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					  Wheatland Elementary
    April 2011 Newsletter

Important Dates –

April 15th – Spirit Day (Jersey Day!)
April 21st – April Assembly @ 2:15pm
April 22nd – No School – Good Friday. Have a great Spring Break!

May 2nd – Welcome back!
May 5th – Walk for a Cure (more details to follow)
May 6th – No School! (Professional Development Day)
May 17th – Provincial Achievement Test – Grade 3 LA Part A
May 18th – Provincial Achievement Test – Grade 6 LA Part A
May 20th – No School! (Flex Day)
May 23rd – No School! (Victoria Day)
May 25th – May Assembly @ 2:15pm
May 27th – Western Day!

Message from the Office –

Welcome to April, a month that has brought with it the return of some familiar faces at Wheatland Elementary! We are pleased to
welcome back both Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Steinley, who have both returned after extended medical leaves. It is wonderful to have
them back! A big thank you to Mrs. Birch, who was phenomenal in keeping our school library in working order during Mrs. Steinley’s
absence, and to Mrs. Thurston, who did a spectacular job with the 5A class until Mrs. Carlson came back on March 28th.

A big message of gratitude to the parents and families of our students. We were thrilled by the excellent attendance at our Parent-
Teacher/Student Led Conference night on March 23 rd. This was an excellent opportunity for students to share with their families the
wide variety of unique and exciting learning experiences that occur here at Wheatland every day. We must also send out a heartfelt
thank you to the wonderful group of parents who gave some much of their time and energy to provide our staff with countless treats
during Staff Appreciation Week last month. We cannot begin to describe how much it meant to everyone on our staff. Thank you, not
only for these gestures, but for your continued acts of support and involvement at our school throughout the year.

Mr. K. Lane & Mrs. M. Rushford

Student Leadership
The Grade 6 members of the Student Leadership Council continue to serve Wheatland Elementary School in many roles, one of which
is Safety Patrols. Recently the AMA School Safety Patrol Regional Coordinator paid a surprise visit to our school to do an impromptu
evaluation of our patrollers. The group which was evaluated did an outstanding job and earned a score of 95% on the assessment. This
spectacular score qualifies our Wheatland Patrol Team for a few potential year-end honours. Special mention needs to be made of the
four students who comprise the Wednesday team which was the focus of this assessment: Mackenzie Bobee, Brett Boc, Sam
McKenzie, and Kaylie Holling. Great work to all of the Wheatland School Safety Patrols, as well as all members of the Student
Leadership Council!
Wheatland Elementary’s Reading… Give it a Shot! Results –

For the 12th year, Wheatland Elementary has participated in the Flames reading program Reading… Give it a Shot! It
began on January 10 and ran until March 14, a total of 63 days. The results were fantastic! Our students continue to
impress with their ability to rise to the challenge and read a huge number of minutes. 101 students from Grades 4, 5
and 6 participated, and those students read a total of 278 189 minutes. To put this into perspective, that would be
about 27.5 weeks of nothing but reading! We here at Wheatland are incredibly proud of the efforts of these
students – AMAZING!!!!
The main prizes were awarded on March 22 to the following students:

       Brooke McMurray 6B – Autographed Curtis Glencross Authentic Flames Jersey
       Rachel Huhn 5A – Flames Heritage Classic Jersey
       Kendra Teunissen 5A – Flames T-Shirt and Flames Magnet Set

3 Flames tickets for the Anaheim game on Wednesday, March 30, were drawn for, from all of the names of the
students who earned 1 set of bookmarks or more (2400 minutes). These were won by Cameron McInnis. We would
like to thank Jason Sauve of Caliber Systems Inc. for the generous donation of these tickets.
2 Flames tickets for the same Anaheim game on Wednesday, March 30, were drawn for, from all of the names of
the students who earned 1 set of bookmarks or more (2400 minutes). These were won by Chelsey Nelson. We would
like to thank Mr. Kevin Lane for the generous donation of these tickets.
There were also Chapter’s Gift Certificates for $25 given to the top reader in each homeroom.

       4A        Ben Slemp            4B      Jason Friesen
       5A        Rachel Huhn          5B      Hafsa Farooq
       6A        Morgan Hansen        6B      Brooke McMurray

Along with encouraging students to read, homeroom teachers were also asked to pick out who in their class would be
considered to be the most improved reader because of the motivation of this program. This year Mrs. Lenox chose
her most improved student and submitted that name. The school was then notified that this student was one of 15
from in and around the Calgary area to be chosen to receive a Flames jersey, a hat and a ticket for them and a guest
to go to the April 6 Flames game against the Edmonton Oilers. That Most Improved Student is Payton Vogel and
she and her guest will have a terrific time on April 6!

Listed below are the names of the students who read so much!

Ben Slemp                     Cameron McInnis                Kayley Bingham         Kaitlyn McIntyre
Victoria O’Keefe              Sienna Miller                  Rayanne Laycock        Kimberly Ford
Kaila Estall                  Tyren Grimsdale                Cooper Muenchrath      Cole Parkyn
Hailey Sutherland             Dawson Warburton               Dalton Boonstoppel     Emily Bailie
Karley Burton                 Camryn Hinz

Jason Friesen                 Andrew Ericson                 Alicia O’Keefe         Makenzie Zaugg
Carson Fawns                  Kianna Doig                    Sammie Zabori          Austin Martiniuk
Blake Sander                  Shea McKenzie                  Adrian James           Roseann Delainey
Taylor Bobee                  David Hiebert                  Arianna Polsom         Maggie Kosterewa
Tavis Christen                Maggie Ansell
Rachel Huhn                     Kendra Teunissen                 Kiara Allan             Cayley Allan
Jared Kirkpatrick               Riley Warren                     Taylor Seminuk          Kaylin Larson
Nolan Sander                    Jaicey Birch                     Ryan Heemeryck          Karissa Hammond
Maddie Stuart                   Nicholas Walsh                   Sierra Anderson

Hafsa Farooq                    Neav Sharpley                    Judy Park               Shiloh Petit
Chelsey Nelson                  Geena Schramm                    Aaron Wilson            Kayla McLaren
Julien Hornsby Irvine           Riley Stovka                     Georgia Nobiling        Tanner Owel
Kalyn Johnston                  Jacob Kemp                       Jase Westgard           Lauren Guttinger
Rebecca Madden                  Payton Vogel                     Madison Zimich          Quinn Johnson
Nicholas Shaw                   Tyler Strath                     Leah Muenchrath         Lennon Owl Child

Morgan Hansen                   Veronica Slemp                   Jared Farmer            Sarah Huhn
Ffyona Gibson Smith             Scott Neufeld                    Abbey Treacy            AJ Johnson
Lauryn Eitzen                   Alex Earnshaw                    Hannah Wylie            Brett Boc

Brooke McMurray                 Brittany Cunnington              Mackenzie Bobee         Sara Zabori
Kate Pease                      Ben Kemp                         Courtney Holdaway       Saryn Edwards
Brandon Pederson                Kennedy Fawns                    Bri Olson               Lane Laite
Emily Ward

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s program!

Montessori Is....

In the Montessori 2/3 classroom the Language Arts and Math programs are in Work Cycles, encouraging independent
learning. Students are able to work at their individual level and pace. The other subjects (ex: Social Studies, Science,
Health, etc) are taught as you would see in a regular classroom. The Montessori curriculum is integrated into the other
subject areas when possible. Practical Life and Culture are two aspects of the Montessori curriculum that are scheduled

For more information, please attend our Open House on May 3, 7:00pm, in the Montessori 2/3 classroom. Please come
with questions!

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