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  Voice                                                of the American Agri-Woman
March/April 2008, Volume 35, Issue 2                                                                                             We can do it together!
                                                     gonna have one heck of a good and educa-
A “Spirited” Texas Agi-Women Invi-                   tional time here in Texas.
tation for the 2008 AAW Convention                    See ya soon. . .YeeHa!                                           AAW members personally stepped up to the
   Okay ladies, it’s time to get ready for the                                                                         bat and met my challenge of raising enough
2008 AAW convention! Head for your closet                                                                              money to sponsor one classroom to the Pro-
and dig out your old boots and faded jeans..                                                                           vider World website. Members present at Mid
You’re in for a boot-stomping good time in old                                                                         Year contributed $1500 of their own money
San Antonio, Texas.                                                                                                    for Provide Pals to sponsor one classroom
   After checking in at the famous Menger Hotel                                                                        to this program for one year. Your executive
(when you reserve your room, make a choice                                                                             committee then moved to match that amount
- the old part or new; the older part of the hotel                                                                     from our AAW budget. AAW will now be
has antique furniture), we’ll head for the River                                                                       presenting Provider Pals a check for $3000
Walk. It’s just across the street and down the                                                                         to sponsor tow classrooms to the Provider
block a little ways. At the Casa Rio restaurant,                                                                       World website for one year.
we will have a Mexican dinner on a barge                                                                               Wonderful things are happening for AAW
cruising down the river. Margaritas available.                                                                         and Provide Pals. Help us achieve our goal
                                                               Texas Agri-Women Board of Directors
Or, if you prefer, the Texas Vintner Cruises is       Shirley Wilde--president, Eva Sanderlin--recording secretary,    by contributing yourself to this worthwhile
                                                      Jody Elrod--president-elect, back row- Karen Sullivan--1st vp,   cause or seeking outside sponsorship from
sponsoring a wine and heavy appetizers Cruise         Judy Newman--2nd vp, Merlynn Verstuyft--parliamentarian,
Event, also on the river that evening. Our great      Barbara Stedinger--treasurer. Not pictured are Nancy Condit-     friends, neighbors, and businesses. Look in
                                                      -3rd vp, Sharon Waite--4th vp, Melody Speer--corresponding       your community to see if there is a classroom
Texas wines give California wines a run for their
money!                                                secretary.                                                       that would like to learn about farming in a
   For those who ate too many enchiladas and                                                                           safe and entertaining way on the internet.
feel the need to walk it off the next morning, the                                                                     Individual sponsorships are welcomed as
Java Walk is just the thing. Ten to fifteen minute                                                                     well. Sponsor your children, your grandchil-
walk around the hotel, maybe to the Alamo, to                                                                          dren or your niece or nephew from the city.
get the blood flowing and then back to the hotel                                                                       Let’s make learning fun for these students
to start our business.                                                                                                 that otherwise might never learn where their
                                                        AAW and Provider Pals to Form                                  food comes from.
   We have got just all kinds of things going
                                                               Joint Venture                                                      Contributions will go through our
on. We’ve invited our Texas Governor, Rick
Perry and Texas Agriculture Commissioner,             by Marcie Williams                                               AAW Resource Center which is a 501c(3)
Todd Staples to speak. The international panel        The most impressive part of our recent Mid                       tax-exempt organization. Make checks pay-
with Mexico, Canada and the US should stir           Year meeting was the impromptu presentation                       able to AAWRC and send to Ina Pluid, Trea-
up some good discussion. We’ve also invited          from Bruce Vincent of Provider Pals (PPals).                      surer, 169 S Division St., Moyie Springs, ID
a great investigative reporter, Mr. Tim Findley,     It is my pleasure to announce that AAW and                        83845. Together we can make this happen.
to update us on issues that will be affecting our    Provider Pals have committed to a joint venture
lives for many years to come.                        to promote the new Provider World website. It’s
  We’ve also got plans for your spouse, or your      an honor to be working with Ford and Caterpil-
“better-half” as we call them here in Texas, to      lar on this educational site where students can
go out with the boys in Uvalde and see how tro-      learn about farming, ranching, fishing, mining
phy deer are bred and raised, and do a little ex-    and logging in such a safe atmosphere.
ploring of the crops being raised during the cold     Education is one of AAW’s purposes and
winter (brrr!) here in south Texas. And we’re        objectives as stated in our AAW bylaws and
                                                     Strategic Plans. Your AAW Executive commit-
throwing in some history -- Texas Rangers’ Mu-
seum is just down the road - and culture -- bet      tee and the Provider Pals board will be working                    In this Issue
you thought Texans didn’t have any culture! And      together to draft literature that will benefit both
there’s more surprises in store for you.             organizations while soliciting funding for the                     AAW Convention ......................1
  To top off our convention, we have the Presi-      Provide World website. Our goal is to raise
dent’s Reception with our own “Champagne             $250,000 to sponsor 5000 students to the web-                      AAW Positions ..........................3
Cowboys”. Yea, you heard me. You can dress           site. You as members can donate to the cause
                                                     by contributing $50 per student. FFA groups,                       In the News .............................11
western for our Western Style Show (wait till
you see the mohair coats and jackets) and our        4-H clubs, civil service clubs can all sponsor a
“Red Hot Chile Pepper Night” Banquet. When           student or students and help us achieve this
you mix in all the good company that is Ameri-       goal. What better way than to assist an entire
can Agri-Women with these ingredients, you’re        classroom in learning about agriculture.
   President’s Column                                                                                            American Agri-Women
                                                   Another concern was that farmers have
                                                                                                                    Executive Committee
                                                   unrestricted access to world markets and so
                                                   oppose attempts by U.S. manufacturers to          President       Marcie Williams
                                                   limit exports or imports of farm products such                     11404 Appleton Rd
                                                   as wheat.                                                          Croton, OH 43013
                       By Marcie Williams
                                                   Our new Strategic Plan was carried out with                        Phone: 740-893-4300
                        AAW President
                                                   presentations from Kris Zilliox on Leader-                         Fax: 740-893-4003
                                                   ship, Heather Hampton-Knodle on Consum-                            AAW Phone: (740) 893-2624
                                                   er Awareness and Doris Mold on Networking.                          president@americanagriwomen.org
Greeting to you all,                               Their own networking between the three of
What a wonderful and productive Mid Year           them will keep AAW moving ever onward to          1st Vice        Chris Wilson
                                                   our goals as set by the members at the 2007
                                                                                                     President    2103 Zeandale RD
meeting we had! Thank you to all whom con-                                                           Resolutions, Manhattan, KS 66502
tributed. A special Thank You needs to go to       Annual Meeting.
                                                                                                     Vital Issues Phone: 785-539-7899
Kathy Rhoads and all of my Ohio Agri-Women          An impromptu presentation by Bruce
                                                                                                                  Cell: 785-844-0274
members that assisted me with the event.           Vincent was given on Provider Pals and the
Kathy did an outstanding job coordinating          new educational website, Provider World,
everything from the room rates to the meals        he has started at www.providerpals.com .
                                                                                                     Vice Pres. Arlene Kovash
and hospitality breaks.                            Similar to Webkinz and Club Penguin, which        Communi- 11425 Pedee Creek RD
OAW members stepped up and took over               many of you younger members may know                cations       Monmouth, OR 97361
for me when I had to leave for an America’s        about, it deals with farming, ranching, log-                      Phone: 503-838-3512
Heartland meeting in St. Louis on Monday. I        ging, mining and fishing through interactive                      Fax: 503-838-6851
understand everyone enjoyed the Longaberg-         sites that children love to participate in. Pat
er tour and some even showed how creative          Leimbach’s granddaughter was present and
                                                   the excitement she generated throughout
                                                                                                     Vice Pres.      Pat Yeagle
they were by making baskets themselves.
                                                   the room was enough to make every AAW
                                                                                                     Education       4875 W. Winslow Rd
Knowing our group I’m sure there was lots
                                                                                                                     Winslow, IL 61089
of shipping going on from the Factory and          member want to assist with the development
                                                                                                                     Phone: 815-789-4581
Homestead. What did we ever do before              of the site. What AAW members did will sur-                       Cell: 815-291-4581
UPS?                                               prise you so read more about this elsewhere                       education@americanagriwomen.org
True to what we stand for, AAW members             in this edition of the Voice.
quickly informed our speakers from Ohio            Be prepared for our Fly In meeting June 8-11      Secretary       Lynn Figone-Gallagher
Farm Bureau that we were farm partners,            in Washington DC. Make your arrangements                          PO Box 260
not just farm wives. I guess I should have         soon. Interesting visits are planned and the                      Middletown, CA 95461
forewarned them. Their information was quite       Symposium will be entitled “Who’s Feeding                            Phone:707-987-3634
helpful in giving background to later decided      the Hysteria?”.                                                   Cell: 707-324-9354
upon policy and positions and in how we can        Keep safe during the planting season ahead.                      secretary@americanagriwomen.org
deal with media or our representatives while                                                         Treasurer       Carolyn Kleiber
visiting in DC at our Fly-In meeting.              Marcie                                                            PO Box 111
Dolly Lillis and her StART crew made quick                                                                           Hillsboro, KS 67063
progress with our position papers. Thank You                                                                         Home: 620-947-3094
Dolly. Your ability to keep us all on schedule
                                                                                                                     Fax: 620-947-2476
while getting the most from our members on
their thoughts and suggestions for current and
                                                                                                     Past Pres.      Yvonne Erickson
informative position statements was a true                                                                           34115 County Hwy 74
commitment to AAW.                                                                                                   Battle Lake, MN 56515
The Horse Slaughter Bill was a position that                                                                         Phone: 218-495-2867
caused much concern. As producers we                                                                                 Fax: 218-495-2659 pastpresident@ameri-
know the importance of having the ability to                                                                         canagriwomen.org
dispose of horses and other livestock when                                                           AAW Web Site:
health conditions give us no other choice. As                                                          www.americanagriwomen.org
Karen Yost pointed out, we can not allow the
                                                                                                     E-mail Address: info@americanagriwomen.org
emotions of a few to dictate the governmental
decisions for all of agriculture. With this bill                                                     The VOICE is published in February, April, June, August, October,
still under attack and more work expected to
be done with it we were all in agreement that                                                         December by American Agri-Women as a service to members.
                                                                                                     Deadline is the 15th of the month before each issue is published.
we opposed the current bill as presented but
stand for responsible management of horses                                                           Articles and suggestions are always welcomed by the editor:
and other farm animals.                                                                                               Rosemerry Hansen Crubel
Immediate action was taken by members                                                                                    4340 Deer Haven Ln
                                                                                                                        St. George, KS 66503
to see that the USDA’s National Agricultural                                                                               Ph: 785-494-8108
Statistical Service (NASS) be fully funded. As                                                                      E-mail: rosyhansen@yahoo.com
they rely on publicly-available, accurate data                                                       Please send address changes to:
to make sound policy decisions impacting
                                                                                                                    Carolyn Kleiber, Membership Chair
food safety, affordability and environmental                                                                                    PO Box 111
quality, AAW is concerned with under-funding.                                                                               Hillsboro, KS 67063
  2 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman
                                                             AAW Positions
                                                    the amount that an individual farmer can pay                 to encourage doctors and nurses to
 2008 American Agri-Women                           into the system each year to the minimum                     locate in rural areas
    Position Statements                             amount that will provide him or her with four
                                                                                                            ·    that increase competition in the form of
                                                    calendar quarters of coverage. The optional
                                                                                                                 voluntary purchasing alliances to help
                                                    program, as originally set up, did provide four
AGRICULTURE BUSINESS                                calendar quarters of coverage.
                                                                                                                 smaller employers and individuals buy
AND ECONOMICS                                                                                                    insurance at a reasonable rate rather
                                                                                                                 than in the form of government-man-
                                                    Simplification of Depreciation Rules
TAXATION                                                                                                         dated bureaucracies;
                                                    AAW is concerned with the increasingly                       ·     that employers with temporary
Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of Farmland           complex tax rules involving depreciation of                        or part-time employees will be
                                                    capital assets and supports the implementation                     exempt from legislation that would
AAW supports broadening of the                      of a simplified method of recovering the cost of                   require them to pay for health
$250,000/$500,000 exemption available on            machinery, equipment and other assets used                         care coverage.
the sale of a personal residence to apply to the    as a part of a trade or business.
                                                                                                       Long-Term Care Security
sale of farmland.
                                                    Depreciation Recapture on Retirement               AAW supports continuation of government
FFARRM Accounts                                                                                        assistance in caring for the elderly who are truly
                                                    AAW supports a change in the depreciation
                                                                                                       without resources.
AAW supports passage of the Fish, Farm and          recapture rules when farm and other business
Ranch Risk Management Account concept,              depreciable assets are sold on retirement          AAW, at the same time, supports legislation to
which would allow farmers and ranchers to           or cessation of business. Currently the            encourage individuals to provide themselves with
set aside a percentage of income during high-       amount of depreciation taken on most assets        a guaranteed stream of income for life.
income years to be taxed later during lower         is recaptured as ordinary income, thereby
                                                    eliminating the benefit of a more favorable        AAW supports a proposal that would create a
income years. American Agri-Women supports
                                                    capital gains tax rate for most businesspersons    tax incentive for lifetime payouts from individual
deferment of self-employment tax on that
                                                    who sell their business assets on retirement.      annuities. It would allow individuals to exclude
amount as well.
                                                                                                       from taxation 50% of income received from an
                                                    INSURANCE                                          individual lifetime annuity, up to $20,000 annually.
Health Insurance for Self-Employed Indi-
viduals                                                                                                AAW supports an optional national regulator
                                                    Health Insurance, Prescription Drugs &
                                                                                                       or Optional Federal Charter (OFC) for insurers
AAW applauds the acceleration of the                Medicare
                                                                                                       that would create a uniform, consistent system
deduction for health insurance for the
                                                                                                       that would remove barriers to consumer choice
self-employed up to 100%. However, AAW              AAW supports legislation that allows
                                                                                                       and offer consumers the same protections
supports moving the deduction from page one         associations to offer group health insurance
                                                                                                       nationwide. For more than 100 years, insurance
of Form 1040 where it is deductible for federal     plans to individual members and small
                                                                                                       has been regulated by the states, with each state
income tax only, to schedule F or C, where it is    businesses.Health Insurance, Prescription
                                                                                                       having its own unique regulatory system. It is a
deductible for self-employment tax as well.         Drugs & Medicare
                                                                                                       cumbersome patchwork of laws and regulations
                                                    AAW supports the concept that citizens of
                                                                                                       characterized by delays and expenses that
Estate & Gift Tax                                   the United States should have access to the
                                                                                                       ultimately disadvantage consumers. Further,
                                                    best medical service available. Any legislation
AAW is concerned that the popular move to                                                              consumer safeguards vary and products
                                                    should reflect that view.
eliminate the estate tax carries with it a return                                                      available in one state may not be available in
                                                    AAW supports private enterprise delivery of
to carry-over basis. This would mean that farm                                                         another.
                                                    our nation’s health care system.
heirs (as well as other heirs) would not get        AAW advocates adequate service at the low-
a stepped up basis for property they inherit,                                                          Crop Insurance
                                                    est possible cost.
making property acquired via inheritance and        AAW respects and supports continued re-            AAW supports reforms to the crop insurance
later sold subject to very large capital gains      search.                                            program to:
taxes. While we do not object to the elimination    AAW supports the coverage by health insur-
of estate tax, we call for transparency in the                                                              ·    provide in all regions of the country
                                                    ance and Medicare of the reasonable cost of
ultimate product and a fair analysis of all                                                                      affordably priced, adequate coverage
                                                    outpatient drugs.
related provisions. In lieu of total elimination,                                                                that is actuarially sound and voluntary;
                                                    AAW supports the right of Americans to legally
AAW supports an individual exemption of $5          purchase medications from the most economi-             ·    exempt the benefits of crop insurance
million to $10 million, indexed for inflation.      cal source.                                                  from the gross income test;
                                                    AAW supports Medicare payments to rural                 ·    require participation in crop insurance
Long-Term Security and Retirement                   health professionals and facilities at the same              for eligibility in government crop disas-
AAW supports legislation to encourage               level as their urban counterparts.                           ter programs.
individuals to provide themselves with              AAW supports a proposed change in Medicare
                                                    to include paying for nutrition counseling for     AAW supports requiring crop insurance for only
a guaranteed stream of income for life.
                                                    those over age 65 and the disabled popula-         crop disaster programs and not for other federal
Specifically, AAW supports a proposal that
                                                    tion who suffer from chronic conditions (i.e.      agriculture programs. Participants should have
would create a tax incentive for lifetime
                                                    high blood pressure, high cholesterol and          the option to not participate in the crop insurance
payouts from individual annuities. It would
                                                    diabetes).                                         program and thus not be eligible to collect
allow individuals to exclude from taxation 50%
                                                    AAW supports a health care system:                 insurance or government disaster payments.
of income received from an individual lifetime
annuity, up to $20,000 annually.                         ·    within which decisions for specific      AAW supports the strict enforcement of crop
                                                              testing and hospital stays should be     insurance regulations with regard to abuse of
                                                              determined by medical profession-        the program. Producers should be held to the
Optional Social Security Tax for
                                                              als.                                     highest standards. Those who commit crop
Farmers                                                                                                insurance fraud should be held accountable and
                                                         ·    that continues to develop and to use
AAW supports a change in the rule for                         paraprofessional programs in rural       fined at the maximum level.
payment of optional Social Security Tax, tying                communities as well as programs

                                                                                                       The VoICE of the American Agri-Wom-
                                                             AAW Positions
LEGAL CONCERNS                                         standards required for U.S. products. Imported     Merchants Marine Act of 1920 so that shipping
                                                       foods should meet the same grading and safety      costs can be competitive for the U.S. producer.
AAW supports the legislative process for               standards as domestic products.
determining major agricultural policy.                                                                    The Jones Act currently places severe restriction
                                                       AAW opposes the use of false trade barriers,       on U.S. businesses and agriculture by requiring
AAW strongly opposes any federal agency                such as requiring the labeling of biotech          that merchandise being transported in part or
expanding their regulatory authority without           products, in trade negotiations and policy         in entirety by water between U.S. points-either
going through the legislative process.                 development.                                       directly or via foreign ports – must travel in
                                                                                                          U.S.-built, U.S.-manned, and U.S. citizen-owned
AAW opposes the effort to adopt an agreement           AAW supports payment of the technology fee         vessels. No other U.S. industry or its customers
among the states to elect the President by             on biotech seed by all who use the seed—not        are bound by such restrictions.
national popular vote under which participating        just those in the United States. The requirement
states agree to allocate each state’s electoral        that this additional fee be paid on all biotech    Consumers are paying to protect U.S. water-
votes to the presidential slate receiving the          seed planted in the U.S. is a distinct trade       borne vessels from international competition in
largest national popular vote total.                   disadvantage to U.S. farmers by increasing         the domestic maritime market.
                                                       their cost of production.                          The U.S. (Jones Act) fleet does not have
                                                       AAW supports cooperative efforts for               enough qualified carriers. Farmers in the
AAW believes that no single industry should            international market development and               southeast can purchase Canadian grain shipped
be targeted with the enforcement of and                promotion programs.                                through the same route. Not a single U.S.
compliance of laws affecting labor. Agriculture                                                           coastal freighter larger than 1,000 ton runs
needs the capacity to access an available and          Border & Port Inspections                          along the East coast. Hawaiian beef producers
legal workforce. AAW believes that it is in the                                                           often choose to have their beef processed in
interest of our national security to create a way      AAW supports USDA Animal and Plant Health          Canada because of the lack of cattle carriers
for workers to safely and legally enter the U.S.       Inspection Service having the responsibility for   and the prohibitive cost to airfreight cattle to the
on a temporary basis, fill empty jobs, and return      border and port inspections with the appropriate   U.S. mainland. It is cheaper to send cattle to the
to their home countries.                               increase in funding. We believe that inspection    mainland by air than by water because there are
                                                       of our food supply at the ports of entry should    no qualified livestock carriers in the Jones Act
Guest Worker Program                                   be increased.                                      Fleet.
AAW supports a guest worker program that               Trade Promotion Authority                          Labeling
ensures that U.S. employers have access to a
legal workforce as proposed by the Agricultural        AAW supports Presidential Trade Promotion          AAW supports mandatory Country of Origin
Jobs Opportunities Benefits and Security Act           Authority (TPA), with the restriction that non-    Labeling (COOL) on all imported agricultural
(AgJOBS Act).                                          trade issues such as labor and the environ-        and aquacultural products at the final point of
                                                       ment may not be included, nor should they be       sale to consumers. Ideally, this would include
AAW supports the creation of an ID card for
                                                       considered as side agreements.                     restaurants. The country of origin should be
employment. The cards would be issued by a
                                                                                                          clearly stated and large enough to be easily
U.S. government agency. An employer, when
                                                       Sanction Reform                                    identified by the consumer. Imported products
presented with the card, could rely on that card
                                                                                                          should meet the same grading, phytosanitary
as an indication of the individual’s legal status to   AAW believes that unilateral sanctions have        and production standards as domestic products.
work in the U.S.                                       not proven to be an effective means to further
AAW believes that the current foreign                  foreign policy goals and are disruptive to         Market Consolidation
agricultural worker program (H2-A) is ineffective      international food trade.
                                                                                                          AAW supports strong congressional oversight of
and must be reformed without placing undue
                                                       International Organizations and Trade              market consolidation. AAW believes that retail
burden on the employer. We support reform
                                                       Agreement                                          consolidation restricts trade and decreases
to H2-A, which eliminates the housing
                                                                                                          market access for small farmers.
requirement; eliminates the requirement that           AAW recognizes the World Trade Organization
jobs be seasonal in nature; and makes available        (WTO) as the primary international forum for       RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTRURAL
an unlimited number of H2-A visas.                     world trade.
                                                                                                          AAW urges family farmers to investigate agri-
Border Protection                                      AAW encourages the U.S. Trade                      tourism and alternative crops, which might add
                                                       Representative and/or the WTO to review the        profit to the farming operation.
AAW supports enforcement of border security.           developing nation status definition.
INTERNATIONAL TRADE ISSUES                             AAW supports further liberalization of trade in
                                                       agricultural products, which can be achieved       AAW supports a full range of ownership
International Trade Negotiation and Policy             through the WTO.                                   of telecommunications infrastructure
                                                                                                          including entrepreneurs, large corporations,
AAW supports the strict implementation of all          AAW supports balanced, fair international trade
                                                                                                          municipalities, and other units of local
international trading rules to prevent unfair          agreements that open international markets to
practices                                              U.S. agricultural products, provide for minimal
                                                       production distorting supports and eliminate
by competing nations and to assure                                                                        Rural Hospitals
                                                       export subsidies and single desk exporters.
unrestricted access to domestic and world
                                                                                                          AAW supports continued appropriation of
markets. Furthermore, we believe that all trade        DOMESTIC TRADE ISSUES                              federal funds to keep rural hospitals operational
agreements should be continually evaluated.
                                                                                                          and modern.
AAW supports equivalent sanitary and                   TransportationTransportation
phytosanitary regulations as part of any free                                                             GLOBAL ISSUES
                                                       AAW believes that all commercial vehicles
trade agreement.                                       operating within U.S. borders must meet            AAW recognizes the need for an international
AAW believes that quality standards for                uniform safety standards.                          forum for countries to discuss their differences
imported products should meet the same                                                                    and cooperate on problems of common concern.
                                                       AAW supports reform of the Jones Act-

4 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman
   AAW Committee Chairs AAW Positions
AAW opposes the U.S. government granting            AAW believes that future Federal Farm Policy         conditions, and other issues that affect the
any authority to the United Nations regarding       should include a permanent intervention              livestock industry and the welfare of animals.
the use or management of any federal, state, or     program, which will facilitate farm business
private properties of the United States.            planning and financial confidence. Further,          AAW supports a voluntary national premises
                                                    we believe that Federal Farm Policy for dairy        registration and animal identification program
AAW opposes the U.S. government granting            should eliminate all regional barriers and should    for effective track and trace, animal health and
any taxing authority to the United Nations.         enhance domestic and international market            public confidence in the U.S food supply.
AAW supports the concept that the U.S., not         growth.                                              AAW believes there is a need to further develop
the U.N., establish the criteria to be met by                                                            the national animal identification system to be
developing nations prior to receiving U.S. food     GRAINS                                               cost-effective to producers.
aid. We support giving “food” in food aid rather    AAW supports and promotes alternative uses
than dollars. We recognize that the U.S. needs                                                           AAW supports legislation to clarify that
                                                    of all grain and related byproducts produced in      Congress did not intend to regulate manure
to provide a steady level of food aid, every        the United States. We support a national energy
year, on which the international humanitarian                                                            under the Comprehensive Environmental
                                                    policy that includes a renewable fuels standard      Recovery Compensation and Liability Act
community can rely. At a minimum, food              (RFS) for all transportation fuels and less
donations should total at least 6 million metric                                                         (CERCLA) or the Environmental Protection and
                                                    dependence upon foreign oil.                         Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), known
tons annually.
                                                                                                         as Superfund laws.
AAW opposes the reauthorization of any              LIVESTOCk
designated biosphere reserves within the U.S.       AAW is concerned about the future availability       SPECIALTy CROPS
or its holdings and any new designation of          of new products to safeguard the health of
reserves in the future.                                                                                  AAW supports a competitive specialty crop
                                                    animals. It is imperative that the scientific data   industry, which includes edible and non-edible
AAW opposes the use of U.S. land holdings for       be factual when determining the risk of antibiotic   crops.
barter of U.S. debts to foreign nations. U.S.       use on food producing animals. Increased
lands are owned by people of the United States      global demand for meat, milk and eggs compels        U.S. specialty crop growers believe that there
of America and were never intended to use for       agriculture to use the latest technological tools.   are numerous areas of federal agriculture
barter. Every effort should be made to re-instate                                                        policy that must be improved to increase the
                                                    AAW supports appropriate agricultural policies       competitiveness and efficiency of specialty crop
those holdings that have been transferred.          and adequate funding in agricultural research        producers.
                                                    and extension through the Agricultural Research
COMMODITIES                                         Service and the Extension Service to ensure          AAW supports the U.S. Trade Representative
                                                    the necessary increases in productivity of food      establishing a position in the agricultural office
A domestic food, fuel, and fiber supply must be                                                          solely for specialty crop trade matters.
                                                    producing animals.
the basis of our national security.
                                                    AAW supports an infectious disease monitoring        FRUITS & VEGETABLES
AAW recognizes that U.S. farmers and ranchers
                                                    and testing program of imported and domestic
continue to provide a safe and abundant food                                                             AAW commends the U.S. Department of
                                                    animals and meat in order to maintain consumer
supply in a healthy environment.                                                                         Agriculture for increasing fruits and vegetable
                                                    confidence and market stability.
The future well being of the world depends upon                                                          consumption in federal food programs. We
                                                    AAW opposes announcements of suspect cases           encourage the expansion of these federal food
modern, progressive production capabilities and
                                                    of infectious zoonotic diseases.                     programs throughout the U.S. Consumption
practices of U.S. agriculture.
                                                    AAW supports announcements of confirmed              of fresh produce provides tremendous health
Further, AAW supports legislation that will                                                              and economic benefit to both consumers and
                                                    cases of infectious and zoonotic diseases.
enhance domestic and international market                                                                growers.
growth and also supports legislation that           AAW supports interstate shipment of meat
exempts food from trade embargoes.                  from state-inspected processing plants where         Horticulture
                                                    state regulations are equal to or exceed federal
In the event of a natural disaster, AAW supports                                                         AAW supports the development of industry-
timely government assistance to affected                                                                 driven, science-based, voluntary, Best-
agricultural producers.                             AAW urges the USDA to work with state and            Management Practices (BMPs) as well as
                                                    federal animal health officials to identify all      associated cost-share programs and other
AAW supports an efficient and modern
                                                    animals imported into the United States.             incentives to assist nurseries in meeting water
transportation infrastructure, which enables U.S.
                                                                                                         quality standards and other environmental goals.
farmers’ and ranchers’ access to domestic and       AAW recommends that any federally mandated
world markets. The proposed dam removals,           surveillance and food safety programs be             AAW supports continued research and
the railroad monopolies, and the general lack of    accompanied with adequate federal funding.           development of biological, physical, cultural and
transportation infrastructure maintenance put all                                                        chemical tools necessary for nursery growers
U.S. agriculture and industry and the world food    AAW supports research and education into             and landscape maintenance professionals
supply in jeopardy.                                 standards of care that ensure animal welfare         to incorporate Integrated Pest Management
                                                    and profitable ways to raise livestock set by        (IPMs) strategies into their overall management
DAIRy                                               marketing demands. This should require the use       regiments.
                                                    of research-based science.
AAW believes that federal orders best serve                                                              AAW insists that the scientific foundation and
U.S. dairy policy, dairy producers, handlers and    AAW supports mandatory Country of Origin             biological integrity of Quarantine-37 must never
consumers when structured and administered          Labeling (COOL) to promote consumption of            be compromised. It is a scientifically sound,
with uniform and equitable classified pricing       U.S. products.                                       biologically based barrier designed to minimize
regulations, based on product utilization and       AAW urges Congress to promote policy                 the introduction of new, damaging, exotic pests
market returns, regardless of geographic            and regulations that encourage flexibility by        and diseases into the U.S.
location.                                           the livestock industry to make responsible
                                                    management decisions on breeding, disease            Pollinators
AAW recognizes the need for intervention when
dairy prices fall below certain levels and we       surveillance, marketing, environmental               AAW supports rebuilding viable and vibrant
urge lawmakers crafting the 2007 Farm Bill to                                                            pollinator communities across all lands to
thoroughly examine this issue.
                                                                                                The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman                          5
                                                              AAW Positions
improve resiliency and functional redundancy in       are but a few intolerable consequences of             or other measures to nonprofit entities.
pollinator populations and to improve long-term       wildlife mismanagement.
profitability of agriculture. Pollinators are vital                                                         AAW supports efforts to prevent entities from
to production agriculture. Most fruit, vegetable,     LAND USE                                              setting up “shell” foundations in order to obtain
forage and seed crops plus crops that provide                                                               funds exceeding the $50,000 per entity cap on
                                                      AAW supports the preservation of our nation’s
fiber, drugs and fuel require the pollination                                                               conservation payments.
                                                      sovereignty and our Constitution as the
services provided by managed and native or
                                                      supreme law of the land.                              AAW supports restricting and monitoring the
“wild” pollinators.
                                                      AAW believes that good stewardship of our             conditions by which private non-profit groups can
Pollinators are vital to production agriculture.                                                            purchase land with the intent to sell or transfer
                                                      natural resources is best assured by those who
Most fruit, vegetable, forage and seed crops                                                                ownership of that land to the government. The
                                                      have made both financial and labor investments
plus crops that provide fiber, drugs and fuel                                                               intent by government to acquire or take the use
                                                      to become owners and caretakers of their
require the pollination services provided by                                                                of land, or the land itself, should be anopen
                                                      land. Even though local, state and federal
managed and native or “wild” pollinators.                                                                   process and readily available to public review.
                                                      governments own more than 40% of the land in
AAW supports promoting pollinators through            the United States, some groups seek additional        AAW expects Congress to fully appropriate and
further revisions to USDA Natural Resource            purchases of private property by, or through,         to disperse PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) to
Conservation Service (NRCS) field office              the government. The continued purchase and            local governments in a timely matter, as required
technical guides and conservation practices.          taking of private property by the government          by law.
NEW CROPS/NEW USES                                    or government funded organizations, using
                                                      government funds, erode the very foundation           AAW opposes the designation of additional
AAW supports research efforts into the                on which this country, its principles, freedoms,      wilderness areas. Wilderness areas are wild
utilization of alternate/new crops for new            economy and the health and productivity of its        lands with special “legal” protections granted
commercial food, fiber, and energy uses.              natural resources are based.                          by the U.S. Congress that cannot be changed.
                                                                                                            They cannot be managed to save species,
AAW supports funding of the National Oceanic          AAW recognizes that a family farm or ranch            habitat or old growth forests, or to suppress
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)                 is a form of business enterprise in which             fire. Natural forces prevail. In 1964, when the
to support research on plant-based feeds              the entrepreneurial decisions are made by             Wilderness Act was passed, there were 9.1
necessary to develop the regulatory structure         individuals engaged in the production of food,        million acres set aside in 13 states (54 areas). In
for an offshore aquaculture industry in the U.S.      feed, fiber, fuel, forest products and/or flora for   2007 there are almost 107.5 million acres in 44
                                                      profit, which provides a major source of income       states and Puerto Rico (702 areas).
        NATURAL RESOURCES                             and capital for investment.
                                                      AAW opposes the elimination of productive             Private Property Rights
AAW believes in the benefits of multiple uses of
natural resources.                                    agriculture lands to constructed artificial           AAW supports legislation that reinforces our
                                                      wetland. * For Example, In Illinois a large-scale     citizens’ constitutional property rights and
We recommend policies that promote and                constructed artificial wetland is being used to       requires just and complete compensation for the
ensure abundant, renewable natural resources          naturally treat the wastewater from the Chicago       taking of private property.
and a healthy, productive environment.                Sanitary District. It will take 200,000 acres of
                                                      wetlands to treat the Chicago Sanitary District’s     AAW strongly supports legislation that considers
For national security, priority must be restored                                                            “takings” as the devaluation of land by:
                                                      wastewater. Scientists have stated it will take 5
to utilize our natural resources to produce basic
                                                      million acres of wetlands in the AAW opposes               ·    regulatory action,
benefits of food, clothing, shelter
                                                      the elimination of productive agriculture lands
                                                                                                                 ·    activities that negatively impact adja-
and fuel for our country.                             to constructed artificial wetland. * For Example,
                                                                                                                      cent land, or
                                                      In Illinois a large-scale constructed artificial
Government agencies that are using the power          wetland is being used to naturally treat the               ·    activities that impact landowner’s
of decision-making to affect natural resource         wastewater from the Chicago Sanitary District.                  rights in any way.
industries need to be held accountable for their      It will take 200,000 acres of wetlands to treat
decisions. There should be:                                                                                 AAW contends that water is property [the Hage
                                                      the Chicago Sanitary District’s wastewater.
     ·     specific timetables,                                                                             vs. United States Takings case, January 26,
                                                      The EPA’S Science Advisory Board Hypoxia
     ·     timely efficiency reports,                                                                       2004]. Any reallocation of the water permitted
                                                      Panel have stated it will take 5 million acres of
     ·     analysis of public and private costs of                                                          for private use by government is a taking.
                                                      wetlands in the dead zone of the Gulf Hypoxia.
           implementation,                                                                                  Government should fairly compensate the
     ·     balancing of harms and benefits,           AAW opposes any authority given to the United         owners of privately held water when the public
     ·     effect of no-management actions.           Nations regarding the use or management of            deems a necessary beneficial use of that water.
                                                      any federal, state or private properties within
                                                                                                            AAW strongly supports private property owners
Public Land & Animal Resource Manage-                 the boundaries of the U.S. and its holdings.
                                                                                                            and the sovereignty of states above the federal
ment                                                                                                        government regarding allocations of water
                                                      AAW opposes the designation of Scenic
AAW expects government to comply with                 Byways, flyways, waterways or any other               within their borders. We urge Congress to take
the same standards imposed on citizens and            designations and the resulting restrictions on        no action that would impair state authority in
businesses regarding the management of                private lands in the U.S.                             allocating water rights and use of the legal rights
natural resources and wildlife.                                                                             of water right owners.
                                                      Public Lands
AAW supports continuation of the Federal                                                                    Eminent Domain
Animal Damage Control program as a priority           AAW supports access to public lands for
responsibility of agencies involved in wildlife       multiple uses. Multiple uses include but are not      Eminent Domain should not be used for the
management to protect private and public              limited to agriculture, grazing, mining, forestry,    purchase of property from a private owner to
property.                                             habitat and recreation.                               transfer to another private or commercial owner.
                                                                                                            When property is taken, the owner must be fully
AAW supports active, responsible management           AAW supports a policy of no net loss of taxable       compensated at fair market value for property,
of wildlife. Wildlife overpopulation, overgrazing,    private property.                                     expenses and lost income. We are opposed
polluted streams, passing of disease from                                                                   to the use of Eminent Domain for economic
                                                      AAW opposes preferential treatment to sellers
infected animals and extensive crop damages                                                                 development and additional tax revenue
                                                      or buyers of private land through tax incentives
                                                                                                            accruing from such development.
6 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman
                                                             AAW Positions
AAW strongly opposes the taking of private               ·    Allow for administrative appeal of          Service spends the budget money then
property by postings on the Internet only.                    qualified major decisions and/or            borrows from other programs like tree planting
Government agencies considering the                           judicial review by qualified affected       and restoration. Then after the fire season,
acquisition of properties by Eminent Domain                   parties                                     Congress allocates emergency funding to the
should at a minimum send a certified letter with         ·    Exclude specie from consideration as        agency.
return receipt requested to the property owner                endangered or threatened, or de-list
of record on the county tax rolls, notifying him                                                          AAW urges Congress to support the Forest
                                                              it, if it is abundant in any location
of the open public meeting called to decide the                                                           Service in implementing the National Forest
                                                         ·    Acknowledge “extinction” as a natural       Plans. AAW urges Congress to provide
issue, at least 90 days prior to the meeting, and             process of evolution.
publish a newspaper legal notice.                                                                         authority to implement the Healthy Forest
                                                                                                          Initiative. A healthy tree can absorb 10 pounds
Before exercising Eminent Domain, every effort      Invasive Species                                      of carbon in a year from the atmosphere.
should be made to use existing public land.         Invasive species is a major new environmental         The best sequesters of carbon are healthy
                                                    concept and needs to be addressed in open             growing green trees. Old and decaying trees
AAW opposes the taking of private property by                                                             release carbon back into the atmosphere and
eminent domain to construct the planned NAFTA       debate before legislation should be passed.
                                                                                                          become part of the carbon problem. Timber
superhighway, a 12-lane toll road that will         AAW does not view all non-native species as           owners market carbon credits. Fuel reduction
reach from Mexico to Canada. ENDANGERED             invasive, nuisance, noxious, or harmful. It is well   through commercial harvest of timber and
SPECIES ACT                                         known that migratory flyways can and do change.       biomass would renew forest health and rural
Our nation’s security depends upon our military     Weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can       communities. Woody biomass can be a major
and domestic food and energy supply and must        and do cause variations to migration. Oceanic         contribution to the 25 x ‘25 solution.
therefore take precedence over the regulations      currents can and do cause variations to historic
                                                    ranges of species. These and other acts of            AAW urges Congress to release to multiple
of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).                                                                      uses of the acres that do not qualify for
                                                    nature cause relocation of species. Therefore the
AAW supports the value of sustaining human          phrase, “invasive species” needs to be defined        wilderness and settle the 40-year-old issue of
life and safety above any other species whether     as a specific set of scientific criteria.             roadless designation.
endangered, threatened or not listed.                                                                     AAW urges Congress to re-authorize the
                                                    AAW believes this distinction needs to be made
Funding for the Endangered Species Act (ESA)        clear in open debate.                                 full funding of the Secure Rural Schools and
needs to be discontinued until such time as the                                                           Communities Act until such time as active
Act is re-authorized and the means for funding      FORESTRy & TIMBER                                     management and harvest is re-established on
re-evaluated.                                                                                             public lands. The SRSCA was never a paid
                                                    Our nation has more forested acres and trees          in lieu of taxes (PILT) payment, but rather a
AAW supports the following:                         today than a hundred years ago. Natural and           substitute for the 25% Forest Fund.
                                                    renewable, trees offer many benefits to our
     ·    Require the use of sound, verifiable,
                                                    communities, nation, and world. Trees can             AAW opposes the Administration’s proposed
          research-based science giving equal
                                                    provide goods, recreation, and wildlife habitats.     sale of national forest lands. This proposed
          weight to historical data of the land
                                                    They clean and cool the air we breathe and            funding for the SRSCA offers only a temporary
          before a listing is approved
                                                    protect our water and fisheries.                      solution.
     ·    Eliminate subjective biological units
          (sub-species, populations, stocks)        Fifty-one percent of our nation’s forests are         AAW opposes the sale of national forest lands
          from ESA action and pursue recovery       privately owned and more than 1/3 of these            to fund the purchase of more federal lands.
          of only significant species               acres is part of a farm, an important part of the
                                                    rural landscape.                                      AAW urges Congress to amend the Equal
     ·    Require that the Environmental Impact                                                           Access to Justice Act. Requiring a significant
          Statement (EIS) and Critical Habitat           ·    AAW urges the Farm Bill to offer cost       bond based on losses incurred by delays,
          designations be completed before                    sharing towards environmental quality       limiting amounts awarded and requiring
          restrictive regulatory action is taken.             incentives; tax incentives for devel-       plaintiffs to pay government’s attorneys’ fees if
          This should require concurrent social,              oping renewable energy sources;             they lose would deter frivolous lawsuits.
          economic and environmental cost/                    habitats; and/or water improvements.
          benefit analyses and compensatory              ·    AAW urges the expansion of the              WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
          adjustments for takings deemed nec-                 domestic forest products market to
          essary for species protection                       encourage private forest owners to          Civil Works
     ·    Ensure protection of property owners                keep and manage their forest. We            AAW supports the maintenance and continued
          from regulatory takings by local, state             lose a million acres annually to devel-     development of dams, levees, canals and
          and national agencies. If property                  opment.                                     other engineered facilities that provide multiple
          is taken, owner must be fully com-        Our public national forests are sick and dying.       benefits to people and nature.
          pensated for loss of property at fair     Today’s forests are growing 10 to 100 times
          market value, for loss of income and                                                            AAW urges Congress to immediately reaffirm
                                                    more trees per acre than the forested lands at        the initial, established purpose of the U.S.
          expenses                                  the time Native Americans managed them by             Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of
     ·    Allow a state or private property owner   fire. The overcrowded forests result in insect        Reclamation. The purposes of flood control,
          who is sued for an alleged ESA viola-     damage, disease, and the loss of groundwater.         navigation and irrigation projects have served
          tion to continue with existing farming,                                                         both the government and the economic
          logging, fishing or mining practices      The unhealthy conditions make these forests
                                                    vulnerable to fire. Forest fires are more             development efforts of this country.
          until the suit is resolved
                                                    frequent, bigger in size, and catastrophic in         AAW supports the funding and construction of
     ·    Require feasible recovery plans and       nature. Currently, the average annual cost is
          selection of recovery measures that                                                             new 1200-foot locks and maintenance of the
                                                    1.5 billion dollars for fighting the fires. These     existing 600-foot locks for the Upper Mississippi
          are most cost effective and have the      costs do not reflect the cost of trees burned,
          least negative social and economic                                                              River and Illinois Waterway System.
                                                    watershed damages, homes, ranches, wildlife,
          impact                                    livestock burned and streams boiled. Fire
     ·    Review and evaluate recovery plans        costs now account for forty-seven percent of
          every five years                          the Forest Service Budget spent. The Forest
                                                                                                The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman                          7
                                                          AAW Positions
AAW supports the implementation of a plan            AAW objects to public funds supporting                on questionable science and unsustainable
for systemic flood protection for the Upper          easements or buyouts to non-profit groups for         economics. Government resources should only
Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.                     large-scale wetland restoration that removes          fund such projects that do not cause adverse
                                                     agricultural land from local tax rolls and other      effects on adjacent lands, river systems, and
AAW opposes the use of Inland Waterways and          local economic activity. AAW supports the             communities.
Harbor Maintenance trust funds for operations        Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Army Corps
and maintenance. Trust funds should fund             of Engineers does not have jurisdiction over          ENERGy
only new construction as intended when               wetlands that are not adjacent to navigable
authorized. Flood control, irrigation, energy                                                              AAW supports the 25 X ‘25 Initiative of having
production and transportation should remain                                                                25% of the U.S. renewable energy sources A
as primary purposes for public water storage         WATER QUALITy                                         well-developed diverse domestic energy supply
and management investments. Fish and wildlife                                                              is critical to national security.
“protections” and other environmental concerns       Livestock
                                                                                                           AAW supports the 25 X ‘25 Initiative of having
should be added using research based to
                                                     AAW opposes efforts to regulate livestock             25% of the U.S. renewable energy sources being
ensure that social-economic costs are justifiable
                                                     manure as hazardous waste under                       produced by farms, ranches, and forests by the
with devaluation and/or harm to individuals,
                                                     Comprehensive Environment Response,                   year 2025.
communities, or states being fully compensated.
                                                     Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) or
                                                                                                           AAW supports the use of alternative fuels, such
We urge Congress to disallow these immense           other environmental laws.
                                                                                                           as ethanol, biodiesel, wind energy, and biomass
public investments, such as dams, to be
                                                                                                           fuels, because:
arbitrarily and capriciously destroyed. Prior        Non-Point Source
to any purposeful alteration or destruction of                                                                  ·    alternative fuels are an abundant
these public investments or their uses, the          AAW supports a national water quality policy                    renewable resource;
government should show research-based                on nonpoint source pollution that gives states
                                                                                                                ·    alternative fuels are important to our
scientific and economic proof that this action       the control to develop and manage water
                                                                                                                     nation’s energy security; and
is vital to national security and necessary          quality programs specific to the states’ own
                                                     watershed issues. Programs under the Clean                 ·    alternative fuels are environmentally
for benefit to humans as well as to the
                                                     Water Act should promote the use of voluntary                   friendly.
environment, as required under the original
intent of the authority of the Corps of Engineers.   Best Management Practices (BMPs) by rural
                                                                                                           AAW supports research efforts to identify
                                                     landowners, agricultural producers and urban
                                                                                                           agriculture’s role in carbon sequestration.
AAW advocates policies that promote                  natural resources users.
                                                                                                           Carbon sequestration, the process by which
abundance of water resources.
                                                     Given flexibility within state programs, local        carbon gases are captured and stored, presents
                                                     watershed stakeholder committees can develop          potential technological solutions to the build-up
Water Treaties
                                                     and implement Total Maximum Daily Loads               of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
AAW urges the U.S. government to continue to         (TMDL’s) designed to incorporate BMPs and
                                                                                                           AAW supports development of domestic oil, coal,
enforce the 1944 United States-Mexico Water          monitoring as key components to the protection
                                                                                                           and natural gas supplies on public and private
Treaty.                                              of water resources and the prevention of future
                                                                                                           land as well as offshore, as applicable.
Water Contracts, Water Rights and Owner-                                                                   AAW supports the creation of new refineries and
ship                                                 AAW supports revising water quality standards
                                                                                                           the continuous updating of existing refineries.
                                                     based on real risk to human health as
                                                                                                           Agriculture production and distribution is
AAW urges Congress to honor its contractual          detereminded y researched-based methods.
                                                                                                           dependent on the oil industry.
obligations to agricultural water users
                                                                                                           AAW supports continued research of nuclear
throughout the West who rely on federally            Data and Monitoring                                   energy and development of new plants.
constructed water projects for irrigation
supplies. Full contract supplies are essential to    AAW strongly promotes funding the monitoring
maintain the West’s productive farmland, which       of targeted waterways and the collection of data      PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING AND
helps feed and clothe our nation and the world.      for accurate decision-making in the allocation of     AWARENESS
                                                     state resources for water protection programs.
AAW does not support land retirement as a                                                                  CONSUMER AWARENESS
means of relieving the U.S. government’s             AAW expects the federal and state elected
contractual obligations to provide water and/or      officials and agency staff decision-makers to
                                                     use credible, current records on historical data      AAW supports mandatory Courntry of origin
drainage service to the West.
                                                     to establish reasonable and attainable year-          laleing as passed in the 2002 Farm Bill.
AAW opposes foreign ownership of water and           round water temperature standards for rivers
water treatment and distribution utilities.          and streams.                                          ANIMAL WELFARE

AAW opposes federal purchase of privately            AAW supports cost/benefit analysis and                The emotions of a few should not drive our
held water rights in cases where the federal         adequate funding including risk assessments           nation’s agricultural policies.
government would then hold the water right.          before state and federal regulations are              AAW supports the responsible treatment of
AAW supports a prominent role of agriculture         imposed on communities.                               animals.
in determining water allocation due to the           AAW supports the U.S. EPA assisting states            AAW supports the responsible use of animals in
economic and social necessity of producing           in establishing a designated-use classification       research.
enough food, fiber, and fuel to accommodate          system for state surface waters. *A designated
the domestic population and to build the             system would allow for water quality standards        AAW supports legislation establishing stricter
economy by marketing value added and surplus         to be applied by type of stream. For example:         federal criminal penalties and civil remedies for
commodity products.                                  an agricultural irrigation or drainage ditch should   violent, threatening, obstructive, and destructive
                                                     not be required to meet the same standard as a        conduct that is intended to injure, intimidate, or
Wetlands                                             pristine stream.                                      interfere with animal enterprises and research.
AAW objects to a national policy of avoiding         AAW objects to nutrient trading proposals,            AAW supports legislation that establishes
impacts to wetlands, versus previous policy of       projects, or experiments that are based               assistance for security programs at research
minimizing impacts to wetlands.                                                                            facilities.
8 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman
                                                            AAW Positions
AAW supports the right of farmers to protect
                                                        AAW strongly supports the Food & Drug                                EDUCATION
their records from public scrutiny. AAW
                                                        Administration’s decision to allow the irradiation
opposes the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
                                                        of food products and education on how to             AAW believes in an educated public.
as introduced in January 2007 and all other
                                                        minimize food-borne pathogens.                       Furthermore, agricultural education and
attempts on the local and state level to outlaw
                                                                                                             education about our nation’s food and fiber
horse slaughter. Responsible horse processing           To maintain a safe and abundant food supply for      system should be based on factual information
should not be outlawed as a humane tool for             the American people and the world population,        and research based science. We encourage
managing horses.                                        AAW supports the implementation of animal            agriculturalists to work cooperatively on
                                                        health emergency management and eradication          common issues through education.
AAW supports proper animal disposal
                                                        programs, traceability of all food products,
                                                        Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP),      AAW supports the intent of the Carl D. Perkins
AAW supports industry-coordinated guidelines            continued worldwide surveillance activities,         Act, which maintains funding for vocational
and consistent federal standards for safe meat          monitoring of the status of foreign and domestic     (career and technical) agriculture education.
product processing and distribution.                    animal diseases, and inspections at the border.
                                                                                                             AAW supports the continued funding of public
CROP PROTECTION                                         AAW supports industry-coordinated guidelines         and private agricultural research to ensure a
                                                        and consistent federal standards for safe food       stable and safe food supply for our nation.
Methyl Bromide                                          processing and distribution.
                                                                                                             AAW supports a national Agriculture in the
AAW supports the continued use of methyl                AGRICULTURAL RESEARCh                                Classroom (AITC) program with continued
bromide in the U.S. through the Year 2010                                                                    funding and support for a national director.
and beyond, to provide fairness and equity              AAW supports continued research and
                                                        development of tools and techniques that             AAW recognizes the dangerous consequences
with other nations in the world. Sound
                                                        would support the advancement of agricultural        of obesity in our society and supports the
science to date shows that methyl bromide
                                                        production and processes in the United States        education of U.S. consumers about food
is neither a carcinogen nor a reproductive
                                                        for the industry and the consumer.                   choices based on research-based science.
toxicant. Elimination of this tool would impose
unnecessary severe economic impact on the                                                                    AAW supports the National Nutrition Standards
U.S. farmer. We support research for cost               BIOTEChNOLOGy                                        for nutrient-rich foods in schools leading the
effective alternatives to methyl bromide.                                                                    way toward healthier youth.
                                                        AAW supports the development and
                                                        incorporation of biotechnology in agricultural
Phosphine Fumigation and Food Quality
                                                        research and production. Biotechnology gives
Protection Act Resolution
                                                        greater flexibility to agricultural producers in
AAW urges Congress to direct EPA to cease               making responsible management decisions by
implementation of new restrictions for aluminum/        reducing input costs, increasing crop yields,
                                                        promoting integrated pest management, and
magnesium phosphine fumigants.                          providing environmental protections to our
                                                        natural resources.
Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer
                                                        AAW supports the coordinated framework and
AAW supports the chemical industry’s anti-              extensive testing procedures of biotechnological
methamphetamine task force activities regarding         products by the U.S. regulatory agencies (EPA,
the prevention of the use of anhydrous ammonia          FDA, and USDA).
for illegal purposes.
                                                        AAW firmly believes it is unnecessary,
Chemical Registration                                   confusing and costly to the consumer to label
                                                        biotechnological products or processes.
AAW urges Congress to continue oversight of
EPA in its review of Section 18, Section 24C            AAW believes that any Biosafety Protocol
and Crisis Exemption requests by the states,            that is implemented should be based on risk
manufacturers and third parties.                        assessments and research-based science.
AAW supports the counterpart regulations                AAW condemns the theft or destruction of
jointly developed by EPA, National Oceanic and          agricultural research and intellectual property.
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Fish            Research has tremendous benefits to the
and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and USDA to                farmer and the consumer. These genetically
streamline the Federal Insecticide Fungicide,           enhanced products have the capability of
& Rodenticide (FIFRA) regulatory process                improving human health, and solving world
and harmonize it with the requirements of the           environmental and nutritional problems.
ESA. The new program ensures that regulatory
protections are in place for threatened species         TERRORISM
and ensures timely and continued access to
safe and necessary pest management tools.               AAW condemns all forms of terrorism. As
                                                        providers of this nation’s food and fiber supply,
FOOD SAFETy                                             we recognize the need to increase our vigilance
                                                        to protect the production of agriculture products    Remember to put Amrican Agri-Women
AAW strongly supports scientific evidence               (food, feed, fuel, fiber and flora and the inputs    Resource Center as your farvorite charity!
that the proper handling, preparation and               required for production).
processing of all final products minimizes the
risk of bacterial contamination. AAW supports           AAW supports efforts to educate producers
scientifically sound, positive standards that instill   about ways to safeguard our nation’s food and
consumer confidence in the safety of American           fiber supply and agricultural inputs from acts of
agricultural products.                                  terror.

                                                                                                   The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman                       9
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                                                      8:00            Immigration update from Craig Regelbrugge
                                                      9:00–11:45 a.m. 15th Annual AAW Symposium:
________________________________________                              Who’s Feeding the Hysteria
                                                      12:15 p.m.      Lunch at ACLI - American Council of Life Insurers
Phone & Fax _____________________________             1:45 p.m.       Bus departs for U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                                                      2:00-3:30 p.m. Meetings at Homeland Security on immigration issues
E-mail __________________________________             4:00–5:30 p.m. Meeting at Japanese Embassy
                                                      5:45-7:00 p.m. Reception sponsored by The Fertilizer Institute
*Date of Birth _____________________________          7:30 p.m.       Return to hotel or Union Station

*Social Security Number ____________________          Tuesday, June 12
    (*We must have this information for security      7:30 a.m.      Bus departs hotel for USDA
  clearance at various agencies, including USDA)                     – 14th and Independence
                                                      8:00 a.m.      Speakers on hot topics
Affiliate __________________________________          9:30 a.m.      Briefings at US Department of Agriculture
                                                                     -104-A-Williamsburg Room
    Special interests and issues (legislative or      12:00 p.m.     Lunch on the Hill provided by Americans for
                    regulatory)                                      Secure Retirement
                                                      1:30–4:45 p.m.    Capitol Hill visits to Congressional Offices
________________________________________              5:00–5:30 p.m.    Meeting in House Agriculture Committee Room
    Senate and House Bills in which you are           5:30-7:30 p.m.    Congressional Reception
            particularly interested                                     -House Agriculture Committee Room
________________________________________                                Return to hotel on our own
                                                      Wednesday. June 13
      Planned arrival date and time in DC             8:00 a.m.       Bus departs hotel
________________________________________              9:00–10:30 a.m. Meetings at US Department of Transportation
                                                      11:00 a.m.      Bus makes drops at Reagan International Airport
         Via (plane and airport, car, etc.)                            and hotel
           ______________________                                      -2008 Fly-In concludes
                                                      Noon             For those able to stay
     Do you want us to find you a roommate?                            – lunch on the Hill at Eastern Market

           Comments and suggestions
________________________________________                  INTERESTING FACTS:
  Hotel reservations may be made by calling the           Washington D.C. is a federal district under the authority
               Holiday Inn Capitol                        of Congress. Local government is run by a mayor and 13
      at the Smithsonian, 550 C Street, SW,               member city council. Washington DC is represented in
                at 202-479-4000.                          Congress by an elected, nonvoting Delegate to the house
                                                          of Representatives and residents have been able to vote in
                                                          Presidential elections since 1961.

10 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman
       In the News
                                                                                              Memory of Audrey Sickinger
   AAW member karri hammerstrom                 Initially, the committee is focusing on
                                                                                                      Wisconsin Women for Agriculture
  appointed to Farm, Ranches and                climate change and renewable energy;                  Imogene Woodside
 Rural Communities Federal Advisory             livestock operations; and emerging issues             Eleanor Kiner
            Committee                           (i.e. ag, the environment and urban                   Chris Wilson
                                                interface). Their first meeting was very              Doris Mold
American Agri-Women (AAW) and                   informative and held in Washington, D.C.              Rosemary Eckardt
California Women for Agriculture (CWA)          They were joined by EPA Administrator                 Eunice Guell
member Karri Hammerstrom was recently           Johnson and briefed by high level EPA                 Betsy Campbell
appointed to the Farm, Ranches and                                                                    Jean Pettibone
                                                officials. They established three working
                                                                                                      Linda Drenoake
Rural Communities Federal Advisory              groups: Climate Change/Biofuels,                      Sherry Bongard
Committee. She was one of 200                   Comprehensive Livestock Management                    Lisa Neitzel
applicants for this national position.          Strategy, and Emerging Issues. Their                  Jan Guell
                                                next meeting is anticipated to be held in             Donna Ulseth
Hammerstrom lives in a small town south         September in Kansas.                                  Ann Schroeder
of Fresno, in the heart of the Central San                                                            Deb Lins
Joaquin Valley north of Los Angeles,
where she and her family raise canning                                                        Memory of Sally Tada
peaches, fresh sugar plums, and alfalfa.                VOICE DONORS                                  Wisconsin Women for Agriculture
She also works for a renewable fuels
                                                 Donor Member                                 Memory of Ruth Mchenry
company, Cilion, Inc., as their manager of
                                                           Nationwide Agri-Business                   Betsy Campbell
environmental permitting and government
affairs, and her husband Bill also has           Insurance
his own produce brokerage office,
Hammertime Co. Karri and husband Bill
                                                 Memory of Sister Thomas More
                                                                                                       Membership Form
first met in their freshman year at Cal Poly,    Bertels                                           Please Print – This membership ap-
San Luis Obispo. They have two children,                 Helen Finney                              plication form will be used for direct
Macey, 9, and Cy, 3.                                                                               computer input to produce your
                                                 Memory of Gwen Mulkey                             newsletter mailing labels.
Karri was raised in Southern California                  Oregon Women for Agricul-
near the beach and was first truly               ture                                              Dues may be paid through your
introduced to agriculture in college. Bill is            Betty Jo Smith                            commodity/state affiliate or mailed
a third generation farmer—his grandfather                Linda Barnett                             to: American Agri-Women, PO Box
                                                         Yvonne Erickson                           111, Hillsboro, KS 67063-0111.
raised black angus cattle and his dad
                                                         Carol Marx
raised tree fruit and grapes. Bill is a                  Donna Ulseth                              Please check one: __New __Renew
produce broker who initially really did not
want to farm anytime in the near future.         Memory of Rose Burdick                            Last Name __________________________
                                                         Ann Kraemer                               First Name__________________________
 However, as Karri got more engaged
with California Women for Ag, she really         Memory of Pearl M. Timm                           Spouse _____________________________
wanted a farm of their own, so in 2001                   Patricia Yeagle
they bought their small farm. Karri has                                                            Address ____________________________
been a member of CWA for 12+ years               Memory of Richard Schmetz                         City _______________________________
and is currently a member of the Tulare-                 Ann Kaemer
                                                                                                   State/Zip ___________________________
Kings Chapter of CWA and the state’s
                                                 Memory of Genevive Lindsay
2nd vice-president. She has also held the                Oregon Women for Agricul-                 Phone (       ) _______________________
offices of the state’s 3rd vice president        ture                                              Fax (      ) _________________________
and state legislative co-director, as well as            Betty Jo Smith
two terms as the Central Valley Chapter’s                                                          E-Mail        ________________________
president.                                       Memory of Eleanor Buoye
                                                         Alice Daniels                             AAW Affiliation _____________________
Of her appointment to this committee
                                                 Memory of Betty Smith                             AAW National Dues ($25 for both affiliate and
Karri says, “I saw this as an opportunity                                                          at-large or single member), or $10 if a collegiate
to participate at the federal level in a                 Oregon Women for Agricul-
                                                 ture                                              member) is enclosed:
committee where I felt I could serve my                                                            Yes ______         No ______
                                                         Betty Jo Smith
country in this small capacity and to serve                                                        An additional contribution of $ __________
the agricultural community. The identified       Memory of Carolyn Strong                          is enclosed.
areas of focus are all ones that I feel I                Yvonne Erickson
                                                                                                   YES! We take Visa or Mastercard!
have had experience with and have points
of contact that can help provide me with         Memory of Gail McPherson                          Card # _____________________________
valuable input.”                                         Chris Wilson
                                                                                                   Expiration Date ______________________
                                                         Betsy Campbell
                                                         Carolyn Simmons                           Signature ___________________________
                                                         Sarah McPherson

                                                                                      The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman                      11
            American Agri-Women                      FIRST-CLASS MAIL
            4340 Deer Haven Lane                       U.S. Postage Paid
            St. George, KS 66535                         Topeka, KS
                                                         Permit No. 9

                                            American Agri-Women
                                              Calendar of Events
                                                    June 8-11, 2008
                                               Fly-In & Symposium
                                               Holiday Inn Capitol
                                                at the Smithsonian
                                                   550 C Street,
                                              SW, Washington, DC

                                                November 5-9, 2008
                                                AAW Convention
                                                  San Antonio, TX

                                                AAW Website
                                           AAW Phone & Fax Numbers
                                              Phone: (740) 893-2624
                                               Fax: (740) 893-4003

                                                 American Agri-Women is
                                          a national coalition of women’s
                                          farm, ranch, and agri-business
                                           organizations and individuals
                                                   formed in 1974.
                                                   “We, as women’s ag-
                                            ricultural organizations and
                                           individuals, unite together to
                                          communicate with one another
                                           and with other consumers to
                                            promote agriculture for the
                                          benefit of the American people
                                                   and the world.”

12 The VoICE of the American Agri-Woman

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