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									  Melbourne Wii Hire Options
We can set them up and pick them up with Plasma TVs 42" on stands with a 250w speaker system or with a straight
                                              68cm Colour TV

                                             Prices below (each):

                                   Wii system with 2 controllers $199 each
                                   Wii systems with 4 controllers $249 each
                           Come with sports games and boxing and car racing games
                      Optional extras Dance Revolution game = 4 Dance mats (add $150)
                              Guitar Hero III with 2 Wireless Guitars (add $199)
                                  Mario Kart + 2 Steering Wheels (add $55)
                                      68cm Colour Stereo TV (add $69)
                     42" Plasma TV Screen (NEC) on 6 foot stand (add $299) (2 available)
                               250w Amp/Speaker combo for sound (add $149)

    So e.g. Hire 3 Wii systems with 4 controllers each plus 2 NEC plasma screens on stands plus 2 x 250w
                                          speakers + 1 x 68cm CTV
                      Would be $747 + $598 + $298 + $69 plus delivery and setup ($150)
                                          = Total of $1862 delivered

                                        Thanks - Simon 0418 344 048

                                                More Info......

                         Thankyou for your enquiry on our quality Wii hire service!

 Units come with sports (6 games - Golf,Tennis, boxing, Baseball) Nintendo Play (various games), car racing
                     games (GT Racing, 4x4 Racing,etc)...around 10 Games + all up

                  Up to 4 controllers come with the hire including the left hand numchuks

The unit comes with simple setup instructions or can be delivered and setup in Melbourne and all you need is
            a TV / LCD or Plasma to plug 3 wires into and you can start playing straight away!!

                                          Optional extra inlcude:
                                          Wii Fit & Balance Board
                                           Snowboard Ski Game
                 Surf's Up
               Mario tennis
       Vitual Tennis with Racquets
Dance Revolution Dance Game & Dance Mats
      Mario Kart & Steering Wheels
                GT Racing
              Need For Speed
            Wii Sports Resort
          Mario at the Olympics
         G1 Jockey Horse Racing
              Trivial Pursuit
             Wheel of Fortune
         Beach Sports inc Cricket
        Guitar Hero 3 and Guitars
               Dirt 2 Racing
               Guitar Hero 5
         Guitar Hero World Tour
        Guitar Hero Greatest Hits
          Guitar Hero Metallica
          Summer Sports Party
         Donkey Kong JungleBeat


               0418 344 048

          ABN: 12 611 224 815

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