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Genius Power® Pure Sine Wave 3 In 1 UPS/Inverters
For home or business 240V mains backup power applications.
These state of the art pure sine wave UPS/inverters utilise sophisticated circuitry that includes a battery
charger, inverter, solar regulator and an automatic bypass switch suitable for a variety of power backup instal-
lations. They are designed to be connected to 240V mains grid power or 240V generator, a solar array and
suitably sized battery bank. Under normal conditions the load is direct fed from the 240V source. Under 240V
mains failure the inverter powers the load from the battery bank. The automatic bypass switch seamlessly
changes over from 240V mains power to inverter power within 8ms. The control panel with LCD provides ad-
justments for mains output voltage, output frequency. Essential battery parameters can be monitored includ-
ing capacity remaining, current and voltage. The control panel may be removed and located remotely via
Cat5 UTP cable up to 50m from the main unit.
Inverter: Produces a clean and smooth sine wave ac output with very low distortion (<3%) and precise fre-
quency control. The soft-start circuitry and large surge capacity enable the units to power heavy inductive
loads. The overload and short circuit protection system ensures safe and reliable operation. An bypass switch
enables the unit to operate as an automatic backup power supply whilst connected to the mains grid.
Battery Charger: Charges and maintains either gel cells or lead-acid battery banks up to 500Ah. The micro-
processor circuitry ensures batteries are charged to their optimum capacity using a 3 step process. This max-
imises battery capacity and life. Charging parameters are user-configurable depending on battery size. This
allows the charger to be matched precisely to the kinds of batteries being employed.
Solar Regulator: The internal solar regulator allows direct connection of solar panels, integrating them into a
remote power system. The connected batteries are charged and maintained automatically from the solar pan-
els. If the unit is connected to mains power or a generator, battery charge is automatically balanced between
mains and solar panels.

  Features • Pure sine wave output with low distortion • Auto-switching between 240V mains and inverter output when
  mains fails • Suitable for fixed backup power systems • Suitable for use in generator systems • Internal solar regulator
  • Built-in 5 stage battery charger • User programmable charge parameters for optimum battery charging • Gel cell or
  lead-acid battery compatible • Front panel can be remote mounted • Low battery alarm • Low battery shutdown
  • Thermal shutdown • Short circuit protection

  Model                   M 8139               M 8144                  M 8145
  Capacity                1KVA, 800W           2.4KVA, 1600W           3.6KVA, 2400W
  Battery input voltage   12V dc               24V dc                  24V dc
  Efficiency (typical)    >80%                 >80%                    >80%
  Max charging current    >40A                 >50A                    >50A
  Output voltage          220-240V ac @ 50Hz   220-240V ac @ 50Hz      220-240V ac @ 50Hz
  Max output voltage      275V ac @ 50Hz       275V ac @ 50Hz          275V ac @ 50Hz
  Power factor            0.67                 0.8                     0.8
  Frequency regulation    ±0.1Hz               ±0.1Hz                  ±0.1Hz
  Voltage regulation      <3% RMS              <3% RMS                 <3% RMS
  Operation temperature 0-40°C                 0-40°C                  0-40°C                                                 Price Each                                   RRP       2+
  Weight                  14kg                 24kg                    32kg                                                   M 8139 800W 12V input UPS inverter NEW!   1099.00 999.00    9
  Dimensions (mm)         ≈400 x 300 x 150     ≈450 x 300 x 190        ≈450 x 300 x 190
                                                                                                                              M 8144 1600W 24V input UPS inverter       1599.00 1499.00
                                                                                                                              M 8145 2400W 24V input UPS inverter       2099.00 1899.00

 NEW!        Aero-Sharp® MPPT PV Grid Feed Inverters
This series of photovoltaic (PV) inverters are specially designed for small to medium
roof-top solar power generation systems. They feature a sealed stainless steel enclo-
sure designed and certified for IP65 protection. Independent MPPT channels allow                      Approved to:
different combinations of PV modules - maximising the power yield of each array. The                  Safety: IEC 62103:2003, EN50178:1997
handy LCD readout provides reference to parameters such as PV voltage, energy gen-                    Grid Protection: DIN VDE 0126-1-
erated, generation time, operating modes & errors. Electrically isolated input and out-               1:2006, DK5940, AS4777
put for safety and reliability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.                   EMC: EN61000-6-1/6-2/6-3/6-4/3-2/3-3
Model                        M 7977                   M 7978                  M 7980
                                                                                                      IMPORTANT NOTE:
Aero-Sharp model:            HR-INV-X01-015           HR-INV-X01-020          HR-INV-X01-030
                                                                                                      These inverters MUST by law be
PV input power:              1875W                    2500W                   3750W
                                                                                                      installed by a registered solar installer.
Max DC input power:          1755W                    2350W                   3500W
Max input current:           10A                      6A + 6A                 10A + 10A
MPPT channels:               1                        2                       2
Max ac output power:         1650VA                   2200VA                  3300VA
Max ac output current:       7A                       10A                     15A
Max efficiency:              >94%                     >94%                    >94.5
Operating temperature:       -25°C to 50°C            -25°C to 50°C           -25°C to 50°C
Weight:                      27kg                     36.5kg                  42.5kg
Dimensions HxWxD (mm):       344x415x205              370x525x225             370x525x225
Price Each                                                                                     RRP
M 7977 1.5KVA                                                                             1899.00
M 7978 2KVA                                                                               2199.00
M 7980 3KVA                                                                               2999.00

                                                                                   VIP Trade Card holders receive up to 40% discount - See the ‘purple price’ on each product

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