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1. The members will be intimated tips (guidelines) of equity share / script with target
   price and stop limit via SMS on registered telephone number and Yahoo Messenger
   only. Number of calls, SMS or interaction of advice will be depending upon the
   overall requirements & trends of the market conditions & drivers.

2. If any kind of technical fault, connectivity of internet, cell phones or any devices &
   gadgets lead to technically poor quality of services or its delivery will not be
   considered a valid reason for refund of payment.

3. If any kind of misinterpretation or communication gap created due to any of the
   reasons of message interpretation, poor display, lack of concentration or any other
   will not be entertained as a valid case for refund of payment.

4. Being a customer/client, you shall have to follow the tips & advices given to you via
   any mode of communication on regular basis. You must make actions on given
   advice within reasonable amount of time taken for it.

5. The liability of the company shall cease immediately after the first target price of the
   script/share/equity or fund is achieved in intraday trade after sending of the advice
   call form the company through either mode of advice conveyance.

6. The money back guarantee applies to the only package called “MIS 20-20” and only
   if you have enrolled under the same.

7. Those customers/clients who make payments & fully agree with the terms &
   conditions of the package called “MIS 20-20” will be entitled with the benefits of this
   package and the further consequences of the package benefits.

8. For detailed understanding of the money back assurance package it is advisable to
   go through the same before making the payment and after the payment.

9. Once you make the payment it is understood & has to be mutually agreed upon that
   you agree with the terms & conditions received by you via mail and after making the

10. Any money back claim arising out of loss, dissatisfaction or any other will be
    entertained if informed the company within 3 working days (72 working hours). After
    the same, the company does not stand liable for entertaining any of the claims
    pertaining to the same.

11. Any kind of claim valid enough, needed and falling within the standard procedures of
    the advisory actions & transactions made, will be entertained within 15 working days
    & will be made refund of payment via the mode of cheque only.

12. “Assurance Letter MIS 20-20” will be issued only after completion of all the
    formalities and realization of amount, which alone will be admissible for lodging of
    any claim.
13. No claim arising out of the usage of the package called “MIS 20-20”will be
    entertained if the original terms & conditions letter has been produced along with the
    “Assurance Letter MIS 20-20”.

14. This facility of the package called “MIS 20-20”will be valid till the period of the
    package called “MIS 20-20”.

15. Money back guarantee of the package called “MIS 20-20”will be limited to the extent
    of advisory charges paid for the package whereas the applicable taxes & levies will
    be deducted & will not be a subject to pay back.

16. We from Maruti Investment Services reserve the sovereign right to discontinue,
    withdraw, alter or modify the package called “MIS 20-20” with or without any prior
    intimation or information given. To the presently enrolled customers or potential ones.

17. In order to meet the profit volume as committed in the package called “MIS 20-20”
    Maruti Investment Services can extend the package period & span in order to come
    across the assured profit amount.

18. We offer that in the package called “MIS 20-20” with our advisory tips if you take
    trade actions within reasonable time, we guarantee minimum 200% profit on paid
    fees whereas in a month failing to get so, we will refund the paid fees.

   E.g. If you pay Rs.25000/- for the advisory fee to Maruti Investment Services, you will
   get a monthly profit of Rs.50,000/- on your amount invested or else we will refund
   you your paid fees of Rs.25000/-.

19. The refund of payment will be made to the customer name & domain that has
    enrolled & purchased the package called “MIS 20-20”.

20. Once the customer / client has got the profit of assured amount in the package, then
    the package liability will be over for the same package irrespective of the tenure &
    span of the package.

   Thus the profit liability will be over but services will be continued if the package
   period is not over.

21. Any kind of dispute, settlement, negotiation, misunderstanding, grievance or any
    legal consequence has to be the jurisdiction applicable to Ahmedabad district
    territory of courts only.


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