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					                                                                                   Lauren Wilson, Principal
                                                                                  Bo Stelmach, Vice-Principal
                           MV                                            May our graduates carry the commitment to INCLUSION
                                                                         developed at MV into their new lives. We will miss them!

                       Dear Parents and Guardians of MVDHS students,                                July 13, 2011

                      A tremendous amount of learning took place at MVDHS this year – in the classrooms, in the halls, on the
stage, in the gyms, on the playing field and in the office. Your children learned math, history, art and technology, gained in
their personal fitness, and added to their personal reading lists. They also learned about give-and-take, the characteristics of
a caring community, and about their own potential and the role that effort and attitude play in their life and their education.
Thank you to all of you who supported your children, our teachers, our sports, our Arts productions, and our various clubs,
activities and events. Please note carefully the information about opening day on the reverse of this page, take the time to
read the Student Handbook with your son/daughter, and encourage him/her to make some good resolutions and get everything
ready for an efficient and enthusiastic return in September! Please feel free to call if you have questions or concerns. Of
course, before any of that needs to take place, it’s summer vacation. I hope you and your families manage to find relaxation and
rejuvenation in this wonderful season.

 2010-11 Gold Honour Roll: Angel Archer, Rachel Artymko, Maggie
 Billings, Kali Borutski, Aaron Brotton, Kelli Charbonneau, Tyler
 Chippior, Brandon Coulas, Helena Coulas, Christopher DeCarle, Sarah
 Dombroskie, Sarah Donovan, Kendal Dupuis, Rebecca Etmanskie,
 Yasmin Fakli, Shaughn Finnerty, Shana Foldes, Brandon Foster,
 Brandon Foy, Bryce Genrick, Dylan Glofcheskie, Julie Glofcheskie,
 Rebecca Glofcheskie, Kelsey Gutoskie, Jocelyn Gutz, Lucy Harrison,
 Jacob Harron, Aidan Henry, Megan Hudder, Cole Jessup, Joshua Kuiack,
 Olivia Kutchkoskie, Natasha Larochelle-Eastman, Amanda Lorbetski,               Tuesday, September 6th – 1st day of
 Devin Luckovitch, Matthew Luckovitch, Rory MacDonald, Tanisha                    school
 Mantifel, Sage Marquardt, Julie Mask, Emily McCallum, Matthew
 McCauley, Madison McLean, Blair McMillan, Shayla Moriarty, Hayley               Friday, September 9th – Club Day
 Mullin, Daniel Muzzi, Curtis Neuman, Joseph Olsheski, Casey Palumbo,
                                                                                 Monday, September 12th – Picture Day
 Lauren Parcher, Dakota Parisien, Forest Poff-Smith, Trevor Quade,
 Elizabeth Reid, Megan Reid, Carter Richards, Monika Ropego, Leanne              Wednesday, September 14th – Parent
 Rumleskie, Mitchell Sallans, Cheyenne Sarazin, Lindsay Shalla, Rayann            Council meeting 5:00 p.m.
 Soble, Ashton Spina, Nicholas Stamplecoskie, Kailey Sullivan, Sabrina
 Tessier, Austin Tomasini, Vanessa Van Decker, Miranda Voldock, Elena            Thursday, September 15th – absolute last
 Voorand, Hailey Voorand, Emily Weatherbed, Kaylie Welk, Zachary                  day for Hero Holidays trip sign-up
 Yantha, Matthew Yaraskavitch, Robyn Yaraskavitch, Roman
 Zakrzewski                                                                      Friday, September 23rd - Back-to-school
 Untangle life’s challenges, find out where to go for the
 information you need - dial 211. 211 connects you to a full range               Monday, September 26th – PD Day
 of non-emergency community, social, government and health
 services in over 150 languages: Emotional Health, Financial                     Monday, October 17th – University
 Issues, Family Recreation Programs, Coping with Disabilities,                    Information Program at Renfrew CI 6:30
 Stress & Bereavement, Employment Skills, Citizenship,                            pm
 Parenting and Child Care, Support for Seniors, Sexuality,
 Education and more. It is free, confidential, multilingual and                  Wednesday, October 19th – author
 available 7 days a week. Find out more at
                                                                                  Richard Scarsbrook visiting all day, in
                                                                                  partnership with Writers-in-the-Schools
 Will you help us in these two ways?
 1. We would like to have as many parent e-mail addresses                        Wednesday, October 19th – Parents
    as possible. It makes accurate and timely communication                       Night 5:00 - 7:30
    so much easier. If you are a regular e-mail user and are
    willing to share your address with us, please make sure it                   Friday, November 4th – College
    gets added to your Registration Verification Sheet.                           Information Program in Pembroke (bus
 2. Please reserve a box or bag somewhere in your life to                         provided)
    keep outer milk bags and Terracycle products (Kool-Aid
    pouches, chocolate bar wrappers, zip-loc sandwich                            Friday, November 18th – P.D. Day
    bags, and nuts or trail mix bags) to bring back to school
    in September to support these two initiatives. The milk
    bags are being used to make mats for Haiti, and the
    Terracycle products get re-cycled and raise funds for
    our vocational program.
                       Important things to remember for opening day, Tuesday, September 6th:
       Finalized timetables will be handed out in homeroom on Tuesday morning.

    It is expected that students will bring each of the following items to homeroom on Tuesday morning:
   1. Student Registration Verification Sheet (enclosed), including your e-mail address if possible,
   2. signed green Disclosure of Personal Information Consent Form (enclosed),
   3. missing textbooks, library books or other materials, or payment for outstanding debts (if your son or daughter has
      not received their final report card, they are on this list – call for details if needed),
  4. student activity fee of $25 in cash or cheque made out to MVDHS,
  5. a lock and combination (or $5 to purchase one from the office).

       Timetable changes should be done the week before school starts if at all possible. Both during that week, and
        during the first couple of days of school, changes will only be made for students who have submitted all of the
        above documentation, as well as the yellow timetable change form with a parent signature.

                                      Checklist for the first day of school (Tuesday, September 6th):

                                The student is dressed in appropriate school clothing.

                                               The student has with him/her:
                              MVDHS Student Registration Verification, as is or with revisions,
                                      including an e-mail address if possible
                         Disclosure of Personal Information Consent Form completed with signatures
                            missing textbooks or other materials, or payment for outstanding debts
                                                 student activity fee of $25
                               a lock and combination (or $5 to purchase one from the office)
                                                           bookbag
                                     pencil case with sharpened pencils and a pen or two
                                       scientific calculator (if taking Math or Science)
                                         looseleaf paper and binders or Duo-Tangs
                       Memory stick (all students taking a computer course will need one of these.
                    They are also useful for students taking courses where presentations are included.)
                                                       refillable water bottle
                                                        positive attitude

Supplies List for Math classes: Lined paper, Graph paper, Pencils, Coloured pencil crayons, Ruler, Eraser, Binder,
preferably with page dividers, and A Scientific calculator. Calculators work differently. To test that you are buying the
type which is easiest to use, press the ‘COS’ button. If the word COS appears on the screen then this is the easier type. If
the number 1 appears then this calculator will be a little more complicated to use.

Phys Ed uniforms: NO SPANDEX!!! Dark, long (no shorter than where the tips of your fingers reach when arms are
hanging straight down), baggy shorts + navy or grey T-shirt. You can provide your own in these regulation colours or buy
the ones available at Afelskie’s. All students must be dressed in this “uniform” to participate in Phys Ed.
          Extracurricular Programs                          STUDENT SERVICES—SUMMER 2011
                                                            Appointments for new registrations and timetable changes can be made for Grade
                                                            10 -12 students by calling extension 0 to be seen August 29, 30 and September 1, 2.
                                                            Grade 9 issues will be dealt with the morning of August 31.
                                                            Make sure you are set up to earn 30 credits (18 of which are compulsory),
                                                            successfully complete the Literacy requirement, and have 40 hours of community
                                                            involvement to graduate with the OSSD. Also, you should keep in mind pre-requisite
          Award-winners at our June                         course requirements for future secondary and post-secondary study. Finally, before
           Extracurricular Banquet:                         you make any timetable changes, consider how the change might affect your earning
                                                            of the full SHSM red seal diploma, if applicable. Grade 11 and 12 courses are
 Major award-winners: Noah Kluke, Emily                    subject to full disclosure. This means that if a course is not dropped within five days
  McCallum and Rhea Sabatine (Senior Athletes of the        of mid-term reports, it will appear on the transcript.
  Year), Aidan Henry and Liam Murray (Junior                September to November should find Grade 12s busy researching their post-
  Athletes of the Year), Sam Schutt (Ambassador             secondary destination. There will be a variety of presentations throughout the fall
  Award), Kaylie Welk (Ted Wren Award), Darren              from college and university representatives, on apprenticeship options, on careers in
  Mask and Emily Weatherbed (Wilmer Matthews                the military, etc. You should listen to announcements and sign up ahead of time in
  Award), Shamisa Schroeder (Larry Reynolds Award),         Student Services to get appointment slips. To ensure that you do not miss out on
  Junior Boys Volleyball Team (Mark Medland                 opportunities, Grade 12 students are encouraged to give Mrs. Sweeney their e-mail
  Award).                                                   address to be added to her Grade 12 e-mail group list.
 MVPs: Eric Blank, Felicity DeCarle, Chrissy               For some students, the best fit might be a combination of college and university
  Dombroskie, Ryan Dombroskie, Sarah Donovan,               study, either concurrently, or consecutively. Check out for information
  Yasmin Fakli, Shane Foubister, Colleen Green,             on the many college-university partnership agreements. Also look at individual
  Aidan Henryx2, Carter Henry, Jeremy Hudder,               college and university sites.
  Noah Kluke, Bobby Kocis, Kayla Lehovitch, Emily           If you are planning to apply directly to university, you must have six of your credits at
  McCallum, Owen McDadex2, Casey Palumbo,                   the 4U/M level (for Ontario), including ENG4U1 and any other program-specific
  Lauren Parcher, Brandon Pecarskie, Elizabeth Reid,        prerequisites. You will need to get a PIN from Mrs. Sweeney in late October/early
  Scott Rogersx2, Rhea Sabatine, Shamisa                    November to apply to university. and are the
  Schroederx2, Dominic Stelmachx2, Bailey Strack,           main sites to look at for university information as well as individual university sites.
  Austin Sykes, Brittany Tomasini, Layna Towns,             Plan to get your application in by Christmas; do not wait for the January 11 deadline.
  Teannah Yantha, Lindsay Zilney                            You can apply to 3 programs for $125 but may purchase additional selections as well
 MIPs: Sarah Dombroskie, Sarah Donovan, Jenny              ($42 each). The closest University Information Program is being held the evening of
                                                            October 17 in Renfrew; students and families attend this independent of our school.
  Eno, Matt Harris-Langridge, Kaitlyn Kiedroski,
  Simon Kluke, Jesse Kranz, Cody Kuiack, Blair              Most college applicants must have ENG4C1. Many programs have other
  MacMillan, Darren Maskx2, Derek Mask, Liam                prerequisite courses to be considered for acceptance. is the
  Murrayx2, Kaitlyn Olsheskiex2, Monika Ropego,             website you should be checking out as well as individual college sites. Plan to get
  Rhea Sabatine, Cheyenne Sarazin, Kelly Summers,           your application in by Christmas; do not wait for the February 1 equal consideration
  Paige Visneskie, Hailey Voorand, Emily Weatherbed,        deadline. You may only apply to 5 programs, with a maximum of 3 at one college.
  Candice Weichenthal, Lindsay Zilney                       There will be a bus to and from Pembroke for the College Information Program on
                                                            November 4.
                                                            Apprenticeship requires a Grade 12 English and usually a senior Math. The key
                                                            step in apprenticeship training is to find a qualified employer who will agree to take
                                                            you on. They will then help you to register with the local apprenticeship office and
        Thanks to all of the supporters who helped us       send you for your schooling at the appropriate times.
raise $3200 for extracurricular athletics at our 1st provides more
annual golf tournament.                                     information on this.
                                                            There are countless scholarship/bursary funds all graduating students can apply for
                                                            whether your post-secondary destination is Apprenticeship, College, University, or
                                                            directly to the Workplace. Deadlines for applications are year-round. Your best bet to
         Next year the fees will be $65 for a major         learn of the full range of opportunities open to you is to register with one or more of
sport, $35 for a minor, partial cost recovery for hockey,   the free online services such as or
drama, and for Bantam sports, + a $50 refundable   Information on school/community-based awards is
uniform deposit. We do not want these raised fees to        given in the spring.
prevent anyone from participating. If the fees are a                If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sweeney at
deterrent, please have the courage to talk to us about it                    613-756-3048 X506 or
and special arrangements will be made.
 29% of our students participate in clubs, 41% participate in sports. If your son or daughter is not one of them,
  maybe you could encourage them to give it a try next year. We are committed to continuing to offer a wide
  variety of extracurricular opportunities, and to having a late bus twice a week throughout the year.
 Many of you know about our unique and well-respected Specialist High Skills Majors program by now. Detailed
  information about this program and specific requirements, certifications, and job possibilities in each of our
  seven sectors * is now available at Check it out . . .
                                                  The following students were selected by their teachers to receive recognition
   * Arts & Culture, Construction, Energy, Environment, Health & Wellness, Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services, Transportation
                                               for their good efforts, attitude and results in May and June: Janice
                                               Blank, Dylan Borutski, Maria Bozak, Aaron Brotton, Jacob Brotton,
                                      Kelli Charbonneau, Claudia Costa, Riley Coulas, Scott Coulas, Lyndsay
               Cybulskie, Kendall Dupuis, Kaitlyn Etmanskie, Brandoy Foy, Jocelyn Gutz, Megan Hudder, Cole
  Jessup, David Keller, Dustin Kluke, Joshua Kuiack, Star Lough, Rory MacDonald, Ryan MacMillan, Nick Mallory,
  Sage Marquardt, Lauren Mask, Shayla Moriarty, Kaitlyn Olsheskie, Ashley Outingdyke, Bradley Peacock, Joey
  Pecarski, Tessa Peever, Justin Prince, Kyla Prince, Leanne Rumleskie, Rhea Sabatine, Cheyenne Sarazin, Sam
  Schutt, Sydney Smaglinskie, Jakob Smith, Rayann Soble, Austin Sykes, Brittany Tomasini, Samantha Tomasini,
  Candice Towns, Meghan Towns, Lindsay Utronkie, Vanessa Van Decker, Martin Voldock, Miranda Voldock, Elena
  Voorand, Emily Weatherbed, Zack Yantha, Robyn Yaraskavitch, Jarret Zilney, Lindsay Zilney

 to next year’s SAC executive members and Link Crew Leaders:
  President: Emily Weatherbed, Secretary: Amanda Lorbetskie, Treasurer: Hayley Mullin, Athletics/Intramurals:
  Hannah Briscoe, Curtis Neuman, Spirit: Cheryl McCullough, Lauren Parcher, Kerrie Voldock, Community Initiatives:
  Olivia Kutchkoskie, Michael Papania, Tiana Tettemer, Dance: Alysha Cashubec, Cheyenne Pecarskie, Samantha Tomasini,
  Student Mentorship: Kelli Charbonneau, Helena Coulas, Fundraising: Taylor Grosklag, Lauren Radey,
  Communications: Rebecca Keller, Vanessa Van Decker

  Link Crew leaders: Kali Borutski, Jennifer Cashubec, Ryan Dombroskie, Rebecca Etmanskie, Colleen Green, Aidan Henry,
  Shannon Luckovitch, Rory MacDonald, Sage Marquardt, Darren Mask, Emily McCallum, Matthew McCauley, Blair McMillan,
  Liam Murray, Daniel Muzzi, Lauren Parcher, Forest Poff-Smith, Elena Voorand, Zachary Yantha

                  to Dominic Stelmach for winning the UOVHSAA gold medal in singles tennis, and to Emily
                    McCallum and Scott Rogers for their silver medal in doubles tennis.

 to Rebecca Glofcheskie, winner of the School Council character award (for demonstrating the RCDSB character virtues
  of caring, courage, honesty, initiative, optimism, perseverance, respect and responsibility).

 to the winners of the Team Lionheart poetry and poster competitions: Erik Lemaitre, Layna Towns
  and Amanda Lorbetski (poetry), and Taya McKay, Sabrina Norlock and Michael Stoppa (posters).
  Their work is published in Something For Everyone.
           to Term 4 nominees for the “Acts of Kindness/Inclusion/Community-Building” recognition:
              Katherine Behnke, Amy Cybulskie, Derek Cybulskie, Felicity DeCarle, Raquel Dombroskie, Rebecca
              Etmanskie, Rebecca Glofcheskie, Jocelyn Gutz, Lucy Harrison, Peter Hayden, Megan Kelly, Josh Kuehl,
              Emily McCallum, Angela McInnes, Dan Muzzi, Amanda Norlock, Ashley Outingdyke, Brandon Pecarskie,
             Cheyenne Pecarskie, Cassidy Peplinskie, Selina Piekarski, Melanie Plebon, Justin Prince, Lauren Radey,
  Leanne Recoskie, Leeanne Rumleskie, Shamisa Schroeder, David Smallpiece, Rae Ann Soble, Dylan Spencer, Emily
  Stamplecoskie, Dominic Stelmach, Joan Thompson, Austin Tomasini, Mallory Voldock, Miranda Voldock, Elena
  Voorand, Kaylie Welk, Katelyn Yackobeck, Jacob Yantha, and Lindsay Zilney

 to Rachel Artymko (Queen’s in Kingston), Kelli Charbonneau, Sage Marquardt (Brock in St. Catherine’s), and
  Cheyenne Sarazin (Ottawa U) for taking advantage of the university enrichment week opportunity. They got
  to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen and lots of other unique things for which high schools don’t have the

 to Skills competition winners at Options: Matt Luckovitch 3rd in small engines, Leanne Rumleskie 2nd in Nail
  Art, Andrew Serran, Curtis Neuman, Travis Murack, Eric Blank 2nd in Team Carpentry, Rory MacDonald and
  Lance Pecoskie 2nd in 2-person Carpentry, Ryan MacMillan 1st in Cabinetry, Ryan Dombroskie 2nd in Cabinetry,
 to our Varsity Girls Soccer players for winning the UOVHSAA Single A championship and representing us at EOSSAA:
  Alysha Cashubec, Jen Cashubec, Jocelyn Gutz, Kaitlyn Kiedroski, Sage Marquardt, Cheryl McCullough, Kaitlyn
  Olsheskie, Lauren Parcher, Elizabeth Reid, Rhea Sabatine, Shamisa Schroeder, Brittany Tomasini, Samantha Tomasini, Layna
  Towns, Paige Visneskie, Candice Weichenthal, Kaylie Welk, Lindsay Zilney

               to Janice Blank for winning the Student Acts of Green draw, and Mr. Dave Leslie for winning the “Greenest
                  Teacher” competition during Earth Month.

                         M. V.’s List of Hot Summer Reads

Here                                  are some books and magazines students and teachers have recommended for others
to                                    read and enjoy over the summer.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Glass Castle by Mary Ann Shaffer &and Annie Barrows
Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
39 Clues Book Series
Suddenly Supernatural School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel                              To those students who
Memories of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin                                           took out brand new
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows by J. K. Rowling
The Vampire Academy Series by Lambert M. Surhone                                       books over the summer,
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett                                                    happy reading!
The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert
The Bible
Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
                                                   The Monkeyface Chronicles reviewed by Priya Raina, 15, Calgary,
Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin                              “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” The words
House of Night Series by P. C. Cast                of Philip Skyler’s grandfather echo in his mind everyday. Philip has faced mortifying
The Secret Circle Series by L J Smith              humiliation, physical abuse, and emotional trauma since his childhood. This is a gut-wrenching
The Vampire Diaries Series by L J Smith            novel about Philip Skyler, a boy with Van der Woude syndrome, a condition that causes
                                                   severe distortion to the face. Richard Scarbrook creates a frighteningly honest world where
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare                 bullying and misfortune follow the protagonist throughout his life.
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han                     The Monkeyface Chronicles is divided into 3 components. The first part introduces us
The Runelords by David Farland                     to Philip as an 8th grader at Faireville Public School. We meet his mad-scientist father, clever
Still Alice by Lisa Genova                         grandfather, several bullies, and his twin brother Michael. Unlike Philip, Michael was born a
The Koran                                          perfect child, naturally good-looking, gifted, and popular with his classmates. Michael and
                                                   Philip are close in their childhood but their relationship drastically alters over the course of the
Marvel Comics                                      book. Another interesting character is Philip’s warped step-brother Dennis, who convinces
Pop Star Magazine                                  Philip that his deformity was a consequence of one of his father’s scientific experiments.
J 14 Magazine                                               I recommend The Monkeyface Chronicles to teens that enjoy interesting plot twists and
US Weekly Magazine                                 coming-of-age stories [and hockey]. Scarbrook has constructed a small town where hate, love,
                                                   and determination build Philip’s character and transform his outlook on the world.
National Geographic Magazine

                                                                  MV Reads selection for 2011
                                                The Monkeyface Chronicles by Richard Scarsbrook
                                         MV staff is reading the book over the summer and look forward to
                                                 sharing and discussing it with students in the fall.
                                       In the meantime, students and community members can check it out
                                              from one of the local libraries. Tell us what you think . . .

                          SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – YOURS FOR $10
  This is the second year we have published a small collection of student writing along with some
  of their artwork. Last year we created a booklet to share with seniors in Barry’s Bay. This year,
                                                                                                                                Cover photo by Josh

MV Students Have Good Learning Skills!
The following students received all Goods and Excellents on their evaluations for: Responsibility,
Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Regulation:

Grade 12: Katherine, Benkhe, Janice Blank, James Burant, Tyler Chippior, Matthew Cowan, Felicity Decarle, Jeffrey Dombroskie,
Kaitlyn Dombroskie, Sarah Dombroskie, Becky Dunne, Kendal Dupuis, Shaughn Finnerty, Keenan Gardiner, Bryce Genrick, Dylan Glofcheskie, Rebecca
Glofcheskie, Kelsey Gutoskie, Jacqueline Haden-Pawlowski, David Keller, Kaitlyn Kiedroski, Reid Lidtkie, Devin Luckovitch, Tanisha Mantifel, Amber
Morrison, Philip Mullin, Nathan Neuman, Jamie Norlock, Wesley Pecarskie, Melissa Pecaskie, Michael Pecaskie, Joey Piecarskie, Selina Piecarskie, Leann
Recoskie, Leanne Rumleskie, Shamisa Schroeder, Nicholas Stamplecoskie, Dominic Stelmach, Joan Thompson, Kaitlyn Walsh, Matthew Yaraskavitch

Grade 11: Lowell Benhke, Lauren Burant, Kelli Charbonneau, Helena Coulas, Chris Decarle, Kaitlyn Etmanskie, Rebecca Etmanskie, Brandon Foy, Julie
Glofcheskie, Jacob Harron, Jessie Hudder, Cole Jessup, Sasha Keller, Noah Kluke, Jesse Kranz, Natasha Eastman-Larochelle, Taylor Leigh-Mossley,
Amanda Lorbetski, Star Lough, Sage Marquardt, Rory MacDonald, Jonathan Maika, Emily McCallum, Hayley Mullin, Curtis Neuman, Lauren Parcher,
Lauren Radey, Megan Reid, Monika Ropego, Rhea Sabatine, Andrew Serran, Jacob Summers, Austin Tomasini, Miranda Voldock, Elena Voorand, Emily
Weatherbed, Kaylie Welk, Cole Yantha, Lindsey Zilney

Grade 10: Rachel Artymko, Eric Blank, Kali Borutski, Maria Bozak, Sabina Coulas, Scott Coulas, Sebastian Coulas, Tara-Lynn Cybulskie, Raquel
Dombroskie, Shane Foubister, Taylor Grosklag, Lucy Harrison, Aidan Henry, Bethany Keller, Jamie Luckavitch, Shannon Luckovitch, Darren Mask, Matthew
McCauley, Liam Murray, Daniel Muzzi, Sabrina Norlock, Joseph Olsheski, Chelsea Olsheskie, Forest Poff-Smith, Trevor Quade, Olek Sadecki, Mitchell
Sallans, Kaley Sullivan, Sabrina Tessier, Samantha Tomasini, Zachary Yantha, Roman Zakrzewski

Grade 9: Maggie Billings, Brandon Coulas, Jennifer Eno, Megan Fitzgerald, Shana Foldes, Carissa Genrick, Jocelyn Gutz, Carter Henry, Lucas Hudder,
Megan Hudder, Jeremy Kaufman, Corey Kluke, Kassidy Kutchaw, Kayla Lehovitch, Nick Mallory, Lauren Mask, Owen McDade, Madison McLean, Brandon
Olsheskie, Brittany Olsheskie, Casey Palumbo, Malanie Plebon, Brandon Prince, Elizabeth Reid, Carter Richards, Cheyenne Sarazin, Andrew Shalla,
Lindsay Shalla, Rayann Soble, Emily Stamplecoskie, Cheyenne Stewart, Brittany Tomasini, Layna Towns, Vanessa Van Decker, Hailey Voorand, Chris
Yandernoll, Jarrett Zilney

MV Contributes to our Community
Students from our Grade 9 geography class submitted recreational land use proposals to the Township of
Madawaska Valley and the area Lions Club. In class, students learned about the changes that have occurred
in Canada’s people and settlements both locally and nationally. Canadians are having smaller families, and the
Baby Boomers are contributing to a larger proportion of older adults. The geography students also learned
that more Canadians are choosing to move to urban places. As a result rural communities need to fight to keep their populations
from declining. Students were asked to contribute to the renewal of Barry’s Bay by planning/designing a recreational space
that meets the needs of the community as it changes demographically. They applied their course ideas and the spatial concepts
of land use planning to create vision statements and maps for the proposed Timberfest Park. The assignment was an
opportunity for students to engage in a real project. They rose to the challenge with great ideas presented on a range of maps,
paintings and 3D computer programs. Students really drew on their individual strengths to get their ideas across. Some of
these ideas included all season outdoor fitness equipment, chess tables, basketball courts, gardens and a concert stage.
MV Students have high Self-Esteem
These results from the 2nd annual Tell Them From
Me survey asked students to indicate how much they
agree or disagree with each of the following
statements: In general, I like the way I am. I like
the way I look. When I do something, I do it well.
Overall, I have a lot to be proud of. A lot of things
about me are good. I feel good about my ability to do
school work. I feel good about myself.
The horizontal line on this graph indicates the
national norm for this survey question and the
horizontal segments on each bar indicate the
combined results for our “replica schools”, schools
that are like us demographically. We are looking
good in this area!

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