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									                   42                                       Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs

                   ATLA Education
Saturday, July 3

                                                                                  9:45 am    Technology on the Go: Effective Presentations
                                                                                             at Motion Hearings and Mediations
                    Programs                                                                 John D. Wood, TN
                                                                                  10:15 am Struggle to Juggle: Using Technology as a
                                                                                           Working Lawyer with Kids
                             The following programs are available for                      Laura E.G. Tamez, TX
                             CLE credit. CLE forms and worksheets are             10:45 am Quick and Easy Document Imaging and Retrieval
                             located in the pocket of this program book. If                John A. McLeish, Canada
                             you have questions regarding these programs,
                             please visit the ATLA Education booth                11:15 am Adjourn
                             located in Hall D—Hynes Convention Center.

                                                                                  Insurance Law Section
                                                                                  Constitution Ballroom B, 2nd Floor [S]
                   Saturday, July 3                                               Chair and moderator: George G. Mahfood, FL
                                                                                  Theme: Hot Topics and Recent Developments
                   Advocacy Track
                   Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]                          8:30 am    Opening Remarks/Elections
                   Theme: Voir Dire—First Impressions Always Last                 8:45 am    Disaster and Business Interruption Coverages
                   Moderator: Nicole Schultheis, MD                                          Richard P. Lewis, NY
                                                                                  9:30 am    Long-Term Care Insurance
                   1:45 pm    Opening Remarks
                                                                                             Frank N. Darras, CA
                   2:00 pm    Improving the Jury Using Juror Questionnaires
                                                                                  10:15 am HMOs/Medical Negligence:
                              Jeffrey A. Breit, VA
                                                                                           Overcoming ERISA and Getting to the Jury
                   2:45 pm    Demonstration: Voir Dire That Works                          Alice J. Wolfson, CA
                              R. Ben Hogan, III, AL
                                                                                  11:00 am Insurance Issues Facing the Elderly and
                   3:15 pm    Challenges for Cause: Exposing Bias                          Possible Legislative Remedies
                              Frank Costilla, Jr., TX                                      Hon. Linda J. Melconian, State Senator,
                              Hon. Netti C. Vogel, Associate Justice,                         Massachusetts
                                 Rhode Island Superior Court
                                                                                  11:45 am Lunch
                   4:15 pm    The Cutting-Edge Science of Jury Selection
                                                                                  2:00 pm    Disability Insurance
                              Richard W. Gabriel, CA (trial consultant)
                                                                                             John P. Murray, FL
                              Frederick Schenk, CA
                                                                                  2:45 pm    Defeating Arbitration Clauses
                   5:00 pm    Adjourn
                                                                                             Jeffrey M. Liggio, FL
                                                                                  3:30 pm    Property and Casualty Insurance:
                                                                                             Claims and Cancellation Problems
                   Communications, Computers, and
                                                                                             James C. Plummer, TX
                   Law Office Technology Committee
                   Constitution Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]                         4:15 pm    Life and Annuity Policies
                                                                                             Joseph N. Kravec, Jr., PA
                   Chair: Donald H. Slavik, WI
                   Moderator: TBD                                                 5:00 pm    Adjourn
                   Theme: Productivity and Portability

                   8:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                                  Law Student Program
                   8:45 am    Using Technology to Sharpen Your Message            Presented by the Law Schools Committee
                              Without Losing Your Mind                            Liberty Rooms A-C, 2nd Floor [S]
                              Bruce L. Braley, IA
                                                                                  Chair: Philip F. Maher, IL
                   9:15 am    Portable Automated Litigation Support               Moderator: Althea T. Kippes, CA
                              George Bellas, IL
                                                                                  Theme: From Law Student to Lawyer: Strategies for Success

                                                                                  1:30 pm    Opening Remarks
                                         Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                   43

                                                                                                                      Saturday, July 3
1:45 pm    Why I Became a Trial Lawyer
           Mary E. Alexander, CA
           Roxanne Barton Conlin, IA
2:30 pm    What Makes a Good Case:
           Insights and Advice from a Top Trial Lawyer
           John F. Romano, FL
                                                                  MAKE A SOUND
3:00 pm
3:30 pm
           Tips for the Brand New Lawyer: Practical Advice
                                                                     IN YOUR
           on Starting a Successful Legal Career
           G. Courtney French, AL
4:00 pm    Winning the Case Through Pleadings

                                                                 CONTINUING LEGAL
           and Discovery
           Michael E. Withey, WA
4:30 pm    What Hiring Partners Want:

           Interviews and Résumés
           William S. Friedlander, NY
5:00 pm    Adjourn

                                                                      ATLA Education is recording most
Minority Caucus                                                    continuing legal education programs in
Constitution Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]                           their entirety. These high-quality recordings
Chair: Wilbur O. Colom, MS                                        are ideal for extended study in your office,
Moderator: J. Franklin Long, WV
                                                                      home, or when traveling—and may
Theme: Mass Torts in 90 Minutes
                                                                     be accepted for MCLE in your state.
1:45 pm    Opening Remarks
                                                                  Selected programs will also be available on
2:00 pm    Hunting and Gathering                                         videocassette and video CD.
               Identifying the cases
               Selecting the right lead plaintiff
               Maintaining the database
           Wilbur O. Colom, MS                                            Receive an MP3 CD Free
2:20 pm    Upper Hand from the Start                                       with a Purchase of Any
              Complaints and venue
           Hunter W. Lundy, MS
                                                                          Audio or Video Package!
2:40 pm    The Experts You Need and Costs
               Insurance                                            You may purchase convention tracks
               Consumer fraud                                         on audiocassette, CD, or MP3
           W. Eason Mitchell, AL
                                                                        from Playback Now at the
              Chemical exposure
           Hunter W. Lundy, MS                                    ATLA Education Audio & Video Desk
3:10 pm    Settlement Structures                                   Hall D—Hynes Convention Center.
           Fernandez Anderson, GA
3:30 pm    Adjourn

                                    44                                      Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Saturday, July 3 – Sunday, July 4

                                    Stalwarts/Hall of Fame Committee                                  3:30 pm    How to Avoid Being a Target of a State Bar
                                    Grand Ballroom Salon F, 4th Floor [M]                                        Complaint and Malpractice Action: Ethical
                                    Chair and morning moderator: Leonard A. Orman, MD                            Herman J. Russomanno, FL
                                    Theme: The Best of the Best—Distinguished Trial Lawyers           3:45 pm    Trying Your Case with a Theme Grid:
                                    Reveal the Most Effective Concept or Technique They Use in                   No Case Is Too Complex to Teach the Jury
                                    Trial or in Preparation for Trial
                                                                                                                 Michael R. Hugo, MA
                                    8:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                                                      4:00 pm    Closing Argument: Finding Relevant Themes
                                    8:45 am    Use of Focus Groups in Trial Preparation                          and Appropriate Heros
                                               James R. Ronca, PA                                                Jules B. Olsman, MI

                                    9:00 am    Road Map to Victory:                                   4:15 pm    Rebuttal of Closing
                                               Case Diagram and Trial Notebook                                   Les Weisbrod, TX
                                               H.J.A. Alexander, GA
                                                                                                      4:30 pm    Adjourn
                                    9:15 am    Depositions—Making Their Expert Your Expert
                                               (or How to Make Your Case in Depos)
                                               Richard A. Bieder, CT
                                                                                                      Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Injury
                                    9:30 am    Developing the Effective Use of Audiovisual            Section and Workplace Injury Litigation Group
                                               Depositions and the “Smoking Gun”                      Simmons Room, 3rd Floor [M]
                                               Neil Sugarman, MA
                                                                                                      Section chair and moderator: Deborah G. Kohl, MA
                                    9:45 am    Connecting with Your Expert Witnesses                  Litigation Group chair: John B. Boyd, MO
                                               Robert K. Jenner, MD
                                                                                                      Theme: Scientific Evidence, Daubert, and Its Effect in
                                    10:00 am Computer-Animated Accident Reconstruction                Workers’ Compensation Practice
                                             John K. Powers, NY                                       8:30 am    Opening Remarks/Section Elections
                                    10:15 am Trial Triangle—Preparing for Trial                       8:45 am    Pain—Is It Real? The Hows, Whys, and Whats
                                             Gregory S. Cusimano, AL                                             Allison Gorski, M.D., MA
                                    10:30 am Voir Dire in the Connective Tissue Case                  9:30 am    Neuropsychological Testing in Head Injury
                                             David R. Bossart, ND                                                Cases—How Is It Done and What Does It
                                    10:45 am Proving Catastrophic Damages/Injuries                               Mean/Neuropsychiatric Approach to Traumatic
                                             Mark S. Mandell, RI                                                 Brain Injury Evaluation
                                                                                                                 Sheldon Benjamin, M.D., MA
                                    11:00 am Learning Lessons in Advocacy from Great
                                             Moments in the Movies—Three Key Lessons                  10:15 am Mold in the Workplace—What the Workers’
                                             John F. Romano, FL                                                Comp Practitioner Needs to Know
                                                                                                               Frederick J. Jekel, SC
                                    11:15 am Making the Insurance DME Your Expert in a
                                             MIST Case Using a “Ben Franklin Balance Sheet”           11:00 am Overview of the Court’s Perspective on Scientific
                                             Francis Patrick Murphy, IL                                        Evidence in Workers’ Comp Cases Following
                                                                                                               Daubert and State Decisions
                                    11:30 am The 15 Commandments of Cross-Examination                          Hon. Susan Maze-Rothstein, MA
                                             Roxanne Barton Conlin, IA
                                                                                                      11:45 am Adjourn
                                    11:45 am Lunch
                                    Moderator: Sheldon L. Miller, MI
                                    2:15 pm    Storyboards in Opening and Closing
                                                                                                      Sunday, July 4
                                               Maury A. Herman, LA
                                                                                                      Advocacy Track
                                    2:30 pm    When the Plaintiff Cannot Testify in Words             Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]
                                               Linda Miller Atkinson, MI                                                  -
                                                                                                      Theme: Juror Bias—\bi - s\ (n) a personal
                                    3:00 pm    Inoculating the Defense                                and sometimes unreasoned judgment
                                               William P. Lightfoot, DC                               Moderator: Jacob G. Vigil, NM
                                    3:15 pm    Human Factors Issues in Premises Liability Cases       8:45 am    Opening Remarks
                                               Leo V. Boyle, MA

                                       Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                              45

                                                                                                                               Sunday, July 4
9:00 am    OJB 101-Getting to Fair and Impartial Justice         Inadequate Security Litigation Group
           Mark S. Mandell, RI                                   Wellesley Room, 3rd Floor [M]
9:45 am    Using Focus Groups to Overcome Juror Bias
                                                                 Chairs: Amanda Farahany, GA,
           Carrie Frank, CO                                        and John Elliott Leighton, FL
10:30 am Panel: New Frontiers in OJB                             Moderator: Jeff Feinman, PA
             The next step and where do we go                    8:45 am    Opening Remarks
             from here?
         Gregory S. Cusimano, AL                                 9:00 am    Beating the Daubert Challenge
         James B. Lees, Jr., WV                                             Norman D. Bates, MA
         David A. Wenner, AZ                                                Jeffrey K. Peraldo, NC

Noon       Adjourn                                               9:45 am    Screening, Selecting, and Investigating
                                                                            Inadequate Security Cases: What to Look for
                                                                            Before Taking a Case
                                                                            John Elliott Leighton, FL
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Litigation Group                     10:30 am Crime on Campus: Colleges, Universities,
Suffolk Room, 3rd Floor [M]                                               and Schools
                                                                          Amanda Farahany, GA
Chair: Mary Alice McLarty, TX
Moderator: Stanley J. Marks, AZ                                  11:15 am Liability of Banks, Security Providers, and
                                                                          Financial Institutions
Theme: Teaching a Jury About CRPS/RSD                                     Raymond O. Bodiford, FL
8:45 am    Opening Remarks                                       Noon       Adjourn
9:00 am    Medical Aspects of RSD
           Donald Stevens, M.D., MA
9:40 am    Panel: Debunking Their Expert and Maximizing          Litigation at Sunrise
           Your Damages                                          Cosponsored by Howard Richman, Goldsmith Richman
           Steven E. Goren, MI                                   & Harz, LLP; Barry Hill, Hill Toriseva & Williams
           Mary Alice McLarty, TX                                PLLC; Robert Jenner, Janet & Jenner, LLC; Jeffrey
           Daniel Rodriguez, CA                                  Manheimer & Scott Charnas, Manheimer & Charnas,
           R. Steven Shisler, PA                                 LLP; and Michael Hugo, Lopez Hodes Resataino
                                                                 Milman & Skikos, LC
10:30 am Adjourn
                                                                 Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]

                                                                 Moderator: Donald H. Slavik, WI
Federal Tort and Military Advocacy Section
Simmons Room, 3rd Floor [M]                                      6:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                 6:35 am    The Art of Depositions in Personal Injury Cases:
Chair and moderator:
                                                                            How and When to Make Objections and
  Michael E.J. Archuleta, M.D., J.D., TX
                                                                            Preserve Privileges
Theme: The FTCA Case: Pleading, Litigating, and Collecting                  Maureen Martinez-Schwab, FL
8:45 am    Opening Remarks/Elections                             6:45 am    Bringing a Gun Shot Case—Pitfalls and Insurance
9:00 am    Newborns of Active-Duty Mothers: What Is Their                   Jason McCoy, CT
           Status? Feres Barred or Not?                          6:55 am    Section 8 Housing Requirements:
           Laurie Higginbotham, TX                                          A Minimum Standard of Care
9:45 am    The Judgment Fund and the Department of                          Joseph P. Shannon, IL
           Justice—Taming the Beasts or Just Checking Off        7:05 am    Using the Internet to Prepare Medical Witnesses
           the Boxes?                                                       Anthony M. Sellitto, NJ
           Prof. Jeffrey Axelrad, MD
                                                                 7:15 am    Guidant Ancure Stent Litigation
10:30 am Adjourn                                                            Mary J. Williams, WV
                                                                 7:25 am    Federal False Claims Act—Qui Tam Cases
                                                                            Brian Wojtalewicz, MN

                 46                                      Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Sunday, July 4

                 7:35 am    How to Diffuse the Testimony of the                     Part I: Clinical Oversight
                            “Independent” Medical Examiner and Other                9:00 am     “The DON”—How to Discover and Interpret the
                            Resources at the ATLA Exchange                                      Critical Documents
                            Jeffrey M. Padwa, RI                                                      Staffing
                                                                                                      Regional Nurse
                 7:45 am    Keeping Your Client in Court...
                                                                                                      QI reports and charting
                            Michael J. Quirk, DC
                                                                                                      Interdepartment communication
                 7:55 am    Revisiting Electronic Communications                                      and committees
                            and Lawyer’s Duty of Maintaining                                     Maria L. Rubio, FL
                            Client Confidences
                                                                                    9:45 am         “The Medical Director”
                            Karen E. Read, OR
                                                                                                        The contract
                 8:05 am    Crash Course in Crashworthiness                                             Job description
                            David P. Angueira, MA                                                       Regulatory responsibilities
                 8:15 am    Causes of Action and Recisionary Damages                                    QI reports
                            in Securities Analyst Conflict Claims                                   Martin J. Solomon, AZ
                            Michael Brady Lynch, FL
                 8:30 am    Adjourn                                                 Part II: Financial Oversight
                                                                                    10:30 am Understanding the Organizational Structure
                 Nursing Home Litigation Group                                                       Tension between clinical and financial
                 Grand Ballroom Salon F, 4th Floor [M]                                               Unions
                 Chair and moderator: Mark R. Kosieradzki, MN                                        Governance board
                                                                                                     Regional director
                 Theme: Clinical and Financial Oversight of Nursing Home Care
                 8:45 am    Opening Remarks                                                          Contracts with management companies
                                                                                                     Understanding the subsidiaries
                                                                                                David A. Couch, AR

                        ATLA Exchange
                                  Your Case Preparation and Legal Resource

                                  I   Thousands of depositions and court documents
                                      Contributed by ATLA plaintiff lawyers and reviewed by ATLA staff lawyers
                                  I   Litigation Packets
                                      Valuable case materials on specific topics created by ATLA staff lawyers
                                      with experienced ATLA members
                                  I   Document libraries
                                      Share documents with members of your ATLA Litigation Group
                                      or ATLA Section in a secure environment
                                  I   Free full-text searching in all Exchange databases
                                      Allows you to zero in on exactly what you need
                                      Learn what the Exchange can do for your practice. Visit the
                                      Exchange booth #401, Hall D—Hynes Convention Center.

                             T H E    AT L A   E X C H A N G E    I S   E N D OW E D          B Y     R O B E R T   A .   C L I F F O R D
                                       Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                                        47

                                                                                                                                         Sunday, July 4 – Monday, July 5
11:15 am Getting to the Bottom of Nursing Home Finances
              Financial management and
                                                                  Monday, July 5
              reporting documents
                                                                  Admiralty Law Section
              Financial statements
              Medicare cost reports, state cost reports,          Suffolk Room, 3rd Floor [M]
              SEC reports
                                                                  Chair: C. Arthur “Brother” Rutter, III, VA
         David A. Paul, FL
                                                                  Moderator: John W. deGravelles, LA
Noon       Adjourn                                                Theme: Maritime Law in a Changing World

                                                                  8:30 am     Opening Remarks/Elections

Paralegal Advisory Task Force                                     8:45 am     The Exxon Valdez Disaster: Implications for
Simmons Room, 3rd Floor [M]                                                   Maritime Punitive Damages
                                                                              David C. Tarshes, WA
Chair and Moderator: Dennyce Korb, SD                             9:20 am     Forum Non Conveniens
Theme: The Paralegal’s Role in Discovery                                      Stevan C. Dittman, LA
11:00 am Opening Remarks                                          9:55 am     Maritime Damages: A Practical View
                                                                              Denise E. Vaughan, FL
11:15 am Using the ATLA Exchange for Case Preparation
         and Legal Research                                       10:30 am City of New York Ferry Disaster
         Jerome F. O’Neill, VT                                             Paul S. Edelman, NY
11:45 am How to Make the Black Box Work for You                   11:05 am Issues in Maritime Personal Injury Damages
         Donald H. Slavik, WI                                              Charles M. Davis, WA
12:15 pm The Never Ending Nightmare of HIPPA Releases             11:40 am Adjourn
         David Lebron McGuffey, TN
12:45 pm Adjourn
                                                                  Advocacy Track
                                                                  Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]

Vioxx (Cox—2 Inhibitors Arthritis Drugs
also Includes Celebrex) Litigation Group                          Theme: Discovery: Overcoming Obstacles in Getting to the Truth
Suffolk Room, 3rd Floor [M]                                       Moderator: John Elliott Leighton, FL

Chair: David F. Miceli, AL and Shelly A. Sanford, TX              8:45 am     Opening Remarks
Moderator: Shelly A. Sanford, TX
                                                                  9:00 am     Developing a Discovery Plan
Theme: Vioxx Litigation                                                       David Wm. Boone, GA
11:00 am Opening Remarks                                          9:30 am     Identifying and Structuring the Questions for a
11:15 am The Pathology of Vioxx-Related Deaths                                Defense Witness Deposition
         Joye Carter, M.D., TX                                                Robert Mongeluzzi, PA

Noon       Panel: Status of Litigation and Discovery Update       10:00 am Ethical Issues That Arise in Discovery
           David R. Buchanan, NJ                                           (This topic is under consideration for ethics credit.)
           David Jacoby, NJ                                                     Depositions
           David F. Miceli, AL                                             Valerie A. Yarashus, MA
                                                                                  Other discovery
12:30 pm Questions and Answers                                                Gerson Smoger, J.D., Ph.D., TX
12:45 pm Adjourn                                                  11:00 am Managing Electronic Discovery
                                                                           Michael J. Ryan, FL
                                                                  11:35 am Lunch
                                                                  Moderator: Isaac K. Byrd, Jr., MS
                                                                  2:00 pm     Effective Use of Videotape Depositions
                                                                              in Settlement and at Trial
                                                                              Paulette Chapman, DC
                                                                              William P. Lightfoot, DC
                 48                                       Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Monday, July 5

                 2:45 pm    How Discovery Techniques Can Aid in                    10:00 am Maximizing the Recovery of
                            Settlement and in Proving Damages                               Emotional Distress Damages
                            Julie Braman Kane, FL                                           Wylie A. Aitken, CA
                 3:20 pm    Responding to the Discovery Request—                   10:30 am How Not to Ruin a Bad Faith Case
                            Answering Difficult Questions                                   Charles J. Surrano, III, AZ
                            George V. Choulos, CA
                                                                                   11:00 am How the Defense Makes Plaintiff Attorney’s
                 3:55 pm    Lessons Learned from the                                        Conduct an Issue in Bad Faith Cases
                            Birmingham Church Bombing Case                                  James C. Plummer, TX
                            G. Douglas Jones, AL                                   11:30 am    Adjourn
                 5:00 pm    Adjourn

                                                                                   Business Torts Section
                                                                                   Suffolk Room, 3rd Floor [M]
                 Attorneys Information Exchange Group (AIEG)
                 Independence Ballroom, 2nd Floor [S]                              Chair and moderator: Arthur N. Bailey, NY
                                                                                   Theme: Cutting-Edge Document Discovery and Future
                 Chair: Susan E. Lister, MI
                                                                                   Business Litigation Concepts
                 Moderator: James A. Lowe, OH
                                                                                   2:00 pm    Opening Remarks/Elections
                 8:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                                   2:15 pm    How to Discover E-Mail and Computer Data
                 8:45 am    Combating the Freak Accident and
                                                                                              After It Has Been Purged
                            Heck-of-a-Wreck Defenses
                                                                                              Joan E. Feldman, WA
                            Mary K. Fleck, WA
                                                                                   3:10 pm    Representing Public Entities in Fraudulent
                 9:15 am    Recognizing and Preserving Auto Product                           Contracting Cases
                            Defect Claims                                                     Joseph W. Cotchett, CA
                            Jeffrey P. Foote, OR
                                                                                   4:05 pm    Class Action Practice With or Without
                 9:45 am    Product Liability Issues Involving On-Road                        Congressional Changes
                            and Off-Road Motorcycles                                          Lisa Mezzetti, DC
                            Martin J. Healy, Jr., IL
                                                                                   5:00 pm    Adjourn
                 10:15 am Trucks, Trucks, and Only Trucks:
                          Investigating Tractor-Trailer Accidents
                          Steven M. Schorr, P.E., PA
                                                                                   Civil Rights Section
                 10:45 am F-150 Pickup Trucks                                      Liberty Rooms A-C, 2nd Floor [S]
                               “Suicide Doors”
                          Jeff Wigington, TX                                       Chair: Edward G. Kramer, OH
                                                                                   Moderator: Andrew M. Fischer, MA
                                Door latch defects
                            Jaime A. Gonzales, Jr., TX                             8:00 am    Opening Remarks/Elections

                 11:45 am Adjourn                                                  8:15 am    Supreme Court Review
                                                                                              Ralph Boyd, VA
                                                                                   8:55 am    Perspective from the Bench: How Civil Rights
                 Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Group                                         Issues Are Viewed by the Court—What Works
                 Constitution Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]                                       and What Doesn't
                                                                                              Hon. Holly B. Fitzsimmons, U.S.M.J.,
                 Chair and moderator: Richard Langerman, AZ                                      U.S. District Court, CT
                 Theme: Important Issues in Bad Faith Cases                        9:50 am    Panel: Prisoners Rights
                 8:30 am    Opening Remarks                                                       The pitfalls of the PLRA and
                                                                                                  representing prisoners
                 8:45 am    How Are The Appellate Courts Applying                             Peter J. Costanza, MA
                            Campbell v. State Farm to Punitive Damage Awards                      Prison wrongful death cases
                            Stuart Esner, CA                                                  Antonio Ponvert, III, CT
                 9:30 am    Daubert and Other Challenges to                                       Bringing prisoners rights claims through
                            Bad Faith Experts                                                     the Americans with Disabilities Act
                            Alice J. Wolfson, CA                                              Kenneth V. Kurnos, MA
                                       Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                               49

                                                                                                                                Monday, July 5
10:50 am Predatory Lending                                      Family Law Section
         Stuart T. Rossman, National Consumer                   Liberty Rooms A-C, 2nd Floor [S]
           Law Center, MA
                                                                Chair: Charles R. “Rusty” Webb, WV
11:45 am Adjourn                                                Moderator: Sarah L. Shena, CA
                                                                Theme: Current Issues in Family Law Practice

Construction Defects—Property Damages                           4:00 pm    Opening Remarks/Elections
Litigation Group                                                4:15 pm    Relieving Stress in Your Family Law Practice
Wellesley Room, 3rd Floor [M]                                              Charles R. “Rusty” Webb, WV

Chairs: Fred W. DeVore, III, NC, and Gary W. Jackson, NC        4:45 pm    Practical Tips to the Family Law Practitioner
Moderator: Stephen W. Mullins, MS                                          from a Family Court Judge
Theme: Beyond the Basics: Construction Defects Litigation                  Hon. Mike Kelly, Eleventh Family Court
                                                                             Circuit, WV
8:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                5:15 pm    Forensic Psychology in Claims of Child
8:45 am    The Future of Mold Litigation                                   Sexual Abuse
           Kimberly R. Wilson, NC                                          Chester Fairlie, CT
9:15 am    How to Successfully Pursue a Class Action            5:45 pm    Adjourn
           Involving Construction Defects
           Gary E. Mason, DC
9:45 am    Insurance Coverage Issues for                        Health Care and Disability Litigation Group
           Construction Defect Claims                           Republic Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]
           Edward Eshoo, Jr., IL
                                                                Chair: Robert Armand Perez, Sr., OH
10:15 am Common Problem Products and                            Moderator: John J. Spiegel, FL
         Construction Defects
         Paul L. Kelley, P.E., MA                               Theme: Handling ERISA’s Impact on Health Care and
                                                                Disability Benefits Claims
10:45 am Future of EIFS Litigation and
         Construction Defect Litigation                         1:45 pm    Opening Remarks
         Richard A. Capshaw, TX                                 2:00 pm    Strategies for Winning at the Claims Level
11:15 am Adjourn                                                           and for Developing the Possible Record
                                                                           Mala Rafik, MA
                                                                2:30 pm    The Scope of the ERISA Record
Expert Witness Admissibility (Daubert)                                     Carrie Feit, FL
Litigation Group                                                3:00 pm    What Insurance Laws Are Not Preempted
Liberty Rooms A-C, 2nd Floor [S]                                           by ERISA
                                                                           Mark D. DeBofsky, IL
Chair and moderator: Anthony Z. Roisman, VT
                                                                3:30 pm    Adjourn
Theme: Taming the Daubert Tiger

1:45 pm    Opening Remarks
2:00 pm    How to Brush Your Teeth:                             Laser Eye Surgery Malpractice Litigation Group
           Surviving Analysis Under Daubert                     Republic Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]
           Alan Cantor, PA
           Ned Miltenberg, DC                                   Chair and moderator: Gregory K. Zeuthen, OR

3:00 pm    Face Your Tiger-Return to Mountain:                  Theme: Current Refractive Surgery Malpractice Issues
           Defeating Daubert                                    4:00 pm    Opening Remarks
           Leslie J. Bryan, GA
                                                                4:15 pm    Corneal Transplant Following LASIK Surgery
3:30 pm    Adjourn                                                         Donna Miller Rostant, VA
                                                                4:45 pm    Medical Device Litigation as It Relates to
                                                                           LASIK and Refractive Surgery
                                                                           Carolyn N. Merchant, NM

                 50                                      Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Monday, July 5

                 5:15 pm    Assessing the Preoperative Assessments:              7:05 am    Brief History of Crown Standup Forklift Litigation
                            The Key to a Successful LASIK Case                              J. Brent Austin, KY
                            B. Kent Buckingham, J.D., O.D., TX
                                                                                 7:15 am    The Soul of Foot Malpractice Claims
                 5:45 pm    Adjourn                                                         Jay Grife, FL
                                                                                 7:25 am    Presenting Damages in a Burn Injury Case
                                                                                            Eunice Trevor, PA
                 Lawyers Marketing Committee
                                                                                 7:35 am    Wheelchair Passengers and Accidents in Hotel
                 Independence Ballroom, 2nd Floor [S]
                                                                                            Courtesy Vans and Shuttles
                 Chair: Michael A. DeMayo, NC, and                                          Douglas W. Landau, VA
                   Roger Greenberg, MD                                           7:45 am    Fighting Protective Orders on Corporate
                 Moderator: Michael A. DeMayo, NC                                           Documents and Testimony
                 Theme: Restoring Esteem to the Legal Profession-Power                      Leslie W. O'Leary, OR
                 of Attorney
                                                                                 7:55 am    Toxic Mold in Automobiles
                 2:00 pm    Opening Remarks                                                 Kimberly Wilson, NC
                 2:15 pm    Attracting Perfect Clients                           8:05 am    Fraternity Litigation: A Basic Primer on the
                            Donna Boris, CA                                                 Status of Violence, Injury, Death, Alcohol Misuse,
                                                                                            and Litigation Involving the Fraternity Industry
                 3:00 pm    Succeeding at the Practice of Law from the
                                                                                            Douglas E. Fierberg, DC
                            Inside Out
                            Lawrence D. Levin, PA                                8:15 am    Using Self-Serving Corporate Documents
                                                                                            Against the Corporation
                 3:45 pm    Twenty-First Century Breakthrough
                                                                                            Christopher L. Brinkley, WV
                            Marketing for Lawyers
                            Tom St. Louis, Canada                                8:30 am    Adjourn
                 4:30 pm    Customer Service Oriented Law Practice
                            Samy Chong, Canada
                                                                                 Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway, and Premises
                 5:15 pm    Adjourn
                                                                                 Liability Section
                                                                                 Grand Ballroom, 2nd Floor [S]

                 Litigation at Sunrise                                           Chair: Karen K. Koehler, WA
                                                                                 Moderators: Karen K. Koehler, WA, and
                 Cosponsored by Howard Richman, Goldsmith Richman
                                                                                   James S. Rogers, WA
                 & Harz, LLP; Barry Hill, Hill Toriseva & Williams;
                 Robert Jenner, Janet & Jenner, LLC; Jeffrey                     Theme: Demonstrating State of the Art Motor Vehicle
                 Manheimer & Scott Charnas, Manheimer & Charnas,                 Collision Trial Techniques
                 LLP; and Michael Hugo, Lopez Hodes Resataino                    8:30 am    Opening Remarks/Elections
                 Milman & Skikos
                                                                                 8:45 am    Building a Winning Damages Case
                 Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]                                      David Ball, Ph.D., NC
                 Moderator: Michelle A. Parfitt, DC                              9:45 am    Voir Dire: How to Talk About What We Most
                                                                                            Fear to Hear
                 6:30 am    Opening Remarks
                                                                                            Christine Spagnoli, CA
                 6:35 am    Paxil and Other SSRI Drugs: A Depressing Story
                                                                                 10:30 am Opening Statement with PowerPoint:
                            Harris L. Pogust, NJ
                                                                                          Show, Tell, Persuade
                 6:45 am    Recommended Strategies for Investigation and                  Mark R. Kosieradzki, MN
                            Litigation of Residential Fire Cases Caused by                Thomas J. Vesper, NJ
                            Electrical Products
                                                                                 11:00 am Plaintiff Direct Examination: Presenting a
                            Roberto L. Ramirez, TX
                                                                                          Likeable, Believable, and Compelling Witness
                 6:55 am    Federal Torts Claims: A Practical Approach to                 Maria L. Rubio, FL
                            the Procedural Aspects of a Federal Tort Claim
                                                                                 11:30 am Lunch
                            Involving a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
                            Douglass F. Noland, MO                               2:00 pm    Calling the Defense Corporate Representative:
                                                                                            (30(b)(6)) Unveiling the Wrongdoer
                                                                                            James A. Lowe, OH
                                         Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                                                            51

                                                                                                                                                               Monday, July 5
2:30 pm    Reconstruction Animation in a Complex
           Commercial Truck or Bus Case
                                                                                                   Don’t Do Your

                                                                 Law Reporter Case Abstract Sets
           Antonio M. Romanucci, IL
3:00 pm    Treating Doctor Direct Examination:
           Demonstrating and Establishing                                                          Case Research
           Injury Causation
           David B. Baum, CA                                                                       in the Dark
3:45 pm    Defense Doctor Cross-Examination
           Dorothy Clay Sims, FL                                                                   Shed new light on your case research with
                                                                                                   ATLA’s Law Reporter Case Abstract Sets—
4:15 pm    Closing Argument with PowerPoint: Providing
           Tools and Models to Enhance Jury Deliberation                                           collections of verdicts, settlements, and
           Gary B. Pillersdorf, NY                                                                 opinions from 1993 to the present detailing
                                                                                                   cases on a specific topic.
5:00 pm    Adjourn
                                                                                                   Some topics include:

                                                                                                    • SUV and ATV Accidents (AS001)
New Lawyers Division
Grand Ballroom Salon F, 4th Floor [M]                                                               • Slip and Fall Accidents (AS003)
                                                                                                    • Defective Medical Devices (AS004)
Chair and moderator: Vincent B. Browne, IL
                                                                                                    • Age Discrimination (AS005)
Theme: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Justice: Valuable
Tools for the New Lawyer                                                                            • Skiing Accidents (AS013)
8:30 am    Opening Remarks                                                                          • Manufacturers’ and Premises
                                                                                                      Owners’ Liability for Swimming and
8:45 am    Opening Your Office and Marketing                                                          Diving Accidents (AS014)
           Your Practice
           Robin Brewer, CA                                                                         • Seat Belts and Air Bags (AS031)
                                                                                                    • Premises Liability: Hotels and Motels
9:25 am    Preparing Your Experts
           Stanley D. Helinski, MA
                                                                                                    • Negligent Highway Design and
10:05 am Medical Depositions                                                                          Maintenance (AS040)
         Kenneth S. Spiegelman, FL
                                                                                                    • Insurer Bad Faith: Failure to Pay
10:45 am Identifying the Traumatic Brain Injury:                                                      Benefits/Defend (AS041)
         Proof of the Invisible
                                                                                                    • Recreational Boating Liability (AS053)
         Douglas K. Sheff, MA
                                                                                                    • Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer
11:30 am Lunch                                                                                        (AS064)
2:00 pm    The Value of the Trial Notebook                                                          • Blood Bank and Blood Product
           Thomas J. Vesper, NJ                                                                       Manufacturer Liability (AS070)
2:40 pm    Evidentiary Use of Codes, Standards,                                                     • Nursing Home Liability:
           and Regulations                                                                            Negligent Patient Care (AS077)
           Anthony Tarricone, MA                                                                    • Manufacturer Liability for Defective
3:20 pm    The Art of Voir Dire                                                                       Forklifts (AS081)
           Lisa A. Blue, J.D., Ph.D., TX
                                                                                                   Visit www.exchange.atla.org for these
4:00 pm    Look, Listen, and Learn:
                                                                                                   and many other case preparation resources
           The Keys to Your Success
                                                                                                   available from the ATLA Exchange.
           James W. Vititoe, CA
                                                                                                   Or call the Exchange at 800-344-3023 or
4:40 pm    Avoiding Common Trial Pitfalls                                                          202-965-3500, ext. 615.
           George G. Mahfood, FL                                                                   For security purposes, the ATLA Exchange and its
                                                                                                   products and services are available only to ATLA
5:20 pm    Adjourn
                                                                                                   plaintiff lawyers who are representing the plaintiff
                                                                                                   in a civil case, or a defendant in a criminal case.
                                                                                                                                               L114 1MMA

                 52                                        Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Monday, July 5

                                                                                Social Security Disability Law Section
                                                                                Republic Ballroom B, 2nd Floor [S]

                                                                                Chair and moderator: Elliott Andalman, MD
                                                                                Theme: Improving and Broadening Your Skills

                                                                                2:00 pm    Opening Remarks/Elections
                                                                                2:15 pm    Panel: Preparing and Presenting Your Case
                                                                                           before the Administrative Law Judge
                                                                                           Robert Gutierrez, FL
                                                                                           Douglas W. Landau, VA
                                                                                           Hon. Bruce Segal (Retired), MD
                                                                                3:15 pm    Legal Issues Related to Your Social Security
                 Railroad Law Section and Railroad/Highway                                 Cases: Know The Answers: Unemployment,
                 Crossing and Derailment Litigation Group                                  COBRA, Medicare, and the Set Aside
                 Grand Ballroom Salon G, 4th Floor [M]                                     David R. Bryant, IL

                 Litigation Group chair: Pamela R. O’Dwyer, TN                  3:35 pm    Impairment and Disability Evaluations:
                 Section chair and moderator: Robert A. Schuetze, CO                       Controversies, Conundrums, and Caveats
                 Theme: Anatomy of a Train/Semi Tractor-Trailer                            Nathan Zasler, M.D., VA
                 Collision Case                                                 4:15 pm    Panel: The Interplay of
                 8:30 am    Opening Remarks/Section Elections                              Disability Benefit Programs
                                                                                           Scott B. Elkind, MD
                 8:45 am    Setting the Stage: Description of the Facts,                   Christopher Latham, NY
                            Issues, and Parties                                            Susan M. O’Malley, NC
                            Robert A. Schuetze, CO                                         Lisa Tumminelli, NY
                 9:00 am    An Overview of a Railroad Crossing Case             5:15 pm    Adjourn
                            Dale Haralson, AZ
                 9:45 am    Representing the Train Crew Against the
                            Railroad and the Trucking Company                   Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
                            Michael Jay Leizerman, OH                           Simmons Room, 3rd Floor [M]
                 10:30 am Claims Against the State and Local
                                                                                Chair and moderator: Kristen A. Brinster, MD
                          Governments—Joint Responsibility
                          Sharon L. Van Dyck, MN                                Theme: Who’s Listening to the Women? What Every Lawyer
                                                                                Needs to Know About Women’s Health
                 11:15 am Lunch
                                                                                8:30 am    Opening Remarks
                 2:00 pm    Voir Dire and Juror Bias Considerations
                            Melissa McMath Hatfield, AR                         8:45 am    Informed Consent—The Message We May Be All
                                                                                           Missing: How to Plead, Persuade and Prevail in
                 2:30 pm    Trial Considerations from                                      Informed Consent Cases
                            the Train Crew’s Perspective                                        Emphasis on women’s issues: childbirth,
                            Michael J. Warshauer, GA                                            hormone replacement therapy, fertility
                 3:15 pm    Trial Considerations from                                           treatment, hysterectomies
                            the Truck Driver’s Perspective                                 Laura E.G. Tamez, TX
                            John W. Chandler, TN                                9:15 am    Are We Missing the Big One? Heart Disease in
                 4:00 pm    Latest and Greatest Law—FELA Cases                             Women: The Number One Killer
                            Richard Shapiro, VA                                            Susan A. Dennehy, NY

                 4:30 pm    Adjourn                                             Theme: Breast Health: It’s Everybody’s Business

                                                                                9:45 am    How Do They Work? The Anatomy and
                                                                                           Physiology of the Breast
                                                                                           S. Chace Lottich, M.D., F.A.C.S., IN

                                        Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                         53

                                                                                                                           Monday, July 5 – Tuesday, July 6
10:15 am Can We Rebuild Them? Breast Destruction and         Aviation Law Section
         Reconstruction: Issues in Breast Surgery            Republic Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]
             Cancer surgery, breast reduction, breast
             reconstruction, cosmetic surgery                Chair and moderator: Douglas A. Latto, NY
         Linda Miller Atkinson, MI                           Theme: Mass Tort Litigation
10:45 am What Are They Worth? The Emotional and              8:15 am    Opening Remarks/Elections
         Psychological Impacts of Breast Deformity
         and Loss                                            8:30 am    Panel: Aviation Insurance
         Mary Beth Ramey, IN                                            James Healy-Pratt, England
                                                                        Sharon Holahan, NJ
11:15 am Adjourn
                                                             9:15 am    WTC Litigation/Victim Compensation Fund
                                                                        Jeffrey J. Ellis, NY
                                                                        Brian J. Alexander, NY
Tuesday, July 6
                                                             10:00 am Evaluating Damages in Complex
Advocacy Track                                                        Mass Tort Litigation
Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]                                 Andrew J. Harakas, NY
                                                                      Kevin P. Durkin, IL
Theme: Storytelling: When Oral Advocacy Is More Than         10:45 am Use of Demonstrative Evidence in Complex
Raising Your Voice                                                    Mass Tort Litigation
Moderator: Douglas K. Sheff, MA                                       Victor M. Diaz, Jr., FL

8:15 am    Opening Remarks                                   11:30 am Adjourn

8:30 am    Lecture and Demonstration: Storytelling
           David R. Bossart, ND
                                                             Construction Site Accidents and
9:15 am    Developing a Trial Theme                          Nail Gun Litigation Groups
           Charles A. Mathis, Jr., GA                        Republic Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]
10:00 am Using Exhibits to Carry Your Theme                  Construction Site Accidents Litigation Group chair:
         Richard A. Boren, RI                                  Jeffrey A. Manheimer, NY
10:45 am How to Combat Defense Themes                        Nail Gun Litigation Group chair and moderator:
                                                               Scott E. Charnas, MA
         John M. O’Quinn, TX
                                                             Theme: Updating Construction and Nail Gun Liability Issues
11:30 am Lunch
                                                             2:15 pm    Opening Remarks
Theme: Trial Themes That Work
                                                             2:30 pm    Nail Gun Litigation—How to Handle and
Moderator: Frank Verderame, AZ                                          What to Look For in Establishing Liability
                                                                        Scott E. Charnas, MA
2:15 pm    Lecture and Demonstration: Medical
           Negligence                                        3:00 pm    OSHA Safety Standards:
           Kathleen Flynn Peterson, MN                                  How They Apply—An Update
                                                                        Michael D. Block, IL
3:00 pm    Lecture and Demonstration: Auto
           Eva Marie Mancuso, RI                             3:30 pm    Emerging Trends in
                                                                        Construction Site Litigation
3:45 pm    Lecture and Demonstration: Products                          Frank Herrera, Jr., TX
           Christine Spagnoli, CA
                                                             4:00 pm    Adjourn
4:30 pm    Lecture and Demonstration: Nursing Homes
           Jeff E. Rusk, TX
5:15 pm    Adjourn

                  54                                         Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Tuesday, July 6

                  Employment Rights Section                                             Organization and Time
                  Republic Ballroom B, 2nd Floor [S]                                    Management Techniques for Lawyers
                                                                                        Grand Ballroom Salon E, 4th Floor [M]
                  Chair: Richard T. Seymour, DC
                                                                                        Theme: So Little Time, So Much Paper
                  Moderator: Steven R. Pingel, CA
                  Theme: Workplace Justice for All                                      6:30 am-8:00 am

                  8:15 am     Opening Remarks/Elections                                 Moderator: Jerome F. ONeill, VT
                                                                                        Speaker: Meg Spencer Dixon, Esq.
                  8:30 am     Employment Law Update
                              Richard T. Seymour, DC                                    This program teaches lawyers the principles of organization
                                                                                        and time management, and how to apply them every
                  9:10 am     The Impact of 9/11 on Employment Law:                     day to do more work in less time. During this intensive,
                              The New Racial Bias: Arab-American                        fast-paced presentation, attendees will learn a multitude
                              Discrimination Cases                                      of ideas, techniques, and strategies for managing time,
                              Ismael Ahmed, MI (ACCESS)                                 paper, and projects. This solution-oriented session presents
                              Adele Rapport, MI (EEOC)                                  productivity-enhancing techniques that are practical and
                              Noel J. Saleh, MI (ACLU)                                  workable in the real world of too little time, too much
                  9:45 am     The Impact of 9/11 on Employment Law:                     paper, demanding clients, and constant changes.
                              Protecting Those Who Serve: Representing                  Topics include:
                              Veterans Returning to the Workplace
                              Heather Newsom Leonard, AL                                   Planning and prioritizing-tracking and managing
                                                                                           short-term and long-term tasks;
                  10:10 am Navigating the Ethical Labyrinth of Ex Parte                    Organizing-techniques for getting organized and
                           Contact with Current Nonmanagerial                              managing the paper flow;
                           Employees and Former Managerial Employees                       Time management throughout the day—effective
                           (This topic is under consideration for ethics credit.)          use of the telephone, voice mail, and e-mail, and
                           Frederick M. Gittes, MA                                         overcoming procrastination;
                                                                                           Maintaining momentum-self-motivation,
                  10:40 am Reaching the Juror Through Voir Dire and Jury
                                                                                           investing time to “sharpen the saw.”
                           Instructions in an Employment Case
                           Hon. Mark Bennett, U.S. District Court,
                             Northern District of Iowa
                                                                                        Products Liability Section
                           Karen Jo Koonan, CA
                                                                                        Grand Ballroom Salon F, 4th Floor [M]
                  11:30 am Lunch
                                                                                        Chair: Christine Spagnoli, CA
                  Theme: Getting Results in Age Discrimination Cases                    Theme: Practical Techniques for Products Liability
                  2:15 pm     “Write Them Up and Get Them Out”: Age                     Moderator: Julie Braman Kane, FL
                              Discrimination Through Forced Ranking System
                              Laurie McCann, DC (AARP)                                  8:15 am    Opening Remarks/Elections
                              Michael L. Pitt, MI
                                                                                        8:30 am    Techniques for Cross-Examining the
                  2:45 pm     Direct and Cross of Plaintiff’s Economic Expert                      Defendant’s Statistical Expert
                              in an Age Discrimination Claim                                       Daniel Dell’Osso, AZ
                              Expert: John F. Burke, Jr., Ph.D., OH
                                                                                        9:05 am    Tire Defect Litigation
                              Direct examination: Ann-Marie Ahern, OH
                                                                                                   Frank Herrera, Jr., TX
                              Cross-examination: Anthony Rizzotti, MA
                                                                                        9:40 am    Daubert—Protecting Your Expert
                  3:30 pm     Demonstration of Closing Argument
                                                                                                   Robert M.N. Palmer, MO
                              in an Age Case
                              Mary Dryovage, CA                                         10:15 am Compliance with Government Regulations—
                                                                                                 New Challenges and Defenses
                  4:00 pm     Panel: Novel Theories of Law that Have
                                                                                                 Carrie Frank, CO
                              Resulted in Recovery for Clients
                              Maureen Binetti, NJ                                       10:50 am The Effect of State Farm v. Campbell on
                              Kathryn B. Dickson, CA                                             Products Liability Cases
                                                                                                 Sharon J. Arkin, CA
                  4:45 pm     Adjourn
                                                                                        11:25 am Lunch

                                         Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                               55

                                                                                                                                  Tuesday, July 6
Moderator: James S. Rogers, WA                                    Section on Toxic, Environmental, and
                                                                  Pharmaceutical Torts (STEP)
2:15 pm    Getting the Most Out of Electronic Discovery
                                                                  Grand Ballroom Salon G, 4th Floor [M]
           Bradley D. Kuhlman, MO
2:50 pm    Using Technology at Trial                              Chair: Steve Baughman Jensen, TX
           Theodore J. Leopold, FL                                Moderator: Raphael Metzger, CA
                                                                  Theme: Coordination Issues in National Mass Tort Actions
3:25 pm    Emerging Issues in Forklift Litigation
           Christopher L. Brinkley, WV                            8:15 am    Opening Remarks/Elections
4:00 pm    Propane Gas Litigation                                 8:30 am    What’s the Proper Role of an MDL Plaintiff’s
           Louis C. Accurso, MO                                              Steering Committee?
                                                                             Michael Fishbein, PA
4:35 pm    Investigation of a Medical Device Case
           Beth Morrison Klein, CO                                9:10 am    A View from the Outside—Should You Avoid
                                                                             Federal MDLs and Keep Your Cases in
5:10 pm    Adjourn
                                                                             State Courts?
                                                                                  How to take control of your state court
                                                                                  cases to insulate them from bad decisions
Professional Negligence Section                                                   in federal MDL while still taking advantage
Constitution Ballroom B, 2nd Floor [S]                                            of good decisions by the MDL judge and
                                                                                  good work by the PSC
Chair: James P. Frickleton, MO                                               Ellen A. Presby, TX
Moderator: Jim M. Perdue Jr., TX
                                                                  10:00 am Removal and Remand: How to Keep Your State
Theme: Overcoming Challenges in Professional Negligence                    Court Case Where It Belongs
                                                                               What’s the impact of an MDL proceeding
8:15 am    Opening Remarks/Elections                                           on threshold jurisdictional issues?
                                                                               What’s the potential impact of pending
8:30 am    Neonatal Encephalopathy and Cerebral Palsy                          legislation on these issues?
           Dov Apfel, MD                                                   Gerson H. Smoger, J.D., Ph.D., CA
9:15 am    Voir Dire in the Era of                                10:30 am What’s at the End of the MDL Rainbow?
           Medical Malpractice Reform                                      Prof. Susan Koniak, Boston University
           F. Gregory Barnhart, FL                                         Christopher Placitella, NJ
10:00 am Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence to               11:30 am Lunch
         Introduce Complex Medical Issues
         Frank L. Branson, TX                                     Theme: Anatomy of Environmental and
                                                                  Occupational Tort Cases
10:45 am Identifying Critical Issues in Breast Cancer Cases
         Eleni Coffinas, NY                                       2:15 pm    Panel: Developing an Environmental Tort Case
                                                                                  Client development, organization/
11:30 am Lunch
                                                                                  management, selecting your experts,
2:15 pm    Identifying Critical Issues in Anesthesia                              proving causation, exposure, epidemiology,
           Malpractice Cases                                                      toxicology, individual medical causation,
           Terrence Webber, M.D., J.D., CO                                        settlement/resolution of large
                                                                                  environmental cases
3:00 pm    Witness Tampering and Witness Intimidation                        Esther Berezofsky, NJ
           Bruce L. Braley, IA                                               Nachman Brautbar, M.D., CA
3:45 pm    Holding Hospitals Responsible Under                               Thomas V. Girardi, CA
           Vicarious Liability                                               Barry Levy, M.D., M.P.H., MA
           Manuel A. Reboso, FL                                              Antonio Martinez, TX
                                                                             Jim Tarr, CA
4:30 pm    Closing Argument/Storytelling in Catastrophic
           Medical Negligence Cases                               5:00 pm    Balancing Risks and Benefits in the
           Russ M. Herman, LA                                                Development of Pharmaceuticals—Perspective
                                                                             of a Pharmaco-Epidemiologist
5:15 pm    Adjourn                                                           Jerry Avorn, M.D., MA
                                                                  5:30 pm    Adjourn

                                      56                                           Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs
Tuesday, July 6 – Wednesday, July 7

                                      Sole Practitioners and Small Firm Section                                8:30 am    Understanding Defense Strategies in Brain
                                      Liberty Rooms A-C, 2nd Floor [S]                                                    Injury Litigation
                                                                                                                          Michael V. Kaplen, NY
                                      Chair: John P. Feroleto, NY
                                      Moderator: Ruth E. Bernstein, NY                                         9:00 am    Making and Countering Daubert Challenges
                                                                                                                          Bruce H. Stern, NJ
                                      Theme: Marketing, Motivation, Management, and
                                      Maximization of Resources                                                9:30 am    Malingering Tests: What They Are,
                                                                                                                          What They Are Not
                                      8:15 am     Opening Remarks/Elections
                                                                                                                          Frank Sparadeo, Ph.D., RI
                                      8:30 am     Competing with Large Firms:
                                                                                                               10:15 am Defeating the Life Expectancy Defense
                                                  Marketing the Small Practice
                                                                                                                        Michael W. Kessler, NY
                                                  John P. Feroleto, NY
                                                                                                               10:45 am Deposing the Defense Neuropsychologist
                                      9:15 am     Accounting for Sole Practitioners
                                                                                                                        Dorothy Clay Sims, FL
                                                  Richard S. Binko, NY
                                                                                                               11:15 am Lunch
                                      10:00 am The Most Common Ethical Mistakes
                                               Made in Small Law Firms                                         Afternoon Moderator: James W. Vititoe, CA
                                               (This topic is under consideration for ethics credit.)
                                                                                                               2:15 pm    What Assistance Does a Person with TBI Require?
                                               Gary B. Pillersdorf, NY
                                                                                                                          Robert Voogt, Ph.D., VA
                                      10:45 am How to Structure Your Law Office for
                                                                                                               3:00 pm    Meeting the Low Impact Defense
                                               Maximum Efficiency
                                                                                                                          Mariusz Ziejewski, Ph.D., C.R.C., ND
                                                   Hiring, managing, and motivating your staff
                                                   Assigning duties                                            3:45 pm    The Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on
                                               Mary Alice McLarty, TX                                                     Earnings and Work Life Expectancy
                                                                                                                          Anthony Gamboa, Ph.D., M.B.A., KY
                                      11:30 am Lunch
                                                                                                               4:30 pm    Weaving an Effective Story at Trial
                                      2:15 pm     Avoiding the Pitfalls: Lawyer Impairment
                                                                                                                          Asa L. Bell, Jr., NC
                                                       Spotting the danger signs
                                                       Getting help                                            5:00 pm    Defeating Defense Themes in Closing Argument
                                                  (This topic is under consideration for ethics credit.)                  Dale K. Perdue, OH
                                                  Lawrence J. Scanlon, OH
                                                                                                               5:30 pm    Adjourn
                                      3:00 pm     Streamlining the Claims Process
                                                       Dealing with insurance companies
                                                       Increasing efficiency in settling
                                                       claims presuit
                                                                                                               Wednesday, July 7
                                                  Gary R. Gober, TN
                                                                                                               Advocacy Track
                                      3:45 pm     Use of Digital Cameras for Evidence                          Grand Ballroom, 2nd Floor [S]
                                                  Photography and Legal Documentation                          Theme: Experts Can Make or Break a Case
                                                  John Kwan, CA
                                                                                                               Moderator: Jane Beckering, MI
                                      4:30 pm     Buying and Selling a Personal Injury Practice:
                                                  How to Get Paid for a Brand You Have Spent                   10:00 am Opening Remarks
                                                  Millions to Build                                            10:15 am Locating and Working with Experts Before Trial
                                                  Steven H. Silton, MN                                                  to Prove the Plaintiff’s Case
                                      5:15 pm     Adjourn                                                                    Expert reports
                                                                                                                        Geoffrey L. Gifford, IL

                                      Traumatic Brain Injuries Litigation Group                                10:45 am Diffusing the Defense Through Expert Testimony
                                                                                                                        Gary D. Fox, FL
                                      Constitution Ballroom A, 2nd Floor [S]
                                                                                                               11:15 am Cross of Defense Experts at Trial
                                      Chair: Michael V. Kaplen, NY                                                      Les Weisbrod, TX
                                      Theme: Countering the Defenses in TBI Cases                              11:45 am Lunch
                                      Morning Moderator: Randall H. Scarlett, CA
                                      8:15 am     Opening Remarks
                                                   Boston 2004 * ATLA Education programs                                                                   57

                                                                                                                                                                Wednesday, July 7
Theme: Damages: Actionable Loss                                                   10:00 am Opening Remarks/Section Elections
Moderator: Leslie C. Nixon, NH                                                    10:15 am Panel: The Current Status of International
1:30 pm       Lecture: Damages in Opening                                                  Tort Reform
              James M. Perdue, Sr., TX                                                          Australia
                                                                                           Jo Hintz, Australia
2:15 pm       Demonstration: Damages in Opening
              (Catastrophic Damages)                                                               United Kingdom
              TBD                                                                               Mark A. Harvey, Wales

2:45 pm       Lecture: Damages in Closing                                                           The European community
              Howard L. Nations, TX                                                             John Pickering, England
3:30 pm       Demonstration: Closing Argument
                                                                                                Gary J. Bigg, Canada
              (Catastrophic Damages)
              Richard D. Hailey, IN                                                                Mexico
                                                                                                Demetrio Guerra, Mexico
4:00 pm       Demonstration: Closing Argument (Noneconomic
              Damages in the Wrongful Death Case)                                 12:15 pm Lunch
              Russ M. Herman, LA                                                  1:45 pm       The Impact of Tort Reform on Victims,
4:30 pm       Adjourn                                                                           Consumer Organisations, Labor Unions and
                                                                                                Common Law Rights
                                                                                                H. Bruce T. Hillyer, Canada
International Practice Section and International                                  2:15 pm       Opposing Tort Reform:
Relations Committee
                                                                                                Successful Strategies and Tactics
Independence Ballroom, 2nd Floor [S]                                                            Raymond P. Boucher, CA
Section Chairs: Ricky Edward Bagolie, NJ, and                                                   Gary Lauk, Q.C., Canada
   Gerard R. Mullins, Australia                                                                 John Vail, DC
Committee Chair: Martin Blake, CA
                                                                                  4:15 pm       Roundtable: Developing an International Strategy
Moderator: Gerard R. Mullins, Australia
Program Theme: Tort Reform: An International Problem                              4:45 pm       Adjourn

with International Solutions

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       Darrel Aherin                  John S. Crompton             Robert D. Kreisman            Howard L. Nations            Richard E. Schwartz
       Lewiston, ID                   Tampa, FL                    Chicago, IL                   Houston, TX                  St. Louis, MO
       Patricia C. Bobb               Gregory S. Cusimano          Elizabeth F. Kuniholm         Murray Ogborn                Lance M. Sears
       Chicago, IL                    Gadsden, AL                  Raleigh, NC                   Denver, CO                   Colorado, CO
       Robert J. Bonsignore           Donna R. Davis               Steven C. Laird               Roman R. Okrei               Marcus Z. Shar
       Medford, MA                    Knoxville, TN                Fort Worth, TX                Lockport, IL                 Baltimore, MD
       David R. Bossart               Amato A. DeLuca              Edward C. Y. Lau              Jerome F. O’Neill            Douglas K. Sheff
       Fargo, ND                      Providence, RI               San Francisco, CA             Burlington, VT               Boston, MA
                                                                   Larry Dean Lee
       Turner W. Branch               Royce Deryl Edwards          Boulder, CO                   Laurence F. Padway           Michael D. Stevens
       Albuquerque, NM                Joplin, MO                                                 Alameda, CA                  Yankton, SD
                                                                   James B. Lees, Jr.
       Jeffrey A. Breit               Joseph M. Fine               Charleston, WV                Kathleen Flynn Peterson      Nancy J. Turbak
       Norfolk,VA                     Alburquerque, NM                                           Minneapolis, MN              Watertown, SD
                                                                   James J. Leonard
       Stephen J. Brown               James L. Gilbert             Phoenix, AZ                   James R. Pratt, III          O’Neal O. Wright
       Medina, OH                     Arvada, CO                                                 Birmingham, AL               Detroit, MI
                                                                   William P. Lightfoot
       Robert J. Burford              Stephen D. Heninger          Washington, DC                Terence R. Quinn             Thomas J. Vesper
       Raleigh, NC                    Birmingham, AL               Mark S. Mandell               Rapid City, SD               West Atlantic City, NJ
       Daniel L. Burgess              Maury A. Herman              Providence, RI                Edson Howard Rafferty        James W. Vititoe
       Birmingham, AL                 New Orleans, LA              William L. Mauk               Boston, MA                   Westlake Village, CA
       Lawrence K. Burleigh           Russ M. Herman               Boise, ID                     Richard M. Rawdon            David A. Wenner
       Lafayette, LA                  New Orleans, LA              Phillip H. Miller             Georgetown, KY               Phoenix, AZ
       Isaac K. Byrd, Jr.             Mark R. Kosieradzki          Nashville, TN                 Edward P. Ryan               Eddi Z. Zyko
       Jackson, MS                    Minnetonka, MN               C. Delaine Mountain           Albany, NY                   Middlebury, CT
                                                                   Tuscaloosa, AL
           Their outstanding participation in ATLA continuing legal education is symbolic of their professional commitment and dedication to excellence.
          To find out how you can participate in the NCA’s Achievement Recognition Program, become an ATLA Diplomate, and be recognized at
            the VIP Reception during the next ATLA Annual Convention in Toronto, stop by the ATLA Education booth located in Hall D—
                                              Hynes Convention Center, or call 800-622-1791 or 202-944-2877.

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