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									                                                      Wedding Budget
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1. Use the Estimator (tab) worksheet to set the estimated budget for each category, listed below the word "Estimated"- See /estimator tab
2. Record estimated amounts for each item in each category, trying to stay below the Estimated budget
3. When you make a purchase, add the amount to the Actual column
4. Try to make the Total for each category be equal to or less than the Estimated (budgeted) amount

                                                Estimated             Actual
Apparel                                            600.00                       [42] Ceremony
Gown                                                                                 Clergy
Bridal Shoes                                                                         Location fee
Bridal slip                                                                          Alter decorations
Lingerie                                                                             Chair/pew rental
Hosiery                                                                              Pew/chair decorations
Jewelry                                                                              Guest book/pen
Bridal Headpiece/veil                                                                Ring bearer pillow
Bridal gloves                                                                        Flower girl basket
Bridesmaid dresses                                                                   Unity candle
Bridesmaid accessories                                                               Aisle runner
Bridesmaid shoes                                                                     Ushers
Groom's tux                                                                          Gratuity
Groomsmen tuxes                                                                      Transportation
Garters                                                                              Childcare
Gown preservation                                                                                      Total Ceremony
Going-away outfit
Honeymoon clothes                                                                     Rehearsal dinner
Children's apparel                                                                    Caterer
                   Total Apparel                       0.00              0.00         Bartender
                                                Estimated             Actual          Tables/chairs
Flowers                                            800.00                             Decorations
Brides bouquet                                                                        Security
Bridesmaids bouquets                                                                  Music
Corsages                                                                              Sound system
Boutonnière                                                                           Guest parking
Reception centerpieces                                                                Dishes
Altarpiece                                                                            Centerpieces
Pew/chair bows                                                                        Linens
Throw away bouquet                                                                    Food
Flower girls' flowers                                                                 Servers
                     Total Flowers                     0.00              0.00                  Total Rehearsal dinner

                                                Estimated             Actual
Photography                                        800.00                             Honeymoon
Bridal portraits                                                                      Air fare
Reception                                                                             Accommodations
Ceremony                                                                              Rental Car
Photo albums                                                                          Entertainment
Engagement portraits                                                                  Misc
                Total Photography                      0.00              0.00                       Total Honeymoon
                                    Estimated   Actual
Stationary                             300.00            Reception
Invitations                                              Location fee
Announcements                                            Caterer
Map/direction cards                                      Food
Reply cards                                              Baker
Ceremony cards                                           Musician
Save the date cards                                      Bar tender
Postage                                                  Liquor
Calligrapher                                             Security
Newspaper announcement                                   Wedding cake
Thank you notes                                          Groom's cake
Rehearsal dinner invitations                             Cake knife
Bridesmaid luncheon invitations                          Cake decorations
Bachelor party invitations                               Servers
Wedding programs                                         Table decorations
Address labels                                           Other decorations
                 Total Stationary        0.00     0.00   Dishes
                                    Estimated   Actual   Napkins
Rings                                  500.00            Linens
Wedding bands                                            Tables
Engagement ring                                          Chairs
Engraving                                                Guest book
                     Total Rings         0.00     0.00   Entertainment
                                                         Rice/Rose petals/bubbles
                                    Estimated   Actual   Parking
Misc                                   200.00            Gratuities
Marriage license                                         Limousine/Carriage
Bridesmaids' luncheon                                    Transportation
Hairdresser                                              Childcare
Manicure/pedicure                                        Balloons
Manicure/pedicure for attendants                                         Total Reception
Wedding planner/organizer
Consultant/coordinator                                   Gifts & Favors
Hotel for guests                                         Attendant gifts
Other                                                    Gift for fiancee
Other                                                    Favors
                       Total Misc        0.00     0.00                 Total Gifts & Favors

                                    Estimated   Actual
            Total Expense                  $0       $0

d "Estimated"- See /estimator tab

                             Estimated     Actual

                                    0.00     0.00

                             Estimated     Actual

                                    0.00     0.00

                             Estimated     Actual

                                    0.00     0.00
Estimated   Actual

     0.00     0.00

Estimated   Actual

     0.00     0.00
           Wedding Budget Estimator
             Allowable Budget              $10,000.00

                                         Estimate            %             Default %
      Apparel                                   600.00      6%               6%
      Flowers                                   800.00      8%               8%
      Photography                               800.00      8%               8%
      Stationary                                300.00      3%               3%
      Rings                                     500.00      5%               5%
      Misc                                      200.00      2%               2%
      Ceremony                                  300.00      3%               3%
      Rehearsal dinner                          600.00      6%               6%
      Honeymoon                               1,000.00      10%              10%
      Reception                               4,000.00      40%              40%
      Favors & Gifts                            400.00      4%               4%
                              Sum             9,500.00      95%              95%

1. Set an allowable budget amount
2. Adjust the percentages as needed
3. Make the percentages total to 100%
4. Transfer the amounts to the Budget worksheet (done automatically)

Note: The Default % values are only rough suggestions to get you started

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