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                                       Union Bank of India
      Union Bank Bhavan, Support Services Department, Maintenance Division, 7th Floor,
                   239 Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021


The Bank invites sealed offers in two bid system from established House Keeping Agencies in
Mumbai for house keeping work at Union Bank Bhavan Central Office, Mumbai.

For   complete    details   and   formats   of   RFP   please   log    on     to   Bank's   website
www.unionbankofindia.co.in or NIC portal www.tenders.gov.in or can be obtained from
Chief Manager, Support Services Department, 7th floor at the above address (Tel.no.22892505)
on payment of Rs.500/- (non-refundable) by way of Pay Order / D.D favouring Union Bank of
India. However application forms downloaded from website shall accompany the pay order
/D.D at the time of submission of the tender document.

Date of commencement of issue of RFPs                    :            14.09.2009

Last date for receipt of RFPs                            :            05.10.09 upto 3.00 p.m.

Opening of RFPs                                          :            05.10.09 at 3.15 p.m.

Earnest Money Deposit (Bid Security)                     :            Rs. 10000/-.
No brokers/intermediaries shall be entertained. The Bank reserves the right to reject any /all
applications without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

                                                                            DY.GENERAL MANAGER


                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
Sr.No.   Description.                                             Page No.

   1.    General Instructions                                        04
   2.    Scope of Work.                                              08
   3.    Eligibility criteria for short listing.                     09
   4.    Location to be covered.                                     09
   5.    Two-part offer.                                             09
   6.    Bid Security.                                               09
   7.    Validity.                                                   10
   8.    Technical offer.                                            10
   9.    Commercial offer.                                           11
   10.   Service charges                                             11
   11.   No Erasures or alternations.                                11
   12.   No Variations.                                              11
   13.   Service charges freezing.                                   12
   14.   Evaluation Process.                                         12
   15.   No Commitment to accept lowest or any Tender.               13
   16.   Opening of Offers.                                          13
   17.   Service Agreement                                           13
   18.   Covering Letter                           Annexure-I        14
   19.   Service providers Profile.                Annexure-II       15
   20.   Declaration                               Annexure-III      18
   21.   Evaluation Criteria                       Annexure-IV       19
   22.   Reference Site Details.                   Annexure-V        21
   23.   Commercial Offer                          Annexure-VI       22
   24.   Agreement for Housekeeping Services       Annexure-VII      23


   1.    Inspection of Sites: The service provider shall visit and examine the site and satisfy
         as to the nature and correct dimensions of work and facilities for obtaining
         material and shall obtain generally his own information on all matters affecting the
         execution of work. No extra charge made in consequence of any misunderstanding
         or incorrect information on any of these points on the ground of insufficient
         description will be allowed.     All expenses incurred by the service providers in
         connection with obtaining information for submitting this tender including his visit
         to site and efforts in compiling the tender shall be borne by the tenderer and no
         claim for reimbursement thereof shall be entertained.
   2.     Safety Regulations: The service provider shall take all the necessary precautions
         while working and to safeguard adjacent property, Bank’s property, Bank’s
         employees and traffic persons.
   3.    Compliance to local laws: The service provider shall confirm to the provision of
         any ACT of the legislature relating to the work and to the regulation of Byelaws of
         any authority. He shall also obtain the permission of the municipality or any other
         authorities if required under the existing rules..
   4.     Subletting the work: The service provider shall not directly or indirectly sublet
         the work to other party without written permission of the bank.
   5.    Third Party Damage: The service provider shall be responsible for all injury to
         persons, animals, building, building structure, any damage to road, streets,
         footpaths and shall rectify it at its own cost.
   6.    Insurance Cover: All the workers of the service provider must be properly covered
         by an Insurance Policy with respect to liabilities under Workman’s Compensation
         Act and Fatal Accident Act. The service provider at his own expenses arrange to
         effect and maintain until the virtual completion of the contract and copies of such
         insurance shall be available for inspection of the bank.
   7.    Protection of material and work: The service provider shall be responsible for
         storing and watching his own material and protecting the work at his own cost.
         The service provider and his worker will be allowed to use lift after office hours.
         However, no paint/drums or heavy bag of cement/paint will be allowed to be
         taken into the lift. Any damage/spoiling of lift/floor/dado caused during such act
         will have to be made good by the service provider at his own expenditure.


8.    Cleaning during the work: After cleaning /mopping etc work is completed the site
      should be neat and tidy. No cleaning material should be left in and around the
9.    Keeping of Cleaning Material/brooms etc: The material required for keeping
      cleaning material should be kept in stores provided by the bank. The material in
      any case should not lie on the floor / room/toilets or electrical panel switchboards
      on each floor or otherwise strict action will be initiated.
10.   Conditional Tenders : Conditional Tenders will not be accepted
11.   The Bank reserves the right to accept/ reject the lower or any or all tenders in part
      or in whole without assigning a reason therefore.
12.   Decision of the Bank shall be final and binding on any matter connected with the
      work. The matter of any dispute shall be decided after mutual discussions based
      on the terms and conditions of the contract. However, if the matter, cannot be
      resolved then the same shall be referred to the respected, qualified person in the
      field agreed to both the parties and his opinion shall be binding on both the
      parties. However, this is precourse to any legal action in this regard.
13.   Incomplete Tender: Incomplete tenders shall be summarily rejected.
14.   Earnest Money Deposit: EMD of successful tenderer shall be treated as security
      deposit. The service provider should pay this amount to the Bank by DD or PO at
      the time of submission of tender. The Bank shall retain this amount till the work is
      virtually completed and all amounts relating thereto settled.
15.   The service provider is requested to sign each page of the tender and put rubber
      stamp, seal below his signature and seal the tender in an envelop.
16.   If at any point of time during the progress, it is observed that the service provider
      is not progressing the work with due diligence, care and lagging much behind the
      schedule or services provided are not satisfactory, the employer (Bank) reserves
      the right to terminate the contract with 30 days notice.             In case of such
      terminations the security deposit held by the bank will be forfeited.
17.   Supervision: The service provider is required to have competent supervisor for
      supervision of the works during all working hours acceptable to the bank and who
      will be responsible for the conduct of worker and who has authority to receive and
      act on such instructions issued by the Bank.


18.   All work shall be carried out in a workman-like manner to the entire satisfaction of
      the Bank.
19.   Service provider shall follow all rules/regulations in force and should possess the
      license for employing labour and also follow all safety measures, labour law and
      shall be responsible for any lapse.
20.   Transfer of tender documents: Transfer of tender documents purchased by one
      intending tenderer to another is not permissible.
21.   Safety: The service provider shall carry out the entire work in a workman like
      manner having full regard for the safety of the men working at site.         All safe
      practices shall be strictly adhered to by the workman of the service provider like
      wearing helmets, safety belts, when working at heights, gloves when handling
      sharp objects and reinforcement etc.      The service provider shall protect sides of
      opening in floor slabs, edges of slabs, stair, stairwells etc. with barricade, warning
      signs/lights and educate all his workman regarding following safe working
      practices. He shall provide first aid boxes at site.
      In spite of following safe methods, in case of any unfortunate accident, the service
      provider shall indemnify the employer against any expenses or claims towards
      treatment or compensation.
22.   Nuisance: The service provider shall not any time do cause or permit anyone to do
      or cause any nuisance on the site or do anything which shall cause unnecessary
      disturbance of inconvenience to the employer or to the owners, tenants or
      occupiers of other properties near the site and to the public generally.
23.   The service provider will be paid on monthly basis for the services during the
      preceding month for which he shall submit the bill for the agreed amount latest by
      7th of the following month.
24.   All persons engaged by the service provider for carrying out the work would be
      deemed to be service provider’s employee for all-purpose and he shall make
      regular and full payment to his employees. No liability / responsibility whatsoever
      on account of persons engaged by the service provider is attributable to the bank.
25.   The service provider shall give an undertaking that they have necessary licences
      and registrations under the Labour Welfare Legislation and they duly and promptly
      are complying with the provision pertaining to Employees Providend Fund Act,
      Employees State Insurance Act, Minimum Wages Act and such other legislation.
26.   None of the service provider’s personnel shall enter into any kind of work other
      than provided under this contract, within the complex.
27.   The personnel deployed by the service provider shall be of good conduct, character
      and health. They should be in proper uniform and identity cards whenever they


      are in the complex. The service provider is bound to remove any of the person
      employed by him and arrange for replacement of removed person as and when
      advised to do so by the bank.
28.   The service provider shall be solely responsible for the integrity of the personnel
      deployed. If any of the service provider staff found misbehaving with employees of
      the bank or participant, the service provider shall terminate the services of such
      persons forthwith.
29.   The bank shall not be responsible for any injury or loss of life occurring during the
      performance of duties in the premises to any personnel deployed by the service
      provider. Any compensation or expenditure towards treatment for such injury or
      loss of life shall be borne by the service provider.
30.   No residential accommodation would be provided by the bank to the service
      provider and / or to the persons engaged by him.
31.   The service provider and his personnel shall co-operate with the security agencies
      deployed in the campus and shall be thoroughly checked every time they leave the
      premises by the security personnel at the main gate.
32.   The contract will be initially for a period of 12 months, which may be further
      extended at the discretion of the bank. The contract can be terminated by either
      party by giving one month’s notice. However, the service provider undertakes to
      continue to discharge his duties and obligations, until the bank engages a new
      service provider.
33.   General Details:
      i)      All cleaning material such as phenyl, disinfectants, deodorants, odonil,
              room fresheners, insecticides like finit, hit, air-fresheners stick, air-
              fresheners round, dettol, handwash, liquid soap, sani cubes, squeeze, vim
              powder, naphthalene balls, necessary tools for cleaning and maintenance
              shall be provided and arranged by the service provider at his own cost.
      ii)     The service provider shall arrange all cleaning materials as indicated
                •   Hard brush/soft brush.
                •   Soft / Hard duster.
                •   Mops.
                •   Multi Wash
                •   Dry mops kit
                •   Glass cleaner
                •   WC cleaner


   34.       Personal required:

                            i)    Sweepers/Laborers:/Cleaners/Mopers/Dusters       : 20
                            ii)   Supervisor                                       : 01
                                  Total                                            : 21

         Union Bank of India intends to avail services for house keeping of its premises at Union
Bank Bhavan, 239 Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.

         The service provider is supposed to provide qualified and experienced personnel for
house keeping work, to discharge the following functions: -
   •     Cleaning the immediate periphery of the building and utility rooms of the building.
   •     Sweeping and moping of the Main Entrance lift lobby, walls, boards, lifts thrice daily
   •     Sweeping and moping of guard’s cabins, basement cabins, compound and basement
         area once in a day.
   •     Sweeping and moping of staircase, passages and all other office areas.
   •     Sweeping and moping of all floors daily in the morning before 9.00 a.m.
   •     Sweeping and moping of all executives’ cabins daily.
   •     Cleaning of all (gents & ladies) toilets on regular intervals of every two hours with good
         quality of detergents and disinfectants.
   •     Removing choke-up of urine blocks from toilets.
   •     Cleaning of wall tiles, pots, partitions, windows etc to be cleaned every two hours.
   •     Weekly washing down of compound area and compound wall with detergents.
   •     Daily cleaning of tables, chairs, partitions, window, glasses, sofas, wooden racks, steel
         cabinets etc on all the floors and executive cabins.
   •     Cleaning of carpets daily. Vacuum cleaning of carpets on all floors once in a week with
         an imported vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning.
   •     Sweeping and cleaning of terraces and canopy once in a fortnight.
   •     Checking & removing of all choke-up drainage system once in a week and whenever
   •     Removing cobwebs daily.


   •   Removing stains from floor, walls, staircases, cabin doors, partition of cabin inside and
       outside on a regular basis.
   •   Cleaning of aluminum panel fixed around the building upto 2nd floor twice a week.
   •   Shampoo cleaning of sofa sets, cushion chairs etc. once in a month of all floors.
   •   Cleaning of all the furniture’s in the building on daily basis.
   •   Floor mopping, table/window/glass cleaning on daily basis with necessary detergent
       and cleaning material.
   •   Disposal of waste/garbage/stationery on daily basis to garbage bin.
   •   Cleaning of compound on daily basis.
   •   The full time employees should work from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm including lunch break of
       one hour and Sundays and bank holidays.
   •   Any other work related to above.

Refer annexure IV of the tender document.


       Complete Central Office located at Union Bank Bhavan, 239, Vidhan Bhavan Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021

       The offer will be in two parts; Technical & Commercial.           Both the parts must be
submitted at the same time but in separate sealed covers, giving full particulars, addressed to
the Asst.General Manager (SSD), Union Bank of India, 7th Floor, Union Bank Bhavan, 239, Vidhan
Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021 and duly super-scribed "Technical Offer for
House Keeping Agency" and "Commercial Offer for House Keeping Agency" on or before
05.10.2009 at 3.00 p.m

       Bid Security of Rs.10000/ (Rupees ten thousand only), in the form of a Demand Draft /
Pay order issued by a scheduled commercial Bank favouring Union Bank of India, Payable at
Mumbai must be submitted along with the offer. This amount will be forfeited if the service
provider refuses to accept work order or having accepted the work order, fails to carry out his
obligations mentioned therein. Bank Guarantee in lieu of Bid Security will not be accepted.
No interest will be payable on the Bid Security amount. The bid security must be submitted
along with technical offer.     In the event of non-submission of the bid security money of


Rs.10000/-, the proposal will be rejected.      The bid security will be refunded to the un-
successful bidders only after the completion of the bid process.


        The offer should remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of
Technical Bid.


        The technical offer (TO) should be complete in all respect and contain all information
asked for in this document. It should not contain any price information.
        It is mandatory to submit the technical details in the prescribed Proforma (Annexure-II)
duly filled in, along with your offer.    In case of non-submission or partial submission of
technical details, the Bank, at its discretion, may not evaluate the offer. The TO must be
submitted in an organized and structured manner.        No brochures/ leaflets etc., should be
submitted in loose form.

        The TO should comprise of following:
    1. Covering letter on the prescribed format (Annexure-I)
    2. Service provider Profile (Annexure-II)
    3. Declaration (Annexure-III).
    4. Evaluation Criteria -Financial & Technical Parameters (Annexure-IV)
    5. Photocopies of required certificates/documents/proof / P&L & Balance sheets, Copies
        of order executed etc and all information sort as per Annexure-IV.
    6. Documentation (Product brochures, leaflets, manuals, etc.)
    7. Details of a reference site as per Annexure V.
    8. Bid Security of Rs.10000/-, in the form of a Demand Draft / Pay Order issued by a
        Nationalised Bank or Scheduled Commercial Bank favouring Union Bank of India,
        payable at Mumbai.



        The Commercial Offer (CO) will give all relevant price information and will quote
prices only in Indian Rupees. The CO should not contradict the TO in any manner. The CO
should comprise of Bill of Material as per Annexure-VI.              This must contain all price
information. Any system supplied free along with the offer or at a cost must be indicated
separately and specifically. The commercial offer should be submitted in a separate sealed
cover duly super-scribed "Commercial Offer for Housekeeping Agency".


        The service charges shall be quoted only in Indian Rupees and inclusive of following:
    •   The service provider will be paid on monthly basis for the services rendered during the
        preceding month for which he shall submit the bill for the agreed amount latest by 7th
        of the following month.
    •   The amount quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, duties, excise etc excluding service
        tax, which will be paid on actual as per prevailing rates.
    •   The charges for second year, if the bank decides to extend the contract for further

The Bank will shortlist service provider(s) who satisfy technical and other requirements laid
down in the document.      The commercial bids of only those service provider(s) who have
qualified as per eligibility criterion for evaluation and technical Parameters will only be
opened.    Short listed service provider(s) will be notified by E-mail/post and may send
authorised representative to be present at the time of opening of the commercial offer(s), if
they choose.


        Technical / Commercial details must be completely filled up.          The corrections or
alterations, if any should be authenticated. In the case of the corrections / alteration are not
properly authenticated, the offer will be rejected.


        The Commercial Offer shall be on a lump sum basis per month.


          The service charges finalized shall remain valid for a period of one year from the date
of such finalization with the option to the Bank to review the service charges if necessary.

          Offers will be evaluated in following stages:

          Offers will first be scrutinized for compliance of condition of Technical Offer as stated
in this RFP.

          A technical evaluation will be carried out of proposal of the eligible service provider(s)
on the parameters as mentioned in Annexure-IV. Bank reserves the right to reject the offer in
any of the following circumstances.
    •     If offer is incomplete and/or not accompanied by all stipulated documents.
    •     If any of the terms and conditions stipulated in this document is not accepted and
          letter as per Annexure I is not submitted.
    •     If any of the specifications stipulated in Annexure II is not met.
    •     If required information with appropriate documents in support of the same is not
          submitted as per Annexure III, IV & V.

Short-listing of service provider(s) based on the technical evaluation.

Opening and normalization of commercial offer of the short-listed service provider(s)

Bank reserves the right to reject commercial offer if:

    •       It is not as per prescribed format i.e. Annexure-VI
    •     Any condition stated by the service provider is not acceptable to the Bank.



        The Bank shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest or any other offer received
in response to this notice and shall be entitled to reject any or all offers without assigning any
reasons whatsoever.



        Technical Offers will be opened on 05.10.2009 at 3.15 p.m. The representative of
the service provider should be present for the opening of the Technical Offers. No separate
intimation will be given in this regard to the service providers, for deputing their

Commercial Offers of the shortlisted entries post opening of Technical Offer will be opened on
22.10.2009 at 3.15 p.m. The representative of service provider may be present. No separate
intimation to service provider will be given in this regard.

Selected service provider shall enter into SERVICE AGREEMENT with the Bank in the format
provided in Annexure VII.


                     (Letter to the Bank on the service provider's letterhead)
The Asst. General Manager,
Union Bank of India, Support Services Department,
Maintenance Division, 7th Floor, 239,
Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021
                     Sub: Your RFP for Appointing an Housekeeping agency.

Dear Sir,
         With reference to the above RFP, having examined and understood the instructions,
terms and conditions forming part of the RFP, we hereby enclose our offer for giving
housekeeping services at the mentioned premises.

         We confirm that the offer is in conformity with the terms and conditions as mentioned
in the RFP.
         We also confirm that the offer shall remain valid for ninety days from the date of the
         We understand that the Bank is not bound to accept the offer either in part or in full
and that the Bank has tight to reject the offer in full or in part without assigning any reasons

         We enclose Demand Draft/Order for Rs.                 Favouring Union Bank of India and
payable at Mumbai, towards bid security, details of the same are as under:
              •   Demand Draft / Pay Order No.           :
              •   Date of Demand Draft / Pay Order       :
              •   Name of Issuing Bank                   :
Yours faithfully,

Authorised Signatories
(Name & Designation, seal of the firm)                                                    Date:


                          SERVICE PROVIDER PROFILE

1.   Name of the Organisation and Address.

2.   Year of Establishment.

3.   Status of the firm
     (Whether Pvt.Ltd.Company / Public Ltd.Company / Partnership firm/Proprietorship

4.   Name of Directors / Partners / Proprietor:

5.   Whether registered with the Registrar of Companies / Registrar of Firms. If so,
     mention number and date.

6.   (a) Name and address of Bankers:

     i)                                              ii)


      (b) Turn over of the Company / Firm in 2006-07,2007-08,2008-09:
             (Please attach a copy of audited Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account for
             the years 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09,)

7.    Whether registered for sales tax purposes. Is so, mention number and date. Also
      furnish copies of sales tax clearance certificate.

8.    Whether an assesses of Income Tax. If so, mention Permanent Account Number.
      Furnish copies of Income tax clearance certificate.

9.    Give details of the after service facility provided by your company / firm at Thane,
      Navi Mumbai & Mumbai.

10.   What are your fields of activities? Mention the fields on preference basis in the
      order of annual turnover.






11.   Since when and how long your Company / firm has been dealing in House Keeping.

12.   If you are registered in the panel of other organizations / statutory bodies, such as
      Banks, CPWD, PWD, MES etc for Housekeeping services furnish their names,
      category and date of registration.

13.   Furnish the names of renowned organizations, where you have provided services in
      house keeping as the case may be in the last 3 years:


 Name of the Organization with Address       Duration of work   Value of orders
                                               with date of
                                             commence and

(Please attach the copies of their orders)



   1. I / We have read the instructions appended to the Proforma and I / We understand that
         if any false information is detected at a later date, any future contract made between
         ourselves and Union Bank of India, on the basis of the information given by me / us can
         be treated as invalid by the Bank and I / We will be solely responsible for the

   2. I / We agree that the decision of Union Bank of India in selection of Service providers
         will be final and binding to me / us.

   3. All the information furnished by me hereunder is correct to the best of my knowledge
         and belief.

   4. I / We agree that I / We have no objection if enquiries are made about the work listed
         by me / us in the accompanying sheets.

   5. I / We agree that I / We have not applied in the name of sister concern for the subject
         empanelment process.








Evaluation Criteria
The evaluation will be done on the following two parameters:
1. Financial parameters : 25 Marks
2. Technical parameters : 75 Marks

Financial Parameters:
      Parameters          Max                 Marks                     Document       Document
                         Marks                                          Required        Enclosed
                                                                                       Pl.tick ( / )
Average Annual              5     Minimum of Rs.20.00 lacs        03   Audited
Turnover of the firm              More than Rs.20.00 lacs but     04   Balance
during last 3 years.              less than Rs.50.00 lacs              sheet
                                  More than Rs.50.00 lacs         05   for the year
                                                                       06-07 ,07-
Net worth of the            5     NW Rs.10.00 lacs                04   Audited
Company as per latest                                                  Balance
                                  NW above Rs10.00 lacs           05
balance sheet                                                          sheet for the
                                                                       year 2008-09
Profit of the last          5     Minimum profit of Rs.2.00 lac   04   Audited
financial year                    Profit above Rs.2.00 lac        05   Balance
                                                                       sheet for the
                                                                       year 2008-09
Executed similar works     10     upto Rs.10.00 lacs              06   Copy of work
in last three years                                                    order
                                  above Rs.10.00 lacs but less    08
                                  than Rs.15.00 lacs
                                  above Rs.15.00 lacs             10


Technical Parameters:

             Parameters                 Max.                        Marks
No. of years in the business of    15            Minimum 3 years                   10
House keeping                                    Above 3 years (one mark for
                                                 additional year)
Location for support services      10            Location of support services in   10
Reference site                     10            Minimum 2 Sites                   08
                                                 Above 2 Sites (one marks for
                                                 additional site)
Whether the company is ISO         05            ISO certified                     05
certified.                                       Not certified                     0
Registration for Service Tax       10            Registration for Service Tax      10
/VAT/TIN                                         /VAT/TIN
                                                 No Registration                   00
                                                 Registration for PF & ESIC        10
Registration for PF & ESIC         10
                                                 No Registration                   00
No. of employees                   15            Minimum 25                        10
                                                 Above 25 empolyees. (One mark
                                                 additional per empolyees

In order to assist the process of evaluation, service providers are required to submit
documentary evidences to support their claims of these parameters. If the service provider
does not provide any of these details no marks will be given to the service provider in
evaluation process. Minimum qualifying marks required is 70


Reference Site Details (minimum two references)

Name of the Company
Address of the Company
Name, designation of contact person with        Name:
telephone no. and e-mail ID                     Designation:
                                                Landline No.:
                                                Cell No.       :
                                                E-mail ID:

Details of services provided in last 2 years
(Ref.No, date of order with photo copy of

                                                                   AUTHORISED SIGNATORY


                                       COMMERCIAL OFFER
                 (To be submitted separately in a sealed cover super-scribed as
                          "Commercial Offer for HOUSE KEEPING SERVICES)

We have gone through the details of terms/conditions and nature of services to be provided.
We have visited the site and got all necessary details. Accordingly, our charges for house
keeping        services      would     be         Rs._______________________      (In   words:
Rs.______________________________________only) per month (lump sum) for 1 year. This
amount is inclusive of all kinds of rates, charges, wages etc but excluding service tax, which
will be paid on actual as per prevailing rates.

In case the bank decides to extend my contract for further period, our charges will be as
under: -
                      Year                                      Amount per month
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year

This amount is inclusive of all kinds of rates, charges, wages etc but excluding service tax
which will be paid on actual as per prevailing rates.

    1. Prices must be quoted in WORDS AND FIGURES.
    2. In case of any discrepancy, unit prices quoted in words will be considered for
           computation of TCO.

                                                                       AUTHORISED SIGNATORY




This    agreement    is    executed   at   _________________on   __________________between
____________________________________ (carrying on the business of house-keeping services
hereinafter called and referred to as “Service provider” which term shall include his / their
successors / assigns) of the First Part and UNION BANK OF INDIA, a body Corporate constituted
under the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1970, having its
Head Office at Union Bank Bhavan, 239, Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400
021(hereinafter referred to as “Bank” which term shall include its successors/ assigns) of the
Second Part.

WHEREAS the Bank is desirous of availing specialized house-keeping services for its Head Office
Building, known as Union Bank Bhavan for a period of one year or such extended period.

WHERE AS the Bank had floated a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting proposals for specilised
house-keeping services and the proposal of Service Provider was considered in terms of RFP

WHEREAS the Service provider has agreed and undertake to render specialized house-keeping
services as per requirement and to the full satisfaction of the Bank as per the terms and
conditions and as per the scope of work to be assigned by the Bank mentioned herein below.


   1.       It is agreed and understood that all the terms & conditions and scope of work set
            out in Request for Proposal shall be deemed to have incorporated herein and shall
            be read as part & parcel of this agreement.

   2.          The Bank agrees to pay on monthly basis or as may be agreed upon between the
            parties from time to time for the services that may be rendered by the Service
            provider on performing the services to its fullest satisfaction as detailed in
            schedule – I

   3.       The agreement shall be deemed to have come in to force only for a period of
            twelve months with effect from _________ and shall remain valid upto _______ and
            it may be extended for such other extended period for future and on such terms
            and conditions as the Bank may decide in its own discretion / mutually agreed


     upon. On expiry of the tenure of the agreement or on termination of the contract
     for any reason whatsoever as per the terms and conditions, the Service provider
     shall deliver the articles or other equipments or any other property of the Bank in
     its / his possession in good condition.

4.   The Schedules I, to this agreement shall form part of and be read as part of this
     agreement. In witness where of the parties hereto have executed those on the day
     month and year above mentioned.

5.   The Service provider shall maintain regular and proper books of accounts and other
     records, document, etc. supported by the vouchers so that the same may be
     available for inspection by any authorized person.

6.   In case the Service provider assigns or sub-assigns this contract without written
     approval of the Bank and or attempts to do so or in case the performance of
     Service provider is found to be unsatisfactory or violated / contravened any of the
     terms and conditions contained herein and schedule hereto, the Bank shall have
     the right to terminate the agreement without giving any notice to the Service
     provider and without prejudice to its right to recover damages caused to the Bank
     from the amount payable or otherwise.

7.   The General Manager, in charge of Support Service Department of the Bank shall be
     the sole authority to decide and judge the quality of the service rendered by the
     Service provider and he shall determine payment of service charges as agreed
     under these presents.

8.   All questions relating to the performance of the obligations under this agreement
     and to the quality of materials used in house- keeping and all the dispute and
     differences which shall arise either during or after the agreement period or other
     matters arising out of or relating to this agreement or payments to be made in
     pursuance thereof shall be decided by the General Manager, in charge of Support
     Service Department of the Bank whose decision shall be binding on the service
     provider. The Service provider hereby agrees to be bound by the decision of the
     General Manager, in charge of Support Service Department of the Bank.

9.   The Service provider shall bear all the costs and expenses in respect of all charges,
     stamp duties etc relating to this agreement.


10.   The Service provider shall maintain good standard of services as indicated. The
      performance of the service provider will be reviewed on monthly basis and in case
      the services are not found up to the mark the contract will be terminated even
      before the expiry of contract period by giving one month’s notice.

11.   The service provider shall pay a Bid security deposit of Rs. 10000/- (Rupees Ten
      thousand only) prior to commencement of service under this agreement. The Bank
      shall be entitled to forfeit the same if the Service provider refuses to accept work
      order or having accepted the work order, fails to carry out his obligations
      mentioned therein.

12.   The employees of the Service provider, their management, control, duty rosters,
      administration, etc. will be dealt with and decided by the service provider being
      their employer and engaged by them.
13.   The Service provider shall issue appointment letters to all the persons employed by
      him in connection with performance of his contract for house-keeping services,
      furnish proof by submitting copies of such letters received by the employees. The
      appointment letter shall make clear that the concerned employee is the employee
      of the Service provider only and Bank where house-keeping services are rendered
      has no obligation or any relationship to employment or otherwise whatsoever with
      him/them. The Service provider will pay salary, allowances, etc. to his employees
      as per rule at his end and the Bank will not be responsible for payment of anything
      to the employee of the Service provider / Service provider.

14.   The agreement shall be terminated as provided in clauses above (without notice) or
      by the efflux of time or earlier by one month’s notice or at the discretion / at the
      option of the Bank as the case may be. The Service provider shall also have the
      option to terminate the agreement after giving one month's notice to the Bank.

15.   Nothing contained in this agreement is intended to be nor shall be construed to be
      a grant, demise or assignment in the law of premises or any part thereof by the
      Bank to the Service provider or his employees and the service provider and his
      employees shall vacate the same on the termination of the agreement period
      either by efflux of time or otherwise.

16.   It is understood that this agreement is a Contract for service and not a contract of
      service. The Service provider shall ensure that in any event number of persons
      sent over to the bank’s premises shall always be 21 or less.


17.    The service provider shall submit such proof from time to time as may be
       demanded by the Bank with respect to payment of Provident Fund, ESI, and
       statutory dues payable under laws with respect to services offered by the service
       provider. It is understood that along with invoice for payment of service charges
       every month, proof of payment of wages, PF, ESI etc. namely wage slips, challans
       of the previous month shall be submitted. This is a condition precedent for
       processing bill for service charges.

 18.   The service provider shall indemnify, save losses and keep indemnified the bank
       against any loss, claim including from statutory      authorities   with respect to
       obligations under these presents.

 19.   On termination of the contract by the Bank for any reason whatsoever, the Bank
       shall be entitled to engage the services of any other person, agency or Service
       provider to meet its requirement, without prejudice to its rights including claim for
       damages against the Service provider.


                                        SCHEDULE – I
                                    TERMS OF PAYMENTS

(To be filled in after finalisation with the service provider before execution of agreement)