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					  Auction 2001 Catalog
          Friday, February 9th, 2001
         Silent Auction 5:30-8:00 PM
             Live Auction 8:30 PM

Organized by the Fuqua~MBA Games and Fuqua Partners
                      to benefit the
           Special Olympics of North Carolina

                   Sponsored By:
                  Auction Categories
1. Raffle Items

2. Live Auction Items

3. Food, Folks & Fun

  ~Dining In
  ~Dining Out
  ~Music & Dance

4. Getaways

5. Golf & Game

6. Pamper Your Pet

7. Business Enhancers

8. Gifts & Services

9. Duke Duds

                                       Page 2
                             Auction 2001

          Special Olympics of North Carolina
    Organized by the MBA Games and Fuqua Partners

Auction 2001 to benefit the Special Olympics North Carolina will take place this
Friday night, February 9th. The Silent Auction will start at 5:30 PM in the
mallway and the Live Auction will start at 8:30 PM in Geneen.

                     How the Silent Auction Works:
   1. All items will be displayed on tables in the mallway starting at about 5:30
      PM Friday.
   2. Each item will have a carbon copy “bid sheet” with a full description of
      what is being auctioned, its value, the minimum acceptable bid, and any
      restrictions placed on the item.
   3. To place a bid, put your name, phone number, e-mail, and bid amount on
      the sheet. Everyone will bid on the same sheet and be able to see all
      previous and subsequent bids.
   4. You must bid in the increments designated for the item.
   5. Tables will close at 8:00 PM. The highest bid on the bid sheet at the time of
      table closing wins the item.
   6. After the tables close check the bid sheets on the table to see if you won any
   7. We will have checkout located at the end of the mallway…you may come
      directly to checkout and pay for your item or pay after the Live Auction.
   8. Keep in mind that you must pay for the item on Friday night before you
      leave. To make checkout quick and easy, we will have a credit card reader
      available (cash and checks are welcome, too!).
   9. Finally, good luck and happy bidding!

                                                                          Page 3
                              Raffle items
Food Glorious Food
You will never go hungry again…this basket includes food from Miami Subs, Chick-fil-a,
Starbucks, Brueggers and Smoothieville. We even threw in some haircuts to help keep
you looking your best.
Donated by: Miami Subs, Chick-fil-a, Smoothieville, Supercuts,
Starbucks, and Brueggers Bagels
Value: $250

Feeling Dirty?
Let these three ladies come suck your dust bunnies. This cleaning service will get your
house looking spick and span.
Donated by: Busy Bodies Maid Service
Value: $75

   Buy a ticket for a chance to win one of these
                    great items:

                        One Ticket = $1.00
                        Six Tickets = $5.00
                     Thirteen Tickets= $10.00

         Drawings will be during the live auction.
              You must be present to win.

                                                                              Page 4
                       Live auction items
500 Wins - That's Nothing
Need something to remember Coach K's 500-win season? Take home a piece of
history, a basketball signed by Coach K during the season when he broke 500.
Donated by: Coach K

Humiliation Has No Price
Jealous of someone because they were offered your job? Well get them back. We'll
make a video of whomever you choose and actually air it in front of 600 of their closest
friends. We'll shoot day and night and with infrared, nothing is sacred. To top it all off,
we'll also take the legal heat and protect you from a career-ending slander suit.
Donated by: Jane Dapkus, Harry Arnett, and Fuquavision

Three Strikes...YER OUT!!!
Ever wonder what it would be like to pitch seven no-hitters and be a strikeout king?
Wonder no more when you get your hands on this one of a kind baseball signed by Hall
of Famer Nolan Ryan.
Donated by: Carrie Lumb-Dewey

Are You A Cheesehead???
Well you don't have to be. Here's your opportunity to acquire a football autographed
by future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. Not only has Favre won an NFL record
3 MVP’s, but he did it in consecutive years. Don't miss your opportunity to own this
great piece of sports memorabilia.
Donated by: Josh Marder

Obey Your Thirst (For Duke Memorabilia)
Go back to the days when no one left Duke for the NBA before they got their diploma.
Get this ball signed by one of Duke’s most illustrious alums – Grant Hill.
Donated by: Grant Hill

                                                                                 Page 5
Feeling Chilly?
Do you like your action on ice? If so, you and three of your friends can enjoy the
Carolina Hurricanes game on Friday March 23rd from the club level. But this is no
ordinary game. You will have the opportunity to witness hockey history as the 'Canes
host Mario Lemieux and his Pittsburgh Penguins. Without a doubt, this will be the
hottest game of the year.
Donated by: Siebel Systems

High Times At The Hideaway
Celebrate your new job, your new fling, or that you passed your Ops final. You can use
any excuse because you’re hosting a party at the Hideaway! The beer will flow and the
pick-up lines will be flying fast and furious.
Donated by: The Hideaway

What Do North Carolina And Indiana Have In Common?
Both States are steeped in basketball tradition. Get a basketball signed by all the
Indiana Pacers, including Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose.
Donated by: Ron Stiver

Home Sweet Cameron...
Welcome the men in blue into your home. Cameron Crazies will treasure this originally
signed Poster of the unstoppable Duke Men's Basketball Team.
Donated by: Duke Men's Basketball Team

Live Like A Dean (or Former Dean)
You and 7-13 of your closest friends have the opportunity to step into Dean Adams'
shoes for a 3-day weekend. Enjoy yourself at his waterfront home in Cape Cod,
Massachusetts, which is walking distance from the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Play in
the surf, explore the sand dunes, or just lounge around, soaking up the essence of
Dean-dom. (Available between mid-April and mid-June)
Donated by: Dean and Mrs. Adams

Flying High
Haven't figured out what to do over Spring Break yet? With a Southwest Airlines ticket,
you could be sampling the wines of Napa Valley, skiing in Salt Lake City, or lounging on
the beach in Florida. With over 2,700 flights a day to 58 cities throughout the U.S.,
Southwest Airlines is guaranteed to make your vacation a blast!
Donated by: Southwest Airlines

Golf Glove - $5. Second Hand Clubs - $50. Attire so they would allow me on the Wa
Duke Course - $100. Seeing Dan Nagy play golf - PRICELESS. With this package, you
and 2 friends can hit the links and grab lunch at the Wa Duke with Dan Nagy.
Donated by: Dan Nagy

                                                                                Page 6
Spring Fever
Wouldn't you love to have a garden party for 24 of your closest friends this spring, but
don't have the time or resources to do it? Dean and Mrs. Adams have graciously
offered to host a catered garden party at their new home, Chatwood House. Chatwood
house is a registered trust house built in 1770 featuring spectacular gardens! Don't
miss this opportunity to mingle in style with catered bbq, a tent, and the works!
Donated by: Dean and Mrs. Adams

Snow Bunnies & Ski Instructors...Here We Come!!!
This spring break, treat yourself and friends to seven day's worth of floating through
the deep dry powder along the slopes of Keystone Resort in Colorado, and seven nights
worth of peaceful relaxation. Includes 7 nights accommodations in a 3 bed/3 bath
private resort condo complete with gas fireplace, full kitchen, dining space for 10,
outdoor gas grill, and picturesque views of the mountains. ($90 clean-up fees required)
Donated by: Brenna Copeland

Own Your Own Vineyard
Not really. But you'll feel like you do when you purchase this 5-liter, 1986 Paulsen
Vineyard Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, in a hand-painted decorative bottle.
You won't be able to decide whether to drink or display this keepsake.
Donated by: The Fuqua Wine Club

Calling All Ladies
If you think North Carolina is boring, think again. Five lucky ladies can spend a night of
debauchery, dancing and fun with five people who have been here the longest- the
JD/MBA’s. Your hosts, Chris Rae, Andrew Bender, Dan Blue, Guy Kulman and Justin
McCormack will pick you and four of your friends up at your houses in our private limo
and take care of the rest. Be prepared.
Donated by: Chris Rae, Andrew Bender, Dan Blue, Guy Kulman and
Justin McCormack

Need An Escape?!?
Here is your chance... a weekend for 6 in the guesthouse in the Virginia Mountains
hosted by Truman and Connie Semans. You can just relax looking at magnificent views
of the Allegheny Mountains and or get involved in tons of activities, from tennis to trout
fishing. The farm is located only a few miles from the Homestead Hotel, the oldest
mountain resort in the country, and its three golf courses. One of which is rated the #1
mountain course in the U.S!
Donated by: Truman and Connie Semans

George Steinbrenner Wants You!
Enjoy a piece of New York Yankee history without taking the #4 train through the
Bronx to get it. This official press guide commemorates the 2000 championship season
and is signed by current Yankee center fielder and future Hall-of-Famer Bernie Williams.
Donated by: The New York Yankees

                                                                                Page 7
                       FOOD, FOLKS & FUN

                                   Dining IN
Southeast Asian Dinner
Need something to do this Saturday night? Have Lynn cook you and 3 friends a meal
that you will be talking about to the next millennium.
Donated by: Lynn Gaspar
Value: $60

New Orleans Cajun/Creole Dinner
This will be one great party, I gar-un-tee! Dinner for you and up to 9 friends will
include red bean and rice jambalaya, side dishes and hurricanes (a New Orleans rum
Donated by: Sean Marshall
Value: $100

The Italian Feast
This second year is well known for her culinary skills. Let her treat you and 3 friends to
a meal you will not soon forget. The menu is flexible and the meal will be served at her
house. Treat yourself.
Donated by: Luisa Rubino
Value: $50

Sweets For A Year
Homemade treats are always a hit. This is a great gift idea for that special someone
who is sooooo sweet.
Donated by: Meghan Pollard
Value: $80

                                                                                Page 8
Deuces Are Wild Party Package!
A member of Section 2 will deliver this perfect party package to your door. Package
includes: 2 cases of beer, 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of soda, 2 pizzas, 2 dozen wings,
2 bags of potato chips and dip, 2 bags of pretzels, 2 dozen cookies, and 2 big bags of
Donated by: Section 2
Value: $110

In The Kitchen, With The Knife…
Spend the evening at Sheryle Dirks home where you can take out all of your job search
frustrations. At this mystery dinner for four to six people, you can murder a CSO staff
member and get away with it. Is this dinner or therapy?
Donated by: CSO Staff
Value: $100

Tired Of Kiosk Food??
Then grab 3 of your buddies and head to Eleanor Hawkins home for an awesome home
cooked meal in Term 4.
Donated by: Eleanor Hawkins
Value: $100

Dinner Anyone?
Think jocks can't cook? Well find out. Watch this former college football player whip
up a mean meal. Have Ron Stiver cook you a dinner for 4…you won’t be disappointed!!
Donated by: Ron Stiver
Value: $60

Sweet Tooth Alert!!!
Love the goodies at the Kiosk on Mondays? Now you can get some all to yourself.
Enjoy one batch of treats a month for the next four months. From February 'till May
you will be treated to these wonderful delights that will be sure to satisfy your sugar
Donated by: Aaron & Amy Lavin (
Value: $50

Don’t Cook Tonight
Have a party for 4 at your home! Carl Negin will do the cooking and you can be a
guest at your own party! You pick the food and Carl will deliver.
Donated by: Carl Negin
Value: $100

                                                                                Page 9
Be My Valentine
Is this service or what? Have Valentine cookies delivered to your door on February
Donated by: Allison Jones & Catherine Drummy
Value: $20

Look Into My Crystal Ball
Enjoy a great dinner hosted by Jim Smith at his house. Participate in fascinating
conversation while uncovering the secrets of decision tree and sensitivity analysis.
Donated by: Jim Smith
Value: $125

Homemade Pizza & Game Night
Ever wonder what real pizza should taste like? This is your chance. You and 3 friends
will be treated to a homemade pizza dinner, expertly prepared by Chris Vuturo. After
pizza play StarCrossed, Hollywood’s Movie Game “Where Connections are Everything”.
Donated by: Chris Vuturo & Elizabeth Dolinski
Value: $70

Attention All Chocoholics...
Your taste buds will be watering at the sight of this Celestial Chocolate Confection.
Four layers of moist chocolate cake, raspberry preserves between layers, and frosted
with chocolate fudge. This would make a great birthday cake!
Donated by: Ann Nahabedian
Value: $20

Soul Food Dinner
Get a group of your best buddies together, sit down, and enjoy this soul food dinner for
6. Menu includes, BBQ chicken, ribs, greens, macaroni and cheese, corn bread,
lemonade and Tiffney’s down-home special banana pudding pie, ummmmm.
Donated by: Tiffney Marley
Value: $100

Little Italy Comes To You
For the times you would kill for a homemade dinner. A homemade Italian dinner is
yours for the taking…anytime, anywhere. “I’m not Italian but I make a mean lasagna!”
Donated by: Suzy Siber & Darryl Wood
Value: $40

Dinner Of Your Dreams
Dinner will start off with a genuine Caesar salad and will twist and turn down a delicious
path to a hand-folded rum chocolate mousse. You tell Chez Ross what you want for an
entrée and he’ll cook up a storm.
Donated by: Ross Little
Value: $250

                                                                              Page 10
Want Good Food?
Are you tired of cooking? Have these two ladies whip you up a homemade dinner for
you and 3 friends that will knock your socks off.
Donated by: Ann Singhakowinta & Beth Landy
Value: $120

Thailand Or China??
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Have a yummy Thai or Chinese
homemade meal delivered to your house, for you and a friend to enjoy.
Donated by: Pari Saekow
Value: $40

Oscar Night Prep Package
Spend the weekend catching up on all the nominated films from last year. Three pizzas
from Randy’s and 12 video rentals from Visart should get you caught up.
Donated by: Randy’s Pizza and Visart Video
Value: $80

Oscar Night Prep II
If Papa John’s and Blockbuster are more your style this package is for you. See for
yourself the reasons Julia Roberts was nominated for her Golden Globes.
Donated by: Papa John’s and Blockbuster Video
Value: $80

Get Spoiled Spanish Style
Let Isabella Gomez and Reinaldo Padua cook you a dinner for two to die for. They will
host you and a guest at their house for a dinner that includes Tapas, Prociustto, and
wine from Spain. Be prepared, it will knock your socks off.
Donated by: Isabella Gomez and Reinaldo Padua
Value: $40

Want Some Tom Yum?
Need to spice up your meal plan? Try some homemade Thai delicacies with 3 of your
Donated by: Praweensri Tongyaina Ayudhaya
Value: $40

Have Rio Or Sao Paulo Come To You
A taste of Brazil! Have a Brazilian feast with you and 3 of your friends. You can take a
trip without leaving Durham.
Donated by: Fernanda Yoshikawa
Value: $60

                                                                             Page 11
Need A Curry Fix?
Are you in need of some good Indian food? Have this duo make you a meal you will
never forget. Make sure they know you are a curry fan!
Donated by: Madhavi Makkena and Gita Rao
Value: $40

Sick Of Kiosk Bagels?
Try the Belgian waffles and eggs made by our MBAA president and vice-president.
Brunch will be served for eight.
Donated by: Uche Osuji & Julie Beattie
Value: $40

                                                                         Page 12
                               Dining Out
Glaze ‘n’ Graze
Fire up some pottery when you spend 1 ½ hours in the Glaze ‘n’ Blaze studio. After
working up an appetite, head to Elmo’s Diner for brunch.
Donated by: Elmo’s Diner and Glaze ‘n Blaze
Value: $35

Fun For The Family
Take the kids to Wheels Family Fun Park for a day of pizza and fun. Then, spend time
alone just the two of you while Marty Wick and Eddie Sim entertain your kids.
Donated by: Wheels Family Fun Park, Marty Wick, and Eddie Sim
Value: $50

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Eat and drink while watching Duke play on the big screen. With this $80 gift certificate
to Satisfactions, you can practice picking up the tab.
Donated by: Satisfactions & Gerald Berger
Value: $80

A Taste Of Durham
Local legends…these $20 gift certificates to Cosmic Cantina and Bullocks will provide
the perfect comfort food for finals.
Donated by: Cosmic Cantina and Bullock’s
Value: $40

Having trouble deciding what internship to take? Where to go on Spring break? Invite
a friend and solve these issues over lunch at Parizade with Bob Clemen. He will even
give you a copy of his textbook.
Donated by: Bob Clemen
Value: $135

Let’s Do Lunch
Follow up with someone who you have been meaning to “do lunch” with…and really do
it. Surprise your friend with lunch at Applebee’s, your treat.
Donated by: Applebee’s
Value: $50

                                                                            Page 13
Cheeseburgers In Paradise
Well, maybe not. But you can enjoy scintillating conversation about activity-based
costing and Monte Carlo simulations (or topic of your choice). Join Laura Kornish and
Richard Willis for cheeseburgers and vodka gimlets at the Washington Duke Lounge.
This prize to be redeemed by four lucky MBA students after the end of term 3.
Donated by: Richard Willis & Laura Kornish
Value: $90

Life Is A Picnic
Do you have some important news to share? Pregnant? Land that perfect job? Want to
pop the question? I Love You? A picnic at Duke Gardens is the perfect setting. This
basket, blanket and lunch will be waiting for you between the tulips.
Donated by: Susan Lavezzo & Eddie Sim
Value: $80

Jolt Of Java
Need a jolt of java to help get you through that early morning lecture? Starbucks will
provide you with 1 pound of coffee per month for a year. You also get two duke mugs
in case you want to share!
Donated by: Starbucks and Duke University Stores
Value: $105

Elegant Edibles
Want to enjoy some local fine dining? This gift certificate for Brunch for 2 at the
Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club Fairview Restaurant is just what you are looking for.
Donated by: Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
Value: $54

Are You A Fishmonger?
Grab a friend and feast on a lobster dinner for two at Fishmongers Restaurant. Don’t
forget your bib!!
Donated by: Fishmongers Restaurant
Value: $60

Dine Downunder
Hungry for a taste of the Outback? Be a hero and take out friends, family or a
significant other for the whole works.
Donated by: Outback Steakhouse
Value: $70

                                                                           Page 14
Feeling Romantic?
Start your evening off with a dozen roses and imported Swiss chocolate for your
sweetie. Continue to spoil her/him with a candlelight dinner for 2 at the Colonial Inn,
Donated by: Emerald Gardens Flowers, The Colonial Inn, & Shawn Fedun
Value: $130

Culture In Chapel Hill
Travel to the metropolis of Chapel Hill to experience an evening of culture at
PlayMakers Theater. After the show head to 411 West for dessert and coffee.
Donated by: PlayMakers Repertory Theater and 411 West
Value: $120

Tell Me A Story
An evening of story telling with Fuqua’s resident ex-Navy Seals Bill Wiseman and Fred
Godbee. The evening will take place at the bar of the your choice.
Donated by: Bill Wiseman And Fred Godbee
Value: Whatever war stories are going for nowadays

                                                                            Page 15
                        MUSIC & DANCING
Music Matinee
Enjoy an afternoon at the North Carolina Symphony. Listen to the Music of Big Band
and Swing. Put April 28th 2:00 PM on your calendar for this special event.
Donated by: North Carolina Symphony
Value: $90

Need To Release Some Steam?
Spend one-hour with drummer Brain Bunn and learn how to bang on that drum all day.
Donated by: Brain Bunn
Value: $70

Oh What A Night
Want to have a night of dinner and dancing with Marty Wick? Come on ladies, highest
bidder wins!!
Donated by: Marty Wick
Value: $50

Salsa Anyone?
We have a Salsa expert with us here at Fuqua. During this one-hour lesson, James
Reed will teach you how to dance the Salsa!
Donated by: James Reed
Value: $35

Dinner And Dancing
Learn to Cha-Cha at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio and then boogie over to On The
Border for dinner and drinks. If you are taking a man…do the drinks first, then the
dancing. Package includes: three one-hour lessons and a group lesson.
Donated by: Fred Astaire Dance Studio and On the Border
Value: $150

                                                                           Page 16
Dinner And Dancing II
More dancing….more dining… Blue Corn Café and Fred Astaire Dance Studio.
Remember, drinks then dancing. Package includes: three one-hour lessons and a group
Donated by: Fred Astaire Dance Studio and Blue Corn Café
Value: $150

Singing Telegram
Have Teena Cater serenade your sweetheart with an up to five minute R&B or gospel
tune. She will travel to Chapel Hill, Raleigh or Durham.
Donated by: Teena Cater
Value: $35

                                                                        Page 17
A Three-Martini Lunch
                     “I like to have a Martini, two at the very most.
            After three I’m under the table, after four I’m under my host.”
                                     -Dorothy Parker
Two hand blown cobalt blue martini glasses, pitcher and everything to make the perfect
Donated by: Reminiscence
Value: $60

Wine, Wine, Wine
Show off your style with these hip hand decorated wine glasses & carafe. Basket
includes: wine cork, cheese spreaders, Blackstone Merlot, glasses & carafe, and wine
saver kit.
Donated by: Wiredesigns, Linens & Things, and Costco
Value: $80

A Taste Of South Africa
Amarula is a wild fruit cream alcoholic beverage that’s delicious mixed with milk or over
ice cream. It’s a natural wild fruit cocktail that’s produced from fresh cream and the
unique fruit of the marula tree which is native to South Africa. It’s a wonderful warm
drink, kind of like Bailey’s but without the mint flavor.
Donated by: Darryl Wood
Value: $20

Portuguese Port Wine
The Port Wine is a unique product! It is handled very carefully by the Portuguese. If
you are a wine drinker you will never forget this one!
Donated by: Marta and Tiago Eiro
Value: $110

Wine And Cheese Anyone?
Grab this assortment of wine & cheese for a romantic evening with your significant
other. You are sure to win them over!
Donated by: Michelle Edwards
Value: $50

                                                                             Page 18
Aged Grapes
Pierre Ferrand Cognac Reserve is a complex and full-bodied cognac. This cognac aged
approximately 25 years in the barrel, offers a subtle bouquet and smooth flavors. It
has a fine gold color and is very fruity with a slight vanilla flavor. The aroma is like
fresh picked grapes at the harvest. Culture your tongue with this outstanding cognac.
Donated by: Elizabeth Dolinski
Value: $50

Share The Vintage
Indulge yourself with this Kendall Jackson 3 liter Chardonnay. It stands 18 inches tall
and weighs 20 pounds. It is equivalent to 4 regular bottles of wine, with enough liquid
gold to serve a party of 16 (or a party of 4 if they know how to party).
Donated by: Fuqua Wine Club
Value: $100

Looking For That Long Lost Shaker Of Salt?
Take a vacation in Margaritaville anytime you want. Margarita glasses, salt, mix and
mixed drink “how to” glass. You will be wasting away again and again and again.
Donated by: Linens & Things, Kroger
Value: $50

Fuqua Pale Ale
Get a look at these 22oz bottles of Fuqua Pale Ale. A perfect start to any celebration.
John is known for his award-winning Pale Ale!
Donated by: John Stoner
Value: $30

Brew Like A Master
Are there any beer drinkers out there? Here is a unique opportunity to spend the day
with the brew master of the Top Of The Hill Restaurant in Chapel Hill. Follow him
around, sample beer, eat lunch, sample beer, sample beer…
Donated by: Top Of The Hill Restaurant
Value: $140

                                                                             Page 19
Durham Unplugged
Spend the weekend at a beautiful bed and breakfast. No computers, no cell phones, no
network…just the two of you…imagine that.
Donated by: Inns Of Durham
Value: $130

Romantic Weekend For Two
Here’s your chance to spend a romantic weekend with that “special” person in your life.
This weekend getaway includes 2 nights at the Durham Marriott, plus breakfast each
Donated by: The Durham Marriott
Value: $200

One Wonderful Night
The Regal University Hotel is pleased to offer a lucky couple a one-night stay with
breakfast at Bel Gusto the next morning. This is a perfect way to get away from school
and work on a group project of your own!
Donated by: Regal University Hotel
Value: $100

Who Says You Can’t Get Away?
Here’s your chance to spend a romantic night with that someone special. This getaway
includes one night at the Double Tree Hotel with breakfast. This one is worth it just for
the cookies.
Donated by: Durham Double Tree Hotel
Value: $100

Nations Capital
Check this out! Enjoy your own personal tour of the Nation’s Capital by these resident
experts. Includes dinner at an elegant Washington restaurant and one-night hotel
Donated by: Jenn Stone and Jenn Steele
Value: $250

                                                                             Page 20
                              GOLF & GAME
Calling All Hockey Fans
Get the PUCK outta here! You and three of your friends will travel to Raleigh to see the
Hurricanes from these lower level seats! You even get a hat signed by the team with
this one!
Donated by: The Carolina Hurricanes
Value: $100

Las Vegas Framework
Tired of case crunching? This package has everything you need to exercise your
strategy skills in a rowdy game of poker. Donald Tateishi, a former Harrah’s dealer, will
spend three hours teaching you the tricks of the trade. Package includes poker chips,
cards, beer, poker lessons, handmade cigars and a roulette wheel “chip and dip” tray.
Donated by: Donald Tateishi, Kroger, Costco, and Linens &Things
Value: $135

Watch Some Pigskin In Washington
You and a guest will enjoy two upper level tickets to any (except Dallas) Washington
Redskins game. Check out their website… to pick your game.
Donated by: Adrian Durelli
Value: $110

Attack Of The Hornets
Take three of your friends to Charlotte on February 24th to see the Hornets attack the
76ers. No need to wait at the gate for autographs…this package also includes a signed
Donated by: GT and Courtney Hollett
Value: Tickets: $160 Ball: priceless

Swing Therapy
De-stress (depending on your game) at the Crossings with 18 holes of golf. You and
three friends can get a head start on the spring golf rush. Carts included.
Donated by: The Crossings
Value: $200

                                                                             Page 21
Long And Straight
Let Jason Carlock show you a thing or two about how GOLF should be played. Jason,
our very own former pro-circuit golfer will give you three one-hour lessons to straighten
you out. Remember…good at golf, good at business.
Donated by: Jason Carlock
Value: $75

Gooooooooo Giants!
Practice your cheerleading skills for the NY Giants. You will see every touchdown with
these two lower tier goal line tickets.
Donated by: Jenny Gallagher
Value: $120

Lunch And Laughs
Grady’s and Funtasia go great together for an afternoon of fun. Go-carts and miniature
golf for four followed by five desserts and five appetizers at Grady’s. This is self-
indulgence at its best.
Donated by: Grady’s and Funtasia
Value: $60

Be Tiger
Spend 1 hour at the Wa Duke with Jim Kubinski learning how to drive, putt, and chip
your way to success.
Donated by: Jim Kubinski; Washington Duke Golf Club
Value: $75

Diver Down
This Aqua lung “Impulse II” snorkel will be perfect to take along on Spring Break.
Check out the fish and sea life on the ocean floor.
Donated by: WaterWorld
Value: $40

Who’s #1?
It’s the women’s golf team. How do they do it? Learn from Dan Brooks, Head Coach of
the Duke Women’s Golf Team. A one-hour lesson with the Maestro himself.
Donated by: Dan Brooks
Value: $75

Tag Grown-up Style
This party for 10 at the Laser Center will make you forget all about the case due on
Monday…what is that worth?
Donated by: UltraZone Laser Center
Value: $140

                                                                             Page 22
You Can Never Have Enough Balls
If your golf swing needs some work and you’re looking for a place to practice, then take
advantage of this gift certificate for 13 buckets of balls at the Golf Center.
Donated by: The Golf Center on Garrett Road
Value: $40

Calling All Drivers
Hey you Nascar race fans, check out this ball cap signed by the one and only Rusty
Wallace! Highest bidder wins!!
Donated by: Monique Means
Value: $50

Super Bowl 2002?
Want to see the Carolina Panthers on their way to next years Super Bowl? Bid on these
tickets to next season’s game and get a Panthers program signed by All-Pro QB Steve
Beuerlein. Winner picks their top three game dates and the donor will produce four
tickets to one of the three.
Donated by: Drew Harriss & The Carolina Panthers
Value: $140

Basketball Challenge
Shoot some hoops with finance profs Alon Brav and John Graham. Bring your best
shot because they got game!
Donated by: Alon Brav & John Graham
Value: You can't put a value on revenge!!!

Improve Your Golf Swing
Let Sharon Flynn show you how the game is played during 2 one-hour golf lessons at
the Washington Duke. You are sure to improve that swing!!
Donated by: Sharon Flynn
Value: $60

Tennis Anyone?
Want to hit the ball like Pete Sampras or Venus Williams? Take 3 one-hour lessons
from Travis Miller to get your game ready for this spring.
Donated by: Travis Miller
Value: $75

Take A Dip
Do you need a refresher on how to swim? Or perhaps your child wants to take a dip?
Cash in on 5 one-hour lessons and have an expert teach you.
Donated by: Leslie Heuter
Value: $125

                                                                            Page 23
Do You Need A Workout?
Head to Gold’s Gym and get on the workout wagon! Don’t feel guilty about all the pizza
and beer…sweat it out!
Donated by: Gold’s Gym
Value: $360

Need A Caddy?
Have these second year studs carry your clubs this spring. Ladies, don’t we love golf.
Donated by: Ron Stiver, Rich Kendrick, Eric Hession, & Ed Rerisi
Value: $80

Is It Fanny Sunnesan?
No, but its Sharon Flynn, Debbie Vann, Laura Hinton and Holly Dice. They will make
you feel like Nick Faldo as they loop your bags for 18 holes and give you salient advice.
Donated by: Sharon Flynn, Debbie Vann, Laura Hinton and Holly Dice
Value: $80

Work On Your Short Game.
No tee time needed at Adventure Landing Putt-Putt. When you’re sure that you could
beat Tiger Woods on the green…head over to Fuddruckers for some chow.
Donated by: Adventure Landing & Fuddruckers
Value: $50

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Grab 3 of your friends and arrive at the Durham Bulls Game with tickets and
complimentary Bulls goodies.
Donated by: The Durham Bulls
Value: $60

On Your Mark
Need to brush up on target practice? Take a 2 ½ hour pistol safety and marksmanship
lesson from Bill Wiseman.
Donated by: Bill Wiseman
Value: $250

New Year’s Resolution
Start the millennium off right. Stay fit at Fit South with a one-year membership.
Donated by: Fit South
Value: $400

Oh, Crappie
Learn how to fly fish and look just like Brad Pitt and Robert Redford…well, maybe just
learn how to fly fish. (Up to ten people.)
Donated by: NC Anglers and Outfitters
Value: $180

                                                                             Page 24
                        PAMPER YOUR PETS
No Snakes Or Amphibians
Are you planning to take an exotic vacation during spring break and tired of leaving
fluffy in the cold lonely kennel? Well, Tiffney’s dog Ziggy is looking for a playmate.
Choose up to 7 days to leave you pet at Tiffney Marley’s house. This is an awesome
deal and of course your pet will be very well taken care of.
Donated by: Tiffney Marley
Value: $140

Fi-Fi And Fido Will Thank You
Carver Street Animal Hospital will pamper your pet with a bath, flea dip, and nail trim.
Donated by: Carver Street Animal Hospital
Value: $30

Is Rover Ripe?
Triangle Veterinary Hospital will wash that stink right out of his hair! This package
includes a bath, flea dip and vitamins.
Donated by: Triangle Veterinary Hospital
Value: $50

The Ritz-Carlton Does NOT Take Pets
Leaving the pets behind? Park Vet Hospital will take great care of the furry member of
your family. Weekend boarding and large bag of food included in this great package.
Donated by: Park Vet Hospital
Value: $50

Weekend Getaway
We all need a vacation from time to time. While you take your trip leave kitty or pup
with Creature Comfort Inn.
Donated by: Creature Comfort Inn
Value: $70

                                                                              Page 25
                      BUSINESS ENHANCERS
Stock Up!
For all you stock watchers out there. Get a hold of these 5 shares of Intel stock. A
Donated by: Christy Williams
Value: $178.44 as of 2/2/01

Computer Literate
Do you need to update your files? Take home these programs from Microsoft:
FrontPage 2000, Flight Simulator 2000, MapPoint 2000, Money 2001 and a Microsoft
Donated by: Microsoft
Value: $100

Business Savvy One
Need to catch up on the business world? Have Forbes delivered to your house for a
year. Keep track of all your interviews and dinners with a pad folio from Day Runner.
We even threw in a business card holder.
Donated by: Forbes and Day Runner
Value: $100

Business Savvy Two
Want to know who the Fortune 500 companies are? Have Fortune delivered to your
house for a year. This package also includes a pad folio and business card holder for all
the important people in your life.
Donated by: Fortune and Day Runner
Value: $100

Put On Your Red Hat
Here’s your chance to get a copy of the hottest software around-a box set of Red Hat’s
latest Linux 6.1. Just imagine the possibilities. Install Linux on your machine, become
a Linux expert, write a business plan, get some venture capital funding, then its IPO
city. They even threw in 2 golf shirts and hats.
Donated by: David Kelleher
Value: $80

                                                                            Page 26
Look Like A Professional
Keep track of all your business in this leather pad folio case. There is even a business
card holder to match.
Donated by: Day Runner
Value: $40

Is Your Career Stationary?
Shop at this upscale stationery store in Brightleaf Square. Stock up on monogram
stationery for all those Thank You notes you should have written. It’s never too late…..
Donated by: Casey & Company And Barnes Supply Company
Value: $50

The Greatest Generation
The Greatest Generation book personally signed by Tom Brokaw will be a great addition
to your library. A bookmark from the greatest school is included.
Donated by: Tom Brokaw
Value: What price can you put on greatness??

                                                                              Page 27
                         GIFTS AND SERVICES

You’re Little Secret…?
A gift for her…a gift for you. This $50 gift certificate from Victoria’s Secret will be the
gift that keeps on giving.
Donated by: Victoria’s Secret.
Value: $50

Need Fitness Advice?
With 20 years of experience in fitness, Fred, ex-navy seal, can get you into shape. He
will establish a routine, assist you with nutrition and show you different exercise lifts.
You will have his attention for three hours.
Donated by: Fred Godbee
Value: $100

Kick Butt
Greg Blair will give a self-defense seminar for up to 10 people. Very few seminars can
help to save your life…this one can.
Donated by: Greg Blair
Value: $500

Basket Case
You will love this great Longaberger basket. Inside the basket is a gift certificate for a
manicure as well as a $25 gift certificate for more Longaberger products. Spoil yourself.
Donated by: Weaving Traditions, Perfect Impressions
Value: $70

Basket Case II
You will enjoy this basket for years to come…Longaberger only makes the best. Inside
is a $25 gift certificate for more Longaberger products.
Donated by: Weaving Traditions
Value: $50

                                                                                 Page 28
Here Kitty Kitty
Do you love cats but don't have one for some reason or another? Why not have the
next best thing, a cute picture of a kitten taking a bath.
Donated by: Art Craft Framing
Value: $15

The Today Show
Do you wake up with Katie, Matt, Al, and Ann? With this autographed picture of the
crew you can go to sleep looking at them too. Hats, shirts, key chains, a cross pen, CD
of their concert series and a Zagat's guide to New York Restaurants are included in this
great package.
Donated by: The Today Show and NBC
Value: What price do you put on fame?

Is The Sound Of Bulldozers And Construction Stressing You Out?
Are you tired of sitting up in Classroom C’s uncomfortable chairs? De-stress while
enjoying a 90-minute massage at the Hillandale Massage Clinic.
Donated by: Hillandale Massage Clinic
Value: $75

Are You A Shopoholic?
Sprint to South Square where you can enjoy a $100 shopping spree and forget about all
those cases, papers and the underlying stress about what you want to do with the rest
of your life. Take your shopping bags out to lunch at Macaroni Grill and the day is
Donated by: South Square Mall and Macaroni Grill
Value: $120

For All You Parents Out There
Need a night away to go to dinner and a movie? Have Eleanor Hawkins baby-sit your
children sometime in Term 4, and enjoy your night of freedom.
Donated by: Eleanor Hawkins
Value: $30

Crafts Anyone?
Do you like unique crafts? These authentic Mexican pieces will add a little spice to your
Donated by: Roberto Alatorre
Value: $60

Parents Night out
As much as you love the little ones sometimes you need a night out. Here’s your
perfect chance to speak to adults without counting, rhyming or telling nursery tales. Let
Ashlyn Sowell baby-sit your children at her home in Woodcroft!
Donated by: Ashlyn Sowell
Value: $30

                                                                             Page 29
Coffee Table Book
This great coffee table book takes pause to commemorate the last Century. This is a
book to pass down from generation to generation.
Donated by: Catherine Drummy
Value: $60

A Bid Today Keeps The Tax Guy Away
W-2’s and 1099’s are on their way to your mailbox. Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone
else do the tax work this year? Let Carrie Lumb-Dewey, CPA, help. She is ready and
willing to help you.
Donated by: Carrie Lumb-Dewey
Value: $150

Piece Of The Orient
Need a culture boost? This Chinese craft will be a great conversation piece at your next
dinner party.
Donated by: Hao Lu
Value: $30

Black Tie Affair
Have an event coming up and sick of your tuxedo accessories? Snatch up this set of
Tommy Hilfiger cummerbund, shirt and socks. Sizes and pattern exchangeable.
Donated by: Mitchel’s Formal Wear
Value: $180

Be Ready For Fall Next Year
Sick of raking all those leaves? This power leaf blower will make your yard work a
Donated by: Mid- Atlantic Stihl
Value: $80

Cleaning Needs
Need those carpets cleaned from all the beer spills? Don’t fear you will get your
security deposit back after all. While you’re at it have the beer stains removed from
your shirt as well.
Donated by: Thorpe’s Carpet Cleaning & WhiteStar Cleaners
Value: $75

Is Your Car Feeling Neglected?
No appointment needed to drive through Jiffy Lube for a quickie. Never fear getting a
flat again… you’ll have a Plus Membership from AAA to save the day.
Donated by: AAA & Jiffy Lube
Value: $100

                                                                            Page 30
Are You Curious About Your Future?
Bid on this one-hour Psychic reading and find out where you will be this summer.
Chose intuitive, astrological or a tarot card reading.
Donated by: Kevin Blackwell
Value: $60

Study Break
Head to Westgate Boulevard and enjoy spending a $50 gift certificate at Circuit City.
Donated by: Circuit City
Value: $50

Are all of your Fuqua memories in a shoebox under the bed? Get them organized in an
album with this scrapbooking basket. Includes all you need to make an album plus
three hours of help to get started.
Donated by: Jenny Bryant
Value: $75

For All You Ladies
Need to cheer yourself up…you deserve it! Enjoy this Vera Bradley bag (pattern
exchangeable) and earrings.
Donated by: Merle Norman and Vaguely Reminiscent
Value: $65

Wax On Wax Off
Is the inside of your car sticky from all those coffee spills rushing to your 8 o’clock
class? Have Jordan wax, wash and detail your car from front to back.
Donated by: Jordan Scott Baltimore
Value: $80

Graduation Is Right Around The Corner
Enjoy this houseplant and fruit platter for all the guests that will be hanging in your
kitchen. The platter is a wonderful cheese and fruit board.
Donated by: DuVal Hackett Florist and Old World Market
Value: $55

Need To Relax
Have nothing planned on Wednesday? Head to the Body Café and pamper yourself.
Release all that stress from interviews.
Donated by: Body Café
Value: $50

                                                                                Page 31
House Calls
Are you ready for this MOM & DAD!! Stay away from the germs at the doctor’s office.
Felecia will give you a pediatric consultation right in your home.
Donated by: Dr. Felecia G. Williams
Value: $500

Treading Water
For children who are non-swimmers, or even advanced swimmers…
Have this swimmer teach your child the ins and outs of the pool for 2 hours of private
Donated by: Anupam Narula
Value: $40

                                                                            Page 32
                              Devil duds
Sweat It Out
Arrive in Cameron already warmed up on this Champion Duke sweatshirt. You may not
need it for the game, but it will come in handy in the pre-game line or walking back to
Fuqua after the big game. GO BLUE DEVILS!
Donated by: Duke University Stores
Value: $50

Warm & Fuzzy
Stay warm while you are camping out for tickets, watching powder puff football, or just
bearing the unpredictable Durham winters. Pack this Duke fleece pullover on your next
ski trip, too, and show your Blue Devil pride on the slopes.
Donated by: Duke University Stores
Value: $60

Duke In Style
Show your Duke spirit around campus this winter by wearing this warm and fashionable
Duke sweatshirt. You simply can't have too many of them.
Donated by: Duke University Stores
Value: $40

Hit the links in style wearing this Duke nylon pullover. Play right through that spring
shower because it's waterproof to keep you dry at the Washington Duke or any course
where you'll need to impress the boss.
Donated by: Duke University Stores
Value: $40

                                                                            Page 33

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