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					                                      City of Yankton
                          Airport Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
                                     January 21, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 8:34 AM by Chairman Hoffner.

Roll Call:
Present – Dave Tunge, Jay Williams, Jim Cox and Jake Hoffner
Absent – Jim Ritter, Dave Carda, Roger Huntley
Also Present – Gary Carlson, Katie Carlson, Kevin Kuhl, and Colleen Bailey
Chairman Hoffner asked for approval of the December 17, 2008, meeting minutes.

Routine Business
MINUTES – December 17, 2008.
Motion – It was moved by Jim Cox and seconded by Jay Williams that the December 17, 2008,
minutes (Attachment A-1) be approved.
ROLL CALL – Voting “Aye” – All members present. Voting “Nay” – None.

Projected Expenditures for 2009
Kevin advised that expenditures are being postponed, not cut, at this time for the 2009 budget.
Revenues projections that were estimated in 2008 need to be confirmed. The situation will be
reevaluated in a couple of months. Dave Tunge asked what % of sales tax goes into the City
budget? Kevin advised that he did not have that figure on hand. Jake Hoffner advised that funds
for the airport should be secured so they won’t get cut. Dave Tunge inquired about the $9
million that the Aeronautic Department has and how the City could get their hands on a portion
of it.

Apron Project Construction Update
Kevin advised that Phase I was closed out at the last City Commission meeting; Phase II
negotiations are on-going; Phase III need to resolve the engineering with the State and KLJ.
This is on-going. Motion – It was moved by Jay Williams and seconded by Dave Tunge to get
KLJ on board with Phase III of the Apron Project.
ROLL CALL – Voting “Aye” – All members present. Voting “Nay” – None.

Conference Room
Kevin advised that the conference room remodel is complete. The amount was approximately
$19,000 for Welfl Construction, and there were some miscellaneous expenses, but the total was
under $25,000. A discussion was held regarding getting items with the remaining funds to fill
the conference room. Kevin advised that as it was discussed, additional expenditures have been
put on hold at this time. A discussion was held regarding prioritizing the needs for the
conference room. Dave Tunge inquired about purchasing the items and having the City
reimburse him. (Jay Williams steps out) Katie advised that she has a carpet bid for $3,386 from

Airport Minutes 1-21-09                                                                        1
LBA Interiors for the general area which is good for thirty days. (Jay Williams returns) Jake
Hoffner inquired about setting up a meeting with the City Manager to discuss the situation at the

Monthly Fuel Report
Fuel sales were up last month. Sold 1,558.9 of jet fuel; 1,133.9 100L; gas prices are $4.25 jet
and $4.50 100L. Fuel prices are all over the board right now.

Airport Conference
Reminder that the Airport Conference is March 24-25 in Aberdeen. Jake Hoffner asked what the
City’s intentions are in regards to paying the way for Airport Board members. The Board was
advised that the City will pay registration only.

Airport Manager’s Report –
Gary reported that taxiway bravo is open. A & R had two employees move snow around the
barricades. Gary advised that he wants to be in charge of scheduling the conference room.

MOTION – It was moved by Dave Tunge and seconded by Jay Williams that the meeting be

Airport Minutes 1-21-09                                                                           2

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