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					       Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)
     Department of Information and Communications Technology
        HD in Mobile and Internet Game Development (41913F)
                     ITD3309 Final Year Project
                        ICT3931 Project 3A

                       Guidelines for Writing Project Proposal

Please follow the following instructions to complete the Project Proposal Form. The Review
Questions for Writing Project Proposal in the next section helps you to check whether your
project proposal is acceptable or not. Please read the review questions carefully.

1.      Instructions

    Statement of problem to be solved: describe the services provided by the proposed

    Background of the problem: describe the environments or domains in which the proposed
     system will be used.

    Outline of proposed solution:
    Explain what approaches you will use to develop the proposed system. You should
     explain the issues of the solution, for example, the algorithms (e.g. shortest path
     algorithm) , software architectures (e.g. client-server), development methodology (e.g.
     Object-oriented approach)
    Define the scope of the proposed system:
    Describe all functions to be provided by the system;
    Describe data handled by the system;
    Describe all non-functional requirements, e.g. performance, usability, software platform,
     interfaces with existing systems, reliability, etc.;

    Explanation of why proposed solution is appropriate. Explain how your system can meet
     the requirements of the users.

    Main stages: outline your project plan by describing the system development life cycle
     with deadlines of tasks. Draw timelines to illustrate the schedule.

    Main deliverables: describe the things that you will deliver. This should include all the
     documentation, software systems, manuals, etc.

    The responsibilities of each member. Explain the allocation of work to individual
     member. Each member should have a fair share of work with sufficient difficulty.
2.      Review Questions for Writing Project Proposal

1. Has the scope of your project been clearly specified? If your project involves the
   development of a software system, you must clearly describe the functionality provided
   and the data processed by your system.

2. Have you stated a tentative system development methodology?

3. Does the tentative system development methodology match the nature of your project?

4. Have you given a clear and reasonable project plan?

5. Does the project plan include all major activities of the project?

6. Is your project based on realistic requirements?

7. Have you indicated how to collect the requirements of your project?

8. Does the problem require a non-trivial solution? For example, a non-trivial solution
   usually has one or more of the following requirements:

    design of algorithms, such as the design of an algorithm for stock control;
    implementation of advanced algorithms, such as security control, data encryption, or
     compression algorithm;
    applications of advanced techniques, such as AI or logic programming;
    development of a software for supporting collaboration over internet/intranet, such as
     multi-user internet games.
    development of a generic tool or system, such as an editor for creating on-line
     assessment materials;
    development of a customizable system, such as a system with a customizable user
    design and implementation of media effects, such as synchronized playback of two or
     more media clips;
    development of an advanced network application, such a multimedia conferencing
     system, instant messaging, etc.

9. The above list only gives some possible features of a non-trivial solution. If you have
   doubt, please consult your supervisor. On other hand, a trivial solution requires only a
   straight forward analysis, design and implementation by using available tools and
   techniques. A project to develop a simple storage-and-retrieval application is usually
   not acceptable.

10. If your project involves an external organisation, please submit a completed Agreement
    for Project Involving an External Organisation which are signed by the external
    organisation, the student and the supervisor of the project to your supervisor.

11. Have you indicted the main deliverables of each major stage of the project?

12. Are all the hardware and software required by your project available in the Department
    or the College?

13. Does the proposed solution address the requirements and major issues of the problem
    to be solved?
14. Have you clearly indicated the techniques or methods necessary for solving the

15. If your project is a continuation of a pervious project, have you clearly indicated the
    difference between your project and the previous project? Does your project have
    sufficient unique features?

16. Does your project require you to investigate, plan and implement the solution to a
    defined problem using the tools and techniques learnt on the Course?

17. If your project is a group project, have you clearly indicated the (tentative)
    responsibilities of each member?