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									Programme | Wednesday 1 June 2011
Venue | Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht

  13.00 - 13.15 hrs | Registration & Coffee/Tea

  13.15 - 13.30 hrs | Welcome by Chrétien Herben, NGI Valorisation

                                                   13.30 - 14.00 hrs
                                                   1-on-1 Expert session

  13.30 - 15.00 hrs

  Workshop 1 |                                     14.00 - 14.30 hrs

  Coaching and Training                            1-on-1 Expert session

                                                   14.30 - 15.00 hrs
                                                   1-on-1 Expert session

  15.00 - 15.15 hrs | Break

                                                   15.15 - 15.45 hrs
                                                   1-on-1 Expert session

  15.15 - 16.45 hrs                                15.45 - 16.15 hrs
                                                   1-on-1 Expert session
  Workshop 2 | Financial Support

                                                   16.15 - 16.45 hrs
                                                   1-on-1 Expert session

  16.45 - 17.00 hrs | Break

  17.00 - 17.30 hrs                                17.00 - 17.30 hrs

  Workshop 3 | Networking                          1-on-1 Expert session

  17.30 - 17.45 hrs | Winner announcement Venture Challenge Spring 2011

  17.45 - 18.30 hrs | Networking with Drinks & Bites

Version February 2011
Workshops | Wednesday 1 June 2011
Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht

13.30 – 15.00 hrs
Workshop 1 | Coaching and Training

As a starting entrepreneur, you often find yourself in new unknown situations where you would
appreciate the advice or assistance of someone with experience. Someone who has dealt with the
challenges you face or can bring you into contact with others who can open doors and prevent you from
making 'beginner' mistakes. In short, a coach. But how do you find such an individual, why would an
experienced person help you, what can you expect from a coach and what should you not expect?

In this workshop, experienced life sciences coaches will offer their interpretation of coaching and
explain why they do it. Also, entrepreneurs who have experience with a coach will talk about the
resulting benefits and how their coach has been of value to them.

Under the chairmanship of Pedro Tetteroo, who himself is an experienced coach, an interactive
discussion will be conducted with coaches and entrepreneurs.

15.15 – 16.45 hrs
Workshop 2 | Financial Support

In this interactive workshop, Manja Bouman (CEO Kiadis Pharma) and Jaap Koopman (CSO and ex-CEO
Profibrix) will explain what it's really like to be CEO of a company in the life sciences sector. Not just
the kicks, but also the near death experiences. Which qualities do you require - or need to develop – to
stand tall in an environment where the chances of success are small, loyalty is fleeting and money
expensive? Can the soft powers prevail?

       Hard Euros, soft powers
       Hey man, what's your style, How d'you get your kicks for livin',
       Hey man, what's your style, How d'you get your adrenalin flowin'
       Lou Reed, Kicks

Moderators are Carine van den Brink and Otto Postma (MedSciences Capital), who will be happy to
share their highs and lows with you.

Come and learn!

17.00 – 17.30 hrs
Workshop 3 | Networking

Building up and maintaining an efficient network in the life sciences is not only necessary, it's also good
fun. That was the vision shared by a number of entrepreneurs in the life sciences ten years ago
established, or in full: Young Entrepreneurs in de Life Sciences. will be relaunched under the name Niaba BioBusiness Entrepreneurs, a network of and for
entrepreneurs in the biotechnology sector. With presentations by the founders of and a vision
of the future. Don't miss it!
Expert profiles
Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht

Harrold van Barlingen

Function:        Managing director
Organisation:    Thuja Capital Management B.V.

Short biography:
Dr. Harrold van Barlingen is the Managing Partner and Founder of Thuja Capital. Prior to founding
Thuja Capital, he headed the life science effort of AlpInvest Partners managing a portfolio of over
30 companies. Harrrold joined AlpInvest Partners in 2001, from the Boston Consulting Group
('BCG'), where he worked as a consultant in management and strategy. Before BCG, Harrold was
acting head of the continental activities of the Lewin Group (a Quintiles subsidiary), an
international firm specialized in the field of health economy.

Harrold holds a Master of Science degree in Medical Biology and a Ph.D. in Medicine, both from the
University of Utrecht. From 1991-1992 he was a visiting scientist at the University of Chicago,
USA. Harrold is the author of a wide-variety of peer-reviewed scientific and pharmaco-economics

Harrold serves on the supervisory boards of Galapagos (GLPG, Euronext), Okapi Sciences and
arGEN-X, furthermore he represents AlpInvest Partners at the board of Curacyte.


Therapies, Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Medical Devices
Geert-Jan Mulder

Function:        Partner
Organisation:    Forbion Capital Partners

Short biography:
Geert-Jan Mulder MD is an experienced life sciences investor and led multiple deals in both Europe and US,
where he was involved in 17 investments in this sector. Based on his background in clinical development
he assists various Forbion portfolio companies in building their clinical development strategies
Geert-Jan is General Partner at Forbion Life Sciences, a Netherlands based venture capital firm which was
spun out of ABN AMRO Capital in 2006. Dr Mulder is a medical doctor and received his medical degree
from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In 2001, he was registered as a Pharmaceutical
Physician. Prior to joining ABN AMRO Capital in 2001, he was Clinical Research Manager for The
Netherlands for Byk Gulden (now Nycomed), where his department dealt with the design and execution of
numerous phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials. Prior to joining Byk Gulden he was with Searle (now Pfizer)
working in the field of arthritis & pain as a Medical Adviser, being involved in the clinical development as
well as local and European advocate development in the pre-launch roll-out for Celebrex (celecoxib).
Dr Mulder currently serves on the board of Promedior Inc, Exosome Diagnostics Inc, bluebirdbio (formerly
Genetics Pharmaceuticals), Provecica Ltd. and PanGenetics BV.

Before going public he represented AAC LS on the board of Acorda Therapeutics where he was part of the
Fampridine-SR board panel to evaluate a new clinical endpoint in Multiple Sclerosis, which became the
basis for their successful pivotal phase III trial. Geert-Jan's accomplishments include: i) the sale of
Pangenetics in 2009 for USD 190 million, as a member of the M&A committee, ii) successful IPO of Acorda
Therapeutics in 2006, where he supported the company in various areas, iii) end of 2010 the merger
between Transave Inc. and Insmed (INSM - NASDAQ), as a member of the M&A committee.
In addition to his position as general partner at Forbion, Geert-Jan provides scientific feedback to a
number of portfolio companies and actively works together with management teams in various task forces
or advisory committees to add value to their clinical, regulatory programs and corporate strategy. His
efforts supported robust development programs, IND filings, a Special Protocol Approval (SPA) by the FDA
and Orphan designation for 3 potential treatments in the US as well as EU.

Prior to joining the ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences (AAC LS) team in 2001, he was Clinical Research
Manager for The Netherlands for Byk Gulden (now Nycomed), where his department dealt with the design
and execution of numerous phase I/IIa, IIb, IIIa and IIIb clinical trials in the fields of Gastroenterology,
Respiratory Medicine (asthma and COPD), Intensive Care Medicine and Imaging. He was a Member of the
Global Medical Marketing group of the Respiratory Franchise and was involved in the line extension
program for Pantozol (pantoprazole). Prior to joining Byk Gulden he was with Searle (now Pfizer) working
in the field of Arthritis & Pain as a Medical Adviser, being involved in the clinical development as well as
local and European advocate development in the pre-launch roll-out for Celebrex (celecoxib).
Geert-Jan received his Medical Degree from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. During and after
his internships he spent two years as a clinician in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Medical
Center of Utrecht (UMC). In 2001, Geert-Jan was awarded his Registration as Pharmaceutical Physician.

Financing, Clinical Development strategy, Medical Marketing

Drug Development , Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Therapies, Drug discovery Biodiversity, Food
Otto Postma

Function:        Senior Investment Manager
Organisation:    MedSciences Capital (MSC)

Short biography:
Before joining MSC in 2007, Otto was an independent consultant providing strategic services to start-ups
and research institutions in the field of medical life sciences (2000-2006). In 1998, Otto founded and
managed Pharming Healthcare, Inc., the US subsidiary of Pharming Group NV, which Otto co-founded in
1988. Otto held various senior management positions at Pharming, mainly in the fields of commercial
development and corporate strategy. In 1984, Otto co-founded the Center for Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
at Leiden University and became its first Industrial Liaison Officer. Otto obtained an MS Chemistry (cum
laude) from Utrecht University.

VC financing, Corporate strategy, Commercial & Business Development.

MSC (a VC investment fund of merchant bank Kempen & Co) is interested in early- to mid-stage
companies developing innovative therapies, diagnostics, or medical devices.

Kees Recourt

Function:        Investment Manager
Organisation:    Mibiton

Short biography:
BSc in Electronics (1981, Breda), MSc and PhD in Molecular Biology (Utrecht and Leiden 1982-1991).
Eight years contract research experience for Agrotech and Food industry (ATO-DLO, 1991-1999).
Seven years employed at a commercial technology transfer company (Licentec owned by ABN-AMRO and
NPM Capital) analysing IP, performing Due Diligence of medical- and agro Life Sciences start-up
companies, including early stage management (1999-2006). Five years experience as investment manager
at Mibiton (€ 8 million capital invested in equipment and facilities). Owner of Recourt Life Sciences since
2006 providing business services in the field of young LS companies.

Financing (equipment), IP (general), Start-Up management

Life Sciences and High Tech
Sanne Weijzen

Function:        Partner
Organisation:    Aglaia BioMedical Ventures

Short biography:
After obtaining her M.Sc. in biomedical sciences at Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 1998, she
started her Ph.D. research in cancer immunology/cancer biology at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center
in Chicago (USA). Following the completion of her thesis, she held a post-doc position at Utrecht University
(The Netherlands) from 2002 to early 2006, working on signal transduction in cancer. In 2006 she joined
Aglaia BioMedical Ventures as a business analyst, after which she became an investment manager and
recently partner. Within Aglaia, she is responsible for evaluation of new opportunities and for the
supervision of some of Aglaia‟s portfolio companies. She is a member on the Board of Directors of InteRNA

Business Specialties:
     Determination of business strategy of early start-up companies;
     Lining up business strategy with IP strategy and project strategy;
     Design and control of IP strategy;
     IP management/coordination

Scientific specialties:
      Tumor immunology/immunotherapy
      Tumor biology
      miRNA biology
      Cell signaling pathways
      Functional cancer assays

Therapeutic drug development in oncology.

Edward van Wezel

Function:        Managing Partner
Organisation:    BioGeneration Ventures

Short biography:
Edward has extensive international expertise in small and large pharma and biotech companies He started
his industrial career as process engineer for Chiron Inc. where he was involved in setting up manufacturing
facilities in Amsterdam for the production of Beta-interferon. He worked for Johnson & Johnson as project
manager and was responsible for preclinical and Phase II product development projects in the oncology
franchise. In addition he was involved in in-licensing activities for Johnson & Johnson. Since 2000 he
gained experience in several small start-up and early stage companies in the Netherlands. He was director
business development at Pepscan Systems and managing director of Macrozyme. At Macrozyme Edward
was responsible for the complete pre-clinical development of a new oral anti-diabetic compound that under
his responsibility was successfully partnered with Genzyme Inc. in 2005. Since 2006 he is managing
partner of Biogeneration Ventures and serves on the board of Progentix Orthobiology BV, NovioGendix BV
and Arcarios BV, Edward holds a M.Sc in chemistry from the University of Utrecht and a M.Sc in
Biochemical Engineering from the University of Delft.

Financing, IP, Business Development, Early stage companies, Drug Development, Process Engineering.
Therapeutics, Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Food.

Peter van Dongen

Function:        Account manager
Organisation:    Netherlands Patent Office

Short biography:
Since 1986 Van Dongen worked at several organisations and companies in various positions, bearing the
responsibility for technology, product and market development both in The Netherlands and abroad. The
organisation of R&D, Transfer of Technology, business and market development of products and processes
using of Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR eg. patents) have been part of his responsibilities.

Since 2001, Van Dongen is account manager working at the Netherlands Patent Office, responsible for the
organisation of pre- filing searches, IP lectures and workshops at universities and Technology Institutes
Between 1993 – 2000 he has worked as VP Europe at Trojan Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of UV
desinfection reactors, and as member of the management team and project engineer at SAWA Consulting
Engineers / Arcadis in the sector of water treatment and water technology.

From 1986 - 1993 he worked as a self employed consultant in an EU funded programme for organic
fertilizers and as project engineer with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN in soil fertility and
water management in projects in Africa and South America.

He started his career writing a PhD research proposal, for micro- biotechnology research on the use of
enzymes and micro- organisms to fix nitrogen in the soil in the rooting zone of plants in order to stimulate
plant growth and yields, to be executed at the Wageningen University and sponsored by DSM.

IPR, Business development in water technology and green / agricultural LS.

Food, Devices, New medicines.

Marcel van Kooij

Function:        Patent attorney
Organisation:    Arnold & Siedsma

Short biography:
Marcel has a Master‟s degree in biology from the University of Utrecht, where he specialized in molecular
biology, molecular genetics and biochemistry. Marcel completed his PhD in biomedicine at the University of
Groningen, concentrating on the development of a vaccine against herpes simplex virus. Before joining
Arnold + Siedsma, Marcel worked as a post-doctorate at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, specialising in
the genetics of lung cancer. Marcel‟s patent practise deals mainly with biotechnology, biochemistry and
pharmaceuticals. Marcel is also a CEIPI tutor.

Bart Swinkels

Function:        European Patent Attorney
Organisation:    Nederlandsch Octrooibureau

Short biography:
Bart Swinkels is a partner at Nederlandsch Octrooibureau and has more than 17 years experience the
patent profession. Prior to joining Nederlandsch Octrooibureau in 2000 Bart headed the IP department of
the Pharming Group in Leiden (Netherlands) and he worked as in-house patent attorney with DSM/Gist-
brocades in Delft (Netherlands). Before entering the patent profession Bart worked as a molecular biologist
in both academic and industrial research settings at Gist-brocades, the University of California at San
Diego and the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Bart holds a M.Sc. in (bio)chemistry (cum laude, 1985) from the University of Amsterdam and a Ph.D. in
molecular biology under Prof. Piet Borst, also from the University of Amsterdam (1989). He qualified as
Netherlands and European Patent Attorney in 1997.

Bart practices as patent attorney in all areas of biotechnology especially molecular biology, genomics,
biochemistry, bioinformatics, immunology, metabolic engineering, transgenic animals, stem cells, classical
and molecular plant genetics. He has extensive experience in drafting prosecuting and litigating complex
patent and applications, and he frequently advises biotech firms (from start-up to established) on their IP
strategy and patent portfolio management.

Vaccines, Gene Therapies, Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Antibody technology, Protein production, Metabolic
engineering, Biofuels, Systems biology, etc.
Carine van den Brink

Function:        Lawyer and partner

Short biography:
Carine received her law degree in 1989 and a medical degree in 1987. She worked for the law firm Stibbe
from 1990 to 1997 after which she joined Pharming as senior legal counsel and secretary to the board.
In 2002 she started her own lawfirm, entirely focused on companies and institutes in the life science.
Her client base includes many Dutch biotech companies (pharma and agro), hospitals and other knowledge
institutes. She is a member of the supervisory board of Profibrix B.V. and member of the NGI pre-seed
committee. Carine lectures at the University of Leiden and at the NIABA master class.

Carine has vast expertise in licensing contracts, spin-out constructions, equity financing of technostarters,
operational contracts such as clinical trials and manufacturing and strategic collaborations
(R&D contracts, partnerships, etc.). Carine‟s combination of legal expertise, medical background
and knowledge of the biotech and healthcare market give her advices an invaluable practical utility.

Maurits Westerik

Function:        Attorney-at-law
Organisation:    Bird & Bird LLP

Short biography:
Maurits Westerik is a member of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Groups of Bird &
Bird in the Netherlands. He specialises in intellectual property, especially in technology-related IP and life
sciences-related patent cases. Maurits studied law at the University of Leiden and is a graduate of the
international programme of the Institute for Political Sciences (SciencePo) in Paris. He has been an IP/IT
lawyer in Amsterdam since 2004, before joining Bird & Bird in 2007. Maurits is an active speaker on IP
strategy and also teaches IP law and international IP strategy at the Universities of Leiden and

IP, IP strategy, research and collaboration agreements, licensing, patent litigation.

Software (BioInformatics), know-how, dual licensing (combining open & closed source software).
Eric Claassen

Function:        CEO
Organisation:    Vironovative BV

Short biography:
Eric is 10% academic and 90% entrepreneur. He is also the winner of the 2009 Dutch 1 million Euro NGI
Valorisation Award for „Excellent deal making with Industry”. Furthermore he is active as: President of the
Supervisory Board of AM-Pharma BV, Dynomics BV, EC3MA BV,HOPE BV and DC4U BV.
CEO/Statutory director of ViroNovative BV Coronovative BV, Viroclinics BV (all in Rotterdam with prof. dr.
ADME Osterhaus) and ML Consultancy BV. He is a member of the SAB of ABN-AMRO life science venture
fund FORBION and Emergent Biosolutions (Biological Warfare vaccines). He was chairman (level 1 CTS
clearance) of PG32 on Handheld detection of Biological Weapons. Among various memberships of
committees he is an elected member of the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (
and the Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad).

He was recently appointed as professor (0 FTE) in “Knowledge Valorisation in the Life Sciences” at Dept.
Virology Erasmus MC in Rotterdam where he was professor of Immunology since 1994. In 2005 he was
appointed as “Entrepreneur in Residence” at the RSM (Rotterdam School of Management; bedrijfskunde).
In 2001 he was appointed as the first Biopartner professor "Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences" on
behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (This chair, which he still
holds, was transformed in 2005 to “Business management and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences
0.1 FTE). He is also a visiting professor for the Immunology courses at Institut Pasteur/University of Paris
since 1992.

Financing, Business Development in Immunology and Virology.

Peter Sijmons

Function:        Director
Organisation:    Szienz

Short biography:
Peter Sijmons is founder and director of Szienz, a software company for the life science industry.
The flagship product for Szienz is LabScores, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that
originated and was developed over the years for CatchMabs BV (see below) and was later rewritten into a
commercial software package.

Prior to Szienz, he was founder and CEO of CatchMabs BV, a biotech company in Wageningen, the
Netherlands, that focussed on the development of molecular affinity bodies for industrial applications of
affinity chromatography and where the Tsunami Bioreactor was invented. Due to lack of investors, all
activities of CatchMabs had to be terminated in the summer of 2006.

From 1997-1999 he was Research Director of the Institute for Agrotechnological Research (ATO-DLO) in
Wageningen and played a pivotal role in the legal structure of technology transfer from Wageningen
University and Research Centre to the private industry. He joined the management team of ATO-DLO in
1994 as head of the department for Postharvest Physiology and Molecular Biology and was appointed
division manager (Fresh Produce) in 1995.
In 1987, he became member of the start-up team of Mogen International, the first plant biotechnology
company in the Netherlands. For a period of 7 years, he had several scientific and management positions
at Mogen. Sijmons has a PhD in PlantPhysiology from the Univ of Amsterdam.

Business Development, Business Plan, startup coaching.

LIMS systems, custom software development for biotech companies.

Tolleiv Trimborn

Function:        CEO
Organisation:    Arcarios

Short biography:
Tolleiv is the founder and CEO of Arcarios BV, a drug development company in he field of bone and joint
diseases. Arcarios was formed through the merger of Therosteon BV, a Dutch biotech company and TR
Therapeutics a Belgium company in 2010.
Arcarios raised 4.1 mln EUR seed funding and aims to develop two preclinical programs upto proof of
concept in humans. At present Arcarios employs 11 FTE.

Tolleiv has a combined commercial and scientific background. Previously he held various positions at
DNage. First he was responsible for business development and day-to-day operations and after the
acquisition of DNage by Pharming in 2006 he became general manager of DNage. Prior to DNage he
worked at Life Science Partners (LSP), a venture capital fund in Amsterdam. Tolleiv holds a PhD in
molecular biology from the Erasmus Medical Center and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Howard Hughes
Medical Institute at Stanford University, Palo Alto, (CA, USA).

Business development, Biotech start-up (strategy and financing).

Biologicals, Small molecules, Drug discovery, Bone and joint diseases.
Arjan Bisseling

Function:        Tax Advisor
Organisation:    AsjesBisseling Belastingadviseurs BV

Short biography:
Up until 2010 I was tax manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (pwc). As a member of the Life Science core
team within pwc I advised companies varying from small biotech companies to big pharmaceuticals. As of
1 January 2011 I‟ve started my own business (AsjesBisseling Belastingadviseurs BV) with 3 other former
pwc colleagues. It is our aim to build a high level boutique office focussing on, amongst others, innovative
industry (and particularly the Life Science industry).

Providing tax advise to companies and individuals on corporate income tax, personal income tax and wage
tax issues. Special expertise in the Life Sciences industry. For start-up (up until phase I) Life Science
companies we agreed on rulings with the Dutch Tax Authorities about a very limited value of the company
for (personal income and wage) tax purposes. Furthermore, we negotiated favorable rulings for the
application of the Dutch innovation box (income from newly developed IP taxed at 5%).

No specific areas of interest. We are happy to assist all kind of Life Science companies, i.e. in the field of
Therapies, Drug discovery, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Biodiversity, Food, etc.

Lammert Landman

Function:        Senior Manager
Organisation:    KPMG

Short biography:
Master degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In 2000 I started at KPMG.
KPMG is a global network of professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG
combines a multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to help clients meet
challenges and respond to opportunities.

Certified Public Auditor (Registeraccountant) with broad experience in audit and advisory service to both
national and international companies (trade companies, service providers, non-profit organizations).
Key words: Accounting, Tax, IT, administrative organization, financing, cash flow forecasting.

Drug discovery and Medical Devices.
Math Kohnen

Function:       Business Coach
Organisation:   eNovITe

Short biography:
     Obtained a PhD (cum laude) in organic chemistry from Technical University Delft.
     Started a nine-year career with Shell as a researcher in Petroleum Geochemistry.
     Designed and managed Shell's GameChanger program: a seed-capital process to drive business
      growth by unleashing internal and external start-ups.
     Assisted Shell‟s Executive Committee in setting direction for the Group as a Corporate Strategist.
     Became an independent Strategy/Innovation consultant working together in a networked fashion
      with many management consultants.
     For last ten years assisted a broad range of client companies in reinventing their core business,
      discovering new market opportunities and developing sound growth strategies. Experience
      gathered in following industries: Advanced Materials, Automotive, FMCG, IT, Metals and Mining,
      Oil & Gas, Plastics, Pulp & Paper, Recycling, Skin & Beauty Care and Telecom.
     Coaches entrepreneurs to progress business/technology ideas into compelling business plans
      and beyond.
     Designs and facilitates with enthusiasm NGI‟s Venture Challenge.

     Defining and testing compelling value propositions for customers, suppliers and partners
      and deciding on the right position in the value web.
     Creating winning business models for Life-science start-ups by applying the experience
      from cross-industry examples. Successful companies, regardless their industry or technology,
      share common elements in their business models.
     Mapping the short term and long term development paths of a start-up.
     Creating sound presentations/pitches/plans to attract investors/partners.

Regardless industry or technology I love to play “the mental chess game” with the many interrelated
choices a start-up has to make towards a successful business.
Hans Le Fever

Function:        Business Coach
Organisation:    eNovITe

Short biography:
Hans Le Fever (PhD Experimental Physics, Leiden)
     He worked for Shell in a variety of advisory and line management jobs on the interface
      of business and IT with focus on creating sustainable business improvement.
     He left in 2002 and became the (co-) founder of several knowledge based companies.
     His philosophy: "You can learn from anyone." Which he did from excellent international
      consultants and which he passes on as secretary of the Society of Organisational Learning.
     He teaches the importance of IT in Business as Adjoint Professor at Leiden University.

value proposition, business model, information management, organizational development,
performance management.

General interest in “how to grow a company”. Critical issues in the start-up phase.

Arnoud Dijkstra

Function:        Chief Business Officer
Organisation:    Profibrix

Short biography:
In April 2011, Arnoud Dijkstra was appointed Chief Business Officer of Profibirix, a Leiden-based biotech
company that is active in the field of hemostasis. Before joining Profibrix, Arnoud was CBO and member of
the executive management team of the Dutch/British biotech company PanGenetics where he was
responsible for Business Development and was a member of the team that successfully sold the company‟s
main asset to Abbott. Before returning to the Netherlands in 2006, Arnoud spent 14 years in the Swiss
pharmaceutical and biotech industry, at Hoffmann-La Roche, where he spent eight years and held several
positions in research management, at Morphochem, where he was VP Operations of the Basel branch, and
at Actelion Pharmaceuticals, where he was Director Business Development.

Business Development, Licensing, Investor Relations, Start-up/management of biotech companies.

Drug discovery, enabling technology, business development, financing.

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