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					     Fortis Cancer Institute

             Fortis Offers the Best Breast Cancer Treatment in India
If you are a female, then you already have a higher breast cancer risk than opposite gender. There
are few factors which are simply outside of your control. You can’t do anything about your sex or
the genes which are inherited from your family. Ample of lifestyle choices that you can make, even
if, that will lower your breast cancer risks. There are number of reasons so cause breast cancer and
number of cancer hospitals in India to treat it.

There are some variations to the real origin of the cancer in the breast, most breast cancer belong to
the ductal type or lobular type. In Ductal type of cancer the Tiny ducts in the breasts, store milk and
connect the lobules to the nipples. Breast cancer is very common in the ducts. Lobular cancer is the
very rare type of cancer, only less that 15% breast cancer develops in the lobular region; and the
cancer involves the nipples is called as Pagets diseases.
While studying breast cancer types one must know about medullary and mixed tumors.

The risk factors to cause cancer in women:

Being a woman is the biggest risk factor, yes! Every woman is at risk of breast cancer as she ages.

In every 300 woman at the age of 30, one may contract breast cancer. At the age of 40 chances of
breast cancer are higher. One in every 70 woman is at risk. As the age increases the risk factor of
developing breast cancer increases simultaneously.

If your family has the history of breast cancer in either parental or maternal families increases your
chances of having a breast cancer.

Hormonal imbalance may develop breast cancer in women. Not only this, women with late
menopause has been seen at higher risk, however this is not always the case.

The main reason to cause breast cancer is Unhealthy Lifestyle! Yes, women who are obese
/overweight and who do not have regular exercise command are at a higher risk.

Before going for any further step one must know Breast cancer and treatment for it. New lump or a
mass is the very common sign of breast cancer. A lump which is painless hard and has uneven edges
is likely to be cancer. But in some cases cancer are soft, tender and rounded. One more thing to
know is all Breast lump are not cancerous, in fact most are benign, but each has to be analyzed and
tested as some benign lumps can increase your cancer risk. So if you feel something unusual it is
better checked by your doctor. Or else go to Fortis Cancer hospital in India.
     Fortis Cancer Institute

The Fortis Cancer Institute is a premier centre dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment and
promoting research in Breast cancer care. Fortis is one of the few centers in India which offers end
to end breast cancer and treatment in India. All cancer treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy,
oncosurgery, reconstructive surgery are done in one world class facility. Fortis Cancer Institute has
full time doctors, leaders in their field, are capably supported with classy equipment, skilled
technicians, physicists and nursing professionals to offer the best breast cancer care.

                                            About Us:
At Fortis Cancer Institute, top specialists all over the world of every treatment modality
collaborate to give you the Fortis 3C - an integrated approach that represents the most effective way
to treat your cancer. The plan could recommend one mode of treatment or a combination only to
bring a new ray of hope in your life.

                                   Fortis Hospitals, Mulund,
                                  Mulund -Goregaon Link Road,
                                        Mulund ( West ),
                                        Mumbai - 400078.
                               Telno: 022- 67994444 / 9167001122

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                  Fortis breast cancer treatment- World class surgery at best prices

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Description: Breast comprise of tiny ducts that connect the glands to the nipples. They are surrounded by fat, muscles, fibrous tissues and globules. Uncontrolled tissue growth as a result of affected DNA cells in any part of this region results in breast cancer.