Make Money from Facebook by leontran7


									Make $1,500 Every Month From Google by
Using Your Facebook!!!

It is a mobile app form Google that pays users passive, recurring, and perpetual monthly income
when they and their multi-tiered network of people view and engage with mobile advertisements
in this application. You can make money by using your Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is 100%
secure and No risk.

You can realistically earn USD 1,000-1,500 every month. You just need to get 100 friends to
sign up here (it’s free). If each of these 100 friends in turn gets 50 of their friends to sign up,
YOUR Account network will now total 5,100 people. If each of these 5,100 people earns you an
average of e.g. USD 0.01 per day, you will have a daily income of USD 51 per day. This works
out to be a total monthly income of USD 1,530 .

You will only be able to receive your income via PayPal. Opening a PayPal account is
convenient and free of charge. As move along, it will offer other payment options such as Bank
Wire Transfers and Checks.

So, Let’s join this program and start build your money!!

Just follow the steps below:

1.    1. Open Your Facebook Account in new tab and let it run.

2.    2. Then, clik here to join. JOIN NOW.

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