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My work stimulates me                                                     YES | NO
I am proud of what I do for a living                                      YES | NO
I feel appreciated in my workplace                                        YES | NO
I respect the people I work with                                          YES | NO
I’ve a defined career progression plan defined                            YES | NO
I regularly take work home                                                YES | NO
I say YES to (accept) all the work assigned to me                         YES | NO

Work Relationships
I find it easy to acknowledge others                                      YES | NO
I have a good working relationship with others                            YES | NO
I have a good working relationship with my manager                        YES | NO
I am trusted in the workplace                                             YES | NO
I am a good listener                                                      YES | NO
I communicate clearly at work                                             YES | NO
I feel confident in my dealings with others in the workplace              YES | NO
I work in a collaborative way and find ways to contribute to others       YES | NO

Time Management
I manage my time well                                                     YES | NO
I delegate without guilt                                                  YES | NO
I spend appropriate time on the important/non-urgent tasks                YES | NO
I set my priorities according to organisation and personal goals          YES | NO
I do not have a backlog of work                                           YES | NO
My desk is uncluttered                                                    YES | NO
I am always on time for work and other commitments                        YES | NO
I manage information and paper efficiently                                YES | NO
I do not over commit                                                      YES | NO
I have a to-do list                                                       YES | NO
I set realistic time frames                                               YES | NO

I have had the training to do my job well                                 YES | NO
I feel my capabilities are not fully utilized at work                     YES | NO
I am proud of the quality of work I produce                               YES | NO
I am satisfied with my level of productivity                              YES | NO
I am confident in my ability to perform my role to the highest standard   YES | NO
I am innovative and creative in my approach to work                       YES | NO

I am happy with my current weight                                         YES | NO
I do some form of exercise at least three times a week                    YES | NO
I have a balanced diet including lots of fresh food                       YES | NO
I don’t smoke or drink alcohol excessively                                YES | NO
I am up to date with all necessary medical and dental checkups            YES | NO
I am happy with the sleep I get                                           YES | NO

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I have appropriate clothes for my work and personal interests   YES | NO
I am not concerned about my stress levels                       YES | NO
I feel generally well                                           YES | NO

I like myself                                                   YES | NO
I have had a birthday party in the last three years             YES | NO
I have a life outside of my work                                YES | NO
I have enough confidence to do what I want in life              YES | NO
I have adequate holidays each year                              YES | NO
I don’t lie or exaggerate                                       YES | NO
I am comfortable saying ‘no’ when I need to                     YES | NO
People know they can count on me to do what I say I will do     YES | NO
I can easily recall the last time I really laughed              YES | NO
I have a form of creative expression                            YES | NO
I can challenge myself                                          YES | NO
I’m ready to think out of box                                   YES | NO
I’m open to do things differently if needed                     YES | NO
I’m to change                                                   YES | NO

I have a budget that I use                                      YES | NO
I pay my bills on time                                          YES | NO
I know how much I owe and when it will be paid off              YES | NO
I have an active long-term financial plan                       YES | NO
I am able to reward myself without feeling guilty               YES | NO
I use my credit card wisely                                     YES | NO
I have a will                                                   YES | NO
My wallet is uncluttered                                        YES | NO
My tax affairs are up to date                                   YES | NO
I’ve planned my retirement financially                          YES | NO

Home environment
I am happy with my home                                         YES | NO
My home is generally clean and tidy                             YES | NO
I surround myself with things that I love                       YES | NO
My personal files are in order                                  YES | NO
My bed supports me having a good sleep                          YES | NO
I have photos of loved ones on display                          YES | NO
I am happy with my mode of transport                            YES | NO

I am happy with the level of intimacy in my life                YES | NO
My partner and I respect each other and are equals              YES | NO
I make amends easily with people I have had conflicts with      YES | NO
I trust the significant people in my life                       YES | NO
I am on good speaking terms with my neighbours                  YES | NO
I consider myself to be a good friend                           YES | NO
I see people who are important to me regularly                  YES | NO
My friends and family know how much I care about them           YES | NO
I am satisfied with my social life                              YES | NO

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Description: Hi Performance coaching is an initiative to bring Coaching to corporate world to improve the managerial performance in order to take the organization to the next level.