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									       USAID CAPS
Tourism Strategic Directions
 Steering Committee Meeting

                        Scott Wayne
   With inputs from Michelle Morgan and Armine Israyelyan
                       May 11th, 2006
•   Purpose of meeting
•   Tourism Assessment Report Results
•   Key Action Areas Objectives
•   CAPS Tourism Actions to date
•   Next steps CAPS Strategy
       Purpose of Meeting
• Discuss CAPS and Steering Committee
  tourism strategy and next steps.
  CAPS Tourism Assessment
     Report Highlights
   Four Key Action Areas Identified
1) Improved product development,
  promotion, marketing and research
2) Better quality human resources,
  associations and institutions
3) Improved access and facilities
4) Better business environment
Working Groups Task Forces?
• Led by Steering Committee, Armenian
  Tourism Industry becomes more
  competitive through actions in:
     •   Marketing and Promotion
     •   Workforce Development
     •   Infrastructure
     •   Advocacy and Public Policy
         CAPS Tourism Activities:
           January-May 2006
1. CAPS Tourism Needs Assessment and
   Baseline Industry Data, which involved
   industry-wide survey.
2. Assisted with the establishment of the
   Armenian Culinary and Restaurant
3. Assisted with establishment of the
   Armenian Hotel Association. (Steering
      CAPS Tourism Activities
4. Pilot project launched in Dilijan
   (Infrastructure Working Group)
5. Research on tour operator licensing, in
   progress (Advocacy WG)
6. Launched workforce skills assessment for
   the tourism industry.
7. Research on foreign operators for future
   product development and marketing activities.
8. Training of BSPs on Tourism Marketing (May
 Proposals Received by CAPS
1.   Proposal from MTED for a market survey.
2.   Proposal from the Armenian Tourism Association
     to organize an international conference on tourism
     in Armenia targeting travel media.
3.   Proposal from ATDA for printed materials,
     especially for trade fairs. (Marketing WG)
4.   Proposal from ATA on improvement of education
     and training in tourism. (Workforce WG)
5.   Proposal from Tourism Institute for two books and
     one set of conference proceedings, including a CD
     on youth routes. (Workforce WG)

               CAPS Guidelines for
              Unsolicited Proposals
                being developed.
 CAPS Actions       CAPS Assessment       Steering Committee
January-May 2006       March 2006          & Working Groups

 2020 Tourism
                   Stakeholder Meetings     Laws, Policies,
                                           and Regulations

            CAPS Roadmap for assisting
          tourism development in Armenia
    What? Which? How? When?
              Key Questions
Which markets to target
What types of products to develop
Which destinations and attractions to
What accomodation capacity, tourist
 services, workforce skills and supporting
 infrastructure to develop
How to promote the product

Next Steps
    CAPS Strategy:
From Roadmap to Action
   Focus on Specialty Travel Niches:
    History, natural and cultural heritage
       Soft adventure, outdoor sports
     Inn-to-inn, B&B trail, Heritage Route
 Rural tourism, agro and community tourism
Responsible tourism, eco-tourism, Geotourism
          Ethnic, Diaspora tourism
   Regional tourism (Caucasus, Silk Road)
            Special Interest Tours
              + Business Travel
            Armenia as a
        National Geographic
      Geotourism Destination?
      Tourism that sustains or enhances the
      geographical character of a place—its
environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the
            well-being of its residents.
               How? CAPS
        Strategic Tourism Toolkit
         Key CAPS/Industry Actions:
 •   Marketing and Promotion
 •   Workforce Development
 •   Infrastructure
 •   Advocacy/Public Policy

          Dilijan Pilot Project:
Local Cluster, Support for Dilijan Tourism
Association, Trail Development, Info Office
Objective #1: Improve Product
  development, promotion, marketing and
Objective #2: Better quality human
  resources, associations and institutions
Objective #3: Better Access, Facilities and
Objective #4: Better Business Environment
   From Objectives to
 Recommended Possible
CAPS/Industry Cooperation
       and Actions
      Objective #1: Improve Product
        development, promotion,
         marketing and research

• Marketing & Research
  – Set up Brochure stand/information kiosks at key
  – Improve Web marketing portal and online bookings
  – Conduct Airport survey
  – Conduct comprehensive Inventory
• Focus on product development
  – Assist with development and tour operator linkages
  – Organize Buyer training (familiarization trips)
  – Create Intranet/Extranet for tour operators and
   Objective #1 continued…
• Special events
  – Use World Tourism Day, September 27th for
    industry advantage
  – Business to business events
• Investment promotion
  – Establish Tourism Development/Investment
  – Create Prospectuses on investment
 Objective #2: Better quality human
   resources, associations and
• Conduct Skills Assessment
  – Create Training Strategy
• Organize Training
  –   Tourism Marketing
  –   Food safety
  –   Guides
  –   Internships
  –   Tour Operator staff
• Support Association development
  – Exchange experiences with international
   Objective #3: Better Access,
      Facilities and Safety
• Improve Access
  – Improved airport facilities
  – Rest stops with crafts and cafes
  – ATMs in marzes
• Improve Tourism safety measures
  – First Aid training and certification
  Objective #4: Better Business
• Improve Association advocacy skills
• Reduce visa requirements and prices
• Increase public budget
  – Visa fees, departure tax, VAT, matching funds
• Review tourism laws, decrees, and
• Expand investment and tax incentives
• Now!
• Cluster Meeting, Tuesday, May 16th
• Task Forces to be formed based on work
  plan developed by CAPS in consultation
  with Steering Committee.
• Friday May 26th for feedback from Steering
           Yahoo user group

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