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 - Neutralizer of harmful electromagnetic radiation

Do mobile phones affect on your health? For a long period of time people try to find answer to similar
questions. The researching in Great Britain, done under the title “Mobile phones and health” by the
group IEGMP (Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones) brings an interesting results.
We can see that there is a valid fear from the usage of the mobile phones with serious consequences.
With children it is harmful because the brain is still developing and the long expose on EMR
(Electromagnet radiation) might lead to lasting consequences.
According to researching analysis these conclusions are done:
Mobile phones stimulate or caused:
 - cancer
 - brain tumor
 - higher blood pressure
 - Fast eyes tickling
 - short lasting lost of memory
 - damages on immune system
These problems causes:
 - the mobile phones emit low frequency electromagnetic waves
 - these waves supply heat and radiation
 - this heat has a frequency of the wave emission which causes problems with the brain work.
This neutralizer of the harmful radiation of the mobile and wireless phone functions on the principle on
polarity changes, thanks to metal crystals built in gravure paths ( a special shape) of the oscillatory circle
of the antenna. Changing the polarity, the radiation looses its harmful effect for human cells which are
positively polarized, which is different from the source of radiation which is negatively polarized.
 - The range and the work of the mobile is not changed
The mobile phones users who have headaches while talking on it solve this problem with the Mobichip.
By using the mobile phone with strong electromagnetic radiation we influenced the brain cells, capillaries,
ears, eyes, nose, throat, as well as to hypophisa, epifisa and thyroid gland. The consequences are not
momentally but after a period of time, and people feel healthy problems like these ones:
 - frequent headaches, migraines, dizziness, exhaustion
 - increased forgetfulness and short lost of memory
 - ear inflammation and hardness of hearing
 - ophthalmic and tearful eyes, optical changes
 - colds, allergies, sinusitis
 - throat problems and frequent coughing
 - reduction of concentration
 - reduction of brain energy and all other organs

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