River Run Entrance Sign Easement Proposal

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					             River Run Entrance Sign Easement Proposal
  1. The River Run Homeowner’s Association (RRHOA) Board and landscaping
      committee has labored extensively and agreed contractually to enhance the
      entrances to our neighborhood at considerable expense to the association;
  2. It is in the best economic and aesthetic interests of all property holders to maintain
      attractive and distinctive entrances including at least one monument sign;
  3. There are no landscaping easements granted to RRHOA for several of the existing
      signs, so the legal rights of the association to enhance and maintain the entrances
      are uncertain; and,
  4. To set the proper example for our children and our community, it is in the interest
      of all River Run Homeowners and the RRHOA to resolve this dispute amicably,
      openly and quickly consistent with our common desire to make River Run the
      best possible place to live.

Comes now the following proposal:
  1. This is a confidential proposal not to be disclosed to anyone other then board
      members who have signed a confidentiality agreement. This proposal is an offer
      in compromise and neither accepts nor denies any previous position of RRHOA,
      nor does it waive any rights of either party.
  2. Mark and Leanne Fay will purchase the sign, lighting and landscaping at the
      corner of 104th and Robert Lane from RRHOA for the price of $7,500. In
      exchange for this purchase price, RRHOA agrees to accept this payment in full
      and shall allow the Fay’s to resume peaceful enjoyment of their home and control
      of their front yard.
  3. The Fays agree to not attempt to collect any additional amount for RRHOA for
      the re landscaping of the Fay’s front yard or any other compensation regarding
      this matter
  4. The amount to remove the sign, not to exceed $2,500, will be deducted from the
      purchase price.
  5. Mark and Leanne Fay shall pay the sales tax, if any, on this transaction upon
      receipt of payment of same by RRHOA.
  6. Upon acceptance of this offer, Mark and Leanne Fay shall tender a payment of
      $2,750 to RRHOA and upon completion of the sign removal shall present the
      receipts and cancelled checks supporting their payments as well as a check to
      RRHOA no less than $2,250, but in an amount to total $7,500 less the removal
  7. RRHOA further agrees that any sign placed on the berm adjacent to the Fay’s
      property shall not be visible for a person standing on the Fay’s deck and that no
      trees or other landscaping screening the Fay home from the street shall be
      removed unless:
          a. A Certified arborist agrees it is necessary for the health of surrounding
               landscaping; or,
          b. The Fays or subsequent owners of the home at 1844 Robert Lane agree to
               said removal in writing.

          For River Run Homeowners Association Board Members Eyes Only