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									                                                Vision Exercise
                            What do we want UW Libraries to be and be doing in 5 years?

                                         ▪ space that works for everyone
                                         ▪ Special Collections occupies all Porter first floor
                                         ▪ GIS & maps occupies all of the 3rd floor
                                         ▪ perpetual sufficient collections space
                                         ▪ massive expansion (student space)
BIGGER BETTER NOW                        ▪ "new" spaces - extensions, repurposing, virtual
                                         ▪ a new Student Success Building - extension to Library
                                         ▪ attractive, adequate adaptable spaces
                                         ▪ visually appealing facilities
                                         ▪ new eng., math, & science library
                                         ▪ more space: people, equipment, resources
                                         ▪ deliberate & effective engagement with students
                                         ▪ collaboration with student bodies
                                         ▪ regular focus groups (new ideas/services)
Inclusive Engagement to Improve          ▪ intellectual & cultural hub for students & faculty
Service                                  ▪ right info, right people, right time
                                         ▪ seamless information services
                                         ▪ inclusive & accessible
                                         ▪ students in mandate
                                         ▪ time for training
                                         ▪ breaking down silos
                                         ▪ we are proactive!
                                         ▪ be agile
Library-wide Planning Gymnasts           ▪ decisions based on value not $
                                         ▪ more integration of satellites
                                         ▪ Library-wide ongoing goal-setting
                                         ▪ problem solving involving everyone
                                         ▪ 3Fs - forward-think, flexible, failure accepting
                                         ▪ integrated access from discovery through delivery
                                         ▪ fluid movement between physical & virtual
                                         ▪ one big finding aid (spec. coll.)
                                         ▪ collaborative digitization project
Fast Relevant Info Access
                                         ▪ shared values with consortial partners
                                         ▪ open access gone wild
                                         ▪ metadata is valued & shared
                                         ▪ google-ease searching & retrieving
                                         ▪ optimized working environment
                                         ▪ technology that helps not hinders
Technology That Supports & Enhances      ▪ localized 'SIRI' service
(Technology Bra)                         ▪ all software on all machines
                                         ▪ Map & GIS Centre (campus hub)
                                         ▪ electrical delivery vehicle for Facilities
                                         ▪ strategic leadership from local to international
                                         ▪ regarded as national leader in 'X'
                                         ▪ culture of respect and value
                                         ▪ legal counsel for copyright

Widely Respected Recognized Leaders
                                                    Vision Exercise
                             What do we want UW Libraries to be and be doing in 5 years?
                                         ▪ academic status for Librarians
Widely Respected Recognized Leaders ▪ regarded as 'Digital Experts' for the campus
                                         ▪ Library as a leader
                                         ▪ metrics for demonstrating our value
                                         ▪ physical library is locus of academic enterprise
                                         ▪ specialized skills become standard
                                         ▪ building on our strengths
                                         ▪ complete integration into Faculties, Schools & Institutes
                                         ▪ mandatory "Library 101" course
                                         ▪ curriculum embedded instruction
Integrated Information Literacy
                                         ▪ embedded Librarians and teaching partners
                                         ▪ curriculum integration of info literacy
                                         ▪ info literacy integrated into curriculum
                                         ▪ plentiful budgets
                                         ▪ external constraints contained
More $, Less Law
                                         ▪ well funded
                                         ▪ generous donors $$$
                                         ▪ residency program
                                         ▪ award or research grant for students, faculty etc.
Stimulating Creativity Through
                                         ▪ Susan & Eva co-author a book on historical local maps
                                         ▪ LAB research & experimentation (creativity)
                                         ▪ agility & capacity to innovate new services
                                         ▪ functional integration intra/inter library
Effective Info. Lifecycle Mgt. (LICEM)   ▪ better withdrawal processing
                                         ▪ info lifecycle from selection → preservation: relevant, robust, efficient
                                         ▪ staff confident in own abilities
                                         ▪ less pressure → staff get along
                                         ▪ engaged & energized work environment
                                         ▪ appropriately staffed & trained
                                         ▪ enabled learning organization
Collegial & Supportive Work
                                         ▪ respect-based & supportive environment
                                         ▪ cross-training plan that includes collaboration between depts.
                                         ▪ superlative skills development (KSA) methodology
                                         ▪ behind the scenes staff have opportunity in their work week for public
                                         interactions - not stuck at their desk
                                         ▪ appropriately staffed & skilled (for future)

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