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                Production Notes

    National release date:     5th May 2005

        Running time:        84 Minutes

              Rating:        M 15+
                              PRODUCTION INFORMATION
YOU AND YOUR STUPID MATE, a new Australian comedy, stars the LA-based actress
Rachel Hunter alongside Australian actors Nathan Phillips (Under The Radar, Australian Rules);
Angus Sampson (Greeks on the Roof); Madeleine West (Neighbours) and William McInnes
(SeaChange). It commenced principal photography in Melbourne on 19 January 2004.
The film is written by comedians Dave O'Neil and Mark O'Toole and directed by Marc Gracie. It
is produced by Gracie and David Redman. Bryce Menzies, Posie Graeme-Evans and Jennie
Hughes are executive producers.
YOU AND YOUR STUPID MATE tells the story of Jeffrey (Angus Sampson) and Philip
(Nathan Phillips) who have been mates forever. They even live together, in an outer suburban
caravan park, happily unemployed... until everything goes wrong.
Rachel Hunter plays Karen, the caravan park Goddess, mother of an indeterminable number of
children. Madeleine West plays Emma, a fictional character in the boys' favourite soap series
"Sons and Surf".
YOU AND YOUR STUPID MATE is financed by the Macquarie Nine Film and Television
Fund, the Film Finance Corporation Australia and Film Victoria. It will be distributed in
Australia and New Zealand by Nine Films and Television in association with Hoyts Distribution
and will be sold internationally by US sales agent, Lightning Entertainment.
Jeffrey and Philip have been friends forever. They went to school together, they even live
together in an outer suburban caravan park.
Things are going pretty well for the boys. They are happily unemployed, picking up a few extra
bucks when they need to by doing chores around the Caravan Park. In their spare time they both
work on their 'real' jobs. Jeffrey spends all day on the World Wide Web, while Philip rehearses
for his showbiz career (he is a long term cast member of the Scout and Guides Gang Show).
Each night at 6:30 they hit the couch to see what is happening to the gang on their favourite
show 'Sons and Surf'.
Then everything goes wrong. They find out that they have been put on a work for the dole
scheme, that a freeway is going to be built right through the middle of the caravan park and that
'Sons and Surf' is going to be axed at the end of the year.
What follows is a whirlwind of activity as the boys try to save their favourite show, their home
and their dignity while trying to save themselves from the clutches of Peter, their over-zealous
Case Manager, and boss of 'Jobs 4 U'.
With the help of Alf, the Somali taxi driver, Karen, the caravan park's reigning sex symbol, the
entire scouting movement, and every freak who has ever logged on to a computer, they embark
on a plan so audacious that only they could screw it up.
                                     CHARACTER NOTES
PHILIP - Nathan Phillips
Philip is in his early twenties, happy go lucky, naturally optimistic. His great passion is for the
scouting movement - he'd also love to tread the boards but isn't quite confident enough to push
himself into a lead part. Philip is happy with his lot, he enjoys living in the caravan park and is
most comfortable in the company of his best friend Jeffrey.
JEFFREY - Angus Sampson
Jeffrey is in his mid twenties. He is a little more suspicious than Philip and considers himself to
be a lot more worldly. Jeffrey doesn't need to leave the caravan park because through the internet
he has the world at his fingertips. His two great loves are the internet (it's a powerful tool!) and
his favourite soap opera, "Sons and Surf". Like Philip, Jeffrey is happy with where his life is at.
ALF - Samir Malik
A taxi driver and neighbour of the boys at the caravan park. Originally from Somalia, Alf sees
himself as the ladies-man-in-residence, although this could all just be a figment of his
imagination. A good friend of both Jeffrey and Philip, he likes nothing more than to wind them
up a little.
KAREN - Rachel Hunter
The caravan park Goddess and mother of an indeterminable number of children. She is aged in
her early thirties. She is otherworldly, wise and beautiful. When she speaks the boys listen for
what she says in invariably right.
EMMA - Madeleine West
A fictional character played in "Sons and Surfs". Early to mid-twenties. To Jeffrey, she
represents everything good, kind and beautiful. When he hears that she is to be killed off as a
finale to the show he decides that he will make a stand.
PETER - William McInnes
The boss of "Jobs 4 U". Driven, angry, slightly unhinged as a result of an unpleasant experience
at the hands of a group of cubs when he was small. Jeffrey and Philip represent everything he
despises and he sees them as a personal challenge. If it is the last thing he ever does he is
determined to break them.
                   CAST LIST
Philip               Nathan Phillips
Jeffrey              Angus Sampson
Karen                Rachel Hunter
Peter                William McInnes
Emma                 Madeleine West
Evo                  Tayler Kane
The 3 AD             Akmal Saleh
Todd                 Simon Gowling
Alf                  Samir Malik
Brie                 Natalie Garonzi
Karen's Child #1     Isabella Redman-Brown
Karen's Child #2     Ruby Redman-Brown
Karen's Child #3     Jade Levine Redman
Karen's Child #4     Stella Rose Gracie
Karen's Child #5     Olivia Deeble
Studmuffin           Vic Plume
Stuart               Nathan Bocskay
AD at Logies         Charmaine Gorman
Akela                Dave O'Neil
Brown Owl            Kate Gorman
Lifeguard            Shaun Worrell
Producer             Mark O'Toole
The Director         Marc Gracie
The Supervisor       Brett Swain
Bald Woman           Felicity Menadue
Cameron Luno         Tobi Webster
Eddie                Eddie McGuire
Mickey Ward          Steve Danielsen
Newsreader           Des Dowling
Stan                 Reg Gorman
Young Jeffrey              Owen Luby
Kid #1                     Ben Schumann
Lady #1                    Robin Collins
Lady #2                    Lara Welsh
Man at door                Stanley McGeagh
Old Bearded Man            Ken Weaver
Quentin                    Quentin Kenigan
Porn Shop Assistant        Alec Gilbert
Sparks                     Brook Sykes
Teacher                    Simon Kingsley Hall
Urinal Bloke               Andy McPhee
Policewoman                Judith Roberts
Sports Presenter           Matt Dobell
Manager (at supermarket)   Gavin Van Der Meer
Solemn Bouncer             Isaul D'Sousa
Mural Teacher              Shabina Begg
US Tank Crew               Troy David Johnston
Somalian Newsreader        Hallimah Okello
Ice Club Dancer            Narelle Hayes
                                     ABOUT THE CAST
Nathan Phillips achieved great acclaim for his lead role as Blacky in the award-winning
Australian feature film Australian Rules. He recently starred in the Macquarie Nine Film and
Television feature Under The Radar. He will soon be seen in the Australian thriller Wolf Creek.
Other credits include the lead role in the US feature Warriors of Virtue 2 shot on location in
China. This was promptly followed by the role of Dave in the Australian comedy Take Away. On
completion of his role as Trig in his third feature film One Perfect Day, Phillips received the
offer of representation in LA.
Television credits include The Saddle Club, Something in the Air and Blue Heelers to name but a
Angus Sampson is best known as Dimi from Greeks on the Roof, which he also co-wrote. Film
credits include Darkness Falls for Revolution Films; Fat Pizza; Shocked; Dags and the short
film The Referees which was a 2003 Tropfest finalist.
Television credits include The Secret Life of Us; Stingers; Blue Heelers; The 10:30 Slot as
co-host and Recovery as host and writer.
Angus was a segment writer for both Recovery and The 10:30 Slot. He has also written for the
Herald Sun and for 'Investors Adviser' magazine.
He has also hosted radio shows on Triple R and Triple J and works consistently as a Master of
Ceremonies, both in the corporate world and for events such as the St. Kilda Festival in
Rachel Hunter, who starred in the ensemble film Rock Star opposite Mark Wahlberg and
Jennifer Aniston as well as the E! Television world premiere film Best Actress, is one of
Hollywood's most diverse young actresses.
Born and raised in New Zealand, Hunter rose to prominence after posing as a Sports Illustrated
model in 1989 and quickly became one of the most photographed cover models in the world. She
followed up her fame with a successful workout video that subsequently attracted her to the field
of acting.
Beginning with several television appearances on the Drew Carey Show and as Judd Nelson's
lesbian girlfriend on NBC's Suddenly Susan, Hunter made the transition into feature films. The
1999 release Just a Little Harmless Sex had Rachel playing opposite Alison Eastwood and
Lauren Hutton and in 2000 Rachel played an alcoholic mother struggling with the loss of her
child in Winding Road. Other films include Two Shades of Blue with Gary Busey; Soul Mates;
Tripfall with John Ritter; Boys Klub; A Walk in the Park; 12 Rounds; Macarthur Park and
Haunted Lighthouse.
Hunter currently resides in Los Angeles where she juggles her acting career with her role as a
mother to son Liam and daughter Renee, whom she shares with Rod Stewart.
From an early age Madeleine has shown a flair for the arts. Her talent for acting was rewarded in
1992 with entry into the NSW Talented Child Drama Ensemble, and has since been honed
through years of study at such institutions as Swinburne University, Tamworth Conservatorium
of Music and Riverina Drama Ensemble. She has also undertaken short courses at the highly
esteemed NIDA, along with courses in Voice, Movement, Drama and Musical Theatre at various
ensembles both in Victoria and interstate.
Madeleine began a University degree in Law, but her passion for performance would not be
denied so she deferred her studies when she was offered a major role on Australia's
longest-running series, Neighbours.
Playing the character Dionne Bliss, to an average of over a million viewers per night she rapidly
became a very well-known face in some 60 countries, watched by over 120 million people every
day. Madeleine largely contributed to the huge popularity of a series which has been a part of
Australian television for over 17 years.
While Madeleine appeared on screens each night as Dionne, she still found time to work on
another side of acting she is passionate about - comedy. She has been seen doing stand up at
comedy venues all over Melbourne, while also participating in a weekly live improvisation
show. There have also been regular guest appearances on national television including Rove Live
and more recently Madeleine appeared as a panellist on hugely popular comedy talk show The
William McInnes graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 1988.
His role as Max Conners in the ABC's acclaimed series Sea Change turned him into a national
heart-throb overnight. He received the 2000 Silver Logie Award for "Most Popular Actor" and
the 1999 People's Choice Award for "Favourite Male in a TV Drama".
Film credits include Dirty Deeds; Turtle Beach; The Heartbreak Kid; Broken Highway and
Drover's Boy.
Numerous television credits include Rubicon; Halifax f.p..; My Brother Jack; The Lost World;
Blue Heelers, in which he starred as Constable Nick Schultz over a period of five years; Ocean
Girl; Embassy; Rafferty's Rules and Shadows Of The Heart.
William began his career in the theatre, with credits that include the role of Darcy in the
Melbourne and Sydney Theatre Company's production of Pride and Prejudice; the lead role in
the Melbourne Theatre Company's production of Art; Victor in Private Lives; Dennis in Loot;
Macbeth in the Melbourne Theatre Company's Macbeth; John Proctor in The Crucible; O'Brien
in 1984 George Orwell directed by Geoffrey Rush; Autolycus in A Winter's Tale and Who's A
Pretty Poli which he also directed.
                                ABOUT THE FILMMAKERS
MARC GRACIE - Director/Producer
Marc Gracie has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. He first started
out in 1985 directing Australia's highest grossing non-musical stage shows Wogs Out Of Work.
Marc is extremely versatile, both directing and producing (often at the same time) over 100 hours
of film & television screen time in recent years.
His recent television credits include Shock Jock Series 1 & 2; Jimeoin's Tea Towel Tour of
Ireland; Sit Down Shut Up; Totally Full Frontal; The Adventures of Lano & Woodley; Comic
Relief 1 and 2.
Lano and Woodley secured the very first overseas financial deal for an Australian Comedy Series
(with PolyGram/Working Title) and has been played in 35 countries around the world including
broadcast on the BBC in the UK.
Feature film credits include the very successful film The Craic and the 2003 release Take Away.
The Craic was the second highest opening (theatrical box office) in the history of Australian
Theatrical Exhibition of an Australian film - just behind Muriel's Wedding.
David is one of the four founding producers at Melbourne based production company Instinct
Entertainment. They most recently produced Strange bedfellows with Paul Hogan, Michael
Caton and Pete Postlethwaite. Instinct also produced Till human voices wake us with Guy Pearce
and Helena Bonham Carter which was acquired by Paramount Pictures for the US, UK and other
territories. David also produced the Village Roadshow distributed film, Take away.
The four producers at Instinct came together after David and Nigel Odell produced the Dean
Murphy directed black comedy Muggers.
Prior to this David worked as an associate producer on three films based out of the UK. The
Oscar nominated, UK-French-Macedonian co-production Before the rain; the UK-German
co-production The young poisoner's handbook and the UK-Canadian co-production Sweet angel
David also produced the short film Hand of fate and the feature Funny man.
David previously ran the UK-based sales, distribution and exhibition company, Recorded
Releasing, a joint venture between Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and producer Jeremy
JENNIFER HUGHES - Executive Producer
Jennifer Hughes has worked in the Australian film distribution business since 1980.
In 1989, she became Acquisition and Business Affairs Manger for Virgin Vision and more
recently she worked for the Southern Star Group for four years, as Head of Video, New Media
and Airline Sales, where she built and established the international distribution business, which
had previously been locally focused.
Jennifer was approached in March 1999 to take up a position with Macquarie Bank Group and is
currently Executive Vice President for their wholly-owned film division Macquarie Filmed
Investments (MFI) and Manager of their film fund Macquarie Film Corporation (MFC).
To date Jennifer has recommended and had approved by the MFC board, investment in eight
feature films including Dirty Deeds (directed by David Caesar and starring Bryan Brown, Toni
Collette, John Goodman, Sam Neill and Sam Worthington); The Nugget (directed by Bill
Bennett and starring Eric Bana); Crackerjack (directed by Paul Moloney and starring Mick
Molloy); Take Away (directed by Marc Gracie) and from Mushroom Pictures Horseplay
(directed by Stavros Kazantzidis and starring Marcus Graham, Chris Haywood and Jimeoin);
Bad Eggs (directed by Tony Martin and starring Mick Molloy, Bob Franklin, Shaun Micallef,
Judith Lucy); Danny Deckchair (starring Rhys Ifans and Miranda Otto) from Andrew Mason,
and finally Nick Giannopoulos' (Wog Boy) feature The Wannabes.
In 2002 Jennifer was involved in the Macquarie Nine Film and Television Investment fund
which raised $23.6 million for investment in a slate of film and television projects. The projects
including the TV series McLeod's Daughters and Young Lions, feature films Gettin' Square
(produced by Mushroom Pictures and Working Title and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky) and
Under the Radar (produced by Chris Brown and Chris Fitchett and directed by Evan Clarry) and
the telemovie Postcard Bandit.
POSIE GRAEME-EVANS - Executive Producer
Named as one of "Variety" magazine's "20 Significant Women in Film and Television for 2002"
in common with Jennifer Aniston, Alice Sebold, and Rita Wilson, Posie Graeme-Evans was
Head of Production and Development for Sydney-based production company Millennium
Pictures, of which she was co-director with husband and creative partner, Andrew Blaxland, until
appointed Director of Drama for Australia's Nine Network in December 2002.
A television producer/writer/director for over 25 years, Posie has created, directed, produced and
written hundreds of hours of primetime and family drama and entertainment and in 2001 was
named as Australian Independent Producer of the Year by the Screen Producers Association of
An early career which embraced feature film editing, directing and producing everything from
sport, to news/current affairs, children's programs and documentaries, her first drama credit was
as director for Jan Chapman (The Piano) on her rock drama series Sweet and Sour.
Posie's previous prime-time drama-producing credits include, Sons & Daughters and Rafferty's
Rules, whilst she also created and produced such multi-award winning family series as Elly &
Jools, Mirror, Mirror, Miraculous Mellops and, most recently, Australia's #1 adult drama series
for the Nine Network, McLeod's Daughters.
In 1998 a joint venture with Helena Harris, creating producer of Bananas in Pyjamas saw Posie
and Helena co-create and jointly produce the preschool "edutainment" television phenomenon,
BRYCE MENZIES - Executive Producer
Bryce is the joint head of the film and entertainment law practice at Marshalls & Dent, solicitors
in Melbourne. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Laws from
Monash University.
Bryce advises some of Australia's best known and most successful feature film, television and
documentary producers. He has acted as executive producer, producer and legal adviser on many
well known films including Malcolm; The Big Steal; Death in Brunswick; Proof; The
Magistrate; Stark; Cosi; Muriel's Wedding; Crackers; Two Hands; Collision Course; The
Crocodile Hunter and The Tracker.
In addition to acting for local producers, Bryce represents major international film companies in
their negotiations with Australian film makers. He also represents musicians and composers in
both the record industry and film industry together with writers and directors.
Bryce has held many prestigious board positions in the film and entertainment industry including
board positions on Screen Tasmania, the South Australian Film Corporation and Interact Events
Limited. He is a past chairman of Open Channel Co-Operative Limited, the Australian
Documentary Conference and The Melbourne International Film Festival and was a member of
the Victorian Government Multimedia Taskforce. He is currently a board member of The
Museum of Modern Art at Heide.
DAVE O'NEIL - Screenwriter
Dave O'Neil is one of Melbourne's most popular live comics best-known through his work on the
Hughsey, Kate and Dave breakfast show on Melbourne radio station Nova FM.
Last year Dave appeared on The Panel, Rove Live and the Channel 10 Comedy Festival Gala. In
2002 Dave was a regular on The Panel and ABC TV's The Fat. Dave has also performed in one
of the Good News Week Debates and in 1999 he appeared on the infamous Mick Molloy Show
and O'Loghlin (ABC TV).
Through his fourteen years on the Australian comedy scene, he has performed shows in ten
Melbourne Comedy Festivals and worked at the Comedy Club, Last Laugh, the Comedy Store in
Sydney and the Sit Down Comedy club in Brisbane. His 2003 Comedy Festival show None Hit
Wonder was a critical and popular hit.
In 2002 Dave took a lead role alongside Eric Bana and Stephen Curry in Bill Bennett's feature
film The Nugget and 2003 saw the release of Takeaway, a full length comedy feature co-written,
co-produced and starring Dave in a cameo as 'Mal the Butcher'!
Dave has also appeared on Channel Nine's Hey, Hey it's Saturday, Midday, Good News Week
and Hessie's Shed. He has written for many television shows including Full Frontal, Jimeoin and
Dave's first book 'Unfit For Life' was released by Lothian books, and last year Dave released two
children's books 'Raised By Frank' and 'Lies Our Parents Tell You'.
MARK O'TOOLE - Screenwriter
Mark O'Toole started out on the Melbourne stand-up comedy circuit in the late eighties. By the
mid-nineties he was writing on various projects for Artists Services and by the late nineties was
Head Writer (with Dave O'Neil) of Totally Full Frontal for the Ten Network.
Over the years Mark has written for shows such as Full Frontal, Eric (with Eric Bana), Shock
Jock and the Big Schmooze as well as appearing on Melbourne radio co-presenting 3RRR's
Mark co-wrote the AFI and AWGIE award winning John Safran's Music Jamboree with John
Safran and is currently co-writing and associate producing John's new show, John Safran Vs God
for SBS.
Take Away, the feature film that Mark wrote with Dave O'Neil, starring Vince Colosimo,
Stephen Curry, Rose Byrne and Nathan Phillips was released nationally by Village Roadshow in
JUSTIN BRICKLE - Director of Photography
Justin Brickle's most recent project was the Australian comedy You Can't Stop the Murders.
Other credits as Director of Photography include Let's Get Skase, Russian Doll; Four Jacks;
Above the Dust Level; Strange Planet and Love and Other Catastrophes.
Collins most recently worked on Marc Gracie's Takeaway. His other feature work includes Let's
Get Skase; Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns; The Craic and In Too Deep.
His television credits include Skithouse; Shock Jock; Introducing Gary Petty; Sit Down, Shut
Up; Totally Full Frontal and Frontline.
PENNY SOUTHGATE - Production Designer
Penny Southgate recently completed work on Take Away. Her other feature credits include
Crackerjack and The Craic.
Television credits include Micallef Tonight; The Micallef Program; Backberner and the
acclaimed ABC series Kath and Kim.

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