Dynamic Map Service Integration

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					              Dynamic Map Service
                Integration Tool
                  Mashing with Google Maps

        Craig Wolff, M.S. Eng
        CA Environmental Health Tracking Program
        Environmental Health Investigations Branch
        CA Department of Health Services
        Impact Assessment, Inc.   1
                Map Visualization Principles
         • CEHTP and/or system owners provide easy,
           systematic, and standards-based access to
           GIS data for dynamic interactive
           mapping… at any portal
         • CEHTP and/or system owners maintain
           maximum control over layer rendering
         • CEHTP and/or system owners focus
           resources on data within their jurisdiction   2
                      Historical Internet Mapping
         • Procure hardware, software, staff resources,
         • Acquire (often buying) all GIS data to be
           used in map service, import into platform,
           configure rendering specifications for every
           GIS dataset/layer
         • Develop a customized browser-based client
           to consume map service   3
           Evolving Map Service Paradigm
         • Provide Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
           access to commonly used GIS layers
         • Give limited choices for visual rendering
         • Interface specifications (URL parameters)
           for requesting map image follows a
           standard (technological or consensus)
               – OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS),
                 TerraServer, USGS   4
                 Google/NASA Tip the Scale
         • Google Earth and NASA Worldwind
           display map image tiles of basemap and
           satelite/aerial imagery of the whole earth
         • Physical air travel by humans decreases
         • Google Maps provides easy to use browser-
           based clients that incorporate AJAX and
           fluid rendering of database-cached map
           image tiles   5
               Mashups & Interactive Mapping

         • Google Maps API allows interactive maps
           with basemap and high-res satelite imagery
           on any website … no plug-ins
               – See
         • Hackers figure out how to integrate WMS
           content in Google Maps API
               – See   6
                   CEHTP Trials/Tribulations
         • Two partners to visualize CEHTP pilot project
           data through custom interactive map server/client
         • Stumbled through GIS data exchange, metadata,
           and appropriate layer rendering
         • Loss of control, miscommunication, map
           server/client platforms too “closed”
         • Need enterprise solution that makes
           interoperability, portability, and standards a top
           priority         7
                        DyMSIT Requirements
     • Develop server-side utility that overlays multiple map
       server image tiles according to [big] client request
     • Support for consuming most popular map server
       output (ie. ArcIMS, WMS, UMN MapServer, ArcWeb
     • Support for individual layer transparency and opacity
     • Support for server-side caching (~Google speed)
     • Invocation interface is WMS (ie. standard URL
     • Support for GetFeatureInfo and GetLegendGraphic         8
             Recursion on LAYERS parameter
         • Recursion: programming technique in
           which a function calls itself.
         • WMS LAYERS parameter is another WMS
           request (or an ArcIMS request or a
           MapServer request or a AWS request)
         • HTTP encode each LAYERS parameter
         • Opacity specified through STYLES
           parameter   9
                          DyMSIT Components
         • Servlet container
         • DyMSIT Servlet and supporting classes (~1500
         • 3rd party Java libraries: JAI, ArcIMS Java
           Connector, GIF encoder/decoder, JDBC driver
         • RDBMS to hold cached image tiles (3-field table)
         • Javascript library (~100 lines)       10   11   12   13   14   15

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