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									Sponsorship Rights 2010
         Readership profile & rates
        Edition 1 – December 2009

                 Be seen, be heard
               Cut through the clutter
        Reach almost 60,000 decision makers!

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What is the Sponsorship Rights 2010

Nexus MG would like to give you and your available rights for 2010, the opportunity to be seen, be heard and
be a part of an exciting new campaign.

NexusMG, in partnership with Australia’s leading Marketing and Advertising magazines, B&T, Mediaweek and
Professional Marketing, are presenting the first ever supplement to sponsorship rights in Australia, specifically
aimed at you, the rights holder.

The supplement (lift out style magazine), Sponsorship Rights 2010, will be a professionally designed and
printed, 16 page, A4 lift out. The full colour, glossy magazine will give unique information about acquiring the
right brand for your business and will feature advertising opportunities on the front and back covers.

This lift out magazine, titled ‘Sponsorship Rights 2010’, will provide unique information about sponsorship in
the market today, that will also feature rights holders from the sport, event, TV, festival and arts industries.

As the only lift out and magazine of its kind in Australia, Sponsorship Rights 2010 will provide a guide for
media buyers, brands and companies seeking to sponsor, and acquire rights. It will act as the ultimate lead
generator for any rights holder in a cluttered and competitive market.

Totalling a readership of nearly 60,000, the majority of subscribers include Directors, CEOs and Marketing
Managers - the primary decision makers in any business and the key to media buying and sponsorship.

Advertising from rights holders will be limited, so be early and take advantage of our heavily subsidised rates
for double, full, half and quarter pages, or have your organisation featured in our exclusive property list.

Keep reading for a complete price list and detailed outline of Sponsorship Rights 2010, and see what
NexusMG can do for you.
Readership profile – Mediaweek, 8000.
           950 weekly subscribed issues
           distributed nationally.               25% Advertisers/Marketers
                                                 Marketing Directors and
           Minimum 4,750 readership.
                                                 Marketing Managers
           Up to 8,000 readers per week.
                                                 32% Media Agencies Agency
                      39%                        Managing Directors – Buying and
                                                 Senior Agency Planners and
                                            5%   Advertising Agency Principals

                                                 39% Media Owners Principals
                32%                              and Middle/Upper Management

                                           25%   5% Other Government,
                                                 Universities, Creative Agencies
Readership profile – B&T, 24000
Readership profile – Professional Marketing, 22000.
Why advertise?

This is the only supplement of its kind in the market. There are no
alternatives and if you miss this, you miss opportunities for 2010.

The right target audience in the one hit
Reach decision markets directly – be seen be heard. Where else can
you be seen by your target market audience of buyers x 60,000!

The perfect readership profile
These 60,000 people are decision makers in media buying that
includes allocation of budgets towards sponsorships.

The guide
This supplement will be pitched as the ultimate guide to rights holders
for sponsorship in Australia. Media Buyers, brands and companies
seeking to sponsor will read the supplement with keen interest and be
on the look out for attractive rights holders to align themselves with.
Your only chance for 2010

It’s common knowledge that brands require time to evaluate
opportunity, make enquiries, add to any marketing campaign, leverage
and activate.

Successful sponsorship rights acquisition from a brand for rights is at
least 6 months prior to start date [season, event, etc], so this will be
your only chance to pitch for 2010.

Eliminate competitors
Gain an edge over your competitors – be seen, be heard.

Don’t miss out!
Don’t let competitors have an advantage over you as a rights holder.

In comparison to other advertising options in the market these rates are
50% cheaper. This is a very small investment for a potentially huge
Compare rates
                          Sponsorship              B&T       AdNews             SBI
                           Rights 2010

   Inside Front Cover     $2,500         $8,000          $9,000       $10,400

   Inside Back Cover      $2,500         $7,790          $9,000       $9,800
   Outside Back
   Cover                  $4,000         $8,600          $9,000       $11,000
   Double Page
   Spread                 $4,000         $13,000         $12,600      $13,750

   Full Page              $2,400         $6,858          $6,800       $7,850

   Half Page              $1,350         $4,728          $4,330       $5,500

   Third Page             $800           $3,931          $2,750       $4,500

   Quarter Page Strip     $800            ***            $2,750       $4,000

   Listing                $200            ***            $1,150       $1,150

   Inserts [A5 or less]   $3,000         $5,000          $5,000       $5,000
Have you ever advertised
your rights previously?
If you have never thought about advertising your rights, think again.
Sponsorship Rights 2010 is the perfect way to generate the lead you need to
cover your bottom line and develop the programs you need to be successful.

Compliment your acquisition efforts
Although your advertisement may not directly generate sponsorship, it will
generate interest, you will be on the map, in the market and you will give yourself
a chance to be heard.

Who and when.
All sponsorship rights holders that have available properties to sell in 2010 and
beyond should advertise with Sponsorship Rights 2010. Industries of interest will
be sports, events, arts and culture, TV programming and digital.

Distribution           B&T                    December 8, 2009
                       Mediaweek              December 7, 2009
Artwork Deadline                              October 31, 2009
Early bird Offer ends                         September 30, 2009
Second edition                                June 12, 2010
Generate leads with your commercial rights listing

                                Featuring a detailed list including
                                business name, contact details, available
                                properties and logo, pitch to decision
                                makers and potential sponsors, without
                                even leaving your office.
                                Business listing page example (left)
Get noticed with your commercial rights advert.

                                                  In-house design means
                                                  you get noticed, with eye-
                                                  catching, custom-made
                                                  ads to suit your business.

                                                  Don’t miss this
                                                  opportunity to be seen,
                                                  and remembered, by

                      Design examples of:
                      • Full page advert
                      • Half page advert
                      • Quarter advert
      Sponsorship Rights 2010
 Showcasing available rights to decision makers from brands,
companies, media buying agencies and advertising agencies.

 Don’t miss your opportunity to be noticed, to be heard, to be

    Contact Nexus MG now on 07 34114848 or
daran@nexusmg.com.au and take advantage of our
          early bird advertising rates*.

                 Sponsorship Rights 2010
                   Be seen. Be heard.
          * Early bird advertising available until September 30 2009.

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