Hair loss Preventing by safri1234


									Prevent Hair Loss With Healthy Foods

Hair is the crown for women and no doubt more hair loss can cause stress
and kekhawatian for most women. Many have tried to treat hair loss from
starting to use drugs - drugs are sold freely in the market hair up in a
doctor's treatment.
Actually, hair loss can be prevented by diligent eating foods - such as
the following:

1. High Protein

Hair is also made up of protein, so eating high protein foods such as
fish, nuts and eggs will be very good for hair health. Foods such as
almonds, yogurt and soy milk are also good for hair health because it has
high protein and low in bad fats.

2. Iron

Perhaps not many people know in advance that iron can also increase hair
growth. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin, hemoglobin and
distribute oxygen to the body's organs, tissues and so on. A healthy
distribution of oxygen in the body, also means healthy blood flow that
will stimulate hair growth. Foods that are high in iron present in some
dried fruits such as raisins and dates. Other sources of iron are dark
leafy vegetables and whole grain cereals. For the body to absorb iron
more quickly, should also be added to consume the fruit - fruit that has
vitamin C, such as strawberries, oranges and lemons, which can help the
absorption of iron.

3. Zinc

Did you know that zinc or zinc also plays a key role in the glands are
attached to hair follicles? When low levels of zinc in the body, the hair
follicles will become weaker and this can lead to broken or hair loss.
Foods rich in zinc such as seafood, shellfish, shrimp and oysters. Red
meat and poultry can also be a source of zinc. However, it should also be
remembered that excessive levels of zinc in the body system can also
cause hair loss, so try to eat foods high in zinc in a balanced way.
The food - the foods mentioned above are just a few examples of healthy
foods that can be consumed to help prevent hair loss. Keep in mind, too,
that a diet balanced in addition to making the body healthier ¸ also
useful for hair health.

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