SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                     Mira Mesa High School
MEETING MINUTES                                                              MEETING MINUTES
                                        SITE GOVERNANCE
Date: April 19, 2010

Members Present:
Staff                                                       Parent/Community Members
Mike Maheu                   Shannon Raymond                Darla Razzani
Manuel Brooks                Mary Martin                    Donna Carter
Preston Biggs                Christine Hight
Ben Phillips                 Virginia Sturgeon
Maurice Tompkins             Amanda Love

Call to order:               2:38 pm

Approval of Minutes:                Correction to the minutes of March 15 –Call to order should read
                                    12:35 pm. With correction, Ben Phillips moved to accept the
                                    minutes of the March 15 meeting. Shannon Raymond
                                    seconded. Motion passed.
Old Business
Trash                               Moved to the May meeting.
Senior Exhibition                   Moved to the May Meeting.
New Business
Instructional Minutes               Chairperson Maheu gave Site Governance a DRAFT of the
                                    2011-2012 Minimum Days Calendar. Maurice Tompkins was
                                    present to represent the Math Department. A discussion was
                                    Preston Biggs made a motion to combine the Professional
                                    Development days of March 27 & 28 with the CAHSEE minimum
                                    days of March 13 & 14 to allow for more instructional minutes.
                                    Manuel Brooks seconded. Motion passed.

Budget Updates                      Moved to May meeting

Staffing Concerns                   Ben Phillips reported on the number of Pink Slips received by
                                    MMHS teachers and also gave the number that had been
                                    rescinded. A discussion followed.

Master Schedule Requests            Master schedule courses and sections was discussed. Further
                                    discussion will be held at the May meeting.

Distinguished Schools               A discussion was held regarding the April 20 scheduled visit.

Roundtable                          Chairperson Maheu – May elections
                                    Navy Seal Tournament – Donna Carter
                                    Distinguished Schools effective date, 2011/4 years – Mary Martin

Meeting adjourned: 3:25 pm
Minutes recorded by
Barbara Kylstad
Administrative Assistant

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