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									Centac Attack
Building your aftermarket business
with high profit centrifugal services
Presenter: Geoff Watson
First released in 1958 Over 18,000 units
globally 2000 units in China alone

Typical applications include automotive, textiles, power, steel,
food & beverage, tobacco, glass, paper, mining & medical.
Market share analysis
  Global 18,000 units

Asia (known)

Region          Est Units
China              2000
India               700
Singapore           50
Indonesia           300
Australia           300

Average machine size 3000 CFM
Typical centrifugal service returns
Air Relief
OEM Alternative for centrifugal
compressor parts
Founded in 1985 by a team of centrifugal air compressor
sales & service professionals, Air Relief has earned its
position as the largest global OEM alternative supplier of
centrifugal air compressor parts & service.Centrally
located in Mayfield, Kentucky, with a 4,200 square foot
facility. Air Relief offers quality replacement parts,
excellent customer service, remanufactured
compressors, superior service support, and innovative
solutions for your business needs. Air Relief provides
centrifugal compressor parts for Centac®, Joy®, Elliott®,
Clark-Isopac®, Atlas Copco®, and Worthington®
centrifugal air compressors.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
High quality new and remanufactured parts
Air Relief produces the highest quality centrifugal
compressor parts, built to exacting standards, with a full
one-year warranty on new or remanufactured parts. Our
state of the art 5 axis CNC machining centres are
capable of producing new or remanufactured
components to standards equal to or higher than OEM
specifications. All of this whilst achieving substantial cost
benefits over the OEM part.
Centrifugal Service Products
Full manufacturing capabilities for new replacement
impellersRemanufacturing services to repair worn,
eroded or pitted impellers.Impellers are machined from a
solid billet of 17.4 stainless alloy, then machined to rigid
quality standards. Highly superior to the cast impellers
offered by our competition.
Centrifugal Service Products
•   Full manufacturing capabilities for new bearing housings and
    insertsSuperior manufacturing process Significant savings
    available on purchase of remanufactured bearings with new
    babbit Exchange discounts for your old bearingsBabbit bearings
    ñ sleeve, radial, fixed pad and tilt pad Accommodations for
    special bore size bearings
Centrifugal Service Products
Rotor assemblies
•   Balanced to a G1 specificationRepeatability checks to insure
    compliance with ISO 2.5Close clearance polygon fit to reduce

Centrifugal Service Products
•Coolers Available For All Centrifugal Compressor ModelsOEM
design low efficiency coolersAir Relief high efficiency coolers Re-
tubed CoolersClean/Test/Repair of existing coolers
Centrifugal Service Products
Pinions                        Diffusers


Centrifugal Service Products
Control retrofits
OEM Retrofit is designed to provide a "plug and play"
replacement for the recently obsolete OEM controllers.
For customers that have compressors with existing
custom embedded OEM control systems a TLX Retrofit
Kit is an ideal upgrade to your existing or obsolete OEM
control system. A TurboLogix retrofit kit enables the
customer to reuse instrumentation and upgrade the
compressor controls without disturbing devices in the
existing control panel. The TurboLogix retrofit kit includes
Air Reliefís advanced TurboLogix control software and
an Allen-Bradley PLC combined with an impressive 10.5î
colour touch screen operator interface. The kit includes
all hardware, cables, transducers and instruments to
perform a complete on-site upgrade.
Centrifugal Service Products
Replacement CMC display panels
A common fault in the CMC display panel the viewable
display area develops horizontal lines that make clearly
reading data impossible. Eventually, the whole viewing
area is unreadable or goes completely black.The OEM
typically will recommend a costly and unnecessary full
operator interface replacement to fix the problem.
Centrifugal Service Products
Refurbished control boards
Due to the environment a lot of these compressors
operate in. It is not unusual for the control systems to
deteriorate or fail over time. To keep your control system
running, we offer a full control board refurbishing and
replacement service for current and obsolete compressor
control boards.
Centrifugal Service Products
Inlet guide vanes
•Inlet guide vanes when throttled create a pre-swirl of the
air entering the first stage impeller reducing the amount
of horsepower required. When in a full throttled mode,
inlet guide vanes will lower the amperes consumption by
an average of 3% to 7% compared to a butterfly
valve.Gear driven for more exacting controlMore linear in
action than parabolic butterfly valves.The pre-swirl of the
air further increases their efficiency.At around 2” in width,
they can be supplied from 12” to 24” diameter.Stainless
steel vanes virtually eliminate corrosion.
Centrifugal Service Products
•CenLube Gold is designed for use in centrifugal
compressors that require an ISO 32 viscosity. It is based
on a highly thermal & oxidation stable polyolester /
polyalkylene glycol blend.Outstanding thermal and
oxidative stability.Wide operating temperature
range.Rust and copper corrosion protection.High flash
point means increased safety
Maintenance & rebuild services
•Gardner Denver provides qualified maintenance and rebuild services across the globe. With a team of
factory trained centrifugal compressor specialists, available to keep your installation performing at it's
optimum year after year. Services offered include;Scheduled MaintenanceCompressor rebuildCondition
reportingInstrumentation function & calibrationControl panel tuningVibration functioning and
readoutsLubrication system and oil analysisInlet air systemSeal air inspectionCooling systemCondensate
removal systemsOverall inspection with performance surgeBenchmarks and trendingIndividual stage
performance with calculation and analysis of pressure ratiosLaser alignmentVibration analysis
Maintenance & planning documentation
Our team also provides you with a comprehensive range of reports and other documentation. To
enable you to maintain a complete history of your equipment, improve parts efficiencies and plan
future maintenance tasks to avoid costly downtime.
Component interchange reports
Minimise costly inventory overheads by identifying unnecessary duplication of parts inventory.
We analyse your equipment, your inventory, maintenance programs and delivery lead times and
provide you with a rationalised range of spare parts.

Pictorial service reports
Provide a complete historical pictorial record of maintenance issues and incidences for future
ready reference by any service operator. Allowing them to easily identify areas of concern which
may require follow up or ongoing examination and inspection pending further rectification.

Rebuild planning
To minimise costly downtime for the client and maximise efficiency of service operations. We plan
and document all rebuild services to provide you with a complete and detailed report, detailing
labour, parts, operations, equipment requirements, work permits and other OH&S requirements.
What is the benefit to the client?
•We will provide their business with a complete service and maintenance program. Developed to
meet the unique requirements of their business and their application which will deliver;Highly
trained and qualified service staff Reduced maintenance costsReduced spare parts
overheadsImproved service deliveryReduced downtimeImproved efficiencyImprove
reliabilityLower operating costsPeace of mind
Build a client database
•Determine your total local market and build a customer database detailing as a minimum;Client
•Key contact
•Current service supplier
•Machine type

Focus your efforts
Select a small group of key accounts focusing on clients you may
have an existing relationship with or that you know are having
issues with current service providers.
Build your relationships
Establish a regular call pattern making your target clients familiar
with you and your business. Understand each individual client’s
business, their needs, expectations and problems they face.

Communicate value
Ensure your customer understands what we offer. Not just spare
parts or centrifugal service. We deliver a managed maintenance
program formulated to meet their site specific needs that will
generate a measurable cost benefit to their business with;
•Spare parts inventory reductionReduced component costs
•Reduced downtime
Sell yourself as a valuable alternative
Many centrifugal service clients are unhappy with current service
arrangements and will actively engage with a alternative. Use this
opportunity to offer a quotation for either a basic service or a

Basic service quote requirements                                     Rebuild quote requirements
  1. Machine model number & serial number                             1. Machine model number & serial number
  2. Air filtration - Primary & secondary (if fitted). Quantity &     2. Past history - Past failures, last rebuild & why machine
     part numbers                                                        was rebuilt
  3. Oil filtration - Quantity & part numbers                         3. A copy of the machine manual - As a minimum the parts
  4. Demister element - Quantity & part numbers                          section and the main general arrangment drawing.
  5. Motor grease type
OEM service plan
The standard OEM service plan is built on a 3 month cycle. This may vary depending on
the client’s application or environmental conditions.

Interval             Month      Service level           Typical labour & parts
1                    3       Minor                   5 hours labour
2                    6       Intermediate            8 hours labour, oil & air filters
3                    9       Minor                   5 hours labour
4                    12      Major                   16 hours labour, oil & air filters

Other optional service parts
Demister element
Sump Filters
Diaphragm kits
Instrument air filters
The two most common objections raised
You’re not using OEM parts
We go one better, we use Genuine GD centrifugal service parts from Air Relief, the largest global OEM alternative supplier of
centrifugal air compressor parts.

These parts are manufactured in the USA to the same or in some instances higher standards than the OEM part. This is why
we are able to offer 12 months warranty on spare parts double that of most OEM’s.

You don’t have experience
We’ve invested in experience to set our path as the leaders in centrifugal service. Our key centrifugal service staff in the Asia
Pacific region all have extensive service experience and in most cases have served as employees with or been factory trained
by the OEM.

5 Centac trained technicians - combined 70 years experience
Country Manager - Kenny Boo - 30 years with IRService Manager - Ong Wee Cin - 15 years with IR
Andrew Lim- 15 years with IR
Amrish Sha – 20 years with IR
                                Centrifugal service support

     John Pitts
     Centrifugal Manager - Australasia
John has direct links with Air Relief both technical and parts supply and
John has led the successful program in Australia which has produced
excellent results with good margins.
GD offer double the current IR warranty offering on all Air Relief parts

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