The Cause of premature Baldness

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					Identify Causes Premature Baldness

Baldness is a problem that most annoying and difficult to cure. But did
you know that the resentment and sense of stress also trigger hair loss
worse. Therefore, let your mind calm and find the best solution for
baldness cure that annoying. Let us identify some of the causes of
premature baldness, so that you can avoid this annoying problem.
In addition to a very serious illness, surgical and chemotherapy, there
are some things that cause premature baldness in young children. Among
them are the following:
Poor diet
Excessive hair care
Life changes or trauma
Hormonal disorders
Because of illness and treatment
Identify the causes of premature baldness of the first, namely poor diet.
Sometimes we eat the way out of control. Eat all the food looked
delicious but do not necessarily contain the nutrients needed by the
body, is often performed by us unnoticed.
Women often have a diet without counting the amount of calories your body
needs. It can also cause deficiency of minerals and vitamins needed by
the body. Healthy hair requires a balanced diet and if the lack of iron
as well as protein (mostly from eggs, red meat, fish and green
vegetables) then the hair will begin to show its side effects.
Apart from lack of nutrition, identify causes of premature baldness next,
namely the use of excessive hair beauty equipment. The heat generated
from the electrical equipment adversely affect the hair. Hair becomes dry
or loss. If done without control and then continuously premature baldness
will occur.
Mental factors also characteristic for us identify other causes of
premature baldness. Too many thoughts and stress will make fall out by
itself. Heal yourself from within, meditate and find peace of mind, then
the hair loss problem will be resolved easily.
Other causes of premature baldness is hormonal disorders. This hormonal
disorder caused by disturbances in the thyroid gland in the throat. This
hormone regulates the production of hormones that are directly related to
hair growth.
The last cause of premature baldness is due to hereditary factors.
Nothing can be done when it comes to this. However, they can be helped to
cope by eating healthy and nutritious foods. After all the good nutrition
of course would be good for our bodies.

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