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08-01 Elects Officers-Board


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                    OFFICERS/TRUSTEES FOR 2008-09

Auburn, Alabama, October 29, 2008 – Dr. David M. Conway, director of the Aviation Sciences
Institute at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU), recently assumed the University
Aviation Association’s (UAA) top elected position as president for 2008-09. As one of his first
official duties, President Conway announced the election of Dr. David A. NewMyer to a one-year
term as president elect. Members elected to three-year terms on the Board of Trustees include:
Dr. Kurt Barnhart and Dr. Randy Johnson as Educator trustees, and Mr. Chuck Robards as a
Corporate trustee.

President David M. Conway, who also holds the academic rank of professor at SOSU, retired
from the U.S. Air Force as a command pilot where he served as an instructor pilot, functional
check pilot and evaluator pilot. He is one of a handful of flight-rated aerospace physiologists. Dr.
Conway is a peer reviewer for the UAA Collegiate Aviation Review and the Journal of Air
Transportation World Wide, and a consulting editor for the International Journal of Applied
Aviation Studies. His research interests focus on human factors in high altitude environments.
He has had numerous articles published in various journals and magazines focusing on human
factors in aviation. Dr. Conway recently completed Oklahoma’s Education Leadership
Academy’s Outstanding Professors’ Academy and received the SOSU’s Faculty Senate Award
for Excellence in Service.

President Elect David A. NewMyer is department chair and professor, Aviation Management and
Flight, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). His areas of teaching specialty at the
undergraduate level include airport planning and airline management, and advanced aviation
planning at the graduate level. Dr. NewMyer holds numerous academic degrees, including a
doctorate in education administration and higher education from Southern Illinois University
Carbondale. He is the author of 54 articles in professional, aviation-related refereed journals as
well as primary author or co-author of 39 technical reports on aviation, airports and
transportation planning. Dr. NewMyer is the 2008 recipient of UAA’s Frank E. Sorenson Award
for Excellence in Aviation Scholarship.
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Trustee Kurt Barnhart is professor and head of the Aviation Department at Kansas State
University - Salina. He also serves as the executive director of the Applied Aviation Research
Center, which oversees the newly established Unmanned Aerial Systems program office.
Dr. Barnhart earned numerous academic degrees, including a doctorate in educational
administration from Indiana State University. Dr Barnhart’s research is focused in aviation
psychology and human factors. His industry experience includes work as a R&D inspector with
Rolls Royce Engine Company, and systems instructor for American Trans-Air airlines. Dr.
Barnhart holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument, multi-engine, seaplane and glider
ratings. He also is a certified flight instructor with instrument and multi-engine ratings and holds
an airframe and powerplant certificate with inspection authorization.

Trustee Randy Johnson is an assistant professor in Aviation Management and Logistics at
Auburn University (Alabama). Dr. Johnson’s research includes safety and communications and
investigating why teams may be more prone to make unsafe choices in stressful situations. Dr.
Johnson is a reviewer for the UAA’s Collegiate Aviation Review and the Journal of Air
Transportation, as well as the associate editor of the Online Journal of Space Communications,
and has been published in Space Policy, Journal of Air Transportation, and Collegiate Aviation
Review. Dr. Johnson was awarded the UAA Frank E. Sorenson Award in 2007 for his extensive
research, including work that led to the book From Cubs to Hawks: The Story of the Aircraft,
Airfields and Training of the Tuskegee Airmen. Dr. Johnson is a retired military aviator with more
than 6,500 flight hours and has served has a flight instructor in the Army, Navy, and Coast
Guard. He holds an airline transport pilot certificate (airplane multiengine land), commercial
certificate (airplane single-engine land, rotorcraft-helicopter), and instrument helicopter.

Trustee Chuck Robards has been involved in the aviation industry since 1966, holding various
management positions with Cessna Aircraft Company, Diamond Aircraft Industries, Jeppesen
and currently Frasca International, Inc. Mr. Robards holds a bachelor’s degree in business and
international marketing from the University of Missouri and a master’s degree in Marketing
Administration from LaSalle University. He is a commercial pilot with instrument and multi-engine
ratings and Citation type rating, and has logged more than 8,000 hours.

These newly elected officers and trustees join a 14-member governing board in charting the
strategic direction of the Association. ”I anticipate that aviation education programs around the
globe will continue to grow in importance in conjunction with the projected worldwide growth in
aviation. The University Aviation Association and the membership are here to help facilitate this
growth and ensure that the aviation industry is staffed with highly trained and well educated
aviation professionals.” said President Conway. “When counseling parents and students during
good economic times it is often difficult to justify the high cost, in both time and money,
associated with a comprehensive aviation education program. However, in economically
turbulent times it is essential that we all stand firm on the need for expertly trained aviation
professionals and maintain our high standards. It is our obligation to serve the aviation industry
and ensure its future by preparing future aviation professionals to the best of our ability.”


The University Aviation Association (UAA), a nonprofit organization, represents more than 600
members consisting of educators, students, and two- and four-year collegiate institutions
offering aviation degree programs. The organization also serves as the voice of collegiate
aviation education to government, industry organizations and the general public.


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