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                                                  State of the Quest
             July 14, 2011
                Mass UFO sightings started shortly after the first atomic bomb detonations and
             ended with the worldwide nuke-testing moratorium in the 1980s. What is the link

               Aliens visiting us from other worlds or dimensions to protest our nuke tests?
             One would think that seeing other-realm machines would cause us instead to

accelerate weapons testing out of fear. There have been rumors that there are side
effects to nuclear "events" that include scalar-type waves anomalies that appear
very far away from the actual detonation. Some theorists propose "plasmoids" (see
the UFO.htm#Plasmoids doc pdf URL page) as a sort of biological entity. These
may be akin to Reich's "orgone energy" (see the PX.htm#Reich doc pdf URL

   Reports have long surfaced that there is a small but highly secret part of the
standard DOE (former Atomic Energy Commission) 'Q' clearance that has to do
with the "UFO" subject. It appears that intelligence agencies like the CIA have
used the "UFO" anomaly for counter-intelligence purposes. If true, then the DOE
would guard the secret of generating the "UFO" and the CIA/NSA/DIA would
guard its usage. Radar seems to be vital here also (perhaps to "illuminate" the
generated anomaly).

   I now suspect that the famous British Woodbridge/Rendlesham Forest
incident (see the UFO.htm#Woodbridge doc pdf URL page) was a test to see how
personnel would react to an intrusion by an unfamiliar foe. In this case, the
"powers-that-be" chose a UFO. That base housed a storage facility for nuclear
weapons. They must have used the DOE technology to create a nuke "event" that
(perhaps aided by radar) produced the "UFO". The story tale was sort of given
away by the fact that security guards were required to leave their weapons behind
before entering the forest to look at the object. That just doesn't make sense if it
were a legitimate threat.

    Most scientists believe in alien civilizations in the vast Universe. But very few
believe that they actually have visited the Earth. However, a surprising number of
physicists are very interested in looking at "UFOs" as some sort of "time machine".
Indeed, German rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth viewed the Roswell craft as
more of a "time machine" than an interstellar aeronautical machine (see the
UFO.htm#Corso doc pdf URL page).

    Former ELINT Sgt. Dan Sherman said that his "intuitive comms" with off-
realm "ETs" reported that they "do not go through time (which is impossible) but
rather evade time" (see "Project Preserve Destiny" on the Sherman.htm doc pdf
URL page). "Project Looking Glass" (see the UFO.htm#LookingGlass doc pdf
URL page) gives an alternative meaning to "time-travel" (one that is quite different
from H.G. Wells). China is reported to have entered "time-travel" in 1988
(coincidentally that same year that Bob Lazar doc pdf URL and Area-51/S4
became public).

   Dr. Jack Sarfatti maintains that he received a phone-call from a "time machine
from the Future" when he was 13-years-old telling him that he was going to be a
very great physicist (see the UFO.htm#Sarfatti doc pdf URL page). And Dr.
Matti Pitkänen wonders if certain "crop circle" messages are from the Future (see
the Pitkanen.htm#Plasmoids doc pdf URL page). [I would propose that Dr.
Pitkänen's "enlightenment" during a hospital stay that led to his Topological
GeometroDynamics (TGD) physics might have been sent from his "Future self"

(see the "Great Experiences" on the Pitkanen.htm#Bio doc pdf       URL   page).]

   Time-travel, world-lines, and teleportation are the major themes in the fabled
Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project (see the PX.htm doc pdf URL
page).       Possible remote-"influencing" by rv-ers might have been
extrapolated/enhanced with massive RF equipment in attempts to alter world
timelines (i.e., a way to win a war without firing a bullet).

   A unique way of exploring Space and Time has been proposed by Tom Skeggs
which holographically projects a real-time remote-viewer (see the
PX.htm#StarChamber doc pdf URL page). To me, that would be the ideal way to
explore new worlds without being subjected to new bacteria/viruses, dangerous
radiation, etc.

    In summary, I now find this "time-travel" or "consciousness/reality
manipulation" (see the Consciousness.htm doc pdf URL page) more feasible than
aliens visiting us from extremely distant worlds. Perhaps the goal is to get a
rigorous mathematical "handle" (along the lines of Pitkanen's TGD [above] or
famed missing person Philip Taylor Kramer doc pdf URL ) on what so far has
only been experimental incidents. Indeed, IBM and other mainstream notables are
investing heavily in "quantum teleportation" which is based on the mysterious-
but-proven quantum entanglement.

    UNITEL doc pdf URL suggests that it may be possible to make a large object
appear as a "fuzzy electron" and thereby be governed by the rules of Quantum
Mechanics rather than General Relativity. Perhaps that is what inadvertently
happened in the Philadelphia Experiment due to the pulsing and rotating magnetic

   The ultimate "Project Preserve Destiny" (i.e., to preserve the continuing history
of our species in the face of global or stellar catastrophes) would be to preserve
consciousnesses (souls?) and then project them into new biological entities on some
hospitable planet. (Sometimes I have mused as to whether this is a side purpose to
the Internet as it seems that everything about everybody is digitized.) Pitkanen's
TGD [above] gives insight into Consciousness and life-after-death while some parts
of Dan Burisch's doc pdf URL story hints at a "ganesh particle" that fuses
consciousness with a biological host.

              Soliciting Reader Help                    (11/31/2009)

 1.   Any information on Ray Kramer's "The Equation" (see the
      Science.htm#Kramer doc pdf URL page) which was developed decades
      ago and purported to unify General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics. It

   was impossible to solve until his son -- famous missing person Philip Taylor
   Kramer -- had a breakthrough. Kramer's equation supposedly gives a basis
   for making communication and teleportation come true-to-life. Or any
   address for Mr. Kramer would also be appreciated. I have the "America's
   Most Wanted/Missing Persons" video segment featuring Taylor's story, and
   the elder Kramer -- a retired electrical engineering college professor -- is
   certainly NO crackpot. He reminds me of the professors I had in college.

2. Hollywood movies frequently have themes (e.g., black holes, remote-viewing,
    alternate worlds) which the general public doesn't know about for at least
    another decade. Is this just coincidental or do these scientists on "black/grey"
    projects moonlight as screenwriters. Or is this a calculated measure by covert
    authorities to gradually "acclimate" the public?

       Rumors of a "Bosoks Project" which involved accidental "bleedthroughs"
   from parallel worlds was supposedly shared with many major Hollywood
   players (see the Bolt.htm#Bosoks doc pdf URL page).

3. Any other sources besides Preston Nichols concerning generating "artificial
   reality" bubbles or fields. Whether they are for UFO-type travel as in
   Nichols' article or for teleportation, time-travel, or radar/optical "cloaking" in
   military applications? (see the "Nichols_1" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf )

4. Any information about these fabled "Levensen (or Levinson) Time
   Equations" that are fundamental in the Montauk Project. (see the
   "Nichols_04" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf )

5. Speaking of Montauk, any information about where this project actually
   occurred or where other "time viewing" projects are taking place. I've heard
   that the actual project took place at Plattsburgh Air Force Base and that on-
   going efforts at "looking back in time" went on at another suburb of Area-51.

       Also, has anyone made any investigatory field-trips out there of the type
   that was done on Montauk (see the PX.htm#MontaukTrips doc pdf URL

6. Dr. Jack Sarfatti seems to know more about UFOs than I've been able to glean
    from his articles (see the UFO.htm#Sarfatti doc pdf URL page). I have
    often heard estimates of this technology being "200-300" years away from
    our current science and would appear to be almost like "magic". It can't be in
    conventional nuclear stuff or even in such exotic things as matter-antimatter
    reactions. Nor in nano- engineering or room-temperature superconductivity
    or in creating Bose-Einstein condensates.

       And not in electrogravitic flight (which is probably responsible for most of those
   "black triangle" sightings.) Those areas are probably within our grasp in this
   decade. Commercial fusion in 20 years and quantum computing within 20-50
   years. Reliable weather-engineering and "mining" the fabled ZPE in 50-100

     years. These do require advanced technology but not necessarily a "quantum
     leap" involving an entirely new physics.

         I'm guessing this has to do with the metaphysical or "consciousness"
     intangibles that I see quietly surfacing. Certainly if this involves "mind-
     over-matter" stuff (or Mind CREATES Reality ), then that would be far off
     (see the Consciousness.htm doc pdf URL page). We don't even have a
     basic mathematical theory for any of that stuff yet. It's in the realm of
     acupuncture, chiropracty, and ESP -- physical events that have been
     witnessed but can't be explained. That would certainly explain why the
     World's most brilliant minds have failed to make any substantial progress in
     this area for 50+ years. I can't see any other reason that would prove to be so
     formidable to these really smart and gifted intellects.

  7. There are many UFO reports of an object exploding in a "soundless
     explosion" and forming other objects in its place doc pdf URL . It happened
     in the Bentwaters incident and also in a Puerto Rico sighting where an
     enormous UFO "split" into smaller objects where some of these pursued F-14
     fighters which had been scrambled to intercept. Are these related to items #3
     and #6 above?

  8. Any more information on Project "Preserve Destiny" (see the Sherman.htm
      doc pdf URL page). This seems to correlate with remote-viewers who can't
      "see" any Earth civilization around 2012AD and also with a Puerto Rican
      abductee who said he was given information about a impending World

  9. I have come across scant descriptions of the Montauk "Delta-T" antenna.
      None of them seem to agree with one another! I have yet to see an actual
      photograph or 3D schematic of one. Does anybody have something more
      than these (see the PX.htm#DeltaT doc pdf URL page)?

10. There have been rumors that the hull of some of the ET craft is more "organic"
     than metallic.       If these are some sort of "living machines" or
     "created/manipulated" by thought patterns from the inside crew, I could see
     where this would be a radically new physics hundreds-of-years away from
     our present science. That would explain why our best scientific minds have
     been so slow to grasp the technology. This might propose the events in (7)
     above employ an alternate hypothesis than just new craft emerging from
     another dimension. Perhaps the new physics would involve "phase-density
     shifting" rather than Macroscopic quantum tunneling across other dimensions.
     Any thoughts? See the (a) "Bearden_2" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf ; (b)
     the "McClelland_2" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf ; (c) the "Nichols_1"
     file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf ; and (d) the Science.htm#Grant doc pdf
      URL page (which reads like pseudo-science).

11. Any ideas why reports of being able to remove radioactivity seem to be
     "blackballed" or otherwise disappear? Wilhelm Reich's discovery of "orgone

     energy" resulted in his books being burned on orders from the U.S. FDA (see
     the PX.htm#Reich doc pdf URL page). I've also read where a Russian
     "ORMES" substance was to have removed radioactivity when ingested (see
     the ORMEs.htm doc pdf URL page). Yet ORMES seems to be on the
     "taboo list" also. And early atomic bomb technicians were forbidden to wash
     their close with any Boron-based whiteners added. (Boron is a "moderator"
     in fission reactions). Others told me there are parts of the Hiroshima blast
     (and others) that will remain forever classified.

         What's going on here? It seems to be too much of a coincidence that UFO
     sightings go down when atomic tests decrease. Is there an ET- based "genetic
     marker" in our DNA that is affected by radioactivity or attempts to remove
     such contamination?

12. What's the scoop with "White Noise"/noise cancellation? Does it induce
     disease or mind-control (see the "RF_5" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf ?
     What's the UFO-ET connection (see the "Sherman_1" file doc pdf URL-doc
     URL-pdf ?)

13. Then there are reports of holographic portals being created in places like Los
     Alamos National Laboratories (see the "Boylan_1" file doc pdf URL-doc
     URL-pdf ). Couple that with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's admission of accidental
     dimensional "bleedthroughs" (see the Bolt.htm#Bosoks doc pdf URL page)
     and the fabled Sherman ranch & Black Forest portals (see the
     PX.htm#Portals doc pdf URL page). Now you are unwittingly bringing in
     the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project under the same "umbrella"
     as UFOs.

14. While archiving Carey Sublette's essays on nuclear weapons (see the Nuke.htm
     doc pdf URL page), I came across something about a small -- but critical --
     compartmentalized part of the standard Department-of-Energy (former
     Atomic Energy Commission) 'Q'-clearance is something that is privy to only
     those "in the loop". It has nothing to do with the physics, manufacture, or
     blast/radiation effects of nuclear weapons. These are all well-known in the
     unclassified mainstream community. Add to that that there are supposedly
     some effects/events of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts that are still
     classified Top-Secret.

                         State of the Quest
December 26, 2009
   "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof"

… or to repeat what a noted civil engineer-turned-physicist emailed me, the more
"wild" something sounds like, as a rule-of-thumb the less likely it is to be
found that way in real life. He was applying this to all of the folklore of the
"Unexplained" that we have read about for so long. I feel comfortable in accepting
his analysis. The challenge is to find out what truths are embedded in that sea of
conjecture, disinformation, and downright lies.

    But I can't help but wonder if there is something so out of modern scientific
reach that it will continue to baffle our greatest minds. I have seen vague
fragments of such every now-and-then. I don't know if I'm trying to make a case
for something that I shouldn't. Or if I have really stumbled onto something. Maybe
I'm just over-imaginative.

    I recently gave a mathematician friend a copy of "Vector Analysis" and
"General Topology" from the excellent Schaum Outline Series. They are short on
lecture but long on solved problems which is why I personally like them. To wet
her appetite so that she might apply these to investigating paranormal legends
someday, I posted the following insert on the page that discussed "Hilbert space".


    The first time that I came across the term "Hilbert Space" was in reading about
the fabled "Montauk Project" (see the PX.htm#Nichols doc pdf URL page). As
legend has it, the powers-that-be wanted to find out why sailors went crazy when
the USS Eldridge accidentally teleported in a test of "Project Rainbow" (the
mythical "Philadelphia Experiment"). According to folklore, Project Rainbow
was merged with elements of Wilhelm Reich's "orgone" theories (specifically, his
"cloud-busters" that he claimed could also drive off UFOs) and taken to an inactive
Air Force SAGE radar site at the tip of Long Island. It was initially called "Project
Phoenix" (i.e., the resurrection of the Philadelphia Experiment).

    But over a decade-or-so, it had several phases (Phoenix-I, -II, and -III).
Collectively, these became known as the "Montauk Project". BTW, using the
argument that Reich was trying to use his "orgone accumulator" to treat certain
forms of Cancer, the FDA obtained a court order that resulted in all of Dr. Reich's
books to be burned (see the PX.htm#Reich doc pdf URL page). Note that this
was in the good ol' USA -- not Nazi Germany! Supporters have always argued that
this was a most convenient way to keep Reich's groundbreaking work confined to
an inner circle.

   A similar thing (ridicule in this case) happened to Dr. Royal Rife and his
revolutionary microscope (see the Medical.htm#Rife doc pdf URL page) that
was to be able to see viruses that conventional scopes could not.

    And in the same vein, there are rumored to be parts of Nikola Tesla's scalar
theories that are above Top-Secret which caused much of his notes to be
confiscated (see the Science.htm#Tesla doc pdf URL page).

   Supposedly the Montauk experimenters accidentally opened up time portals

that let them see into the Past as well as the Future. This required interfacing
"psychics" (similar to today's "remote-viewers") with a Cray supercomputer that
drove the massive RF equipment to form special spinor/tensor fields, rotating
magnetic fields (a la the Philadelphia Experiment), etc.

    Einstein proved that time is not independent from physical space in his Special
Relativity. Indeed, "time" as we know it can be stopped if one can equal the speed-
of-light. But there may be more hidden underneath the surface, however. This gets
into the quantum mechanical world of "timelines", "alternate worlds", and the
like. The Montauk researchers supposedly found a truer understanding of what
"time" actually is. And their tinkering was rumored to have resulted in a "time
loop" which we are currently in and which appears to be irreversible. (There was a
Project K.O.A.L.A. that attempted to minimize the damage if you believe the
SkyBooks authors.)

     The reason the military was interested is that this presented a novel way of not
only winning a war but also selecting a destiny of their choosing. And without
firing a single shot! The existence of "parallel universes" (alternate Histories, if
you will) is no longer considered science-fiction. The quantum-based "Many
Worlds Interpretation" of Everett/Wheeler demands it (see the
Science.htm#MWI doc pdf URL page) . If the technology were available to
choose one of these histories, then wars would be a thing of the past. (Of course,
the rest of us would be then living in someone else's idea of "Paradise".) The trick
is how do you choose (the physics term is "decohere") one wave function out of so

    It is within this concept that "time-travel" is looked at. It is certainly different
from the notion of H.G. Wells' "Time Machine". You just choose a possible history
and then live it out. One would think if you did it once, you could do it again.
Maybe this is why Einstein stated that "Time is an illusion". (I've also heard that
statement as "Reality is an illusion.) I have read that in addition to the United
States, England, and Russia, China has entered into this form of "time travel" circa
1988.      (Search for "Project Looking Glass" on the web and at the
UFO.htm#LookingGlass doc pdf URL page.)

   Some researchers have said that UFOs behave more as "time machines" than
sophisticated flying machines. In this way, they could move not only in physical
space but also in time (sort of like the "Dune" spice navigators folding space except
with a bonus -- time!). It's an improvement over Bob Lazar's (see the Lazar.htm
doc pdf URL page) claim of "folding space" or even UNITEL's "Macroscopic
Quantum Tunneling" (see the UNITEL.htm doc pdf URL page) .

   Central to the Montauk discoveries were a secret suppressed set of "time
equations" by someone named Levinson (or Levensen or Levenson) (see the
"Nichols_04" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf page) . Attempts to get his alleged
book have frustrated researchers since the late 1980s. It was supposedly in these
equations that much use was made of "Hilbert space".

    Finally (don't know if it's related here or not) there is supposed to be a very
small part of the standard "Q" clearance (from the old Atomic Energy
Commission) that is the reason why some things about the Hiroshima blast are still
top-secret even after 50 years (when Law provides for automatic declassification).
Rumor has it that this deals with what we call "UFOs" and why all tests -- above or
below ground -- are now prohibited by a worldwide moratorium.


   To add to the above, I would mention some seemingly unrelated events.

   (1) The strange case of Philip Taylor Kramer and instantaneous universal
communication (see the Science.htm#Kramer doc pdf URL page).

   (2) Physicist Eric Davis -- who worked for Bob Bigelow's NIDS but now is
with Hal Puthoff -- earnestly researching quantum teleportation.

   (3) "UFOs" may be some sort of "plasmoid" lifeform perhaps along the lines of
Reich's "orgone" (see the PX.htm#Reich doc         pdf   URL page).    See the
UFO.htm#Plasmoids doc pdf URL page .

   (4) Richard Boylan's assertion that Wen Ho Lee was investigating "holographic
portals" at Los Alamos that both excited and frightened scientists. See the
"Boylan_1" file doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf .

    (5) And regarding LANL, a few years ago they developed an amazing
technology that let them "tag" an individual electron. What was the real purpose
behind that?

    (6) Chica Bruce's interviews that suggest teleportation part of the Philadelphia
Experiment may have been to move backwards along a pre-established timeline
(that Tesla accidentally discovered on his workbench). This supposedly was
employed on minesweepers and not destroyers such as the Eldridge. See the
PX.htm#Chica doc pdf URL page.

   (7) Dan Sherman's report that the ETs in his "Project Preserve Destiny"
comms reported that they don't go through time but instead "evade" it. See the
Sherman.htm doc pdf URL page.

    All of this seems to revive interest in Montauk's claims of timeline manipulation
as well as Burisch's later timeline remarks. Perhaps the key to understanding such
phenomena -- described by impossible-to-solve quantum "wave functions" -- is
DECOHERENCE (i.e., collapsing the wave function by observation).

    The mental picture that I use for "decoherence" is to imagine one of those
plasma balls at gift shops. They are constantly generating lightning-like arcs in
random directions. That is, until you touch your finger on the ball. Then all the

bolts are concentrated into one at that exact spot. You have "decohered" (in a
sense) the random "wave functions". Now could this be done in the real world
(assuming the alternate histories demanded by Quantum Mechanics do exist)? I
wonder if the LANL electron-tagging was a step in this direction. I also wonder in
nuke "events" can severely damage timelines.

    Of course, "decoherence" opens up sorts of possibilities. If everythng
conceivable has a waveform probability no matter how small, then can selectively-
applied decoherence make something real from "nothing". That's sort of what the
Montauk guys were saying. It's the same theme used in the 1950's sci-fi classic
"Forbidden Planet" when the Krell aliens created "monsters from the ID

    It is not so fantastic-sounding when compared to remote-vewing (see the
PX.htm#RV doc pdf URL page). Western nations tend to use r-v for intelligence
gather where the Soviets used it to influence people (typically at world chess
championships). Looking at remote-influencing is perhaps a start to understanding
manipulation via decoherence.

    Some people see UFOs all-the-time while others -- even standing in the formers'
presence -- see nothing at all. The same thing applies to experiencing paranormal
events. Although all of us supposedly have dormant capabilities, remote-viewers
have these "unlocked" through some freak accident (e.g., a blow to the head) or
some abnormality at birth. Zen/Hindu/Buddhist practitioners report "flying around
rooms" during their meditations. Are these hallucinations similar to those brought
on by drugs? Or are they reporting back something that might be occurring in
another dimension/reality?

    I wonder how many visionaries have had their minds "unlocked" to be able to
discern different realities (assuming that these exist). Carl Sagan was one who had
a tremendous addiction to marijuana and wrote essays on it while in college under
an alias.

   I used to work with an electronics engineer who played in a band. According to
him, songwriters' most creative moments are during drunkenness or "smoking

    I also worked with a single mother who was a very devout religious person. If
she took any "drugs" at all, it would be those to battle depression. But only because
we were close friends did she confide in me that at times she saw entities like
"E.T". I forget whether these were in daylight hours or during her dreams. But it
scared her because they seemed so real. And she didn't want to see such things.

    Everyone has heard of the "cammo dudes" who provide security at secret sites
like Area-51. Rumors are that these are retired ex-special forces types (e.g., Green
Berets, Navy SEALS) who are now employed by Whackenhut. It is interesting to
note that that they are supplementing their pensions with new jobs -- i.e., they don't
really need to work to meet living expenses(unlike younger employees who have
not yet "made their fortune").

    Somewhat related, I have noticed that most of the government
"whistleblowers" who are always in the headlines seem to be seasoned ex-
employees who are no longer in their former jobs. With the exception of a young
Bob Lazar, I'm referring to Col. Philip Corso, Bob Dean, Clark McClelland, Dan
Burisch, Jacques Vallee, Robert Collins, Dan Sherman, Tom Bearden, and others
(see the UFO.htm doc pdf URL page).

    [For the time-being, I'm not going to include those investigators who always
seem to be in the news (e.g., Bill Hamilton, Linda Howe, Richard Boylan, George
Knapp, Bruce Maccabee, etc.) while others -- who personally experienced life-
changing events -- never get their stories carried by the major paranormal outlets
(like C2C, Rense). Indeed, one of the questions always asked regarding legendary
informant Maj. Donald Keyhoe was why he always seemed to get privy UFO
stories from the same sources that other correspondents had access to.]

    Granted, an argument could be made that people like these could forfeit their
pensions by leaking classified material. But similar to the cammo dudes, an equally
valid point could be made that the Government could be using these former
employees to propagate (either with-or-without their knowledge) disinformation for
counter-intelligence purposes (among which would be to cover up germ warfare
experiments, keep the public paranoid and more easily trusting the protective
government, and send foreign enemy regimes on "wild goose chases").

   The key question remains -- and has always been -- how to extract the facts
from the fiction.

    With the recent remote-viewing revelations, I have noticed many conservative
"mainstream" physicists thoroughly investigating this phenomena. Even Robert
Bigelow (NIDS) funded a Chair for Consciousness Studies at UNLV. What's going
on here?

    Unless these guys (seemingly independent of each other) are being led along a
clever disinfo ploy, I would think the "where there's smoke, there's usually fire"
adage would apply here. What is it that they know (or sense) that would make
them drop their former "nuts&bolts" methodologies to pursue something that would
have been classified as "metaphysical"-or-taboo 10 years ago?

    And could this goal be related to the suppressed research of Wilhelm Reich
(see the PX.htm#Reich doc pdf URL page) or Royal Raymond Rife (see the
Medical.htm#Rife doc pdf URL page)? The psychoanalyst Carl Jung initially
thought UFOs (and similar phenomena) were related more toward consciousness
than to some physical entity as we would normally think. Jacques Vallee's essays
seem to echo this point (see the UFO.htm#Vallee doc pdf URL page).

    Even if we had the technology to Star-Trek across the Universe, how would we
know ahead-of-time where to go? A solution would be to "scout" for inhabited
areas using remote-viewing tools rather than just go blindly exploring. (Note that
Tom Skeggs proposed a "Star Chamber" which would allow for real-time

interaction by projecting holographic images of remote-viewers (see the
PX.htm#StarChamber doc pdf URL page.) If it would work for us, then it
would work for "them". Maybe "their" remote-viewing is so advanced that "they"
could project an actual craft (a la the "Star Chamber") which would quantum
decohere at command (similar to UNITEL's MQT => doc pdf URL ).

    I have often wondered if the secret to "UFOs" (and similar phenomena) might
be some sort of consciousness Macro-quantum decohering (like Forbidden
Planet;s "monsters from the ID"). That would explain the morphing of dissimilar
shapes and instantaneous disappearances. But what consciousness is tapped to
make these things "solidify" to be real enough to return signals from a tracking
radar? I wouldn't like to think that "John Doe" down the street is causing a UFO to

    I feel that the major clue lies in the fact that UFO sightings coincide with
nuclear weapons explosions. The modern-day mass sightings started after the first
WWII-era detonations. And they ceased with the worldwide moratorium on further
tests (either atmospheric or underground) in the late-1980s.

     As I noted before, even a documentary was made with the "rub your nose in the
dirt" title of "Where Are All The UFOs?". And the moderator was none other than
Leonard Nimoy ("Mr. Spock" himself!) To me, that seemed almost "sacrilegious"
-- I wondered how much money the Government was paying him.

    I had heard that most major governments have known for quite some time what
the "UFOs" are and why "they" appear where "they" do. Apparently, it is
connected with nuclear events. And also apparently (as from the above
documentary), the Powers-That-Be seem to be saying that the phenomena is a thing
of the past.

    Then there are reports of holographic portals being created in places like Los
Alamos National Laboratories (see the "Boylan_1" file at doc pdf URL-doc URL-
pdf ). Couple that with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's admission of accidental dimensional
"bleedthroughs" (see the Bolt.htm#Bosoks doc pdf URL page) and the fabled
Sherman ranch & Black Forest portals (see the PX.htm#Portals doc pdf URL
page). Now you are unwittingly bringing in the Philadelphia Experiment and
Montauk Project under the same "umbrella" as UFOs.

    I've even heard of theories where nuke events can generate obscure subatomic
particles (like "strangelets") that can snake across the Universe and cause
destructive effects. For instance, causing the Sun to "switch gears" in its nuclear
furnace and nova more quickly. Why has NASA been sending up satellites to
measure the Earth's magnetic field and observe the Sun continually for decades?
Those things should be more-or-less static by now and not require sending up new
satellites every year-or-two.

   Many questions …… but few answers.


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