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2007 Annual Report ChAmpioning liveR heAlth foR All CAnAdiAns by jianglifang


									    2007 Annual Report

ChAmpioning liveR heAlth
   foR All CAnAdiAns.
Contents                                 Canadian Liver Foundation
                                         National Board of Directors 2007/2008
                                                                                            CLF Chapters

                                         Kevork M. Peltekian, M.D.                          victoria
3         Chairman’s Message             ChairMaN & ChieF exeCutive OFFiCer
                                         eve a. roberts, M.D., FrCPC                        university of alberta
4         President’s Message            Past ChairMaN & ChieF exeCutive OFFiCer
5         LIVERight – A Call to Action   Gary a. Fagan                                      saskatoon
                                         PresiDeNt & ChieF OPeratiNG OFFiCer
6 – 10    Bringing LIVERight to Life     Paul Derksen, Ca                                   London
                                         seCretary/ treasurer
11 – 14   Research                       Morris sherman, M.D., FrCPC                        sarnia/Lambton
                                         ChairMaN, MeDiCaL aDvisOry COMMit tee
                                                                                            Windsor/essex County
15        Treasurer’s Report and         Colina yim, rN                                     stratford
          Financial Highlights           ChairMaN, NatiONaL eDuCatiON aDvisOry COMMit tee
16        Donor List                                                                        Kingston
                                         Frank Bialystok, Ph.D
                                         ronald Bodrug
                                                                                            Perth/smith Falls
                                         Pascale Cloutier, LLB
                                         Marc Deschênes, M.D., FrCPC
                                         William Dillabough, FCa
                                         Jo-ann Ford, rN
                                                                                            thunder Bay
                                         Michael Galego, LLB
                                         Mel Krajden, M.D.
                                         Claude Lajeunesse, Ph.D
                                                                                            Bas-saint Laurent
                                         Murray Pratt
                                         Don saunders
                                         raymond soroka
                                                                                            Mount allison university
                                         Don Wishart
                                         National Office                                    saint John
                                         2235 sheppard avenue east                          st. John’s
                                         suite 1500
                                         toronto, Ontario M2J 5B5
                                         tel: (416) 491-3353
                                         Fax: (416) 491-4952
                                         toll-free: 1 800 563-5483

                                         Canadian Charitable registration
                                         No: 10686 2949 rr0001

                                         Design: Lawless Design
                                         Printing: Continental Press
360° perspective on liver health

It is time for Canadians to remove the blinders restricting its vision of liver health before it is too late. A few short years
ago, liver disease affected one in 12 Canadians; today those numbers have risen to one in 10. This is due in a large part to
the rise of a preventable form of liver disease known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This condition, linked to
poor diet and lack of exercise, is now the leading cause of liver disease, not only in Canada but in all of North America.
         NAFLD – virtually unheard of as little as 10 years ago – is a consequence of the one-dimensional view of the liver
still shared by the majority of the population. Most see the liver as a simple filter for alcohol and are unaware of its more
than 500 functions vital to maintaining life.
         As a hepatologist and as Chairman of the Canadian Liver Foundation, I have seen time and time again how the
stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding liver health shape attitudes and behaviour affecting prevention, testing,
treatment, research and investment. Sadly, many Canadians do not yet see the need to support a cause that affects one
in 10 of their friends, colleagues and employees.
         As you will read in this report, the CLF wants to change how people look at liver health. Our new LIVERight
initiative brings liver health into the realm of everyday life – not as something to be taken for granted, but rather as
something to be nurtured and protected. It is only when liver health is perceived as something of value that we will
see decisive action.
         Through our partners, volunteers, donors, patients and staff, the CLF offers a 360 degree perspective on the
challenges and the needs in liver health. We are therefore uniquely equipped to work with all stakeholders in creating
comprehensive solutions.
         A good example of this collaboration was the Liver Summit held in May 2007. The Summit brought professional
associations, key opinion leaders, government and pharmaceutical industry representatives together to discuss the
development of new and effective funding models for liver research. Ongoing funding shortages have made it difficult
to recruit and retain talented researchers in hepatology in Canada. The Summit was a first step to finding ways to
maximize current resources and to generate new funding opportunities.
         Later in the year, I had the privilege of being one of the speakers at the CLF’s continuing medical education
(CME) session for primary care physicians in Manitoba. In order to increase the likelihood of liver disease patients
being identified and treated at the earliest possible stage, the CLF partnered with the University of Manitoba and the
Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) to hold the CME which covered topics ranging from liver cancer
to NAFLD to liver diseases affecting newborns. The turnout and the positive feedback by attendees showed the need
for such ongoing education forums to help enhance patient care.
         If we want to reverse the rising prevalence of liver disease, we must look at the issues from all angles and
address the realities – not the stereotypes – of liver health. I believe the CLF has a critical role to play in marshalling
community, government, industry, health care and academic resources to create robust yet practical solutions to the
urgent liver health issues facing Canada today and in the future.
         We have already been making progress toward this goal thanks to the support of our donors, sponsors,
volunteers and staff from across the country. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment
and enthusiasm over the past year. As we move forward with LIVERight as our rallying cry, I hope you will join me in
championing the cause of liver health in every community across this country. Together, we can show Canadians that
liver health is the investment of a lifetime.

Kevork M. Peltekian, M.D., Chairman & Chief exeCutive OffiCer
        Recognizing liver health as a part of life

        Our 21st century lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our livers. Too much unhealthy food, too little exercise, too many medications,
        prolonged exposure to chemicals and toxins — the liver has suffered these assaults in relative silence but now the strain is
        beginning to show. Today, increases in conditions like fatty liver disease and liver cancer show that we have taken our livers
        for granted for too long.
                But individuals are not the only ones. Industry, governments and even the medical community have failed to recognize
        the critical role the liver plays in maintaining overall health. As a result, we are faced with shortages of expertise, research
        funding and patient care resources at a time when we need them most.
                Unfortunately, there are no fast or easy solutions to these issues. What is needed is a seismic shift in the way that we
4   |   view liver health.
                It is time we saw liver health for what it truly is, a life-long continuum influenced by factors as diverse as genetics and
        viruses, and as mundane as daily routines and lifestyle choices. It is time that we took it seriously enough to incorporate it
        into academic curricula, to invest in research into new discoveries, to advocate for more effective treatments and prevention
        programs and to take steps in our own lives to nurture and protect it.

        in other words, now is the time to liveRight.

        In 2007, the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) launched our LIVERight initiative in response to the ongoing ignorance,
        indifference and neglect of liver health by Canadians. We wanted to find a way to show people the vital importance of the liver
        in determining both the quality and the quantity of life and at the same time inspire them to learn more, speak out, donate
        and volunteer. Because people care about and act upon those things that hit closest to home, LIVERight is about creating
        relevance to motivate action.
                 But LIVERight is even more than that: it represents a broader vision of the CLF as a champion of liver health – for the
        estimated 3 million Canadians living with liver disease as well as the 30+ million who may be at risk. Through LIVERight, we
        want to become a rallying force and a catalyst for change both within the health care system and beyond.
                 Throughout its history, the CLF has maintained good relationships with companies, government agencies and
        associations with vested interests in liver disease. To truly effect change however, we need to engage the broader corporate
        community and the public in the cause of liver health. LIVERight, with its focus on nurturing and protecting liver health as part
        of daily life, has provoked conversations with industry, institutions and media involved in food manufacturing, packaging,
        retail, education, environmental concerns and healthy living. This shows that our message is striking a chord with these
        uninitiated audiences.
                 If the liver is a barometer for the ills of the 21st century, we are definitely experiencing a ‘low’. It is my hope however,
        that by recognizing and cherishing the role the liver plays in daily life, we can move the needle. And with the support of our
        industry and government partners – both existing and new – our donors, volunteers and staff, I predict new ‘highs’ for liver
        health in Canada in the years to come.

        Gary A. Fagan, President & Chief OPerating OffiCer
there are 3.3 million Canadians personally
affected by liver disease and many more are at risk
of developing some form of liver disease during
their lifetime.
   the Canadian Liver foundation is here to
represent the liver health interests of all Canadians
by supporting research, public and professional
education and advocating for improved standards
for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
   Liveright is relevant for everyone. it is about
the importance of liver health and about good
living – healthy body, mind and lifestyle. Liveright
positively encourages people to take action, to
teach, empower and strive for a better life.
   the Canadian Liver foundation’s call to action
for all Canadians is to get involved personally and
to benefit others. We need committed individuals
who want to make a difference by supporting
our efforts to raise funds to support research and
education. We need passionate spokespeople
who recognize the need for advocacy to effect
change and improve our standards for prevention,
diagnosis and treatment. We need leaders who
understand and embrace the importance of liver
health and are willing to do something about it.
Liveright is our call to action but only people can
make it happen.
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6   |

                                                                                        nt   me
                                                           d i CA
                                                                 t i o n m A n Ag e m e

                                           Bringing liveRight to life
        The Canadian Liver Foundation wants to show Canadians that everyday decisions can impact their liver health in positive or
        negative ways. Regardless of whether you are looking for ways to stay healthy or whether you or someone you care about is
        living with a liver disease, LIVERight can provide positive, preventative and practical advice and tools to help safeguard liver    ✚ L
        health in daily life.
              LIVERight is built upon two governing principles dictated by the liver’s most basic life-sustaining roles – to nurture
        and to protect. The goal in ‘nurture’ is to ensure the liver has everything it needs to perform as nature intended. We have
        identified three important focus areas in which our daily decisions can have a significant impact on the liver’s ability to
        function: Nutrition, Exercise and Environment.
              The goal under ‘protect’ is to take steps to shield the liver from harmful agents (be they viruses, toxins etc.) that could
        cause damage. These actions fall into three categories: Immunization, Medication Management and Risk Management.
              The CLF is committed to integrating the principles of LIVERight into both new and existing awareness, education and
        fundraising programs. The following 4 pages illustrate some of these examples.

               With fatty liver disease having become the most common form of liver                                 Establishing healthy habits and good decision-making skills regarding
               disease in all of North America, it is critical that Canadians of all ages begin to              food choices starts in childhood. With this in mind, the Calgary Chapter
               understand the effect of nutrition on the liver. To help get this message across,                partnered with the Calgary Health Region to create Kool Kids Cuisine – an
               the Foundation launched a number of collaborative initiatives involving the                      after-school pilot program to teach grade five and six students about healthy
               food and beverage industry, food-related media, schools and retail outlets.                      eating, exercise and liver health. Funded by Agrium, the Calgary Foundation
                                                                                                                and the Harry and Martha Cohen Foundation, Kool Kids Cuisine engages
                                                                                                                students in food preparation activities that cover food safety, hand-washing,
                                                                                                                proper food handling and how to plan and prepare a balanced meal following
                                                                                                                recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide. Five to six programs are
                                                                                                                scheduled to run in 2008 at schools in the Calgary region.

                   Recognizing that families are often under a time crunch and need to find
               a balance between nutritious and convenient meals, the CLF launched the
               Liveright awards in partnership with Food in Canada magazine to help in
               identifying healthier choices for busy lifestyles. Companies were invited to enter
               their products in 11 categories including Best Entrée, Best Kid-friendly item,
               Best Breakfast item etc. A panel of judges would then compare the products
               according to their taste, innovation, freshness, texture, aroma, visual appeal and
               nutritional information.
                   As a precursor to the Awards competition and as an educational opportunity
               for food-related media, the Foundation sponsored a roundtable discussion
               with product development and nutrition experts entitled ‘the science of
               marketing nutrition.’ Attendees heard information about fatty liver disease
               and listened to dietitians, nutritionists, and individuals in food and product
               research discuss the challenges of quality versus price, labeling, convenience,
               consumer education and other issues. Roundtable host MaRS Landing                                                                                                                  |7
               subsequently offered the CLF the opportunity to present its first ‘Liveright
               Challenge’ presentation at the Royal Winter Fair. This interactive session led
               by Theresa Albert, nutritionist and host of the Food Network’s ‘Just One Bite’,
               included facts about the liver and fatty liver disease, a nutrition Q&A and an
               ‘Iron Sandwich’ competition.

LIVERight in the News     ✚ LIVERight in the News           ✚ LIVERight in the News           ✚ LIVERight in the News        ✚ LIVERight in the News     ✚ LIVERight in the News     ✚ LIVERight in the Ne

                                                                                                  JULY 25, 2007

                                                   ness campaign
        Canadian Liver Foundation breaks awarehier lifestyles that can
                                       aimed healt
                                             The initiative is primarily
        The Canadian Liver Foundation                                             prevent it, and to raise money
        has begun a public awareness         at women aged 30 to 50 with
                                                                                           rch to better under-
                                             childr en. “Many people see the for resea
        campaign called “LIVERight”                                               stand, treat and cure illnesses
                                             liver simpl y as a lter for alco-
        intended to inform viewers that                                           involving this vital organ.” The
        poor eating habits are as dam-       hol and have no idea the vital
                                             role it plays in overall health,”    campaign was developed by
        aging to a liver as alcohol. The                                                 Sheet Communications
         television commercial, made          said foundation president Gary Clean
                                              Fagan  . “Through the LIVERight      of Toronto. This is the agency’s
         in the style of a beer ad, de-                                             rst work for the foundation
         picts a series of people eating      campaign the Canadian Liver                                    nt late
                                              Foundation is work   ing to coun- since winning the accou
         unhealthy food. The print ads                                      tions last year.
                                gs viewers    ter widespread misconcep

                      Exercise, with all its energy-increasing, immune-boosting and blood-pumping
                      benefits, is an important part of a liver-healthy lifestyle: this is why physical
                      activity features prominently in many of the CLF’s fundraising events.
                          In 2006, the CLF launched its first national family-oriented fundraiser stroll
                      for Liver to mobilize community support for Canadians living with, or having
                      lost a family member to, liver disease. Strolls accommodate all fitness levels
                      with varying lengths and activities including one to ten kilometer walks and
                      runs through local parks, conservation areas or waterfront districts. In 2007,
                      Strolls took place in 22 locations and raised over $160,000 for liver research and
                      education programs.
                          Taking fitness to more exotic climates, Calgary’s give’r for Liver team
                      followed up their success in Dublin, Ireland in 2006 with a trip to Maui in 2007.
                      Give’r for Liver, a marathon walking program dedicated to raising funds for
                      women’s liver health involves 20 weeks of training to walk 42.2 kilometers – a
                      distance that can take seven to eight hours to complete. The 2007 team (see
                      photo below) not only tackled the course but also raised over $30,000.

     8   |

                      Give’r for Liver team, from left to right: Jessica Fernets, Tamara Glenn, Debralee Fernets,
                      Jodi McElwee, Sandra Down, Marianne Bell.

ght in the News           ✚ LIVERight in the News                ✚ LIVERight in the News                 ✚ LIVERight in the News              ✚ LIVERight in the News              ✚ LIVERight in the News                 ✚ LIVERight in the News            ✚

                                                                                                             JULY 26, 2007
                              TING DAILY                                                                                                  TAKEN FROM TORON
             TAKEN FROM MARKE                                                                                                                                       TO STAR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         JULY 26, 2007

                                      chall ges misconceptions
             dian Liver Foundationtackles theen McOstrich says the PSA drives
         Cana                                                                                                                           Beer ad spoofs to raise liver aw
         Matt Semansky
                              the PSA              Sheet,
                                                    common perception that
                                                                                  liver       home the point that unh
                                                                                              foods can damage one’s
                                                                                                                           liver as      Campaign aims to               areness
                                                                                                                                                                              rank just behind diabetes
                                                          ase is caused primarily by                                                                                                                       as the a signi cant dan
             The Canadian     Liver Foundation dise                                           muc    h as alcohol.                       dispel notion that                   ninth leading cause of dea                                ger of liver
                                         n that     heavy drinking.                                “We created a spot that
                                                                                                                                                                                                           th in diseases is their
             has launched a campaig                     “There’s so many charitie
                                                                                                                              but        ailments are mostly                 Canada.                                                   stealthy nature.
             aims to show how      liver disease                                               shows the alcohol cliches,                                                                                           “It’s the nature of the orga
                                   unhealthy         out there, good causes
                                                                                                      the alcohol out of the
                                                                                                                                        alcohol-related                         Part of the reason it’s bee
                                                                                                                                                                                                             n     doesn’t whine, it doesn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   n ... it
             can be caused by                                          to, but after a         took                                                                          overlooked, he says, is that                                         make
                                           abuse. people donate                                equation,” says McOstric
                                                                                                                            h. “It’s                                                                        liver noises until the
              eating as well as alcohol              while they get wallet fatig
                                                                                                                             it         Joseph Hall                          disease has su ered from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      damage is ex-
                 The LIVERight cam    paign                                      n they         a fun spot to look at and                                                    notion it was often self-             tensive,” he says.
                                       ice an-       And what happens whe                       doesn’t seem to take itse
                                                                                                                             lf very                                                                   in icted,      Liver ailments can strike
              includes a public serv                                    ue is they get se-                                                                                  with alcohol-induced cirrh
                                          its cues get wallet fatig                             seriously, but the message
                                                                                                                                that   It’s been given the choppe                                         osis     people of all ages, inclu
              nouncement that takes                   lective about who they
                                                                                 give to,”                                      ag-    liver treatment for far too
                                                                                                                                                                    d       being the best-known ailm
               from stereotypical bee    r com-
                                                                         “Unfortunately,        these foods can be as dam                                          long     But, he says, only one of             infants, with few availabl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                e cures
                                              ps of says McOstrich.                              ing as alcohol  is very sobering.”    now.                                                             the       outside of transplantation.
               mercials. In it, several grou           when you have a concep
                                                                                    tion                                         at       The liver, one of the bod
                                                                                                                                                                            more than 100 types of
                                                                                                                                                                                                      liver                                        Liver
               people are shown at soci
                                            al oc-                                      ase          The PSA launches online                                        y’s    disease is due to alcohol              transplants have become
                                               ing     or a stigma about liver dise               sites such as YouTube this
                                                                                                                                week, most important organs, has                                        abuse. success story
                casions, but instead of clink          that it’s caused by alcohol,                                                   languished in relative obs              “There is a stigma and ofte                         for those whose
                                             they                                                                 airwaves in the                                                                            n    organs have failed. A por
                together glasses of beer,              it tends to fall further dow
                                                                                       n          and will hit TV
                                                                                                                                      as hearts, lungs, breasts,
                                                                                                                                                                  curity   times a joke about liver
                                                                                                                                                                                                      disease, another, com                    tion of
                                            s such                                                next few weeks.
                celebrate with food item                                                                                                                         bones     everybo                                               patible liver can
                                                                                                                                                          TAKEN FROM THE PRO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 29, 2007

                    Hepatitis A and B, two serious and potentially life-threatening forms of liver
                                                                                                                                                        Going to a less-developed ho
                    disease, are preventable by vaccine. Consequently, immunization is an effective                                                                                 t spot? Advice: ‘Get vaccinate
                    way to LIVERight and protect your liver.
                                                                                                                                                       Don Harrison                                               d!
                                                                                                                                                                                                per cent of the more than
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1,000 not check hygiene
                                                                                                                                                                                               Canadian women surveyed                                      standards
                        The CLF believes that all Canadians should be aware of the risks of                                                              Snowfall in November --                                                       before using a resort spa.
                                                                                                                                                                                     for the expressed conc
                                                                                                                                                        second year in a row -- is                               ern about con-           “We know that girlfriend
                    contracting hepatitis A and B both in Canada and abroad and should talk                                                             ably all the motivation man            tracting travel illnesses such
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                as    getaways are relaxing and
                                                                                                                                                                                        y in hepatitis A or B,                                                         fun,”
                                                                                                                                                        southwestern B.C. need                                    dengue fever or said Dr.
                    to their doctors about getting immunized — but it is not always easy to get                                                                                    to plan malaria, their
                                                                                                                                                                                                              actions before and med
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jay Keystone, travel
                                                                                                                                                        some fun in the sun this                                                            icine specialist at the Uni-
                                                                                                                                                                                   winter. during their trips
                    that message out. To help spread the word, the Foundation partnered with                                                              And increasingly escaping                                belie taking       versity of Toronto, “but
                                                                                                                                                       our grey days are groups               the issue seriously.                                                there’s
                    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in two media campaigns in 2007. The first was an Alberta                                                                                  of                                               nothing worse than lettin
                                                                                                                                                       “girlfriend getaways.” How                “Why put yourself at risk                                           g your
                                                                                                                                                                                      ever, from diseases that                       guard down.” Hepatitis
                    pilot program highlighting the risks of contracting hepatitis A and B in Canada.                                                  a recent survey, commiss
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    are totally
                                                                                                                                                                                              preventable?” said Jo-A                the liver particularly vuln
                                                                                                                                                      by the Canadian Liver Foun                                         nn Ford, when travelling
                    A telephone survey showed that while 25 per cent of Albertans were concerned                                                      tion, found that travel illne
                                                                                                                                                                                      da-    president of the national
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Associ- plagued hot spot
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       to disease-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ss      ation of Hepatology Nurs                                   s such as Latin
                    about contracting hepatitis A and B in Canada, 61 per cent were not, or were                                                      was last on their long list
                                                                                                                                                                                  on         board member of the Cana
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           es and America and the
                                                                                                                                                     pre- ight concerns, follo                                               dian      Ford estimates 60,000 peop
                    not sure if they had been, vaccinated. With the cooperation of GSK, CLF staff                                                                                wing        Liver Foundation.                                                           le
                                                                                                                                                     accommodation cleanlines                                                       in B.C. have hep B, a cond
                                                                                                                                                                                     s,        “Get vaccinated!” The Lege                                          ition
                    and our medical spokespeople, the campaign garnered over 3 million media                                                         resort security, crime rate,                                            r      deemed incurable after
                                                                                                                                                                                    a des- report found that                                                     six
                                                                                                                                                    tination’s health standard                                  25 per cent of     months and a potential
                                                                                                                                                                                  s and     female travellers had sex                                           killer.
                    impressions including print, TV, radio and online media.                                                                        social and/or political unre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with a        “I worked for years on the
                                                                                                                                                                                            local or fellow traveller, while
                                                                                                                                                        While the Leger Marketing                                            only liver-transplant team
                        Later that year, a second campaign targeted women in their 40s and 50s                                                      study last month found                  40 per cent avoided unco
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ” at Vancou-
                                                                                                                                                                               that 77 foods. As well,                             ver General Hospital, Ford
                    planning group excursions and talked about various ‘risky’ activities that could                                                                                                        60 per cent would “So
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I’ve seen what it can do.”
                    result in exposure to hepatitis A or B. The ‘Girlfriend Getaway’ campaign, timed
                    to coincide with fall and early winter travel planning, elicited over 10 million                                                      TAKEN FROM THE EDM
                                                                                                                                                                                        ONTON JOURNAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      AUGUST 13, 2007
                    media impressions including TV, print, radio and online.

                                                                                                                                                        Public pools, dining out can
                                                                                                                                                        Andrea Sands
                                                                                                                                                                                     pose                                                              dangers
                                                                                                                                                                                                       considered accurate with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     in 3.2         just under $120.
                        TAKEN FROM THE CAL                                                                                                                                                             percentage points, 19 time
                                                    GARY HER ALD                                                                                           A simple set of vaccinati                                                   s out           A combined hepatitis A
                                                                                                                                                                                         ons          of 20.                                                                        and B
                                                                                                                         AUGUST 14, 2007                   could protect Albertans                                                                 vaccine plus the required
                                                                                                                                                                                         against          The results show that 60                                                 extra
                                                                                                                                                           a potentially deadly liver                                                              hepatitis B shot costs abou
                      Albertans know little about
                                                                                                                                                                                          dis-        per cent of Albertans feel                                                     t
                                                                                                                                                          ease, says an Edmonton                                                     it is         $120.
                                                  risks of
                                                                                                                                                                                         infec-       unlikely they will contract
                                                                                                               hepatitis                                  tious disease expert.
                                                                                                                                                              But a poll for the Canadian
                                                                                                                                                                                                      disease in Canada.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the              Hepatitis A is found in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  feces of an infected pers
                  Experts recommend Albertans abou
                                                                               t contracting                public pool are risk facto
                                                                                                                                                          Liver Foundation released
                                                                                                                                                         day shows many people
                                                                                                                                                                                                         “But at least half of the case
                                                                                                                                                                                                     of hepatitis A that we’re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           s      usually spreads by close      |
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                on and
                                                            hepatitis A and B in Cana                                                     rs for                                        don’t                                                     sonal contact or by inge
                                                                                           da.             contracting hepatitis A.                                                                  ing in Canada are local,”                                                 sting
                                                                The telephone survey is                                                                  recognize some routine                                                   said            contaminated food or wate
                  Andrea Sands                                                                                Although death from hepa                                                 risks         Shafran.                                                                       r.
                                                            considered accurate with                                                           ti-       for contracting hepatitis                                                                   It is more common in Third
                                                                                           in 3.2          tis A is extremely rare, abou                                                A and           “There have been outbreak
                                                            percentage points, 19 time                                                       t 25        B, and 61 per cent of Albe                                                      s       World countries with poor
                 A simple set of vaccinati                                                   s out per cent of infec                                                                     rta’s      periodically related to food                                                   sani-
                                              ons          of 20.                                                           ted adults end              adult population has not                                                     s;          tation systems.
                 could protect Albertans                                                                  up hospitalized.                                                              been        there have been some relat
                                              against          The results show that 60                                                                 vaccinated or doesn’t know                                                   ed             Roughly half of the Albe
                 a potentially deadly liver                                                                  Albertans appear to be                                                                 to berries, occasionally.”                                                   rtans
                                               dis-        per cent of Albertans feel                                                     aware         their vaccination status.                                                               polled recognized activ
                ease, says an Edmonton                                                     it is          of some of the risk facto                                                                    The survey showed 40 per                                              ities
                                              infec-       unlikely they will contract                                                 rs for              “These are infections that                                                           such as eating at a resta
                tious disease expert.                                                      the           contracting hepatitis B.                                                           can cent of Albertans                                                            urant,
                                                           disease in Canada.                                                         About            be acquired in Canada,”                                           are not wor-          eating fresh produce from
                    But a poll for the Canadian                                                          80 per cent recognized                                                       warned ried about catch                                                                    the
                                                              “But at least half of the case                                         get-              Dr. Stephen Shafran, direc                                      ing hepatitis           supermarket or swimming
                Liver Foundation released                                                        s       ting a tattoo or piercing,                                                     tor of A or B because                                                                    in a
                                                to-       of hepatitis A that we’re                                                     having        the division of infectious                                      they think they          public pool are risk facto
               day shows many people                                                    see-            unprotected sex or shar                                                        diseas- can avoid situa                                                                rs for
                                              don’t       ing in Canada are local,”                                                  ing a            es for the University of Albe                                  tions that put            contracting hepatitis A.
               recognize some routine                                                   said            toothbrush or razor coul                                                          rta’s them at risk.
                                            risks         Shafran.                                                                    d put           department of medicine                                                                      In May, about 2,000 peop
               for contracting hepatitis                                                                them at risk.                                                                .                Half of the Edmontonian                                                     le
                                             A and           “There have been outbreak                                                                    “I think Albertans should                                                s          were vaccinated against
               B, and 61 per cent of Albe                                                      s            However, only about 45                                                        de - polled believed                                                               hepa-
                                              rta’s      periodically related to food                                                                 nitely consider hepatitis                                       that statement titis A
              adult population has not                                                     s;           per cent recognized activ                                                   A and         compared with 33 per cent                             after a kitchen worker in
                                              been       there have been some relat                                                    ities         hepatitis B vaccinations.                                                     of         a Calgary restaurant was
              vaccinated or doesn’t know                                                   ed          such as going to the dent                                                                  Calgarians.                                                                diag-
                                                         to berries, occasionally.”                                                    ist or            ‘They’re very safe and very                                                          nosed with the virus.
              their vaccination status.                                                                getting a pedicure at a spa                                                         ef-       The fund-development
                                                            The survey showed 40 per                                                     as          fective and some people                                                     man-            Although death from hepa
                 “These are infections that                                                            potential risks.                                                               would ager for the Edm                                                                       ti-
                                                 can cent of Albertan                                                                                have the cost covered thro                                       onton chapter tis A is
             be acquired in Canada,”                                        s aren’t worried                                                                                           ugh       of the Canadian Liver Foun                             extremely rare, about 25
                                          warned about catch                                              In Alberta, 3,000 patients                their insurance plans and                                                    da-
             Dr. Stephen Shafran, direc                                ing hepatitis A or                                                 are                                         some tion said peop                                    per cent of adults who catch
                                             tor of B because they                                     being tested for HIV and                     would even have it cove                                        le need to know                                                the
            the division of infectious                                     think they can                                            hepa-                                         red                                                       disease end up hospitaliz
                                           diseas- avoid risky situa                                  titis B and C after it was                    through the government                       they can catch hepatitis                                                   ed.
                                                                           tions.                                                 learned                                                                                     here.             Albertans appear to be
            es for the University of Albe                                                             that surgical equipment                                                        (tar-         “Even if you don’t plan to                                                aware
                                               rta’s       Half of the Edmontonian                                                 in Veg-         geted vaccination) plan                                                                   of some of the risk facto
            department of medicine                                                       s            reville’s hospital hadn’t                                                  s.”            travel, get vaccinated,” said                                             rs for
                                         .             polled believed that state                                                been                  In mid-May, the                                                            Car- contracting hepa
                “I think Albertans should
LIVERight in the News ✚ LIVERight in the News ✚ LIVERight sterilized.                  ment properlyin the News ✚ LIVERight in the News LegeLIVERight in the News ✚ LIVERight in the titis B. About LIVERight in the
                                                                                                                                                                            ✚    r Mar-         men Boyko.                                                         News
            nitely consider hepatitis
                                               de - compared with
                                                                          33 per cent of                                                           keting survey polled 931
                                                                                                                                                                                   adult                                                    80 per cent of those polle ✚
                                         A and                                                          In March, at least 261 wom                 Albertans about contracti                       The vaccine for hepatitis                                                d
           hepatitis B vaccinations.                   Calgarians.                                                                        en                                        ng                                           A          recognized that getting
                                         They’re                                                     were told to undergo bloo                     hepatitis A and B in Cana                    costs about $150 for the                                                  a tattoo
                                                          In May, about 2,000 peop                                                    d                                            da.                                       re-            or piercing, having unpr
           very safe and very e ectiv                                                    le          tests for HIV and hepatitis                                                               quired two doses. Three                                                   otected
                                            e and were vaccinate                                                                     B and            The telephone survey is                                                doses         sex or sharing a toothbru
           some people would have                                        d against hepa-            C because of worries med                                                                   of the hepatitis B vaccine                                                  sh or
                                           the        titis A after a kitchen work                                                  ical                                                                                      cost         razor could put them at
           cost covered through their                                                 er in         instruments in a Lloydmin                                                                                                                                            risk.
                                             in-      a Calgary restaurant was                                                      ster
          surance plans and some                                                     diag-         obstetrics-gynecology o
                                        would nosed with the                                                                        ce
          even have it covered thro                                      virus.                    were not properly sterilized
                                         ugh             Roughly half of the Albe                                                     .
          the government (targeted                                                    rtans            The fund development
                                           vac-       polled recognized activ                                                      man-
          cination) plans.”                                                       ities            ager for the Edmonton
                                                     such as eating at a resta                                                 chapter
             In mid-May, the Leger Mar-                                           urant,          of the Canadian Liver Foun
         keting survey polled 931                    eating fresh produce from                                                      da-
                                        adult                                         the         tion said people need to
                                                     supermarket or swimming                                                     know
                                                                                      in a        they can catch hepatitis

                    The CLF’s new public service announcement, ‘Cheers’, launched in July 2007.
                  Risk management

                  When you are not aware of danger, it is difficult to protect yourself. That is why
                  the CLF has introduced a number of programs to help educate youth, young
                  adults, and other high-risk groups about the liver health risks associated with
                  alcohol, drugs, tattooing, body piercing, sex and other activities.
                      Young voices, the CLF’s Atlantic region peer-driven hepatitis C education
                  and prevention program for youth, entered its final phase in 2007 with the
                  development of a new website – www. Funded by the Public
                  Health Agency of Canada, this hands-on youth program first launched in 2003
                  in Moncton, New Brunswick. Young voices involved street and at-risk youth
                  in the development of radio spots, display materials, a stage performance,
                  video series, resource kit, and presentations for their peers about the risks
                  and realities of hepatitis C. In addition to the website, the final phase – taking
                  Young voices to the streets – included workshops at schools and community
                  centres throughout the Atlantic provinces.
                      In Edmonton, students from LISA (Liver Info Student Association), the
                  CLF’s University of Alberta campus chapter, along with CLF staff, created a
                  new website to highlight liver health risk factors and prevention tips relevant
                  to students and other young adults. The site – – covers
                  the topics of food, alcohol, drugs, sex, body art and travel and is intended not
                  only to raise awareness but also to encourage students to take action today to
                  protect their life-long liver health.
                      Prison populations face some of the highest risks for contracting hepatitis
                  C while incarcerated and upon their release may help spread the disease within
                  the community. To help teach inmates how to protect themselves, the CLF
                  BC regional staff work with the John Howard Society to present liver health
                  information as part of information fairs in prison facilities across the province.
  10   |          The fairs, which take place in 11 prisons twice a year, are an opportunity to
                  cover not only hepatitis C risk factors but also other liver health issues including
                  alcohol and fatty liver disease.

ht in the News       ✚ LIVERight in the News           ✚ LIVERight in the News             ✚ LIVERight in the News               ✚ LIVERight in the News               ✚ LIVERight in the News              ✚ LIVERight in the News         ✚

                                                                                          OCTOBER 26, 2007
           TAKEN FROM MEDICAL POST                                                                                          TAKEN FROM STR ATE
                                                                                                                                                       GY MAGAZINE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SEPTEMBER , 2007

       LIVERight campaign a reminder that                                                                                 Liver Foundation softens stig
       liver disease is about more than alcohol                                  Liver Foundation Chairman Dr.
                                                                                                                          Annette Bourdeau             ma          and at the same time add
                                                                                                                                                                                                ressed a cionados, dep
                                             women in bars, jovial groups of                                                                                       the stigma surrounding                                 icting a piece
           TV spot spoo ng                   men revelling in good-natured       Kevork Peltekian of the Queen             There’s nothing quite like
                                                                                                                                                                   disease,” says Neil McOstric          of broccoli held with a clea
           beer ads points out a             camaraderie, fellows relaxing       Elizabeth II Health Sciences              ing open a cold...tub of
                                                                                                                                                    ice           founding partner at the
                                                                                                                                                                                                 h,     ing glove. The headline
                                                                                 Centre in Halifax. “In those indi-       cream.                                                            agency, “Some of the
           poor diet can cause               in deck chairs on a warm day.
                                                                                 viduals, mainly it’s due to being           The latest campaign from
                                                                                                                                                                  explaining why they opte
                                                                                                                                                                                               d to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       most e ective
                                                                                                                                                                                                       cleaning products are kep
           just as much damage               But in each of the scenes, the                                                                               the     spoof beer commercials                                            t in
                                             beer and cocktails we are accus-    overweight, and if they don’t            Toronto-based Canadia
                                                                                                                                                   n Liver           The campaign features
                                                                                                                                                                                           .           the fridge,” while the cop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   y goes
                                                                     hands        lose weight, then the disease           Foundation includes a 30-s                                          the      on to explain that eating
           No one has to tell the Canadian tomed to seeing in the                                                         ond TV spot that spoofs
                                                                                                                                                        ec-      new “LIVERight” slogan,
                                                                                                                                                                                           which                                   broc-
                                                these stock characters have       will progress.”                                                   beer         aims to destigmatize liver            coli helps the body deto
           Liver Foundation how hard it is of                                         NASH can lead to brosis,           ads, featuring people part                                           dis-        The print media plan was
           to ght stereotypes and mis-        been replaced with a high-fat or                                                                        ying       ease while raising awarene                                          n’t
                                              high-sugar food, such as chick-      cirrhosis, damaged liver, liver       and indulging in sweets
                                                                                                                                                    rather       about how to prevent it.
                                                                                                                                                                                               ss       nalized at press time; the
           conceptions; the CLF  has been                                                                                                                                                                                           TV
                                                       , ice cream sundaes,        failure and cancer of the liver.      than drinking brews. It aim
                                                                                                                                                       s        ERight is this philosophy
                                                                                                                                                                                           “LIV-      began rolling out in late
             ghting them for years. Now, its en wings                                 While the public awareness        to raise awareness about                                           - live                                July.
           new public service announce-       and cotton candy. The visuals                                                                          fatty      in moderation, be aware...
                                                  followed by the message:         campaign is intended for a lay       liver disease, which is brou
                                                                                                                                                      ght       non-judgmental, it’s pos
                                                                                                                                                                                              it’s    Credits
            ment turns thought stereotypes are                                          ience, it might also serve as   on by unhealt                                                     itive,”     Cl
                                                                                           SpEcIaL pRojEctS

                                                                                           the first line
                                                                                           of defense for
                                                                                           liver health
                                                                                           In Canada, the first line of
                                                                                           defense against illness is the
                                                                                           family physician. Unfortunately,
                                                                                           while diabetes, asthma, heart
                                                                                           and cancer are top-of-mind for
                                                                                           these health care providers, liver
                                                                                           disease is often misdiagnosed
                                                                                           or missed completely because

                                                                                           there is very little liver training in
                                                                                           medical school.
                                                                                               The CLF and the University of
                                                                                           Manitoba Section of Hepatology
                                                                                           recognized this gap in the liver
                                                                                           healthcare continuum and, as a
                                                                                           result, established a partnership
                                                                                           to host updates in hepatology,
                                                                                           a Continuing Medical Education
                                                                                           (CME) program created
                                                                                           specifically for family physicians
                                                                                           and other allied health care
                                                                                               Held in September 2007 in
                                Thanks to the work of researchers both in Canada and       Winnipeg, Manitoba, updates
                            around the world, we have seen tremendous progress in          in hepatology featured
                                                                                           speakers from across the country
                            the identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of
                                                                                           presenting sessions ranging from
                            liver disease. Vaccines, screening tests, gene discoveries,
                                                                                           hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease
                            and increasingly effective treatments – these milestones       and immunization to fatty liver
                            show what can be accomplished when talent is married           disease, hepatotoxicity, liver
                            with financial resources.                                      transplantation and more. The
                                Through its research grant program and joint funding       goal was to provide enough
                                                                                           information to the participants
                            projects, the CLF awards critical funding to doctors and
LIVERight in the News   ✚                                                                  to help them address liver health
                            researchers at various stages in their careers. By providing
                                                                                           issues in their practices without
                            this much-needed support, the CLF helps attract and retain     burdening them with in-depth,
                            some of Canada’s top talent in the field and ensures the       irrelevant information on liver
                            search for new discoveries continues.                          disease that, while interesting,
                                In 2007, the CLF was pleased to be able to award new       was not applicable at the practice
                                                                                           level. Based on the positive
                            funding to 25 researchers in British Columbia, Alberta,
                                                                                           feedback from participants,
                            Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
                                                                                           the CME will be repeated on an
                                                                                           annual basis and expanded to
                                                                                           new locations.
                                                      gold medal award                                              recipients of the roche fellowship in
                                                                                                                    Clinical hepatology 2007
                                                      The CLF established the Gold Medal Award in 1983 to
                                                      recognize doctors and scientists internationally who have     Dr. Hsiao-Ming Jung, MouNt SINaI HoSpItaL, toRoNto, oN
                                                      made a significant contribution to advancements in the        Project Supervisor: Dr. Victor Feinman
                                                      field of liver research.
                                                                                                                    Dr. Andrew Y. Xuan, toRoNto WEStERN HoSpItaL, toRoNto, oN
                                                      In 2007, Dr. S. Victor Feinman, Director of the Liver         Project Supervisor: Dr. Jenny Heathcote
                                                      Study Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, became
                                                      the 25th recipient of the Canadian Liver Foundation/
                                                      Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver
                                                      Gold Medal Award for his outstanding contribution
                                                      to the field of hepatology. Among his many
                                                      accomplishments, Dr. Feinman was responsible for
                                                      establishing Mount Sinai’s Liver Study Unit in 1971
                                                      and initiated a longitudinal follow-up of one of the
                                                      largest hepatitis B and C patient cohorts in North
                                                      America. In partnership with various colleagues, Dr.
                                                      Feinman is also credited with describing the first
                                                      known cases of non-A, non-B hepatitis in Canada (later
                                                      designated as hepatitis C) and with conducting the
                                                      largest transfusion study in the world demonstrating
                                                      the significance of the so-called surrogate test for the
                                                      diagnosis of hepatitis C.

12   |

         Researcher Profile 〉〉 Wendong Chen 〉〉 university of toronto
                                                                                               born in HCV endemic countries will help in developing health policy and
                                               Cost-effectiveness                              clinical guidelines for hepatitis C in Canada.
                                               analysis of hepatitis C
                                               screening among first-                          What are you hoping to achieve?
                                                                                               By examining the HCV epidemiology for immigrants in Canada, natural
                                               generation immigrants.
                                                                                               history of the disease, the effectiveness of anti-viral treatment, patients’
                                                                                               quality of life, and awareness about this disease among immigrants, we
                                               Project Supervisors:
                                                                                               will be able to fill in some of the research gaps existing in Canada and the
                                               Dr. Murray Krahn &
                                                                                               world. In the end, our analysis of the differences in HCV prevalence and
                                               Dr. Jenny Heathcote
                                                                                               genotype distribution in the immigrants’ countries of origin will allow us
                                                                                               to create a ranking to determine which immigrant groups it would be most
                                                                                               cost-effective to screen.
         Why did you want to undertake this particular research project?
         Patients with chronic hepatitis C (HCV) infection display few, if any, symptoms,      What are the implications that your research might hold for prevention,
         and may go undiagnosed for years until their conditions escalate to serious           diagnosis or treatment of liver disease?
         liver complications and require life-saving – and costly – interventions like         The results of this study will provide the health policy makers with a clear
         liver transplants. HCV screening can help identify patients so that they              and accurate picture of benefits and costs associated with HCV screening
         can be treated before it is too late. Even though many immigrants come                among immigrants in Canada. It will also help in advocating for the early
         from highly endemic areas where prevalence rates of hepatitis C can be as             diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C which can reduce the health care
         high as 18 per cent, HCV screening is currently not recommended. Doing                costs and the need for liver transplants in Canada. Finally, this study can
         a health economic evaluation study of HCV screening among immigrants                  provide a comprehensive model for other health policy analysis.
Operating grant recipients 2007                                    graduate studentship recipients 2007

Operating Grants provide $60,000 per year for two years to         Graduate Studentship program provides $20,000 per year,
hepatobiliary research investigators to pursue major research      for a maximum of two years. These awards are intended for
projects. As the most senior award, it is offered to researchers   scientists-in-training who are working towards obtaining
who hold academic appointments in Canadian universities            their Masters or Ph.D. in liver research.                     SpEcIaL pRojEctS
or affiliated institutions.
                                                                   Ava John-Baptiste, uHN – toRoNto gENERaL HoSpItaL
new investigator award                                             Project Supervisor: Dr. Murray Krahn                          Finding new
Dr. Robert Myers, uNIVERSIty oF caLgaRy                            Cost-effectiveness of treating hCv infected persons           funding solutions for
Noninvasive prediction of hepatic fibrosis using serum             who are active or recent substance abusers with               liver research
markers in patients with chronic hepatitis B.                      anti-viral therapy.
                                                                                                                                 Canada can boast of being
Dr. Arnim Pause, McgILL uNIVERSIty                                 Donald Graham, uNIVERSIty oF aLbERta                          home to many of the world’s
Functional characterization of hepatitis C virus proteins          Project Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Mason                          leading liver specialists and
in rNa replication.                                                viral induction of autoimmune biliary disease by mouse        researchers – and yet, funding
                                                                   mammary tumour virus in the NOD.c3c4 mouse model              to support their work is hard
Dr. Kostas Pantopoulos, McgILL uNIVERSIty                          of primary biliary cirrhosis.                                 to come by. Competition for
regulation and function of hepcidin
                                                                                                                                 research funding is fierce and
                                                                   Wendong Chen, uNIVERSIty oF toRoNto
                                                                                                                                 liver projects are often not given
Dr. Florence Wong, uNIVERSIty oF toRoNto                           Project Supervisors: Dr. Murray Krahn & Dr. Jenny Heathcote
                                                                                                                                 the same priority or level of
the use of terlipressin followed by tiPs insertion                 Cost-effectiveness analysis of hepatitis C screening
in the management of hepatorenal syndrome type 2                   among first-generation immigrants.                            support as studies focusing on
in cirrhotic patients with refractory ascites.                                                                                   other health conditions.
                                                                   Bill Andriopoulos,                                                As the top non-profit funder
Dr. Fernando Alvarez, uNIVERSIty oF MoNtREaL                       Lady daVIS INStItutE FoR MEdIcaL RESEaRcH, MoNtREaL           of liver research in Canada, the
Development of specific immunotherapies for                        Project Supervisor: Dr. Kostas Pantopoulos                    CLF is continually faced with
treatment of autoimmune hepatitis.                                 the role of soluble hemojuvelin in hepatic                    having too many worthy projects
                                                                   hepcidin regulation.                                          and not enough funds to go
Dr. Mark Swain, uNIVERSIty oF caLgaRy                                                                                            around. To try and find ways
NKt: regulatory t cell interactions in the                         Aditya Murthy, uNIVERSIty oF toRoNto
                                                                                                                                 to maximize existing funding
control of hepatitis.                                              Project Supervisor: Dr. Rama Khokha
                                                                                                                                 channels and generate new
                                                                   tiMP3 and the regulation of hepatocyte apoptosis,
                                                                                                                                 ones, the CLF organized the
                                                                   inflammation and carcinogenesis.
                                                                                                                                 first national Liver summit
                                                                   Gloria Woo, uNIVERSIty oF toRoNto                             in May 2007. Bringing together
                                                                   Project Supervisor: Dr. Murray Krahn                          over 30 stakeholders including
                                                                   evolving paradigms for hepatitis B anti-viral therapy.        professional associations, key
                                                                                                                                 opinion leaders, government
                                                                                                                                 and pharmaceutical industry
                                                                                                                                 representatives, the Summit
                                                                                                                                 provided the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                 discuss the development of new
                                                                                                                                 and effective funding models
                                                                                                                                 for liver research and how the
                                                                                                                                 CLF could serve as a hub. With
                                                                                                                                 ongoing funding shortages
                                                                                                                                 affecting the recruitment and
                                                                                                                                 retention of talented liver
                                                                                                                                 researchers, all involved agreed
                                                                                                                                 that change was needed to
                                                                                                                                 ensure that the search for
                                                                                                                                 treatments and cures continues.
                                                    summer studentship recipients 2007

                                                    Summer Studentship program awards $4,000 over a period         irma Brecht award
                                                    of three months to undergraduate students to allow them to     Sean Ferland, uNIVERSIty oF aLbERta
                                                    pursue liver-related research projects under the guidance of   Project Supervisor: Dr. Klaus Gutfreund
                                                    leading liver researchers.                                     Novel targets to resolve chronic viral hepatitis B:
                                                                                                                   exploring the role of cytotoxic t-lymphocyte antigen 4
                                                    the seved soderquist memorial summer studentship               (CtLa-4) in the duck hepatitis B model
                                                    Shuangbo Liu, uNIVERSIty oF MaNItoba
                                                    Project Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Minuk                           Diana Diao, uNIVERSIty oF bRItISH coLuMbIa
                                                    role of LChaD deficiency in liver diseases associated          Project Supervisor: Dr. Mel Krajden
                                                    with pregnancy                                                 Newly acquired hCv infection among illicit drug users

                                                    Henry Nguyen, uNIVERSIty oF caLgaRy                            trisha nagpal memorial studentship
                                                    Project Supervisor: Dr. Mark G. Swain                          Kenneth Ho, uNIVERSIty oF ottaWa HEaRt INStItutE
                                                    Contribution of altered aDaM-17 (taCe) activity to             Project Supervisor: Dr. Yves L. Marcel
                                                    defective monocytic tNF processing in cholestasis              Can PPara stimulation reduce liver disease
                                                                                                                   in NPC1-null mice?
                                                    Adam Fontebasso, cHuM, HôpItaL SaINt-Luc
                                                    Project Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Rose                       Rabia Bana, McMaStER uNIVERSIty
                                                    studies of the role of protein tyrosine nitration in the       Project Supervisor: Dr. Bernardo Trigatti
                                                    pathogenesis of encephalopathy in chronic liver failure        role of the hDL receptor sr-Bi in hepatic synthesis and
                                                                                                                   secretion of apoB containing lipoproteins in mice
                                                    Annie Feng, uNIVERSIty oF caLgaRy
                                                    Project Supervisor: Dr. Samuel S. Lee                          Céline Giordano, uNIVERSIty oF ottaWa
                                                    Protective effect of erythropoietin on                         Project Supervisor: Dr. Curtis Cooper
                                                    cirrhotic cardiomyopathy                                       evaluation of the influence of race and language on
                                                                                                                   chronic hepatitis C virus infection management
                                                    Tyler Ngai, uNIVERSIty oF bRItISH coLuMbIa
14   |                                              Project Supervisor: Dr. Brian Conway                           Davie Wong, uNIVERSIty oF MaNItoba
                                                    the hi-Lo study; evaluation of a multi-disciplinary            Project Supervisor: Dr. Tooru Mizuno
                                                    approach for the treatment of hCv infection in                 the role of hypothalamic leptin-mtOr signaling
                                                    injection drug users                                           in fatty liver disease

         Researcher Profile 〉〉 Dr. Fernando Alvarez 〉〉 university of Montreal
                                             development of                                  which targets specific cells have been proposed for the treatment of several
                                             specific immunotherapies                        diseases, including autoimmune diseases. Our recently generated animal
                                             for treatment of                                model of autoimmune hepatitis is particularly suitable for the testing of
                                             autoimmune hepatitis.                           new therapies.

                                                                                             What are you hoping to achieve?
                                                                                             We intend to test new specific immunotherapies to obtain a complete
                                                                                             remission of autoimmune hepatitis. We will assess the ability of short-term
                                                                                             treatments to rapidly induce a state of remission and their impact, at the
                                                                                             molecular level, on the liver and on the entire immune system.

         Why did you want to undertake this particular research project?                     What are the implications that your research might hold for prevention,
         Current treatments of autoimmune hepatitis are based on the long term               diagnosis, treatment of liver disease?
         administration of non-specific immunosuppressive drugs to control the               This bench to bedside approach could lead to the development of new, less
         inflammatory process. While effective in most patients, these treatments have       damaging and more specific treatments for autoimmune hepatitis patients
         harmful side effects. In recent years, new and more specific immunotherapies        and may also help us understand the pathogenesis of the disease.
                                                                                   treasurer’s Report
In 2007, the Canadian Liver Foundation commenced a                         current and future liver research decreased from $862                        thousand in 2006 to $202 thousand in 2007. At the
fundamental change in fundraising philosophy and strategy.                 thousand in 2006 to $62 thousand in 2007.                                    same time, operating expenditures decreased from
The Board of Directors approved a shift from reliance on                       Despite this change in strategy, we increased the                        approximately $4 million in 2006 to $3.4 million in
resource-heavy fundraising techniques to a more balanced                   funding by the Medical Research Fund from $640                               2007 for a 15 per cent reduction. This reduction reflects
approach, focused on corporate and community originated                    thousand in 2006 to $965 thousand in 2007, representing                      management decisions to further shift our efforts away
donations. At the same time, the Foundation launched its                   an increase of 51 per cent.                                                  from resource-heavy fundraising initiatives.
new LIVERight initiative to position itself as an authority                    Our Research Trust Fund paid out $213 thousand                               I am also pleased to report that our financial position
within the broader scope of liver health and to provide                    and we are committed to further funding in 2008 – 2010                       at the end of 2007 remains fiscally sound. We have
additional channels for sponsorship and fundraising. We                    totaling approximately $1 million.                                           substantial investments of approximately $2.9 million
are confident that this change in strategy will position                       In 2007, we continued to foster a strong partnership                     and cash of $1.5 million and are well positioned to fund
the Canadian Liver Foundation well to meet its business                    with the Research and Medical community in support of                        research commitments.
objectives and adjust its approach to the realities of the                 current and future research as a result of which donations                       We would like to express our sincere thanks to our
ever-increasing competitive fundraising environment.                       increased from $285 thousand to $539 thousand,                               volunteers, program partners, professional advisors and
    The beginning of this transition is reflected in                       representing an increase of 89 per cent.                                     staff for their efforts and invaluable contributions which
revenues, which decreased from $8.5 million in 2006                            Despite very volatile market conditions, our                             will enable our continuing commitment to Canadians
to $7 million in 2007. At the same time, income to fund                    investment income increased by 35 per cent from $150                         who rely on the Canadian Liver Foundation.

                                                                                                       Paul Derksen, CA, seCretarY/treasurer

Financial Highlights
Financial position Summary as at december 31, 2007 and 2006
                                                                                 General Fund                         Research Trust Funds                       Medical Research Fund                        Total
                                                                   2007                  2006                 2007                   2006                 2007                   2006          2007           2006


Current                                                    $1,447,101            $1,904,795             $259,738                $47,020              $79,067                  $3,715     $1,785,906    $1,955,530
Investments                                                 $286,852               $316,415           $1,709,242            $1,242,638             $952,729                $926,229      $2,948,823    $2,485,282
Capital Assets                                                $60,998               $55,865                     $0                    $0                   $0                      $0      $60,998        $55,865
                                                           $1,794,951            $2,277,075           $1,968,980            $1,289,658           $1,031,796                $929,944      $4,795,727    $4,496,677

Current                                                     $283,800               $167,805                     $0                    $0                   $0                      $0     $283,800       $167,805
Fund Balance                                               $1,511,151            $2,109,270           $1,968,980            $1,289,658           $1,031,796                $929,944      $4,511,927    $4,328,872
                                                           $1,794,951            $2,277,075           $1,968,980            $1,289,658           $1,031,796                $929,944      $4,795,727    $4,496,677

operations Summary for the year Ended december 31, 2007 and 2006
                                                                                 General Fund                         Research Trust Funds                       Medical Research Fund                        Total
                                                                   2007                  2006                 2007                   2006                 2007                   2006          2007           2006


Donations and Chapter Revenue                              $6,112,502            $7,841,830             $645,519              $469,590                     $0                      $0    $6,758,021    $8,311,420
Interest and Other Income                                     $35,051               $24,390              $96,238                $68,016              $70,190                $57,624       $201,479       $150,030
                                                           $6,147,553            $7,866,220             $741,757              $537,606               $70,190                $57,624      $6,959,500    $8,461,450


Programs                                                  $2,313,789             $2,584,513             $213,902              $394,706                $8,818                  $3,335     $2,536,509    $2,982,554
Research Grants                                                      $0                    $0                   $0                    $0           $964,824                $639,772       $964,824       $639,772
Operating                                                 $3,396,389             $3,977,630                     $0                    $0                   $0                      $0    $3,396,389    $3,977,630
                                                           $5,710,178            $6,562,143             $213,902              $394,706             $973,642                $643,107      $6,897,722    $7,599,956

Excess (deficiency) of revenue
over expenditure for the year                                $437,375            $1,304,077             $527,855              $142,900           ($903,452)              ($585,483)         $61,778      $861,494
Interfund transfers to support activities
of the Medical and Research Trust Funds                  ($1,052,058)            ($844,816)              $84,031             ($220,768)            $968,027              $1,065,584             $0             $0
Transitional adjustment on adoption
of new accounting standards                                   $16,564                                     $67,436                                    $37,277                               $121,277            $0

Fund Balance — Beginning of Year                          $2,109,270             $1,650,009           $1,289,658             $1,367,526            $929,944               $449,843       $4,328,872    $3,467,378
Fund Balance — End of Year                                 $1,511,151            $2,109,270           $1,968,980            $1,289,658           $1,031,796                $929,944      $4,511,927    $4,328,872

Complete financial statements including explanatory notes as audited by Grant Thornton LLP are available from the Canadian Liver Foundation National office.
                                                                                                                                                           thank you to our donors
                                          this list does not fully reflect the many donors that have generously given to the canadian Liver Foundation in 2007.
                                                                                       We would like to thank all of our donors for their dedication and support.

Organizational Partners                   Cantest Ltd.                                Groupe Petra Ltée                         McKesson Canada                             scotiabank
Partenaires organisationnels              Carnduff & District Donors Choice           Gudeway                                   Medavie Blue Cross                          shake experts
1107748 alberta Ltd.                      Casa Grecque (BLP )                         hakim rugs                                Mel’s heating & air Conditioning services   sherrie’s services
1233674 alberta Ltd. O/a Fitman Calgary   Cat shack Motorsports                       harry & Martha Cohen Foundation           Merck Frosst Can. Ltee                      shon yee Benevolent association
152245 Canada inc.                        CCJ Contracting Ltd.                        hl staedler Company                       Meridian                                    sime Farms
3M Canada Company                         Chat richmond hill student Council          hoffmann-Laroche Limited                  Merlene investments Ltd.                    simituks inuvialuit art
9175-0455 Quebec inc.                     Ciena Canada inc.                           honest Lawyer restaurant                  Midland transport Limited                   sitQ inc.
965329 alberta Ltd.                       Ciments Lavallée                            horizon employees Charity Fund            Migenix                                     sKF Canada Limited
abbaco holdings                           Cinram international inc.                   hôtel de la Montagne                      Milan & Maureen ilich Foundation            smith Williams and Bateman insurance
action athletic                           Cistel Foundation – Community               hôtel de ville de Laval                   Miller thomson Pouliot                      south Burnaby royal Canadian Legion
albert abrum Lager Foundation                Foundation of Ottawa                     husky Group of Companies                  Minuteman Press halifax                     south vancouver isle Lions
alberta’s Credit unions                   Clover Leaf Cheese                          hydraco industries Ltd.                   Mixcor aggregates inc.                      southwest Contracting Ltd.
almag aluminum inc.                       Coast Capital savings                       ia Clarington investments inc.            Monarch stores Ltd.                         spruce Grove veterinary Clinic
alpa Lumber inc.                          Cologero argento                            iBeW Local 353                            Mulvey & Banai inc                          spyech, Gary economo
aMP Oilfield Consulting Ltd.              Competition Muffler & shocks (1986)         iBM employees’ Charitable Fund            MuN MeD Monte Carlo                         staff association Charity trust
antev West                                Construction a.t.a . inc.                   iNCO. voysey’s Bay Nickel Co. Ltd.        Municipality of the District                   of the Workplace safety &
arC energy trust                          Cronus technologies inc.                                                                 of Guysborough                              insurance Board
                                                                                      industrial alliance
arC resources Ltd.                        CtC energy                                                                            Nathan steinberg Family Foundation          stante Waked & associes inc.
                                                                                      iNG Canada
arcas Group inc.                          Ctv                                                                                   Nehpets holdings Ltd.                       stantec Consulting Ltd.
                                                                                      investissements elmag inc.
arjon Construction Ltd.                   CvrD inco Ltd.                                                                        Newfoundland and Labrador hydro             steel Craft Door Products Ltd.
                                                                                      investors Group
army, Navy, air Force vets                Davis LLP                                                                             NFLD & Labrador Credit union                steeples Construction (2005) Ltd.
                                                                                      isaac Warnica PC
   in Canada unit 284                     Days hotel & Conference Centre                                                        NFLD & Labrador Liquor Corporation          système d’alarme G.F.D. inc.
                                                                                      isanne Weiner Boutique
association des hépatologues              Deloitte                                                                              Norco Products Ltd.                         teck Cominco
                                                                                      italian Centre shop Ltd.
   de Montréal re Dr Gilles Pourier                                                                                                                                         telematic Controls
                                          Dixie r. Bain real estate services          ivanhoe Cambridge inc.                    North Brook enterprises
astellas Pharma Canada inc.                                                                                                                                                 telsec Developments Ltd.
                                          Dominion Bond rating service Ltd.           J a Clarington investments inc.           Nova steel Ltd.
astenJohnson                                                                                                                                                                telus
                                          Dorbar insurance agency                     J. P. Metal                               Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada inc.
atCO Gas                                                                                                                                                                    the Joseph segal Family Foundation
                                          DrC Oilfield Construction Ltd.              J.J. Barnicke ( Quebec) Ltee              Outlook Donor’s Choice
atlantic hepatology                                                                                                                                                         the Lord Nelson hotel & suites
                                          DuCa Financial services Credit union Ltd.   James valley Colony Farms Ltd.            P F Manufacturing Ltd.
au vieux Duluth                                                                                                                                                             the Molson Donation Fund
                                          Duke Projects                               Jefo Nutrition inc.                       Park Paving
avW telav                                                                                                                                                                   the National Life assurance Company
                                          eDC                                         Johnson inc.                              Paul Band Culture & recreation Club
axcan Pharma inc.                                                                                                                                                              of Canada
                                          edge advertising                            Johnsonite Canada                         Pavages Meska inc.
B W Construction Products Ltd.                                                                                                                                              the sisters of saint ann
                                          edmonds appliance Centre                    Jubilee Fine Jewellers                    Pennecon Limited
Banque Laurentienne Du Canada                                                                                                                                               tNs Canadian Facts
                                          edmonton area Council society               K v r electric Ltd.                       Penticton royal Canadian Legion
Banque Nationale                                                                                                                                                            toronto hydro employees’ Charity trust
                                          edmonton Kenworth Ltd.                      Kamloops Lions                            Permanent Financial
Base engineering                                                                                                                                                            totem Charitable Foundation
                                          edward Jones, Greg tarasco                  Kanata transport & Logistics Ltd.         Peters & Co. Ltd.
Bayer inc.                                                                                                                                                                  townsend’s Field scouting
                                          enCana Cares Foundation                     Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd.        Peterson Land Consulting Ltd.
BDO Dunwoody LLP                                                                                                                                                            transCanada PipeLines Limited
                                          endura Manufacturing                        Kieth tempelton                           PGu
Bell aliant                                                                                                                                                                 trend home improvements
                                          ericson Canada inc.                         Kimberly-Clark Canada incorporated        Philanthropy Preceptorship Fund
Bell Canada                                                                                                                                                                 trillium Gift of Life Network
                                          eugene Brody Fund                           KrG Children’s Charitable Foundation      Phillips, hager & North
Bell Canada employee Giving Program                                                                                                                                         trillium home LOBa Ontario West inc.
                                          exmerce Barter inc.                         L v Lomas Ltd.                            Placements Maska Ltee
BFL Quebec inc.                                                                                                                                                             true insite Web Design & rejuvenation
                                          exxon Mobil Canada Properties               La Fondation Charitable richter           Plumbers & Pipe Fitters union Local 488
Big Mountain active Wear inc.                                                                                                                                               tundra engineering
                                          Fado investment Corp.                       La Groupe Petra Ltée                      Powell school of Dance
Black and McDonald Limited                                                                                                                                                  tyco electronics Canada Ltd.
                                          Fasken Martineau                            Labatt Community investment Program       Powervision software inc.
Blake, Caddels & Graydon srJ                                                                                                                                                uBC
                                          Fedmet tubulars Div of russel Metals        Laser away Ltd.                           PPG Canada inc.
BMO Fountain of hope                                                                                                                                                        unigraphics Ltd.
                                          Fenwick & Company interior Design           L’association Libérale De Jeanne Marice   Pr Nyrose holdings Ltd.
   employees Foundation                                                                                                                                                     union #52 Benevolent society
                                          Firo-tech Construction                      Le groupe alfid                           Precision steel & Manufacturing
BMW Laval                                                                                                                                                                   united Way of Calgary,
                                          Firstenergy Capital Corp.                   Le Groupe Jean Coutic (PJC) inc.          Provincial employee Community
BMW Mini – Laval                                                                                                                                                               Donor Choice Program
                                          Fitmom Calgary                                                                           services Fund
Bombardier inc.                                                                       Legacy Bowes Group inc.                                                               uponor Ltd.
                                          Fondation communautaire                                                               Provincial Managers Golf tournament
Borderless solutions inc.                                                             Leon’s Furniture Limited                                                              uPs store Moncton #81
                                             Canadienne italienne                                                               Public health agency of Canada
Boston Pizza                                                                          Lerners LLP                                                                           valmont Nadon excavation Ltee
                                          Fondation Frank Cavallaro                                                             Q94 FM
Bowness Lions Club                                                                    Les Carrieres de st-Dominique Ltée                                                    viau Food inc.
                                          Fondation Jarislowsky                                                                 Queen health Building
BP Canada energy Ltd.                                                                 Les Cinémas Ciné enterprise inc.                                                      ville de Laval
                                          Fonds des employés et retraités                                                       Quintex services
Bradgate arms retirement suites                                                       Les entreprises Claude Chagnon                                                        viroChem Pharma
                                             de Bell Canada                                                                     r & r Pipe handlers Ltd.
Bridgeport inn                                                                        Les Productions Noemie inc.                                                           vOCM Cares Foundation
                                          Fort McKay Group of Campanies                                                         rBC – Banque royale
Bristol-Myers squibb Canada inc.                                                      Les Produits alimuntaires viare                                                       Warner Bros entertainment Canada inc.
                                          Four Points by sheraton halifax                                                       rBC royal Bank
Broadridge investor                                                                   Lioness Club of Cobourg Bingo                                                         Waste Management of Canada
                                          Friesen accounting 1996 Ltd.                                                          real equity Centre inc.
   Communications Corp                                                                Liver Disease unit                                                                    Westlock Community
                                          Fuller Landau                                                                         reitmans (Canada) Limited
Brock Balog Golf services                                                                 (health science Centre –
                                          G & t Welding Ltd.                                                                                                                Wetaskiwin Lions Bingo account
                                                                                          university of Manitoba)               reputation institute
Brouse holdings inc.                                                                                                                                                        William F. Lede Family Foundation
                                          G Beaudet Ltee                              Loblaws                                   restaurant L’Orchidée de Chine
Burlington Lions Club                                                                                                                                                       Wilson Bros. enterprises
                                          G N Johnston equipment Co Ltd.              London Drugs Foundation                   ritson tile & Carpet
Cablelync inc.                                                                                                                                                              Winnipeg Free Press
                                          G r tubular service inc.                    L’Orchedee de Chine                       river Bend Colony
Caisse De Bienfaisance Des employés                                                                                                                                         Winnipeg regional health authority
                                          General Paint                               Loyal Protestant association              riverside towing Ltd.
   et retraités Du CN
                                          Genivar                                                                                                                           Women of the Moose
Caisse Populaire italienne                                                            Lyreco (Canada) inc.                      riverton Construction Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                               (Wetaskiwin Chapter 559)
                                          Genzyme                                     M.F. Wirth rail Corp.                     roche Ltée Groupe Conseil
Calfrac Well services                                                                                                                                                       Women’s Fitness Club – Pickering
                                          Geston Jacques Lafontaine inc.              Macdonalds Prescriptions                  rogers Cable Communications inc.
Camphill Communities Ontario                                                                                                                                                Woodbine entertainment
                                          Gilead sciences Canada inc.                 Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund          rogers insurance Ltd.
Canada Construction Ltd.                                                                                                                                                    World health Club
                                          GlaxosmithKline inc.                        Maeja Pharmaceutical inc.                 royal Canadian Legion
Canada Life assurance Co.                                                                                                                                                   Wrigley Canada employees’ Charity trust
                                          Goodyear Canada inc.                        Mama rosa’s restaurant                       Chapelhow Branch 284
Canada safeway Limited                                                                                                                                                      Wyeth
                                          Grant thorton Cap serv. Co.                 Mancal Corporation                        royal Canadian Legion, 119
Canadian institutes for                                                                                                                                                     xe.Com
   health research - institute of         Green shield Canada                         Maple ridge royal Canadian Legion         royal LePage real estate Professionals
   infection and immunity                 Groupe Dutailier inc.                       Marcarko Ltee                             samson Belair/Deloitte & touche
Canadian salt Company Limited             Groupe elite Capital                        Markham Chinese soccer association        sasktel telCare employees Charity trust
Cangene Corporation                       Groupe hémi                                 Marpole Drywall                           schering-Plough Canada inc.
Can-intl Networking initiatives Corp.     Groupe Jean-Coutu                           McDermott Motors                          scotia Bank of NFLD & Labrador
Merci a nos donateurs
cette liste ne représente pas tous les donateurs qui ont contribué à la Foundation canadienne du foie en 2007.
Nous désirons remercier tous nos donateurs leur engagement et soutien.

individual donors                    Mr. eric Dussault              Dr. M. Kaleem                Frank Napoli                   Mrs. Dorothy shaver
donateurs individuels                Dr. Jane Dywan                 Ms. Mary Kamann              Joan Nash                      Mr. J. shaw
Mr. John abraham                     Mrs. Jean Dziuba               Mr. Del Kearney              Mr. Joseph h. Natywary         Mrs. elizabeth sheehan
Ms. Mary C. addison                  Mr. Wilfred M estey            r. tom Kee                   Ms. susanna Ng                 Lois siegel
Ms. Donna agnew                      Mr. Darren evans               Mr. thomas Kelly             Mr. robert Nowe                Dr. G. simons
s. agrawal                           Mr. & Mrs. r. Farewell         William Kelly                Mrs. Nancy Nyman               simpson Family
Gary anderson                        Mr. ron Farrell                Mrs. Kathryn Kennedy         Ms. sandra Nymark              Mr. Kristofer siriunas
J. astill                            Mr. Paul Faynwachs             Mr. robert Kennish           Mr. edward J. O’Connell        Mrs. ruby sirons
Mr. Dwayne Bacon                     robert Fenn                    Mrs. r. Kenny                Mr. Mike O’Connor              Mr. Clayton sissons
Mr. John Baird                       Mrs. Barbara Fenwick           Mrs. Mary Killam             George Oldreive                Ms. Marion skinner
Mr. & Mrs. G. Baker                  Curtis & Debralee Fernets      Ms. Gloria Kilosky           Ms. Geraldine O’Meara          N. slevison-Klein
Dr. vickie Baracos                   Cheryl Fienberg                Mr. Darcy Kirby              Mrs. virginia O’rourke         Mrs. Joy slykhuis
Mr. William Barnett                  Mr. George Fink                Mr. Peter Klassen            Mr. Doug Orvis                 Mr. roger smith
Ms. Nancy Barootes                   Mr. John h. Foley              henry Knowles                P. Osbourne                    Morneau sobeco
Bruce Barrie                         Ms. B. Foster                  Laura Kogan                  Peter O’sullivan               Marianne soy
Mr. Paul Beeston                     Mr. andre Gagnon               Dr. Me Krajden               Mrs. Denise Otten              Mr. Chuck spaetgens
Marianne Bell                        robert Gagnon                  Paula Lam                    Mr. Bernard Ozawa              Mr. David speth
Chris Benoit                         Mario Galella                  M. Lamba                     Mrs. Janet Panabaker           Caroline spika
Mrs. Pearl Beros                     Mr. thorsten Gaul              Mr. robert Lane              Mr. & Mrs. Don & Leslie Park   Mr. Cliff stark
roland & Marie Bertin                Mr. r. Gelinas                 Mr. Michael Lawrence         Kent Parker                    Mrs. Deborah starzynski
Mr. earl Beyers                      Barbara Giacomello             thein Le                     Mr. Dennis Parkinson           Mr. robert steane
Mr. Frank Bialystok                  Mr. Peter Gibson               Mr. vincent Leblanc          Mr. John B. Paterson           Mr. a. steele
Mr. J. Bird                          robert & Deborah Gilchrist     Ki-Wung Lee                  Mr. David Pauli                adam steinberg
Mr. richard Black                    Mr. William Gillen             Mr. rolland Lemire           richard Pearson                eleanor stephanson
Linda Blasetti                       Mr. W. Glass                   Mrs. O. irene Leslie Blake   susan Pentland                 Mr. Mark D. stephen
Ms. Cynthia Blumenthal               Janine Glober-summach          Ms. Pearl Lester             Francine Perker                Mr. John stephure
Dr. Jean Bodnar                      Mr. Blake Goldring             Kexing Liu                   robert Peters                  Mr. Bill stewart
Fred Boehli                          Mrs. C. Warren Goldring        Mr. John Liver               Mrs. Bea Pickwell              Peneloope stock
Mrs. Norman Boersma                  Marlys Goodfellow              Mr. James Lucas              roger Pike                     Mrs. sheryl streeper
Mr. emilien Bolduc                   Mrs. Janet Gouinlock           Ms. Marjorie Lyons-Colling   Mr. Brook tanner Pimm          Miss. B. struthers
aldo Borelli                         ronald Gravelle                Mr. rod MacDonald            amanda Poch                    Douglas stuve
robert Bosa                          Dr. susan Greenbloom           elaine MacDonald             Mrs. elaine Pocock             yvette styner
Mr. Gordon Bowerman                  Jim Gross                      Dr. George MacDougall        Louise & ron Poelzer           Mrs. Liz sullivan
tom Bradley                          Mrs. shereen Grubb             Miss. Mary Celeste MacPhee   J. Pollock                     Mrs. sandra sullivan
Mr. Murray Brasseur                  Geoffrey Gudewill              Brenad Madigan               alka Pool                      Mr. robert summer-Gill
Mr. John Buchanan                    Miss. ina hagerman             Mr. alex Madryga             Mr. stephen Potter             allan taylor
Mr. William K. Butler                Mrs. velma C. hainsworth       Dino Magnatta                Mrs. stella Powalinsky         Jean thibaudeau
Mrs. heather Campbell                Mr. Milton halvarson           Faye Manor                   Marie Prevoo                   Mrs. C. anne thorpe
Mrs. susan Campbell                  Dr. Paul hanson                Dr. F. Mansbridge            Mrs. Catherine radcliffe       Jeremy tillcock
Mr. John h. Carr                     Mrs. Jean F. hardy             John Marogna                 Mr. Jay radtke                 Michael tims
Dr. John Carruthers                  Mrs. Maura harrington          Ms. sandra Marquardt         Mr. alex radvanszky            Jeff tokarchuk
Mable Chadwick                       Mr. edward hawkes              Frank Martin                 Mrs. h. e. rankin              Mr. Peter t. t. tong
Ms. Cynthia Chan                     Mr. ron hayter                 Mr. robin Matheson           adele raymond                  Donato toniassi
Mr. adrien Chan                      t. hermant                     Mrs. Louise Matiece          Mr. Charles F. redge           Mr. Michael van Leeuwen
Mr. Frederick Chandler               Mr. Doug herrick               Mr. ray Matty                Ms. shirley reeves             Mr. Fritz vanderheide
Mr. Murray Chant                     Ms. ruth hicks                 Ms. teri Matula              Ms. Gail regan                 Mrs. Connie K. varnhagen
Jeremy Chipper                       Doug hill                      Mr. Donald McCartney         Mr. a. rehkatsch               Miss Geraldine Waldorf
Geeta Chowdhury                      Mrs. June hill                 Mr. George McCowan           Mrs. Linda reisman             Mr. Garry P. Walker
Mr. D. Christie                      Mr. andy hilliard              Mr. Bradley McCoy            Ms. adelaide richter           Mr. Fred Webb
vera Clark                           Mr. robert hirsche             James McDermott              Dr. annette roberge            Dr. Judith Weinroth
Mrs. M. June Clarke                  Mr. George hoar                Jodi Mcelwee                 Mrs. Flora robertson           Lorraine Whellams
Mr. Melvin Cohen                     Ken hodson                     Mr. tom McGivney             Mr. Patrick a. robinson        Deanna White
Mrs. helen a. Cole                   anthony holler                 Mr. John McGugan             Mr. Peter J. robinson          Mr. George r. Will
Mr. Charles Comartin                 Mr. Barry holmes               Mr. a. Kenneth McKinnon      Mr. Doug robson                Mrs. anne Willard
Mr. e. Coolen                        Mr. Neil horbachewski          Mrs. shirley McMillan        Mr. David rodych               Mrs. adurey Willson
Mr. & Mrs. robert & hillary Cooper   Mrs. Dorothy hudson            Joyce McMurray               Mrs. Joanne ross               Mr. George Wilson
Mr. Norman D. Corfe                  Mollie hudson                  Mr. Derrick McPhee           Mrs. Beatrice rowe             Mr. robert Wilson
Mr. Michel Cote                      evelyn hullah                  Miss. Maggie McQuade         Mr. roy rushworth              Mr. richard B. Wilson
Mr. Joseph Coulson                   Gary hullah                    Mr. robert Medd              Lars rust                      t. Wilson
Mrs. Frances Cowan                   William hullah                 Mr. Joe Medina               Mr. James saloman              Miss. sylvia Winger
David Craig                          s. C. F. hutchison             Mr. robert Merchant          Mrs. Carol sasseville          Mrs. y. Wong
Mrs. Betty M. Cronkhite              Monsieur andre imbeau          Mrs. Karen Merker            Mr. William L. sauder          Mr. Charles Woo
andrew & hillary Cumming             Mr. richard K. irvine          Miguel Mesquita              Mr. robert M. scarborough      scott Wood
stanley Curry                        Mr. James irvine               Margarita Mesquita           Mr. harry schaefer             eileen M. Wood
Ms. theresa Cutler                   Mr. Bill irwin                 Mrs. Joyce Miller            Mr. robert scheck              Mrs. Barbara yates
edward K. Czarnata                   Mrs. Deanna irwin              Mr. Brian Mills              Moritz schmidt                 Mrs. P. young
Mr. Daryl Demery                     Mrs. Kimberly J. ivey          Mr. M. J. Miners             Mr. Gordon schneck             Mrs. hoda Zaghloul
Mrs. Lucy Demsey                     thomas Jacobsen                Dr. Nabil Missiha            Mrs. Monica schultz            sleiman Zaroubi
Dr. William Depew                    harold Jagoe                   Ms. Laura B. Moore           Monsieur antonio sciacia       Mr. Jerry Zeinstra
roberto Di Minico                    raymond James                  Ms. Michelle Moore           Mr. stephen scobie             e. Zoebelein
Mr. James Doherty                    Mr. & Mrs. ted & enid Jansen   Mrs. eris Mork               Mr. B. J. seaman               Mrs. Kirsten Zwaan
Ms. Noreen Doiron                    Mr. Peter Jarvis               Mr. John C. Morrison         Mrs. helen seedhouse
Dennis Down                          srindihi Jayaram               Lynne Mound                  Mr. Mark seehagel
Dr. ralph Dubienski                  Michael Jeffrey                Mr. Ben Moxon                Mr. Paul serson
Mr. roger e. Dubois                  Mrs. Geraldine Johnson         Mrs. Katie M. Murray         Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Kim shannon

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