The Potential Medical Benefits of Liposuction

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					The Potential Medical Benefits of Liposuction

                                            Although you may be aware of the liposuction
                                            procedure’s ability to take care of a person’s fatty
                                            problem area or areas, there is a very good chance
                                            that you are not aware of the liposuction procedure’s
                                            amazing potential to be a haven for the collection of
                                            adult stem cells.

                                              For a brief background on stem cells: embryonic stem
cells are the type of stem cells that are currently causing controversy. This is because, unlike
adult stem cells which are harvested differentiated cells found in various tissues and organs in
already-grown adults, embryonic stem cells are collected from embryos that have been fertilized
in-vitro. Essentially, embryonic stem cells can only be derived from an embryo that has been
created for the sole purpose of embryonic stem cell collection. Embryonic stem cells are
incredibly useful- having the ability to replace and become any other cell in the human body.
Although adult stem cells function very similarly to embryonic stem cells, the variety of the
types of cells is quite limited when in comparison to that of the embryonic stem cell.

In a recent study released at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences
2012 Scientific Sessions, researchers at the University of Oklahoma have managed to
successfully create healthy blood vessels from adult stem cells they collected from a
Liposuction San Francisco procedure.

The significant implication of the creation of healthy blood vessels from adult stem cells to the
medical world is quite simple:patients who require invasive surgery, but have either small or
lousy blood vessels, enter the surgical environment with a lot more risks than a patient with
normal blood functions. But,the creation of new blood vessels will help tremendously to not only
carry oxygen-rich blood to surgical sites but also prevent the need for further surgeries to correct
areas that have neither gotten better nor healed well due to a lack of oxygenated blood.

In order to create the blood vessels, the scientific team at the University of Oklahoma first
induced the fat stem cells to become smooth muscle cells on a slim collagen membrane, which
they then “rolled-up” into structure that resembled the size and shape of blood vessels. A few
weeks later, they discovered that healthy, usable blood vessels had formed.

The implications of the discovery of the application of fat stem cells are two-fold. First, it is
important to recognize that these stem cells are capable of helping a countless number of patients
reduce the risk of surgical complications from blood circulation issues. Second, this discovery
means that the liposuction procedure will soon have a medical purpose, not just a cosmetic one.

The lack of controversy surrounding adult stem cells means that the potential medical application
of adult stem cells collected through liposuction procedures can make the liposuction procedure
just as popular as a non-elective surgical procedure. With the Cost of Liposuction in San
Francisco lower than ever, liposuction is sure to remain the most sought-after cosmetic surgery
procedure in America. For more details click here.

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