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presentation. Since then, many affiliations, phone numbers, etc. have changed, so
be sure to use a current directory if you wish to contact any of them.

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                           PAST EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS

MARCH 1991: With our advisor, DR.VINCENT SACKETT, presenting the
first-night crowd with exactly ‘what they had come to hear' - a complete,
informative and timely review of “The Basics of Depression”.

APRIL 1991: DR. CHAR DILLON and her advice for dealing with depression on
a daily basis.

MAY 1991: BOB F. and his emotional story of one man’s fight to recover and
re-enter the work force.

JUNE 1991: GERI GERWIN, R.N., the CDH Crisis Stabilization Program
Director and her info about modern psychiatric hospitalization.

JULY 1991: Dreyer Clinic’s psychiatrist, DR. DAVID LEADER educating us
about psychopharmacology.

AUGUST 1991: National DMDA’s Exec. Director, Susan Dime-Meenan,
shares the story of her own struggle with a depressive disorder.

SEPTEMBER 1991: JO SULZER M.S. of Awareness Assoc. helping us to avoid
holiday stress.

OCTOBER 1991: DR. KATHERINE NOLL explaining psychological testing and
DR. JOHN HOCKING so effectively outlining proactive ways of dealing with

NOVEMBER 1991: There were presentations given by LINDA WARD of the
CDH Food and Nutrition Services concerning weight problems and by DR.
SUSAN HOLSTEIN previewing the new CDH Adult Partial Hospitalization

JANUARY 20 1992: There were talks about SAD and light therapy.

FEBRUARY 17 1992: Highlights of national DMDA conventions as well as the
viewing of the award-winning video, “FOUR LIVES”.

MARCH 17 1992: Dr. Vincent Sackett - “ELECTROCONVULSIVE
TREATMENT”. Fox Valley Self-Help’s medical advisor, Dr. Vincent Sackett,
will pay a return visit to the group on March 17. Dr. Sackett will discuss the use of
Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) for treating depression. Dr. Sackett is the
Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Director of Mental Health
Services at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield. He is also Medical Director of
the Warrenville Clinic in Warrenville, IL, where he maintains a private practice.
Dr. Sackett is on the consulting staff at Hinsdale Hospital, Delnor Community
Hospital and Mercy Center in Aurora. He has been an Examiner for the American
Board of Psychiatry and Neurology since 1979. DON’T MISS THIS

Susan Holstein. Dr.Susan Holstein, Program Coordinator for the newly
established CDH Adult Partial Hospitalization Program and Case Therapist, Paula
Sinionelli, M.A. will meet with Fox Valley Self-Help on Tuesday, April 21st to
discuss details of the program. P.H.P. operates 5 days and 2 evenings a week. “The
program, shaped to the individual needs of the clients, incorporates elements of
prevention, education and support into a specialized and coordinated treatment
plan. Participants receive intensive treatment while maintaining relationships with
family and support systems within their own familiar environment.”

MAY 19 1992: STEPHANIE WEBER-SLEPICKA – “Answering Your Questions
about Suicide”. (Bring your questions to the meeting). FOX VALLEY CRISIS
LINE DIRECTOR TO APPEAR MAY 19. Stephanie Weber-Slepicka will join us
in Central DuPage Hosp. Conference Room #4, at 7:30 PM, May 19. Using a
question-answer format, together, we will explore the latest recommendations for
suicide prevention. Since those with depressive disorders are at higher risk for
suicide than the general public it behooves all of us at Fox Valley Self-Help to
understand suicidal thoughts and learn how to manage them. Don’t miss this
JUNE 16 1992: SUSAN AND OPRAH - a video of Susan’s guest appearance on
featured at our June 16 meeting at 7:30PM, CDH Conference Room #4. A video
tape of OPRAH’S show on depression filmed in April, 1988 will be shown. Our
own Susan appeared on the show along with such distinguished people in the field
of mood disorders as Dr. Robert Hirschfield of the NDMDA Scientific Advisory
Committee. This was a meaningful show for Oprah to do and it will be fun to see it
again now that we realize Susan was interviewed on it. DON’T MISS OUR

JULY 21 1992: “WHAT DO THE 12-STEP PROGRAMS OFFER?” by clinical
psychologist Dr. Charlotte Dillon. Dr. Dillon, a local clinical psychologist, who a
year ago gave us the benefit of her experience concerning dealing with depression
on a daily basis, will pay us a repeat visit on July 21 at 7:30 pm at our meeting in
CDH Conference Room #4. She will be discussing the 12-step therapy programs,
how they work and what successes they have had. This is your chance to have your
questions answered!!!

Dr. Patricia Santucci. Dr. Santucci is the Medical Director of the Eating Disorders
Program at Linden Oaks psychiatric hospital. She is an Associate Professor of
Psychiatry at Loyola Medical School and current Vice President of the National
Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Dr. Santucci has
appeared on both Oprah’s Show and the Today Show and has been interviewed on
TV by Mary Ann Childress, Susan Andersen and Barry Kaufman concerning her
work in the eating disorders field. Come and learn about the relationship between
depression and eating disorders and the current treatment methodologies from Dr.
Patricia Santucci, a nationally recognized expert in the field of eating disorders.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity!!!!!

SEPTEMBER 15 1992: Attorney Jeffrey Rabin - Social Security Disability
Benefits and SSI - Current Laws and Procedures. Current laws and procedures
regarding Social Security disability and SSI benefits will be discussed on Tues
Sept. 15 by Jeffrey Rabin, Vice-Chairman of the Chicago Bar Association Social
Security Disability Committee and member of the National Organization of Soc.
Sec. Claimants Representatives. Attorney Rabin has his own law practice which
specializes in the representation of claimants seeking disability and SSI benefits.
(If you aren’t in need of benefits, you may help someone else understand the
OCTOBER 20 1992: Psychiatrist Ralph Orland – “DEPRESSION - How Do You
Know When You Need Help?” Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Orland will present
“Depression: How Do You Know When You Need Help?” on Tues. Oct. 20. Dr.
Orland received his M.D. degree from the Univ. of Illinois and his psychiatric
training at Loyola Univ. He is the Coordinator of Resident Education at Hines VA
Hospital and is an Assoc. Clinical Professor at Loyola where he received the
Faculty of the Year Award, Dept of Psychiatry for 1991-1992. Dr. Orland is a
member of the Amer. Psychiatric Assoc, Ill. Psych. Assoc and Amer. Academy of
Academic Psychiatry. He has a private practice in Winfield.

Forbes, LCSW. The thought that Holiday Blues may be part of a grief process will
be explored by Laura Forbes on Nov. 17. Laura is a Licensed Clinical Social
Worker and has broad experience as a psychotherapist. She has worked as a
Family Service counselor, a hospice counselor and has done medical social work.
She has particular skills in issues of depression and anxiety, grief and loss, stress
management and relationships. She received her MSW front George Williams
College and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in Chicago. She has a private
practice in Lisle, IL.(708-960-5402)

DECEMBER 15 1992: “TO PAINT THE STARS”, A beautiful video. “TO PAINT
Self-Help is thrilled to present as its special holiday offering, “To Paint the Stars”.
The presentation, by informative narrative and a collection of breathtaking
paintings, chronicles the ups and downs of Van Gogh’s life, showing how Van
Gogh’s periods of mania and depression affected the themes and colors he used in
his paintings. Please come and enjoy this beautiful film!

JANUARY 19 1993: “Protection of American Disabilities Act” and "Estate
Planning for Mentally Disabled”. Local attorneys Goblet, Olson and Sands will
discuss the protection given by the American Disabilities Act, in general, and to
the mentally handicapped, in particular. Estate planning for the mentally
handicapped will also be discussed. Attorney Goblet, Batavia, specializes in
litigation (personal injury, malpractice, workmen’s comp, etc.) in state & federal
courts. Attorney Olson practices law in Aurora and in addition has taught at
Northern Illinois University, North Central and Indiana University. Attorney
Sands, Glen Ellyn, a former nurse epidemiologist, works in the area of defending
against malpractice suits, product liability and other general liability claims.
Telephone numbers: Goblet – 708-879-9330, Olson – 708-208-9641, & Sands –

FEBRUARY 16 1993: “Women and Emotion” by Dr. Fatima Ali. Dr. Ali, a
Wheaton psychiatrist educated in Pakistan, residency at Loyola Med. Center was
Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neorology July, 1992. She was Director of the
“Especially for Women” unit at Riveredge Hosp, Director of Outpatient Eating
Disorders at Loyola Med Center, & is currently Clinical Director of Womens’
Services at Linden Oaks Psychiatric Hospital, Naperville. Dr. Fatima has taught
classes in anxiety disorders to med. students and she has been involved in peer
counseling training. Her special interests are anxiety disorders, biological
psychiatry and psycho-sexual disorders.(Men will benefit from this lecture also, so

MARCH 16 1993: “How To Have a Healthy Relationship With a Psychiatrist” by
Psychiatrist, Dr. Vincent Sackett. DR.VINCENT SACKETT, medical advisor for
Fox Valley Self-Help for Depression since it was founded in March, 1991, will pay
a return visit to the group on March 16. Dr. Sackett spoke at the first meeting and
at the one year anniversary meeting. Dr. Sackett has been in private practice since
1975 and has been the Medical Director and Chairman of the Dept. of Psychiatry at
Central DuPage Hospital from 1981 to the present. He is in private practice with
the Warrenville Clinic. He specializes in depression, bipolar disorders and ECT.

APRIL 20 1993: “Surviving Depression: His and Hers” by Dave and Jan Guthrie.
DAVE AND JAN GUTHRIE will share their personal “battle-with-depression
story” on April 20. Dave is a recovering bipolar depressive who professionally is a
psychotherapist and counselor for wholistic well-being in private practice and an
adult drug addiction counselor working with long-term chemically addicted
people. He belongs to the Am. Counseling Assoc, Ill. Assoc of Group Workers,
Assoc of Humanistic Psychology and many others. Jan is a member of the
Woodridge Wholistic Health Center and has designed a program for basic life
skills for older DCFS children and organized personal growth programs for the
Christian Counseling Foundation of Winfield. She is a local school Library Media
Center Director.

MAY 18 1993: “Depression: Beyond the Blues” (ABC TV series video) - GOOD
MORNING, AMERICA ran this series about depression for the week of 2/22 thru
2/26, 1993. All five parts, making up a l hr video, will be shown. It is full of the
very latest information and every part includes interviews with well-known people
in the field including a great section by Patty Duke and another by Dr. Jack
Gorman who wrote the Essentials of Psychiatric Drugs book that we use in the
group. The series covers every phase from research, diagnosis, treatment to living
with the illness. It is a great film! Don’t miss it!!!! Excellent one to bring your
family & friends to! (Reviewed and highly recommended by Forum Editor)

JUNE 15 1993: Dr. Syed Ali - “Questions You Are Afraid to Ask About Your
Medications”. - Dr. Syed Ali will present “Questions You Are Afraid to Ask About
Your Medication”. Dr. Syed Ali is Clinical Director of the Partial Hospitalization
Program, Linden Oaks Hospital, Naperville. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of
Psychiatry at Loyola University School of Medicine. Dr. Ali is also director of
DUPAGE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, LTD, a group practice in Wheaton,
specializing in general and forensic psychiatry. He is board certified in psychiatry
and neurology and board eligible for the American Board of Forensic Psychiatry.
He is a member of the Mental Health and Addictions Committee of the Ill. State
Medical Society, a member of the American College of Forensic Psychiatry and
the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law and is on the board of the Illinois
Mental Health Association. He is the author of several published articles, has made
numerous public presentations and has appeared on 3 television programs (Ritalin
controversy, Mental Illness in General & Workplace Stress) He is married to Dr.
Fatima Ali.

JULY 26 1993 (Monday): Nona Rathsac, DuPage County Mental Health Div.
“Services and Assistance Available to those with Depressive Disorders” - Nona
Rathsac, Program Coordinator of Central Assessment Unit of Transitional Services
of the Mental Health Division, and Selma Holme, Manager of the Early
Intervention Unit (crisis intervention, emergency psychiatric services, etc.) will
join us on July 26 to acquaint us with the assistance available to us from the
DuPage County Health Department. The Mental Health Division provides clinical
mental health diagnostic and treatment services, especially for high risk and low
income individuals and families. The Division emphasizes coordination of services
among public and private providers. Prevention, education and consultation
services related to mental health issues are offered.

AUGUST 23 1993 (Monday): Dr. Brad Kahie, Minirth Meier Clinic “Family
Communications and Relationships". Dr. Kahie of the Minirth Meier Clinic of
Wheaton will present “Family Communication and Relationships”. While
concentrating on communication, he will cover marital relationships and how to
integrate faith with counseling.

MENDING THE MIND” with Ed Asner & Dr. Jan Fawcett (video) - Celebrity
guest Ed Asner, leading physicians from the National Institute of Mental Health
and Emmy Award-winning host Alan Xenaskis, M.D. provide an insightful look
into “mending your mind” in this very well done video. Dr. Jan Fawcett, chairman
of the Psychiatry Dept of Rush-St.Lukes-Pres Hospital, Chicago, is one of the
psychiatrists featured. The film is divided into The Facts About Depression,
Symptoms and Causes, Methods of Diagnosis, and Treatments that Work. Don’t
miss this exceptional tape!!

by Sandra Hinely. Sandra Hinely says” I love to teach and help people build upon
their strengths and share their resources of experience and knowledge with each
other.” The purpose of learning about the language of encouragement is to listen to
what we say and remind ourselves that what we say can make a difference.
Through our comments, we have the power to “make someone’s day” or ruin it.
Sandra holds a B,A, from Western College for Women and an M. Ed. from
Northwestern Univ. Her background is in teaching and speaking. She works for the
DuPage County Health Dept and previously worked with Proviso Family Services
and Mental Health Center.

NOVEMBER 22 1993: Andrea Lea Gaudy, MSW, LCSW, “HANDLING
HOLIDAY STRESS”. Andrea Gaudy, MSW, LCSW, Director of Social Services
at Linden Oaks Hospital (a psychiatric hospital in Naperville), will address Fox
Valley DMDA on Nov. 22. Gaudy will discuss the stresses encountered during the
holidays and suggest practical solutions for combating those stresses. Gaudy has a
B.S. in psychology, a M.S. in social work. She has been a child abuse investigator
for the Dept. of Child and Family Services, has worked at Elgin Mental Health
Center, The Association of Individual Development and currently is employed at
Linden Oaks Hospital. (Take time to hear this talk!)


Huzevka, Clinical Services Director, A.I.D.. Maria Huzevka is the Coordinator of
Clinical Services, Mental Health Division, The Assoc. for Individual Development.
She has a Master’s degree in Special Education with emphasis on Learning
Disabilities, Behavior Disorders and Educable Mental Handicaps. She has served
in various capacities at an Intermediate Care Facility and at the Association. Her
present position includes counseling and community education. Her current special
interest is to improve services to a level benefiting clients to a degree which
assures progress and avoids relapse. A. I. D. provides support and encouragement
enabling individuals to remain in their home communities, close to family and
friends. The Mental Health Division of A.I.D. includes Case Coordination, Crisis
Intervention, The Crisis Line of Fox Valley, Day Treatment, Vocational Programs,
and Residential Services.

FEBRUARY 28 1994: Paul Teodo, V.P. Behavioral Health Services, CDH -
Central DuPage Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services V.P. will speak on Monday,
Feb 28, 1994 in CDH’s Conference Room 12 at 7:30 PM. He will examine the
importance of the development and maintenance of the spiritual aspect in handling
chronic mental health disease. Paul Teodo has an M.A. in psychology. His
master’s thesis was entitled “Spirituality and Recovery from Chronic Disease with
an Emphasis on Addiction”.

MARCH 28 1994: DR. VINCENT SACKETT to speak on the group’s 3rd
anniversary, topic to be decided. Dr. Sackett has been the medical advisor of Fox
Valley DMDA since it began. He has also been an invaluable friend and supporter.
He spoke at the first meeting and returned to speak at the 1 yr and 2 yr anniversary
meetings and now is welcomed back to speak at the 3 yr celebration! Dr. Sackett
has been in private practice since 1975 and is now at the Warrenville Clinic in
Warrenville. He has been the Medical Director and Chairman of the Dept of
Psychiatry at CDH since 1981 and is now also the Medical Director of the CDH
Behavioral Services Dept. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet him!

APRIL 25 1994: DAVE AND JAN GUTHRIE to make a repeat visit to the group.
Dave and Jan Guthrie visited Fox Valley DMDA last April and shared their
personal story about depression. Dave is a psychotherapist and also has bipolar
disorder. His wife Jan helped him recover and they presented their ordeal as
experienced by each of them. It was one of the most inspiring talks the group has
ever been privileged to hear. Because so many who heard them wanted to invite
them back, they were invited and they accepted and will pay us a return visit on
April 18. Be sure to mark your calendars, don’t miss this couple!

RECOVERY, INC) - Different self-help groups emphasize different aspects of the
depression picture. Some emphasize education and support, others work on
advocacy, housing and stigma while others work on helping themselves to recover
from depression. Because Fox Valley DMDA feels people can incorporate more
than one self-help group into their treatment plans we have invited representatives
from the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of DuPage County and from Recovery, Inc.
to give overviews of what their organizations actually do. Joanne East, a learning
disabilities teacher and family member of one with mental illness, has worked with
AMI of DUPAGE CO. since 1985. Joanne will present AMI OF DUPAGE. “A
COMMUNITY RESOURCE, RECOVERY, INC.” will be represented by Mary
Jane Spudeas, former patient and by Phyllis Berning, who will present “THE
RELATIVES’ PROJECT”. Phyllis is the daughter of Dr. Abraham Low, the
neuropsychiatrist who pioneered in the treatment of mental patients, in the
self-help movement and in the education of family members. Dr. Low founded
Recovery Inc. Phyllis is the president of the Abraham Low Institute in Northfield,
IL whose primary focus at this time is the ’Relatives Project’, a nonprofit
community resource with weekly meetings for the training of families and friends.
(This evening will be a unique opportunity. DON’T MISS IT!!!!)

JUNE 27 1994: DR. NUTAN ATRE-VAIDYA, DuPage County Health
Department (Bipolar research at Chicago Med School and VA Hosp: includes info
on memory impairment & work problems) - An Assistant Prof. & Assoc. Director
of the Residency Program at the Chicago Medical School and an Administrative
Psychiatrist for DuPage Co. Mental Health Dept., Dr. Vaidya’s current research on
bipolar illness includes how poor memory affects work successes.

JULY 25 1994: DR. LYLE ROSSITER (Psychotherapy—Part I) - Dr. Rossiter will
present the 1st of a 2-part series exploring PSYCHOTHERAPY. Dr. Rossiter, a
psychiatrist whose office is in Carol Stream, is on the psychiatric staff at Central
DuPage Hospital. He specializes in Intensive Psychotherapy, Depression, Anxiety,
and Relationship Disorders. Dr. Rossiter received his M.D. from the School of
Medicine at the University of Chicago and served his medical-surgical internship
and his residency in psychiatry at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics.

AUGUST 22 1994: DR. DANIEL WYMA (Psychotherapy—Part II) - Dr. Wyma
will present the 2nd of a 2-part series exploring PSYCHOTHERAPY. Dr. Wyma, a
psychiatrist whose office is in Wheaton, is on the psychiatric staff at Central
DuPage Hospital. He specializes in Adult Psychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry,
Geriatric Assessments, and Neuropsychiatry. Dr. Wyma received his M.D. from
the University of Iowa, served his residency in psychiatry at the University of
Chicago, and served a fellowship in neuropsychiatry in Rochester, New York. He
is certified by the Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

SEPTEMBER 26 1994: DR. MICHAEL KUNA (Dual Diagnosis) - Dr. Michael
Kuna specializes in mood disorders, panic/anxiety attacks, addictions and dual
diagnosis. He has been on the psychiatric staff at Central DuPage Hospital and at
Mercy Center in Aurora, where be is Medical Director of the Chemical
Dependency Programs since 1989. His private psychiatric practice is at the
Warrenville Clinic, Warrenville, IL. Dr. Kuna completed his psychiatric residency
at Northwestern University and was on the staff, until 1989, at Palos Community
Hospital and Little Company of Mary Hospital where he worked with adult and
adolescent general psychiatry and chemical dependency.

Last fall the media discovered that Fox Valley DMDA is a fountain of information
about Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy! Susan was interviewed on
TV with Dr. Pat Santucci, Ed was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Blanche
was interviewed on one radio show from her home and on another radio show with
Dr. Sackett and the Tribune carried a large picture of Blanche and Freeman in front
of her light box along with a full page article about SAD and about Fox Valley
DMDA. Since SAD season is here again, tapes of the above media coverage will
be shown and Susan, Ed and Blanche who all have SAD and use light therapy will
be available to answer questions.

NOVEMBER 28 1994: DR. MARY ZESIEWICZ (Depression and
Manic-Depression in Children and Adolescents) - Psychiatrist, Dr. Mary
Zesiewicz, will present “Depression and Manic-Depression in Children &
Adolescents” on Nov 28. She is the Assoc. Medical Director of the Oak Brook
Psychiatric Group. She is the Clinical Director of the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit at
Linden Oaks Hospital in Naperville. She took her M.D. and post graduate work at
Loyola Univ., Dept. of Psychiatry. She also served a child psychiatry fellowship at
Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Zesiewicz, who has held many
psychiatric positions, is board certified in adult, child and adolescent psychiatry.
She treats adults, children & adolescents in her private practice in Oak Brook.
(Editor’s note: This is a great opportunity for those of us with depressive disorders
who have children and grandchildren, and for those who may someday have
children, to learn about child and adolescent depression from a psychiatrist who
specializes in these areas. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions


PSYCHIATRY). Dr. Stanley Abramski is on the senior admitting staff at Mercy
Hospital in Aurora. He is also on the staff at Central DuPage Hosptal in Winfield.
He received his BS degree from Loyola University of Chicago and graduated from
Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Dr. Abramski, who has
a private practice in St.Charles, IL, has been in private practice for 18 years. Dr.
Abramski will discuss the use of electric-shock therapy (ECT) in the present day
psychiatric treatment of depressive disorders. (Ed. Note: Bring your questions,
comments, etc.)

American Board of Examiners in Social Work, has been in private practice as a
social worker, for over 22 years. She graduated from Loyola Univ. Graduate
School of Social Work. She was trained at Loyola’s Sexual Dysfunction Clinic,
has specialized in Panic Disorders and Anxiety and more recently has spent time
studying the treatment of couples and families. Ann—Joyce Crement is licensed by
the State of Illinois and is a member of the National Association of Social
Workers, the Academy of Certified Social Workers, the Illinois Society for
Clinical Social Workers and the American Association of Marriage and Family
Therapists. She has been interested in spirituality and mental health for several
years and monitors the two with great interest in all her clients. (Ed. note—Come
to listen and learn.)

MARCH 27 1995: DR. VINCENT SACKETT to speak on F.V. DMDA’s 4th
Anniversary ( topic to be decided). Dr. Sackett, medical advisor of Fox Valley
DMDA since its inception, continues to be an invaluable friend and supporter. He
spoke at the very first DMDA meeting on March 19, 1991 and has returned to
speak at the 1 yr, 2 yr and 3 yr anniversary meetings and now is warmly welcomed
back to speak at the group’s FOUR YEAR celebration! Dr. Sackett has been in
private practice since 1975, has been the Medical Director and Chairman of the
Department of Psychiatry at Central DuPage Hospital since 1981 and is also the
Medical Director of the CDH Behavioral Services Department.

APRIL 24 1995: DR. CHARLOTTE DILLON – “The Lies We Believe: Cognitive
Distortion and Depression”. Psychotherapist Charlotte Dillon received her Ph.D.
degree from Northwestern Univ. She also has a Masters degree in clinical
psychology. Dr. Dillon took her clinical internship at Cook County Hospital in
Chicago, spent 8 years as a staff psychologist at Mercy Center’s Psychiatric Unit
and has been in private practice in Aurora since 1977. Dr. Dillon will discuss the
beliefs people hold that may not necessarily be true and how these distortions can
result in depression. (For example if a person has believed all their life that life is
fair and then it obviously isn’t, it can be very upsetting to them or if a person
believes if they work hard enough and long enough they will be successful only to
find out that it doesn’t always work that way, they may become bitter and

MAY 22 1995: DR. STEVEN PRINZ, “Eating Disorders as a Co-morbidity with
Mood Disorders.” Dr. Prinz is the Medical Director of the Eating Disorder
Program at Linden Oaks Hospital in Naperville. He will explore the relationship
between eating disorders and mood disorders. Dr. Prinz graduated from the
University of Chicago School of Medicine and performed his residency in
psychiatry at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine. He is a staff psychiatrist at both
Central DuPage Hospital and Linden Oaks Hospital. He is in private practice at the
Warrenville Clinic for Behavioral Medicine in Warrenville.

JUNE 26 1995: RICK SHEPHERD, “Crisis Intervention Services in DuPage
County.” RICK SHEPHERD, who works for the DuPage County Crisis
Intervention Unit, will outline crisis intervention services offered by DuPage
County. Besides offering services to DuPage County residents, informational
services are available to those from other counties, also. Rick has spoken to many
community groups including hot line training classes, COD classes, and
professional groups. He is committed to providing community education to
promote prevention and understanding. Rick has a B.A. in psychology, an MSW
from the University of Illinois, and has been employed with the Crisis Unit for
seven years as a mental health worker and brief treatment therapist. (This is a great
chance to get your questions answered about county services.)

MEMORY.” Barry Gershuny, M. D. is Medical Director of Inpatient Services at
The Rock Creek Center. He has a broad base of experience in various inpatient,
day hospital, and outpatient programs for adolescent and adult individuals with
major psychiatric illnesses, severe personality disorders and compulsive behaviors.
Dr. Gershuny graduated from Northwestern University Medical School, where he
completed his residency in psychiatry. He is Board Certified in psychiatry and in
addiction medicine. His clinical interests focus on developing more efficient
methods of diagnosis and treatment with rapid return to functioning within the
community. Dr. Gershuny will present “Matter, Mind & Memory” on July 24th.

AUGUST 28 1995: “Panic Disorder and Anxiety” by CHRIS COSKI. Chris Coski
is a Social Worker and has a private practice in Wheaton. She specializes in panic
and anxiety disorders. Her interest in these topics and her experience with them in
her practice makes her the ideal person to speak to our support group about panic
disorder and anxiety. There will be ample time for questions.

SEPTEMBER 25 1995: DR. PATRICIA MEADEN. Dr. Patricia Meaden of the
Biological Research Laboratory at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Hospital in
Chicago will speak to Fox Valley DMDA on Monday, Sept 25. She will be
discussing Seasonal Affective Disorder, “body clocks” (circadian rythyms) and
other related topics. The public is invited to attend this lecture. (Editor’s note: I
attended this interesting program. Dr. Meaden described a study to test the
effectiveness of several treatments to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder
symptoms. The treatments included Negative Ion Generators and Light Box
therapy, either in the morning or the evening. The study concluded that Light Box
therapy in the morning was the most effective treatment.)

-- TO BE SHOWN ON OCT 9 -- “Everyone Needs A Hand To Hold On To” is a
remarkable, award-winning film that chronicles the journeys of 10 people who
share poignant commentary about their personal battles and triumphs with
depressive disorders. (To be shown 7:30 PM to 7:50 PM before SHARE/CARE.)

OCTOBER 23 1995: ALAN R. ALLARD, M. A. was the speaker. A professional
counselor in private practice, Alan Allard has a Master’s degree in Counseling and
over 40 hours of further graduate training in Clinical Psychology and Family
Therapy. A frequent speaker and workshop/seminar leader, Alan is also a member
of the American Counseling Association and the American Association of
Christian Counselors. At the New Beginnings Care and Counseling Center, he
provides supervision to four psychotherapists who are in private practice. Alan’s
areas of expertise include Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management and Couple
and Family Counseling among others.

include video about Van Gogh’s life, “To Paint the Stars”, produced by Dr.
Jamison. Kay Jamison is an international authority on manic-depressive illness and
one of the few women who are full professors of medicine at American
universities. She is a Professor of Psychiatry at John Hopkins Univ. School of
Medicine. She has authored several books on manic-depression and has produced
television shows about Famous people who are affected by the illness. She also
produced a concert at Kennedy Center in Washington comprised of music by
composers who have manic-depression. She has just disclosed in her latest book,
An Unquiet Mind that she, herself, has been struggling with manic-depression for
30 years and had not chosen to go public until now! We will spend the evening
learning more about this outstanding woman and viewing the television special she
wrote and produced about Vincent Van Gogh’s manic-depression and how it
affected his painting. The special, entitled “To Paint the Stars”, has beautiful shots
of Van Gogh paintings and lovely background music. The public is cordially


JANUARY 22 1996: Dr. Susan Holstein presents “Exploring the Effect of
Depression on Family Members.” Dr. Holstein will be the guest moderator for a
panel which will explore how depression affects various family members, in
particular — children of a depressed person, siblings of a depressed person, parents
of a depressed person and spouse of a depressed person. Dr. Holstein has a PhD. in
clinical psychology and 2 masters degrees in counseling psychology and
rehabilitation psychology. She was the coordinator of CDH’s Adult Partial
Hospitalization Program for 3 1/2 yrs. She now has a private practice in St. Charles
and specializes in individual and marital counseling.

FEBRUARY 26 1996: Attorney Jeffrey Rabin presents “Social Security Disability,
How To Get It. How To Keep It and How to Return to Work!” Attorney Rabin
concentrates on the representation of disabled persons seeking Social Security
benefits. He is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and past chairperson of
its’ Social Security Disability Committee. He is a sustaining member of the
National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives. He testified
before the Subcommittees of the U. S. House of Representatives Ways and Means
Committee in Feb. 1994 on Social Security issues. He also appeared on “60
Minutes” in a May, 1994 program related to Social Security issues. He has lectured
about current Social Security law and procedures to various communities,
hospitals, social service agencies, local and national bar associations, insurance
carriers and law schools. (NOTE: MR. RABIN ALSO INVITES THERAPISTS

MARCH 25 1996: Stephanie Weber-Slepicka, Fox Valley Crisis Line director,
worked in the area of suicide prevention, counseling and education since 1982. She
has been with the Crisis Line since March 1984. She has been a Volunteer on a
Suicide Prevention Hotline, has taught suicide/Crisis classes for Illinois
Benedictine College, the National College of Education and Indiana University.
Since 1982 she has presented workshops each year at the Annual Conference of the
American Association of Suicidology. She is the founder and facilitator of
Survivors of Suicide, a self-help group for those left behind. In 1987 she received
the Governor’s Award for the Outstanding Director of a Program of Volunteers in
a Not-For-Profit Agency in Illinois. She received an award from Women in
Management for outstanding achievement in 1992. She received the Woman of
Distinction Award from the YWCA in 1994. She lives on the river in North Aurora
and spends her “spare” time fixing up her home, running, reading, doing
needlework and loving her cats.

APRIL 22 1996: Dr. Vincent Sackett - annual presentation. Dr. Vincent Sackett is
Chairman and Medical Director of the Department of Psychiatry at Central DuPage
Hospital. He is also the Director of Behavioral Health Services at the hospital and
the Medical Director of the Warrenville Clinic for Behavioral Medicine. Dr.
Sackett has been an advisor and friend to Fox Valley DMDA since it was formed
in 1991. Fox Valley DMDA looks forward to Dr. Sackett’s annual presentation. He
will be available for questions afterwards. The general public is invited.

National Depressive and Manic—Depressive Association has produced two very
powerful videos about depression and manic—depression entitled FOUR LIVES:
NEEDS A HAND TO HOLD ON TO. Reputable scientific advisors were used in
the production of these videos to guarantee accuracy. The actors and actresses are
real life sufferers of depression and manic—depression and do excellent jobs of
acting out their stories. These people are members of various National DMDA
chapters around the country. The videos are both excellent presentations and it is
quite unusual to feature them on the same program. (The Program Committee
decided to make them both available on May 27 as a special Memorial Day treat!)

Miranda Sotir has been invited to speak to Fox Valley DMDA at 7:30 on June 24
about Bipolar Disorder:

     1. Symptoms and diagnosis
     2. Latest treatments
     3. Long term outlook

No information about Dr. Sotir’s background and experience was available at press

JULY 22 1996: NATIONAL DMDA Executive Director SUSAN PANICO, CBA
will speak. Susan Panico, formerly Susan Dime-Meenan, became the first
Executive Director of the National DMDA in 1989 and continues in that position
today. (The NDMDA was formed in 1986.) Susan’s manic-depression was
diagnosed at the age of 27 after 13 years of misdiagnosis. She expects to carefully
take care of her illness the rest of her life as she believes her own
manic—depression is controlled day by day, dose by dose. Susan’s office is at the
National DMDA headquarters in Chicago (800-82N-DMDA). Susan is extremely
busy traveling around the country, speech making, fund raising for research,
advocating in Washington, D.C. and performing the myriad of duties necessary to
effectively direct the 275 chapter National Depressive and Manic Depressive
Association. Editor’s note: Susan never fails to inspire those who hear her. DON’T

AUGUST 26 1996: DR. RASINA JABED will speak on Seasonal Affective
Disorder. Dr. Jabed graduated in June after finishing her residency at Loyola
School of Medicine. She has had extensive experience in the state, federal and
private sector at hospitals such as St. Joseph, Joliet, Linden Oaks, River Edge,
Madden State Hospital and Hines VA hospital. She has considerable experience
with adolescents and children. Her specialties are adult psychiatry, geriatric
psychiatry and female mental disorders, including PMS, post partum depression
and anxiety disorders. She has a special interest in Seasonal Affective Disorder.

MANAGEMENT OF BIPOLAR DISORDER” by Dr. Shaukat Jamal. Dr. Shaukat
Jamal, originally from Pakistan, took his psychiatry residency at Chicago Medical
School. He is board certified in psychiatry and his areas of special interest include
psychopharmacology, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive—compulsive
disorder and neuropsychiatry. At present Dr. Jamal has a private practice in
psychiatry in Carol Stream, IL. He is also staff psychiatrist for the DuPage County
Health Department and staff psychiatrist for the Lutheran Social Services of
Illinois. He will be speaking about current concepts, diagnosis and management of
bipolar disorder.

graduated from the Chicago School of Medicine and performed his residency in
psychiatry at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine. He is a staff psychiatrist at both
Central DuPage Hospital and Linden Oaks Hospital where he is Medical Director
of The Eating Disorder Program. He is in private practice with the Genesis Clinical
services group in Wheaton. He will speak about one of his specialties, the exact
topic not known at press time.

THE HOLIDAYS (Coping with Family Expectations and the Urge to Indulge)” by
Lucia Li Caville, PH.D.. Dr. Lucia Li Caville will speak to the group on November
25. Dr. Caville received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Northwestern. She had
Fellowships at Rock Creek and Linden Oaks. She worked with the Warrenville
Clinic for one year and is now co-owner of Sun Prairie Clinical Services. This
clinic has a staff of 12 therapists and dieticians who each have their own different
specialty. Dr. Caville specializes in Eating Disorders and Trauma which includes
sexual abuse. Accompanying Dr. Caville will be Registered Dietician Kim Berger
who has many years of experience with eating disorders special diets etc. in
hospital settings.


panel). Patients and family members who have succeeded in building successful,
satisfying lives in spite of having a depressive disorder to contend with have done
so in large measure because they have developed coping techniques that work for
them. A panel made up of DMDA patients and family members will share their
most effective techniques. These may not be ones found in books or heard in
therapy, but they work and they might work for you, too. Members of the audience
will be given an opportunity to share their favorite coping methods, also. Let’s
learn from each other!!!

by Mr. Ken Edminister. Mr. Ken Edminister of Transitional Services Center,
Wheaton, will discuss the behavioral approach to the treatment of persons who
suffer from Emotional Intensity Disorder. Mr. Edminister will describe the twelve
week course he teaches and will suggest several practical things that would be
useful to our DMDA support group.

MARCH 24 1997: “MONDAY NITE AT THE MOVIES.” We have such a
wonderful collection of videos about depressive disorders that we want to make
sure all of you get a chance to see them. Therefore, March 24 will be devoted to
watching videos. It seems the information contained in a video is often presented
in a different way or uses art work, complicated sets etc. that are not available to
our speakers. It is very beneficial for all of us to take a look at some of our videos
and take from them what is important to our own battle with depression. Bring a
friend or family member and come to the Monday Nite Movies. Public welcome!

Dr. Sackett. Dr. Sackett has been our medical advisor since Fox Valley DMDA
was formed in 1991. He has been and is our friend and staunch supporter. A
well-known and highly respected psychiatrist in the area, Dr. Sackett is the
Chairman and Medical Director of the Department of Psychiatry at Central DuPage
Hospital. He is also the Director of Behavioral Health Services at CDH. Dr.
Sackett is the Medical Director of Genesis Clinical Services in Wheaton (the
former Warrenville Clinic). Re will discuss medication use in depression & side
effects management. The public is encouraged to attend!

MAY 26 1997: “SLEEP AND DEPRESSION” by Clifford A. Massie, PhD. DR.
CLIFFORD MASSIE will present a program about sleep and depression on May
26. Dr. Massie is affiliated with the American Psychological Association, The
American Sleep Disorders Association and the Sleep Research Society. He is a
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, State of Illinois and a Diplomate of the American
Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Massie did his pre-doctoral residency in clinical
psychology at Rush-Presbyterian Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago. He
received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami. Dr.
Massie is with Suburban Lung Associates, S.C. and has an office at both Elk Grove
Village and Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield.

JUNE 23 1997: “BEHAVIORAL TALK THERAPY” by Thomas Schemper, PhD.
DR. THOMAS SCREMPER of Hinsdale has been invited to address the group on
June 23. As we go to press, we do not have information about the talk or Dr.
Schemper’s professional background.

Mary Jane Spudeas and other RECOVERY, INC. members will present a
demonstration of the Recovery Method System of self-help techniques for
controlling temperamental behavior and changing attitudes toward nervous
symptoms and fears. RECOVERY, INC. is a mental health organization offering a
self-help method of will training.

by Dr. Ralph Orland. Dr. Orland will discuss atypical depression and what we
should know about it. He took his residency at Loyola University and is board
certified in Psychiatry. He has been in private practice 8 years in this area and is
also a supervisor at Hines VA hospital and Loyola University He has received a
number of “excellence in teaching” awards at Loyola from the residents and this
year received a national teaching award for medical students. In addition to
Depression some of his other areas of special interest are OCD, Eating Disorders,
Sexual Dysfunction and the Dr-Patient Relationship. Dr. Orland is President and
Co-Partner of Genesis Clinical Services in Wheaton where his private practice is

HOW IT HELPS HER. Blanche Jones, Executive Director of Fox Valley DMDA,
will discuss her own experiences with Seasonal Affective Disorder and her
successful use of light boxes to treat it. Blanche will share some of the information
she has acquired while studying the subject. Blanche, who has had bipolar disorder
(manic depression) for about 36 yrs has been taking Lithium since 1973 and about
5 years ago added Prozac to her daily regime. She was one of the 6 founders of the
Fox Valley DMDA chapter. Blanche is a firm believer in the importance of
educating oneself and one’s family about the diagnosis, treatment & “how to’s” of
living with a depressive illness.

ALL ABOUT” by Social Security Attorney Jeffrey Rabin. Jeffrey Rabin,
Vice-Chairman of the Chicago Bar Association Social Security Disability
Committee, will provide information about Social Security Disability and SSI
benefits for the mentally ill. He is a member of the National Organization of Social
Security Claimants Representatives. He has a private practice in Winfield,
Libertyville and Chicago. The phone for the Chicago office, 223 W. Jackson Blvd
is 312-431-1000.

NOVEMBER 24 1997: Educational Meeting - to be announced. (Editor's note: I
have no record of the topic.)


Los Santos. Dr. Nick De Los Santos is the Medical Director of the Partial Hospital
Program and the Phoenix Unit at Mercy Center for Health Care Psychiatry
Department. Dr. De Los Santos attended medical school in the Philippines. He was
a chief resident at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute. He was a Medical Director
for a Partial Hospital Program in Elgin and in Des Plaines. He is the consulting
psychiatrist for the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles and for the Pontiac
Correctional Institution. He also maintains a private practice where he specializes
in adult and geriatric psychiatry.

THE OTHER?” by Martin Lemon, PhD. Dr. Lemon has a PhD in Clinical
Psychology from Texas Tech University, a pre-doctoral internship in Clinical
Psych, Northwestern Medical School, a post-doctoral fellowship at Rock Creek
Center and advanced training in family and couples therapy at the Family Institute,
Evanston. He is on the staff of both Rock Creek Center in Lemont and Sun Prairie
Clinical Services in Naperville. Dr. Lemon treats in-patients and out-patients --
individuals, families, couples & groups.

DEPRESSION.” This hour-long film consists of three in-depth case studies that
illustrate, in a powerful way, on a first-person level, what it is like to be clinically
depressed -- and what can be done to alleviate the condition and resume a normal,
fulfilling life. Through exclusive interview footage of renowned CBS newsman
Mike Wallace, Sophies’s Choice author, William Styron and psychologist/author
Dr. Martha Manning, “DEAD BLUE: Surviving Depression” sheds light on the
symptoms and treatment of the widespread, often misunderstood disease of clinical

MARCH 23 1998: DR. VINCENT SACKETT, “The Evolution of Psychiatric
Treatments for Mental Illnesses.” Dr. Sackett spoke at the very first meeting of Fox
Valley DMDA in March of 1991 and has addressed our group every anniversary
meeting since then. As our medical advisor he has been our stalwart friend and
promoter. During this time he has been the Chairman and Medical Director of the
Department of Psychiatry and the Director of the Behavioral Health Services at
Central DuPage Hospital. He has recently been promoted to the position of
Vice-President of CDH and has discontinued his private psychiatric practice. In his
March 23 presentation Dr. Sackett will outline the changes in psychiatric treatment
of mental illnesses down through the years.

APRIL 27 1998: DR. CLIFFORD MASSIE, “Sleep Disorders and Depression."
Dr. Clifford Massie is affiliated with the American Psychological Association, The
American Sleep Disorders Association and the Sleep Research Society. He is a
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, State of Illinois, and a Diplomate of the American
Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Massie did his pre-doctoral residency in clinical
psychology at Rush-Presbyterian Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago. He
received his M.S. and PH.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami. He
is with Suburban Lung Associates & has an office at CDH.

MAY 11 1998: Stephanie Weber of FOX VALLEY CRISIS LINE answers our
questions in “SUICIDE, All You’d Ever Want to Know.” On May 11, Stephanie
Weber, M.S., L.C.P.C. will present “Suicide, All You’d Ever Want To Know."
Stephanie has worked in the area of suicide prevention, counseling and education
since 1982. She is the director of the Fox Valley Crisis Line. She has a B,S. degree
in Elementary Education from Northern Illinois University and an M.S. in
Counseling Education from Indiana University. She is a National Certified
Counselor. Stephanie has taught Suicide/Crisis classes for Illinois Benedictine
College, the National College of Education, and Indiana University. She has been
an active member of the American Association of Suicidology since 1982, and has
presented workshops each year at their annual conference. She is the founder and
facilitator of Survivors of Suicide in Aurora, a self-help support group for the
family and friends of someone who has died by suicide. Stephanie has received
numerous awards, including the Governor’s Award for the Outstanding Director of
a Program of Volunteers in the Not-for-Profit, Social Services Category in 1987.

JUNE 22 1998: Patricia Ely will present “Psychotherapy in Treatment of
Depression.” Patricia Ely, of Oakbrook, will discuss the place of psychotherapy in
the treatment of depression and manic-depression in her presentation June 22.
Patricia Ely has both a B.S. degree and an M.S. degree from the University of
Illinois in social work plus 33 hours beyond her masters in psychology related
courses. Patricia, an A.C.S.W. and a L.C.S.W. is also licensed by the state of
Illinois to work with substance abuse clients. She has been in private practice since
1983. She prides herself in the fact that she works with patients from all
socio-economic levels and she handles a very wide range of psychological

Cress (Harmony Health Center) and a representative from the Pfeiffer Clinic. Dr.
Dale Cress of Harmony Health Center will discuss the place of acupuncture,
chiropractic and herbal medicine in the treatment of depression. Dr. Cress and his
center provide individual wholistic health care in the areas of Chinese Medicine:
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Chiropractic Joint Mobilization,
Applied Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Electrical Muscle
Stimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Nutrition, Diet Management, Health
Analysis, Diagnostic Testing and Personal Well Being Programs. Dr. Cress teaches
a class in Oriental Medicine at College of DuPage. Your questions will be
welcomed. ALSO ON JULY 27-- A Carl Pfeiffer Treatment Center representative
will discuss their outpatient facility which is dedicated to assisting persons with
biochemical imbalances with emphasis on behavior dysfunctions, learning
disorders, depression and mental illness. About 30% of their patients suffer from
biochemical disorders and may have been previously diagnosed with depression,
anxiety disorder or schizophrenia. The Center identifies specific chemical
imbalances through extensive chemical testing and provides individualized
treatments for balancing body chemistry. Even though most patients require only
two visits, followed by annual consultations, patients with mental illness or severe
depression may need more frequent visits. Psychiatric drugs do not interfere with
testing and evaluation.

AUGUST 24 1998: “MY BRAIN W4S FULL OF MOLASSES: a S.A.D. story” by
Director Blanche M. Jones will discuss her symptoms, tell how she discovered she
had S.A.D., and how light treatment has made living in the winter just as pleasant
as living in the summer for her. The Joliet Herald News and The Chicago Tribune
(twice) have run feature articles with photos about Blanche’s story. She has also
been interviewed on TV & radio about S.A.D..

PRINZ of Genesis Clinical Services. Dr. Steven Prinz graduated from the Chicago
School of Medicine and performed his residency in psychiatry at Loyola’s Stritch
School of Medicine. He is a staff psychiatrist at both Central DuPage Hospital and
Linden Oaks Hospital where he is the Medical Director of The Eating Disorder
Program. He is in private practice with the Genesis Clinical Services group in
Wheaton. He will be discussing depression among our teenage population.

DEPRESSION” by RENEE’ RYAN of the Light Heart Center. Renee’ Somer
Ryan, a Reiki Master Teacher at The Light Heart Center in Winfleld has taught
classes in Reiki as well as Qigong and Tai Ji movement, including the 8 Pieces of
Silk Qigong Movement. Qigong and Tai Ji are rooted in Oriental wisdom and
practice and are natural ways of restoring the flow of energy and initiating a body’s
own healing processes. They are said to be the perfect remedy for coping with
stress, fatigue, tension and burn out. Renee’ is featured in a video, “8 Pieces of
Silk” in which she teaches the Qigong “8 Pieces of Silk” movements. Questions
are welcomed.

DR RALPH ORLAND and DR KATHERINE NOLL, both from Genesis Clinical
Services. DR. RALPH ORLAND, President and Co-Partner of Genesis Clinical
Services in Wheaton took his residency at Loyola University and is board certified
in psychiatry. He has been in private practice for 9 years and is also a supervisor at
Hines VA hospital and a professor at Loyola University Medical School where he
has received a number of “excellence in teaching” awards and in 1997 received a
national teaching award for medical students, In addition to Depression he has a
special interest in OCD, Eating Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction and the Dr-Patient
Relationship. DR. KATHERINE NOLL, a licensed clinical psychologist at
Genesis Clinical Services, received her B.A. and M.S. from Penn State University
and her Ph.D from Northern Illinois University. She interned at the Illinois State
Psychiatric Institute. She taught 6 yrs at Elmhurst College and was on the Adult
Psychiatric Unit at Central DuPage Hospital for 4 yrs before joining Genesis
Clinical Services. Her specialties are psychotherapy, marital therapy and
psychological and neuro-psychological assessment.


JANUARY 25 1999: “Linden Oaks Bi-Polar Clinical Trials Explained” by Dr.
Mark Lerman. Dr. Mark Lerman is the Clinical Director of the Bi-Polar Research
Program at Linden Oaks Hospital, where he is also the Medical Director and
Clinical Director of Adolescent Psychiatric Services. He is a Clinical Assistant
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at Loyola Univ. Stritch
School of Medicine, is a medical consultant to the Family Institute at Northwestern
University in Evanston and is a member of the Physicians Speakers Bureau for Eli
Lilly and Pfizer. Dr. Lerman is co-founder and president of Oak Brook Psychiatric
Group, in Oak Brook, IL. He went to the University of Michigan for Pre-Med, to
Wayne State University for his M.D., took an internship at Northwestern
University Medical School and a Residency at both Northwestern and Loyola
University Medical Schools. At the January 25th meeting he will discuss clinical
trials at Linden Oaks, who is eligible for the Bi-Polar Trial and what they expect to

FEBRUARY 22 1999: “A Legal Update for Those with Depression and Their
Families” by Attorney Jill Olson Skinner. Attorney Skinner will explain the need
for wills and ”special needs trusts” when one with depression, who has accepted
government aid in the past, inherits money. She will also bring us up to date on the
American For Disabilities Act and how it is being implemented for mentally ill
people. Jill, a Valparaiso University Law School grad has been in private practice
20 yrs, 10 of those in Aurora. Her specialties are estate planning, real estate tax law
and small business law. (If you are expecting to inherit money in the future and
have had help from state or federal sources this is a very important talk for you to
hear. Don’t miss it!!)

MARCH 22 1999: Anniversary Celebration with DR. VINCENT SACKETT
giving annual address and a NDMDA video, ”Everyone Needs A Hand to Hold
With our March meeting, Dr. Sackett will have completed his 8th year as medical
advisor of Fox Valley DMDA. (Dr. Stanley Ahramski is replacing him.) Dr.
Sackett was in the “delivery room,” when Fox Valley DMDA was born in 1991.
The phenomenal success and growth of Fox Valley DMDA has been due in large
measure to the support and encouragement he has given us through our years of
development. We have never presented him with a problem he couldn‘t solve from
obtaining a meeting room to arranging newsletter postage, to hosting annual Board
luncheon meetings, to speaking to us once a year on our anniversary. He has
always been available for consultation for any “people” or policy problems we
have had. He has truly been our friend and staunchest supporter and for this we are
deeply grateful. We will miss him as our advisor and will never forget all the help
he so graciously gave us. We wish him much success in all his new endeavors at
Central DuPage Hospital!!

APRIL 26 1999: National DMDA Exec. Director LYDIA LEWIS will present:
“NATIONAL DMDA, 1999 AND BEYOND!” Lydia Lewis became National
DMDA Executive Director in June 1997. She had for eleven years been the
Executive Director and CEO for the Committee of 200, an international association
of women business executives, where she had turned a relatively unknown
organization into an internationally recognized one, increased its fund balance
from $70,000 to over $1 million, established a Foundation and nearly doubled its
membership. She held various marketing positions at AT&T for nearly 8 years.
She has a BA degree in psychology form State University of New York at Buffalo.
Her expertise lies in turning around organizations by applying sound business
policies and practices. Her goal is to increase NDMDA membership to 500,000
and she hopes that all 42,000 psychiatrists in the U.S. will become professional
members. Lydia Lewis, herself, has struggled with depression most of her life.

MAY 24 1999: Psychiatrist, Joseph Fanelli, M.D. -- ”UPDATE ON NEW
TREATMENTS FOR BIPOLAR DISORDER.” Dr. Fanelli, Director of the
Midwest Center for Neurobehavioral Medicine in Oakbrook Terrace will discuss
new treatments for bipolar disorder. Dr. Fanelli is an Assistant Professor of
Psychiatry at Rush University in Chicago. He is on the staff at
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago and at Good Samaritan Hospital
in Downers Grove. He has a private practice at the Midwest Center where he also
directs and conducts clinical trials. He received his B.S. degree in psychology from
Loyola University, and his M.D. from Chicago Medical School, University of
Health Services. He completed his residency at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's
Hospital in 1990. This informative meeting is open to the public.

JUNE 28 1999: Psychiatrist, Stanley Abramski, M.D. -- ”HOW BEHAVIORAL
Abramski is the Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services of Central DuPage
Hospital. He will outline the services available at B.H.S., the value of partial
hospital programs, how they fit into treatment plans for depression, what type of
professionals staff B.H.S. and other pertinent information. Dr. Abramski received
his B.S. at Loyola University and his M.D. from Stritch School of Medicine at
Loyola. He is on the staff at both Mercy Center for Health Care Services in Aurora
and Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield. Fox Valley DMDA welcomes him as
their new medical advisor.

Vocational Dept of DuPage County Health Department. Supported Employment
allows persons with emotional disabilities to be successfully employed by
providing the support services of a Job Coach. The Job Coach assesses the skills
and abilities of the individual, determines the type of job that would match these
skills and abilities, participates with the individual in the employer’s standard
hiring procedures and trains the person at the work site, if needed. Staff members
of the program will explain how the program works and who is eligible.

Forrest, LCPC. Marcia is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Licensed
Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Art Therapist. She is a Certified
Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association.. She received her Bachelors
and Masters in Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has a
private counseling practice in Wood Dale, IL and is an art therapist for the
Streamwood Behavioral Health Center. She will discuss and demonstrate the use
of art therapy in treatment of depression.
SEPTEMBER 27 1999: “Light Therapy as a Supplement to Other Depression
Treatments/My Personal Experiences with Seasonal Affective Disorder by Blanche
M. Jones. Blanche M. Jones is the Executive Director of Fox Valley DMDA and
one of its original founders. Blanche was able to work for over 40 years in spite of
her bipolar disorder - first for many years as a registered Medical Technologist in
medical laboratories in Denver, CO, Sitka, Alaska, Hayward, WI and at Copley,
Mercy, & St. Charles Hospitals and Dreyer Clinic in Aurora. She then worked as a
technical writer for Amoco Research in Naperville, writing procedure manuals and
writing and producing instructional videos. Blanche has been taking lithium since
1973 and also takes Prozac and uses light therapy. She has been active in the
depression self-help movement for the last 15 yrs.

OCTOBER 25 1999: “Stephanie Weber Talks about Suicide and Its Prevention.”
Stephanie has worked with suicide prevention, counseling and education since
1982. She is Director of Fox Valley Crisis Line, founder and facilitator of
Survivors of Suicide in Aurora and recently helped found and is Director of
Suicide Prevention Services. She has taught college classes in Suicide and Crisis
Intervention for Indiana University, Benedictine College and National College of
Education. She has been an active member of the American Association of
Suicidology since 1982 and presents workshops each year at their annual
conference. She received the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Director of a
Program of Volunteers in the Not-for-Profit Social Services Category in 1987.

NOVEMBER 22 1999: MICHELLE MCMULLIN, “Managing the Mental Health
Maze.” Michelle McMullin is director of Clinical Services with The Association
for Individual Development. Prior to joining AID, she worked for 15 years at
Ecker Center in Elgin, primarily as director of Crisis Services. She has a Master’s
Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and is a Licensed Clinical
Professional Counselor. She will cover issues that families must deal with when a
loved one has a mental disorder such as finding resources, agencies and other help.


centers. Representatives of the Fox River Valley Center for Independent Living
(serving Kane, Kendall and McHenry counties) and the DuPage County Center for
Independent Living have been invited to explain the services they offer in the way
of independent living skills training (housing, education, transportation, financial
management, legal affairs, self advocacy, volunteer opportunities, peer counseling
and support in problem solving and much more.) The centers are dedicated to the
empowerment of persons with disabilities.

FEBRUARY 28 2000: To be announced (Tentatively a program about OCD is
planned but details are not confirmed at press time.)

received his Masters in Social Work in 1980 from the University of Illinois. He is a
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Supervisor Alcohol and Drug
Counselor. During the ten years before he came to CDH Terry worked in mental
health and chemical dependency in outpatient and hospital settings in Illinois and
Michigan. He has been at CDH for 10 years, the first 5 yrs as Substance Abuse
Manager for all chemical dependency services, the next 5 years as Outpatient
Manager for Psychiatric Services. He oversees all adolescent, adult and older adult
outpatient mental health services and also oversees all adolescent substance abuse

PHILLIPS: Dr. Kenneth Phillips graduated from Northwestern University, went on
to medical school at the University of Cincinnati, served in a foreign medical
service in India, returned and took his internship and psychiatry training at the
University of Chicago. He is an active member of the American Psychiatric
Association and the Christian Medical Society. He is certified by the American
Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has been in practice since 1984. Dr.
Phillips is the founder and Medical Director of Alliance Clinical Associates, a
private practice, multi-specialty, mental health care group in Wheaton, IL. He has a
special interest in depression, anxiety syndromes, recovery from childhood trauma
including sexual abuse, personality growth and development, and integration of
emotional and religious experiences. He is Medical Director for Adolescent Mental
Health Services at CDH and is involved in a number of hospital programs,
including partial hospital and crisis stabilizations.

DEPRESSED?” Equip for Equality is the corporation designated as Illinois’
protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities, mental illness and
developmental disabilities. Professional advocates and attorneys help individuals
enforce their rights by providing technical assistance and advice in self-advocacy
and direct legal services. It monitors the performance of agencies responsible for
delivering services to people with disabilities, both physical and mental, including
compliance with individual rights. Equip for Equality representatives can answer
questions about the protection given people, disabled by a depressive disorder,
under the Americans for Disabilities Act.

Advisor. Psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Abramski is the Clinical Director of Behavioral
Health Services of Central DuPage Hospital. He received his BS at Loyola
University and his M.D. from the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola. He is on
the staff of both Mercy Center in Aurora and Central DuPage Hospital in
Winfield.. He has had a private practice in St.Charles, IL for over 20 years. He has
had considerable experience with administering ECT and is well qualified to speak
on the use of ECT in the treatment of depressive disorders.

Paul Teodo is the Administrator of Behavioral Health Services of Central DuPage
Hospital. He has a Master’s Degree in psychology and has worked in the mental
health field and substance abuse field since 1973. His Master’s thesis was on the
relationship between spirituality and recovery. His practical approach to
spirituality may be different than others you may have heard, but will most
certainly be enlightening and entertaining.

the Director of Residential Planning for the Association for Individual
Development in Aurora. She has a major in sociology, a minor in education. Her
Master’s work was in family science, specializing in family therapy. Currently she
is working in adult training. Amaal has a very strong interest in the areas of many
kinds of community work and development for all those people who society treats
as though they were “invisible or less dignified” than others. She feels adults with
mental health issues are certainly not valued as they should be in our “educated”
American society. She will be able to answer questions about the services provided
by A.I.D. in general as well as the details of her Department of Residential

SEPTEMBER 25 2000: Rev. Howard L. Milkman Jr. presents “The Role of
Religion and the Clergy in the Treatment of Depression.” Reverend Howard L.
Milkman Jr. will discuss how religion and members of the clergy can help those
who have depression or manic-depression. Reverend Milkman is the pastor of St.
Luke Presbyterian Church, 3910 Highland Ave in Downers Grove, IL.

OCTOBER 23 2000: Mary Lambert, MS, LCPC will discuss the services available
at the Community Counseling Center in Aurora. Mary Lambert, MS, LCPC is
Director of Clinical Services for the Community Counseling Center of the Fox
Valley, located at 400 Mercy Lane, Aurora. Community Counseling Services
include Psychiatric Evaluations, Medication Clinic, Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry, Medication Monitoring, Treatment Planning and many other services.

NOVEMBER 28 2000: “Medication Options in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorders
by Dr Nutter. Dr Tom Nutter will present a talk outlining medication options in
treatment of bipolar disorders. Dr Nutter completed his residency in psychiatry at
Northwestern Memorial Hospital/McFain Medical Center where he was the chief
resident. He attended medical school at the University of Illinois and did his
undergraduate work at Valparaiso University where he graduated summa cum
laude. He is on the staff at Central DuPage Hospital and is a psychiatrist with
Alliance Clinical Associates in Wheaton. Dr. Nutter uses both
psychopharmacology and psychotherapy when treating his patients.


Caron, RN. C., M.S. - Colleen will explain the benefits of humor in achieving
wellness. Humor is an important part of the care of patients and also important for
the well-being of caregivers. She will outline how to recapture humor in one’s life.
While stressing the biological benefits of humor she will examine some of the
myths about humor. Colleen has a Masters Degree in Health Administration, has
been a psychiatric nurse & has worked in the psychiatry field for 16 years. She
helped start the DMDA chapter in Elmhurst. She is currently involved in bipolar
clinical trials on Risperdal at Alexian Brothers Hospital in Hoffman Estates. If
interested in the trials call Colleen at 847-755-8330.

REGULATIONS” by Social Security Attorney Jeffrey Rabin. Attorney Rabin has
been on the Chicago Bar Association Social Security Disability Committee and is a
member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Reps. Our
chapter receives his monthly newsletters which are available at meetings. Attorney
Rabin has spoken on several occasions to our chapter and will answer your Social
Security questions. Don’t miss this meeting!
MARCH 27 2001: “Why Is It So Hard To Smile When You Are Depressed” by
Alvaro Oliveros Jr., Counselor at Alexian Brothers Behavior Health Services. Al
Oliveros, Jr. graduated from Loyola University of Chicago, 1998 with a B.S. in
Psychology and a B.A. in Philosophy. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in
Psychology. He has been an Assistant Program Director of an alternative tutoring
program, worked in the Intake Dept. for Community Counseling Center of
Chicago, has been a case manager for Family Services and Mental Health and a
child welfare specialist for DCFS with Family Links Counseling Center and a
consultant counselor for McDonalds Corporation. His Special interests include
Reality Therapy and Psychology of Business.

APRIL 24 2001: “Prediction and Prevention of Suicide” by Dr. Ralph Orland,
Psychiatrist and Medical Director, Genesis Clinical Services.” Psychiatrist Ralph
Orland is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, Loyola University
Medical Center, Consultant Psychiatrist at Hines V.A. Hospital, is Coordinator of
Resident & Medical Student Education & Director of the Inpatient Teaching Unit
& Dual Diagnosis Program at Hines Hospital. He has worked at Madden State
Hospital, National Lewis University, Cardinal Health Systems, & Dixon
Correctional Center. He has been a psychiatrist with Genesis Clinical Services
since 1994 and is its Medical Director.

MAY 22 2001: “REDISCOVERING DEPRESSION” from Fox’s TV Health
SHOWN ON MAY 22. The video “Rediscovering Depression: Beating the Blues”
initially aired on Fox’s The Health Network. In the first year it aired a total of 28
times reaching 20 million potential households each airing. It aired in such cities as
New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Denver. In its second year it was slated to
re-air in syndication on The Health Network to 80 million households each airing.
Two photographers were sent up from Florida and spent 4 hours following Blanche
around and filming her usual routine around her house and interviewing her about
her experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts. Three other Chicago area
people were also part of the video.

DISORDERS” by Christine Carpenter, Psy. D. of the Clarus Center. Dr. Christine
Carpenter is on the staff of the Clarus Center in Naperville which is a group of six
exceptionally well-trained psychologists and psychotherapists. Dr. Carpenter
believes in using a team of professionals and a variety of approaches, physical,
emotional and spiritual to support the healing process. The team meets regularly
and because each person has unique needs, treatment plans are created on an
individual basis. (Clarus Center was formerly the Sun Prairie Clinic.)

JULY 24 2001: “An Update on National DMDA Activities and Accomplishments”
by Lydia Lewis. National DMDA Executive Director, Lydia Lewis and Lisa
Goodale, Constituency Relations Director, will bring us up to date on the
accomplishments National has made in the last year. There are now over 400
chapters. National is receiving about 5,000 calls monthly on the 800 line and the
website is averaging 33,639 unique visits per month. National DMDA now has
support groups in 79 of the 100 most populous US metropolitan areas. Our national
organization is the largest-patient directed, illness-specific organization in the US.
Please take this opportunity to meet these two outstanding women at the July 24th

AUGUST 28 2001: “Behavioral Health Services in DuPage County” by William
C. Coates, MSW. William C. Coates, since 1982, has been the Associate Director
of the DuPage County Health Department. Among his past positions have been:
Mental Health Director of Jackson County, Medford, Oregon; Outpatient Director
of Ravenswood Hospital Community Mental Health Services; Family and Activity
Therapist for Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, Chicago. Mr Coates has a B.S.
degree from Indiana University and an M.S. in Social Work from the University of
Illinois. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Stanley Abramski. Dr. Abramski is the Medical Advisor of Fox Valley DMDA and
the Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services of Central DuPage Hospital.
He received his BS at Loyola University, his MD from Stritch School of Medicine,
Loyola. He is on the staff of both Provena Mercy in Aurora and CDH. He has been
in private practice in St. Charles for over 20 yrs. He will be discussing the
diagnosis and treatment of mania. Bring your questions!

OCTOBER 23 2001: “Why Is It So Hard to Laugh When You Are Depressed?” by
Alvero Oliveros Jr. ALVERO OLIVEROS, JR, who recently received his Ph.D. in
psychology at Kennedy-Westin University, will present a talk originally scheduled
for March 27. He has a BS in psychology and a BA in philosophy. He has worked
for the Community Counseling Center of Chicago, for Family Services & Mental
Health, for DCFS (Child Welfare), as a counselor at Alexian Brothers Behavioral
Health Dept. & has been a consultant counselor for McDonalds Corporation. His
special interests include Reality Therapy and Psychology of Business.

NOVEMBER 27 2001: “Advance Directives for Future Mental Health Treatment”
by Inez Toledo-Hansen. Ms Toledo-Hansen, a Legal Advocacy Service attorney is
a court appointed counsel of first choice in Illinois for respondents in commitment
and involuntary treatment court proceedings. She is conducting a pilot project in
the Chicago area to educate mental health consumers about the use of advance
directives to further the consumers’ own wishes about future treatment. She will
discuss different types of advance directives and the advantages of each. (Attend
and become informed!!)


JANUARY 22 2002: “THE PILL BOX: One Man’s Hopeful Struggle to Overcome
Manic-Depression” by Bruce R. Patzer M.A.. Bruce Patzer, a long time member of
DMDA Fox Valley, has authored a book entitled THE PILL BOX about his
personal struggles with bipolar disorder. Bruce has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music
Education from Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Masters in Music Education
from Northern Illinois University. He taught in public schools for 7 years, worked
in the retail business and the graphic arts field. He has written many songs over the
past 25 yrs, and currently runs a percussion studio for private lessons and plays
drums with the praise band at his church. Bruce, his wife and two children have
lived in St. Charles for the last 19 yrs. His book sells for $12.50 (cash or checks)
and he will be signing books following his presentation. (Editor’s note: It is a great
book, well worth the price - take home a copy!”)

Patrick Allan, L.C.P.C.. Patrick Allan, L.C.P.C., Program Manager of the Alcohol
and Drug Program for Central DuPage Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services for
the past 15 years, has been in the psychiatric treatment field since 1976. He holds a
Master’s degree in Psychotherapy, is certified in addiction treatment at the
supervisory level and has had a private practice for 15 years. Because such a high
percentage of bipolars also have an addiction problem and because so many people
with addiction problems have undiagnosed bipolar disorder this presentation is
extremely important for DMDA members and the general public. Don’t miss this
chance to have your dual diagnosis questions answered.

MARCH 26 2002: “MY 12 YEARS IN FRONT Of THE LIGHTS” by Blanche M.
Jones. Blanche, diagnosed and treated since 1972 with lithium for her bipolar
disorder, started using light therapy in 1989 in an effort to treat her Seasonal
Affective Disorder symptoms. It has worked very well for Blanche and she has
become a leading proponent of the use of light therapy in treatment of depression.
She has had half hour interviews on Chicago and local radio shows, has had feature
stories with photos of her in front of her light box in three newspapers, one in Joliet
and the Chicago Tribune in 1994 and the The Fox Valley Village 60504 in 1997.
She has given numerous lectures on SAD and light therapy and will soon be giving
a talk to the Joliet DMDA. Bring your questions and concerns about light therapy
to the Fox Valley DMDA meeting on March 26. Blanche will have her light box
on display.

APRIL 23 2002: “FOUR LIVES”, an award winning video produced by National
DMDA. “FOUR LIVES” chronicles the lives of four people who are living with
manic-depression. One is a house painter, another is a young male graphic artist
who is arrested for bank robbery during a manic episode, another is a young nurse
and her husband and the fourth is Artie Houston, one of the first presidents of the
National DMDA and a great champion of self-help DMDA support groups both in
Texas and in the whole country. Her terrible struggle with manic episodes and
depressive episodes will strike a familiar note with most of us. Do not miss this
exceptionally well done collection of true stories about real, live people!

DESTINY” by Elaine Brodemus, M.S., LCSW. Elaine has been a social worker at
Dreyer Medical Clinic in Aurora for the last 11 years. She has a masters degree in
social work and counseling psychology. She does both individual and group
therapy and uses various treatment methods, including cognitive, behavioral and
other psycho-educational, short-term therapies. She often lectures to local groups
about building self-confidence & improving one’s self-image.

Chandra Vedak. Dr. Vedak is the Medical Director of Horizons Behavioral Health
Services in Crystal Lake and on the staff at the Elgin Mental Health Center. Dr.
Vedak received his MBBS degree at Grant Medical College in India and his
psychiatry residency at The Chicago Medical School. His specialties are
psychopharmacology and ETC. He will discuss new developments in the diagnosis
and treatment of bipolar disorder.

AND ADOLESCENTS by Dr. Tom DeMateo, M.D.. Dr. Thomas DeMateo, a
psychiatrist with Alliance Clinical Associates of Wheaton, will speak about the
diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents who have depression or
bipolar. (All adults who think they have had depression since childhood should
find this very interesting and all who are affected with these disorders and who
have children themselves or plan to have children should be especially interested in
this presentation.)

Judy Joray, R.N.. Judy Joray, R.N. is a cardiopulmonary rehab nurse at the St. Rita
Heart Center, Provena Mercy Hospital in Aurora. She teaches skills for coping
with everyday stress, relaxation techniques and prevention of chronic stress. She is
well versed in the area of stress management and has given lectures to various
community organizations.

McKane, MSW. Maureen McKane, MSW, is a licensed clinical social worker. As
a psychotherapist whose practice is in St. Charles, she specializes in individual,
couple and family therapy and deals with a variety of situations. She attended the
Jane Addams School of Social work of the University of Illinois. She did her post
graduate work at Northwestern University’s Family Institute of Chicago. Her
articles often appear in The Beacon News. Maureen will be speaking about the
topic of anger and what one can do about it. (Don’t miss this one!)

Abramski. Dr. Abramski, the medical advisor of Fox Valley DMDA and the
Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services of Central DuPage Hosp, has a
private practice in St. Charles. He has a MD from Stritch School of Medicine and
is on the staff of both Provena Mercy Hospital and CDH. He will spend the
evening answering questions about diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization,
medications, etc. Bring your depression and bipolar related questions which are of
general interest to all. (No personal case histories, please!)

NOVEMBER 26 2002: “FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY” by Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr..
Dr. Rossiter received his M.D., his medical-surgical internship and his psychiatry
residency from the University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics. He has 37 yrs
experience in diagnosis and psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological
treatment of Axis I syndromes, personality disorders and organic brain impairment.
As a forensic psychiatrist, he handles criminal matters such as a defendant’s fitness
to stand trial, criminal competency, mitigating and aggravating factors, post
conviction analysis, etc.. He handles civil matters such as medical/psychiatric
malpractice, personal injury cases, competencies, civil rights, child custody and
visitation. Don’t miss this chance to find out all about the very specialized area of
psychiatry known as forensic psychiatry.

Ralph Orland, Psychiatrist and Medical Director of Genesis Clinical Services in
Wheaton. Psychiatrist Ralph Orland is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept of
Psychiatry, Loyola University Medical Center, Consultant Psychiatrist at Hines
V.A. Hospital, is Coordinator of Resident & Medical Student Education &
Director of the Inpatient Teaching Unit & Dual Diagnosis Program at Hines
Hospital. He has worked at Madden State Hospital, National Lewis University,
Cardinal Health Systems, & Dixon Correctional Center. He has been a psychiatrist
with Genesis Clinical Services since 1994 and is its Medical Director.


STATES” by Alan Allard, Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Alan Allard of New
Beginnings Counseling Center in Naperville is a psychotherapist and life coach.
He has a Master of Arts in counseling, has post-graduate work in clinical
psychology and family therapy. He has twenty plus years in private practice,
specializing in depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome,
marital/relationships therapy and coaching.

OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS” by Dr. Tom Nutter, psychiatrist. Dr.
Tom Nutter, psychiatrist at Alliance Clinical Services in Wheaton, completed his
residency in psychiatry at Northwestern Memorial Hospital /McFain Medical
Center where he was the chief resident. He attended medical school at the
University of Illinois and did his undergraduate work at Valparaiso University
where he graduated summa cum laude. Dr. Nutter treats patients with both
psycho-therapy and psycho-pharmacology. He is on the staff at Central DuPage

Resource Person. Sheryl specializes in helping families and individuals find
government benefits that they might be eligible for that they might not even know
were available. She says many times families are spending money for services they
might qualify for from either the state or the federal government. She evaluates
family’s needs and helps them find where help is available for them. She is an
expert on programs such as Social Security and Medicaid. She also points out how
benefits can be kept rather than lost somewhere down the line.
PEROUTKA is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Licensed
Certified Registered Art Therapist at the Clarus Center in Naperville. Her clinical
background includes providing art therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. She
has used art therapy successfully with those who suffer from trauma, depression,
bipolar, self-esteem issues and anxiety. Ms. Peroutka says, “Individuals seeking art
therapy need no experience in the “arts” but rather a willingness to explore
creativity within themselves.”

JULY 22 2003: “rTMS, A New Treatment for Depression?” by Dr. Dennis Beedle.
Dr.Dennis Beedle, Chief of Psychiatry, Univ. of Illinois Hospital and Medical
Center in Chicago has taught at Rush University and Harvard Medical School. He
is currently assistant professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Illinois
College of Medicine, Chicago, where he has been doing research on rTMS
(Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). He will review the results of a
study comparing the efficacy of ECT vs. rTMS in the treatment of severe
depression. (Editor's Note: rTMS is claimed to be as effective as ECT without
some of its side effects, such as memory loss. rTMS requires twice as many
treatment to achive the same results as ECT and requires newer, more expensive
equipment, so the therapy is more expensive.)

AUGUST 26 2003: “Enhancing the Positive with EMDR and Guided Imagery” by
Dr. P. J. Hruby of Clarus Center, Naperville. Dr. Hruby is a Licensed Clinical
Professional Counselor. Her therapeutic approach uses transpersonal psychologies,
which emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection. She integrates many techniques
including imagery and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).
EMDR is a type of psychotherapy used to treat troubling symptoms, such as
anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, panic, sleep disturbance and flashbacks that are
the result of traumatic experiences. EMDR’s beneficial effects are facilitated by an
alternating stimulation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain by using eye
movement. Emotional problems associated with a traumatic memory are then
removed and replaced with more healthy, positive beliefs.

SEPTEMBER 23 2003: “Men and Depression” by Dr. Syed Ali. Dr. Syed Ali is
the Director of DuPage Mental Health Services, Inc. in Wheaton. He attended Dow
Medical College in Karachi, interned at Augustana Hospital in Chicago, took his
residency in Neurology at Cook County Hospital and his residency in Psychiatry at
the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, Chicago. He is board certified by the Board
of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is a member of the American College of Forensic
Psychiatry and the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law. He has a private
practice and treats adults, adolescents and geriatrics. He also has had extensive
experience in Forensic Psychiatry.

OCTOBER 28 2003: (Videos) ”Eight Leading Experts Answer The Five Most
Common Questions about Chronic Depression” and “Woman to Woman: Finding
Help for Depression.” A video moderated by Lydia Lewis, DBSA President and
Martha Manning, a well-known psychologist and patient, together with eight of the
leading experts in the U.S. will answer the questions most asked by patients and
families. It is informative and easy to follow. Another video, Woman to Woman:
Finding Help for Depression will also be shown. It originally aired in segments on
the half hour TV show, Main Floor and it also features many of the country’s
leading experts on depressive disorders. Both videos were produced by National

Realizing that mental disorders are the 4th leading cause of hospitalization in
DuPage County, Central DuPage Health’s Community Reinvestment Program set
up a grant for the purpose of increasing depression awareness and access to
treatment for people with undiagnosed depression as well as providing funds for
treatment. A group known as the DuPage Partnership for Behavioral Health made
up of DuPage County Health Dept and 18 mental health providers in the county
was awarded the grant and in 2001 joined forces to meet the main goals of the
grant - increasing awareness of depression in the county, improving delivery
services and providing broad based advocacy. This meeting will deal with what the
Partnership has accomplished so far in DuPage County and what their plans for the
future are. DBSA Fox Valley is an affiliate member of the Partnership and has
been assisting with awareness outreach by mailing packets of information to
various groups, such as therapists, general practice doctors, OB-gyne doctors,
schools, churches, youth groups, nursing homes, fire and police stations, etc.. So
far 600 packets containing 5-7 pamphlets each have been mailed. DBSA is the
only group in the Partnership made up of patients and families.


A. BERGER, MS, RD, LD. Kimberly A. Berger, M.S., R.D., L.D. is a registered,
licensed dietician at Genesis Clinical Services in Wheaton. She has a Bachelor’s
Degree in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science and a Master’s Degree in Health
Education. She has worked as a medical and psychiatric dietician in hospitals, in
inpatient and outpatient settings. Her psychiatric specialties include eating
disorders, specialized nutritional services for such conditions as diabetes, heart
problems, cancer and the like. She also counsels patients on weight normalization,
vegetarianism and stresses how healthy eating helps both mentally and physically.
(We can ask her what psychiatric drugs cause weight gain, how they do it and how
to lose the weight after we’ve gained it.) This is a great opportunity to have your
nutritional Questions answered. Be there!!!

BEHAVIOR by JANE BODINIE. Ms. Bodine has a Masters in Counseling
Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology and is a Licensed
Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C.) whose office is in Naperville. She
specializes in neurological disorders such as OCD and the OCD spectrum of
disorders, ADHD, Tourette’s Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety,
Depression, Kleptomania, Trichotillomania (pulling out ones’ own hair), Eating
Disorders and School Problems. She makes house calls and office calls and works
with groups. She will be talking about the treatments available for OCD and some
of the other disorders as time permits.

MARCH 23 2004: Wendy Lader, Ph.D. will present a talk “Treatment for
Self-Injurers.” Wendy Lader, is co-founder and clinical director of the S.A.F.E.
Alternative Program at Linden Oaks Hospital in Naperville. She is an
internationally recognized expert on the treatment of self-injury. She is the
co-author of the book, “Bodily Harm: The Breakthrough Healing Program for
Self-Injurers.” Lader, in affiliation with the S.A.F.E. program has been featured on
a variety of TV programs such as Dateline NBC, 20/20, ABC World News
Tonight, CNN and Good Morning America. She is cited frequently as an expert by
the media including the New York Times Magazine, The Chicago Tribune,
Chicago Sun Times, Counseling Today, Newsweek, Time and U.S. News and
World Report.

APRIL 27 2004: Dr. Joseph Boyle will present “Depression/Overdose/Suicide
(The Emergency Room Experience).” Dr. Boyle is the Associate Director of the
Emergency Room at Central DuPage Hospital. He is board certified in emergency
medicine. Dr. Boyle is also the Outcome Coordinator of all Research Projects
carried on at Central DuPage Hospital. Dr. Boyle attended the Chicago College of
Osteopathic where he also did his internship and residency.

MAY 25 2004: DR. DAVID CLINTON will present “ANXIETY AND ITS
TREATMENT”. Dr. Clinton has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University
with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Religious Studies and Human
Development and Family Studies. He has a Master of Arts in Religion at Trinity
Evangelical Divinity and finished his Clinical Psychology M.A. at Wheaton
College. He worked in research related to adoption before joining Alliance Clinical
Associates in Wheaton as an outpatient therapist. He works with adolescents and
adults dealing with anxiety, depression and bipolar and a wide range of marital and
family issues. He is interested in men’s issues, spiritual development and
attachment disorders. (He has the flexibility to offer his services on a sliding scale.)

Dr. Libman, MS., PhD. is a Licensed Psychologist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and
a Registered Occupational Therapist. Dr. Libman received her B.S. degree from
the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago with a major in Occupational
Therapy, her M.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago with a major in
Psychology/Rehabilitation and her Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, with a
major in Neuropsychology/Rehabilitation. She is also eligible for Certification for
Biofeedback at the University of Wisconsin. She is presently employed at Delnor
Community Hospital as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Rehabilitation
Psychologist. Her duties include such areas as ADD/ADFID Assessments and
Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Retraining, Adjustment to Disability, Pain
Management, Neuropsychological Evaluations, & Rehabilitation Team
Participation. She has a 10 year history of Psychological and Neuropsychological
evaluation and treatment of children 5yrs of age and up as well as adults.



Vedak is the Medical Director of Horizons Behavioral Health Services in Crystal
Lake and is on the staff at the Elgin Mental Health Center. Dr. Vedak received his
MBBA degree at Grant Medical College in India and his psychiatry residency at
the Chicago Medical School. His specialties are psychopharmacology & ECT.

Representatives of this special court. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE TO GET
RECOVERY” by Lynn Bunnell, CTRS/CADC. LYNN BUNNELL will discuss
the benefits of recreation and play as an important part of the recovery process. She
received her M.S. Ed, in adult education, her B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation and
her B.A. in Psychology. She is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist on a
national level. She has worked in the field of therapeutic recreation for 20 years, 18
of which were at CDH’s Behavioral Health Services. She currently is working in
three partial hospital Programs.

DECEMBER 14 2004: Holiday & Appreciation Party for Blanche Jones - Blanche
Jones is stepping down from her role as DBSA Fox Valley's President and
Executive Director since it's inception in March 1991. We'd like to show our
appreciation for all of Blanche's hard work and dedication.


JANUARY 25 2005: A speaker from the Social Security Administration came to
Fox Valley DBSA to speak about Social Security Disability Insurance. The
following items were discussed at the meeting and compiled from Social Security
brochures and the Social Security Disability website. (1) Social Security's
Definition of Disability: A medical condition preventing substantial work for at
least 12 months in a row, or expected to result in death. (2) Definition of
Substantial Work: Physical or mental work a person is paid to do. Work can be
substantial even if it is part-time. To decide if a person’s work is substantial, the
Social Security Administration considers the nature of the job duties, the skills and
experience needed to do the job, and how much the person actually earns. Usually,
work is considered substantial if gross earnings average over $830/month. (3) You
must have worked for a certain number of years (number of years differs based on
age) in order to be eligible for disability benefits. (4) If you cannot do the work you
did before you became disabled, but the Social Security Administration decides
that you can adjust to other substantial work, then you may be deemed ineligible
for benefits. (5) Many factors go into the decision of whether or not you are
eligible for benefits including your disabling condition, your age, your work
experience, your educational history, your medical history, statements from your
attending physicians, and your activities of daily living. (6) There is a 5 month
waiting period as of the date you become eligible for benefits before your benefits
actually begin. (7) Medicare coverage starts 2 years after the date you become
eligible for disability benefits. (8) Social Security Disability includes many back to
work incentives including a 9 month trial work period during which your benefits
will not be affected, and an expedited reinstatement of benefits if you have to stop
work again due to health problems. (9) An attorney may be helpful when filling out
forms or preparing for an appeal if your claim is denied. Your local Social Security
office can help you find an attorney that specializes in Social Security Disability
cases. (For more information or to find your local Social Security office, visit or call 1-800-772-1213.)

FEBRUARY 22 2005: Two speakers provided information on Drug Assistance
Programs. The following information was part of their handouts. Many
pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs to provide
prescription medicines free of charge to physicians whose patients might not
otherwise have access to necessary medicines. Each company determines the
eligibility criteria for its program. Eligibility criteria and application processes
vary. To be eligible for most patient assistance programs, you must have a low
household income and have no prescription drug coverage through public or
private insurance. For information on available medications or the eligibility
criteria or application process, you or your physician should contact the
pharmaceutical company(ies) directly. A directory of contact information for many
pharmaceutical companies and their patient assistance programs can be found at If you are unsure which pharmaceutical company makes
the drug you are looking for, please contact your local pharmacy.

MARCH 22 2005: Bob and Susie, speakers from the National Alliance for the
Mentally Ill (NAMI) came to our educational meeting as part of NAMI’s "In Our
Own Voice” program series. They came to share their experiences on a very
personal level on what it is like living and coping with Bipolar Illness. It took a
great deal of courage and insight for them to share their stories. They listed five
stages: (1) dark days (2) acceptance (3) treatment (4) coping skills (5) successes &
dreams. Their talk was accompanied by a video presentation and audience
participation. A list of coping skills was shared. NAMI can be reached on their
website or by phone at 630-752-0066.

APRIL 26 2005: Sheldon Isenberg, a Licensed and Board Certified Clinical
Social Worker with a counseling practice, Isenberg and Associates in Naperville,
will present a talk "It Helps To Talk About It". The speaker will address such
issues as whom it is safe to talk to, what good comes from talking about issues,
what role does talking play in the healing process and productive ways to listen
and respond.

MAY 24 2005: The Clinical Services Coordinator of Suicide Prevention, Batavia,
IL, Mari Whittum, will present a talk entitled "Put Spring In Your Step: Taking
Care of You!"

JUNE 28 2005: Dr. D. Carbonell, a Clinical Psychologist practicing in the
Chicago area, will give a talk on "Dealing With Anxiety". Dr. Carbonell is a
recognized expert in this field and has conducted numerous training and seminar
sessions. He is the author of "Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for
Beating the Panic Trick".

JULY 26 2005: A representative from Linden Oaks Hospital at Edwards, a
mental health and drug rehabilitation center in Naperville, will talk about the
benefits of participating in support groups. The therapeutic effects of talking about
mental illness and the day-to-day issues of living with mental illness will be

AUGUST 23 2005: Paul Teodo, Vice President of Central DuPage Hospital,
speaks on various aspect of the “Health Insurance Maze”. There will be some time
allotted for questions.

SEPTEMBER 27 2005: Dr. Syed Ali, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
at DuPage Mental Health Service LTD.,will speak on the direction of psychiatry
for the next five year. New medication, developing technologies, diagnostic tools
and therapies will be discussed.

OCTOBER 25 2005: A doctor from the Cardinal Sleep Disorder Centers of
America will be giving a talk on sleep disorders, sleep medication, sleep testing
and the effects of poor sleep, especially as it affects those who live with depression
and/or bipolar disorder.

NOVEMBER 22 2005: Dr. Caroline Morrison, a psychiatrist with Naperville
Clinical Associates, will be talking about Seasonal Mood Disorders and dealing
with the stress of the holidays.

DECEMBER 27 2005: No Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 24 2006: Denise Tompkins, Clinical Psychologist, will speak on
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD) and how it relates to Bipolar Disorder and/or Depression.

FEBRUARY 28 2006: Pat Doyle from the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill
will talk to our group about the services their organization offers for people with
Bipolar illness and Depression.

MARCH 28 2006: Terry Ciszek, Manager of the Psychiatric Outpatient
Department, Behavioral Health Sevices at Central DuPage Hospital will speak on
how to improve relationships through improved communications. Many times it
feels as if bridges are totally burned when you are suffering from the consequences
of Mood Disorders.

APRIL 25 2006: Jane Houghtaling Walker, PhD speaks on Cognitive Behavioral

MAY 23 2006: Program to be announced. (The previously announced program
by Cyberonics was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.)

JUNE 27 2006: Dr. Taras Masnyk, MD. PhD., a neurosurgeon with DuPage
Neurosurgery, speaks on Depression and Bipolar Disorder as understood by a brain

JULY 25 2006: Spirituality and Mental Illness, "How to calm and sooth the

AUGUST 22 2006: Dr. Prinz, from Genesis Clinical Services in Wheaton, speaks
on “The new application of Vagal Nerve Stimulation for treatment of Depression.”

SEPTEMBER 26 2006: Dr. Emma Cabusoa, from Genesis Clinical Services in
Wheaton, speaks on Bipolar Illness.

OCTOBER 24 2006: Mary Haddadin, PharmD, a Pharmacy Manager at
Walgreens Pharmacy will discuss medications used to treat Depression and Bipolar

NOVEMBER 28 2006: A speaker in the mental health field will discuss
depression and bipolar. (Topic to be announced.)

DECEMBER 26 2006: No Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 23 2007: Sue Rankin is an accredited case therapist at Central
DuPage Hospital Behavioral Health Services in Winfield, Il. She also has a
practice, Journeymates, in Wheaton, IL. She will present a talk entitled “It’s All
About the Brain”. This will include a brief introduction to the world of brain
chemistry, identifying six areas of the brain most impacted by mental health
problems. Major neurotransmitters that run through those areas will also be
discussed. Participants will leave with some idea of how these six areas of your
brain work in a functional way and what may be happening if you have problems
in those areas. Some interventions people can use to help themselves will also be

FEBRUARY 27 2007: Jeff Lucas, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a
Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, and a Certified Group
Psychotherapist with Insenberg and Associates in Naperville will be the guest
speaker. He has specialized training and experience in the area of addictions and
will discuss dual diagnosis (bipolar and or depression along with a drug addiction).

MARCH 27 2007: An informative and entertaining recovery educational
presentation will be given by trained consumer presenters including, video,
personal testimony and discussion on how people with bipolar and depression cope
with the reality of their illness while recovering and reclaiming productive lives.

APRIL 24 2007: Carla Waxman, Therapist at Linden Oaks in Naperville, will
speak on “What Can Individuals and their supportive family Members Expect
From a Psychiatric Hospitalization or a Partial Day Program.”

MAY 22 2007: Shannon Olson, a Therapist at the Larkin Center in Elgin, will
present a talk on “Dialectical Behavioral Therapy." Learn what it is, why it is
used and what the Technique involves. Hear how this newer method can help
people with Bipolar or Depression.

JUNE 26 2007: Bob Darby, Therapist at Linden Oaks in Naperville, will present
a talk on “Self Injury.” This condition is when individuals cause physical harm to
their body in order to deal with overwhelming feelings.

JULY 24 2007: Eldon Wigget from Mental Health Recovery Services in
Rockford will present a talk entitled “Mental Health Recovery is Not Necessarily a
State of Being.....But a State of Becoming.” He speaks from his own journey
through homelessness to becoming a full functioning person.

AUGUST 28 2007: Richard Katz, PsyD is a psychotherapist at Genesis Clinical
Services in Wheaton, IL and a member of the Rush North Shore Medical Center in
Skokie. His talk is entitled “Helping People Create and Keep the Lives They
Want -- the Heroic Client.” He is passionate about providing the most effective
and efficient psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching to adults and adolescents.

SEPTEMBER 25 2007: Brian McGing from the national DBSA Speaker’s
Bureau will give an uplifting program with inspiring stories of individuals that
have Bipolar and Depression.

OCTOBER 23 2007: Ralph Orland, M.D., Medical Director of Genesis Clinical
Services and Associate Clinical Professor at Loyola University, and Teresa
Poprawski, M.D., a Neuropsychiatrist at Genesis, will present a talk entitled
"Advances in Imaging Techniques for Diagnosis and Treatment of Mood
Disorders.” (Editor's Note: Dr. Poprawski described different types of brain
imaging, or neuroimaging and their use in diagnosis. These included Sructural
Neuroimaging, for example MRI's and CT Scans and Functional Neuroimaging,
which include qEEG, EP, PET and SPECT scans. These techniques are not
mainstream in the United States, but are accepted in Europe. She reviewed several
case studies to demonstrate the techniques. This was a very interesting educational
program, but somewhat technical.)

NOVEMBER 27 2007: Video “Crazy for Life” is the story of Victoria Maxwell’s
roller-coaster ride with bipolar disorder, psychosis and anxiety. It is a brave,
humorous and compelling look at living with mental illness.

DECEMBER 25 2007:         No Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 22 2008: John Trant, a psychologist affiliated with Behavioral Health
Services at Central DuPage Hospital, will speak on “Coping Skills When Things
go Badly.”

FEBRUARY 26 2008: Sue Rankin, case therapist at CDH, Behavioral Health
Services, will speak on “Mindfulness.” "Mindfulness" points to being aware of
and paying attention to the moment in which we find ourselves. Our past is gone
our future is not yet here so what exist between them is the present moment.

MARCH 25 2008: Dan Doebler has an MA in Clinical Psychology from
Wheaton College. He is a Case Therapist at Central DuPage Hospital in medical
units with concentration in the Emergency Department assessing and treating
patients in crisis. The topic will be “Exploring Emotional Health: Ten Truths
necessary for emotional and spiritual health and nine things you simply must do."
APRIL 22 2008: Jean Kirby, a social worker in the Health Crisis Unit at the
DuPage County Health Department will be our speaker. Her topic is “Accessing
Mental Health Services from the DuPage County Health Department.” She will
also discuss the new mental health law that goes into effect in June 2008.

MAY 27 2008: Dr. Ralph Orland is a psychiatrist at Genesis Clinical Services in
Wheaton, Illinois. He will speak on ”Promoting Resiliency in Mental Illness.”

JUNE 24 2008: Jeffrey Rabin is a lawyer in the firm of Jeffrey Rabin and
Associates located in Des Plaines, Illinois. He will present a talk entitled
“Seeking Benefits from the Social Security Administration for Mental

JULY 22 2008: Professor Ronald Mark from Saint Xavier University will bring
insight into bipolar disorder from a personal perspective. He has given hundreds
of lectures to professionals and to groups interested in mental illness.

AUGUST 26 2008: Sarah Woelfel will give a presentation “In Our Own Voice."
She will tell how she successfully deals with a type of depression that is resistant to

SEPTEMBER 23 2008: Mary Ploms, Psy D. and Adrienne Skinner, Psy D. from
Spalding Clinical Services in Naperville will present an uplifting, upbeat talk on
mental illness.

OCTOBER 28 2008: Ms. Sel Yackley will speak about her life before and after
her husband’s suicide. She has a book published “Never Regret the Pain” that deals
with loving and losing a bipolar spouse.

NOVEMBER 25 2008: Dr. Syed Ali, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in
Wheaton, IL will speak on latest treatments for Bipolar and Depression.

DECEMBER 23 2008: No Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 27 2009: A video, “Crazy for Life” will be shown. This is an on-stage
performance by Victoria Maxwell relaying her personal experience of living with
bipolar disorder. It is a rare, brave, humorous, and compelling look at the
roller-coaster world of her bipolar existence.

FEBRUARY 24 2009: Learn when and how ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, is
used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Our speaker, Dr. Nadeem Hussain, joined
the Central DuPage Hospital's physician's group in July 2008 and he specializes in
mood, anxiety and cognitive disorders.

MARCH 24 2009: Dr. Karin Johnson will present a program entitled, “Taking
Charge of Your Life”. She views this program as not so much a lecture as a
discussion on finding your passion and living it. Dr. Johnson is a licensed clinical
psychologist with a Doctorate in Psychology. She has a private practice and also
works at Central DuPage Hospital’s detox unit as a nurse. She will discuss how
people with Bipolar have accomplished some extraordinary things that perhaps
they would not have done without having the illness, basically making the most of
your life, controlling and living with Bipolar.

APRIL 28 2009: Two individuals, John Zurn and Raechel Anderson, discuss their
struggles and triumphs as they deal with their bipolar disorder in a program called
“Hear Us”. John Zurn has written two books. “The Bipolar Challenge” discusses
his personal struggles and includes basic facts on bipolar illness, symptom
management, and handling stress. His second book, “Memoirs of a Bipolar Soul”
is a completely autobiographical novel. Both books are published by Chipmunka
Publishing as an ebook, however, they will also be published as paperbacks as
well. The website is located at:


MAY 26 2009: Elaine Brodemus, a well respected clinical social worker from
Dreyer Medical Clinic in Aurora, speaks on “How and Why Psychotherapy works
in the Recovery of Mental Illness.”

JUNE 23 2009: Dr. Nadeem Hussain, a psychiatrist at CDH, speaks on
“Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Treatment of Depression and Bipolar Illness.”

JULY 28 2009: A representative from the Division of Rehabilitation Services of
DuPage County will present an overview of the help they can provide for
individuals in need.

AUGUST 25 2009: Dr. Charla Waxman, the Director of Business Development &
Marketing at Linden Oaks Hospital in Naperville, will speak on the topic
“Managing Your Anger.” Charla Waxman, MBA, Ed. D. has worked with
adolescents for more than twenty five years. She has received the Milton Thrasher
Award twice from the National Gang Crime Research Center for her work with
gang members. She is published in the areas of gangs, anger management,
adolescent behavior and the history of mental health. As Director of Business
Development at Linden Oaks at Edward, Charla provides countless presentations
on mental health and adolescent issues.

SUMMERVILLE, Psy. D., from Gregory Malo & Associates in Lombard, who
specializes in neuropsychology, will present a program entitled "Depression and
the Aging Brain."

Dr Malo has a B. A. from St. Mary’s College, Winona, Minnesota, an M. S. in
Psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Psychology from
the Illinois School of professional Psychology. He is the Clinical Director at
Clinical Psychologists of Oak Brook and the Chairperson of the Department of
Psychology at both Good Samaritan Hospital and Hinsdale Hospital. He is also a
consulting neuropsychologist at Marklund Childrens Home, Marklund-Deicke
Center, Midwest Surgical Associates, Level I Trauma Center, Good Samaritan
Hospital and Geropsychiatry Program at MacNeal Hospital.

Dr Summerville has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in
Biomedical Biology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan,
M. A. of Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional
Psycholology/Chicago-Northwest and Doctor of Psychology from Illinois School
of professional Psychology. He has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with
specialization in Neuropsychology with Gregory Malo Psy. D. & Associates since
July 2003.

OCTOBER 27 2009: Three individual spoke for approximately a half hour each on
their personal experiences dealing with Bipolar (BP) illness. First Pat Doyle from
the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) spoke about growing up with a BP
mother and also dealing with a brother and sister who have BP. Pat Doyle is the
Education Program Director of NAMI of DuPage County and she is a wonderful
public speaker. Next, we had two members, Melissa A. and Millie A. from DBSA
Fox Valley. The two members told how they are living their life successfully by
realizing this is a life-long illness. They both realize the importance of taking their
medication and monitoring their moods. The main message from all three speakers
was one of hope and persistence when dealing with BP.

The websites for NAMI are and .
NOVEMBER 24 2009: P. J. Hruby, Ed. D., LPCP, from Labyrinth Counseling
Center in Naperville, will speak on anxiety and depression and discuss a new
therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Dr. P. J. Hruby is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She earned her
doctorate in transpersonal psychology, which takes into consideration the whole
person: mind-body-spirit. Her therapeutic background includes individual,
relational, group and family counseling. In all of her sessions, Dr. Hruby uses
alternative or experiential methods of therapy, which help accelerate change and
often reduce time in counseling.


DECEMBER 22 2009: No Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 26 2010: Karin Johnson, Doctor of Psychology and RN, will
elaborate on “Taking charge of Your Life” and will discuss “What a Therapist Can
Do For You.”

Dr Karin Johnson has many years experience in the helping professions. After
receiving her RN, she worked as a nurse in hospitals, home care settings and three
parishes that shared her services before turning to the study of psychology. She
continues to believe in the holistic approach to health that encompasses mind,
body, social and spiritual connections.

Dr Johnson is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her Doctor of
Psychology degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She also
has received training in hypnosis and incorporates this technique to help reduce
anxiety. Dr. Karin has a private practice in downtown Naperville at the Fifth
Avenue Station. Located at the corners of Fifth Avenue and Loomis.

Dr Johnson has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups
from different age, cultural, and lifestyle backgrounds.

FEBRUARY 23 2010: Brian McGing will present a program called “Into the
Wind.” He will discuss guidelines that have enabled him to live successfully with
Bipolar disorder. His emphasis is on recovery and how an individual can be their
own best advocate.

MARCH 23 2010: Dr. Danesh Alam, Fox Valley DBSA’s Medical Advisor, will
speak on depression and bipolar. One of his areas of expertise is Transcranial
Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS is a procedure that uses magnetic fields to
stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression.

APRIL 27 2010: No Educational program.

MAY 25 2010: Attendees presented highlights from the national DBSA
Conference held in Itasca, Il on April 30 - May 2, 2010.

JUNE 22 2010: Dr. Tom Sharma, psychiatrist from Genesis Clinical Services in
Wheaton, IL presented a talk on depression and bipolar. The title is "Bipolar:
What's in a Name?" Dr. Sharma explained the concept of "Bipolar Spectrum."

Gautam (Tom) Sharma, M.D. completed his Residency in Psychiatry at Loyola
University. Following his training at Loyola, Dr. Sharma completed fellowships in
Research and Consultation Psychiatry with a focus on the interface between
psychiatry and medicine. He has received numerous awards for excellence in
teaching residents and medical students at Loyola University Medical School. He
is Board Certified in Psychiatry. Areas of interest include Mood and Anxiety
disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder. Dr. Sharma has been in private practice
at Genesis Clinical Services in Wheaton, IL since 2005.

JULY 27 2010: Dr. Elizabeth McVey and Dr. Carrigan Manetti from Spalding
Clinical Services in Naperville, discussed "Negative and Positive Coping Skills."

Elizabeth A. McVey, Psy.D., received her Doctorate and Masters of Arts in
Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Chicago.
Prior to that, she attended the Purdue University, where she obtained her Bachelors
of Arts in Psychology.

Dr. McVey has worked with individuals of all ages in various settings. She has
experience helping individuals deal with various disorders, such as Depression,
Anxiety, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum, and
interpersonal relationship difficulties. Life transitions, such as marriages, new
jobs, moves, or pregnancy are an area of interest for Dr. McVey. She incorporates
various theories into her work, including person-centered, cognitive-behavioral,
and family systems. In addition to individual therapy, Dr. McVey has experience
conducting group therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and psycho educational
Dr. Manetti is a licensed clinical psychologist with a doctoral degree from Argosy
University. She has developed a practice specializing in the needs of young
adults. Through an integrative approach of psychodynamic and cognitive
behavioral methods, she focuses on issues which challenge college students as they
adjust to the stressors of independent living.

She has extensive experience treating body image issues and substance use/abuse
concerns, as well as trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship violence, and
learning disabilities. Using techniques that educate young people on fundamentals
of healthy transition to adulthood, Dr. Manetti assists a wide variety of men and
women on the path to achieving personal and professional goals.

AUGUST 24 2010: Nicholas J. Shea MD, of Central DuPage Physician Group
Psychiatry spoke on “Treatment of Anxiety Symptoms in Depression and BiPolar
Disorder, and Anxiety Disorders.”

Dr. Shea completed his residency in Psychiatry at McGaw Medical Center of
Northwestern University in Chicago, and he just joined the staff of Central DuPage
Hospital this month as an in patient and outpatient psychiatrist.

SEPTEMBER 28 2010: We were happy to welcome back Terry Ciszek as our
speaker. Terry is Director of Outpatient Services at Linden Oak Hospital in
Naperville, He talked about a new Recovery Model Technique to help individual
with mental illness and anxiety.

OCTOBER 26 2010: Educational Program -- M. Joanne Wright, Ph. D., a
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, presented a talk entitled “Anxiety is Treatable.”

Dr. Wright is the Director of Clinical Training and Anxiety Services at Linden
Oaks at Edwards in Naperville. She also is Executive Director at the Psychological
Solutions Institute. In addition, Dr. Wright is a regular guest on television and
radio talk shows and news programs. Some of her interviews about psychological
issues can be found in U.S. News and World Report, Cosmopolitan, New York
Newsday and more. Dr. Wright's treatment therapies include Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness-Based
Cognitive Therapy. She is committed to staying current with the latest research
findings and using her knowledge to help relieve emotional suffering.

NOVEMBER 23 2010: Educational Program -- A video entitled “Crazy For Life”
will be shown on CDH’s huge new video screen. Victoria Maxwell does a
one-woman show about her roller-coaster ride with bipolar Illness. It is a brave,
entertaining story of her coming to terms with her illness.

DECEMBER 28 2010: No Educational Meeting. Happy Holidays

JANUARY 25 2011: Educational program -- The speaker was Lydia Trevino
from Suicide Prevention Services located in Batavia, Illinois. She discussed the
many services that they provide. She also gave tips on surviving the winter season.

Suicide Prevention Services has a web site at:

FEBRUARY 22 2011: Educational program -- Bill Leonhard, a therapy Consultant
on Neurostar(R) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) spoke about this first
and only non-evasive procedure cleared by the FDA for the treatment of
medication resistant depression. Neurostar TMS Therapy(R) is an outpatient
procedure performed in a physician's office with each session lasting about 37
minutes daily for 4-6 weeks. For more information, see their web site:

MARCH 22 2011: Educational program -- Dr. Karin Johnson returned and spoke
on the topic "What's Happening With Me? I Sought Help and It's Not Working:
Psychiatric Misdiagnosis".

Karin has her RN degree and is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her
Doctor of Psychology degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
She has a private practice in Naperville and also works as a nurse in Central
DuPage Hospital’s detoxification unit.

APRIL 26 2011: Educational program -- Joy Miller L.C.P.C, C.A.D.C and
Marlene Waldner L.C.P.C., R.N., C.A.D.C. spoke on "The Effects of Depression
and BiPolar Disorders on Relationships."

It was a living sculpture presentation providing insights on the difficulties that
people with Depression and Bipolar Disorder face in relationships. The sculpture
will help uncover how each individual within a family system is affected by
Depression and Bipolar Disorder and it will reveal how these illnesses affect each
persons ability to cope and connect with the people they care about. The sculpture
also validated the range of feelings that a family can experience when attempting
to cope with these illnesses and help individuals to understand from a different
perspective what life is like for the people that suffer from Depression and Bipolar
Disorder. Practical ideas for all participants was offered for effective ways to
cope with these difficulties.

Joy Miller, L.C.P.C., C.A.D.C. - Joy Miller has been working as a psychotherapist
since 1998. She started out at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital working as an
inpatient psychiatric psychotherapist and in 2002 she moved to the Outpatient
Behavioral Health Center. At the Elmhurst Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health
Center Joy worked in the Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse and
she also saw individuals, families and marital couples for outpatient counseling. In
2005 she joined a group practice, IPD (Institute for Personal Development), where
she is currently practicing. Joy works with teens, adults and marital couples
coping with the following issues: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders,
PTSD, Marital Issues, Codependency, Grief, Parenting issues, Communication
Issues, Addictions, Eating Disorders (overeating), physical, emotional, sexual and
verbal abuse, Anger Management, and management of life stressors. Joy uses the
following therapeutic modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EDR and
Adlerian psychotherapy.

Marlene Waldner, L.C.P.C., R.N., C.A.D.C. - Marlene Waldner has been involved
in Private Practice since 1986, she works with adolescents, adults, families and
marital couples. Prior to going into Private Practice she worked for Hinsdale
Hospital at the inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center. While working for
Hinsdale Hospital, Marlene developed two family programs for patients and their
families coping with substance abuse/dependence. Marlene also developed 2 day
workshops for REACH Foundation for 15 years. These workshops were geared
toward helping survivors of trauma and dysfunctional families heal in a therapeutic
environment. Marlene uses the following therapeutic modes of therapy: EMDR,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Psychodrama, Hypnosis, and Integrative Somatic
Psychotherapy. Marlene's areas of expertise are with the following: Depression,
Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD and other Dissociative Disorders,
Survivors of Sexual, Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse, Addictions, Grief,
Codependency, Marital Issues and Anger Management.

MAY 24 2011: Educational program -- Our speaker was John Koranek. John is a
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in private practice in Batavia.
He received his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Benedictine
University. He has worked with Prairie Psychotherapy Services, Metropolitan
Family Services, Associates in Family Care, and Good Samaritan Hospital in
Downers Grove, He has received additional continuing education in Mindfulness
Therapy Techniques, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Art Therapy and Conflict
Resolution. He also is a certified Creativity Coach and trained with Dr. Eric
Maisel, founder of Creativity Coaching.

His Presentation was "Bipolar Disorder: How to Make It Worse." It was a
roundabout, humorous approach to something that is a very serious subject. It is
meant to get some good discussion going while pointing out pitfalls in the recovery

JUNE 28 2011: Due to scheduling problems, no educational program.

JULY 26 2011: Educational meeting - Audio CD Program from NAMI

AUGUST 23 2011: Educational meeting - Pat Doyle, Program Director for
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) spoke about the various free courses
and meetings available to families struggling with mental illness and also
schedule information about classes available especially directed towards the

SEPTEMBER 27 2011: Educational meeting - Sherri Schneider from Family
Benefit solutions was our speaker. For more than 25 years Sherri has been
tirelessly dedicated to assisting others in the application process on how to receive
government benefits for those with special needs, with emphasis on mental illness.

OCTOBER 25 2011: Educational meeting - Kris Munson, a licensed Clinical
Professional Counselor from Spalding Clinical Services in Naperville, discussed
the similarities and differences in symptoms and treatments between adolescent
and adult Bipolar Disorder.

NOVEMBER 22 2011: Educational meeting - John Zurn, author and poet, shared
his life's journey in dealing with Bipolar Illness. John has written three books, two
non-fiction and one science fiction. His two books on Bipolar illness, THE
by Chipmunka Publishing as an ebook, however, they were also published as
paperbacks and were available at the meeting.

December 27 2011: No Educational Meeting. Happy Holidays
JANUARY 24 2012: Educational program -- Kelsey Elgas, Training Coordinator
for New Beginnings Community Services, Inc was be the speaker. This is a
not-for-profit organization that has been formed to help adults with mental illness
achieve a more independent and qualitative lifestyle. Their purpose is to enhance
the lives of these adults by promoting their self-sufficiency. One of their main
functions is to provide safe, affordable secure housing that is drug, alcohol and
violence free.

FEBRUARY 28 2012: Educational program -- Katie Mcguine, Community
Liaison at Linden Oaks at Edward in Naperville, presented a talk entitled "Living
Well with Depression and Bipolar" Emphasis was on improving self-esteem.

MARCH 27 2012: Educational program -- Michael Kuna, MD and Mike Anderer,
LCSW, spoke on the topic “Dual Diagnosis, The Intersection Between Mental
Illness and Addiction.”

Dr. Kuna and Mike Anderer are specialists in treating patients who have a
combination of an addiction plus a psychiatric disorder. They are associated with
Genesis Clinical Services:

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