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					                                      Grand Rapids Historical Society
                                                2004 Season

Grand Rapids Historical Society lectures/programs (*) are held the second Thursday of the
 month. All programs are co-sponsored by the Gerald R. Ford Museum and are held at the
museum, 303 Pearl St NW, at 7:30 p.m. Each program is followed by a reception with light
   refreshments. Historical Society programs are free and open to the public, with the
 exception of the May Meeting/Banquet which is open to members and their guest. Free
                                  parking at the museum.

                                         November 9, 2006
                          Co-sponsored with the Civil War Round Table
            No Day to Surrender: the 25th Michigan's Stand Against Morgan in the
                                        Battle of Tebbs Bend
                       Betty J. Gorin, author from Taylor County Kentucky of:
 “Morgan is Coming!” Confederate Raiders in the Heartland of Kentucky.Morgan is Coming! was the cry
that spread fear and panic in Kentucky during the Civil War. Gorin's book is a narrative of the exploits of
  this John Hunt Morgan and his cavalrymen, but her talk will focus on a little-known Michigan colonel,
 Orlando H. Moore and Michigan's 25th and the battle at Tebbs Bend, Green River Bridge, July 4, 1863.
                                               7:00 pm

                                                February 8, 2007
              Backlash to Reform: The Ku Klux Klan and the Rise of New Deal Michigan
                Matthew L. Daley, Professor of History, Grand Valley State University
Focusing on the KKK in Detroit and Grand Rapids and its involvement in local politics, Matthew Daley will
   comment on current discussion of the true nature of the North's encounter with this notorious secret
 society. Both cities changed their forms of city government in response to immigrant unrest during the
   1910s, Grand Rapids after the 1911 strike, Detroit from fears of an ethnic political "machine". These
                  efforts represented urban elites' efforts to maintain control over city politics.
   The 1920s Klan would grow out of the middle and upper class's unease with the growth of immigrant
 populations and would significantly shape how the secret society would work to assert the hegemony of
 its members. The new discussion of the KKK identifies it as being more of a middle-class fraternal club,
politically active, and strongly anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic. This distances it from the traditional view
                            of it as working-class, violence, and anti-African-American.
Closer examinations of these two Northern communities help to explain the response of their citizens and
   how the KKK affected the political landscape. The responses of these communities would result in the
 first stirrings of the "New Deal Coalition" of the 1930s, that welded together groups who were the focus
                                           of the Klan's 1920s activities.
                                        Free and open to the public.
                                                Free parking
                                            988-5402 Ex:5497
                                                 7:00 pm

                                               March 8, 2007
                       The Variety of Women's Contributions to Grand Rapids
          Architecture, and the Specific Case of 1920s Home Designer Fannie Boylon
             Co-sponsored with the Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council
                           Rebecca Smith-Hoffman, Principal, Past Perfect
         Marcella Beck, Grand Rapids Public Library, GR History and Special Collections
From raising money for the institutional homes of clubs and churches to drawing up inspirational housing
 plans themselves, Grand Rapids women historically have helped shape their built environment. Rebecca
   Smith-Hoffman will survey the wide array of women involved as architects of community pride, and
  Marcella Beck will report on prolific designer Fannie Boylon. Self-taught, Boylon was the brains behind
some 1200 technologically progressive and aesthetically distinctive homes built in Grand Rapids between
                                               1910 and 1930.
                                                  7:00 pm

                                            April 12, 2007
       Touring Opera Companies in Grand Rapids: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime
               The glorious history of touring opera companies in Grand Rapids in the
                                         th             th
                                    19 and early 20 centuries.
              Professor Gilbert R. Davis, Grand Valley State University, Emeritus,
                                      Department of English
  Beginning in the middle of the 19 century, Italian and American opera companies criss-crossed the
 nation bringing opera, grand and not-so-grand to the provinces. Grand Rapids audiences were graced
            with Emma Abbot's celebrated English Grand Opera Company and Anna Pavlova's
                                    Boston National Opera Company.
                       But there were also many fly-by-night operators and local
                                  audiences got their share of turkeys.
                                               7:00 pm
                                                 May 10, 2007
                     Grand Rapids Historical Society Annual Meeting and Banquet
                Trains, Boats, Buggies & Mules: Grand Rapids Botanist Emma J.Cole's
                                     Nineteenth-Century Quest for Plants
 Julie Christianson Stivers, Public Museum of Grand RapidsFor twenty-six school years from 1881
   to 1907, the devoted and demure Emma J. Cole taught botany at Grand Rapids' Central High School.
 Come summer, she turned into Indiana Jane, a pioneer naturalist known far and wide for, reputedly, the
largest private herbarium in Michigan (3581 specimens), her comprehensive book on Grand Rapids plants
   (still the only one; it actually covers 600 square miles), her worldwide collecting trips and subsequent
  work with famous universities and scholars. A Progressive Era member of the Kent Scientific Institute,
 Cole remains the most notable female governor of this precursor to the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.
                                Location and time to be announced


                              Additional Community Events

                                        February - December 2006
                   Our Voices Our Liberty: Grand Rapids Area Civil Rights Leaders
                                   Exhibit of Local Civil Rights Leaders
  An exhibit covering 100 years of civil rights activities and featuring more than forty local leaders, is on
 display in the Grand Rapids History and Special Collections Center on the third floor of the Grand
 Rapids Public Library, main building. It highlights the work of some of the many individuals who fought
for their basic rights regardless of disabilities, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or gender. Some of the
  people featured are Emily Burton Ketcham, who worked in the woman's suffrage movement, William
    Glen, African American activist who stood up for worker's rights, fair housing and served the Urban
     League and the NAACP, Ella Sims, Hazel Grant, Sarah Glover , and Dennis Komac, the gay rights
                                   The exhibit, on display throughout 2006,
                                        was funded by a grant from the
                           Titche Family Fund of the Ryerson Foundation.
                                        Grand Rapids Public Library
                                               3rd floor
                                               111 Library NE
                            It can be viewed anytime the library is open.
    From The Dugout - Pictures from the Archives of the Detroit Tigers Spring Training in
                                  Lakeland Florida from 1947 - 1959.
                            Grand Rapids History and Special Collections
Photographs from the Robinson Collection, documenting the Detroit Tigers annual spring training trips to
 Lakeland, Florida from 1947 to 1959, include both on-field action as well as behind the scenes activities
   of the players early lives. The images chosen for this exhibit are just a small sampling of the many
  baseball photographs contained in the archival collection. Enjoy these unseen photos of George Kell,
  Dizzy Trout, Harvey Kuenn, Hoot Evers, Virgil Trucks and many others. Some of the photographs are
   highlighted in Dr. William M. Anderson's new book on the Tigers, "The View From the Dugout: The
                                          Journals of Red Rolfe."
                                                Go Tigers!
                                       Grand Rapids Public Library
                                             111 Library NE

                                           November 8 , 2006
                                   VanderVeen Center for the Book
                                         Write Where You Are:
                           Place as Muse or Location, Location, Location
Liesel Litzenburger, author of the book The Widower: A Novel, will discuss the use of real and invented
places in and around Michigan and the Great Lakes in her fiction. She will read from her new novel, The
 Widower, which unfolds in a small northern Michigan town and will discuss the creation of characters,
            situations and storylines that arise from writing about a specific geographic area.
                                       Grand Rapids Public Library
                                             111 Library NE
                                       Free and open to the public

                         Western Michigan Genealogical Society
                                 Meetings and Classes

                                          November 4, 2006
                                          Military Records
                                    Mark Harvey, Michigan Archivist

                                       Grand Rapids Public Library
                                             111 Library NE

                                 November 14, 2006
                                   Computer Class
              The US GenWeb, American History and Genealogy project,
                              Canada GenWeb, and the
           GENUKI (UK and Ireland) are groups that place information on the
                     Internet for researchers to explore for free.
                             Grand Rapids Public Library
                                     111 Library NE
                    Register by calling the library 616-988-5400

                                   November 27, 2006
                       Hands-on class on how to use this database.
                           Bring some of your own research.
                             Basic Computer skills required.
                               Grand Rapids Public Library
                                     111 Library NE
                    Register by calling the library 616-988-5400

                               Through November 12, 2006
                                  Play Ball, Mr. President
An exhibit of 75 photographs, historical documents and artifacts from the photo archives
of every presidential library, the Library of Congress, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and other
  historical repositories. The exhibition focuses on the chief executive's association with
                                   nation's favorite pastime.
                                    Gerald R. Ford Museum

                                November 12, 2006
                       An Evening with Richard Norton Smith
"There's no excuse for a dull book, a dull museum, or a dull speech, especially when dealing with history
   -- the most fascinating subject I know." True to his word, Richard Norton Smith's lively accounts of
 presidential and other history have made him a familiar face to viewers of C-SPAN, as well as The News
    Hour with Jim Lehrer, where he appears regularly as part of the show's round table of historians.
                      Reservations for this event can be made by calling the
                             Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies
                                           at (616) 331-2770.
                                        Gerald R. Ford Museum
                                          303 Pearl Street NW

                                       Sunday, November 19
                                      Alpine Historical Society
                                      Veterans of Alpine Township
                                           Alpine Museum
                                         2408 7 Mile Rd NW

                                        December 6, 2006
                                VanderVeen Center for the Book
                                    The Eames Lounge Chair:
                                    An Icon of Modern Design
 Sarah Holian, Assistant Curator at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, will discuss the recently published
 The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design, which accompanies the exhibition of the
 same name. The legacy of Ray and Charles Eames to the West Michigan design heritage and their
                       influence on modern furniture design will be explored.
                                      Grand Rapids Public Library
                                            111 Library NE
                                      Free and open to the public

                                 December 8, 2006 - April 29, 2007
                                 American Slavery, Freedom on Trial
     This exhibit will look at American slavery through the experience of Dred Scott and his family.
                                        Gerald R. Ford Museum
                                          303 Pearl Street NW

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