Subject Sponsorship Proposal Greetings On behalf of Datamatix I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the “GCC Telecoms’ Business Challenges Conference”  which will take place on 26th No by Anarbor


									      Subject: Sponsorship Proposal


      On behalf of Datamatix, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the “GCC
      Telecoms’ Business Challenges Conference”  which will take place on 26th November,
      2008 at Dubai, UAE

      With 19 years of experience in the event organizing and management business, and as a
      leading knowledge service provider regionally and internationally, Datamatix has developed
      multinational partnerships and spurred valuable dialogue amongst local, regional, and global
      professionals, business executives, and leaders, and our experience, expertise, and
      organizational skills are widely recognized and appreciated by government and business
      organizations alike.

      My purpose in writing to you today is to communicate with you about sponsorship of the
      above-mentioned event and the opportunities it holds for you to effectively relay your key
      message to your target audience.

      As a sponsor you will demonstrate your organization’s support for regional development
      initiatives and take advantage of the valuable opportunity to promote your brand / products /
      services before a select and influential gathering of executives, experts, and decision-makers.

      Please find attached the details of the sponsorship package; we will be glad to answer any
      questions you may have regarding this event and the many benefits it has to offer you and
      your organization.

      For more information please visit, or call / email us on +971 4
      3326688 /

      We look forward to your support.

      Thank you and best regards,

      Ali Al Kamali
      Managing Director

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Datamatix proudly announces the first ever GCC Telecoms’ Business Challenges Conference,
which will be held November 26, 2008 in Dubai UAE.

Strong and steady economic growth in the GCC countries, rapidly changing technology trends, and
increasing market demands have stimulated growth in the region’s telecom industry over the past few
years. In this vital period of development, it is imperative that the leaders and major players in the
regional telecom industry take the time to discuss and address important issues affecting the sector
and create strategies for its continued success and future expansion.

The conference’s objective is to address a variety of topics from regulatory issues, finance, and
investments to technological developments and other issues related to the telecom sector.

What will be discussed?

     The Current State of Telecom Industry in the GCC
     Predictions and Future Opportunities for Telecoms in the GCC
     Business Strategies & Trends in the GCC Telecom Sector
     GCC Telecom Technology Infrastructure and Services
     Case Studies / Business models

Who Will Attend?

This event will be attended by Senior Government Officials and Executives from the
Telecom industry including:

     Telecom / Mobile Business Managers
     Telecom & IT Directors
     Technology & Solutions Partners
     Leaders of Various Telecom Associations / Organizations
     Executives from the Banking & Financial Sector
     Advisors & Consultants

Why You Should Join This Event as a Sponsor

     Demonstrate your commitment & support to improving the value and trust in the GCC
     economy which will be widely acknowledged.
     Increase professional and public awareness of your organization's commitment to the
     cause of business and professionalism.
     Promote the important contribution your organization has made in enabling the M.E industry.
     Provide an opportunity to showcase your organization's services.
     Enhance your public relations, networking and organization profile.
     Provide a significant return on your investment through an integrated promotion and
     media campaign

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The organizers through a planned and creative marketing campaign will ensure that the objectives of the sponsors
are met. The targeted marketing campaign ensures quality media exposure and significant turn out for the event.


Direct Mail                                          Mailing 50,000 selected individuals using vertical sector lists

Prints and fliers                                    Print media; distributing over 20,000

Web Page  Hits                                       Dedicated Conferences website

Targeted Messages                                    Targeting individual business groups with tailored messages

Adverts & Inserts                                    Adverts, inserts with our media sponsors

Email Campaign                                       Enhanced campaign to 50,000 prospects via email

Telesales                                            Direct Sales Calls to prime organizations

PR Campaign                                          High profile PR campaign, dedicated to getting the best coverage

Sponsorship Package

•     Your organization will be presented as one of the sponsors throughout the event
•     2 VIP invitations to attend the event
•     Company Name in the pre & post press releases
•     Name and logo will be on all flyers, brochures, faxes, e-mail shots and etc…
•     Speaking opportunity for your organization
•     Prominent Branding opportunities for your organization at the venue
•     Displaying 1 roll-up banners at the event venue of size 1m width x 2m height
•     A platform for Networking with the right target audience
•     An exhibit table at the venue to be used by sponsor
•     Opportunities to highlight your services
•     Brochures of your organization will be distributed at the venue
•     Opportunity to distribute giveaways during the event
•     Media interviews during the event to be arranged by the Datamatix media team
•     An acknowledgement as the sponsor with logo and hyperlink on the event website

Sponsorship Fee – (To be discussed)

                                                 Sponsorship Form

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