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					                                           Ray Wolf
            8192 Sandcove Circle #202  Huntington Beach, CA 92646  714.743.9653
     Email:                 Website:

       Currently seeking a position as AVID/FCP Editor or Post Producer or Pro Tools Post-
Production Audio Editor/Mixer or Post-Production Supervisor/Coordinator.

Qualifications and Experience
       For more than 13 years, I was responsible for the finishing and delivery of hundreds of
hours of long form, primetime network and cable television programming. My duties have
encompassed performing and/or supervising many aspects of post-production including:

      Creation and compositing of graphic and text elements from title to credits
      Music composition/editing, dialogue, efx and voice-over recording/editing
      Final audio mix and layback
      Final formatting, color correction and quality control
      Re-purposing of programming for foreign and home video markets
      Management and archival of film and tape elements

        I can operate and maintain many types of audio and video tape machines and
camcorders, both analog and digital. I have received certified Chyron training. I am adept at the
use of Grass Valley Group equipment and Editware editing software. I have a working
knowledge of non-linear editing systems such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and
Adobe Premiere. As an accredited Pro Tools operator, I have created mixes for broadcast and
home entertainment programs, some employing a 5.1 surround matrix. I'm familiar with
broadcast technical specifications, as well as general formatting and delivery requirements.
Also, I have accrued an empirical technical understanding of editing systems, signal routing and
recording technology, having played a key role in the design, installation and implementation of
the studios and hardware systems that I’ve utilized.

        My previous employer was an independent film and television production company that
required me to fill the most pivotal position in the post-production process. I’ve worked on
hundreds of hours of programming of nearly every kind, from multi-hour network specials and
series to concise presentations, promotional reels, press kits and commercials. In many cases, I
supervised the entire final program assembly process, working closely with the editors and
mixers to ensure that all notes and revisions were addressed before screenings with the
producers. As the last link in the chain of production, I was ultimately responsible for the content
and quality control of the video and audio components of all of this programming, most of it
proceeding directly from me to air.

       I believe that my broad and varied experience in broadcast post-production has provided
me with the qualifications and expertise to help execute the realization of nearly any type of
programming project from concept to delivery. I invite you to visit my website to review more of
my credits and examples of some of my work.

       References provided upon request.

Computer Competencies

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Frontpage; Adobe Creative Suite: Acrobat,
PhotoShop, Illustrator; Apple Pro Applications: Final Cut, DVD Studio, Soundtrack, Quicktime;
Avid Media Composer; Digidesign Pro Tools; Waves 360 Surround Tools; Bias Peak; Mark Of
The Unicorn Digital Performer; Editware; Mac & PC OS.

9/06 – 12/06          Elvis: The Sullivan Shows                                              (DVD)
Editor, On-line       Executive Producer: Andrew Solt
Editor, Mixer,        Producer: Greg Vines
Post Supervisor
1/04 – 3/04           76 Annual Academy Awards                                               (CBS)
Editor                (Emmy Award nomination as Editor)
                      Producer: Joe Roth

3/03 – 9/03           CBS At 75                                                              (CBS)
Editor,               Executive Producer: Gil Cates
On-line Editor        Producer: Dennis Doty

06/03 – 08/03         Ed Sullivan Presents: The Beatles                                      (DVD)
Editor, O    n-line   Producer: Andrew Solt
Editor, Post Super
01/02 – 07/02         NBC 75 Anniversary Special                                             (NBC)
On-line Editor        Executive Producer: Lorne Michaels

03/00 – 08/04         U.S. Marshals: The Real Story                                           (TLC)
On-line Editor,       Producer: Ken Weiderhorn
Post Supervisor
06/98 – 09/99 On-     Gimme Some Truth: The Making of                                         (EMI)
line Editor           John Lennon’s Imagine Album
                      (Grammy Award Winner: Long Form Video)
                      Executive Producer: Yoko Ono

10/99 – 11/99 On-     Ed Sullivan: Rock and Roll Forever                                     (CBS)
line Editor,          Producer: Greg Vines
Post Supervisor
03/99 – 11/99         The ‘70s: Bellbottoms to Boogie Shoes                                   (TLC)
On-line Editor,       Producer: Evan Sayet
Post Supervisor       A year-by-year retrospective of the cultural trends of the
                      “Me Decade.” Narrated by Danny Bonaduce.

02/96 – 02/97         Ultimate Adventures: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Alaska                   (Family)
On-line Editor,       Producer: Ted Haimes
Post Supervisor       “Real World” on a raft, on a mountain, in a kayak.

09/95 -11/95          Rock‘n’Roll Revolution: The British Invade America                     (CBS)
On-line Editor        Executive Producer: Andrew Solt
Post Supervisor       Beginning with The Beatles’ debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” this
                      special chronicles one of the most exciting times in music history.
                      Hosted by Graham Nash and Michelle Phillips

11/98 - 01/03         Funny Flubs and Screw-Ups I –XII                                       (CBS)
On-line Editor,       Producer: Richard Crystal
Post Supervisor       Out-takes and gags from popular CBS shows, past & present

10/97 - 05/98         CBS: The First Fifty Years                                             (CBS)
On-line Editor        Producer: Frank Martin
Credits (cont.)

05/97- 09/97        50 Years of Television: The Academy of Television Arts &                (HBO)
On-line Editor      Sciences Golden Anniversary
                    Producer: Gary Smith

01/95 – 03/95        The Ed Sullivan All-Star Comedy Special                                 (CBS)
On-line Editor,      Producer: Susan F. Walker
Post Supervisor      A retrospective of the best comic performances on “The Ed Sullivan
                     Show” over its twenty-three year history. Hosted by Mary Tyler

02/95 – 9/96         The Hunt For Amazing Treasure                                          (NBC)
On-line Editor       Producer: Marc Sachnoff
                     Re-creations and actual footage of treasure hunters all around the
                     world. Hosted by Antonio Sabato, Jr.
10/94 – 01/95        All My Children’s 25 Anniversary Special                                (ABC)
On-line Editor       Producer: Greg Vines
                     Interviews with cast members and highlights from the show’s 25
                     years. Hosted by Carol Burnett.

05/94 – 02/95        The History Of Rock ‘N’ Roll                                         Time Life
On-line Editor       (Emmy Award Nominee)                                                    Home
                     Producer: Andrew Solt                                                   Video/
                     Executive Producer: Quincy Jones                                       Warner
                     Drawing from interviews with over 200 of Rock’s legends, this            Bros.
                     collection also features rare footage of popular music’s greatest
                     performers. Narrated by Gary Busey.

01/94 – 05/94        Sesame Street’s All-Star Birthday Celebration:                          (ABC)
On-line Editor        Stars and Street Forever!
                     (Emmy Award Nominee)
                     Producer: Victoria Strong
                     Sesame Street’s first primetime special

This represents only some of my more notable work. A complete list of credits can be provided
upon request.

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