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									Counseling Care Center Staff
                      Greg Ammon, MS, NCC, LPC: Mr. Ammon has a                                           Amy Brodeski, MSW, LCSW, CADC: Ms. Brodeski
                      Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling from                                   has a Master of Social Work Degree from Aurora
                      UW-Whitewater and is a Nationally Certified                                         University in Aurora, Illinois. She is a licensed
                      Counselor. His experience includes providing mental                                 clinical social worker, an Illinois certified addictions
                      health treatment to children, couples and families,                                 counselor and specializes in school social work. Her
                      as well as the treatment of OCD, depression and                                     clinical interests include working in the areas of
                      anxiety. Currently Greg is the Director of Patient and                              anxiety, eating disorders, adolescent substance
                      Family Services and the Counseling Care Center at                                   abuse and adjustment disorders in all ages.
                      Beloit Memorial Hospital.

                     Maria-Maria Anleu, MD Psychiatrist: Dr. Anleu is                                     Nicole Gougeon, MSSW, LCSW: Ms. Gougeon
                     certified in both Adult Psychiatry and Child and                                     has a Master of Science in Social Work from the
                     Adolescent Psychiatry. She completed her Adult                                       University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her experience
                     Residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago                                   includes treating behavior disorders and trauma in
                     and her Child and Adolescent Fellowship at                                           children, the treatment of chronic mental illness,
                     Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. She is                                  depression and anxiety, effective parenting
                     a member of the American Psychiatric Association                                     techniques, and divorce adjustment with children
                     and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent                                     and families. She is also a licensed facilitator of the
                     Psychiatry. Dr. Anleu serves adults, children and                                    Sandcastles program for children of divorce.
adolescents and is fluent in Spanish.

                                                                                                          Sally Greer, MS, NCC, LPC, IL CADC: Ms. Greer
                     Jennifer Bleak, MD Psychiatrist: Dr. Bleak is a Board
                                                                                                          has a Master of Science in Human Services Counseling
                     Certified Psychiatrist, completing her residency at
                                                                                                          from National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois. She
                     the University of Chicago and a Psychiatric
                                                                                                          is an Illinois certified addictions counselor and has over
                     Fellowship in psychotherapy at Loyola Medical
                                                                                                          30 years experience volunteering, working and
                     Center in Maywood, IL. Her experience includes
                                                                                                          supervising in the field of social services and mental
                     working in private practice, community mental health
                                                                                                          health. She has extensive experience working in the
                     clinics, within a methadone clinic, and serving as
                                                                                                          field of alcohol and drug addictions, domestic violence
                     clinical director at a mental health clinic for English
                                                                                                          and individual trauma. She also works with families who
                     speakers in Tokyo, Japan, where she lived for
                                                                                    have a family member diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Her clinical
eleven years. Dr. Bleak serves all adult populations, focusing on
                                                                                    interests include women’s issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and
individual mental health and addiction needs.
                                                                                    relationship concerns with individuals, couples and families.

                       Nancy Wilson, MD Psychiatrist: Dr. Wilson is a
                       graduate of Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario,                                 Sharon Huff, RN, MSC, LPC: Sharon graduated
                       Canada, with BA, BPHE and BEd degrees. After                                         from Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing, received
                       teaching Special Education for eleven years and                                      her AD from the University of Alaska, BS from the
                       working in research for one year, Dr. Wilson attended                                College of St. Francis and her MSC from the University
                       medical school at the American University of the                                     of Wisconsin. She has practiced as a Clinical Nurse
                       Caribbean, Montserrat, West Indies, and then                                         Specialist as well as a psychotherapist. She is a
                       completed her residency in Psychiatry at the Medical                                 Certified Trauma Specialist and is certified to practice
                       College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is Board-                                     in the State of Wisconsin and is also a Nationally
Certified in General Psychiatry and a member of the American Psychiatric                                    Certified Counselor. Clinical expertise include cross
Association. Previously, Dr. Wilson provided both inpatient and outpatient          cultural education, forensic work, teaching, public speaking, writing, disaster
psychiatric care in Northern Wisconsin for fifteen years. Her clinical interests    training, and individual, family and group therapy. Currently, Sharon provides
are diagnostics, psychotherapy and medication management, as well as                clinical triage services and facilitates the Chronic Pain Support Group.
working in liaison with other medical specialties.
                                                                                                          Andrew Jadczak, MA, LPC: Mr. Jadczak has a
                       Helen Link, APNP Nurse Prescriber: Ms. Link is a
                                                                                                          Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from
                       psychiatric clinical specialist and nurse prescriber
                                                                                                          Northwestern University in Chicago, and is a
                       board certified to provide care for children,
                                                                                                          Licensed Professional Counselor. His clinical
                       adolescent, and adult psychiatric mental healthcare.
                                                                                                          experience includes working with various age
                       Helen received her Master of Science in Psychiatric
                                                                                                          groups to address anxiety issues, relationship
                       Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
                                                                                                          conflicts, personality disorders, adjustment issues,
                       Post graduate training includes experience with
                                                                                                          psychosis, oppositional defiant disorders and anger
                       group psychotherapy, and patient care in outpatient,
                                                                                                          management issues.
                       inpatient and institutional settings.

                       Keith Gibson, PhD Psychologist: Dr. Gibson has                                     Tracy Jurgens, MSW, LCSW: Ms. Jurgens has a
                       over 30 years of practice in psychology including his                              Master of Social Work degree from Aurora
                       MS and PhD degree from the University of                                           University in Aurora, Illinois. She is a licensed
                       Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His additional experience                                     clinical social worker in the State of Wisconsin. Her
                       has come from work in community mental health                                      experience includes school and medical social
                       centers, private practice and research and program                                 work, as well as providing mental health treatment
                       development. His particular interest is providing                                  to clients of various ages. Tracy is particularly
                       services to children, especially in the area of                                    interested in the treatment of anxiety, depression,
                       attention-deficit and disruptive behaviors.                                        anger difficulties and helping people improve the
                                                                                   quality of relationships in their lives.
                                                                                                                                         Continued on other side.

                                                             1969 West Hart Road, Beloit, WI 53511-2230 (608) 364-5686
                       Counseling Care Center (608) 364-5686
                    Carol Katroscik, MSW, LCSW: Ms. Katroscik                                  Laura Neece, MA, NCC, LCPC, LPC:
                    has a Master of Social Work degree from                                    Ms. Neece has a Master’s of Arts in Counseling
                    Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. She                             and Education from the University of Denver, in
                    has over 30 years field experience working with                            Denver, Colorado. Her experience includes work
                    adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety,                           with children, adolescents and families. Her
                    eating disorders and sexual abuse in both men                              clinical interests include ADHD, adjustment
                    and women. She also works with recovering                                  disorders, and sexual abuse in children, parenting
                    alcoholics and affected family members and                                 skills, discipline and depression. She enjoys all
                    provides individual, marital and family treatment,                         outdoor activities with her family including skiing,
as well as Employee Assistance Programs consultation.                      mountain biking, swimming, gardening and hiking.

                    Claudia Klein, MS, LPC, LCPC: Ms. Klein                                        Shelly Patchett, MSW, LCSW: Ms. Patchett has
                    has a Master of Science in Counseling from                                     a Master of Social Work degree from Aurora
                    Southwest Missouri State University. She is                                    University in Aurora, Illinois. She is a licensed
                    licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois. Her                                        clinical social worker in both Wisconsin and
                    experience includes working with children,                                     Illinois. Her clinical interest include treating
                    adolescents and adults in individual and group                                 anxiety disorders, depression, traumatic stress,
                    therapy. Her clinical interest include the                                     grief, anger and relationship concerns. She
                    treatment of anxiety and depression,                                           provides services to adolescents, adults, couples,
                    relationship conflicts, improving self-esteem,                                 families and the LGBT population.
and helping people recover from sexual abuse and trauma.
                                                                                                 Molly Polyock, MS, NCC: Ms. Polyock has a
                       Brandi Lander, LCSW, CSAC: Ms. Lander has                                 Master of Science degree in Counseling from the
                       a Master of Social Work degree from the                                   University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is a
                       University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana,                               Nationally Certified Counselor. She also holds a
                       Illinois. She is dually licensed for both mental                          Master of Arts degree in Sociology from UW-
                       health and substance abuse counseling in                                  Milwaukee. Molly is currently working toward
                       Wisconsin and Illinois. She specializes in the                            becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.
                       treatment of co-occurring addiction and mental                            Molly serves as the clinic’s Mental Healthcare
                       health disorders in adolescents and adults.                               Coordinator, performing triage assessments,
                       Brandi has inpatient and outpatient experience      managing crisis intervention needs, assisting psychiatrists and
with individuals in crisis dealing with depression, anxiety, substance     prescribers with medical needs, and individual and group counseling.
abuse, personality disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Brandi
facilitates groups for the Addictions Program and also sees patients                            Tom Reilly, MSW, LCSW, SAC-IT: Mr. Reilly
individually or as a family. Her personal interests include boating,                            completed his Graduate Degree in Social Work
golfing, traveling and interior decorating.                                                     from the University of Illinois at Urbana, Illinois and
                                                                                                obtained Masters degrees in Counseling and
                     Karen Mascharka, MS, LPC, LCPC:                                            Sociology at Roosevelt University in Chicago. He is
                     Ms. Mascharka has a Master of Science in                                   licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois. Clinical interests
                     Counseling from Winona State University in                                 include working with trauma and its effects on the
                     Winona, Minnesota. Her clinical interests include                          individual, particularly as it affects the recovering
                     working with children, adolescents, college                                alcoholic and the family system. He works with
                     students, adults and families, on a variety of        Mental Health concerns as well as in the Addictions Program. He is an
                     issues including depression, anxiety, stress          avid reader and loves 20’s and 30’s Rhythm and Blues.
                     management, abuse and weight management
                     issues. Ms. Mascharka enjoys traveling, volleyball,                         Laura Trippiedi, MS, LPC, LCPC: Ms. Trippiedi
jogging, reading and spending time with her family.                                              has a Master of Science in Guidance and
                                                                                                 Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. She
                      Kathleen Miller, MS, LPC, ICS, CSAC:                                       has experience working with all ages and
                      Ms. Miller has a Master of Science degree in                               especially enjoys working with children and
                      Counseling and Education from Northern                                     adolescents. Clinical interest include working with
                      Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. She is                            anxiety, depression, abuse issues and family
                      licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois and certified                           dynamics. She has past experience working in
                      in EMDR. Her experience includes working                                   foster care, public mental healthcare and
                      with children to seniors in individual, group and    residential treatment programs for adolescents. Ms. Trippiedi enjoys
                      family therapy. Her clinical interests include       running, roller blading, ice skating, rowing, snowboarding, hiking,
                      treatment of traumatic stress, grief and chronic     reading and being with family and friends.
illness, child and adolescent issues, spirituality and strengthening
marriages and families. She specializes in the treatment of co-
occurring disorders (mental health and addictions), military and first                           Key to Degree Titles
responders, and provides programming clinical supervision. She
enjoys her family, volunteer work, tennis, golfing, skiing, flying,          • AD Associates Degree                   • LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
camping, singing and gardening.                                              • APNP Advanced Practice Nurse           • LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
                                                                               Prescriber                             • MA Master of Arts
                                                                             • APSW Certified Advanced Practice       • MD Doctor of Medicine
                    Sharon A. Mueller, MS, LPC, NCC: Ms. Mueller               Social Worker                          • MS Master of Science
                    has a Master’s in Counseling from the University         • BEd Bachelor of Education              • MSC Master of Science Counselor
                    of Wisconsin-Madison and received post-                  • BPHE Bachelor of Physical and Health   • MSEd Master of Science in Education
                    graduate certification in Cognitive-Behavioral             Education
                                                                                                                      • MSW Master of Social Work
                    Therapy from the Adler School of Professional            • BS Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                                      • MSSW Master of Science in Social
                    Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. Her specialized         • CADC Certified Alcohol and Other
                                                                               Drug Abuse Counselor
                    areas of interest include depression, anxiety                                                     • NCC National Certified Counselor
                                                                             • CSAC Clinical Substance Abuse
                    disorders, stress reduction, self-esteem, gender                                                  • PhD Doctor of Philosophy
                    and identity, relationship and parenting issues.                                                  • RN Registered Nurse
                                                                             • ICS Independent Clinical Supervisor
                    She is a Certified Life Force Practitioner - using                                                • SAC-IT Substance Abuse Counselor -
                                                                             • LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional
yoga, meditation, and breath techniques to manage stress,                      Counselor                                In Training
depression, and anxiety.

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