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					    Ashtabula County 4-H Members and Volunteers Newsletter • Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec. 2011
      OSU Extension Office • 39 Wall Street • Jefferson, Ohio 44047 • Phone: (440) 576-9008 • Fax: (440) 576-5821 • E-mail: hoyt.88@osu.edu

                                              4-H Insight Newsletter
                                        Now that the fair has passed and a bit of
                                        normality is setting in, I would like to take a
                                        moment to thank you all for making me feel so
                                        welcome in Ashtabula County! As you may
                                        imagine, coming here from Connecticut with no
                                        family or friends in the area has been a big
                                        transition for my husband and I. However, I feel as though I have gained
                                        a new branch to my 4-H family tree. I am very much looking forward to
    Check out the OSU                   getting to know each of you over this next transition year and am
   Extension– Ashtabula                 looking forward to working together to ―make the best better‖ here in
    County Fan Page.
                                        Ashtabula County!
Inside this Issue                                                                               Jenna C. Hoyt
OSU Update                1                                                                     4-H Extension Educator
Missing                   2
                                                  Congratulations to all those that participated in the
Calendar                  2
                                                        Ohio State Fair!
Celebrate Advisors        3
Pig Roast                 3             Rebekah Bradford - Clock Trophy, Basic Archery
                                        Dylan Busch - Outstanding, Becoming Money Wise
Cloverbuds                4
                                        Zoe Contenza - Outstanding, Junior Beekeeping
Breaking Records          4             Allison Crouch - Outstanding, Clothing
Camp & Other News         4             Abrianna Jones - Outstanding, Junior Self-Determined
                                        Jenna March - Outstanding, Clothing
Fair News                 5
                                        Lynsey Randolph - Outstanding, Airedales to Zebras
State News                6             Josh Sommers - Outstanding, Rockets Away Bottle Rockets

                                                                   3rd Annual 4-H Carnival
                                                             The evening will be filled with games, carnival food,
                                                                and information about project areas for 2012!

                                                                           October 3, 2011 from 6-8pm
                                                                     In the Expo Building at Ashtabula County
                                                                      Bring anyone in or interested in 4-H!
                 Visit the Ashtabula County 4-H Website @ www.ashtabula.osu.edu

                                            County News
                                                                           Office Hours
The Extension Office is STILL missing a Beef                          Monday 8a.m. -4:30p.m.
 Skillathon Kit. If you or someone you know                          Tuesday 8a.m. -4:30p.m.
                                                                     Wednesday 8a.m.-12p.m.
    has taken it, please return it as soon as
                                                                     Thursday 8a.m. -4:30p.m.
   possible. If the kit is not returned, more                         Friday– By appointment
  stringent steps will need to be taken in the                   Closed each day for lunch 12noon–
    future when requesting the use of kits.                                      1p.m.
                                                                   Hours may change periodically
                       Mark You Calendar!                             due to illness or absence.
September                                                                   Do You Have
5 - Office Closed– Labor Day                                                Everything?
6 - General Projects &Shooting Sports, 6:30 pm;
        Saddle Horse, 7pm                                       If you haven‘t received a certain
7 - 4-H Foundation, 7pm                                        medallion or ribbon yet this year, please
8 - Dairy Committee., 7pm                                      let us or your advisor know. Please call
                                                               before you stop in to see if we have your
12 - FCS, 7pm                                                  ribbon here or at the Fair office on the
14 - Junior Fair Board, 6:45; Senior Fair Board, 8pm           fairgrounds! Also, don‘t forget to give
15 - Small Animal Committee, 6pm; MAC, 7:30pm                  your 4-Hers their service year pin. We
17 - 4-H Foundation Pig Roast, 5pm @ Expo Building             have 1, 5 & 10 year pins at the Extension
26 - 4-H Committee, 6pm                                        Office.
30 - Community & Honor Club Applications Due                    Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”!

October                                                        If you were awarded a Junior Fair
2-8 - National 4-H Week                                        medallion, please make sure that you
3 - 4-H Carnival, 6-8pm @ Expo Building                        take the time to send a Thank You to
4 - Saddle Horse, 7pm                                          your sponsor. Remember that as a
5 - Meet & Greet with Jenna, 6-8pm                             non-profit organization, there would be
12 - Junior Fair Board, 6:45; Senior Fair Board, 8pm           no awards without their generosity!
20 - Small Animal Committee, 6pm; MAC, 7:30pm
26 - 4-H Foundation, 7pm                                                 4-H Honor Club,
                                                                    Community Service Award,
November                                                           Secretary Books & Treasurer
7 - Saddle Horse, 7pm
9 - Junior Fair Board, 6:45; Senior Fair Board, 8pm            Applications for the Honor Club &
10 - Dairy Committee, 7pm                                      Community Service Awards are due
11 - Office Closed—Veteran‘s Day                               September 30th. The application forms
12 - Advisor‘s Banquet, 6:30pm @ Lenox Community Center        can be picked up at the Extension of-
17 - MAC, 7:30pm                                               fice, copied off of our website or one
24 & 25- Office Closed - Thanksgiving
                                                               can be sent to you. Remember to turn
28 - 4-H Committee, 6pm
                                                               in your Secretary and Treasurer Books
                                                               by September 30. Only page 13 or 6 of
December                                                       the Treasurer‘s book is needed.
3– Steer Tagging, 9am @ County Fairgrounds
26 & 27 - Office Closed—Christmas                              Clubs will receive a reward for each of
                                                               these awards.
                                                          4-H News
  Celebrate our                                        MAC Reverse                           Applications are now
                                                                                           available in the Extension
   Advisors!                                             Raffle
                                                                                              Office and online at
                                                                                          http://ashtabula.osu.edu for
Join us Saturday,                                   Come and join the MAC
                                                                                        nominating Ashtabula County
November 12th at                                    Committee on Oct.15th for an        Top 4-Her, 4-H Volunteer Hall
6:30 pm at the                                      evening of fun. MAC clubs are          of Fame and Outstanding
Lenox Community Center to                           asked to donate 2 desserts and 2     Advisor. All applications are
celebrate the hard work of all our                  items for the silent auction. For        due by Sept. 23rd and
county advisors. Enjoy a great meal                 tickets call Chriss March @          recipients will be awarded at
and the annual slide show highlighting              440-275-6413.                            the Advisor Banquet.
events from 2011.
4-H Advisors get in for free and there
is a $10.00 fee per spouse and/or                   If your club received a Honor Club or Community Service
guest. Advisors, be watching the mail                Banner at the 2011 Ashtabula County Fair, please be sure
for your personal invitation!                         to return the banner to the Extension Office so that they
                                                              can be used again next year. Thank you!
                     4-H Fashion Board
                        Needs You!!                                                  2011
                                                                               Ashtabula County
                 Come join us for an
                 exciting new year by
                                                                            4-H Foundation Pig Roast
getting involved on the Fashion
Board. Applications are available                                           Saturday, September 17, 2011
online or in the Extension Office and                                          $10 Ticket Donation
are due by October 1st.
                                                                        ADVANCE TICKET SALES ONLY!
The 4-H Foundation is still looking for dona-
 tions from every club for the Live or Silent
    Auction taking place at the Pig Roast.    Doors open at 5:00 p.m., dinner served at 6:00 p.m. at the Expo
                                                    Center located on the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds
 Remember that this is a
 great way to help meet                             Come and enjoy a super meal and bid on some fantastic items
 your club‘s community                              in our LIVE Auction and Silent Auction!
    service priority!

 Clubs are asked to donate such items as res-       All proceeds benefit the Ashtabula County 4-H Foundation
 taurant/store gift certificates, potted flowers,   which supports 4-H programming and scholarships.
     quilts, sewing supplies or themed gift
   baskets such as gardening, movie, picnic,        You can help be a part of our success!
spa, cooking, back to school, etc. Please drop            Tickets are available at the
             off your donation to the                          Extension Office
     OSU Extension Office by Sept. 15th.            For more information call Joe Bodnar at
                                                        440-576-2465 / 440-645-3920.
                     Visit the Camp Whitewood Website @ http://4hcampwhitewood.osu.edu/

                              4-H Camp & Other News
                Camp Whitewood’s
                Annual Open House                                 Mark Your Calendars!
                  September 24, 2011                                   2012 Camp Whitewood
                                                                         Ashtabula County
 Horse-drawn hay rides, kids activities, boating and                      June 24– June 30
  live music will create the perfect autumn family
                       outing!                              Become a Counselor!
Two seatings of an authentic Amish Wedding Dinner Did you enjoy camp this year? Are you
will be served at 12pm and 4pm. Adults $15 Children 15 or older and ready to be a Camp
              $7 Ages 3 and under free              Counselor? Look for the 2012
                                                    Counselor Application on the O.S.U.
 RSVP to Camp by September 16, 2011 by calling Extension website in January.
                                                                            Community Service
If you have any 4-H activity photos
please call the office at (440) 576-                    Are you looking for a club community service or maybe just
9008, drop off the photos or send                       one for your family? Why not help out at 4-H Camp White-
them by e-mail to:                                      wood? Call Brandon or Eliza at camp to set up community
        hoyt.88@osu.edu                                 service dates. The phone number is 1-800-976-CAMP

Interested in learning Western Style                                                  MAC Steer Tagging
                 Square Dancing?            Get to know a bit more about                    Dec. 3, 2011
                 Lessons will begin                     Jenna!                       9 - Noon at the Fairgrounds
                 Wed., Sept. 28 at                   October 5th
                 Cork Elementary             Stop by the Extension Office
                 School on State                between 6-8pm for light
                 Route 534 from             refreshments and conversation.
                                             Breaking Records!
You can also see a demonstration at                                                   Educational Point System
                                       Congratulations to all those that sold
11am Saturday of Geneva‘s Grape         at the 2011 MAC Sale! This year
                                                                                       Advisors and Volunteers–
Jamboree. For more information call     14 price records were broken, 314
                                                                                    The 4-H Committee has voted
Mack at (440) 466-6848 or Lydia at     projects were sold, and 211 buyers
                                                                                    to remove the points require-
(440) 352-8933.                         participated bringing in more than
                                                                                    ment for this year.

 Do you have a young child between the ages of 5 and 8 interested in being in
  4-H or are you interested in working with young children and becoming a
     Cloverbud Advisor? If so, please call the Extension office for more
         information and visit http://cloverbudconnections.osu.edu .

We have exciting new curriculum available to help new and existing advisors!
                                               Fair News

  Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Royal Court!
                                                               Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Dairy
King : Cody Fetters is the son of Brad and                     Princess, Jennifer Hall of Jefferson. She
Jodie Fetters of Jefferson. He attends                         was selected as the dairy princess after
Jefferson High School where he is a senior                     an interview , speech presentation and
and is a member of Kids and Cows 4-H                           vote of dairy producers at the 2011
Club and Junior Fairboard.
                                                               County Dairy
                   Queen : Courtney Fox is                     Banquet in
                   the daughter of Mary                        March,
                   Jane Cole and Mike Fox of Conneaut. She     2011. Jennifer
                   recently graduated from Conneaut High       is the daughter
                   School and is attending Findlay University
                   this fall. She is a member of Denmark
                                                               of Sonny and
                   Pioneers and Silver Stir-ups 4-H Clubs, and Carrie Hall of
                   Junior Fairboard. She is also the 2011 MAC Jefferson. She
                     Performance of Excellence Winner.         is currently a
                                                               Senior at
                                                               Jefferson High
                     Prince : Josh Butler is the son of Jim &
                     Seanna Butler, of Jefferson. He attends
                                                               School and a
                     Jefferson Jr. High                        member of the
                     School and is a member                    Hoppin‘ Hoofers 4-H Club.
                    of Denmark Pioneers
                    4-H Club.

Princess : Alesia Lambert is the daughter of
Tony and Traci Lambert, of Jefferson. She
attends Jefferson High School and is a
member of Denmark Pioneers 4-H Club.

 Want to be updated on the most current rules for 2011
   Check back for updated project area guidelines in         Congratulations to all those that
  January on our website at http://ashtabula.osu.edu/
                                                                participated in the 2011
                                                             Ashtabula County Junior Fair!
                                  Visit the State 4-H website @ http://www.ohio4h.org/

                                                  State 4-H News

                       Save the Date . . . North Central Region 4-H Science Academy
 The University of Missouri will be hosting a North Central Region 4-H Science Academy on Feb 8-10, 2012
 at the Hilton Frontenac in St Louis. 4-H faculty, staff, volunteers, and partners from states across the North
 Central region are invited to attend. The Academy will provide training to design, implement, evaluate and
 sustain local 4-H science programs.‖ Small travel grants will be available to help defray travel costs and en-
                            courage participation. More to follow as plans progress.

                                             Knot Tying Event
The International Guild of Knot Tyers along with the IGKT-North American Branch and the IGKT-NAB
Knot in the Middle Chapter announce a Joint 2011 Half Yearly Guild Meeting October 7-9, 2011, Embassy
Suites Indianapolis–North, 3912 Vincennes Road, Indianapolis. This meeting has never been this close to
Columbus before, so it‘s an unusual opportunity for a free public display of knot work never before seen in the
Indianapolis area. For IGKT meeting details go to www.igktnab.org or contact Rusty Helms at
Rusty@HelmsCPA.com. If you have questions about how this relates to 4-H and the rope project, contact
Glenn Dickey at alexd_3@juno.com.

                           Do You Know a 4-H Member Who’s Interested in Bugs?
Here‘s an opportunity for a 4-H member in grades 7-12 interested in bugs (specifically beetles) to receive
recognition and support from the Coleopterists Society. If you know an Ohio 4-H member who might be will-
ing to write an idea starter about the study of beetles, please share the application for a Youth Incentive
Award. For award information and an application visit http://www.ohio4h.org/staff/documents/

Jane Wright would be glad to serve as an advisor on the project and also to recruit an OSU entomologist with
the appropriate expertise. Writing the idea starter could be a 2012 self-determined project in the area of natural
resources. Application deadline is November 1, 2011. For more information, please contact Jane Wright at
614.292.0909 or wright.646@cfaes.osu.edu. (Writing an idea starter is what Jane would like to see. The
award is open to all kinds of projects about beetles.)

                                Ohio 4-H International Programs
                                     Your World Starts Here!
                       Invite the World Into Your Home! Travel the Globe!
   For more information on volunteering, hosting a visitor, from or traveling to Australia, Cost Rica,

                                                                                  Resource Website for
                                                                             Visit http://4-h.org/getinvolved/
                                                                              volunteer.html. You can watch
                                                                            videos, download educational and
                                                                                    youth development
                                                                                     learn links to 4-H
                                                                                       websites, etc.
                Western Reserve EERA
        4-H Volunteer & Youth
        Development Evening
 Join 4-H volunteers & youth from across NE
        Ohio to ‗make the best better‘!

       October 18, 2011       6:00 ‗til 9:00 pm
      Kent State University, Trumbull Campus
     4314 Mahoning Ave. NW; Champion 44483
Volunteers and 4-H youth are invited to this multi-county
educational opportunity. Participants will be able to attend
2 workshops or complete their new advisors orientation re-
quirement. Workshop topics scheduled: Animal Science ac-
tivities in club setting, club development basics, recognition
of members, character education, college 101/career prep,
and mixers/games!
 Register for this no-fee event by completing the registration form and sub-
  mitting it to the OSU Extension Trumbull County Office 4-H at 330-638-
 6783 by October 10, 2011. Forms are available at http://ashtabula.osu.edu.
OSU Extension-Ashtabula County                                                           PRSRT STD
39 Wall Street                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
Jefferson, Ohio 44047                                                                        PAID
440-576-9008                                                                           JEFFERSON, OH
http://ashtabula.osu.edu                                                                PERMIT NO. 2

    Ohio State University Extension embraces human diversity and is committed
    to ensuring that all research and related educational programs are available to
     clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, religion,
      sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
   disability, or veteran status. This statement is in accordance with United States
                           Civil Rights Laws and the USDA.
      Keith L. Smith, Associate Vice President for Agricultural Administration;
    Associate Dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences;
   Director, Ohio State University Extension and Gist Chair in Extension Educa-
     tion and Leadership. TDD No. 800-589-8292 (Ohio only) or 614-292-1868.

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