at and around facilities in Nampa, Idaho; Worland, Wyoming; and
Albany, Oregon. Allied Seed has more than 25,000 acres of forage and turf
seed production throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries.
Seeds are conditioned, treated, coated, and packaged to customer
specifications. No R&D.
       9311 Highway 45
       Nampa, ID 83686
       Phone: (208) 466-6700 or (888) 252-7573
       Fax: (208) 466-9074

     Alturas Analytics
Alturas Analytics uses liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques
to generate high-speed, selective methods for the low-level detection of drugs,
agrochemicals, and other ionizable solutes in complex matrices.
       1282 Alturas Drive
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 883-3400 or (877) 433-1279
       Fax: (208) 882-9246

     American Ecology Corp (US Ecology Idaho)
US Ecology, a subsidiary of US Ecology, Inc. has provided radioactive waste
services since 1952, and hazardous waste services since 1968. US Ecology is the
nation’s most comprehensive supplier of cost-effective treatment and disposal
services for low-level radioactive wastes, hazardous and PCB wastes and
naturally occurring, accelerator produced and exempt radioactive materials.
US Ecology takes pride in its excellent regulatory compliance record and long
history of industry leadership.
       300 E Mallard Dr
       Ste 300
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 319-1631
       Corporate office: 1-800-590-5220

      Fax: (208) 319-7900

    America’s Alfalfa
America’s Alfalfa genetically engineers alfalfa seeds. The company has
developed the first commercial variety with phytophthora resistance, the first
Traffic Tested® varieties with high resistance to phoma crown rot, and
patented salt tolerant varieties. America’s Alfalfa is currently working to
develop the traffic tolerant variety with nonselective herbicide tolerance as
well as an alfalfa variety that is nutritionally dense. Over 500 employees.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 339
       Nampa, ID 83653

      Street Address:
      812 1st Street South
      Nampa, ID 83651

      Phone: (208) 466-3568
      Fax: (208) 467-9953

    AMVAC Chemical
Amvac is a diversified specialty and agricultural products company that
develops and markets crop protection, turf and ornamental products, and
public health insecticides. R&D done in California.
       410 Simpkin Lane
       Marsing, ID 83639
       Phone: (208) 896-4175
       Fax: (208) 896-4061

   AMS Inc.
AMS develops and manufactures hand sampling equipment used for
maintenance, monitoring, and soil research.
      105 Harrison Street
      American Falls, ID 83211
      Phone: (208) 226-2017 or (800) 635-7330
      Fax: (208) 226-7280

    Amulet Manufacturing
Since 1984, Amulet Manufacturing Company has been the leader in the design
and manufacture of excavator and backhoe attachments. The introduction of

the patented HoeClamp paved the way for an entire range of bucket thumbs,
clamps, and grapples that have increased contractors’ productivity. Amulet
offers a wide variety of attachments fitting machines from 1,800 lbs. to over
100,000 lbs.
       6442 W Boekel Rd
       Rathdrum, ID 83858-8119
       Phone: (208) 687-2040
       Fax: (208) 687-8640

     Analytical Laboratories Inc.
Analytical Laboratories Inc. has a certified laboratory that performs a variety of
scientific services and tests on drinking water that include biological,
bacteriological, physical, and chemical analyses. The company also provides
testing, consulting, and sampling services for wastewater, soil, food, fertilizer,
and petroleum products.
       1804 N. 33rd. Street
       Boise, ID 83703
       Phone: (208) 342-5515 or (800) 574-5773
       Fax: (208) 342-5591

    Anatek Labs Inc.
Anatek is a comprehensive analytical laboratory, providing testing services for
the environmental and agricultural community.
      1282 Alturas Drive
      Moscow ID 83843
      Phone: (208) 883-2839

    Baby Beats, Inc
   Woman and minority-owned, medical electronics assembly, Oxygen
   production/transportation-medical,& industrial farm products.
     Don Baker
     32168 N 5th Ave
     Spirit Lake, ID 83869
     Phone: 208-699-6333
     Fax: 208-623-6266

    Bar Diamond, Inc.
Bar Diamond, Inc. manufactures and distributes Rumen Cannulae and
accessories worldwide to universities, research centers, and dairies. They also

analyze Livestock Feeds for nutritional value and specialize in analysis of
Mushroom Compost.
      P.O. Box 60
      Parma, ID 83660
      Phone: (208) 722-6761
      Fax: (208) 722-6686

    Baseline LLC
Baseline is committed to providing its customers with superior irrigation control
products designed to help them manage their landscape and agricultural
watering. The company brings a unique array of products and technologies to
the irrigation control market, all designed to make a customer’s life easier.
The company’s mission is to forever change the way people water plants by
providing the smartest, easiest, and most capable irrigation control products
ever made.
        2700 E Lanard St
        Ste 100
        Meridian, ID 83642
        Phone: (208) 323-1634
        Fax (208): 323-1834

    Bayer Cropscience
Bayer Cropscience is an international company that develops new products in
the areas of crop protection, seeds, green biotechnology, and non-agricultural
pest control. Bayer Crop Science is the international component of Bayer that
develops innovative seed treatment solutions. However, it is important to note
that Bayer not only has an agriculture department but also a health care
department. Over 500 employees.
       670 N 4200 E
       Rigby, ID 83442
       Phone: (208) 680-6982

     BioAnalysts, Inc.
BioAnalysts conducts research and technical analysis regarding environmental
issues affecting resident and anadromous fish species in the Pacific Northwest.
They investigate factors important to these species, including habitat,
hydroelectric impacts, land uses, and harvest management.
       4725 N. Cloverdale Road, Suite 102
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 321-0363
       Fax: (208) 321-0364


     BioFlora NW
BioFlora NW manufactures biological fertilizers and nutrients to improve the
microbial levels in the soil. The company performs soil testing and crop
monitoring to help improve yield and quality. Its four Idaho offices are located
in Nampa, Aberdeen, Rupert, and Idaho Falls. No R&D.
       9757 Highway 45
       Nampa, ID 83686
       Phone: (208) 467-7958 or (208) 467-7964
       Fax: (208) 465-4911

     Biomark, Inc.
Biomark, Inc. has over twenty years experience with PIT Technology and
specializes in the electronic identification of fish and wildlife. In addition to
being the exclusive distributor of Destron Fearing animal identification
products, Biomark designs, manufactures, installs, and supports monitoring
systems for a variety of research applications for fisheries. Biomark monitoring
systems are used to monitor fish passage through high velocity spillways and
fish bypass discharges and at small and large-scale riverine locations. Biomark
is a leading provider of biological consulting services ranging from tagging
services to survival studies using PIT Technology.
        703 South Americana Boulevard, Suite 150
        Boise, Idaho 83702
        Office: (208) 275-0011
        Fax: (208) 275-0031

    BioSynergy Health Alternatives
BioSynergy Health Alternatives provides pure pharmaceutical-grade health
supplements for its customers.
      P.O. Box 16833
      Boise, ID 83715
      Phone: (208) 342-6660 or (800) 554-7145

    Biotracking
Biotracking manufactures cattle pregnancy testing devices that rapidly and
accurately produces test results.
       1150 Alturas Drive
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 882-9736


     Blue Water Technologies Inc.
Blue Water Technologies is a leading supplier of unique filtration and nutrient
reduction technologies to the wastewater industry. These include the Salsnes
influent primary pretreatment filter, Centra-flo™ upflow gravity sand filters,
Blue NITE™ denitrification filters, and Blue PRO® adsorptive filters that reduce
phosphorus to ultra low levels wastewater applications.
       10450 N. Airport Drive
       Hayden, Idaho 83835-9742
       Phone: (208) 209-0391 or (888) 710-2583
       Fax: (208) 209-0396

    Boise Technology Inc
A specialized scientific research company that utilizes advanced spectroscopic
techniques for the investigation of fundamental scientific problems. Active
areas of research are currently concentrated on, but not limited to, answering
important questions in surface science using nonlinear optical spectroscopy.
The instrumentation and scientific expertise at Boise Technology is ready to
tackle many additional pressing scientific challenges in physics, chemistry, and
       5465 E Terra Linda Way, Suite 123B
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 562-3744

    Chinook Equipment
Chinook Equipment, Inc. offers a complete line of grading and packing
equipment for the fresh produce industry. The company has been providing
machinery for the potato and onion industry for more than 20 years. Every
piece of equipment is designed to help our customers increase their
productivity. The company works closely with its customers to propose the
optimum system that meets their needs.
      1843 Broadway
      Ste 103
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 331-1126
      Fax: (208) 331-1264

    Clark Seed
The company Clark Seed began in 1984 under Wade E. Clark. He and Paul
Christensen designed and built a mobile seed cleaner using the clipper and
other equipment. They mounted it on a trailer they built themselves and

powered everything with a diesel generator. It was an instant success. Instead
of farmers hauling their seed into the elevator to be cleaned, Wade Clark
traveled to the farms and cleaned their seed there. Several years later he
branched out building another elevator in Soda Springs where he later added a
roller mill. The company’s current efforts include pearling barley and operating
an oat plant which he designed and constructed. Jeremiah purchased the seed
cleaning from Alexander Company in 2001. Jeremiah renamed the business
Clark Seed. They have expanded into the table grade cereal grain market and
uses Idaho’s excellent wheat, barley, and oats.
       4942 Mill Creek Ln
       Ammon, ID 83406
       Phone: (208) 221-5338

    Clear Springs Foods, Inc.
Clear Springs has a research and development center that produces vaccines,
monitors water quality in Idaho’s rivers, and provides an array of fish health
services to area farms.
       P.O. Box 712
       Buhl, ID 83316
       Phone: (208) 543-4316

    Clemons Sales Corp.
Clemons manufactures and distributes irrigation and industrial equipment. We
are located in Boise Idaho, yet we can deliver goods to anywhere in the world!
Clemons Sales Corporation was founded by Victor and Richard Clemons in 1973,
located near I-84 in Boise, Idaho.
       6983 Supply Way
       Boise, ID 83716
       Phone: (208) 345-2525
       Fax: (208) 345-2143

     Coffey Tool Co.
The company offers specialty irrigation tools developed for farmers by a
farmer, the irrigator’s best friend. Coffey Tool Company has been in business
for 15 years, but we have been in the irrigation business for over 20 years. We
have seen the need in the field for the irrigator and we work to make their job
easier and to save them money from the first time they use our products.
       234 Frontier Rd
       Jerome, ID 83338

     Conservation Seeding & Restoration, Inc.
CSR, Inc. employs qualified personnel and specialized equipment to complete
all restoration efforts in an effective and timely manner. Every aspect of
implementation is handled in-house. This includes items such as wildlife
habitat creation and enhancement, stream restoration, custom propagation,
seed collection, brushing, wetland banking, drill seeding, roadway construction
restoration, prescribed burns, herbicide application and hydro-seeding.
        506 Center Street W
        Kimberly, ID 83341
        Phone: (208) 423-4835

    Convergent-Digital Corporation
Convergent-Digital Corporation is focused on business intelligence solutions for
the food industry. Our team is passionate about reducing costs while improving
quality and safety, by transforming business processes with Telemetry and
Business Intelligence technology.
       4753 N Roan Lane
       Star, ID 83669
       Phone: (208) 871-9713

    Cooper Equipment
The Most Innovative Source of Densification Technology, Cooper is a worldwide
industry leader in cubing and bailing equipment. No R&D.
       227 W 20 S Knox Dr
       Burley, ID 83318
       Phone: (800) 238-8015
       Fax: (208) 678-0169

    Covance Clinical Research
Covance's Clinical Research Units carry out clinical studies on behalf of the
world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Covance,
Boise is the leader in conducting clinical research throughout the Treasure
Valley. Along with their volunteers’ help, Covance has taken part in many
studies that have led to the development of household medicines. Over 500
       6565 W. Emerald
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 377-8931

    Coyote Design
Coyote Design specializes in orthotic and prosthetic technologies.

      7450 W. Lemhi
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 429-0026 or (800) 819-5980
      Fax: (866) 819-5980

    CRI North West Labs Inc.
North West Labs offers several services to dairymen including milk analysis,
feed analysis and herd management software support. Milk is tested for
components as well as M.U.N. Feed is tested by either infrared
spectrophotometric analysis which greatly increases speed or by wet chemistry
which increases accuracy. NoR&D.
      150 Bridon Way
      Jerome, ID 83338
      Phone: (208) 324-7511

     Crowley-Davis Research
Crowley Davis Research develops new technologies capable of solving problems
such as encoding and retrieving large, complex data sets. This approach, called
Biologically Inspired Computing, involves the transfer of knowledge and
principles from biology into mathematics and computer science with the
specific goal of developing more versatile, powerful, and robust rule-based
       280 S. Academy Avenue, Suite 140
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 939-2976
       Fax: (208) 939-2856

    Dairyland Seed Co.
Dairyland Seed Co. develops plant breeding programs in hybrid corn, soybeans,
and alfalfa. Over 500 employees.
       504 W. Idaho
       Homedale, ID 83628
       Phone: (208) 337-4693

    DC Group International Inc.
The DC Group International team has decades of experience in engineering,
health sciences, manufacturing and environmental control systems. DC Group
International Inc has developed products to detect, monitor and remove
formaldehyde from enclosed spaces.
       1044 E Fleetwood Ct
       Boise, ID 83706-5176

      Phone: (208) 343-2393

     Double L Inc.
Different from other potato and material handling equipment manufacturers,
we are committed to delivering exceptional value to the buyers and suppliers
we serve. We do that by taking the time to understand our customers' needs by
taking a supportive role in the Request for Quote process. Double L Inc. is able
to supply high quality products at a reasonable price by utilizing the
investments in quality people, quality vendors and quality equipment.
       2698 Lakeview Rd
       American Falls, ID 83211
       Phone (208) 226-5592 Employees 80
       Fax (208) 226-5934 Annual Revenue

    EcoAnalysts, Inc.
EcoAnalysts is committed to helping its clients make highly informed decisions
regarding the condition and stewardship of natural resources. The company is
an innovator in its field and provides superior client services. To ensure its
future success as a team, EcoAnalysts is committed to investing in its
       1420 S Blaine St
       Ste 14
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 882-2588 Employees
       Fax: (208) 883-4288 Annual Revenue

    Emergent Technology Inc.
Food irradiation technology - extends shelf life for years and water irradiation
       3050 S Raindrop Dr
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 331-2302
       Fax: (208) 331-8268

    En Tech LLC
EnTec LLC performs mold removal and remediation and uses quality
environmental chambers that test Temp/Vibration/Humidity/Altitude.
      5898 W Echanove Dr
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 571-3701

     Episcience Inc.
Episciences, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in Boise, Idaho. Episciences,
Inc. integrates twenty-plus years of research into the development of a highly
effective cosmeceutical, non-prescription, dermatological product line. This
breakthrough product has been proven effective by over 12 independent
clinical studies to reverse and prevent the effects of visible skin aging and
certain common skin diseases.
       10211 W Emerald St
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 472-3000
       Fax: (208) 472-3001

     Fish Breeders of Idaho, Inc.
Fish farm located in Hagerman, Idaho using geothermal hot water to raise fish,
salmon and trout. Leo Ray, the owner, is expanding into aquarium fish. The
geothermal hot water makes his operation very efficient.
       18374 Hwy 30
       Hagerman, ID 83332
       Phone: (208) 837-6114

     Forsgren Assoc Inc
Forsgren Associates is a multi-discipline civil and environmental engineering
consulting firm founded in 1962 with offices across the west. The company
specializes in planning, design, survey, and construction management services
for water, wastewater, transportation, development, water resources, and
environmental projects.
       415 S 4th St
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208)342-3144

    Food Producers of Idaho
Food Producers of Idaho is an alliance of over forty Idaho agricultural
organizations. Its members work together to present legislation in Idaho and
put on many projects/seminars throughout the state to educate people on
Idaho’s agriculture industry.
      55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 888-0988

    Forage Genetics International
Forage Genetics develops, produces, and markets alfalfa genetics and
technologies. In its molecular biology laboratory, Forage Genetics has the
capability for all phases of biotech trait integration including vector
construction, plant transformation, and molecular/biochemical
characterization of transgenic plants. Over 500 employees.
      P.O. Box 339
      Nampa, ID 83653-0339
      Phone: (208) 466-3568 or (800) 635-5701
      Fax: (208) 466-3684

    Good Earth Bio-Solutions
Good Earth Bio-Solutions recycles organic municipal waste turning it into a
nutrient-rich soil amendment, while protecting the environment from harmful
greenhouse gases. In late 2006, Mark Christensen began work on the SMARRT
Process™. In June of 2007, Mark and others conducted a successful
demonstration of the SMARRT Process™ at the Bingham County Rattle Snake
Transfer Landfill. Good Earth Bio-Solutions proved that the SMARRT Process™ is
an effective microbial system that successfully bio-remediated a very diverse
       1920 E 17th St Ste 201
       Idaho Falls, ID 83404
       Phone: (208) 757-3760

     Gellert Co.
The Gellert Company is a name synonymous with quality equipment and
innovative design for raw product storage systems. Since 1964, The Gellert
Company has provided the most advanced Ventilation, Humidification,
Refrigeration and Control equipment with an emphasis on efficiency, economy,
dependability and fully Certified system performance. For the last 40 years,
The Gellert Company has been the industry leader in sales and service of
agricultural climate control systems and continues to be first in balanced
system design, first in equipment quality, and first in system performance.
From potatoes, to onions, to grain, and everything in between… think Gellert.
       3193 Kimberly Rd
       Twin Falls, ID 83301
       Phone: (208) 736-7000
       Fax: (208) 736-3700

    Gem Chain Bar
Through extensive field testing and improved quality control as well as
expanded and improved manufacturing methods, GEM Chain Bar continues to

meet the changing needs of today's high output mechanical harvesting
machines. GEM Chain Bar was one of the first manufacturers of the 3/8" thick
harvester bars. This has since become the industry standard. Our 3/4 pitch bars
and sprocket tips are among the very best available in today's market.
      93 Hwy 95 N
      Grangeville, ID 83530
      Phone: (208) 983-0203
      Fax: (208) 983-0213

    Gentec, Inc.
Gentec, Inc. researches and develops bean seed. No R&D.
      P.O. Box 2233
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Phone: (208) 734-6604

    Glanbia Foods Inc.
Teams of nutritionists, microbiologists, immunologists, food scientists, and
applications experts at Glanbia are responsible for developing science-based
nutritional solutions for a broad range of industries such as functional foods,
dietary supplements, clinical, infant, and sports nutrition. Over 500 employees.
       1373 Fillmore Street
       Twin Falls, ID 83301
       Phone: (208) 733-7555

    Healthwise
A nonprofit organization is to help people make better health decisions.
   2601 N Bogus Basin Road
   Boise, ID 83702
   Phone: (800) 706-9646

    Healthy Earth Enterprises, LLC
Natural organic compost used as a soil amendment. We are in compliance with
the National Organic Rules, 7 CFR Part 205.203(2). Our compost is used for
Agriculture, Erosion and Sediment Control, Landscapes, Reclamation,Turf
Renovation and Soil Blends.
       76 N 400 W
       Jerome, ID 83338
       Phone: 208-324-4536
       Fax: 208-324-4786

    High Desert Dairy Lab
High Desert Dairy Lab’s milk testing results can be delivered in a variety of
formats and methods. Testing is provided for somatic cell count, fat, lactose,
protein, and non-fat solids. A fully-automated sampling and testing process
permits the completed results for an entire herd to be available online. No
       5311 S Ridgewood Road
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 888-0040

     Hillco Technologies Inc.
Hillco Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing after-market
performance improvement products for today's large combines. Among the
numerous after-market products we produce our leveling systems stand out. In
the early 90's Hillco developed the first after-market, bolt-on, combine leveling
system and today we are the standard for converting level land combines to
leveling combines. At Hillco we pride ourselves in helping today's farmers stay
competitive in the race to produce lower cost, higher quality commodities.
       107 1st Ave
       Nezperce, ID 83543-5062
       Phone: (800) 937-2461
       Fax: (208) 937-2280

    Horizon Fertilizers, Inc.
Horizon Fertilizers manufactures fertilizing liquids for the farming community.
      1970 E.1200 S
      Hazelton, ID 83335
      Phone: (208) 829-5350

     Idaho Alfalfa and Clover Seed Commission
The Idaho Alfalfa and Clover Seed Commission supports and funds research
projects that deal with diseases, parasites, and predators of pollinators of
alfalfa and clover seed; pollination management; biological control of pests in
alfalfa and clover seed production; cultural practices; plant populations; weed
management; and promotion that will increase sales of Idaho grown alfalfa and
clover seed.
       55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 888-0988

     Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts
The Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts is a voluntary, non-profit
association of Idaho's fifty-one soil conservation districts cooperating in the
management of Idaho's natural resources. It was organized in 1944 to provide a
unified voice for conservation in Idaho. It also provides a forum for discussion
of common problems, including erosion and sediment control, water quality,
forestry, research, conservation and environmental education, resource
planning, wildlife, and pasture and range.
       39 W. Pine Avenue, Suite B20
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 338-5900
       Fax: (208) 338-9537

     Idaho State Department of Agriculture
The Idaho State Department of Agriculture regulates and promotes all segments
of agriculture in the state. It has six research laboratories, each concentrating
on different areas of agriculture – animal health, dairy, feed and fertilizer,
metrology, plant pathology, and seeds.
       P.O. Box 790
       Boise, ID 83701
       Phone: (208) 332-8500

     Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality was created by the Idaho
Environmental Protection and Health Act to ensure clean air, water, and land
in the state as well as protect Idaho citizens from the adverse health impacts
of pollution.
       DEQ State Office
       1410 N. Hilton
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 373-0502
       Fax: (208) 373-0417

    Idaho Department of Fish and Game
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game preserves, protects, and manages
Idaho wildlife while also promulgating the state’s hunting and fishing
guidelines. The Idaho Conservation Data Center is a part of Idaho Fish and
Game. Its staff performs research projects on Idaho land and wildlife. The
Idaho Department of Fish and Game operates twenty-seven fish hatcheries
       P.O. Box 25
       Boise, ID 83707
       Phone: (208) 334-3700


    Idaho Diagnostic Sleep Center
The Idaho Diagnostic Sleep Center offers overnight sleep studies that monitor
many different components of the sleeping cycle.
      526-C Shoup Ave. West
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Phone: (208) 736-7646 or (877) 260-7646
      Fax: (208) 736-1569

     Industrial Insulation Systems Inc
Custom dry-ice cold storage and shipping systems. Industrial Insulation Systems
is a world leader in making certain products that need to be cold, stay cold.
We accomplish this through innovative insulation products delivered in two
primary ways:
1) Proprietary products: temperature controlled shipping containers for food
service, bio-medical, and a range of other industries.
2) On-site services: consulting, contracting, and materials installation.
       525 N Steelhead Way
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 938-5719

     Industrial Ventilation, Inc.
Industrial Ventilation Inc. develops storage and climate control systems for the
largest food producers in the United States and around the world. Having
pioneered the development of climate controlled agriculture storage facilities,
IVI remains the industry's leader. The customers’ crops are protected by the
most advanced ventilation technology and techniques available - the most
trusted systems in the world.
       723 E Karcher Rd
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 463-6305
       Fax: (208) 463-6307

     Innovative Biosystems
Innovative Biosystems focuses on the development of microbiological products
for agriculture and forestry industries, the production of bioremediation
products for munitions, and technical support for food-processing wastewater
       2182 Nursery Street, Suite N
       Moscow, ID 83843

      Phone: (208) 882-1498

    International Isotopes, Inc.
International Isotopes develops and deploys innovative technological solutions
that make people’s lives better. We provide world-class products used in a
variety of important applications, including: cancer treatment, nuclear
pharmacy, medical diagnostics, medical therapy products, specialty gases for
computer chip manufacturing, uranium conversion services, and radiation
       4137 Commerce Circle
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 524-5300

    Interpath Laboratory
Interpath Laboratory has testing capabilities for routine and automated
chemistry, special endocrinology, diagnostic immunology, urinalysis,
hematology, immunohematology, coagulation, serology, microbiology,
cytotechnology, and allergies.
       8660 W. Emerald Street, Suite 102
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 375-2350

      211 East Logan, Suite 203
      Caldwell, ID 83605
      Phone: (208) 455-8580

      206 Martin, Suite C
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Phone: (208) 734-8887

    Invertebrate Ecology, Inc.
   Invertebrate Ecology is an environmental consulting firm specializing in field
   sampling, identification of insects, spiders, myriapods, and mollusks,
   surveying of pests and natural enemies in native and managed habitats,
   data analysis, and assistance with data interpretation, analysis, reporting,
   and publishing.
      121 W Sweet Avenue
      Moscow, ID 83843
      Phone: (208) 310-6397

    Jacklin Seed by Simplot
Jacklin Seed by Simplot is a grass seed research, production, and marketing
organization. Over 500 employees.
       W. 5300 Riverbend Avenue
       Post Falls ID 83854-9499
       Phone: (208) 773-7581

    JD Premium Products
JD Premium provides products direct from nature that everyone needs for
better health. The company’s products are convenient, affordable, and highly
       2235 E 25th St
       Ste 220
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 227-9011
       Fax: (801) 877-2642

    Jerome Cheese
Jerome Cheese is owned by Davisco Foods, a family-owned international cheese
and food ingredient company. Davisco is an industry leader in technology and
      47 W 100 South
      Jerome, ID 83338
      Phone: (208) 324-8806
      Fax: (208) 324-8892

    Johnson’s Research
Johnson’s Research conducts studies on livestock. The company analyzes the
impact of various feed additives on the health of cattle.
      24007 Hwy 20-26
      Parma, ID 83660
      Phone: (208) 722-5829
      Fax: (208) 722-5119

    J.R. Simplot Co.
Simplot is a privately-held food and agribusiness corporation based in Boise.
The company continually researches ways to improve agriculture. Over 500
      P.O. Box 27
      Boise, ID 83707

      Phone: (208) 336-2110

    Kronus
Kronus is a leading provider of immunodiagnostic reagents and test kits to the
research and clinical laboratory marketplace.
      12554 W. Bridger, Suite 108
      Boise, ID 83713

     Laboratory Corp. of America
The Laboratory Corp. of America is a clinical laboratory that runs tests on
clinical specimens. Over 500 employees.
       6090 W. Emerald Street
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 376-5359
       Fax: (208) 376-7346

     Lead-Lok Inc.
Lead-Lok is a leader in biomedical innovations. The company manufactures and
sells electrodes, electrotherapy devices, iontophoresis products, holter kits,
chart paper, snap leads, and other accessories.
        500 Airport Way
        Sandpoint, ID 83864
        Phone: (208) 263-5071 or (800) 201-3958

    Legacy Seeds Inc.
Legacy Seeds is a forage and turf company with seed operations in Nampa,
Idaho and Waupaca, Wisconsin. The Nampa facility conducts seed conditioning,
blending, bagging, and treating. Its research component is focused on
developing exceptional alfalfa varieties selected for yield, persistence,
disease/insect resistance, and forage quality. R&D done in Wisconsin.
       16 18th Avenue
       Nampa, ID 83651
       Phone: (877) 588-7621

    Magic Valley Compost LLC
Magic Valley Compost manufactures and markets Nu-Earth Compost throughout
Idaho. The company also provides onsite custom composting and consulting
services to a multitude of industries. No R&D.
       76 N 400 West
       Jerome, ID 83338

      Phone: (208) 324-4536

    Magic Valley Laboratories Inc.
Magic Valley Laboratories performs environmental testing on drinking water,
waste water, soil, and plant tissue. It currently serves southern and eastern
Idaho, eastern Oregon, and Nevada. No R&D.
       1448 E. Center Street, #H
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 478-1855

    McAllister Technical Services
McAllister Technical Services manufactures innovative scientific equipment and
custom devices.
       West 280 Prairie Avenue
       Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
       Phone: (208) 772-9527
       Fax: (208) 772-3384

    Medeco Inc.
Medeco markets new, used, and reconditioned medical, surgical, critical care,
and respiratory equipment to hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, dealers, and
exporters. Over 500 employees.
      216 West 38th Street, Suite C
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 429-1138
      Fax: (208) 429-1151

    Melaleuca
Melaleuca is an international manufacturer and marketer of unique health,
home, and personal care products. The company has a strong research
component that allows it to stay on the cutting edge of wellness products. It is
headquartered in Idaho Falls. Over 500 employees.
      3910 S. Yellowstone Highway
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 522-0700

    Microbial-Vac Systems Inc.
Microbial-Vac Systems has developed the Microbial-Vac, a new system for
sampling microbes from diverse surfaces. The company’s abilities range from
detecting anthrax on bioterrorism-infected mail to E. coli on food surfaces.
      801 N. Lincoln
      Jerome, ID 83338
      Phone: (208) 324-7522
      Fax: (208) 324-7952

    Milestone
Milestone produces potato planting and harvesting equipment. New and Used
Potato Seed Cutters, Sizers, Conveyors, Pilers, Dusters, and More.
   395 W Hwy 39
   Blackfoot, ID 83221
   Phone: (800) 574-1852
   Fax: (208) 785-1060

     Miller Research, LLC
Miller Research contracts residue and efficacy studies on row crops such as
potatoes, sugar beets, and beans.
       1175 E. 800 North
       Rupert, ID 83350
       Phone: (208) 531-5124

    Miridia Technology Inc
Meridia Technologies makes and markets the AcuGraph 3. It is a revolution in
modern acupuncture, enhancing the effect of ancient techniques by applying
modern science. This combination makes acupuncture treatment easier and
more effective. Providing evidence-based exam data and acupuncture point
selection, AcuGraph® is like a lab test for acupuncture!
       940 E Carol Street
       Meridian, ID 83646
       Phone: (208) 846-8448

     Monsanto
Monsanto is a provider of agricultural products and solutions. It uses innovation
in plant biotechnology, genomics, and breeding to improve productivity and
reduce the costs of farming. Over 500 employees.
       1853 Hwy 34 N.
       Soda Springs, ID 83276
       Phone: (208) 547-4300

     Morning Side Products LLC
Morningside LLC is a certified woman-owned business founded with the purpose
of giving everyone access to healthy and natural body care products. We don't
believe consumers should have to read the fine print on the bottle to know
they are getting safe, quality ingredients. At Morningside, we believe Value is
in excellent ingredients, well-made and beautifully packaged products, and a
fair price.
        Garden City, ID 83714
        Phone: (208) 287-1108

     Mountain States Oilseeds
Mountain States Oilseeds is a small, privately owned business. MSO's mission is
to identify new specialty crops and develop manufacturing facilities and new
markets for these crops for Idaho farmers. Since 1977, MSO has developed
manufacturing facilities and new markets for safflower, culinary mustard,
sunflowers, garbanzo beans, flax, and is developing a new market for
       2781 Rocky Hollow Lane
       American Falls, ID 83211
       Phone: (208) 226-2041

    Mountain State Tumor and Medical Research Institute
Mountain States Tumor and Medical Research provides cancer treatment for
patients including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is also involved in
major medical research projects and clinical trials which allow the institute to
be on the cutting edge when serving patients. There are branches located in
Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Fruitland, and Twin Falls.
       100 E. Idaho
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 381-2759

      520 S Eagle Road
      Meridian Idaho 83642
      Phone: (208) 706-5651 or (800) 473-0331

   Mountain West Clinical Trials
Mountain West Clinical is a clinical laboratory that tests clinical specimens. No
     1032 S. Bridge Way Place
     Eagle, ID 83616
     Phone: (208) 672-8731

     Nez Perce Prairie Grass Growers Association
The Nez Perce Prairie Grass Growers Association fosters cooperation between
grass seed producers, processors, and agencies of government. It sponsors
scientific research that promotes increased production of grass seed.
       55 S.W. 5th Avenue, Suite 100
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 888-0988

    Northwest Cosmetic Laboratories LLC
Founded in 1995, Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) specializes in custom formula
development and quality manufacturing of prestige skin care and cosmetic
      200 Technology Dr
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401
      Phone: (208) 522-6723

     Northwest Health & OsteoScreening Inc.
Northwest Health & OsteoScreening, Inc. is headquartered in Boise and is the
largest health screening and flu shot provider in the Northwest. The company
administers on-site bone density screenings, cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid,
PSA, hemoglobin A1c, and flu/pneumonia shots. It has trained health care
professionals who provide screenings and consultation services. These
professionals include registered nurses, radiologic technologists, pharmacists,
and dietitians.
       P.O. Box 44413
       Boise, ID 83711
       Phone: (208) 378.4584

    North Wind Inc.
North Wind offers robust capabilities in the areas of environmental restoration,
engineering, program management, geosciences, waste management, natural
and cultural resources, remediation technologies, and civil construction
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 51174
       Idaho Falls, ID 83405

      Street Address:
      1425 Higham Street
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 528-8718


    Nunhems USA
Nunhems, a subsidiary of Bayer CropScience, is the global specialist in
vegetable seeds and the development of innovative products, concepts and
expertise adding value to the professional horticulture industry and supply
chain. With over 160 years of experience in more than 20 countries, Nunhems
has earned the trust and respect of dealers and growers through local product
support and expertise.
       1200 Anderson Corner Rd
       Parma, ID 83660
       Phone: (800) 733-9505

     Nutra-Life Inc
Nutra-Life has developed and is marketing a new innovative cap for water
bottles that delivers nutrients. The company is currently targeting the military
as the primary customer.
       4445 N Strathmore Place
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 338-5550

    O.D. 260, Inc.
O.D. 260 was founded in Boise in 1999. Their focus since then has been on
developing novel technologies in the fields of Adenovirus and Gene Regulation.
They offer fellow researchers valuable tools to conduct Adenovirus-related
studies, and their experience with custom cloning services has satisfied
customers worldwide.
       P.O. Box 534
       Boise, ID 83701
       Phone: (208) 345-7369
       Fax: (208) 345-7569

    Omega Tech Labs
Omega Tech Labs is a manufacturer, filler, developer and formulator of
personal care products. We have a private label line as well as do contract
manufacturing. Among many standard formulations we also focus on Natural,
Certified Organic, Green, All-Natural, Preservative Free products.
       5069 Alsworth St
       Ste C
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 375-5054


     Parma Co.
In 2000, Parma Company expanded with the acquisition of the Dirks (formally
Tycrop) “Supera” manure spreader. This acquisition returned to the Parma®
line, a farm box product missing since the mid 70’s. This propelled Parma
Company to expand into a full line of truck mounted manure and compost
spreaders along with truck mounted forage boxes and semi-tractor pulled
forage trailers. Today Parma Company is a vibrant, innovative, farm equipment
manufacturer with its foundation firmly rooted in the small town atmosphere
created from its “blacksmith shop” origins.
       101 Main St
       Parma, ID 83660
       Phone: (208) 722-5116
       Fax: (208) 722-6012

     Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory
Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory is a regional reference laboratory specializing
in anatomical, clinical, and forensic pathology. No R&D.
       415 6th Street
       Lewiston, ID 83501
       Phone: (208) 746-0516
       Fax: (208)746-4989

     Pavingstones LLC
Company manufactures permeable paving stones that allow water and other
substances to drain through while maintaining a strong surface. (It also makes
other non pourous pavers.) These can be used for parking lots, sidewalks,
streets, and other hard surfaces where drainage is essential. Company has
requested our assistance expanding contacts in the state, federal, local
agencies as well as potential financial assistance.
       3001 Francine
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 884-8800
       Fax: (208) 495-9880

     Pearlhill Technologies, LLC
Pearlhill Technologies is a research and development and consulting company
for new and cheaper processes to create commercial chemical compounds from
reprocessed uranium waste. The company is also researching and developing

new and cheaper methods creating chemical compounds used in the
manufacture of prescription drugs.
      101 Technology Drive
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401-1504
      Phone: (208) 524-3100

    Percussionaire Corp.
Percussionaire develops cardiopulmonary monitoring devices.
      P.O. Box 817
      Sandpoint, ID 83864
      Phone: (208) 263-2549
      Fax: (208) 263-0577

    Pickett Equipment
Pickett Equipment, located in Burley, Idaho manufactures the most innovative
and advanced edible bean harvesting equipment known to growers all over the
world. With bean prices climbing higher than a year ago, bean equipment sales
are growing. Pickett sales are primarily to growers that are still using the old
conventional knife method to harvest beans. Pickett Equipment also
manufactures platforms and pickup heads for any conventional combine or
various pull-type combines on the market. Pickett's universal platform has
special auger features to feed the combine evenly. Elongated holes (rather
than round holes) in the platform's bottom removes a high percentage of dirt.
       976 E Main
       Burley, ID 83318
       Phone: (208) 678-0855
       Fax: (208) 678-1404

    Pin/Nip (DBA 1,4 Group, Inc.)
Pin/Nip, doing business as 1,4 Group, Inc., is the leading supplier of innovative
dormancy enhancing and sprout inhibiting products for the potato storage
       P.O. Box 860
       Meridian ID 83680-0860
       2307 E Commercial Street
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 887-9766

    PineCreek Precision, LLC
PineCreek Precision is the maker of the CropCam. The CropCam is a UAV
(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which carries a high resolution digital camera. It

contains an advanced GPS guided autopilot that makes it fully autonomous. To
use it, you simply program in the locations where you want to acquire images,
throw the CropCam into the air, and watch it as it flies to the programmed
locations, acquires the images, and lands itself. The series of images are then
downloaded out of the camera and stitched together into a large seamless
mosaic image of the entire field.
       15401 Blair Hollow Road
       Kendrick, ID 83537
       Phone: (208) 289-4997

    Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
Pioneer Hi-Bred develops and produces seed products. By modifying genetic
attributes of plants, Pioneer improves the characteristics of corn, soybeans,
sunflower, alfalfa, sorghum, wheat, and canola. It is headquartered in Iowa
with a local sales contact in Nampa.
       9178 Lakeshore Drive
       Nampa, ID 83686
       Phone: (208) 467-3314

     Potlatch Corp.
Potlatch produces lumber, plywood and particleboard panels, bleached pulp,
bleached paperboard, and consumer tissue products. The company also
participates in research projects concerning the environment such as creating
blister rust resistant white pine trees. They have manufacturing facilities in
Post Falls, St. Maries, and Lewiston.
       401 N Potlatch Road
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 777-1572

    Pneumex
Pneumex is a family-owned company that produces innovative equipment used
by chiropractors and physical therapists around the world. Pneumex is
dedicated to developing cutting edge treatment programs for chronic back
pain, Scoliosis, and Kyphosis as well as programs for increased athletic
performance and balance.
       3115 N. Boyer Avenue
       Sandpoint, ID 83864
       Phone: (800) 447-5792

    Rangen
Rangen raises fish and other aquatic animals for commercial use. The company
has its own laboratory where staff provides technical support for feed
customers and work to advance aquaculture’s science and technology base
through product development, diagnostics, extension, water quality testing,
and aqua-cultural engineering. Rangen also produces customized nutritional
animal feed and high quality edible commodities.
       115 13th Avenue South
       Buhl, ID 83316
       Phone: (208) 543-6421
       Fax: (208) 543-6090

    R&H Machine Inc.
Long-wearing chrome allows replacement parts for tillage, planting and
      115 Roedel Ave
      Caldwell, ID 83605
      Phone: (208) 459-1507
      Fax: (208) 459-1508

     Rumeth International Ltd
RuMeth International is the leader in the formulation of the Ruminant Methane
Efficiency methodology and assessment protocol. RuMeth International´s focus
is on developing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that generate
Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits through the introduction of
improved feed supplements for ruminant livestock (cattle and buffalo) to
enhance production and reduce the emissions of ruminant methane. The
amount of CER credits generated from these projects can be quite significant,
as are the developmental benefits.
       1051 Kasper Rd
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 882-4766

    RxElite
RxElite Holdings, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets generic
prescription drug products in specialty generic markets. These markets include
products in the areas of anesthesia, sterile liquid dose drugs (including
respiratory inhalation drugs, ophthalmics, and injectable drugs), and
transdermal patch products. Over 500 employees.
       1404 N. Main Street, Suite 200
       Meridian, ID 83642

      Phone: (208) 288-5550 or (800) 414-1901
      Fax: (208) 288-1191

    Sage Earth Science
Geophysical surveys are used in a wide variety of engineering and
environmental applications. Remote sensing techniques are used to
characterize geology, locate buried objects, determine soil and rock
properties, and in nondestructive testing. Sage Earth Science has the
personnel, equipment, and experience to solve your geophysical
characterization needs.
      2184 Channing Way Ste 110
      Idaho Falls, ID 83404
      Phone: (208) 522-5049

    Sapidyne Instruments
Sapidyne Instruments studies molecular interactions using solution phase
binding affinity and kinetic measurements on unmodified molecules. Its
patented KinExA technology allows measurement of the affinity and kinetics of
exceptionally strong, weak, fast, and slow biological interactions.
      PMB #45
      967 E. Park Center Boulevard
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone: (208) 345-3400
      Fax: (208) 345-5251

    Sawtooth Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc.
Sawtooth Orthotics & Prosthetics specializes in prosthetics for adult and
pediatric patients with many different diseases and conditions.
      780 S 14th
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 344-9981

      2950 E Magic View Drive
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 846-8852

   SciTech Inc
Water purification, contact cleaning, pharmaceutical
      802 W Bannock Ste LP-102
      Boise, ID 83702-5837
      Phone: (208) 342-6777


    Seedbiotics
Seedbiotics, a Becker Underwood company, is a specialty seed coating company
founded in 1989. It offers coatings, which aid seeds in becoming healthy plants.
No R&D.
      818 Paynter Avenue
      Caldwell, ID 83605
      Phone: (208) 455-0578
      Fax: (208) 455-0596

    Seminis Vegetable Inc.
Seminis is an international company that is the largest developer, grower, and
marketer of fruit and vegetable seeds in the world. Its hybrids improve
nutrition, boost crop yields, limit spoilage, and reduce the need for chemicals.
They have facilities in Meridian, Filer, Nampa, and Twin Falls.
       2950 E Magic View Drive
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 642-9223

      21120 Highway 30
      Filer, ID 83328
      Phone: (208) 326-4321

     Siarco Ag
Siarco Ag performs efficacy testing on onions, potatoes, peas, corn, wheat,
carrots, lettuce, cherries, and sugar beets.
       27080 Pearl Road
       Parma, ID 83660
       Phone: (208) 863-9530
       Fax: (208) 722-5585

     S.M. Stoller Corp.
Stoller provides its customers with expertise in the areas of environmental
sciences, NEPA analyses, facility siting studies and evaluations, high-hazard site
and groundwater remediation, facility decommissioning, radioactive and
hazardous waste management, environmental surveillance, nuclear
engineering, ecological studies, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.
       120 Technology drive
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401

      Phone: (208) 525-9358

    Snake River Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Laboratory
Snake River Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Laboratory researches and performs
medical testing on cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.
      2001 S. Woodruff, Suite 12B
      Idaho Falls, ID 83404
      Phone: (208) 529-2498

      Southern Field Welding
Food processing production line work, work with Simplot, manufacture cutters
(for cutting French fries), guacamole makers, etc.
       238 W 35 S
       Burley, ID 83318
       Phone: (208) 677-2222
       Fax: (208) 677-4444

      Spudnik Equipment Co LLC
Since 1958 SPUDNIK has led the way in design, innovation, and manufacturing
of potato equipment. Providing our customers with the highest value solutions
to the ever changing agribusiness world has been Spudnik's goal for nearly fifty
years. This experience is backed by the most comprehensive line of potato
equipment in the business. SPUDNIK's line of products are supported by the
largest parts inventory and the most knowledgeable service personnel in the
       584 W 100 N
       Blackfoot, ID 83221
       Phone: (208) 785-0480
       Fax: (208) 785-1497

     St. Luke´s Regional Medical Center Echocardiography Laboratory
      190 E. Bannock Street
      Boise, ID 83704

      520 S. Eagle Road
      Meridian, ID 83642

    Stukenholtz Laboratory Inc.
Stukenholtz Laboratory is a consulting lab that performs fertilizer water, heavy
metal, feed, and forage testing. No R&D.
      PO Box 353

      2924 Addison Avenue East
      Twin Falls, ID 83303
      Phone: (208) 734-3050

    Syngenta Seeds, Inc. ROGERS® Brand Vegetable Seeds
Syngenta works on crop protection and ranks third in the high-value
commercial seed market. Rogers is a brand with research in vegetable seeds
that is backed by Syngenta. Over 500 employees.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 4188
       Boise, ID 83711

      Street Address:
      600 North Armstrong Place
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 322-7272
      Fax: (208) 378-6625

    TenXsys Inc.
TenXsys provides a system of wireless devices used to monitor groups of
animals. They offer products for monitoring the health of cattle in dairy or
beef operations. They also offer products to determine the location, activities,
and audio environment of wildlife.
      408 S. Eagle Road, Suite 201
      Eagle, ID 83616
      Phone: (208) 938-8110
      Fax: (208) 938-8107

     TerraGraphics
TerraGraphics has been making a difference for communities and the
environment for over 24 years by successfully incorporating a holistic approach
and long-term vision into environmental projects. Founded in Moscow, Idaho in
1984 as a majority woman-owned consulting firm, we realize that solving
today's environmental problems requires the coordination of a variety of
disciplines and expertise. Our broad perspective to problem solving and
outstanding client service drives each and every project. Our core expertise
areas include: engineering, environmental, natural systems, water resources,
and international.
       121 S Jackson St
       Moscow, ID 83843

      Phone: (208) 882-7858

      Fax: (208) 883-3785


    Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.
Tessenderlo Kerley produces fertilizers that provide crops with the nutrition
necessary to produce the highest quality and maximum yields demanded in
today's agricultural economy. Its products are used in field, forage, tree,
vegetable, and specialty crops under dry land and irrigated plantings. No R&D.
       480 S. 260 W
       Burley, ID 83318
       Phone: (208) 678-9565

      1667 Sod Farm Road
      Pocatello, ID 83204
      Phone: (208) 528-0600

    Teton West Construction
Specializing in commercial and agricultural steel structures.

      4805 S 3300 W
      Rexburg, ID 83440
      Phone: (208) 356-7926
      Fax: (208) 356-7969

    Thorne Research
Thorne Research develops and manufactures nutritional supplements for
health-care practitioners. The company designs its products so the most
sensitive allergy patients can avoid unnecessary additives.
       P.O. Box 25
       Dover, ID 83825
       Phone: (208) 263-1337
       Fax: (208) 265-2488

    TopAir Inc.
Top Air, Incorporated, the designer and manufacturer of the Top Air and Top
Green product lines, is the worldwide leader in onion and garlic harvesting
technology. Located in Parma, Idaho, USA, Top Air ships harvesters all over
the world. Our harvesters currently operate in 14 states within the United

States and 9 countries around the world. Our high-quality machines feature
either the patented Top Air topping system, the patented Top Green topping
system or the patent pending Top Air garlic separation system.
       10 E Grove Ave
       Parma, ID 83660
       Phone: (888) 486-7247
       Fax: (208) 722-6937

    Transgenic Software
Transgenic Software is a bioinformatics technology provider for the Biopharma
Industry. Its primary focus is to provide biotech and pharmaceutical companies
with the technology and tools necessary for meeting data management, data
tracking, preclinical data integration, and regulatory compliance needs.
       2422 12th Ave. Road, #208
       Nampa, ID 83686
       Phone: (208) 899-6767

    Treasure Valley Forest Products
Treasure Valley Forest Products manufactures premium wood products for a
wide variety of applications. The company’s ability to utilize all of its bi-
products within its operations allows it to achieve its green manufacturing
goals and offer its products at wholesale pricing. Treasure Valley Forest
Products is an industry leader in the utilization of forest bi-products, and the
company strives to produce the highest quality product available.
       7789 S Federal Way
       Boise, ID 83716
       Phone: (208) 345-8108
       Fax: (208) 345-8119

    Turf Co
The Turf Company was founded in 1979 with a vision of providing the highest
quality turf grass products to landscapers and homeowners. One of the ways
the company does this is by genetically engineering new varieties of grasses for
lawns and landscaping that thrive in Idaho’s climate.
Toll free 800-488-8873
       6100 S Eagle Road
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 888-3760

    Twin City Foods Inc.

For over 60 years, Twin City Foods, Inc. has been committed to growing,
harvesting, processing, freezing, packaging, and distributing the highest quality
quick frozen vegetable products. As a private label processor, the company’s
exclusive focus is the individual product and service needs of its customers.
The company harvests all of its vegetables when they're tender, crisp and
sweet. Then it quick-freezes them for garden-fresh goodness - ensuring that its
products are the very best they can be. Based in Washington.
       Lewiston, ID 83501
       Phone: (208) 791-6499
       Fax: (208) 743-8113

    Udder Health Systems, Inc.
Udder Health Systems is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. The
company has been providing milk quality services to the dairy industry since
1978. The laboratory work involves pathogen screening and quality analysis on
bulk tank milk, individual cow milk samples and environmental samples from
dairy farms to support on-farm udder health programs.
       Boise Laboratory
       PO Box 5776
       Boise, ID 83705-0776
       Phone: (208) 922-9505

      Jerome Laboratory
      901 N Lincoln
      Jerome, ID 83338
      Phone: (208) 644-9381

     Unicep Packaging Inc.
Unicep Packaging specializes in contract packaging customer-supplied products
into MicroDose® and Twist-Tip® unit-dose vials and VersaPak™ thermoform-fill-
seal dispensers.
       1702 Industrial Drive
       Sandpoint, ID 83864
       Phone: (208) 265-9696

    U.S. Department of Agriculture
 Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory
Currently, research at the laboratory is organized under four major research
efforts: manure management to assess nutrient losses, emissions, and pathogen
transport; water quality protection in irrigated cropping practices and systems;

irrigation management to reduce erosion and improve water use efficiency; and
enhancement of sugar beet germplasm for improved disease resistance and
        3793 N. 3600 East
        Kimberly, ID 83341
        Phone: (208) 423-6521

 Northwest Watershed Research Center
Current research topics under investigation include hydrologic modeling of
snow distribution, accumulation, and melt; frozen-soil effects on infiltration,
runoff, and erosion; variability and modeling of weather and climatic variables;
wild and prescribed fire impacts on vegetation, soil, and water resources;
invasive weed management; emergency fire rehabilitation; rangeland
restoration; remote sensing; and development of decision support tools and
models for sustainable management of rangeland ecosystems.
       800 Park Boulevard, Plaza IV, Suite 105
       Boise, ID 83712
       Phone: (208) 422-0700

 Small Grains and Potato Germplasm Research Unit
The unit’s research programs focus on potato and small grains germplasm
improvement and increasing production efficiency in rainbow trout through the
use of grain-based feeds. This work is accomplished through genetics and
breeding research with trout, potatoes, barley and oats as well as through
maintaining, evaluating, and distributing germplasm stocks; research to
improve breeding efficiency and to identify valuable new targets for germplasm
enhancement;, and research on trout genetics, physiology, and nutrition.
       1691 S. 2700 West
       Aberdeen, ID 83210
       Phone: (208) 397-4162

 U.S. Sheep Experiment Station
Station scientists address problems with sheep reproductive efficiency,
genetic improvement, nutrient intake and use, growth and development, and
product quality components. They also study problems in the ecosystems and
their sustainable management as well as grazing management, livestock
production, and integrated management of weeds and other pest components.
       HC 62 Box 2010
       Dubois, ID 83423
       Phone: (208) 374-5364


    U.S. Department of Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy seeks to protect national and economic security
by providing world-class scientific research capacity and advancing scientific
      Idaho Operations Office
      1955 Fremont Avenue
      Idaho Falls, ID 83415
      Phone: (208) 526-5665

    U.S. Forest Service
The U.S. Forest Service is the largest forestry research organization in the
world and provides technical and financial assistance to state and private
forestry agencies.
       Intermountain Region
       324 25th Street
       Ogden, UT 84401
       Phone: (801) 625-5306

    U.S. Geological Survey
This U.S. government agency provides maps, reports, and information to help
others manage, develops, and protects America's water, energy, mineral, and
land resources. It helps find natural resources needed to build tomorrow and
supply scientific understanding necessary for minimizing or mitigating the
effects of natural hazards and environmental damage caused by human activities.
       230 Collins Road
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 387-1300

     Vision Air Research
Vision Air Research was founded to specialize in wildlife surveys using advance
aerial infrared sensor technology (commonly called forward looking infrared –
FLIR). Vision Air Research is the leader in using FLIR for wildlife survey. Our
staff has conducted research since 1996 on the variables which influence
detection rates by using collared animals (e.g., bighorn sheep, moose, and sage
grouse) for verification. We integrate the triad of skills required to use FLIR
with reliable results including a Certified Wildlife Biologist, outstanding
aviation support, and thermography training and EXPERIENCE using IR
thermography for wildlife applications.
       904 E Washington Street
       Boise, ID 83712

      Phone: (208) 841-9566
      Fax: (208) 722-6550

    Western Laboratories Inc.
Western Laboratories analyzes agricultural soils, plant tissue, feed, and
fertilizers. It also offers consulting services for manufacturing chemicals and
experimental design.
        P.O. Box 1020
        Parma, ID 83660
        Phone: (208) 722-6564
        Fax: (208) 722-6550

    Western Pathology Associates LLC
Western Pathology is one of the leading anatomic pathology practices in
southeastern Idaho. The company offers a broad range of testing and
consultation services used by physicians and patients in the detection,
diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of cancer and other medical conditions.
No R&D.
      1950 E Clark
      Pocatello, ID 83201
      Phone: (208) 233-3794

     Whisper Mountain Professional Service, Inc.
Whisper Mountain Professional Services, Inc. is an Emergency Management
Consulting Firm that specializes in: Emergency Management Services,
Community Planning, Geo-Spatial Analysis, and the development of GIS Tools
for State and County level emergency managers.
       1110 Call Creek Drive
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 478-1099

    World Wide Equine Inc.
World Wide Equine is an Idaho-based business specializing in equine dentistry.
The company manufactures nearly 300 different equine dentistry instruments.
      P.O. Box 1040
      Glenns Ferry, ID 83623
      Phone: (208) 366-2550

             Universities and Research Institutions

     The College of Idaho
The College of Idaho Biology Department is conducting research in various
aspects of biology. One such example of this research is Associate Professor of
Biology Dr. Sara Heggland (, who is researching
differential cell sensitivity to cadmium and cadmium-sequestering agents.
       2112 Cleveland Boulevard
       Caldwell, ID 83605
       Phone: (208) 459-5063

     Boise State University
The Boise State University Biology Department is conducting research on many
different topics. Below are two examples:
• Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Julia Oxford ( is
investigating the function of the individual molecular constituents of the extra
cellular matrix in health and in disease.
• Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Stephen Novak’s (
research involves plant population ecology and evolutionary biology and
investigations of the factors that influence the level and structure of genetic
       Mailing Address:
       Biology Department
       1910 University Dr.
       Boise, ID 83725

      Street Address:
      Science-Nursing Building, Room 100
      Boise, ID 83725
      Phone: (208) 426-3262

    Boise VA Medical Center
The staff at the Boise VA Medical Center conducts extensive ongoing medical
research on many different diseases.
      500 W. Fort Street
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 422-1000

     Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation (GARF)
GARF’s mission is to provide the citizens of Idaho and the world a showcase
collection of aquatic plants, fish, reef animals and products, to stimulate
interest in, appreciation for and an understanding of these collections.
       1726 Merrill St
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 344-6163
       Fax: (208) 344-6189

    Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory's mission is to ensure the nation's energy security
with safe, competitive, and sustainable energy systems and unique national
and homeland security capabilities. This work is accomplished through the
leveraging of distinctive INL capabilities in the areas of instrumentation,
control, and intelligent systems; materials and nuclear fuels science and
technology microbial metabolic systems; separation and actinide science; and
theory, modeling, and simulation.
       2525 N. Fremont Boulevard
       P.O. Box 1625
       Idaho Falls, ID 83415
       Phone: (208) 526-0111

    Idaho State University
Idaho State University’s Department of Biological Sciences is conducting
extensive research on many different topics.
• Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. Curt Anderson’s current
research involves the long term goal of understanding the organization and
evolution of the neural control of behavior.
• Professor Gene M. Scalarone’s laboratory has been involved with the
development of antigenic reagents and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays
for histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis, and blastomycosis.
       921 S. 8th Avenue
       Pocatello, ID 83209
       Phone: (208) 282-3765

    Northwest Nazarene University
• Professor Chris Kapicka’s research interest pertains to the properties of ion
channels in membranes of the cell. Professor Kapicka is working on a Murdock

Life Science grant in collaboration with the Veteran's Administration Research
Unit in Boise on the effects of anthracyclines (cancer drugs) on the heart.
• Professor Bill Fyffe is studying the biochemistry of oxidative stress within the
nerve net of the worm, Lumbricus terrestris. He was recently published for his
work with collagen type XI alpha1 and alpha2 chains in human colon tissue.
       623 Holly Street
       Nampa, ID 83686
       Phone: (208) 467-8011

     University of Idaho - Agricultural Experiment Station
The Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station is the administrative research
division of the College of Agriculture at the University of Idaho and is
responsible for the college's statewide programming in agricultural research.
       P.O. Box 442331
       Moscow, ID 83844
       Phone: (208) 885-7173
       Fax: (208) 885-6654

    University of Idaho Department of Microbiology, Molecular Biology
       and Biochemistry
This department is currently performing extensive research in the areas of
bioremediation, biodegradation, developmental and cellular biology, infectious
diseases, signal transduction and gene regulation, and protein structure and
• Associate Research Professor Dr. Celeste Brown’s research deals with how
gene regulation changes in response to selection.
 Department Chair Dr. Joseph Cloud’s work is directed toward understanding
   germ cell development of a germplasm respository for threatened and
   endangered fish.
       University of Idaho
       Life Science 142
       P.O. Box 443052
       Moscow, ID 83844
       Phone: (208) 885-7966 or (208) 885-6518

Imaging & Sensor Technology
   Innovation Business Directory

  Innovation Business Directory— January 2011
Imaging & Sensor Technology
Tiny cameras that go on fantastic voyages through the human body, unmanned
airplanes that transmit visual information, and imaging sensors implanted deep
into the earth that enable scientists to map the underground world are just a
few of the areas being worked on in Idaho’s growing imaging sector. Imaging is
a broad industry that encompasses everything from improving printing
technology to new ways to view and target cancer.

Inside the Directory
Inside the Imaging & Sensor Technology directory are companies, agencies, and
research institutions whose focus pertains to products, applications, and
services which utilize semiconductor, software, and new image processing
methodologies to bring about new ways of capturing, manipulating, and
interpreting visual data.

                 Examples of Imaging & Sensor Technology:
    Copying/printing
    Digital Photography
    Pattern recognition: comparing and matching complex images and
     biometric data for use in security, personal identification, counterfeiting
     prevention, etc.
    Image/document segmentation and decomposition: technology used to
     copy/extract text and other information for further manipulation
    Image analysis/enhancement
    Image compression/decompression and video compression/
    Digital document management
    Earth surface and subsurface imaging
    Home entertainment
    Microscopy

                        Companies & Agencies
    Akrion, Inc.
Akrion, headquartered in Pennsylvania, is an industry leader in the
development of surface preparation technology and equipment used in the
manufacture of semiconductors. Major device manufacturers worldwide use
their surface preparation equipment to etch, clean, and strip films and
surfaces of silicon wafers. Akrion recently absorbed SCP Global Technologies.
No R&D.
       8850 W. Emerald Street, Suite 194
       Boise, ID 83704
       Tel: (208) 685-5000

     Allosys Corp.
AlloSys provides design services and development support for companies
involved with high frequency and wireless products. AlloSys offers the following
tools and capabilities: DC through RF measurement and analysis tools to 6 GHz;
spectrum analysis equipment to 22 GHz; conventional machining and sheet
metal tooling; PC rapid prototyping system; and numerous general purpose
measurement and testing systems.
       5650 Fieldcrest Drive
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 377-0246

     American Semiconductor Inc. (ASI)
American Semiconductor is a pure-play foundry for wafer fabrication and
advanced process development. ASI’s Flexfet™ IDG-SOI-CMOS processes provide
dynamic Vt capability and low power advantages for digital, analog and system-
on-chip circuitry. The company also offers a unique sensor option process flow
that allows foundry customers to insert custom photo-diodes and sensors into
the advanced IDG-SOI-CMOS. In addition to Flexfet™ CMOS wafer fabrication,
ASI can support custom process development, probing services, assembly, and
packaging coordination and general lab services.
       3100 S. Vista Avenue, Suite 230
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 336-2773

    Computrol Inc.
Computrol is a provider of electronic manufacturing services to original
equipment manufacturers. Computrol focuses on prototyping and
manufacturing low to medium volume, high-mix production of PCB, box build,
cable harness, and backplane assemblies.

      499 E. Corporate Drive
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (208) 887-1000
      Fax: (208) 887-2000

      1420 E. Third Ave.
      Post Falls, Idaho 83854
      Phone: (208) 773-1556
      Fax: (208) 773-3244

     Crowley Davis Research
Crowley Davis is an independent research group that desires to narrow the
distance between simulations of biological principles and incorporating those
principles into the computing engine itself. Crowley Davis is currently engaged
in several projects attempting to model and virtualize complex biological
systems in conjunction with the U.S. Army.
       280 S. Academy Avenue, Suite 140
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 939-2976
       Fax: (208) 939-2856

    Cypress Semiconductor
Cypress, headquartered in San Jose California, has design centers around the
world including two in Idaho. Cypress has a product portfolio that includes a
broad selection of wired and wireless USB devices, CMOS image sensors, timing
solutions, network search engines, specialty memories, high-bandwidth
synchronous and micro power memory products, optical solutions, and
reconfigurable mixed-signal arrays. Over 500 employees.
       121 W. Sweet Avenue
       Moscow, ID 83843
       Phone: (208) 892-1323
       Fax: (208) 892-1324

      10147 W. Emerald Street, Suite 100
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 377-9222
      Fax: (208) 377-9333

     ECCO Group
ECCO team members passionately strive to provide the best combination of
quality products at competitive prices and excellence in customer service,
raising the bar of what the customer should expect from the market leader.

The company produces beacons, lightbars, minibars, LED, lighting systems,
back-up alarms, camera systems. ECCO is the North American Division and also
the headquarters of the ECCO Group. ECCO (North America) operates from a
custom built 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho servicing
aftermarket, OEM and private label customers across the globe.
      833 W Diamond St
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: (208) 395-8004
      Fax: (800) 688-3226

      ECO Research LLC
The ECO 100 Sprinkler Optimizer is a water savings device that connects to
your current sprinkler timer and automatically adjusts watering days as climate
conditions change - water less often when it is cooler, water more often when
it is hotter, don't water when its raining. Benefit: The right amount of water
for your landscape every day - healthier plants and reduce water usage on the
average of 20 - 40%
        5465 E Terra Linda Way
        Nampa, ID 83687
        Phone: (208) 562-3680

    Hewlett-Packard
Besides being a world leader in the production of printers, scanners, digital
cameras, and related technology, Hewlett-Packard is heavily invested in
creating imaging technology that will change the way people interact with
computers, images, and information. Its recent patents and technology puts
Hewlett-Packard on the forefront of a new age of image reproduction and
rendering. Over 500 employees.
       11311 Chinden Boulevard
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 396-5977

     ICs, LLC
ICs is a computer hardware and software cutting –edge research company that
specializes in data input/output devices, on-board computing and data
management, and radiation-hardened electronics. Customers include the US
Department of Defense and NASA.
        PO Box 2236
        Boise, ID 83709
        Phone: (208) 344-7410

     Idaho Airships Inc.
Idaho Airships is a science-based imaging company. Apart from the use of
classic flight platforms (e.g. airplanes and helicopters) we operate robotic and
remotely-controlled mobile masts for aerial imaging and remote sensing. Idaho
Airships also produces 2D and 3D persuasive and instructional multimedia
animations targeted for mobile device dissemination.
       2940 S. Goshen Way
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 344-7410

      ImQuant, Inc.
ImQuant, a biotech startup company, is involved in image quantification and
treatment tailoring research and is partnered with Boise State University, Idaho
State University, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, and the Mayo Clinic.
The company is involved in a large project that places advanced imaging data
from PET, SPECT, MRI, and MRSI into a proprietary format that expresses
treatment-induced image changes mathematically as in numbers, graphs or
       3120 East Rivernest
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 724-7719

      Manning Applied Technology
This company upgrades obsolete Fourier transform infrared, or FT-IR,
spectrometers and adds step-scanning capabilities. It provides consulting and
contract research in the related areas of FT-IR instrumentation and
spectroscopy, including digital signal processing and electronics. More recently
Manning has developed a series of instruments for polymer rheo-optical
measurements and pioneered in the area of very-rapid-scan FT-IR
       419 S. Main Street
       P.O. Box 265
       Troy, ID 83871
       Phone: (208) 835-5402
       Fax: (208) 835-5403

    Micron Technology Inc.
Micron is leading in the development and implementation of CMOS image
sensors. These sensors result in smaller, high-performance products that take

better-quality pictures in digital cameras, cell phones, and other applications.
CMOS image sensors are set to replace Charge-Coupled Devices, the prevailing
technology in image capture for thirty years. Over 500 employees.
      P.O. Box 6
      8000 S. Federal Way
      Boise, ID 83707
      Phone: (208) 368-4000
      Fax: (208) 368-4435

   Night Force Precision Optics - Lightforce USA
Manufactures and engineers various weapon optics.
      1040 Hazen Lane
      Orofino, ID 83544
      Phone: (208) 476-9814
      Fax: (208) 476-9817

      Nighthawk Radiology Services
Based in Coeur d’Alene, NightHawk Radiology Services uses multiple teams of
radiologists located in Zurich, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia, as well as San
Francisco and Coeur d’Alene to provide 24/7 service to more than 1,500
hospitals which are covered by radiology groups throughout the U.S.
       250 Northwest Boulevard, Suite 202
       Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: (866) 400-4295
       Fax: (208) 664-2720

     Nimbus 360
Nimbus offers experience in sound, acoustic, and image projection needs for
corporate conference rooms, retail environments, and training facilities.
      8555 W. Hackamore Drive, Suite 250
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 426-0565
      Fax: (208) 426-0360

      North by Northwest Productions
This motion picture production and distribution company, structured
specifically for today’s creative and economic environment, has an award-
winning production department and a post-production department that

specializes in digital intermediate and VFX work for feature films, television
commercials and cinema advertising. No R&D.
       601 W. Broad Street
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 345-7870
       Fax: (208) 345-7999

    North Wind Inc.
North Wind's geographic information systems capability includes optimal
interpolation, 3-D modeling, spatial analysis, remote sensing, global positioning
survey and data collection, retrieval, input, verification, storage, and output.
North Wind’s projects include vegetation studies, surface topology, drainage
networks, watershed analysis, habitat studies, slope computations, and ground
truthing. Products included in the geographic information system products are
maps, tables, graphs, satellite imagery, aerial photos, and videos.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 51174
       Idaho Falls, ID 83405

      Street Address:
      1425 Higham Street
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone (208) 528-8718

    ON Semiconductor
On Semiconductor is headquartered in Phoenix. The company bought AMI
Semiconductor in Pocatello in 2007. The Pocatello facility specializes in the
design and manufacture of application specific integrated circuits and standard
products for the automotive, medical, industrial, and mil/aero markets. Over
500 employees.
       2300 Buckskin Road
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 233-4690

    Optimal Solutions Software LLC
Optimal produces industrial software for use with computational fluid
dynamics. The software is built upon proprietary in-house analysis tools and has
evolved into a sophisticated package generally useful to CFD engineers. It can
arbitrarily deform the shape of a computerized object whose shape is defined
by the points of a grid.
       2825 West 1700
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402

       Phone: (208) 521-4660

      PakSense Inc.
PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products
specifically designed for perishable goods. PakSense products help
manufacturers, distributors, and retailers determine the quality and safety of
food, pharmaceutical, medical, and other environmentally sensitive products
at a very low cost. Consumers ultimately benefit by having access to safer,
fresher, and higher-quality products.
       5256 Fairview Avenue
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 629-3358
       Fax: (208) 441-7426

    PineCreek Precision, LLC
PineCreek Precision is the maker of the CropCam. The CropCam is a UAV
(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which carries a high resolution digital camera. It
contains an advanced GPS guided autopilot that makes it fully autonomous. To
use it, you simply program in the locations where you want to acquire images,
throw the CropCam into the air, and watch it as it flies to the programmed
locations, acquires the images, and lands itself. The series of images are then
downloaded out of the camera and stitched together into a large seamless
mosaic image of the entire field.
       15401 Blair Hollow Road
       Kendrick, ID 83537
       Phone: (208) 289-4997

     Positron Systems, Inc.
Positron Systems is commercializing innovative technologies that provide new
insights in the nondestructive inspection industry. The focus is on techniques
that quantify changes in component material nanostructure induced by
operational conditions and surface treatments. There are currently two unique
technologies - Induced Positron Analysis (IPA) and Phase Contrast Analysis.
       411 S. 5th Street
       Boise, ID 83702
       Phone: (208) 514.4571

    Preco Electronics, Inc.
Preco is the inventor and original patent holder of the reverse motion alarm,
known in the industry as the Bac-A-Larm, and has the largest install-base of

these products in the world. Nearly every major original equipment
manufacturer in North America and Europe that uses reverse motion alarms
uses Preco Electronics.
       415 N. Maple Grove
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 323-1000
       Fax: (208) 323-1034

    Prime Design
Veteran-owned, design & engineering with cad/cam. Seats of 3-D modeling
software both Solid Works & Pro-E. 10+ years experience with safety agencies
(UL, CSA, ETL, etc...). Work with Dept. of Commerce on EIC work group.
      Richard Coombs
      4920 Fieldcrest Pl
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: 208-327-9941
      Fax: 208-378-1156

      Quality Thermistor Inc.
Quality Thermistor, Inc. (QTI) was founded in 1977 to meet the increasing
demand for high quality electronic components for the aerospace industry.
Since then, QTI has exceeded the requirements of some of the most stringent
high cost of failure applications, changing the landscape of the supply chain for
the entire industry. QTI continues to maintain its leadership position for
mission-critical applications as well as for medical and industrial applications
by supplying the world’s top companies with innovative products and services.
In fact, QTI developed the highest standard for surface mount thermistors with
the introduction of qualified surface mount parts to MIL-PRF-32192; supplying
design engineers with fully qualified DSCC options for two PTC and three NTC
surface mount package styles.
2108 Century Way
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 377-3373
       Fax: (208) 376-4754

    Raycap, Inc.
Only Raycap’s Strikesorb® Surge Protective Device (SPD)* technology can
provide uninterrupted protection from damaging lightning strikes and surge
currents. Tested to be the safest** on the market, Strikesorb modules and
Rayvoss® systems are designed to absorb and dissipate the excess energy of

repetitive lightning strikes and power surges without performance
deterioration. Foreign owned company (Greece).
       806 W. Clearwater Loop
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208-777-1166

      Sentient Corporation
Sentient Corporation is a technology leader in the field of prognostics for
military, aerospace, and industrial machinery. We conduct fundamental
research on machine component failure and develop innovative software tools,
embedded algorithms, and specialized sensing technologies to monitor the
condition of critical systems. Our tools provide actionable data to maintainers
and decision makers that help them minimize cost while maximizing
performance, asset availability, and safety.
       850 Energy Drive
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 522-8560

     Sybase iAnywhere
Sybase iAnywhere is a leading provider of mobile enterprise, database, and
RFID software . Backed by more than twenty years of expertise, their
technology has been selected by 81 Fortune 100 companies to solve mobile,
distributed, and remote enterprise computing challenges. Over 500 employees.
       5777 N Meeker Avenue
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: (208) 322-7800

     Telemetric
Telemetric’s products enable two-way communications using commercial
cellular networks. Telemetric’s end-to-end solution is comprised of three main
elements: intelligent field devices; commercial cellular data service and
network management; and PowerVista™ software applications. Together these
elements provide a powerful solution for monitoring and control of electric
distribution assets, users, and communications. The Telemetric system is built
on industry standard systems and protocols such as IP-based communications
and DNP3.0 SCADA interfaces. Telemetric SCADA-Xchange™ provides a
powerful, open-standards based interface that supports all popular SCADA
system suppliers. No R&D.
       9941 W. Emerald Street
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 658-1292

       Fax: (208) 323-5575

     Teton Nuclear Medicine Service
Teton Nuclear uses safe, painless, and cost-effective techniques to image the
body and treat disease. Nuclear medicine imaging is unique in that it
documents organ function and structure in contrast to diagnostic radiology,
which is based upon anatomy. It is a way to gather medical information that
may otherwise be unavailable, require surgery, or necessitate more expensive
diagnostic tests. No R&D.
      2001 S. Woodruff, Suite 20
      Idaho Falls, ID 83404
      Phone: (208) 525-3201
      Fax: (208)-525-8896

    TNS LLC
TMS is a creative, solution-based communications company clients turn to when
they need critical, high-quality products. The company runs video, film and
interactive productions.
       12783-A W LaSalle St
        Boise, ID 83713
        Phone: (208) 377-9312

     Vision Air Research
Vision Air Research provides environmental and wildlife video recording
services to state and private agencies. The company uses advanced infrared
and color video on mini-digital videotape. Digital cameras are mounted on
airplanes to record unique wildlife images.
       904 E. Washington Street
       Boise, ID 83712
       Phone: (208) 841-9566

             Universities and Research Institutions

      Boise State University
• Research Assistant Professor of Geosciences Dr. John Branford’s research
interests include ground-penetrating radar, reflection seismology, wave field
modeling, reflection imaging, waveform attribute analysis, and material
property estimation. (
• Associate Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering Dr. Elisa Barney-
Smith focuses on document imaging. Dr. Barney-Smith’s current projects center
on developing models of the degradations produced by optical page scanners,
printers, FAX machines, and photocopiers. These models will be used to
improve the recognition and processing of the images and will be calibrated
with bi-level scans of high-contrast images. (
       BSU Department of Geosciences
       1910 University Drive
       Boise, ID 83725-1535
       Phone: (208) 426-1631 Geosciences Dept.

       Phone: (208) 426-1153 Engineering Dept.
       Websites: and

      Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory's research initiatives include development of a
variety of imaging and diagnostic technologies such as Linear Elastic Wave
Imaging for materials analysis, the INL Laser Ultrasonic Camera to directly
image the surface distribution of subnanometer ultrasonic motion, sensor and
imaging technology that allow robots to respond and adapt to changing
conditions and surroundings, and INL's Concealed Weapons Detection system,
which integrates sensors and freeze-frame video capture technology to identify
suspected weapons at security checkpoints.
       2525 N. Fremont Boulevard
       P.O. Box 1625
       Idaho Falls, ID 83415
       Phone: (208) 526-0111

      Idaho State University
• Idaho Accelerator Center—Active research areas include laser-electron back
scattering, non-destructive evaluation, assay, elemental analysis, imaging,
basic nuclear measurements and radiation effects, and nuclear physics.
Contact Dr. Doug Wells, director, Idaho Accelerator Center, (208) 282-3986.

• GIS Training and Research Center—Active research projects include
geospatial and range sciences, temporal land cover change and rangeland fire
severity modeling, invasive weeds and range management, invasive weeds in
the Swan Valley, wild land-urban interface fire susceptibility modeling, and
selenium information systems. Contact Keith Weber, director, GIS Training and
Research Center, (208) 282-3606.

• Geospatial Training and Analysis Cooperative—GeoSTAC is a cooperative
effort between universities to serve the respective communities in training and
applying the technologies of geographic information yms, remote sensing and
field mapping, and global positioning techniques. Contact Nancy Glenn,
GeoSTAC coordinator, (208) 345-1994.

• Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory—This new research and educational
remote sensing laboratory is funded by NOAA and located in the Department of
Geosciences at the Idaho Water Center in Boise. The Boise Center Aerospace
Laboratory offers fundamental and applied research in remote sensing and
educational opportunities for students throughout the community and in the
geosciences department. Contact Dr. Nancy Glenn, director, Boise Center
Aerospace Laboratory, (208) 345-1994.

• Molecular Research Core Facility—Routine activities include automated DNA
sequencing and micro satellite analysis or genotyping, PCR, oligonucleotide
synthesis, electrophoresis, and gel documentation and analysis. Contact Erin O-
Leary-Jepsen, Molecular Research Core Facility, (208) 282-4890.

• Department of Geosciences Digital Mapping and Research Laboratory—
Mapping, remote sensing, digital mapping. Contact Dr.
Scott Hughes, chair, Department of Geosciences, (208) 282-3365.
       921 S. 8th Avenue
       Pocatello, ID 83209
       Phone: (208) 282-0211
       E-mail: or

     Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Through partnerships with Boise State University, Idaho State University, and a
local biotech startup company named ImQuant, Saint Alphonsus is involved in
image quantification and treatment tailoring research. Specifically, using
experimental software currently being created at the Mayo Clinic as part of a
research and development project with ImQuant, Saint Alphonsus is involved in
a large project that places advanced imaging data from PET, SPECT, MRI, and
MRSI into a proprietary format that expresses treatment-induced image
changes mathematically as in numbers, graphs, or equations.
       1055 N. Curtis Road
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 367-2121


      St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
St. Luke's Regional Medical Center and the Boise Radiology Group work together
to provide diagnostic imaging, fluoroscopic procedures, nuclear medicine
imaging, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, interventional
radiology imaging, screening and diagnostic breast imaging, computed
tomography imaging, and an assortment of associated procedures. Boise
Radiology Group works concurrently with St. Luke's Regional Medical Center on
research studies in prostate, lung, colon, and ovarian cancers and involving the
National Lung Cancer Screening Trial research study.
       190 East Bannock Street
       Boise, ID 83712
       Phone: (208) 381-1200

      University of Idaho
• Dr. Gregory Donohoe, research associate and professor at the Center for
Advanced Microelectronics and Bio-molecular Research
(, is a principal investigator and program manager
for the Reconfigurable Data Path Processor, a parallel processor for spacecraft
signal processing. He is responsible for architecture, VLSI chip design,
software, and applications.
• Dr. James Frenzel, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering
(, has research interests in application of genetic
algorithms; VLSI testing and fault-tolerant computing; and algorithms and
architectures for efficient solution of problems in communications, image
processing, and signal processing.
• Dr. Richard B. Wells, associate professor of electrical and computer
engineering and associate professor of neuroscience (,
has research interests in signal processing methods to improve image quality,
computer-based physical modeling of imaging and printing engines and in the
application of neural networks to problems in image processing and image
       Buchanana Engineering, Room 213
       P.O. Box 441023
       Moscow, ID 83844-1023
       Phone: (208) 885-6554
       Fax: (208) 885-7579

Nanotechnology & New Materials
    Innovation Business Directory

   Innovation Business Directory—January 2011
Nanotechnology & New Materials
Nanotechnology will impact almost every industry because the ability to
manipulate materials at the nano level has the potential to improve almost
every aspect of materials used in electronics, biology, construction, and
essentially every other field. In the semiconductor field, most new products
and research are being done at the nano level.

Nanotechnology & New Materials is an emerging industry in Idaho. Idaho has
the public and private sector resources to capitalize in a huge way on the very

Inside the Directory
Inside the Nanotechnology & New Materials directory are companies, agencies,
and research institutions involved in the research, development, manufacturing
and analysis of materials with features between 100 nanometers and a tenth of
a nanometer in size. In this science, manipulating materials near the
atomic/molecular level is critical to the material's purpose.

                Examples of Nanotechnology & New Materials:
      Nano electronics
      Nano Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS)
      Nano Mechanics
      Nano Biotech
      NDE/NDA Technologies

                        Companies & Agencies

    AceCo Precision Manufacturing
AceCo specializes in semiconductors, industrial knives, and wood tooling. The
contact information for their semiconductor branch is listed below.
      4095 South Gekeler Lane
      Boise, Idaho 83716
      Phone: (208) 387-0466 or (800) 359-7012
      Fax: (208) 343-1237

     Adaptive Technologies, Inc.
ATI does plastic injection molding. Customers for new product development
will be seen by appointment only.
       1910 E Karcher Road.
       Nampa ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 467-1000

    American Semiconductor Inc.
American Semiconductor has developed a CMOS process technology that
overcomes the barriers to sub-90nm scaling.
      3100 S. Vista Avenue, Suite 230
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: (208) 336-2773

    AMET, Inc.
AMET inc. has been an innovator and integrator of advanced welding systems to
meet the most demanding applications. AMET has installed systems in the
nuclear, aircraft, aerospace, oil & gas, wind tower, heavy industry, and general
manufacturing industries.
      355 Dividend Drive
      Rexburg, ID 83440
      Phone: (208) 356-7274

    Applied Materials
Applied Materials, Inc. (*Nasdaq: AMAT) is the global leader in
nanomanufacturing technology solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative
equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor
chips, flat panel displays, solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics and

energy efficient glass. Applied Materials applies nanomanufacturing technology
to improve the way people live. Over 500 employees.
      6401 S Eisenman Rd
      Boise, ID 83716-6000
      Phone: (208) 343-1700

    Atlas Mining Co.
Atlas Mining processes halloysite clay, which contains naturally occurring
halloysite nanotubes used for developing advanced micro-structures in
electronics, semiconductors, consumer products, fuel cells, transportation,
energy, and biotechnology. No R&D.
       Mailing Address:
       P.O. Box 2120
       Osburn, ID 83849

      Street Address:
      1221 Yellowstone
      Osburn, ID 83849
      Phone: (208) 556-1181 or (800) 356-6463
      Fax: (208) 556-6741

    Bop Filter-Barriers, Inc.
Woman-owned, manufacturer of plastic bags and flexible HEPA filters. These
products are used to safely isolate pharmaceutical, nuclear. chemical,
biohazards or radioactive hazardous materials or protect personnel from such
     2997 S Boulevard
     Idaho Falls, ID 83404
     Phone: 208-523-1996
     Fax: 208-523-7470

     Comtech AHA
Since 1988, Comtech has been a semiconductor company that has developed
and distributed integrated circuits. Currently, Comtech develops, markets, and
licenses data coding technologies such as Reed-Solomon, turbo product codes,
low-density parity check codes and lossless data compression for the
communications, networking, and data storage markets. Over 500 employees.
       1126 Alturas Drive
       Moscow, ID 83843-8331
       Phone: (208) 892-5600
       Fax: (208) 892-5601

   Cygnus, INC
Manufacturer of high quality aerospace sheet metal parts and assemblies.
      John Cunningham
      122 Emerald Industrial Pa
      Ponderay, ID 83852
      Phone: 208-263-4761 x261
      Fax: 208-263-9217

     Cypress
Cypress manufactures a broad selection of wired and wireless USB devices,
CMOS image sensors, timing solutions, network search engines, specialty
memories, high bandwidth synchronous and micro power memory products,
optical solutions, and reconfigurable mixed-signal arrays. Compass Cooperation
is the Cypress sales and manufacturing facility in Idaho.Over 500 employees.
       Sales Representative Jack Wood
       372 S. Eagle Road, Suite 321
       Eagle, ID 83616
       Phone: (208) 286-9862

       Boise Design Center
       10147 W. Emerald St., Suite 100
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 377-9222
       Fax: (208) 377-9333

    Future Electronics
Future Electronics is a world-class leader and innovator in the distribution and
marketing of semiconductors and passive, interconnect, and electro-
mechanical components. They operate in 167 locations in 39 countries in the
Americas, Europe, and Asia. Over 500 employees.
      104 E. Fairview Avenue, Suite 101
      Meridian, ID 83642
      Phone: (800) 388-8731
      Fax: (514) 695-37707

     GoNano Technologies, Inc.
GoNano Technologies partners with customers seeking transformational material
solutions in pollution control, catalysis, composites and sensory technologies. GoNano
Technologies’ versatile Nanospring platform drives advancement in applications that
require nonporous high surface area materials.

      121 W. Sweet Avenue, Suite 115
      Moscow ID 83843
      Phone: (208) 892-2000

    Hewlett-Packard Co.
Hewlett-Packard is currently researching and patenting microscopic platinum
nano-wires to create ultra-tiny circuits. Over 500 employees.
      11311 Chinden Boulevard
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (888) 999-4747

    Ivus Energy
IVUS Energy Innovations brings advanced energy technology to mission critical,
portable electronic products with an emphasis on developing products and
technology with superior performance, low environmental impact, and high
energy efficiency with major improvements in reliability, usability,
productivity, and safety.
      610 N Almon Street, Suite 130
      Moscow, ID 83843
      Phone: 208-882-1984
      Fax: 206-274-4963

     Kidcheck
KidCheck began in 2003 when its team of founders decided they wanted to
create a company that was passionate about providing child care professionals
and other organizations the tools that major corporations use to help them
work more efficiently and effectively. Too often, these tools were either over-
priced or over-blown for a smaller organization. With that in mind, KidCheck
sought to create products that were built for the smaller organization, but
would be effective for the larger ones instead of vice versa.
       11554 W. President Dr.
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: 866-938-1980

    Micron Technology Inc.
Micron is focusing on nanotechnology to revolutionize the way semiconductors
work and is greatly increasing the performance of memory chips and possibly
implementing an entirely new logic system in integrated circuits. Over 500
      8000 S. Federal Way
      P.O. Box 6

      Boise, ID 83707-0006
      Phone: (208) 368-4000
      Fax: (208) 368-4617

     MOR Manufacturing Corp.
MOR Manufacturing specializes in through-hole and surface mount printed
circuit board assemblies, cable and wire harness assemblies, coils, and box
builds in a highly responsive and responsible manner.
       5676 E. Seltice Way,
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 667-8799

    Nanosteel Corp.
Nanosteel produces steels with bulk nano-scale microstructures, leading to
super hard steel. Nanosteel works in conjunction with the Idaho National
Laboratory in Idaho Falls.
      Research & Development
      505 Lindsay Boulevard
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 552-5226
      Fax: (208) 552-2923

      Application Engineering & Customer Support
      310 D Street
      Idaho Falls, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 542-2554

    NitroCision L.L.C.
Pioneering the design and manufacturing of the cleanest and most versatile
cutting and cleaning equipment, NitroCision has combined the advantages of
water jet technology with cryogenics to create a cryogenic jet: Nitro Jet.
       151 North Ridge Avenue, Suite 260
       Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
       Phone: (208) 552-2354
       Fax: (208) 552-2533

    ON Semiconductor
On Semiconductor is headquartered in Phoenix. The company bought AMI
Semiconductor in Pocatello in 2007. The Pocatello facility specializes in the
design and manufacture of application specific integrated circuits and standard

products for the automotive, medical, industrial, and mil/aero markets. Over
500 employees.
      2300 Buckskin Road
      Pocatello, ID 83201
      Phone: (208) 233-4690

     Pine Creek Industries
The metal we use for all of our buggy castings is an alloy of
zinc/aluminum/copper, generally referred to by the metal industry as "ZA"
alloy. We cast industrial and farm equipment parts, using "ZA" alloy. It is
lightweight, strong and has excellent corrosion and bearing qualities.
       1582 W Pine Creek Rd
       Pinehurst, ID 83850
       Phone: (208) 682-4624
       Fax: (208) 682-4624

    Unitech Composites Inc.
Unitech specializes in the design and fabrication of composite products built to
customer specifications. Unitech utilizes the latest technologies and methods
to make strong, high quality lightweight structures.
      P.O. Box 370
      10413 Aero Drive
      Hayden, ID 83835
      Phone: (208) 772-0533 or (800) 775-0861
      Fax: (208) 772-8591

              Universities and Research Institutions

    Boise State University
• Professor of Physics Dr. Charles Hanna’s ( current
research interests lie in quantum effects in low-dimensional and nano-scale
electron and boson systems and the effects of interactions between electrons
in semiconductor structures.
• Associate Professor of Engineering Dr. William Knowlton’s
( current research is in the SPM Systems and
Nanofabrication Laboratory.
       1910 University Drive
       Boise, ID 83725
       Phone: (208) 426-1000
       Website: and

    Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory's science and engineering capabilities include
nanotechnology research initiatives relating to development of nano-structured
bulk materials through self-assembling solid state transformations,
development of nano-antennas to collect solar energy, and development of a
revolutionary and affordable material called Nano-Composite Arsenic Sorbent,
or N-CAS, to remove arsenic from drinking water.
      2525 N. Fremont Avenue
      P.O. Box 1625
      Idaho Falls, ID 83415
      Phone: (208) 526-0111

    Idaho State University
The Idaho Accelerator Center is a unique research facility operated by Idaho
State University in southeastern Idaho. The center has laboratories on the
university campus, in the university’s Business and Research Park and at the
Pocatello Airport. It provides opportunities for scientists and engineers from
the university, the private sector, and the national laboratory to utilize
specialized nuclear facilities. It serves as a principal investigating conduit for
research and development in nuclear physics applications in materials science,
biology, and homeland and national security.
       1500 Alvin Ricken Drive
       Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 282-5877
       Fax: (208) 282-5878

    University of Idaho Research Teams
• Mechanics at the Nano-Scale. The goal of this team is to study the
mechanical and electromechanical properties of nano-springs. Professor David
McIlroy ( in the Physics Department leads this team. He
has expertise in the area of nano-spring synthesis and was the first in the world
to discover and develop a process for synthesizing nano-springs. Professor Chris
Berven ( is an expert in device physics and advanced nano-
device fabrication, and Professor Eric Aston ( is an expert in
mechanics at the nano-scale.
• Nano-Scale Magnetic Materials for Perpendicular Recording Media. The goal
of this team is to develop nano-scale magnetic materials suitable for the next
generation of magnetic memory. This cluster includes Professor Wei Jiang Yeh
( in the Physics Department, who has expertise in nano-
magnetics and thin film magnetics; Professor You Qiang
(, who is an expert in magnetic nano-particle synthesis
and is the designer of a state-of-the-art apparatus for synthesizing magnetic
nano-particles; and Professor Yang-Ki Hong (, who has over
25 years of experience in the field of magnetic storage materials research and
brings invaluable industrial experience to the team.
• Generation of Bio-based Nano-fibers for Use in Composite Materials and
Baked Foods. The goal of this team is to develop biopolymer nano-fibers
suitable for construction/building materials and enhanced foods like crumb-less
cookies. In order to manage and maximize the use of trees in wood-based
products and other agricultural bio-resources, the forest products and food
industries are developing approaches for utilizing every part of the bioresource
– in the case of trees, from the bark to sawdust. Professor Armando McDonald
(, in the Forest Products Department and an expert in
forest products and in particular wood composites, will lead this cluster. Other
members include Research Professor Kerry Huber (, who
has expertise in food science and polysaccharide chemistry; Professor Eric
Aston (, who is an expert in mechanics at the nano-scale
and polymers; and Professor David McIlroy (, who has
expertise in surface physics and materials characterization.
• Semiconductor Nano-Wire Sensors for Biological Detection. The goal of this
cluster is to use semiconducting nano-wires to construct, test, and develop
highly sensitive biosensors. The team consists of Professor Chris Berven
( of the Physics Department, who will head the group and
has a background in nano-electronics and nano-devices; Professor David McIlroy
(, who will provide the team with different types of
semiconducting nano-wires; Professor Pam Shapiro (, who
will develop techniques for functionalizing the nano-wires as receptors to
biomaterial; and Professor Greg Bohach (, who will
provide guidance and expertise on the chemical properties of biomaterials such
as viruses.

U of I Department of Chemistry
• Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Pamela Shapiro’s current research is on
quantum dot solar cells.
• Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Frank Cheng and Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Chien Wai is working on using supercritical carbon dioxide processing to
develop fuel cells.
       P.O. Box 442343
       Moscow, ID 83844
       Phone: (208) 885-6552 Chemistry Dept.
       Phone: (208) 885-6380 Physics Dept.

Communications Technology
   Innovation Business Directory

  Innovation Business Directory— January 2011
Communications Technology
Communications technology is a growing sector in the Idaho business market.
Its place as one of Idaho’s specialized focus areas is still being formed and
continues to grow.

Communication in the business world takes many forms: marketing, branding,
public relations, community engagement, etc. Each of these mediums is
necessary in order to maintain a successful business.

Inside the Directory
Inside the Communications Technology directory are companies, agencies, and
research institutions which are involved in developing new technologies and
updated services for the telecommunications, media, and internet sectors.
This development includes research into improving cellular, wireless,
broadband, audio, video, cable, and satellite media.

                    Examples of Communications Technology:
      Telecommunications service providers
      Television service providers
      Internet service providers
      Radio and television broadcasting companies
      Telecommunications infrastructure design
      Telecommunications product manufacturers
      Communications equipment service companies

                             Companies & Agencies

       Advance Communications Specialist
Advance Communications specializes in services such as public address systems,
business phones and wiring, and more.
      7758 E. Foothill Road
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401
      Phone: (208) 523-7989

        AlloSys Corporation
AlloSys focuses on providing design services and development support for
companies involved with high frequency and wireless products. AlloSys
provides premier, highly responsive technical design and support services for
our customers. The company’s focus includes wireless and high frequency
systems and systems to automate testing, measurement, identification, and
       5650 Fieldcrest Drive
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 377-0246

        American Fiber Systems (AFS)
AFS is a network company specializing in corporate solutions. The company is
headquartered in Rochester, New York with an office in Boise, Idaho.
       350 N. Mitchell
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 514-3532

         AT&T
For more than a century, AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable,
high-quality products and services and excellent customer care. They're
fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and
by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry. AT&T
is the top U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, Wi-Fi, local and
long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services. They
are also a leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to
businesses. Over 500 employees.
        1475 Broadway Avenue
        Boise, ID 83706
        Phone: (208) 426-0564

       ATC Communications
ATC Communications has a rich and colorful history in the telecommunications
business, going from 17 subscribers in 1925 to approximately 5000 today. They
currently serve 11 communities in southern Idaho and northern Utah. Over 500
      225 W. North Street
      Albion, ID 83311

       Bayco, Inc
    4453 Greenchain Loop
    Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
    Phone: 208-772-9934
    Fax: 208-772-8693

        Compton Communications
Compton Communications specializes in webmastering, public relations, and
consulting services. Using a variety of communication tactics, they help
companies build quality Internet, news, and internal communications programs
using the World Wide Web. They produce state-of-the-art Web sites, online
news systems, blogs, Webcasts, and marketing Web sites. No R&D.
       1473 N. Parkforest Way
       Eagle, ID 83616-4001
       Phone: (208) 939-3457
       Fax: (208) 939-0276

         Cox Communications
As the third-largest cable provider in the nation, Cox Communications Inc. is
noted for its high-capacity, reliable broadband delivery network, and superior
customer care. Since 1962, Cox has built high-quality communications
networks and delivered quality cable television programs. A full-service
provider of telecommunications products, Cox offers an array of advanced
digital video, high-speed Internet, and telephone services over its own
nationwide IP network, as well as integrated wireless services in partnership
with Sprint.
        105 Lewis Street
        Ketchum, ID 83340
        Phone: (208) 726-4561

       Dedicated Devices Inc. (Brought out by Home Director)
Home Director delivers reliable infrastructure and control products for the
Connected Home. The company's complete line of wired and wireless products
provides affordable solutions to home entertainment, communications and
comfort, and offers unique opportunities for networking within production
home communities. Dedicated Devices is a leading manufacturer of reliable
whole home media systems. The company was founded in 2003 by former
employees of Micron Electronics, Inc. Now based in California. Over 500
      404 S 8th St
      Ste 216
      Boise, ID 83702-7098
      Phone: (208) 442-1248
      Fax: (208) 442-1281

       DigitalBridge Communications
DBC, headquartered in Virginia, provides broadband wireless to small and
medium-sized communities of up to 150,000 people nationwide through the
new WiMAX technology standard. Over 500 employees.
      Idaho Falls Office
      1665 N. Woodruff Ave.
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401
      Tel: 208.529.0184
      Fax: 208.529.8943

      Twin Falls Office
      1162 Blue Lakes Boulevard North
      Twin Falls, ID 83301
      Tel: 208.734.8169
      Fax: 208.734.8172

        Direct Communications
Direct Communications is a broadband company with a vision to improve the
communications infrastructure throughout Southeast Idaho by connecting rural
towns and delivering improved services via a state-of -the-art fiber optic
network. They can help get you connected - be it local phone service, long
distance phone service, dial-up, DSL, wireless, cable and satellite internet,
VOIP, or cable TV.
       150 S. Main Street
       P.O. Box 270
       Rockland, ID 83271
       Phone: (208) 548-2345 or (800) 245-4329
       Fax: (208) 548-9911


        Fiberpipe, Inc.
Established in January 2000, Fiberpipe Inc. provides high-quality Internet
Products and Services to residential and business clients of all sizes. The
company’s scalable service offerings include: Dialup, DSL, High-Speed Business
Connectivity, Shared and Dedicated eBusiness Hosting, Colocation Facilities,
Managed and Professional Services. Fiberpipe has created an organization and
business model centered on flexibility and client satisfaction. Fiberpipe Inc.
has also created a new world infrastructure platform to bring its clients cutting
edge innovative solutions.
       10215 W Emerald St
       Ste 160
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 331-3232
       Fax: (208) 331-2310
        Frontier Communications
Frontier Communications is a telecommunications company.
       201 Lenora St
       McCall, ID 83638
       Phone: (208) 634-6100

        Gem State Communications
For over 25 years, Gem State Communications has partnered with Motorola to
provide two-way radio sales, service, installation and maintenance to the
commercial, agricultural, healthcare, public safety, and government industries
in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon. No R&D.
       1976 Century Way
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 323-1976
       Fax: (208) 323-1122

        Idaho Communications
Idaho Communications specializes in wireless radio systems, wireless radio
security systems, jobsite systems, and radio mapping. Idaho Communications
can help show customers coverage areas, check microwave paths, and check
interference from a co-channel site. They also help those who need to know
coverage from a proposed site and those who do their own engineering. No
       6702 Northview Street
       Boise, ID 83704-7457

      Phone: (208) 375-4784 or (800) 214-8674

       Impact Wireless
Impact Wireless is an area provider of Sprint and Nextel, and also works with
      415 S. 13th Street
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 939-3199
      Fax: (208) 939-3177

       M2M Communications
M2M Communications specializes in the design, manufacture, and operation of
web-to-wireless remote monitoring and control products and services.
      12554 W Bridger Street, Suite 100
      Boise, ID 83713
      Phone: (208) 947-9500

        NSi Communications
IP telephony has come of age, surpassing yesterday’s static PBX systems with
reliable telephony and data services that are cost-effective, integrated,
diverse, and dynamic. NSI Communications specializes in helping you exploit
these advantages to further your business goals. Over 500 employees.
       3446 S. 15th East
       Idaho Falls, ID 83404
       Phone: (208) 523-7711

    Northern Lights Inc.
Northern Lights telecommunications provides network services to the wholesale
carrier market and integrated voice and data communications solutions to
       P.O. Box 269
       421 Chevy Street
       Sagle, ID 83860
       Phone: (208) 263-5141 or (800) 326-9594

        Quality Communications, Inc.
Quality Communications has been specializing in the installation of Data
Network Structured Cabling Systems as well as telephone, paging, nurse-call,
and security systems since 1993. Based in Boise, they serve Idaho and the

surrounding states with experienced management, qualified technicians, and
fully equipped service vans. No R&D.
       212 Murray Street
       Boise, ID 83714
       Phone: (208) 375-7151
       Fax: (208) 321-9436

        Qwest
Qwest is a leading provider of voice, video, and data services across America
and the world. For more than a century, homes and businesses have relied on
their dependable dial tone connection. Over 500 employees.
       Qwest Solutions Center
       Boise Town Square
       350 N. Milwaukee
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 378-1809

        RFinity
Rfinity produces mobile computing, e-commerce security software and
hardware. The company also adds a new communications channel to handsets.
Mobile handsets with a microSD slot can use the Near Field Communications
capabilities of RFinity to perform person-to-person transactions in a fast,
convenient and secure way that eliminates the wait times associated with SMS-
based mobile payment systems.
       901 Pier View Drive, Suite 207
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 346-7330

        Seybold Scientific
Seybold Scientific is a technology-centric, Boise based company specializing in
marketing, business process improvement, search engine optimization, seo
copywriting, website development, search engine advertising, social media
marketing, and web analytics. The company’s team of seasoned professionals
can solve even the toughest business challenges.
       909 S Allante Ave
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 639-0781

       Silverdraft Studios, LLC

As the largest film and television studio in the northwest United States,
Silverdraft Studios offers state-of-the-art services to take any project from pre-
production through post. This revolutionary data center is specifically designed
for the entertainment industry. It provides post-production, storage, and
distribution of digital content at unmatched speeds, capacity, and cost savings.
       4477 Emerald Court, Suite A200
       Boise, ID 83706
       Phone: (208) 342-9400

        Spring Creek Communications
Spring Creek’s dedication to years of outdoor communication has given them
the understanding to assist companies in expanding their marketing and sales
into the 21st century through the Internet. Spring Creek Communications can
provide a business with full Internet services including Web site design and
development, electronic news releases, ad layout, and Web-brochures and
catalogs. They also manage the increasingly popular Web site, Idaho fish 'n'
hunt, an Idaho-based site designed to showcase Idaho's outdoor businesses on
the World Wide Web.
       8425 Spring Creek Way
       Boise, ID 83703
       Phone: (208) 939-0321 or (800) 787-0321

       Sprint
Over 500 employees.
      120 Milwaukee Street, Space B4
      Boise, ID 83704
      Phone: (208) 378-9316

        Syringa Networks LLC
Twelve rural Idaho telephone companies with a determination to improve
telecommunication and rural broadband services in Idaho created Syringa
Networks, in 2002. Syringa Networks’ founding member companies were (and
continue to be) committed to providing telecommunication services to promote
the economic viability of their communities and enhancing educational and
business opportunities. Over 50 million dollars has been invested since Syringa
Networks’ origination and today the company has become Idaho’s leading fiber
optic network provider.
       3795 S Development Ave
       Ste 100
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 229-6100

      Fax: (208) 299-6110

        Syringa Wireless
Syringa Wireless uses the CDMA platform and will include voice, text, picture
messaging, and WAP (a web browsing interface). Additionally, Syringa offers all
of the latest in accessories including many Bluetooth compatible products.
They strive to offer the latest models of CDMA phones from many of the
industry leaders in wireless handset technology. No R&D.
       2940 S. 25th E. Hitt Road, Suite A
       Idaho Falls, ID 83406
       Phone: (208) 552-7464

       Systems Technology, Inc.
Veteran-owned, Systems Technologies is a nationally recognized firm in the
engineering and manufacturer of wireless nurse call, duress alarm, locator
systems and peripheral products.
      11210 N Government Way
      Hayden, ID 83835
      Phone: 208-762-6800 x101
      Fax: 208-762-4877

        Tracker Radio
Tracker is one of the few companies with successful GPS, RF and hybrid
systems. Tracker Radio offers telemetry, radio frequency (RF) and GPS tracking
systems. The company’s hunting dog tracking collars and dog tracking systems
are used throughout the world when portability and usability are of key
concern. Tracker also provides UAV tracking systems and military personnel
tracking systems using powerful, yet small transmitters. Additionally the
company’s pet tracking system, mountain locator units and rocket recovery
systems are reliable and compact for locating people, animals and assets when
they may be impossible to find.
       150 S Adkins Way
       Ste 100
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 514-4719
       Fax: (208) 514-4730

       Tracy Communications, Inc.
Tracy Communications is a full-service Public Relations firm that, through its
marketing alliance with Donahoe Pace & Partners, offers a full array of
advertising and marketing solutions for its clients across multiple marketing
communications platforms.
      President: Mike Tracy
      800 W. Idaho Street, Suite 350
      Boise, ID 83702
      Phone: (208) 424-3433

         Verizon
Verizon operates the most reliable wireless network in the U.S., an extensive
global Internet backbone network and an advanced broadband network. In the
year 2006, Verizon invested more than $17 billion in network technologies. As
they deploy next-generation networks, they have also unleashed a stream of
innovative services and applications, such as Verizon FiOS Internet access, an
all-digital video service called FiOS TV, and V CAST Mobile TV. Over 500
        Silver Lake Mall
        200 W. Hanley, Suite B-207
        Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
        Phone: (208) 762-7600

Other Innovative Businesses
    Innovation Business Directory

   Innovation Business Directory—January 2011
Other Innovative Businesses
Despite the setbacks from the recent recession, the areas of innovation for
Idaho small business startups have increased. Manufacturing, among others in
this section, remains one of the state’s strongest industries and innovations in
the manufacturing field insure that it ranks as one of Idaho’s key factors to

Inside the Other Innovative Businesses directory includes companies that
specialize in the production of molds and tools for engineering and design as
well as the production of parts for industrial applications. Businesses that do
not fall under the general guidelines set for the other categories are listed

             Examples of other innovative businesses:

      Mold building
      Metal fabrication
      Land planning and development
      Containment systems

                        Companies & Agencies

         Accurate Router Service, Inc.
Woman-owned, state of the art, full service CNC laser & router shop capable
of fulfilling almost any cutting or part marking requirement. We specialize in
all types of jobs for manufacturers, sign & cabinet shops, furniture builders,
stair builders and many others
        11396 N Government Way
        Hayden, ID 83835
        Phone: 208-772-0641
        Fax: 208-772-0341

        American Fabrication, Inc.
Vessels per ASME code,API 650 Tanks,AWWA tanks Metal fabrication ,Speciality
fabrication , Stainless Steel Fabrication.
       2517 W Omni Dr
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: 208-522-1361 x105
       Fax: 208-522-3389

        Andersen Manufacturing Inc.
We are the makers of the Original Rapid Hitch, Alumistinger, Ranch Hitch
Adapter, and other innovative products like the Greaseless HardBall, Alumiball,
CAMper Leveler, Rapid Jack, and Mega MudFlap. We often release new and
exciting products to make your life easier.
       3125 N Yellowstone Hwy
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 523-6460
       Fax: (208) 523-6562

       Apex Adoptive Management
Manufacturing and process companies of all sizes, in all industries, use APEX's
manufacturing consulting and factory automation services to improve
production throughput, reduce waste, and increase uptime.
      405 W. Myrtle St.
      Boise, ID 83702 USA
      Phone: (208)344-5535
      Fax: (866)391-1009

        ATAV Inc. (Transnational Strategic Solutions)
The ATAV is an all-terrain, water, all-climate, all-season vehicle that moves
assets almost anywhere quickly. With technology that has been developed over
20 years with continual redesign and improvement, it combines a range of
capabilities and ease of maintenance never before available. ATAV Inc. is
currently organizing to finish engineering refinement in 2010 and begin
production in 2010 or 2011 depending on markets and orders. There are
alternate schedules for normal and fast track commercial or military
applications, the implementation of which will depend on customer needs,
desires and funding. Development and building will be done in the state of
Idaho. Facilities have been identified and are available.
       610 W Hubbard St Ste 120
       Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: (208) 664-9520
       Fax: (208) 664-9518

        ATTCO Inc.
ATTCO is the leader in providing ergonomic, industrial and safe lifting devices
to companies around the world. Offering you a cost effective solution to all of
your safe lifting requirements, our “Sky Hook” ergonomic equipment helps
prevent serious back injuries and lowers your financial burden. In addition, a
Sky Hook lifting device will start saving you money the first day it’s on the job.
Your employees and customers will love how easily it lifts machine parts and all
other heavy items. For over 40 years, USA-made Sky Hook Industrial Lifting
Devices have been serving a wide variety of industries.
       8395 W Idaho Blvd
       Emmett, ID 83636
       Phone: (208) 365-5770
       Fax: (208) 365-5771
       Company e-mail:

        Aulterra
Aulterra, an Idaho company, is a pioneer in the research and development of
products that protect consumers from the potentially negative effects of
electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cell phones, computers, microwave
ovens, cordless phones, televisions, video games, and other electronic devices.
The Neutralizer™ , a small holographic disc, is Aulterra’s flagship product. It is
the only product on the market today which has been scientifically proven to
be significantly effective in reducing/neutralizing the harmful effects of
electromagnetic waves.
       560 W Canfield
       Ste 400
       Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

      Phone: (208) 769-7565
      Fax: (208) 769-7595

        B&A Engineers, Inc.
In the past B & A engineers were very instrumental in designing bridges, dams,
and airports. When residential development escalated in the mid 1980’s, the
firm became more involved with land planning and land development projects,
a service the firm continues to provide to many developers today. As a result, B
& A Engineers, Inc. has been involved in some of the largest private
developments in the Treasure Valley.
       5505 W Franklin Rd
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 343-3381
       Fax: (208) 342-5792

        C4 Technology, LLC
Licensing Acquisitions Intermediary and Technical Solutions in the scientific
disciplines involving Composite Materials, Chemistry, Circuits and Ceramic
       11760 W Executive Dr Ste 220
       Boise, ID 83713
       Phone: 208-629-4099
       Fax: 408-624-4273

        Commercial Military Technologies, Inc.
Electro-mechanical design and manufacturing firm located in North Idaho
servicing the military with custom lighting and switching technology upgrades.
Embedded electronics, metals, plastics and elastomerics design and
       556 W Harbor View Rd
       Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
       Phone: 208-755-0149

        D8
D8's customers want to lower their operating costs. Through research with
nationals labs, universities, and industry experts D8 has studied the thermal
performance of molds and tools operating in our customers' plants. The
resulting innovation is what we call "thermally engineered tooling". The benefit
to our customers is D8 molds are now designed and manufactured to run faster

and use less energy. The value to the customer is lowered operating costs for
the life of the mold.
       1293 E Freeze Rd
       Potlatch, ID 83855
       Phone: (208) 875-1221
       Fax: (208) 875-1225

        David Evans and Associates
DEA is a national leader in sustainable design and management solutions, and
has consistently provided its clients with award-winning approaches to
transportation, energy, water resources, and land development design,
planning, and management. As a result, the company has consistently ranked
among Engineering News Record's Top 100 Pure Design firms in the U.S. and
among the leaders in many of its local markets. Over 500 employees.
        6148 N Discovery Way #1
        Boise, ID 83713
        Phone: (208) 672-7249

        Diamond Z Manufacturing
Diamond Z offers a broad range of industrial tub grinder, horizontal grinder,
track grinder, & metal recycling equipment designed to suit any application
and for such versatile purposes as high-volume composting needs, disaster
cleanup, stockpile tire disposal, solid waste reduction, etc.
       11299 Bass Lane
       Caldwell, ID 83605
       Phone: (208) 585-2929
       Fax: (208) 585-2112

       Edco Manufacturing, Inc.
Wonan-owned, Precision Machining/Tool and Die/Mold Building/ Rubber
Molding/Plastics Fabrication/Sheet Metal Fabrication/Aircraft Switch
Manufacturing/Testing Devices/Cycling Equipment
      13722 North Church Rd
       Rathdrum, ID 83858
       Phone: 208-687-1563
       Fax: 208-687-1563

       General Pneumatic Tools
General Pneumatic offers a complete line of pneumatic riveters from the hand
held 3000A and 3000C to the 24 inch model 15000CS. In addition we offer
numerous variations between models. Sold complete with foot control and

guard ready for use. We maintain a complete inventory of replacement parts as
well as tooling for almost any rivet or special fastener.
       Phone: 208-773-8080
       Fax: 208-773-6918

       General Products Machine Shop
General Products Machine Shop has been producing Quality products since
1958, and today we are on the forefront of precision CNC machining. Industry
professionals trust us to supply important machined components ranging from
microchip testing equipment and biomedical devices, to aerospace and
government nuclear devices. We are equally at home providing heavy industrial
components, and offer several other in-house quality processes, including
Reverse Engineering. No R&D.
      3661 Pole Line Rd
      Pocatello, ID 83201-5531
      Phone: (208) 237-2390

       Glava Management LLC
The new ExamezeTM shirt is designed to provide easy shoulder access for
medical and therapy professionals; and allow the recovering patient to put on
and take off a garment without suffering the pain associated with trying to
wear a regular shirt.
5190 N Lakemont Ln
      Boise, ID 83714
      Phone: (208) 371-8301
      Fax: (208) 853-0284

        Hydraulic Warehouse Inc.
HWI was founded in 1987, by Ed Endebrock, and incorporated in 1994. The
original focus of the operation was the repair of hydraulic components and the
design of hydraulic systems. As parts became more and more expensive, to
obtain for repairs, the company emphasis turned toward the manufacturing of
pumps, motors & parts. Today they are a full scale manufacturing company,
bringing in rough, cast iron, castings and machine to specifications. No R&D.
       121 9th St
       Lewiston, ID 83501
       Phone: (208) 743-7058
       Fax: (208) 746-5518

        Idaho Steel
Owner of Idaho Steel Products since 1991, Lynn introduced the Super Drum to
the industry. The large capacity and stainless steel end plates led a revolution
in the potato dehydration industry. Since their introduction over 40 drums are
in operation. Lynn continues to be involved in the decision of Idaho Steel. His
knowledge and expertise continue to lead the company into the ever changing
and improving market it services.
       255 E Anderson St
       Idaho Falls, ID 83401
       Phone: (208) 522-1275
       Fax: (208) 522-6041

       Integrated Ideas and Technologies, Inc.
SMT stenciling and metal fabrication.
      6164 W. Selstice Way
      Post Falls, ID 83854
      Phone: 208-262-7200
      Fax: 208-262-7177

       Inventure Engineering, LLC
Woman-owned, Engineering, Design, Build and Support services. We are
capable of handling all product evolution stages, from concept generation
through prototyping and short run manufacturing. We provide engineering team
augmentation to increase capacity.
      Anthony J Senn
      5111 Bugle Ridge Rd
      Nampa, ID 83686
      Phone: 208-863-6033
      Fax: 208-442-1988

        Lewis Corp.
Lewis Corporation is committed to maintaining a position of leadership in the
construction industry, holding to a company ethic shaped by innovation,
excellence, in service and mastery of the rapidly evolving technology of
modern construction. Since it's founding, Lewis Corporation has grown from a
small, little-known HVAC contractor into a significant, diversified construction
services firm. That growth, which continues today, has been propelled by a
service orientation where customer needs have defined the shape of the
       15136 W Hunziker Rd

      Pocatello, ID 83402
      Phone: (208) 238-1202
      Fax: (208) 237-1343

        Metal Craft Inc.
Metalcraft, Inc. is Idaho’s premier fabricator of precision metal parts. We are a
minority owned company serving the semiconductor, electronic, architectural,
construction, transportation, medical and OEM industries. Our fabrication
services include CNC punching, forming, laser cutting, machining, hardware
insertion and welding. We also offer CAD/CAM programming, chromate
conversion, wet painting, screen-printing and a full prototype area. This total
in-house production capability enables us to provide you with a complete
solution to your metal fabricating needs.
       1080 W Amity Rd
       Boise, ID 83705
       Phone: (208) 368-0700
       Fax: (208) 368-0600

        Omnipure Filter Co.
In 1970 Omnipure Filter Company revolutionized the filtration industry by
making the first small, disposable, inline carbon filter. Our first filter, and
every filter since, was designed to eliminate or reduce contaminants that cause
unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in potable water. From this simple
concept of "better tasting water", Omnipure Filter Company has grown and
       1904 Industrial Way
       Caldwell, ID 83605
       Phone: (800) 398-0833
       Fax: (208) 454-0026

         PanelTek
PanelTEK's expertise, experience, systems, and customer focused turnkey
solutions can help customers reduce costs in materials, operations, and
facilities, simplify the supply chain (attain fewer suppliers, stronger
relationships, and easier logistics), maintain and expand core competencies,
focus on the organization's specialty and not be distracted by peripheral, "non-
value added" activities. For simple panels or complex systems, PanelTEK
understands the outsourcing process from decision making to implementation.
Based in Wisconsin.
        323 E Karcher Rd
        Nampa, ID 83651
        Phone: (208) 577-7071


        Plastic Model Engineering, Inc.
Plastic Model Engineering, Inc. is a custom plastic injection molder and mold
manufacturer located in the Inland Northwest.
       W. 4764 Selway Avenue
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: (208) 773-9998
       Fax: (208) 773-7667

        Plexus Corporation
Plexus is unique within the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry
with more than 25 years experience in turning customer's concepts into world-
class products through its unique set of value-added product realization
solutions. These solutions include mechanical, electronic and software design,
printed circuit board development, prototyping services, new product
introduction, material procurement and supply chain management, printed
circuit board and higher level assembly, test development, in-circuit and
functional testing, final system box build, fulfillment, service, and repair. This
range of capability provides for the seamless transition of products from one
service offering to another, reducing time to market and total cost. Based in
       16399 Franklin Blvd
       Nampa, ID 83687
       Phone: (208) 898-2600
       Fax: (208) 898-2789

         Pneumotech, Inc.
Compressed air, vacuum & automated lubrication systems, service (inhouse /
field), parts (all major brand's), accessories, sales, system engineering,
consultation, factory trained, available 24 hours.
        4652 Henry St A
        Boise, ID 83709
        Phone: 208-362-4721
        Fax: 208-362-1754

        Power Systems Limited, Boise Research Center
PSL’s main mission is "to create safe, problem free, high containment systems
and processes, for product handling in the Pharmaceutical industry". All control
systems are designed and built by the company’s team of control engineers,
interfacing new equipment with existing facility equipment where necessary.

With quality employees across the entire business, from sales & marketing to
assembly, engineering, to procurement, a complete professional experience
can be provided for the company’s customers. Over 500 employees.
      12554 W Bridger St Ste 118
      Boise, ID 83713
      Phone: (208) 376-7008
      Fax: (208) 376-7999

       Precision Energy Services Inc.
Bulk Material Reclaim system
      8152 Wayne Blvd
      Hayden, ID 83835
      Phone: (208) 772-4457
      Fax: (208) 762-1113

        Price Associates
Price Associates helps business leaders get to the root of their toughest
problems and seize their greatest opportunities. Capitalizing on people's
strengths, focusing on innovative strategies and creating results-oriented
performance systems, the company helps its clients produce exceptional
       1224 1st St S Ste 307
       Nampa, ID 83651
       Phone: (208) 442-0556
       Fax: (20 8) 467-6004

       Quest Aircraft Co
From the very beginning our underlying mission at Quest has been to design and
manufacture a backcountry / utility aircraft specifically suited to the needs of
the mission and humanitarian aviation organizations which provide access to
the most remote regions of the world and the isolated people groups who live
in them.
      1200 Turbine Dr
      Sandpoint, ID 83864
      Phone: (866) 263-1112
      Fax: (208) 263-1511

       Red Rock Wildland Fire Systems, Inc.
Woman-owned, our systems are intended for use in rural or remote areas
where water is scarce, where wells may have insufficient flow or pumping
capacity to fight fires, where organized fire protection is limited or non-

existent, or during times when widespread fires may overwhelm professional
fire fighting capacity. At Red Rock, we design and manufacture custom systems
for homes, valued property, industrial structures, farms, entire communities
and the government.
        Rick Coombs
        1502 Aviation Way
        Caldwell, ID 83605
        Phone: 208-327-9941
        Fax: 208-378-1156

       Reeve Knives
   International sales represent an important part of our business and we are
   happy to send our knives anywhere in the world! However, we have
   concluded exclusive distribution agreements in various countries and so it is
   not possible for us to sell directly to either a retail customer or a dealer in
   any of the countries listed below. Please contact the distributor in your
   country and they will advise the name of a retailer who can help you find
   the knife you want
      2949 S Victory View Way
      Boise, ID 83709
      Phone: (208) 375-0367
      Fax: (208) 375-0368

        Rocky Mountain Scientific Corporation
Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing.
       Steve Hammon
       1040 Elmore
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: 208-403-8817
       Fax: 208-552-4841

        SGW Designwork, LLC
SGW Designworks is a technical service provider specializing in: Industrial
Design,Mechanical Engineering, Process Design, Product Development,
Feasibility Analysis, Energy Efficient Design & Commissioning, Project
Management, Precision Manufacturing.
       Ryan Gray
       3175 S Shortleaf Ave
       Biose, ID 83716
       Phone: 208-401-8997


        Silicon Inc.
Silicon Inc. provides prime, test and reclaim silicon wafers in diameters from 1
inch to 12 inch. The company’s staff has over 30 years experience in the
manufacture and sales of silicon wafers. Silicon Inc. is a supplier of SEMI spec.
Prime and Test silicon wafers. Also, Silicon Inc. has available reclaiming
services (etching, polishing and silicon wafer cleaning). Silicon Inc. provides
fabs, Universities, or research centers with silicon wafers from solar to prime
       1110 N Cole Rd
       Boise, ID 83704
       Phone: (208) 922-5046
       Fax: (208) 922-1244

        Space Screw
We are a manufacturing company that produces quality screw machine parts
from brass, aluminum and steel. We have a variety of machine types from our 5
spindle Davenport screw machines, single spindle CNC Index and Citizen Swiss
type screw machine lathes. Our operational procedures are established to
produce high quality parts Our document control procedures ensure complete
traceability and certification. Our company began in the aerospace industry;
therefore we are accustomed to the high quality assurance methods and
procedures. We are MIL-I-45208A certified, ISO compliant and are working
towards AS-9100 certification. We also have real time SPC capabilities as
       6720 W Boekel Rd
       Rathdrum, ID 83858
       Phone: (208) 687-9364

        Swiss Tech Precision, Inc.
Engineering & Tooling: Complete Engineering, CAD File transfer: Pt.Modeler,
Anvil Express, Anvil 5000, Anvil 1000, DXF, DRW, IGES CNC programming on:
SmartCam, Mecanic & Anvil 5000-NC.
       690 Clearwater Loop
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208-773-4800
       Fax: 208-773-4882

        Synaptic Forge LLC
Services include custom product development, new product invention, design
services (consultative, 3D, CAD, industrial design), product viability consulting,
marketing, project management, and funding.
       7175 W. Ring Perch Drive
       Boise, ID 83709
       Phone: (208) 866-6362

        Tapmatic Corporation
Self-Reversal, Constant Speed and Renewable Drive are just a few of the
features and patented innovations that set Tapmatic apart and guarantee
faster cycle times, reduced machine wear, longer tap life, and less power
       802 Clearwater Loop
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208-773-8048
       Fax: 208-773-3021

       Teton Machine Co.
Wide variety of the most technologically advanced machining services
supported by a full aray of secondary processing and mechanical sub-assemby.
From porto typing to production. clients: medical devices, business machines,
measurment and testing devices and aerospace...
      1805 NE 10th Ave
      Payette, ID 83661
      Phone: (208) 642-9344
      Fax: (208) 642-9346

        Titan Spring
Our sales office is located outside of Los Angeles but our manufacturing is done
in Idaho. Titan is also positioned to outsource whatever operations necessary to
provide quality products on time. Titan Spring is a member of the Spring
Manufacturers Institute, West Coast Spring Manufacturers Association, Inland
Northwest Aerospace Alliance and the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance.
Titan is certified to AS9100 Rev “B” and ISO 9001:2000 certified. Titan Spring is
also now certified up to Boeing BQMS D-6-82479 Appendix “A”. We manufacture
Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion, Flat and Clock Springs in
addition to Wave and Bellville Washers, Short Run Stampings along with EDM.
Titan has a complete Die Shop on premises complete with EDM Machine.
       11679 N Warren St
       Hayden, ID 83835
       Phone: (818) 755-3800

      Fax: (818) 982-4251

        Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Veteran-owned, OEM of VENTRY Fans and LENTRY Generator & Light Systems
with legs. Patented designs allow operation on any terrain. Heavy-duty gas-
powered fans for fire fighting/ppv/drying/cooling/burning and more. LENTRY
Systems offer portable scene lighting and power.
       James Neils
       14128 N Hauser Lake
       Post Falls, ID 83854
       Phone: 208-773-1194
       Fax: 208-777-0360

        Walsh Engineering Services
Walsh Engineering Services is a small, woman-owned design firm located in
downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. The company is committed to hiring the highest-
quality professionals with the abilities, knowledge and dedication to provide its
Clients the solutions they require.
       545 Shoup Ave, Suite 336
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
       Phone: (208) 524-2286

        Western Electronics
Western Electronics is a recognized leading Regional Contract Electronics
Manufacturing Services Company (CEMS) providing manufacturing service
solutions for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, primarily in
the Western portion of North America. Our market focus is small to medium
size OEM companies, who require a high level of quality, delivery, flexibility,
and responsiveness in the outsourcing of product sub-assemblies or product
assembly. No R&D.
       1550 S Tech Ln
       Meridian, ID 83642
       Phone: (208) 955-9726
       Fax: (208) 955-9752 Annual Revenue

        Wimer, Jack Machine LLC
Machining & manufacturing metal or plastic products. Specializing in designing
or producing unique high quality specialty machines or parts. No R&D.

Max Nuxoll
202 E Main St
Cottonwood, ID 83522
Phone: 208-962-3738
Fax: 208-962-3718


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