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									                                            Connecting People in New Ways, Anytime, Anywhere
                                                                                               Partner Solution Brief

                                            Telerik TeamPulse helps software teams transform
                                            ideas into successful software projects using better
                                            visibility, proper context, and effective decision making.

Partner: Telerik
Website:                    Business Needs                      Based on Microsoft Silverlight 4
Partner Size: 200 employees                 Today’s agile software delivery     and integrated with Microsoft
Country or Region: Bulgaria                 teams face many challenges.         Lync 2010, Telerik TeamPulse
Industry: Professional services—            They have to continually            provides a rich and responsive
Software engineering
                                            improve their processes as well     user experience. It helps users
                                            as capture and analyze ideas,       maintain a natural flow between
Partner Profile
Telerik is a leading vendor of developer    stories, and feedback from          tasks and makes real-time
tools and UI components, automated          various sources. Constant           communications immediately
testing tools, project management
                                            communication and                   accessible from anywhere in the
tools, and content management
solutions for Microsoft .NET. Telerik       collaboration throughout the        application.
products help software development          project lifecycle is critical for
teams to be more productive and                                                 Telerik TeamPulse also provides
                                            teams to be successful.
deliver reliable applications on time and
under budget.
                                                                                features to help users capture
                                            Solution                            requirements, plan and measure
                                            Telerik TeamPulse helps to          results, and analyze the state of
                                            unleash the potential of agile      projects. It targets gathering
                                            software teams so they can          and planning activities
                                            deliver better software—faster.     throughout a project by
                                            By combining agile and lean         allowing users to:
                                            best practices and providing
                                            contextual real-time                   Capture, visualize, refine,
                                            communications, Telerik                 manage, and publish
                                            TeamPulse helps teams plan              software requirements in
                                            and measure results while               the form of user stories and
For more information about Telerik          continually improving delivery          personas.
products and services, download a free      processes and information flow.        Define project schedules
trial at:
                                                                                    and team capacities.
     Schedule stories for delivery.                            Provides Rich, Real-Time                             Saves Time Capturing and
     Analyze the project for agile                             Contextual Communications                            Managing Requirements
      best practices.                                           Users can discuss and make                           Telerik TeamPulse takes
     Collaborate in real time                                  decisions more quickly and                           advantage of user stories to
      through integration with Lync                             effectively through real-time                        capture requirements, and it
      2010.                                                     contextual conversations with                        relates stories to other stories
     Synchronize with Microsoft                                the integrated Lync 2010.                            and even personas. Individual
      Visual Studio Team                                                                                             tasks can be assigned to
      Foundation Server 2010.                                                                                        different people, providing
                                                                                                                     more detailed tracking.
Telerik TeamPulse and Microsoft                                                                                      Creates Easy-to-Understand
Lync 2010 combine to create an                                                                                       Project Schedules
agile project management tool                                                                                        Telerik TeamPulse helps users to
that helps software teams focus                                                                                      embrace project best practices
on common goals, turning ideas                                                                                       by making it easier to manage
                                                                Users have instant messaging,
into successful software projects                                                                                    product backlogs, pulling
                                                                voice, email, and conferencing
while minimizing waste and                                                                                           backlog items directly to the
                                                                features at their fingertips. They
communication issues.                                                                                                iterations, decomposing and
                                                                can start conversations with the
                                                                                                                     scheduling requirements,
                                                                context automatically provided
Keeps Teams Updated with                                                                                             tracing referring stories, and
                                                                to the person they are
Complete Transparency                                                                                                tracking feature completeness.
                                                                communicating with so they can
The integrated project                                          resolve issues faster. They can
dashboard displays various                                                                                           Visualizes the Personas
                                                                also save conversations along
charts and metrics on user                                                                                           Defining personas gives
                                                                with the story or idea in context
stories and team progress, RSS                                                                                       developers a clearer picture of
                                                                for future reference and
feeds, and summarized views.                                                                                         how end users will interact with
                                                                                                                     and use their application. As a
                                                                                                                     result, developers can better
                                                                Maintains Full Traceability of
                                                                                                                     capture, understand, and use
                                                                Requirements Evolution
                                                                                                                     vital end-user requirements and
                                                                Telerik TeamPulse helps users to
                                                                quickly add a reference to a
                                                                story or persona and provides
                                                                full traceability between
                                                                requirements and personas.

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Document published October 2010

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