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List compiled from photographs obtained from approximately 1995 to December 2006.
They have appeared in “offer” sheets from #455 to #580.          LIST COMPLETE.

(For photographs obtained after 2006 – see annual “year” list index starting at 2007.)

__AGIA KYRIAKI (A) (R)           69 GRC          Tsirikos Lines (Heavy load vsl)         Sx1727
__AK. ALEKSANDR KARPINSKII 84 RUS                Govt of Russia                          Sx2527
__AKADEMIK FYODOROV (A) 87 RUS                   Arctic/Antarctic Research Inst.         Sx1515
__AKADEMIK NEMCHINOV (A) 88 RUS                  SMNG/Sevmorneftegeofizika               Sx3292
  (Vessel arriving Port Chalmers 25 Feb 2006 with four container cranes – 2 for NZ and 2 for Chile)
__AK. SERGEY VAVILOV             88 RUS          Shirshov Oceanological Institute        Sx2481
__ALCEM CALACA                   79 AUS          Cementco Shg - cement carrier           WJ1 4
__ALE (A)                        73 SWE Icebreaker        Govt of Sweden                 Sx1385
__ALMOG (A) (R)                  84 HND          Polar service vessel                    VE4 21
__ALVHEIM (A)                    01 NOR          Alvheim AS                              2A89 29
__ARCTIC P                       69 AUS/BHS Consolidated Press Holdings                  PW3 12
__ARCTIC P (A)                   69 AUS/BHS Consolidated Press Holdings                  PU9 14
  (Vessel owned by Kerry Packer, first view is of vessel moving with tug alongside, second view is of
  vessel alongside - clear of tugs. Converted to luxury yacht from deep sea tug ARCTIC in 1993)
__ASEAN RESTORER                 94 SGP          International/ASEAN cableship           Sx2342
__ATLANTIC GUARDIAN              02 GBR          Global Marine - cable-layer             Sx2236
__BALTRADER                      71 DEU/ATG Cement                Cembreeze Shg/Brise Sx1967
__BETA (R - Port)                80 SGP/BLZ El Shaddai/Agensea                           WO7 32
__BILIM (A)                      83 TUR          Research         Orta Dogu University   VO4 34
__BORNHOLM CEMENT                76 NOR/BHS Jebsen Cement/Jebsen KG                      Sx3101
__BORNHOLM CEMENT (Port quarter view)                                                    YV9 1a
__CANTERBURY DRAUGHT RESCUE NZL                  NZ Coastguard Lifeboat                  RE0 33
__CITY OF WESTMINSTER            90 GBR          United Marine Dredging (Dredge)         TA1 14a
__CAP SAN DIEGO                  62 DEU          Preserved reefer - underway             Sx2316
__CAPELLA C (A)                      GBR (Large private yacht - converted from tug?)     RX6 22a
__CRYSTAL LADY (A)                   NZL         Luxury motor yacht                      WJ8 12
__DANEBORG                           DNK         Denmark Royal Yacht                     Sx2046
__DAVID ALLAN                    90 AUS Dredge            Hunter Ports Authority         NR1 1
__DA ZHONG                       98 CHN/PAN COSCo Guangzhou/Galaxy Shg                   Sx2633
__DEN STORE BJORN (PQ) 1902 DNK                  3-masted sailing ship                   2A52 10
__E C CLOSE                      89 AUS          Pilot vessel - Hunter Ports Auth        RK6 11
__EGEON P (A - over wharf)       71 GRC Cement            Egeon P Shg                    SB8 18a
__ESPERANZA                      84 NLD          Greenpeace - converted ORSV             Sx2247
__FAIRLOAD (R - Starboard) 95 NLD                Fairplay Heavy Live/Kahn Shg            Sx2480
__FRIEDEN                        57 DEU(East) Deutsche Sereederei (Museum ship)          Sx1831
__FYRBYGGARTEN (R)               76 SWE Buoy/Lighthouse Tender - Govt of Sweden          Sx1135
__GALILEO (R)                        GRC Large private sailing yacht                     SG3 17a
__GARIBALDI                          MLT         Civil Protection Department             Sx3374
__GAUSS                          80 DEU Research          Government of Germany          Sx1096
__GEROI SEVASTOPOLYA (A - over wharf) 65 UKE Passenger/research & supply TK3 32
__GOLDEN PROGRESS                82 UAE/MNG (Stone carrier) Abhoul Marine FC Co          D0021
__GOTLAND CEMENT (A)(R-p) 77 NOR/BHS Jebsen Cement/Jebsen KG                             YF5 23
__H.ONARAN                           TUR         Turkish Maritime workboat               TK0 23a
__HALAS (R)                      1915 TUR        Ex steam ferry - beautifully restored   VO7 31a
__HAPPY ROVER (A)                97 NLD          Spliethoffs Mgt/BigLift                 Sx2376
__HARRY (A)                      1897 SWE        L. Laurin I Lysekil (restored tug)      ZE3 35
__HOKUTO MARU                    76 JPN Training          Govt of Japan                  SF6 2a
__HYDROGRAAF                        NLD          Preserved steam survey ship             Sx2508
__IMAN AHMADI 10 (R) (12947grt barge) 70 KUW/PKR Shaheen Al-Ghanhim Roads                VW2 1
__JAMES CRAIG (R - Port)         1874 AUS        Restored barque                         WO3 23a
__KONRAD MEISEL(R)               68 DEU Buoy Ship                 Govt of Germany        SJ6 29
__KRASIN (Ice-breaker)           76 RUS          Far Eastern Shipping                    ZS9 9
__KRISTINA HOJ (R)               66 NOR Hopper/Dredge                                    RF0 12
__MARIEHOLM (A)                34 SWE Floating Restaurant Ex Navy Staff ship            Sx1427
__MELVILLE                     69 USA Research vessel Government of U.S.A.              SK9 4a
__MELVILLE (Stern quarter view)                                                         SK9 5a
__MILBURN CARRIER II           88 CAN/NZL Holcim Cement                                 WA2 26a
__MILBURN CARRIER II (Port quarter view)                                                WA3 28a
__NEW ERA            (Dredge) 85 NZL           Port Otago Limited                       TZ4 7a
__NEW ERA (Stern quarter view) (Vessel arriving 3 Feb '03 for Napier dredging contract) TZ5 11a
__OCEAN ADY                    90 DNK          Dannebrog - windmill work vsl            Sx2570
__OCEAN ENDEAVOUR              86 GBR          Gardline Surveys - recovery vsl          Sx2347
__OCEAN SEAL                       JPN Submersible Barge        Fukada Salvage          Sx1062
__OHAU                             NZL         Port Timaru Pilot vessel                 WI4 10
__OOSTSEE                      66 VCT          Lydone Shg & MC Ltd - dredge             Sx2203
__OSTSEE                       95 DEU          Large dredge                             Sx1569
__PACIFIC LINK (A)             79 NZL Medical outreach vessel - Marine Reach (NZ) RR5 6a
__PEJWAK (A)                   81 IRN          National Iranian Oil (Research)          TD9 6
__PLEIJEL                      72 SWE          Telefinans - cable layer/repair          Sx2319
__POISK (A) (R)                74 UKE          Geology Rsch Linart Joint Stock          VO3 22a
__POLAR DUKE (A)               83 NOR          Polar Duke/Rieber Research               TN7 17
__POLAR PRINCESS (A)           86 NOR          Rieber Shipping                          2A97 32a
__PRINCESS ELIZABETH (A) 27 FRA                Paddlewheel floating restaurant          Sx3183
  (Formerly passenger tender for Southampton & Isle of Wight Steam Packet Coy GBR)
__PRINS DER NEDERLANDEN 04 GBR/NLD Westminster Dredging                                 XN8 2
__PRINS DER NEDERLANDEN (Port quarter view)                                             XN8 3
__RECIFE (A)                   54 AUS          T.A.F.E. Training Ship                   XT5 9
__RONJAFISK (R)                96 NOR Live fish t’port Solv Trans/R Halsebank           Sx1295
__SCANDICA                     83 SWE          Swedish Govt buoy/lighthouse tender Sx3317
__SCHARHORN                    74 DEU Oil Polution Recovery Govt of Germany             SI9 12
__SEA-TOW 61                       NZL         Sea-Tow Ltd (Barge)                      ZS6 13a
__SONNE                        68 DEU Research          Part. Ms "Sonne"                VC4 13
__STORM BAY                        AUS Australian Customs Dept large Patrol craft       SH1 33
__TAISEI MARU                  81 JPN Training Vessel Government of Japan               Sx1896
__TAURANGA II (A)                  NZL         Port of Tauranga Pilot vessel            QM3 8a
__TAUTANE                      50 NZL Converted launch from Pilot vessel                SM3 10a
__TIDEWAY ROLLINGSTONE 79 NLD                  (PQ) Tideway (Stone carrier)             2A70 35
__TIDEWAY ROLLINGSTONE (R)                                                              Sx1237
__TOWNSEND CROMWELL 63 NZL                     (Ex American Samoa Govt research vsl) 2B16 2a
__TOWNSEND CROMWELL (Starboard quarter view)                                            2B16 1A
__TRANSPORTER (A) (R)          99 GBR/NLD West Africa/Graig - heavy lift                Sx2002
__TRIAD (A)                    70 SWE          Shipriders (Research vsl)                Sx3023
__TRINITY SUPPORTER (SQ) 88 SGP/BLZ (Cable layer) Trinity Offshore Pte Ltd              Sx3327
__TURANGANUI (& barge)            NZL          Port Gisborne Pilot vessel               ZZ0 4a
__TURANGANUI (Starboard quarter view) (Vsl “pushing” barge on pile inspection work) 2A5 25
__VASCO DA GAMA                00 LUX          Vasco/Dredging & Maritime                XH1 22
__VERESHCHAGINO (A)            78 UKE          Rsch trawler     Hydrophysical Marine VO3 21a
__VOLVOX IBERIA                93 NLD Hopper/Dredge             Van Oord ACZ Bv         Sx1417
__WAIMARIE (PW)                1900 NZL        The Whanganui Riverboat Trust Inc        ZW7 31a
__WAIMARIE (Starboard quarter view)                                                     ZW8 35
  (The Waimarie was built 1900 as Aotea. She sank at her berth at Wanganui in 1952. She was
   raised 1993 and restored to working order by 2000. She plys the Whanganui River on excursions)
__WAL                          38 DEU          Icebreaker - Museum ship                 Sx1589
__WESTPORT                     76 NZL Cement carrier Holcim Cement (NZ)                 TT6 4a
__WESTPORT (Stern quarter view)                                                         TT6 4a
__ZHENHUA 5                    76 CHN/VCT Shanghai Zhenhua Shg Co Ltd                   2A58/10a
__ZUBR (A) (R)                 93 RUS          Rechmarservice (Research)                SN2 13a

Abbreviations: (A)= Alongside wharf (PQ) / (SQ)= Port/Starboard Quarter view only available
               (R)= Quarter view – unidentified quarter

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