U” Rules
     All contestants must be a UBRC member and purchase a $85 UBRC membership prior to
      competing in Top Gun 4D and $55.00 membership prior to competing in the Young Gun 3D. If a
      contestant under 18 would like to compete in both Youth and Open , just an Open membership
      must be purchased.
     All contestants receive one point per horse for entering on that horse. Points will count on the
      horse/rider combo. A rider that rides more than one horse cannot combine points on other horses.
     There will be 100 points given to first place in each of the divisions down to tenth place receiving
      10 points if possible in each division of the Top Gun 4D. If you place in more than one division on
      the same horse/rider combo we will combine points for the Top Gun Award.
     The horses in each division will also earn points towards year-end awards in each division.
     In The Young Gun 3D the same point system will be used. 100 points will be awarded to first
      place in each division 90 points to second place down to tenth place receiving 10 points. If there
      are not enough places to award to tenth place points will only be awarded where applicable.
     The Young Gun 3D racers will be earning points towards a high point year-end Mt. Silversmiths
      Trophy Buckle. Any horse/rider combo in any of the three Young Gun divisions can win this
     All pre-entries must be postmarked by the deadline. Late entries must be paid in cash, and a $10
      late fee per day will be charged. Late entries will run at the end of the draw.
     Each day the UBRC National Sponsors will rotate divisions giving everyone equal opportunity to
      win these products.
“U” Rock
     All contestants must compete in Dress code. Dress code is long sleeve shirt and cowboy hat.

     There will be a $10 hat fine for lost hats. The fine money will go to the research of breast cancer
      with money collected sent to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in support of TETWP campaign.

     There will be no carry over times to any division. If you enter, you must make your run.
     The UBRC encourages all contestants to check the draw for position postings.
     If you have prepaid for time onlys, please pick up your tickets at the UBRC office the day of the
      event. No other horses will be allowed in the arena during time onlys. Arena will be closed after
      time onlys and no one will be allowed in the arena prior to the start of the race.
     Barrels will be set OFF the markers for the Time onlys
     A big tractor rake will be determined by total number entered. Turnouts will not change the draw.
      All positions will be drawn.
     All UBRC members and there family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all
      times. No level of abuse toward any animal at UBRC events will be allowed. Foul language,
      misconduct or abusive comments spoken to any Contestant, Specator, UBRC staff member, or
      UBRC Arena Personnel will result in immediate contestant disquailification and no refund of
      entry fees. Contestants are also responsible for traveling compaions and family members.
     Contestants shall identify themselves, before their name is called by the announncer, to the Gate
      Man to be located next to the alley way going in to the arena. Failure to do so will result in
      disqualification. Contestants name will be called by the Gate Man three times, if the contestant is
      not in the arena by the third call they will be disqualified. Only one horse may be in the alleyway
      at any time.
   An electric eye will be used for all runs. Should the timer fail to function; a rerun will be given
    after the event or at the producer’s discretion.
   There will be no reruns given if a horse falls.
   There will be no pulling up a horse to try to place in a certain division.
   Knocking over a barrel will result in a no time. A “no time” will also be given if a barrel is
    knocked over and it sets up again on either end. Touching a barrel , including to keep it up from
    falling , is permitted without penalty.
   If a barrel is moved off it’s marker during competition, the barrel must be reset prior to the next
    competitor’s run.
   A horse may not change draw positions. Only one horse may be in the arena or alleyway during
    the UBRC competition.
   A No Time will be given to a contestant for the following reasons; if the contestant circles their
    horse after entering (Defintion of the arena is past the plane of the alley.) If the contestant misses
    the barrel pattern. If the contestant runs out of turn. It is the contestant’s responsibilty to know
    their draw position.
   There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds,
    in stalls, or at trailers without a vendor contract with the UBRC.
   Vet Releases and medical releases for draw outs; horse substitutions are accepted, please check in
    with office. If you vet out or medical out of a race the UBRC will return entry fee’s, but the office
    charge will be kept.
   The $10 office charge is per person per day, not per horse.
   The $10 late charge is per person per day ,not per horse. Late entries will be excepted at all races
    with a $10 late charge and Cash only entries.
   The second splits will be determined by the type of arena. Indoor arena’s will have a .5 second
    split and Outdoor arena’s will have .75 second split in the divisions.
   The payout on the Top Gun 4D will be 1D:35% 2D:25% 3D:20% 4D: 20%
   The payout on the Youth 18& Under Young Gun 3D will be 1D:40% 2D:35% 3D:25%
   If any contestant’s times or point totals are tied, the prize money will be split equally. A draw of
    the card will determine the winner. The highest card wins the prizes.
   All fees must be paid in US currency.
   Returned check fee is $30.00
   All dogs must be on leashes at all times. No dogs in the holding areas.
   The point system at the UBRC Finale will be awarded the same as the tour races , 100 points to
    first in each division, 90 points to second down to tenth place receiving 10 points. The UBRC will
    also award points in the average at the Finale. These points will pay double in the average 200
    points to first, 180 to second, 160 to third, down to tenth place receiving 20 points.
   The producer’s of the race will settle any and all disputes. The producer’s decision is final.
   The Previous Year’s Top Gun Award winner may compete at UBRC events for prizes and
    money, but cannot win the Top Gun Award.

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